Cop Burns the Body of a 3-yr-old Child for “Not Letting Him Sleep”

SPRING HILL — Cody Marrone, a Hernando County cop, was taken into custody over the weekend after it was discovered that he used the hot end of a hairdryer to repeatedly scorch the body of a 3-yr-old toddler, according to reports.

Cody Marrone

The toddler did not belong to Marrone but was left in his care.

The 3-yr-old was found with severe burns all over his body,  sources say.

Officer Marrone took particular care to make sure that the child’s genitals were burned, reports say.

Officer Marrone was charged with aggravated child abuse and child neglect.

At first, Marrone claimed that the child “did it to himself.”

But after deeper investigation, it was determined that the burns were not accidental.

They were intentionally inflicted on the child over and over again as the child screamed and cried, reports say.

After the investigation, Marrone finally admitted to using the scorching hot end of the hairdryer to burn the child’s body.

He said that he did it “as punishment” because the child wouldn’t let him sleep, according to reports.

Marrone was held in jail but has since been released on bail.

Meanwhile, one can only imagine whether the child has been traumatized for life.

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The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office told Bay 9 News that additional details would be released soon.

UPDATE: Blisters and 2nd Degree Burns all Over His Body, Toddler Likely Has Permanent Damage


This is an example of a 2nd degree burn. The cop inflicted 2nd degree burns and red swollen blistering in several parts of the child’s body, including his genital area.

According to newly released information published by Bay 9 News, the child’s scorched skin “continued festering throughout the day” without any medical attention.

There are no details as to what exactly the cop was doing “throughout the day” as he left the burned child in agony.

It turns out that the child’s mother had to work and trusted the cop, who was her boyfriend, to take care of her child while she was gone, according to reports.

It wasn’t until the child’s mother returned home and was undoubtedly horrified by the injuries that the child was rushed to the hospital.

According to the medical reports, the cop’s actions caused 2nd degree burns and blistering to several parts of the child’s body, including the child’s genital area.

Medical professionals at the hospital indicated that the child probably has permanent damage as a result.

UPDATE: More Details Emerge on Cop Burning Child

The manner in which this officer burned the child’s body has come to light as the trial proceeds.

It turns out that he paid particular attention to ensuring that the child’s genitals were burned, reports say.

As reports:

Marrone first waited for the metal grill of the dryer to heat up, Circuit Judge Stephen E. Toner said at a sentencing hearing on Thursday.

He then pressed hard enough for the grill, which was recessed from the end of the dryer, to touch the boy’s skin, and held it there long enough to inflict several permanent scars.

“This took time,” Toner said of the Jan. 17 crime. “It took enough time that I don’t see how anyone could contend this was a snap (decision). It was enough time for him to stop.”

UPDATE: Cop Gets 15 Years in Prison After Burning Child’s Genitals

In what appears to be a rare instance of justice, Officer Marrone has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Many still believe the sentence is too light, given that the child might well be traumatized for life.

Plus, Marrone did not appear to be remorseful about what he did. He was reported as telling people “Nothing’s going to happen to me. I’m not going to prison” after being caught burning the child.

He was wrong.

We can only hope that he will feel a modicum of remorse at some point during the 15 years that he’ll be spending behind bars. reports as follows:

Also, Daly said, Marrone did not show remorse as he committed the crimes, to which he had previously pleaded no contest, or during the several hours that followed.

Sherron [his girlfriend at the time] had left the child with Marrone when she went to work that Friday morning. He burned the boy because he would not let him sleep after his shift, Daly said. And though the boy was clearly injured, she said, Marrone left him “untended, unfed and uncared for while the defendant slept for several hours.”

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  • Bonnie Lane

    What a disgusting POS,he even looks like an abuser and what he did to that poor baby is evil to the rotten core! Question is why was this idiot trying to sleep when he was in charge of a 3 yr old and why in the hell is he out on bail!

    • Dave Littler

      Okay, well, if he was put in charge of taking care of the kid for more than a day, he’s entitled to sleep at some point during that 24 hour period, hypothetically speaking. I agree with everything else you’re saying though, and obviously being entitled to sleep does not entitle you do do something so horrific in pursuit of sleep.

      • Ericha Boogie Watson

        If a three year old in your care is awake, you’re awake.

      • whitefalcon74

        obviously a cop boot licker what an idiot and were is the parents or single mom most likly!

        • PigChoker

          you sound silly

        • PaminIndy

          Read the whole article, he was only watching the child while the mother was at work.

      • Ja ka

        You probably don’t have kids. What a moronic statement.

      • Jbfreedumb

        If YOU have children someone should check on them because your comment indicates you are unfit.

      • Scott Downey

        This is a well thought out post. I am now dumber for reading it. Thanks officer.

      • Adrian Harms

        no responsible person expects to sleep when caring for young children!

  • nikola

    Fuck the police they are trained to not care that’s why hey send pictures of your relatives brain splatter on the ground n laugh. Fuck pigs worthless losers in life like their fathers

  • SweetNamaste

    How terribly sad…
    It’s more serious than them hurting us, torturing us, assaulting us. If they’re willing to assault our children, then we have already lost the battle! It’s too late!
    Welcome to Nazi Germany, folks.

    • cj

      No them assaulting children isn’t what causes us to lose the battle, its piss poor attitudes like yours that make us lose.

    • Alika Launiu

      Sweet Aloha….RIP……Of course this guy needs to be burned in his balls for this…

    • Michael DeAmicis

      Quitrs like you always throw in the towel. Buy a fucking gun. buy rifle and a pistol. Learn to shoot. Be responsible for your on safet. And then, when it is time, tow the lie and help put them down.

    • Guest

      These are the kind of people we got serving and protecting. No wonder our country’s gone to shit. 🙁

    • dhodge

      These are the kind of people we got serving and protecting in our country. No wonder our nation has gone to shit. 🙁

    • dhodge

      A lot of bad asses on here talking shit. I don’t you people putting your money where your mouth is. How many of you bad asses actually done what you tell SweetNamaste to do? I mean really? You don’t have to answer that because I already know the answer. The problem IS just getting worse. I guess that answers that question. lol

  • Jeff

    Burning the poor kids genitals constitutes a sexual assault. Make this stupid piece of isht register as a child molester once he is out of prison.

    • Nat

      No before he’s in prison! So everyone on the block can know he’s a cop and a child molester. Let them “teach him a lesson”.

      • Joe Clam

        Good. That will mean a life sentence. A SHORT life sentence.

        • Vlad the Impaler

          no kidding, right? I’d give him like 2 minutes before the other inmates figure out a way to torture and kill the guy without anyone getting in trouble for the bastard’s punishment.

          • Helena_Handbasket

            You KNOW they’re going to burn him as part of it.

          • Jeff Levy

            Yeah they do get to have those water heaters in prison ..
            I think they are called “water stingers” the get hot enough to boil water…

          • Yes, and they use stingers or hotpots to heat up baby oil to boiling…

          • Jeff Levy

            that works too.. I was thinking along the lines of it being a anal & urethra prob oops Stinger..

          • You can’t toss an anal probe through bars.

          • Jeff Levy

            true one could just throw Boiling baby oil through the bars and keep walking…

            Butt it’s not as vile as putting a HOT cauterizing “water stingers” in his ass &/or urethra…

            remember he did vile crap to a 3-year-old the prisoners might as well stay a bit and toy with him a Lot..

          • I’ve witnessed it and it’s plenty horrible. Are 3rd degree burns not horrible enough for you, barbarian?

          • Jeff Levy

            move along troll..

          • Haha!
            I love reading how you “law abiding citizens” would torture the people you fear.
            Tough guys in the freeworld like you are usually the first newbuddies to seek a daddy and punk out when you’re incarcerated.
            And likely your man will turn out to be a kiddy-diddler. Nothing lower than a baby-raper’s bitch!

          • Jeff Levy

            Says the asshole who wants to throw boiling baby oil on a “SAFE” distance (on the other side of the bars).. yeah we know who the real Bitch is, YOU..

            I don’t Fear assholes who Harm Children.. It’s clear you are afraid that he would make you his bend over & on your knees bitch Your not even MAN enough to do your harm face to face you need that protection on the bars in between..

            so like I said move along little troll goat .. in case you’re to slow Goat (Kid)..

          • To slow goat what?

          • Jeff Levy

            wow you are slow and I even told you what goat was

            I n o t h e r w o r d s I c a l l e d y o u a T r o l l K I D

            was that slow enough for you cause it’s hard to type Stupid for you… a kid is a Goat so move along troll goat…

          • I’m over 60 years old, child. And your “command” of the English language is deplorable.

          • Jeff Levy

            Pulling out my Troll be gone spray…

          • ^^ You were the one “turned out” in this conversation; Calling me names because I showed that you’re a punk just further shows your ass.

          • Jeff Levy

            Hey little bitch your little pea size brain can’t remember to well You called the names first are your this stupid off the internet as well?

            now move along troll

          • I’ll give you the last word after this. I looked at your other comments and noticed that you often call people who disagree with you “trolls”. I think you don’t understand what a troll is.

          • Jeff Levy

            Awe did I make you cry .. Poor baby…
            Tell your mommy you did a Poopy in your diaper…
            let her know you’re not ready for big boy Pull-ups yet…

          • Victoria Klingenberg-Robinson

            This article wasn’t about commenters angry fights (that’s what this became)- it was about the severe harm of this child. However I’m going to level here. Frankly I would love to see the piece of crap that did this get his, not out of fear of the individual in the slightest (because this guy is already pathetic enough to burn someone with a flipping hair dryer); However— as potentially angry enough as I could get I’d HOPE I wouldn’t be a monster like this man to actually DO it. Yes, I’m not ‘brave enough’, if you could call it ‘brave’ to do it- not because of what his title is but because he’s no better than a thing and I do not desire to be of his kind. But I digress, the evil side of me contests this.

            People that hurt children are indeed in a league of their own. No amount of jail time will ever undo the hurt he inflicted on the child and most of us are wise enough to know this. The best we can imagine is if he too experienced the same if not worse pain. On the flip side if I saw this monster I might just change my mind and throw rational ideals out the window because being a ‘barbarian’ is just what this monster is entitled to. If he was in a cage and I had a long pointy stick and opportunity, yes- I think might stoop so low as to make him feel trapped and angry. I mean let’s look at it this way:

            Why give this fucker a fair fight? He took on hurting a small helpless child slowly torturing him. Why not make him feel that same feeling of helplessness? Why would I even give him the thought of winning? Fair fights are for fair human beings.

            I bet anyone would be conflicted to a) be like him and teach him that horrible lesson or b)watch the system take over and still feel he did not receive enough punishment. Human beings are selfish enough to want to see pain inflicted but wimp enough not to GENERALLY want to do it. Not this guy apparently.

            It’s easy to criticize others when not involved, but depending on what we might see if we ever met this man– we might either take the gloves off and give him a good beatdown or more. If being a sadist is what it takes you’ll find some are more than willing to step up to the plate. Others have lines they will not cross. That’s why the nazi ‘science’ came into play. What separates man from animal at this point? Man.

          • kare krogstad

            You people here realy make me laought,calling eatcoters silly names,vhats that got to do vith this sykopate cop? And i knov vhat trolls are cose i come from the country vere ve got them! so to you that seams to knov vhat trolls are,you tell me vhat they are? i guess you dont knov!

          • Grumpy Guy

            English, Mother Fucker. Can you write it?

          • purplediamond

            People can’t even get along on a horrid story about what a cop did to a helpless kid. And we wonder why there is war? See examples above…

          • Jason Meinhart Lmt

            They don’t know what it sounds or smells like when baby oil gets on skin. They will never know what a prison cell filled with blood and feces and chunks of flesh from a chimo who was raped all night long with the splintered end of fiberglass mop handles looks like. Or the terror in their voice as their cellee force feeds shit from the rapos own ass before he is murdered with the same spoon. Hell, he doesn’t even properly respect that you’re calling his punk ass a punk ass. But I do.

          • purplediamond

            And we wonder why there is war…people can’t even get along on a horrid story about what a cop did to a helpless kid.

          • Jimmy Dorsey

            Jeff are you siding with this dirt bag who tortured a three year old kid? I would pay to throw hot baby oil on him. I’m sick of reading about these abusers. This is the problem with punishment. I believe an eye for an eye.. Yea he will go to prison and be fed,housed use the system to go to college have recreation. Although him being a police officer more then likely he will be in segregated from the rest of the population there.

          • Jeff Levy

            Jimmy, I have No ideal how you could even come to the conclusion from what I said to ask this ignorant Question

            “Jeff are you siding with this dirt bag who tortured a three year old kid?”

            Maybe you should read My first reply and ALL my replies…

            here is my First reply (comment)

            “Yeah they do get to have those water heaters in prison ..
            I think they are called “water stingers” the get hot enough to boil water..”

            Which was under this main Comment By Someone else {Jeff} a different Jeff

            {{“Jeff • a year ago Burning the poor kids genitals constitutes a sexual assault. Make this stupid piece of isht register as a child molester once he is out ofprison.”}}

            at which I replied to this Comment that is Under Jeff’s

            Helena_Handbasket Vlad the Impaler • a year ago You KNOW they’re going to burn him as part of it.”}}

            {{“Jeff Levy Helena_Handbasket • 3 months ago Yeah they do get to have those water heaters in prison .. I think they are called “water stingers” the get hot enough to boil water..”}}

            Can you now, figure out why I would have said something about a “Water Stinger”??

            So does the stupid Question you Asked Me still stand?
            IF NOT. then you should read all Comments Before asking an Ignorant Question as for the Comment you are replying to me from is under the same Person’s (Jeff) Main Comment…

            IF it still stands Then go read ALL the comments…

            Bonus Go read my Replies and you can see what I said instead of basting your ignorant question off of One Comment… You should go read my 2nd reply …
            But Hell you couldn’t even grasp my comment YOU replied to…
            Oh Please don’t came back and say you read all of my replies before you replied to me that would just make your Question that much more Ignorant…

            Are you {The Federal Farmer} how many accounts do you have??
            As He was nothing but a little troll want-a-be..

            Are you also {BE Fernandez} the fool that Liked your Ignorant Comment? IF not he too is unable to read Comments and or has a reading comprehension…

          • Jimmy Dorsey

            Jeff not sure if someone used my account because it was not I asking if you were siding with this creep. I’m in full agreement with you. Anyone who hurts a child should feel the full wrath of the law if not a physical beating. I do not recall writing anything like this.

          • Samuel Anderson

            we do not fear child abusers and scum of the like they fear US and when the law will not take care of them properly the people step in and make them pay because a long ass time out is not the right punishment for melting a small kids genitals

          • We fear them for what they might do (again).

          • Rene Arizona Craig

            SOme times Vigilante Justice is all there IS so deal with it. When you do this? Get caught and the other prisoners find out? Its OVER

          • Patrick H.

            If you cant defend the officer attack those who think he should pay? Your a weird one.

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            there is no “fear” on the part of people wanting to torture that sack of crap. fear doesn’t even come into play. JUSTICE for the child does.

          • Donald Johnson

            hope a bunch of those LongDong Silvers get hold of him. He can be their Bitch.

          • Latasha Simpson

            Wow! long dong silver’s. Don’t look now! Your racist is showing!

          • Katy D

            Why is this racist?

          • Marnie Culotta

            Long Song Silver was a famous porn star I believe in the 70’s. How exactly is that racist?

          • Marnie Culotta

            Song=Dong damn auto correct

          • Mozart

            Idiot… Stop dropping the Race Card unnecessarily…

          • Rene Arizona Craig

            YES exactly what I was thinkin. General Population let the disgruntled non violent drug offenders deal with it while they cry for their own kids they have been taken from for less

          • Dan Scott

            Sincerely -thats exactly what wed do with him. There would literally be a lineup of guys wanting to dispose of that guy creatively -if he was still alive it would be solely for our amusement. And Im not even 1 of the grimy guys. Wed feed that guy his own body parts or some sick shit like that -just for fun [too much info but its not a joke]

          • Gypsy2112

            Do you think he would ever get put in GP? He’d probobly get PC, at the least..maybe even solitary. After he’s been there a minute no matter where he was huh? He’s definantly going to be scared as hell, having 2 strikes against him… Child abuser/molester and Cop… I’m not sure he would have made it to a cop car if I was her…. I don’t call cops soooo. He’d be callen for himself, begging to be arrested. Assuming he could, and no doubt they would haul her away if I was her… he will do some program and be kick loose in 18m-24m. If you really put Thi image in your mind (which is more than hard to do, but I evaluate everything and a step by step quickly through my imagination tortures me but let’s me know what kind of mind we are dealing with… how could anyone listen to a child scream in pain over and over and over) have. A vice with drugs and damn it’s curtains for you buddy… sick! There’s just not enough money without the drug offenders..NAMASTE

          • AuntySocial

            If you think being in “segregation” will protect him from other prisoners, think again. I used to work at a convenience store just down the road from NC’s main prison, the only one with a death row in it. I would speak with some of the guards when they would stop by after work. One was telling me about a prisoner in “segregation” who had been beaten several times by other prisoners. She admitted that the only way the other prisoners could have gotten to this man was by the guards giving them access. The prisoner in question was the killer in a high profile case. He and another man went out and killed a couple they did not know just because they were black. His name was James N. Burmeister II. He later died in a federal prison in Missouri.

          • Vickie Roach

            If he was in australia… the screws would let the gen pop have him…

          • Sherry Tucker

            No doubt they will here, too. Certainly hope so!!! Payback is a MF.

          • Patrick H.

            Im single if the mother wants to date a real man who would help take care of her and her child. He had something great and just threw it away and for what?

          • Jester1137

            You’re literally no better than a cop.

        • JD Morgan

          Despite the fact that cops already get special treatment in jail just for being cops, pedophiles and sexual offenders themselves are also kept in seperate parts of the jail together so he will just be with other pedo’s until they cut him loose in a few months saying that he has been rehabilitated. Meanwhile a large percentage of other prisoners in the general area will be there for years for things such as drug possession.

          • Adam Brian

            This is reality. The people who commented above are just either to dumb or to afraid to acknowledge truth. I doubt he will ever serve a day in jail or is even convicted.

          • JD Morgan

            Some people been watching too many hollywood prison movies lol

          • Adam Brian

            Exactly cause the truth is cops are not in general population. Well I bet these dummies have great jobs though cause they were born into a great job. Obviously they will read this and say how hard they worked blah blah blah. Lies is all it is.

          • jordan

            actually if a cop does go to prison he will serve it in general population just like everybody else and as a C/O we look down on them cause they’re held on a higher standard.

          • Samuel Anderson

            i dont get wtf your trying to say by bringing up peoples jobs and sayyen no1 has worked hard so im guessing that counts for you to then or what? are you a blah blah blah hard worker?

          • Jordan

            you can only do a year and a day in a jail till you are forced to go to a prison and they aren’t kept seperate they are in general population with every body else.

          • Miles Coleman

            Not true at all, quit making shit up….I have an uncle who has been in segration for almost 30 years for the type of crime he committed. Why would you just make some shit up like that and think no one would call you on it…….your an idiot, and non of us are impressed…….read this and learn something.

          • Your link points to a federal law.

          • Guest

            Actually they aren’t. I worked in a prison for 5 years, ex law enforcement is kept separate most of the time, but child molesters and abusers are housed with everyone else almost always! But the down side is, there is almost never any jail house justice like most people seem to think. The other inmates just leave them alone and only interact with them if they have to.

          • Trent Cannon

            Isn’t that because they aren’t informed of their crimes? I’d heard that to protect them from being killed, most of the time they have false crimes made up for them so that the inmates won’t know, and in some prisons even the guards aren’t informed of their actual crime.

          • No, it’s pretty easy to find out what folks charges are.

        • Matt Roach

          They’ll never put one of their own in general population.

        • cessnadriver

          Why do you support violent crime? Most of us are against violent crime, but not you! No!!! You WISH for violent crime to occur. Why is that?

          • John Strong

            No. Most people here would like to see appropriate repercussions for a pig mutilating the genitals of a 3-year old. Such appropriate repercussions are likely to include violence. This is common sense. Is it really that hard to understand?

          • cessnadriver

            You support violent crime. You just admitted it. You lose, fascist.

      • Anon Anonymity

        Hopefully that lesson will result in a lynch mob.

        • PaminIndy

          great idea!

      • Paula

        I agree to this!

      • Stazzy

        He will get a year or 2 max. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if they just suspended him with pay for a while and reinstated him. The mother may win money in court, but the system will protect this cop as it doesn’t countless others. They are cops who murder and rape and don’t see any jail time. This is why they commit the crimes, they know that more than likely there won’t be any repercussions.

        • Dan Scott

          Your right about him probably not seeing much time [as a pig] although those karmic repercussions are unavoidable.

          • Marnie Culotta


        • Lee

          You are sooo right all these folks who are so sure that this sicko sees jail time, will be very disappointed, when he winds up on paid vacation, that’s why they opt to become pigs, they can get away with all the sick shit they wanna do, & all they get is a slap on the wrist.

      • Fiddle Head

        thats a myth
        no one in prison cares if he molested or hurt a kid or anything. most of them would love to do the same

        • Shelly

          Umm… no. More than half of those who are serving more than a year of federal prison time are there because of “drug offenses”. I dunno about you, but getting caught smoking pot does not automatically mean someone wants to hurt a child… And although I personally have never been in prison, I do know a number of people who have, and they have ALL said that it is quite dangerous for an inmate if he is in there for ANY sexual-related offences.

          • Prison is quite dangerous for anyone not willing to stand up for themselves. On the other hand, “saving face” is very important inside.

          • Jester1137

            Guess what? Nobody doing a nickel behind a distribution charge wants to get life for murdering a chomo.

            The isolate them completely, but if you’re in medium (or especially minimum) nothing is going to happen to them. Yeah, people will shoulder them to the back of every line, they’ll get sneered at, people will steal from them, they’ll get pushed around a lot.

            But only lifers will throw away everything to kill one.

          • You are apparently unaware that there are lifers in medium and in minimum security camps.

        • deadmaninc

          A myth mother fucker I’m an ex con as well as an ex gang member we seek out pieces of shit like that in prison they either pay or they get fucked up and yeah he can go to pc but he better have a damn good reason and his charges are not good enough. He would be alpo in the first week . Don’t get shit fucked up prison is everything you see in the movies and more except the rape that shit doesn’t happen like that.

          • In my state, gangsters or suspected gang members go to max-like camps, and must go through programs. I was in a medium camp and my cellie was an ex-cop who murdered his partner. He got 10 years. We were in general population and the kiddy-diddlers there were pretty much left alone.
            I think maybe folks in medium security are a little less wild, and just wanna lay down and do their time. Many of us came from max and sure as hell didn’t want to go back.

      • Stephen Cooper

        fuck teaching him a lesson cut his damn head off

      • richSF


      • Release the fecking scum sadistic copper in Gen Pop. Tell the inmates what the piece of schijt did.

      • cessnadriver

        Why do you support and suborn violent crime? Why do you want to use criminals as your champions? What other violent crime do you love and support?

    • Laura Lee

      Probly sexual assault is the real reason he burned the child.

    • Liz Ward

      I 100% agree, but you and I both know that him being a law enforcement official that will not happen. He will be slapped with aggrevative assault and battery on a child, negligence, and child abuse with intent. If he does get hit with a csc I will be suprised. Poor baby boy needs justice but sadly the system plays favorites.

      • Cass

        Some of these are not even names of actual charges. Js

    • Sunshine4444

      Hopefully the bastard never males it out of prison!

    • Gordon Waite

      Read your states definition of sexual assault! The act of sexual assault must involve a form of “sexual act.” It is felony child abuse, felony battery, mayhem and torture.

    • DDT

      don’t think he will be leaving prison Jeff.

    • Doobysmoker5000

      He won’t make it out of prison lol

    • Mr Mister

      Better yet, he does not leave prison. Prison should be utilized for what it was created for.

    • Genny

      If he makes it…

    • Jeff Levy

      If he even makes it out of Prison…

    • trickman

      Where did you get that he was sent to prison my friend?Its true he was fired but got to keep his police certificate and can be hired as a officer but he never went to prison.Police offered the maniac a deal to resign and no criminal charges and he refused the deal they didn’t want it all to come out.There was a report he was working as a police officer in another state down south somewhere Dont no if thats true or not but tennessee is known to hire thugs and mental cases as law enforcement.

    • trickman

      He was sentenced to 15 years in prison BUT was sent to a HONOR FARM and then will go to a halfway house for early release.He now gets home visits for the weekend twice a month and is allowed to go bowling and attend the local theater to see movies with other honor inmates.Reports say he can be out in 8 to 10 months meanwhile he lives like a king at the honor farm according to reports.Thats how police are treated when they are convicted of a crime but the worse is he kept his law enforcement certificate so he can be hired as a cop in any state including florida.

    • out of prison???????????? you shouldn’t be allowed to leave HELL after doing something so heinous. he should have a scorching curling iron rammed up his arse. F^ck that guy. If I was a cop, hell if I was in the same room as him i’d throw everything including the kitchen sink at his face

    • Aaron Matteson

      child abuse of any sort deserves one’s nuts to be smashed to bits. children are helpless. and they are our FU**ING future.

    • Standswithfist

      That point left me livid!!! The charges against this cop are NOT the same as what a non govt lackey would receive having down the same acts.

      As an adult he’s held accountable for intentionally hurting a child.
      As an adult he’s held accountable for highly intentional sexual assault on a 3yo child.
      As an adult he’s expected to deal with it… Even if he cold, even if he’s scared, even if he’s had a rough day, even if he feared for his life, even if he had a hard day at work, even if he is going thru difficult personal issues, even if he is tired!!
      As an adult he’s expected to put the child’s needs ahead of his own; NO 3yo should be left alone with an adult who will spend the entire time just sleeping.

      And he’s expected to act like an adult no matter what.

      But as a cop ….. He’s expected to uphold the laws…. No matter what.
      So in addition to multiple charges including aggravated sexual assault and intention to sexually maim a small toddler…. Over which his ass should be in Jail now….

      He should be stripped of all pay, pensions, insurance, benefits, etc.
      He should be footing the bill for his legal reps OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET.
      He should be branded, literally, as a sex offender for life.
      He should be used civilly for the costs of all medical and psychological bills for his victim.
      He should be banned from ever holding any position of authority of any type (not allowed to run for dog catcher) for the rest of his life,
      He should be stripped of his magic suit and badge and barred from ever carrying any weapon of any sort…. With the caveat that any ordinary item which he then uses as a non traditional weapon, then becomes a weapon in his hand and is therefore a violation of his parole should he ever be granted this.

    • phuq.obama

      Doubtful he’ll make it out of prison alive. Being a cop in prison is bad enough but hurting a child guarantees he’ll suffer. As long as he’s not put in a sexual offender facility he’ll get the justice he deserves.

    • wildman

      hope the scumbag never makes it out of prison alive that is- hope the inmates have great fun with him

    • djtorchMusic

      He’s not going to prison 🙁 and though it angers me deeply, I’m just keeping it real. There are men who have raped and killed others and just because they are a “VIP” or a Cop they really do only get a “slap on the wrist”. It’s just the way things are now and it’s the primary reason why so many die. I predict that even more Psycopaths and murderers will become the primary applicants to become police officers because they can “get away with murder” for real!

    • Da’Von

      I say the father should have caught him after he was released and set hi ass on fire. I would have went to jail for mine…

  • rollis

    F*@#ing psycho cops!!!

  • Eddie Prewitt

    omfg what is it going to take before we have law enforcement reform. This country is a POS right now and the police are proof. why is this man free? why is he not in jail? because he was a police officer. they seem to thing they are immune to prosecution. the sad thing is…they may be right.

    • whitefalcon74

      2 cops just got away with murder of a homles man here in fullerton this country is doomed if we do not get these cops in order and accountable for there garbage they impose

    • Dr.Gonzo

      It’s going to take vigilante justice, no court in the land, no judge on the stand, is going to do the RIGHT, MORAL THING.


      • Stazzy

        So so so very true. Someone needs to pull a Dexter on these corrupt cops.

      • John J Publicus

        Sadly it might, but only of its righteous. Random cop killings is dead wrong and only brings woe down on all the wrong people….

  • Phractal

    I’m curious how he had custody of a child that wasn’t his? Was it blind trust to a cop without any consideration for who he actually was? I hope they put him in general population. Being a cop and a child abuser he wouldn’t last a year and he deserves to be beat to death. That is just disgusting.

    • coytle

      It was the mothers boyfriend. She trusted her boyfriend who also happened to be a cop.

    • Dr.Gonzo

      Jesus Christ people R E A D.

  • michael92064

    How did he get bail if he admitted the crime?

    • Spinne

      cops have different laws than you and I

      • Dr.Gonzo

        Which is to say none at all.

    • KSK9

      Every crime has a bail set to it. Bail is not special treatment. If you can post it you’re out until trial. It’s the same for anyone.

      • Matthew Dusenberry

        Anyone who thinks cops dont do what they want when they want has no real interactive experience with them.

  • Autumn Starr Davis-Fenty

    Phuck Dat @ Jeff a person that can do that to a baby & listen to the screams & still continue on is not only a abuser but a genuine cold blooded Monster He doesn’t deserve to get out he should get a life sentence for that or hey her’as an idea incorporate the “Do Unto Others as You would Have them do unto You” Law & Do to him wat he did to that baby & lock his sick azz up Phucking bastard!

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    I predict that he’ll be cleared and out in the streets in no time. As usual. Disgusting.

    • Spinne

      And if he does, I hope that there will be a lot of people (like friends and family members of that little boy and his mother) waiting on this sorry piece of crap

  • Stelio Freeman

    noo the police are here to help

  • Mark

    I thought they put police officer candidates through psychological testing…so much for that.

    • Dr.Gonzo

      They do, and he was perfect for the job. They want robopsychokillers, they aren’t cops anymore, they are judgejuryexecutioner/toruturer robots. And should be dealt with as such.

  • David Carrasco Mendoza

    He should be charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a child because of the burning of the poor babies genitals ..

  • Melissa

    This is one of the most horrendous and disgusting things I have ever heard about. Why was this child in his care?! A three year old is a baby and nothing he could have done deserved this kind of treatment! The only time that pig should have been sleeping was if the child was asleep. I absolutely agree that he should be charged with sexual assault and made to register. What a horrible monster that man is and I truly truly hope the parents get help for this child right away. You really have to be a monster to inflict pain to a three year old and ignore his cries. I rarely believe in the death penalty but for this monster, I would gladly watch him burn.

    • Guest

      Because he was humpin the baby momma! Baby momma trusted pig, pig molest baby with hair dryer. End of story.

    • Dr.Gonzo

      Did you read the whole article? The bitch was his GIRLFRIEND. She “trusted him” to watch the baby (not his of course).

      This is the problem no one reads all the way through anything. This guy was boffing the baby momma! And had the lack of moral fibre to restrain himself from torturing this poor baby.

      • Sherry Tucker

        I wonder about momma’s taste in men. Why did she trust this MAN to watch her son??? Wtf… Unless he’s daddy, he shouldn’t be allowed to watch over her child. Obviously, a really bad decision on her part. Yeah, he is an asshole. But, she had a resonsibility to keep that boy safe.

  • Earle L. Bailey

    If it was my kid, he better hope they put him far, far away in a very maximum security cell, and that they keep him there forever.

    • Sunshine4444

      Same here; if that was my child they wouldn’t have to worry about locking his ass up I’d take care of the sick fuckin pig myself & would have fun burning every part of his body beyond recognition!

      • WTW

        The mom got arrested cause she saw him in public and there was an altercation, he called the cops and said she hit him and his cop buddies believed him. They held her for 15 hours in jail before she could be bonded out, He has spent no time in jail for what he has done

        • Sunshine4444

          Figures….cops get away with so much sh*t like this! Karma will get his ass; hopefully b4 he has a chance to harm another child!

        • Sherry Tucker

          Now, that bullshit needs to be investigated.

  • connlyfox

    There is a bad one in each group of people, it hides deep within those of us that we walk amongst every day, we look at them and see them everyday never to guess they are the kind they are. At times it is the kindness we show each other that keeps it from happening or helps these people not do the horrible things that are inside them, when re remind those around us of the power of belief it can slow it down maybe never stop it. This man probably became a police officer to help stop himself from letting that monster out from his inter self. Hoping that getting the bad guy would be enough to stop his ugly desires and hold back that feeling. I am just thinking out loud about what hit me. He is a monster and in jail he will not be happy at all!

    • Chuck McCoy

      Consider that he passed psychological testing and personal interviews to become a police officer. What does that say about the testing and screening system?

  • Ahmed Rafiq

    I thought only american troops do such actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I can see now american cops.. who knows, welcome to the american society!

    • Dr.Gonzo

      Most of these guys that are doing this shit are EX MIL. Please man, get a clue.

  • Paul Bodnick

    Deserves 10 year sentence

  • zaiger

    Florida :/

  • Ron Richmond

    Just make sure others in prison know what he is there for and we wont have to worry about the ‘after prison’ part.

    • Stazzy

      He more than likely won’t see any prison time and b/c he is a cop he would be in general population. I bet the max he will serve is a year or less if any at all.

  • colorblindish

    Makes me sick. Not justice in our broken system! When are we going to get off our fat american asses and take our country back! Smfh!

  • richard

    12205 Spring Hill Dr
    Spring Hill, FL 34609
    (352) 688-2533…See More
    Cody Marrone
    Correctional Officer at Hernando County Sheriff’s OfficeStudied Law Enforcement/Corrections at PHCCIn a relationship

  • Graham Edward Kahnt

    Just let me get hold of that prick. I would inflict pain that he couldn’t even imagine on him. He would really wish that he was still in custody. I am the motherfucker that no PIG wants to deal with. Plain and Simple.

  • Alexander Sin

    this thing.. must die.. no man with that little of a heart for a child should be allowed to breathe

  • Oliver Cromwell

    cops die, I laugh

  • Tommy Towne Piercing

    Skin that pig alive.

  • Faustinah Santiago

    Scumbag pigs.

  • Elvis Rodriguez

    i want him killed by firing squad

  • cherie

    Ok I have children and now they are grown up but when they were younger there are times when you are tired as hell but you never hurt a child ever. If he could not handle it ask some one for help or say no to babysit not burn the toddler that is insane he will get his how are these people becoming cops in the first place need brains for that one? Well maybe not I guess what has happened to the ones that are sworn to protect and do this kind of shit to any body shaking to the core at the very thought of any human doing such a thing to people or pets

  • mike88

    If this alleged cop is not fired, tried, and if found guilty sentenced to Prison for his criminal action,then there is no true Justice.

  • Mya Rachelle Hepper Zuniga
    • fuck the police

      i hope he is killed

  • whateveridowutiwant

    WHY EVEN LET SOMEONE LIKE THIS OUT OF PRISON??????? Can’t I just burn his eyeballs out with a hairdryer???

  • Heather Staples-Smith

    probable permanent damage? WTF this kid is scared for life, sick sick people in the world. lock this guy up and forget him, he is a psycopath

  • Kraig Evans

    Take this piece of shit out onto the street and put him down like a dog. Even though this death would be too noble for this piece of filth.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    execute the cop painfully and publicly. I think burning him until he dies a slow painful death would be fair.

  • Liberty_First
  • UK Visitor

    This cop obviously watched too many snuff movies during his formative years – bastard!

  • Djimba Vallinor

    Aggravated child abuse and child neglect? No. That’s torture and should be tried as such.

  • Jim

    It sounds like this cop was on a ROID RAGE. IOW, he was so intent on being a big bad tough cop, that he was on STEROIDS to get big and tough.
    WHO wants to bet many other times, this cop has slammed/punched/hit/slapped other people because “they didn’t listen to his commands”? as many cops say “STOP RESISTING” as they punch a suspect or choke him. THIS leads the cop to further JUSTIFIED violence against a suspect. WHOM they then charge with MORE crimes.
    THIS child ‘didn’t let him sleep’ so he went on his roid rage, and assaulted him in the most painful way possible. THIS child will remember that his WHOLE life. HE will feel a fear of police.

  • Dr.Gonzo

    Nah nah nah, he’ll get a promotion, and a raise. You know how it works, he’s the perfect cop, sadistic, unfeeling, and a liar.

  • Dr.Gonzo

    Give him a piece of your mind. REALLY DO IT! He needs to be driven from FB. Disgusting cunt of a man.

    • IsmellBacon

      I shared my opinion with him.

  • Randall Williams

    are you all kidding me , you know he will be exonerated !!!

  • Randall Williams

    two low life scums were acquitted after beating to death a homeless man and you think that this low life is going to be found guilty ??? please !!!!

  • Ja ka

    It’s 9 times out of 10 that it’s never the biological father that comes child abuse. I so want this guy’s address. His face needs to be broken.

  • Rich Pea

    This guy……don’t let me see him on the street. Your dog meat, pal..

  • MistyH

    He needs to go to prison for the rest of his miserable life-and let the other inmates know what he did!!!

  • lori giordano

    damn cops think they can do anything to an defensless child.

  • Jaciglaab

    Definitely a sex offender. There is no doubt in my mind that this sick son of a bitch belongs behind bars for the rest of his life.

  • SwordofPerseus

    This cop deserves death by Roo Rue, look it up. Just throw him in with the general population of the state prison and let the other inmates know he’s a former cop and a child molester. His his subsequent death do to loss of blood from the rectum will be just punishment.

  • Brandy

    This bastard deserves exactly what he gave!!! They should burn his balls a few times….after all it’s punishment for harming a defensless little child!! This man should never be allowed around children ever again and should not be calling himself a COP!!

  • Dresden PlayswithDeath Diaz

    hes got piece of shit written all over his pyscho face. how did he ever get to being an officer?

  • Joel99

    Does anybody have any curiosity about what the hell is going on? Why are so many men abusive sexually, physically and emotionally? There is the usual tidal wave of self-righteous punishment-oriented demagoguery in response to this.

    We need to understand the etiology of the problem, deal with the cultural issues that apparently practically normalize what is surely “rape culture”. Offenders need to be held accountable, punished appropriately and then included in the community with the community working with them to insure that they do not reoffend.

    Simple-minded violent responses to the problem flow from the same place as the problem itself. I feel the same revulsion, rage and horror as everyone else but self-righteous fury does nothing to protect other children, women and men from future violence from other individuals who live among us and are not immediately recognizable UNTIL they are caught offending. It is not just “their problem”. Clearly different cultures produce these problems at different rates and with different intensities.

    Demonizing never solves a problem and creates a false separation between non-offending and offending people. There are very few “monsters” and lots of ostensibly normal people who offend in a variety of ways. It is important to note that this kind of violence, aggression and sexual assault is an almost exclusively a “male” problem.

  • Joel99

    “The reformative effect of punishment is a belief that dies hard, chiefly, I think, because it is so satisfying to our sadistic impulses.” Bertrand Russell

  • Elizabeth Henderson

    Do unto others.. Wheres the acid? He needs a few burns..

  • BOB

    death. That is all. Death.

  • Nathan Richardson

    right?!?!?! how many fucking charges did this asshole fucking dodge because he’s a cop? this is god damned fucking repulsive.

  • Debra Carfagno

    released on bail? really? anyone else would have been denied bail no questions asked. how much you wanna bet he’s still on the payroll until he’s formally found guilty. Pathetic POS, burn his sorry a$$. Poor little kid, praying for his recovery. Frickin scumbag, when and who had the illuminating bright idea to hire psycho’s and arm them, they should be burned too.

  • Adam Brian

    Surprised he was even arrested. I’m sure he will not get anything but probation and be right back out there burning innocent children before you know it. At this point in time I expect cops to get away with anything. Of course he will never be convicted. I will believe an adequate punishment when I see it but until then I won’t. I mean they let this sick fuck back out on the street basically says it all.

  • Adam Brian

    Bottom line is this sick fuck should be shot on site and good ridence. Instead he’s a supreme citizen an probably out there burning children as we speak. Hopefully he does it to his supporters so then those dumb bastards realize what everyone has been saying about cops. Its just a shame that this child has to be scarred mentally and physically for life cause his dumb ass mother trust cops. I would not trust a cop to flip my burger let alone with a child especially my own.

  • Lina Gonzales

    This disgusting piece of shit… prime example as to why police have a bad reputation…. these sick fucks abuse their power making it hard on the dedicated officers who truly want to better their community, I hope this disgraced scumbag dies a slow and painful death before burning for eternity in hell. Prayers for that poor innocent child and the mother.

  • Mandii Babiigirl Kreuzer

    What a scum bag.. and of course he’s out of jail and probably suspended with pay… may God NOT have mercy on his evil soul… way to “protect and serve” ..smh… As a mom of 2 I’m mortified by this and it just proves we can’t trust even cops any more.

  • Bendy Bentley

    The mother should have capped him before going to the hospital.

  • theundeadtalkinghead

    haul this pos out back and put one between his eyes. he doesnt deserve to breath the same air as his victim any longer.

  • Scott Diaz

    He’ll be in protective custody.

  • Ann

    The number one abuser of children is the stupid boyfriend of the whores who can’t raise their kids without boyfriends. Makes me sick.

  • Chad Moore here is the sheriffs contact let him know how you feel about this piece of shit with a badge out on bond

  • Michelle Mastrullo

    I hope he gets beaten to death by inmates!

  • Buck Kracker

    Is the cop on “administrative” paid vacation?

  • Michael Precise

    A life sentence will be pretty short for him after everyone inside finds out why he’s there.

  • PaminIndy

    He is not a cop….he is an UNCONSCIONABLE MONSTER! He better not be allowed to :protect and serve” anything, except a long prison term for felony abuse and neglect.

  • Lorraine Crystal Avallone

    Oh my god that’s disgraceful there’s a special place in hell for this freak … Maybe we should Boil him In a Huge pot of Boiling water til he Dies .. Then we’ll let the Devil Take over!

  • Jon Perry

    I don’t care what it would take but if someone did that to my little boy he would be dead. What ever it took I would end the scumbags life and I wouldn’t have the slightest tinge of guilt either. This piece of dog turd needs to be thrown to the wolves in a max security wing, give him to a Mexican cartel armed with blow torches and rusty bread knives. The cops are now brainwashed into think “civilians” as they mistakenly call the public are just walking problems. It has affected their minds. Things need to change right now.

  • jimmy

    kill this pig

  • Allan Luft

    He was just doing his job according to the department investigation. He’ll have 2 weeks paid suspension based on “He was following department procedure” for child discipline.

  • deathfrogg

    Meh, a week suspension with pay, a note in his file and possible restriction from promotion for a couple years. This brave crime warrior merely made a mistake and shouldn’t be responsible for the inadequate training he received.

    Amiright, coplickers?

  • Ihaveyou

    I say kill him now

  • John Vairo


  • Troy Welch

    Piece of shit, send him to ISIS so they can have an extra someone to behead or crucify

  • Justin Finch

    So when do parents sleep then? Not supporting the scumbag in any way, shape or form…But your comment is just stupid, except for the part where he should rot in jail and whatnot….That I agree with.

    • Sunshine4444

      We don’t sleep! Not if our child/children are awake! Especially at 3 years old; that is the age you can’t turn your back for 10 seconds because they get into everything! Lack of sleep is part of being a parent!

    • WTW

      He was supposed to drop the child off at day care but was too lazy to even do that

      • Justin Finch

        Well, that would be the NORMAL thing to do before you go to sleep watching a child…

    • …you sleep when the child sleeps.

  • Justin Finch

    Interesting how I just came here from a post about being spanked with a belt being abuse…Maybe I should copy and paste this article and show them what abuse really looks like.

  • Manuel Abor


  • cathy evans

    How sad, there are some really sick people in this world. When one has to take out their anger on a child, they shouldn’t have a bail and should be put away for life. HOW SICK OF HIM, and had the nerve to be a cop, how sick.

  • Sunshine4444
    WHY is there a picture of a little boy as his profile pic??!! Who is letting this sick fuck around children again??!!

    • WTW

      That is his kid…the mom doesn’t see anything wrong with what he did to the other child

      • Sunshine4444

        She’s an idiot & when something happens to that kid she should be charged too.

      • Sunshine4444

        She’s an idiot

  • Tony Urry

    Nah … he is a cop. You know cops can’t be guilty of breaking the law… they are above the law… I am sure he will be on paid leave, they will investigate themselves and find he did nothing wrong;… because, after all: He’s a cop!

  • bburke

    I don’t get it, what in the world could this guy be thinking? Did he actually believe that nobody would notice? Or did he think that he could get away with it? This is a puzzle to me, after all, he was a cop , and if he was a REAL cop then he certainly should have known better. I suppose the “he was on drugs” excuse will be popping up pretty soon, but drugs or no drugs, they should cut out his brain and study it, maybe they can find a short circuit in there someplace that could help explain this insanity. Has this whole fucking world gone crazy?

  • Lisa Hughes

    rot in hell!!

  • Colin H

    so when the lock em up he really will be made into bacon! burn piggy burn!

  • Jason

    first off he’s not a cop this shit is old news he’s a correctional officer at the jail, second off y’all are messed up yes what he did is wrong and messed up, that doesn’t mean kill him, or he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison. I know what i’m talking about I work in a prison and I’ve seen way worse people than this guy.

    • Kay123

      shut your fucking mouth you cunt, you jizz bucket, you mother should be raped with a soldering iron and you should have been aborted, this fucking correctional pig should die slowly and painfully

  • blake

    But the sad part is he probably got suspended with pay and wont do another night in jail hell probably claim he was in fear. Of his life after the kid threatened him with a mach box car

  • Kay123

    lets fucking kidnap this cocksucker and prolong his torture for years and keep him alive and crippled

  • Danna Searcy

    one word DISGUSTING!

  • mjz4043

    I hope this cop grows a conscience and has to live with the knowledge of the horror he inflicted on a helpless baby.

    This is a man without a soul

    • kay123

      i hope to skin him alive and consume his face

  • suzie

    don’t worry, he investigated himself and found he did nothing wrong. it’s all ok

  • Guest

    And a black lady is given the death penalty for starving a child while he gets to burn a child with a hot comb including his genitals… Gotta Love America…

  • ishinefan35

    He should be in prison…

  • chrissy

    I would burn him and let him feel the pain that poor defensless child had to feel all day !! It hurts me,to know,that a man like that took an oath to serve n protect the people and this scum hurts a,child !!

  • ThatOneGuy

    I hope this was the city in Tennessee. Otherwise I just posted on the wrong facebook page.

  • sav

    All theses dumb comments, frick. The poor kid got fuzen burnt by a man who was supposed to be protecting him, he needs to be given the same punishment as the rest of child abusers get. Also him being a cop there will be plenty of inmate’s who indeed want to get a hold of this waste of skin. Then there will be plenty of people who will indeed be writing to inmates telling them of his crimes. So in reality this puke will indeed get what he deserves. But I’d say over half of you won’t cair, it will have faded from your minds and you will be yammering on about something new. The one everyone should be hoping anything happens to is that boy. The scars, the emotional trama. We all need to just take a step back and wish that boy the very best, and hope that his family is strong enough to help him recover, along with themselfs.

  • Russell Mckinney

    If i was the parent prison would be the least of his worries he would actually be safer there.

  • Luther Demesmin


  • KeepingUinformed

    Detention deputy. Alright “Cop” isn’t even close to what he is. Yes, he may have gotten his training through the Sheriff’s office but he is a fucking prison guard. There is no disputing that the man, kid actually (Barely 21) is walking scum, but calling him a cop is simply shoddy research, or the deliberate omission simply to put more drama on what should already be a very dramatic and sad story. Shame on you.

  • Ted

    He has an address

  • Jason T Worsham

    I agree w the comments made,but before he gets to prison ,whoop his ass and do to him what he to that poor baby,then throw his bitch ass in prison and let it be known what he is and what he’s done……(The best use of tax dollars ) By far…..

  • Adrian Harms

    I was pissed when I saw that he was out, then I thought, that could be a good thing, hopefully someone will take this “MONSTER” out permantely!

  • Michael Barton

    Filthy cunt of a man, i would end his life

  • charliep

    Pure evil seems to prevail all over the world. What in the world is going on. In this case, this had nothing to do with him being a policeman; however it does seem that many of those performing their duties as policeman are out of control performing acts of abuse on detainees.

  • janette

    This is when I wish I was a correctional officer. Extra privileges for anyone who wants to take a turn in the broom closet.

  • anonymous

    I hope they are ruthless to him in prison, not on a daily basis, on an hourly basis.

  • JudasP

    this guy wont make it to prison, seriously how often do cops get away with this shit? ALL THE [email protected]#KN TIME.

  • Dj JuneRock

    An Eye For An Eye.. Burn His Genitals. Then Stick A Wired Hanger Thats Been Sitting On The Stoves Heat For Hours And Ram It Up His Ass Then Let The Inmates Do To Him What That Piece Of Shit Deserves…

  • Harry

    chop his fuckin dick off and feed him with it cause hes a fuckin cocker… then stick a hot wired hanger up his fuckin ass…

  • Harry

    Burn In Hell You Son Of A Bitch

  • Aliester

    Cops are nothing more than child abusers and rapists. Why ANYONE would want to be in a relationship with these horrible people is beyond me.

  • Michelle

    He should NOT be out on bail!!!

  • nationangel1948

    This man is a monster! He should never be allowed to carry a gun or be a police officer. He is a disgrace!

  • Samantha Joseph

    If that was my child he would not live to see trial, but I would never trust a cop with anyone, let alone a helpless 3 year old. They are violent, mentally unbalanced bullies.

    • If there were any “good cops” we would hear about them arresting fellow officers, like the bad ones we see on-line, who break the law. We never do therefore, there are no good cops. While it may be too soon to shoot the bastards, it is not too soon to make a list.

  • mandy8777

    Anyone who harms a child this horribly deserves life in prison. Awful. I hope the mother learned a lesson on who to trust her child with. Poor kid hope he is being well taken care now at least. This breaks my heart

  • Mitch Mitchell

    What prison? These people in the police don’t go to prison. They are above the law. There will be an internal investigation and no wrongdoing found and he will be returned to duty with full pay. As usual. Sick system. They don’t care about some child, what does a child matter, this is a cop.

  • Sean Poirier

    what the fuck is wrong with you… world?

  • Owlisen

    Did he really think he would be able to sleep more AFTER doing something like this to a child ?!?!?!
    What the hell did he think would happen??… that the child all of a sudden should be quiet from this ?!?!?!

  • AliciA

    Burn his genitals so bad so hopefully he can’t have kids. Hope this little boy recovers from this horrific act. This guy should be UNDER the JAIL not in it.

  • Lou2800

    Anyone wonder why the police departments all over America are fucked up? No one found anything unusual in this asshole’s behavior in his encounters with “criminals”, I’m sure. And he’s out on bail. WTF?

  • Raven

    Casterate this POS!

  • Bob

    Police are heroes, He was just doing his job, He has a hard job, PTSD, It was an accident……. Not all cops are bad…. America: Land of excuse makers. That pig should be quartered and left in the streets like the animal he is.

  • Jenni Lovsey

    Put this rabid pos down and be done with it.

  • shaggy

    he looks like a, punk , and of course they,ll put him in protective custody but im with u guys put in population let them uck him up and torture him to the point of insanity i,m a women and let me tie him up and do as i please he wont be back.

  • Melissa

    This is just disgusting! The problem is with no consequences or criminal disciplinary actions against all if these officers committing such horrifying acts, this will never come to an end and only get worse. By not severely punishing these officers and not treating as any other civilian they are essentially giving invitations out to all power hungry, sick, twisted, physically, sexually, and mentally abusive persons, as well as murderers, out there, to come join the police force. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see this. Its just common sense. When is the govt going to see this and do something about it. They know what’s going on. They see it. Just not doing anything about it. Think its about time we ask ourselves why.

  • Steven Riley

    A cop AND a pedo. Count his remaining time in minutes.

  • laladoom

    what is wrong with people?

  • Sherri Hollyfield

    Females need to stop leaving their children with just anybody!!! Take your kids with you or don’t go if you can’t find someone that you absolutely trust to watch them!!!

  • Gabriel Anibal Toribio

    Death penalty.

  • Callie

    Do unto others as you would be treated yurself. He should be burned and put through exactly what he put this child through. Equal justice. Make him live and suffer as the child now has to. This fucking discusts me. No matter where he goes people will know. Scum of the earth. I’m only recently finding out about all the horrific doings of those who impose themselves on society as “protectors of the people”. I tell you what if the law and governing body doesn’t do something about these corruptions I will have to do something myself.

  • InDaTruth

    This is a “hate crime” and sexual assault. This was directed at the child’s mother, he’s a woman hater, the child was just a tool to him. They will say that it was “temp insanity”. He’ll get off and be back on the force ASAP.

  • Wally
  • Dee Queen

    Devil pig

  • AugustEve

    What kind of people are they allowing to be police officers. Is the only qualification white and ignorant and racist?

  • AugustEve

    He needs to be charged with attempted murder.

  • thankyouUSAforwinningthewar

    child molesting prick needs a bullet in the head . post after post of dirty cops doing wrong and getting away with it because they wear that special uniform .When I regenerate into my next life I want to be an American cop, Licence to kill.. over and over enough Five-0 getting paid leave and not losing there job’s after a wrongful killing

  • Carla Rosales


  • Tyrne Clark
  • qwkinuf

    Ship the POS out to the middle of the Atlantic ocean and drop him over-board. Threat removed, justice served, case closed.

    Making the scum-bag endure a 7 gallon whiskey & jalapeno enema optional.

  • agio

    Seriously who in their right mind would leave their child alone with a cop? Might as well leave them alone with a loaded gun, a can of gasoline, and some matches.

  • Kendyll Brown

    He’s a piece of shit and yes thats fucking sexual assault. But is he being charged with sexual assault?! No…. He’s not even in prison or jail he was released on bail.

  • Fiddler1

    Why does shit like this seem to always happen in Florida, Texas or Arkansas?

  • katgal1232

    he will not go to prison.

  • nugget

    KILL THE MAN kill him very slowly! I’m SICK and TIRED of american cops abusing their power!

  • SiderFace

    People gotta do the same thing the cops do and that’s “don’t rat” on the guys that take him out. Its simple. You take him out, and everyone moves on. Let his family (pretend to) mourn to make themselves feel some artificial dignity, an then we can move on.

  • patrick

    Everyday you hear a new story that involves a cop doing sum sick shit ! What is really going on in America with these psychopaths? For those who have travel abroad know this is becoming the new trend in the United states. Cop kills homeless man , Cops beat up girl, Cops kills unarmed Black kid again ! Cop kills unarmed grandmother.Cops kills decorated old veteran.Cops kills teen girl. Everyday a new story Everyday ?! Too much to be coincidental !

  • chopper lindblom

    Cant wait to see what his fellow inmates do to this pig when they find out what he did.

  • Albert Ross

    Cops bleed blue, toddlers burn pink.

  • Armed Antagonist

    Watch your back you piece of shit.

  • Sasha

    Despite what some think about this case, he was not charged with molestation, so he won’t ever have to register as a sex offender. He will likely be in a minimal security facility and probably serve 2yrs if he receives 10year sentence. The only hope we have is the fact he wasn’t the parent. I think child abuse and neglect isn’t a suitable charge. If I were prosecuting, I’d request charges of assault with a deadly weapon&wanton endangerment as well. He confessed, therefore there would he’d serve the minimum with no parole. Considering he was an officer there can be several more related felonies added.

  • Randa

    Before he goes to prison, or if he gets off-they should take a blowtorch to his genitals.

  • Joseph Smith

    Did some followup on this animal. He eventually pled guilty to it and was sentenced. Fifteen years in prison (out of a possible 35 max) and 10 years probation. Here’s the article:

  • Ben Dover

    Never trust a cop or the personality that really REALLY wants to be a cop.

  • adam

    That man is a hero! He puts on a badge and gun everyday to protect us from ourselfs! That child should have let this brave man get his much deserved rest. Ha, I wonder if he will be punished at all.

  • Ethyl Alcyhol


  • Cheyenne

    Fry this beast. I mean literally. See how he likes it.

  • Patty Yutzy

    Hang his ass unreal
    Leave kids alone know wonder why we are scewed you are not showing love and your way to correct him was totally wrong

  • nolickspittles

    This piece of human excrement needs to immediately be buried in the dirt 6 feet under after his Penis and testicles are burned…WTF

  • Maria NoGames

    I pray that they put this waste of air in the cell with Steven D. Sandison,.

  • toots1948

    ISIS infiltrating American Police Force…seems like they are many…WAKE UP AMERICA Time is running short

  • Sonia Collins

    Just another incident that illustrates the need for free or low priced childcare for working parents. Desperate parents may leave a child with an unqualified caregiver, or even in a car, in order to get that essential day’s pay. We can tsk tsk from the sidelines for decades, or we can take collective responsibility for children by insisting on certified child care as exists in most rich countries. We have the funds if stop the endless wars and tax the rich at a fair rate.

  • TheFounderUtopia

    It’s the kid’s own fault for resisting the naughty step. I have it on good authority he was not being co-operative, and may have had a concealed lego. If people just followed the rules and did their chores cops wouldn’t NEED to discipline them. Earlier that day some witnesses claim the kid was smoking a bubblepipe. Also he may have been 3 but come on, he looked at least 7. The cop felt like his life was in danger. If babies weren’t causing trouble all the damn time, this kind of thing wouldn’t even happen.

  • fgt4urights

    I live in this county and can tell you this is not even the tip of the iceberg as Sheriff Nienhuis, the one speaking in the video has committed and covered up felony crimes, even attempted murders. That’s how that POS runs things in this town. He’s a criminal along with a large part of his staff and Homeland Security. There should be a lot of people going to jail along with this POS of his as he portrays himself as something he is not. Nienhuis, the truth is going to come out and you’re going to be directly named in the cover-up and attempted murder you, your staff, Homeland Security, Federal Airmarshall and all the illegal BS spying. We know how all you POS lie to the public on your use of Stingray/Dirtybox’s and don’t them to ever find out the REAL reason it’s being kept hidden, because it would implicate you ALL in terrorist crimes, murders and cover-ups. This is why you fight so hard to keep it secret and lie to the public and media when they start asking questions. You know who this is you POS, and you know what you’re hiding.

  • Marilyn

    And this bastard is out on bail??? What the hell!!!

    • TaxCattleKiller

      Did you vote democrat or republican….then yes he is out of jail.

  • bibliofly

    If we start charging the horny mothers maybe we can convince them to show some responsibility and actually get to know the walking penises they bring into their children’s homes. Too many of these stupid cows put their children’s needs last.

    • TaxCattleKiller

      Then how about we charge parents every time they hand their kids over to public school officials that due the same? Seriously think about the stupid statist fucking shit you’re saying.

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    UM people are actually sticking up for this guy saying he will not be tortured> he will probs burn in hell sooooo that is all I need to know let the darkness welcome him

  • granny84

    Someone shud hang him up to DRY

  • Wayne Peeples

    He is in for one hell of a “Welcome to Prison” party.

  • Incredible!

    Bet he still has his job!!! Officer was in fear for his life….

    • TaxCattleKiller

      Quick question….did you vote democrat or republican in the least ten years? I think we see know why he has his job still thanks.

  • JoEllen Schupmann

    poor baby.that cop will get his.

  • JoEllen Schupmann

    these mothers always leaving their kids w me,. Cop or not, no man would never b allowed to watch my kids.

  • Kenneth Henderson

    I hope this disgusting piece of excrement meets a painful end in prison. Most prisoners and guards hate those inmates that hurt children, to tack on that he was once a LEO is icing on the cake. I bet he’ll be begging to stay in the SHU after his transitional/probational period is over. Put him in gen-pop, let the hardcore inmates decide his fate.

  • Deana Ronee Moon-Hodges

    In Michigan they would get someone from the yard crew to bring in some gas, throw it in on him light it up and shut tge door of his cell… I’ve seen it done, I spent almost 20 years watching it first hand- says my husband

  • Wendy Vann

    This cop is out on bail, he will never see the inside of a prison, just watch.

  • richSF

    Why was this worthless bastard re;leased on bail?? Because he’s a cop?????????

  • Taylor Costello

    And he’s already bonded out. If he was anyone other than a cop he would be held without bail

  • Luke Lewis

    That motherfucker needs a slow death

  • David Desorcy

    the pig will get off, other pigs will protect him

  • lilmssunshine
  • MikeParent

    One has to wonder how he treated strangers. B

  • deedee2die4

    Just don’t let Cody off easy. By easy I mean, a rope in his holding cell.

  • Craig

    He will get away with it, they always do. 0 jail time, 0 prison time. How do I know? They let him out on bail in a case that should have been No Bail.

  • Austin Konrad

    Former Hernando detention deputy sentenced to 15 years for burning child with a hair dryer

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    Such uncoolness that there are no words other than ….EYE for an EYE?

  • Lois Ross

    All cops need to be phyco tested every 6 moth

  • Kim Serrahn


  • Patrick H.

    I dont think he’ll make it out. If you were tired why agree to watch a child. He could have hired a real babysitter.

  • UrbanCamper

    He’s a cop so he’ll get off easy but lets hope his short sentence ends in a painful death in jail. Justice is as justice does.

  • Captain America

    Sick F***! These are the kind of sociopathic psychos that they want and hire to be cops. Just look at his eyes and you can see there is something wrong with him

  • Torpedo8

    No. 1 cause of death for children in this country: boyfriends. Hang him.

  • I think I’m just gonna go cry myself to sleep after reading this … it’s too much to bear …

  • Rick Hettwer

    So sad the mother had that much trust. leaving her child alone with a cop ? WTF !
    I hope they toss this piece of shit to the baddest inmates in the system.. for life !

  • Jayme

    I hope they put him away for life.

  • Hector James Haddow

    Put him in the general prison population then make sure the other inmates knows that he’s a cop and what he did.

  • Jarred

    This story above is written as if the disgusting human being was a police officer. He was not. He was a Prison Guard. This article was taken out of context to try to provoke people to think all police officers are crazy lunatics. See for yourself.

    I for one want nothing to do with a website that bends the truth to try to point others to their own agenda. You aren’t any better than Fox News and CNN in my book and should be ashamed of the fear you are trying to provoke.

  • Scott Batchelor

    While I’m sure he will receive quality attention in prison, it occurs to me that there are biker groups that go after shit stains like that guy, and provide re-education meetings en mass with specialized motivational tools like chains and bats and beer bottles. The fact that he was a cop never surprised me, as they tend to hire the lowest scoring mental midgets and sociopaths and then foster and develop those traits to the fullest extent. I would personally enjoy applying rusty pliers, duct tape, and a road flare to this fucking loser. If they ever get wise and sell tickets to do so, I’m all in.

  • Everdear Gomes


  • Pamela Sue Chandler- Post

    This was months ago, was the cop convicted or not?

  • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

    seriously? why is he even still ALIVE after that????

  • JoAnna Chylinski-Mincarelli

    Filming Cops, if you are going to film cops then do that. But this person was not a cop. He was a detention deputy. Look it up, not a cop. Stop with the crap. It is unfortunate for this mother and her so, but this guy was not a cop.

  • msrose black

    I can’t wait for the pig lovers to come out of the woodwork and defend this piece of crap as just doing his job. Maybe he was afraid for his life causing him to burn the child.

  • Tee


  • reviewer007

    This guy’s a monster.

  • cessnadriver

    Police officers are all heroes and above reproach. If you are not a police officer you cannot understand how difficult their jobs are.

  • whitetrash

    LOL AMERICA!!! hahah fucking white trash everywhere

  • Sarah Paxton

    This SOB should never get out of prison. Put him in general population, let everyone know what he did, and let prison justice take this asshole out. Hopefully more than his genitals get burned.

  • See you when you get out.

  • dulcetpine

    A cop and a child molester. Yeah, prison will be fun for him.

  • This is attempted murder. Life in prison at a minimum without possibility of parole. This demented person really needs to be permanently removed from society like any dangerous animal would be.

  • chelle

    this is appauling my heart aches for that little boy …. who the fuck does such a horrible thing …. a man that was given power no less but of course …. its almost like they weed out some of the most insane sick nasty pricks to be police officers …. dont you love it when they call em peace officers when referring to an assault against one ?? smfh …. honestly this man need his genitals removed by placing a rubber band around it and it losing blood flow thus causing it to die and fall off ! that would be a punishment fit for this disgusting excuse for a human being ! I really hope this little boy i going to be ok and that he has a wonderful life where he is surrounded by ppl that can show him love compassion tenderness and care !

  • CodyD313

    Hang him

  • dawn

    Why doesn’t this guy have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life?!! That’s bullshit,poor 18 year old guy has to register because broke up with his 17 year old girlfriend after a year of dating because mommy and daddy don’t want her to look like a pig but this dick head only gets 15 years with no sexual abuse charges??!! This will effect his (little boy’s) psyche for the rest of his life,possibly effect his sex life…this jerk off should be branded the rest of his life as well!! The good news is he may not make it out of prison, I love when cases like this are high profile so everyone in prison are aware of his crime and waiting for him
    I do have to say the Sargent in the video was a great speaker and they should be proud to have him.

  • Dave Brabant

    hes going to die in prison ….

  • mimi_x5

    There’s a good chance he will not make it out of prison alive. We can hope, anyway.

  • Dominic Blais

    why do women like guys like this? can we please address this issue. i am so sick of being blamed by stupid feminists

  • Kim Serrahn

    And I’m suppose to feel sorry for cops if they get killed or hurt…… Not when shit like this creep are part of the pack.

  • Jocelyn Pelletier

    grrrrrrr what an ass hole, he should receive the same treatment as the child and amplified by how many times this terd is bigger than the kid. For example: kid = 35lbs
    So 180lbs/35lbs = 5 times the pain the kid had.

  • ebonydiva06

    Obey the cops they say… The cops are always right they say…

  • Dawn

    maybe someone should burn him the same way starve him leave it untreated then let the prisoners take over tell them the story n let them do what they want with him

  • Denton Young

    I’d sentence him to be burned to death. Slowly.

  • peddler266

    I appears as though, the only reason he was investigated. Was because that child had severe burns? He states… “because of the level of severity”? This pig would have gotten off, sent free, if the child only had a small burn. Yet you cant spank your own child without CPS calling it child abuse and your child being taken away. level of severity? Once again, this pig almost got away with it people…..

  • Chris Sky

    15 years in jail is a slap on the wrist to what he deserved.. more like death, by burning his balls and dick with a hot hairdryer…sound more appropriate for this scum bag. I hope he gets treated REALLY NICE in prison.

  • UUberbitz

    Needs to be put in the general population of a prison with acknowlegement of who he is and what he did. I’m sure THAT will cut down on the time he has to serve. Doubt he makes it a month.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    How would wasting time with a dryer and the screams of a child help him sleep better?

    Or do I really not want to know?

  • Its Obvious

    I like the Jesus “solution.” Tie a mill stone around his neck and toss him into the sea.

  • Marisol

    This officer like so many others is Satan’s son…

  • kaynash

    I hope he spends his time there remembering every single person he sent to jail for (usually) nothing at all! And if he does get out of prison, he should be on the child molester list for life.

  • Marci L. Heil

    when are these women going to learn you DO NOT leave your babies with your BOYFRIEND

  • I’d like to see someone publish a list of the other prisoners’ names and the prison address so we can have a continuous campaign to send them letters reminding them of this sicko’s crime and remind them all to make his life as miserable as possible in there.

  • Mozart

    I remember reading about this gutless cunt ages ago now. Has he been torn limb from limb and dismembered by an angry mob or fellow prison inmates yet? Or have the Powers That Be sent him on a fully paid vacation while they investigate to see if he is still “fit for duty?”

  • Joey Dube

    he will fucking walk on probation the fucking cunt. Sick fuck is on bail even as we speak walking around. Tar and feathers anyone?