Cop Charged With First Degree MURDER of 2-month-old Baby Boy, Gets Paid Leave


JETMORE, KANSAS — Shocking reports have emerged online according to which a police officer is facing charges for not just felony child abuse, but the actual first degree murder of a 2-month-old baby boy.

Officer Kody Lee Hanson is 30-yrs-old and was with the Goodland Police Department.

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Many are asking what exactly Officer Hanson did to the baby — whether he shot or beat the infant to death — but as of now, no details have been released pertaining to how the boy was killed.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation reported that the baby died last week inside of a Wichita hospital.

After the baby died, Officer Hanson was given paid leave.

He was then booked for first degree murder and child abuse after the baby died.

The Kansas Attorney General’s office stated that they have agreed to prosecute in the case.

It has also been revealed that the baby was Officer Hanson’s own son.

One can only imagine the pain the baby boy may have experienced as he died.

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A precious soul born into the world, completely dependent on adults to show him love and compassion, only to be abused and murdered reportedly by a person who is supposed to be a “protector.”

This article will be updated as more details become available.

Watch video below:

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  • polliwogg

    These kinds of crimes make me wish I could support the death penalty.

    • Steve in Iowa

      There are few things prisoners hate more than child killers. When he starts his life behind bars, his fellow prisoners will make sure he feels welcome.

      • Bert

        I hope they give him a “warm” welcome.

      • Donovan Nin

        What makes you think he will ever spend a day behind bars?

        He’s a cop. Cops kill and face no real consequence regularly.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      I do support the death penalty, but not in a million years are they going to execute a cop

      • Guest

        ✉✉⚓✉⚓✉⚓I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak22:



      • Donovan Nin

        Former police officer Antoinette Frank currently sits on death row for her first degree murder conviction resulting from a 1995 incident.

        In 1912, Charles Becker become the first NYPD officer put to death at Sing Sing prison. He was found guilty of racketeering, extortion, conspiracy to commit murder, and murder.

        While rare, justice is sometimes served.

    • Teagan Dalton

      I live in Texas and I support the death penalty… I also support the right to appeal. People do get off death row through the process. Not always but its the same with some criminals who don’t even get caught and are out there still running around… I guess its the balance.

  • Tee Jay

    A pig needs ta be put down!!

  • Cassandra Badie

    seriously cant take much more of this what are we gonnna do about the cops? come on solutions people ??????

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    Cops are out of control there is a story like this everyday now

  • dhodge

    Why are we paying this POS?

  • bonnie

    I hope he get the crap beat out of him..the sick bastard

  • Beverly Brown

    This idiot must have feared for his life. He got paid leave and then charged, this is really screwed up.

  • Gunt

    Date your fucking articles. Bush-league bullshit. Over a year, now, and we don’t have an update? On second thought, don’t change a thing, I’ll do the changing.

  • Taleisin

    But cops are persecuted by the public. You ask them. They’ll tell you. /s