Video: Cop Charged with Purposely Spreading HIV for Nearly 7 years, Brags About Sex with Victims

UPDATE: More Women Infected, Officer Deceptively Told Them He “Didn’t Have HIV” and Engaged in Group Sex: Reports

The details of the case involving Officer Saintclair have become even more disturbing than we previously imagined.

It turns out that as many as six women were infected so far, and officials believe that there may be many more who haven’t come forward yet.

Officer Saintclair made it a point, according to reports, to engage in group sex, which may have helped him spread his disease more rapidly.

Daily Mail reported as follows:

One of the new victims said she was contacted in January of 2014 by one of the women who had come forward against Saintclair, and that when she confronted him he laughed and said his ex was just bitter.

The Sun-Sentinel reports the second women actually came forward a year ago when she saw the news report, and she stated that Saintclair had repeatedly assured he was ‘good’ when they discussed sexually transmitted diseases.

It was the third who claims that she and Saintclair participated in group sex at one point, and that she too confronted Saintclair last year and was told by the officer that he was not infected with the virus.

PALM BEACH —  Women in multiple cities and counties have been issued a warning to come forward immediately for testing, after a police officer, Ervans Saintclair, has been charged with intentionally spreading HIV to multiple victims as far back as 2007.

Investigations indicated that officer Saintclair knew about his HIV all the way back in 2007.

Investigations indicated that officer Saintclair knew about his HIV all the way back in 2007.

The secret began to surface in January, 2014 when Officer Saintclair was caught lying to a woman whom he dated for almost a year, according to the OCALA Post.

After having unprotected sex with her multiple times, Saintclair claimed that he had “just learned” that he had HIV, reports say.

The truth, however, came out when another woman who was in Saintclair’s home found paperwork showing his HIV positive lab results were confirmed years ago, according to reports.

The woman then tried to acquire a list of names of all the other women whom Saintclair had infected.

An investigative call was made to one of the women on the list.

Reportedly that woman confirmed that Saintclair also penetrated her on numerous occasions without protection while hiding the fact that he had HIV.

Detectives working on the case then made a phone call to Saintclair himself on January 6, 2014 and recorded it.

During that phone call he is said to have bragged about all the women he had sex with. But when the issue of HIV came up, he again said he did not have it, the detectives state.

More investigations determined that Saintclair had been told by doctors since 2007 that he tested positive for HIV.

Medical records from 2007 even included a doctor’s notes about notifying him “repeatedly” that he had HIV and was not to engage in unprotected sex with anyone.

County-wide warnings have now been issued advising women that they should immediately come forward for testing if they were one of the victims.

At least eight other women have come forward so far, and more are expected in the coming weeks.

It is believed that officer Saintclair was not limited to one area, but may have been spreading HIV in multiple cities and counties over the last seven years.

Making matters worse, Saintclair even impregnated one of the women, according to WPTV News.

She says she did not find out about being exposed to Saintclair’s HIV until she was pregnant with his child.

The woman added that when she confronted Saintclair about the HIV, he apologized and told her “don’t worry about it…you aren’t going to die from it.”

“I was devastated. I cried,” she said, adding “there could be a lot of victims.”

“I just want him to stop exposing people and infecting people.”

Officer Saintclair has been put on administrative leave and is currently free on $30,000 bail, according to reports.

Watch the video below:

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  • Digi

    I always thought Green Acres was “the place to be”. Damn, fooled again.

  • Chum Lee Jr


  • Tracy Miller


    • Ryan Cuzzort

      I can’t believe you think that shit is funny, I hope you catch it you fucking piece of shit

      • JeffersonsGhost

        It’s called Gallow’s humor and is how some people cope with bad shit. Learn somethin’. :p

        • Stephanie

          Humor makes shit better for me too! We can’t change the situation it is what it is! None of us like what happened. These poor women! He should not be allowed to be a pig! Pigs outta be subject to all the BBP tests!!! Monthly! Why should we get falsely arrested then get aids or some shit from their mistakes!

        • Melanie Adams

          while i agree that gallow’s humor is sometimes helpful, it’s usually reserved for the people who are actually suffering. i think this asshole just thinks that ignorant little rhyme is funny. it’s okay though because karma will take care of him.

      • Tracy Miller

        I’m sorry man, I didn’t think someone who actually had sex with the guy would read that. With that said, why don’t you go fuck yourself instead of other men – drama “queen”.

        • usmcmailman

          Slut bag !

        • Ryan Cuzzort

          With the name “Tracy”, I’m not sure I’d you’re a man or woman. See, you’re putting yourself in a man’s position by talking all big and bad like you’re fucking tough or something, but yet you have a bitch’s name. Either way, you’re a cunt and you should do yourself a favor, and shut your fuck man pleasers.

          • lily

            Really? Get a sense of humor. The situation is serious, but serious does not mean you’ve got to be an asshole. So replying to your ridiculousness is placing oneself in a “man’s position?” Is that what you call it when someone stands up to you, princess?

          • Tracy King

            Haha my name is tracy too bud.. and I promise YOU I WOULD MAKE you my PUNK ….so fuck you maggot

          • james bond

            so brave, behind your laptop at starbucks

          • chadehrnriter

            Ahhahaha you like to make dudes your punks………

    • Justin Hovatron Hovan


    • Rique Schill

      Good one, I’m proud of you

    • Well…that was inappropriate, but I don’t believe in this PC crap, so I’m going to laugh at your comment. Seriously though, just because people have a different way of life doesn’t make you any better than them and I hope that’s not how you feel.

  • Mary Marin

    in a society that stigmatizes and criminalizes this disease so much, it is really unrealistic to expect an infected person to disclose… yes, he is getting the taste of what cops do to people and he is a liar, like most cops are, but that’s where the moral of this story ends… arresting people because someone said something or because they lied is kind of a mute point. this is when the crime investigation ends and witch hunt begins. The fact is, that more people will not get tested after hearing cases like this. What’s really bad is that the undiagnosed person has way more virus and can infect others, while the diagnosed and on treatment people have undetectable viral loads and can not physically infect. but no one will get tested, who needs this really… it’s easier to infect and not go to jail, or to know and risk going to jail regardless if you tell others or not. Remember, the prosecution of these cases is never based on science. these laws are from the days when people died from aids…those days are over and the treatment is 1 pill a day without side effect. go to to educate yourselves about the issue.

    • Trich r

      Do not use the excuse of stigma when talking about someone disclosing their status before sex. The majority of those infected will never pass on their virus. They may not disclose but they protect their partner. Studies show that only about two percent of infected individuals will ever go on to infect another after they learn of their status. And then there are the two percent who could care less how much they devastate society by spreading HIV. I just hate to hear people making this excuse when there is absolutely no studies that have ever suggested this is true! If you don’t want to disclose at least protect your partner. Only a sociopath would have unprotected sex knowing they can always transfer their virus without protection.

    • Trich r

      And where do you even get your facts…there is always a chance of infection even with an undetectable viral load. And where did you get your info about one pill a day? People with HIV take a cocktail of meds, that’s three pills at least and most take it twice a day. I think you are the one who needs education on this subject. Try actually living with the virus before you talk about what people with HIV think, do, and how their infection is treated.

      • Rob Hughes

        thats not true… one pill a day according to my public health nurse Girlfriend who has worked for an infectious disease specialist in Tracy,ca for 16 years. Fact is in an otherwise healthy adult …one pill a day in most cases

        • Paul Lane

          3 Pills a day for HIV, your Public Health Nurse girlfriend needs to check her facts before telling you bullshit, its only ever 1 Pill a day if there recieving Injections on a regular basis, unless your state is some backward hick swamp-land still trying to treat it with shaking sticks together… the medication is 3 Pills… upto 12 for full blown AIDs.

          • Thomas Simmons

            Wrong Paul. I’ve been on one pill a day for 6 years, with no detectable VL. Your information is faulty.

          • Rob Hughes

            its good to be right! Burn Paul… lol

          • Rob Hughes

            My state is California, about 40 miles from SanFransisco where this shit really took off. Sounds like you might be in the backward hick swamp-land state. I have no reason to try and be argumentative, but I hope they get you down to the single pill, here is some light reading for you pal,

          • Owemama

            There are a few combos that are in ONE PILL A DAY.

      • Thomas Simmons

        No, there is no such chance. HIV needs a critical mass of virus to infect. Proven in Swiss and Canadian studies. No VL, No Transmission. None.

    • zaiger

      He is GIVING PEOPLE HIV. This isn’t a “stigma” issue it is a public health issue.

    • Patrick H.

      My logic tells me that he having any count with meds he can still give an unsuspecting person just ten aids viruses, and the unsuspecting person not taking any meds is a perfect place for a virus to grow unchallenged. Maybe Im wrong but people like me make up juries.

  • Shoko

    wtf. charged with what? So what if he knew. It takes 2 to have sex, and 2 people to make choices not to use protection. They knew the risks. They rolled the dice and lost.

    • Guest

      If given all the facts the women would have made different choices. Most couples get tested share the results and decide how to proceed from there. It is against the law to hide that you have an std if you are knowledgeable of that disease.

    • Lordthree

      It’s a crime to not disclose to a partner if you’re aware you have HIV. Good law. This guy should be sued for everything he has, castrated, and locked up for ever

      • Paul Lane

        I believe his state reserves Chemical Castrations for offences such as this so yes, he is likely to be “neutered” with a large dose of bromide (* Anti-Viagra, he’ll never ever get another erection *)

      • Czar

        Alright folks!!!!! The point being is that he spread it and now he is on a 30000 bond !!! Really he has committed premeditated murder , and I seem cases less charged and had bigger bonds !!! Smfh .. What is hailing here ..

    • Paul Lane

      Your a fuckin spastic piece of shit you ALSO HIV infected scumball… and Charged with “Knowingly endangering Public safety”, ” Poisoning with intent to endanger human life” and “Class A, Sexual misdemeanor” aswell as a “Voluntary Manslaughter” charge as soon as ANY of his victims die from it. As your clearly a scumball piece of shit heres the lowdown fag… if you LIE about having HIV/AIDs its the first 3 offences, you have a LEGAL DUTY to inform the other person, the law requires you PROVE you told them if questioned not that they have to prove you didnt, furthermore to knowingly withhold information from sexual partners is a Sexual misdemeanor even if yourve only “Not mentioned” you have Crabs or anything else, oh and when someone dies from Aids he gave them, he’ll face a 1st Degree Manslaughter charge or a 2nd Degree Murder charge….. knowing the law is a awesome thing and as he’s a EX-Police officer, he’s extra fucked!

      • sam

        Placed on administrative leave…so are the tax payers paying him for committing this crime?

    • Kate Kuryla

      that’s the point; he knew he had it & made the point of not telling them so they could make a more informed choice. my problem is this should be an issue for Hep c,hep b, Chlamydia, HPV, etc. Any of them can be life threatening and/or changing ( i.e. considered assault)

    • Ryan Cuzzort

      It is illegal to have unprotected sex with someone, knowing you have HIV or AIDS, as it should be

    • Zack

      We live in a country where spitting on a cop could get someone locked up for 5 years. So if in this same country a cop can get locked up for having aids and potentially effecting others with a 00.0001% chance I’m good with that.

  • Cecily j burton

    Go to youtube or order the documentary” House of Numbers” it will blow your mind..use logic people

    • boodoo

      Do you want to love me or kill me. I miss you everyday. B

  • Thomas Simmons

    Interestingly, not ONE of these instances has been reported (at least above) to have actually resulted in the transmission of the virus. An HIV+individual who is healthy and on regular meds can not transmit the virus, so the reporter who equated intercourse with “infecting” the partner is incorrect, irresponsible, and over-dramatic.

    • Spookie Bones

      Im pretty sure it says one woman found out she had it after finding out she was pregnant with his kid.

      • Thomas Simmons

        Nope. Read it again. All it says is that she contacted him after learning “she had been exposed” to HIV. That’s a reporter’s waffle if ever saw one. NO ONE has been infected…

        • mother first

          I found his paperwrk Wen i was preg

      • Shatwon Anderson

        Your right Spookie one woman did say that!

    • Scott Wilson

      Are you suggesting one of these “heAlthy” docter affording hiv positive patients should be charged with anything less than attempted murder if they blatently lie about their status when asked? As a man who has had just that happen to me I feel very strongly about it. I support the forehead tattoo for people like this if they insist on releasing them from a prison for some uneducated reason. It

    • Patrick H.

      He may not have been taking the meds. Not sure I trust his word that he was.

  • ainitfunny


  • ainitfunny

    Part of the sentence for doing that should involve TATTOOING a large “HIV” mid forehead on anyone convicted of deliberately infecting another person and requiring them to periodically prove it is STILL VISIBLE or serve A LIFE SENTENCE IN PRISON as an ongoing danger to the public.

    • Sin.City.Social

      Oh, he will end up doing life. Each woman is a count of attempt-murder…… and a cop in prison, there are inmates who have the disease who will have fun with him. Something like that wont be taken lightly, every inmate has a mother, sister, aunt, or child….. he will get his just reward…..

    • Stephanie

      Just kill the son of a bitch baby fuck!!! He will die anyway were just speeding up the process!!! He should not be allowed to be a fucking cop what other sick shit he gonna do??? Load up some syringes with aids and fucking jab random ppl he arrests??

    • Rique Schill

      Everyone infected should have the tattoo on the forehead!!!!!

      • art

        Your a bigoted uneducated asshole. You should be tattooed “STUPID!!!!!!!!!” Its because of numb nuts like you that people dont tell. And grown folks should always use condoms until they know there partners status. Each person has a responsibility here.

        • Rique

          It has nothing to to with bigotry, nor does it have to be with my nuts. Too many times I have seen in the media where people like this have intentionally spread this. Your correct about responsibility, which these people should have. I have two friends that have HIV simply due to stupidly.

          • Or people who do not understand that while racism may be bigotry bigotry isn’t always about race.

        • Rique

          It has nothing to do with bigotry, nor does it have to do with my nuts. It all has to do with how you HIV. infected people deal with the responsibility having this.

        • Jared Wilson

          You want to call someone “uneducated” and yet you still don’t know the difference between there, they’re, and their. ………

          • Kristina Roark

            Or your and you’re.

          • grim3per

            sieg heil

        • Patrick H.

          With the exception of the baby fathered by him I agree with you.

        • kwgriff

          Or it’s and its…

        • marco polo

          You really think black men are going to wrap it up?

      • james bond

        so you would be ok with having the tattoo , DUMB FUCK tattooed on your forehead for suggesting people have a scarlet letter on their bodies? what about the women he infected,, did they NOT think about using a condom? oh wait, hes straight, and hiv is a gay disease,, all the black ministers say that every single week , althewhile they are out screwing anything they can chase down!

      • kayla

        That isn’t fair for “everyone” to have HIV tattooed on them bc the women who were infected shouldn’t be punished. Its not like they were asking for it!

        • Rique Schill

          I’m sorry Kayla, I shot my mouth off. I meant the perpetrators only. I have a friend who was deceived and ended up with it. Again sorry Kayla.

        • Kristina Roark

          I don’t think they meant EVERYONE’S be tatooed. Just the ones who were intentionally infecting others.

          • Melanie Adams

            you did say in your original post that it should be part of the punishment for him because he spread it intentionally. i didn’t think you meant it for everyone, just guys like him. while i understand your motivation for it and your anger, it would probably only stigmatize everyone with HIV, even more than they are now, not just the people who intentionally spread it. i can’t believe he’s walking around free! i bet he’s stil infecting women left and right! but you can’t lock people up for what they might do, can you? i wouldn’t mind seeing this asshole castrated, but you can’t do that either.

          • lorrie

            Yeah he’s a cop I say fucking dirty ass pig but you know how that goes police get away with murder everyday and something needs to change he belongs behind bars for life he don’t give a fuck about himself so he damn sure isn’t going to care about anyone else he will pay for what he did one day you can run but you can’t hide god bless all the women

        • marco polo

          Black men love some man butt. Man butt doesn’t conceive and its real tight.

      • As long as we can have asshole tattooed on yours.

    • Randall Hurd

      Agreed, There should be a special marker reserved these Poisoners

  • Spookie Bones

    Wow, what a piece of shit.

  • usmcmailman

    Typical spook!…..Get back up in the tree!

    • Mary

      you need counseling or some form of therapy if your brain equates this with the behavior of African Americans. and you should also not serve in the military if you bring shame to your country like that.

  • LBSH

    Attempted murder in Florida! Hope he gets a quick
    Conviction so he can spend time with Bubba and Broomstick.

  • DW

    well, what can I say… women want to be attracted to piece of shit guys cuz they think that’s the cool thing to do or whatever. And it turns out, there’s consequences for their behavior sometimes. I just can’t express how sorry I feel for them. The real victims here are all the guys these women were with since they got themselves infected with HIV, cuz ya know that’s how it works… they want these piece of shit guys and make a bunch of babies with them, get themselves infected with HIV, and then decide they want a good guy after that. And then after infecting him with HIV and making another baby so they can get rich off of child support, they go back to piece of shit guys

    • ‘they got themselves infected with HIV’ … riiiight … he’s a cop, remember? the women believed he was one of the good guys

  • Tom Birmingham

    It’s messed up and alot of people would say it’s too much of an invasion of privacy. But there should be a database with everyones name on it that you can only access with their permission that shows you their test results and how current they are.

  • “free on 30K bail” says it all. Women’s lives mean nothing.

    • free to continue spreading HIV . i already posted that, along with SUE THE JUDGE

      • Patrick H.

        I agree he was a danger to the public by his actions. He is now free to continue those action. Its like he had you a gun to assult the people and the Judge realeased him back to the public with the same gun. Weird wouldnt you say?

  • Tracie Bowling Rochester

    This is why People don’t like or trust cops anymore!

    • one of the many reasons …

    • Pinky

      Wondering if part of being a cop is that you should be “FIT” for duty. Not discriminating though, but wondering since its not an easy.

  • currently free to continue spreading hiv . sue the judge

  • Hawg Tied

    He will walk away a free man with a fat paycheck for emotional trauma.

  • Tim Burke

    Kinda realy brings home the saying FUCK THE POLICE!

  • Sharlene Starner

    This jerk should not be out on bond……. He should be sent to prison for life and left to die a slow and painful death……

  • didntwanna


  • Outlaw

    “Officer Saintclair has been put on administrative leave and is currently free on $30,000 bail…”

    So he’s free to continue his crime. Nice.

  • Meggan King

    Administrative leave..for a cop who was lying and infecting people????

  • Shane Walter Pond

    SO attempt of murder charge for each woman that comes forward right? cop or no cop this is terrorism and should be a matter of national security right??

  • Ron Crate

    making jokes for your own hardship is one thing but when you are insensitive to others situations with jokes it can be taken as sarcasm. I have HIV and it was pretty traumatic and forced to some extent. I never joke about it and respect others. The gay men online chat rooms will joke cause they spread it. On purpose. manhunt A4A and CL. Its sad, and im suffering very young compared to him.

  • Sonya

    Im just gonna be blunt and completely honest. As a wife and mother of two beautiful children, I have to say that even though its entirely his fault for not telling ppl about his disease, it is also just as much as the womens fault….if women today had more respect for themselves, more upholding morals and standards, and actually though of their “vaginas” as special as gold then they would feel the need to lay with a nigga such as this….I mean he aint even good looking….If what our moms taught us a little girls was to keep your legs closed then alot of this wouldnt even be the case. Nowadays everyone is sleeping with everyone, EXCEPT those who are in a healthy, God-inspired, God-fearing loving married relationships…..AND lets not mention how nieve and pathetic it is for a woman to not pay attention to if hes wearing protection or not….or even why they would sleep with him unprotected….You have to be careful of who you lay with cuz not everyone is ready mentally to be parents….But now all the women that is infected, they are forever haunted by the fact that they should of just loved themselves more to just say NO! 5 mins of pleasure turned into forever of torture and death…..So sad…I will pray for them all.

    • Patrick H.

      In agreeing with you, my previous statement makes the child fathered by him, is the fault of himself and the tobe mother.

  • Tasteless.

  • kimmie B

    As crazy as it may sound there are a cpl out there that don’t mind tatoo’n there body of having the virus… My friend tattooed it on her arm. HIV POSITIVE is branded on her #SAD But her explanation for the tattoo is not to be reminded that she has it but rather to bring awareness that things happen and life goes on with proper treatment. God bless all with this virus b/c they have it hard #wrapitup

  • Vladimir Malkavian

    all the womens fault… why did they fuck this man with no condom or at least get him tested first. proves how women will fuck niggas without checking shit out first…. If u don’t get a nigga checked or make him use rubbers these days then you are a fool!!! I don’t get women tested either but i use rubbers or i don’t fuck…

  • LaTonya GrayWhite

    Why isn’t none of these fools using protection?????.As a adult you aren’t immune to knowing the basics of safer sex…they are both at fault….

  • LawrenceNeal

    Typical SA behavior

  • pgeller

    I believe a pastor was just sentenced to 10 years for this crime. Want to bet our intrepid law officer gets off with probation and community service?

  • Lottidotti

    do u ppl live in a fairy tale? u have to take care of ur self n not think the next person will. i learned in my early teens not to trust anyone, u have to look at ppl like they r walking stds,killers n thieves. i keep to myself n have no relations with anyone. we live in a real world n most of it is not good. learn to live without a mate, support ur own self, u stay young n healthy, dont have to be worrying about is he cheating on me, while im home doing what i have to do, to have my mate infect me with some shit. sorry, but i live in the real world, n in the real world noone cares anymore. n pls i write how i wana write dont need for ppl to tell me how to spell, if England doesnt care how ya use their language then why should u..

    • Shae

      What a sad way to go through life…your not living your just surviving and that sucks

    • April Hanson

      Who wants to stay young and heathy and alone and look at the world in fear? No thank you. I have been beat, ran over, locked in closets for days,forced to kill the family pets, seen my siblings die, scrap to save others or raise them, lived on the streets, cut myself just to make sure I was really alive. molested+, you know its amazing how much someone can beat you that you get so used to it that you don’t even feel the pain, plus so, so much more. And that was my childhood. Left home when I was 15, fought tooth and nail to get though bad marriages. Yes, I would do it all again to find my love. I wish I met him sooner. But hey late 20’s was not to bad 🙂 Here I am going on 40 and the love from him has all but taken my nightmares away. I love being loved.

  • Mike

    They need to let this POS cop die slowly from HIV, no treatment, no sympathy!

  • Angel

    I’m pretty sure not disclosing is a felony, but honestly I don’t think any of us will be surprised when he gets some sort of special treatment because he’s a cop. I really hope that isn’t the case because he needs to rot in jail. I really hope none of those women contracted it from him.

  • fractalsphere

    This guy gets $30,000 bail (which means only $3,000 is required to get out) meanwhile another guy (read not-police) is charged with giving ONE PERSON HIV is in jail $750,000 bail.

  • Cynthia L Dodge

    Castrate him… No more sex !! Also, make him wear a necklace that’s snug enough that all can see reading “HIV” numerous times around it, so it cannot be hidden !! OR, tattoo “HIV” on his forehead !!

  • Padge Vounder

    free on bail….? In what kind of world does that make sense or is that in any way appropriate?

  • Timothy Brown

    Death penalty through and through, INTENTIONALLY infected people with a deadly disease which will eventually catch up unless we find the antidote in the near future which does exist by the way as the disease is man-made i’d put money on there being the antidote locked away somewhere dark hidden well. The fact he is a WAS a cop makes it ten times worse…Another factor in itself, How many women has he forcefully given HIV to? Good day Human’s stay real

  • Nick Skulski

    If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

  • Lisa Slade

    Ladies….It’s getting harder and harder to date…. Especially to date without discernment… We have to care a little bit more about ourselves…. We have to be a little more protective of ourselves… We have to believe that ITS OKAY TO WAIT TO HAVE SEX UNTIL THE BLOOD TEST COME BACK…AND IF HE CAN’T WAIT… IT MIGHT BE SAFE TO ASSUME HE GOT SOMETHING!!!! JUST THINK OF IT THAT WAY!

  • Pilgrim786

    Why am I not surprised by the “perp’s” race? This knowing and willful spreading of the disease is a typically sub-Saharan reaction which appears to be motivated by an unfathomable hatred of mankind, especially of the non black kind.

  • andres herrera

    fucking pigs


    What makes this child do the things he does?

  • marco polo

    According to the cdc, about half of black American males have hiv. Also, black men and women die faster from hiv than other races. I’m not sure how they know this, apparently condom usage is non existent. Hiv is the number one killer for blacks in the USA now.