Two Police Officers Brutally Break Disabled Child’s Arm on Schoolbus


ROTTERDAM — A video has sparked outrage in communities after it was discovered that two large police officers ganged up on a mentally disabled boy and brutally broke his arm.

A sharp cracking sound can be heard in the video as the boy’s bone is broken apart, followed by wailing and crying from the boy.

X-rays revealed severe breakage and shattering of the boy’s bone midway up to his bicep.

breaking boys arm

The boy, 16, was simply sitting in a bus seat when he was threatened by police for refusing to leave.

He has been diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorder.

At the time the footage was captured, he was on new medication that limited his ability to move, according to his attorney.

“They placed his arm in a position where they locked the arm and proceeded with significant force to break the arm between the shoulder blade and elbow, creating a displaced fracture,” said the attorney.

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With a limited ability to move, the boy would not get up from his seat when it was his turn to exit. The bus driver called the police, believing that it was not safe to transport the boy elsewhere, claiming to have been “threatened” by the disabled boy.

Two cops arrived at the scene and began talking to the boy. It was clear that the boy was not going to follow their commands, as he silently bowed his head down and did not respond to them.

That’s when the police started making violent threats, hinting that they would drag the boy and hogtie him.

“What are we going to do here?” asked officer Ryan.

“You can either walk off the bus, or we can drag you off the bus, strap you on a stretcher and take you to Ellis Hospital. You can walk off the bus like a young man or we can hog-tie you,” said officer Ryan.

Officer Armstrong added, “If we have to fight, someone might get hurt.”

That’s when the two officers resorted to violence and began yanking the boy from the seat, pulling him across the aisle and ramming him up against an adjacent seat.

The footage then shows officer Ryan forcing the boy’s left arm up behind the boy’s back at an unnatural angle.
As he looks down at the boy, he continues twisting it and bending it backwards until the cracking of the bone can be heard.

“Oh, God…you broke my arm… aahhhhhh!” the boy began crying and wincing in pain.

After breaking the boy’s arm, the police made matters worse and charged the boy with “obstructing governmental administration.”

Rotterdam Police Chief James Hamilton stated that the “officers followed department protocol and procedures.”

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“It’s clear the police officer was trying to break his arm. There was no other reason to twist his arm in that direction. This was intentional. And every policeman knows it but won’t say anything because ‘cops don’t rat on cops,'” said one commenter.

The boy’s attorney is fighting the charges and suing for $1 million, stating that the video shows an “obvious use of excessive force.”

Raw footage (WARNING: Graphic)