Video: Cop Charged with Purposely Spreading HIV for Nearly 7 years, Brags About Sex with Victims

UPDATE: More Women Infected, Officer Deceptively Told Them He “Didn’t Have HIV” and Engaged in Group Sex: Reports

The details of the case involving Officer Saintclair have become even more disturbing than we previously imagined.

It turns out that as many as six women were infected so far, and officials believe that there may be many more who haven’t come forward yet.

Officer Saintclair made it a point, according to reports, to engage in group sex, which may have helped him spread his disease more rapidly.

Daily Mail reported as follows:

One of the new victims said she was contacted in January of 2014 by one of the women who had come forward against Saintclair, and that when she confronted him he laughed and said his ex was just bitter.

The Sun-Sentinel reports the second women actually came forward a year ago when she saw the news report, and she stated that Saintclair had repeatedly assured he was ‘good’ when they discussed sexually transmitted diseases.

It was the third who claims that she and Saintclair participated in group sex at one point, and that she too confronted Saintclair last year and was told by the officer that he was not infected with the virus.

PALM BEACH —  Women in multiple cities and counties have been issued a warning to come forward immediately for testing, after a police officer, Ervans Saintclair, has been charged with intentionally spreading HIV to multiple victims as far back as 2007.

Investigations indicated that officer Saintclair knew about his HIV all the way back in 2007.

Investigations indicated that officer Saintclair knew about his HIV all the way back in 2007.

The secret began to surface in January, 2014 when Officer Saintclair was caught lying to a woman whom he dated for almost a year, according to the OCALA Post.

After having unprotected sex with her multiple times, Saintclair claimed that he had “just learned” that he had HIV, reports say.

The truth, however, came out when another woman who was in Saintclair’s home found paperwork showing his HIV positive lab results were confirmed years ago, according to reports.

The woman then tried to acquire a list of names of all the other women whom Saintclair had infected.

An investigative call was made to one of the women on the list.

Reportedly that woman confirmed that Saintclair also penetrated her on numerous occasions without protection while hiding the fact that he had HIV.

Detectives working on the case then made a phone call to Saintclair himself on January 6, 2014 and recorded it.

During that phone call he is said to have bragged about all the women he had sex with. But when the issue of HIV came up, he again said he did not have it, the detectives state.

More investigations determined that Saintclair had been told by doctors since 2007 that he tested positive for HIV.

Medical records from 2007 even included a doctor’s notes about notifying him “repeatedly” that he had HIV and was not to engage in unprotected sex with anyone.

County-wide warnings have now been issued advising women that they should immediately come forward for testing if they were one of the victims.

At least eight other women have come forward so far, and more are expected in the coming weeks.

It is believed that officer Saintclair was not limited to one area, but may have been spreading HIV in multiple cities and counties over the last seven years.

Making matters worse, Saintclair even impregnated one of the women, according to WPTV News.

She says she did not find out about being exposed to Saintclair’s HIV until she was pregnant with his child.

The woman added that when she confronted Saintclair about the HIV, he apologized and told her “don’t worry about it…you aren’t going to die from it.”

“I was devastated. I cried,” she said, adding “there could be a lot of victims.”

“I just want him to stop exposing people and infecting people.”

Officer Saintclair has been put on administrative leave and is currently free on $30,000 bail, according to reports.

Watch the video below:

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