Cop Claims His Punishment is “Too Harsh” For Inhumanely Spitting on Young Boy

Officer Collins doesn't want to be suspended for 2 months for disrespectfully and inhumanely spitting on an innocent boy, according to reports. Image via WLOS News

Officer Collins doesn’t want to be suspended for 2 months for disrespectfully and inhumanely spitting on an innocent boy, according to reports. Image via WLOS News

ASHEVILLE — “Disrespectful. Inhumane.” — those are the words that were used to describe a police officer after the officer gathered saliva in his mouth and spat it at a young boy, according to reports.

“It’s not something anybody should do, but especially a law enforcement officer,” said William Anderson, the city’s former police chief.

Officer Jonathan Collins has been suspended for spitting on the boy, reports say.

The suspension will last only about 2 months, and then he will be patrolling the streets again.

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Officer Collins claims that he did not spit on the boy, but that he spat on the ground and the boy “passed by.”

He claims that the 2 month suspension is too harsh and he does not want to be punished in such a manner.

Officer Collins said he regrets spitting on the street near the boy.

“It was silly. It was immature,” he said.

But a civil service board has determined that the suspension shall be upheld, despite Officer Collins’s view that the punishment is too harsh.

Alongside the suspension, Officer Collins will be required to wear a body camera hereafter when he patrols.

Watch the video below:

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  • michael92064

    What would have happen if the teen spit on the officer?

    • Carla Rosales

      Felony charge. Should be the same for cops.

    • Daniel Petersen

      I saw a kid in Juvi spit on a guards shoe and get juvenile life for it, which for the kid was 6 years until the age of 21.

    • Clayton Jones

      Murder, shit I mean justifiable use of force because he was in fear of losing his life. Cops will shoot you for farting in their general direction these days, watch your step.

      • Miles Coleman

        nice monty python reference……..

      • Hofman

        I’m not sure whether they will be smart enough to recognize a fart.

  • Cromwell

    Isn’t spitting on a cop a felony?
    Oh boo hoo Collins, and he has to wear a camera.
    I wonder howlong it will be before the camera “malfunctions”
    or Cletus “forgets” to turn it on.
    I would love to spit on this guy.

    • D-Rail

      If we did that to one of them, we’d be arrested & charged with assault, as well as accused of the totally fake & bogus “crime” of “contempt of cop”… As if they could ever make anyone stop having contempt for them, as if that somehow hurts them or makes them a real victim. What a spineless bug.

      • itstherecit

        please don’t disparage bugs…ty

    • Gary Williams Jr.


      • Hofman

        I will give you 5 dollars if you do that.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    Was this cop tested for HIV . Was he body slammed beat to a pulp , treated like an animal the way cops do to people . Did he spend any time behind bars , like any other person would have been forced to do for assault ? This only proves that corruption is alive and well in that department .

    • Carla Rosales

      Why would he be tested for hiv? It can’t be transmitted threw saliva.

      • Point of argument

        If he has gingivitis it can. Anyone who would treat another as a subhuman probably doesn’t even respect their own body.

        • Point of argument

          Furthermore, when a civilian spits in a cop they get tested for these very reasons. It’s unclean.

          • Guest

            Thanks , lie I said I don’t understand it so I stay away from these people .

      • Daniel Petersen

        If he had a sore in his mouth that very well could have transferred it.

      • Doc Evil

        What part of “transmitted through bodily fluids” does saliva not represent? People like you are the ones that become infected.

      • Sgt. Killgood

        Don’t really know , and would rather stay away from anybody that has it .

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        really? is that why if you spit on a pig,…er, I mean an upstanding “officer”, they charge you with attempted murder? get off the propaganda band wagon idiot

        • Hofman

          But over here in Europe, looking at a cop, or pointing in his direction, is already regarded as such.

          Unless you are a member of ISIS, than police will protect you.

    • Clayton Jones

      I agree with most of your comment Sgt. Killgood but I would consider the corruption is much worse in other departments. Don’t get me wrong, spitting on someone is one of the lowest nastiest ways to commit assault and by doing so it also shows how low someone is willing to go. People with absolutely no people skills resort to spitting on people so that worries me about his return but you want to know what is the worst tragedy of all about this whole situation? This guy got served more punishment than many police officers receive for much, much worse crimes against man, what world do we live in when a cop who spits on someone gets more punishment than a cop who batters, rapes, maims, chokes and who knows what else? A truly fucked one.

      • So tired of the lies

        U took the words right out of my mouth ,, I was just about to post something like this ,, it’s unreal , 2 months a for spitting yet a vacation for killing

        • So tired of bullshit lies

          Also if he did u a hateful crimes like , kill hurt or tape , the union would step in and defend him , which is how the others have gotten away with it , had he kill the boy , union would have been al over this ,, or so I read , I coil be wrong ,, but I know I hate the union that represents this cowards

          • Still tired of the bs

            Sorry , predictive text sucks

      • Sgt. Killgood

        I have to agree with you Clayton Jones you are right .

      • I noticed how both Clayton Jones and Sgt. Killgood refer to the police as something other than human.
        And that’s how the police see civilians, as “perps” and not quite human. That’s how they’re able to disassociate and brutalize us with no remorse.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      and it doesn’t matter what town, or city you go to the corruption is the same. whether it’s Mayberry, or nyc. it’s all the same

      • Hofman

        You’ve never been to Europe I suppose.
        Pick pockets is not the problem here, tourists get pillaged over here by the police, their children stolen for making snuff movies with it.
        Suicide means homicide, and when some one is in jail in Europe, it will be an honest man or whistle blower.

  • Judd Zimmermann

    I’m glad the chief is african american. tired of cops thinking their badge is a shield against them being jerks.

    • Michael Smith

      what does him being african american have to do with anything? That’s a fucking retarded statement. It seems to me you’re happy the police chief takes his position seriously and fairly deals with things, as he’s paid to do. I’m not sure how his skin color has any effect on that but I too am glad he does take his job, and most importantly his oath, seriously.

      • Jay Love

        Why use the word retarded to convey stupidity? It actually doesn’t mean that and is offensive to use in that context

        • Hofman


          That racist statement I want to distance myself from as a white man.
          I’ve hardly seen a more severe insult to the Black man, as a Black cop.

  • Daniel Petersen

    I saw a kid spit on a guards shoe and receive Juvenile life which for him was 6 years until he became 21 years old…
    Fuck this cop and his bitching about a suspension…

    • Hofman

      Any one reading that, I believe that, and such things also have happened to me to.
      Daniel is not making it up, 6 years for spitting on a cops shoe is more plausible, than a cop arresting a pedophile governor.

      Welcome to reality, if you did not know this, and try to PROOF me wrong!

      I have lots of proof, know several man in jail for nonsense, and know how and why police is started in the first place as the Spanish inquisition arm.

      Worse than Mafia is no consideration, any experienced citizen will support what me and many others say, government is much worse than mafia.
      Check Clinton Chronicles for example, or the role of police in the Franklin Cover-up!

  • Tony Velez

    the idiot thought since he IS the law, he can break it, his arrogance is his downfall, the judgement is well deserved, as us nomal folks would be in jail with plenty of charges for the same offense

  • Rojo Toro

    This fat f*ck doesn’t need to be a cop anyway. Cops should somewhat be in a shape other than round. He’s just mad that he’s missing out on his free donuts for a couple months.

    • Hofman

      Ah, free donuts.
      That’s how it works.
      Thank you for your valuable research on this issue.

  • Brian Blackden

    REALLY? It would be a felony if you did it to him!

  • stacell lopez

    Wah wah somebody call the wahbulance!

  • Mozart

    Tough cunt looks like he’s about to cry! Chin up, Princess, it’s not the same as though a member of the public spat on you… Fuck you ALL…

  • Anybody so immature as to spit on someone absolutely cannot be allowed to carry a firearm. Case closed.

    • Hofman

      He would get a 60 day vacation.
      Not fired, no fine, still has a very well paid job, where one get bribes instead of overtime.

  • david

    Disgusting pig

  • upagainstthewall

    These words are music to my ears “a civil service board”, “required to wear a body camera hereafter”. Wouldn’t it be nice if all cities were required to have civil service boards, especially if there is a history of complaints falling on deaf ears?

  • Bendy Bentley

    The pig should have been fired right then. Cops beat people to death for doing the same thing.

    • Hofman

      The cop must be shot or put in jail!

  • Adam

    So just a reminder to all of you police officers out there: false arrests, beating and killing citizens is perfectly acceptable and you will be backed up by your department, getting you back on the streets as soon as possible (sexual assault and rape are okay too). Spitting is not okay and they will reprimanded.

    • Hofman

      Thank you Adam for what I wanted to comment.
      Criminals are easy to catch, just check what citizens are prepared to become a cop.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    if you, or I spat on a cop, you, or I, would be charged with attempted, assaulting a police “officer”. that’s not even to mention the beating you’d get from multiple cops. that’s assuming they didn’t just kill you. but once again cops get away with anything they choose to do. oh, but wait he got suspended…..WITH pay no doubt. and these rat bastard fvcking judges, and so called “prosecutors” are every bit as guilty as this pig, and MORE so. they are supposed to be holding people accountable. they are all criminals, and should be where criminals belong IN PRISON!!

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    it’s pretty sad you have to become a cop because you are too stupid to get hired at mcdonalds

    • Hofman


  • Woodstuck

    POLICE = Professionally Organized Liars In Criminal Escapades (period).

  • Rebuke The Heathen

    How long would it take for this bitch’s mouth to heal after all his yellow teeth were kicked in???

  • nunya

    Narcissist incapable of accepting responsibility for his actions , has convinced himself he did not spit on the boy. his facial expression says it all , it’s all about him , he’s a victim you see ….

  • common sense

    Oh cry, cry ,cry. Punk azz!

  • Tesa Hayashi

    POOOOOOOOOR baaaaaaaaaby!!!!!!!!!!!

  • snowdogrob2112

    I hope no one spits on that cop with a bullet!!!

  • Scott Amundsen

    “911 What is your emergency?”