Cop Handcuffs 12-yr-old Child to Pole and Electrocutes Him: Report


Steve Watson | InfoWars.com

A mother in Richmond County, concerned that her son was falling into bad company, asked a local Sheriff’s deputy to help set the 12-year-old boy on a straight path by talking to him.

Instead, the cop opted to handcuff the child to a pole and beat him senseless.

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Deputy Alton Walter has been fired and arrested following the incident, during which he is also alleged to have electrocuted the child with a taser.

The mother told local news station WRDW, “I refuse to let the streets have my baby,” saying she asked the Deputy to help protect the boy from new friends he was making who were bad influences.

The Deputy is said to have called the mother and asked to stop by her house to chat with the child while she was at work.

She agreed.

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What happened next left her in shock, as one neighbor described hearing the boy screaming, and then seeing the officer slamming him against a building, firing a taser, punching the boy in the face and stomach, and hitting him with a metal baton.

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  • Sgt. Killgood

    This thug was a cop ? Who hired him , fire that person also . And run background checks on the rest of the department . And run a urine analyses test on every body in the department .Have these thugs take an I.Q. exam . Remember an average I.Q. score is between 90 and 109 .

  • stacell lopez

    When are people going to learn that you don’t call the police for a situation such as this unless you want them to die by the cops? Geez Louise

    • Jim

      You shouldn’t call the police for ANYTHING. What situation is helped by bringing an ex military heavily armed adrenaline junkie into it? That’s the person that is most likely to come if you call the police. Don’t call them even if you find a dead body. ESPECIALLY if you find a dead body. They’ll try to pin it on you.

  • Julie Deann Verma

    Good it’s about time cops get removed that are dirty

  • Julie Deann Verma

    Hell.a day agothe day ago I woke up to 4 cops I don’t know how many there was they knocked at my door 1 minute before 6 a.m. They had their guns drawn I have no idea who is at my house or even y scared me I open the door I see this cop with his gun with his hands on his gun and he asked for somebody who didn’t even live at my house so I asked him who are you looking for and they said well I said well I said well he doesn’t live here he was with his parents like he supposed to and the cop kept asking kept looking at me like I was lying I was like no I’m not lying I had that yell at my daughter and ask her does that kid live in Steamboat I guess my understanding they didn’t even go check I had told him but he didn’t live there they kept looking at me like I was stupiman told him but he didn’t live Hereto get rid of them if he was. Him if they needed to go back in the camper not that anyone was in there either and I can shut the door he comes back he knocks again and he says there’s no one in there I Said well but he’s not here it gave me his number to call him and his and his name I said if he shows up I will call being half asleep and half awake it didn’t dawn on me till I got back to my roomthen realized but something wasn’t right how can a cop coming in totally unmarked vehicle no nothing that resembles anything like a cop car it was a double cab 4 wheel drive room color vehicle I got to ask a question then I got mad without is that there was 6 vehicles out there so she can get when she went looked out the window my mom made a phone call to the police department and the sheriff’s department told us it was immigration they were supposed to check in with the town before ever showing up I was like damn I should have told him take me instead I could use a vacation they said I was really lucky that they didn’t shoot my dog I told My mombut one of those sorry ass hole shoot my dog they want him will be walking away because they got the wrong house when dog of my life they fill the empty spaces I can’t you can’t trust any sort of guy that comes to your house with a gun and badge let alone a cop what made me mad was I didn’t even bother to look for the gun and badgetoI totally spaced it I wasn’t even awake is my dogs are like my kids I love my kids and my dog let something happen to either one if somebody’s going to pay

  • William Mathews

    Did the child die? That is what is usually implied by the word electrocution.

    • Mat Nesheim

      Ummmm…… No it’s not….. Hence why when you hear of cases of electrocution you see things like “to death” following the word…..

  • Cliff

    Forget scared straight, that’s scared shitless!

  • Josh Gates

    Even on your wall you post the black officers mug shots while posting some bullshit action shot pictures on pieces about white officers. Fix your own internal automatic predujice before trying to correct others, no wonder things arnt changing you almost try make the bastards looks cool _ child-sodomized-boy-to-the-point-of-tears-report/ _ explain why you picked that image for that sodomozing rapist