Raw Video: Cop Slams Elderly Man to the Ground, Paralyzes Him for Not Following Commands (He Didn’t Understand English)


MADISON — Officer Eric Parker is now facing charges of assault after injuring an elderly Indian man so severely that the man was left paralyzed.

It began when Sureshbhai Patel came to the United States to help care for his grandson and to see his son’s new home.

He was simply walking on the sidewalk and minding his own business.

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But somebody in the neighborhood decided it would be a good idea to “call 911” because they felt that Sureshbai was suspicious.

“He’s a skinny black guy, he’s got a toboggan on, he’s really skinny,” said the caller, when describing the man.

In reality, Sureshbai is Indian, is a practicing Hindu.

Officer Parker showed up and began harassing Sureshbai by giving him “commands” — even though Sureshbai does not understand English.

“Do not jerk away from me again, or I will put you on the ground! Do you understand?” Officer Parker can be heard saying in the video.

“I don’t know what his problem is but he won’t listen.” an officer can be heard saying.

Officer Parker then slams him to the ground so hard that it paralyzed him.

He was rushed to the hospital for emergency cervical fusion and cannot move his limbs fully.

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One of his legs is completely paralyzed, according to his son.

All this because he was innocently minding his own business and visiting his family.

Watch the video below:

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