Cop Questions Man for “Having Hands in Pockets” During Freezing Sub-Zero Weather



Cop puts his own hand in pocket after stopping man for having hands in pockets.

MICHIGAN — Brandon B Waxx McKean was peacefully walking to his destination earlier this week.

Because the weather was so cold, he kept his hands in his pockets to stay warm.

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You can imagine his surprise when a sheriff’s deputy rolled up on him out of nowhere and began “questioning” him.

The deputy — whose name has not yet been released — insisted that Brandon was involved in “suspicious activity.”

When Brandon asked what he was doing that was supposedly suspicious, the deputy replied “You were walking by.”

“Walking by… and doing what?” Brandon asked.

The deputy replied, “You were making people nervous.”

“By walking by?” asked Brandon again, confused as to how he could make anybody “nervous” just by walking on the sidewalk.

That’s when the deputy elaborated on the reason for the detainment: “Yeah, you had your hands in your pockets.”

obama hands in pockets

The president of the USA with his hands in his pockets… clearly engaged in “suspicious” activity.

Brandon confirmed that yes, indeed, he did have his hands in his pockets like thousands of other people because it was snowing.

That’s when the cop seems to get passive-aggressive and sarcastic, saying “Oh is it an inconvenience to talk to me right now?”

Brandon remained realistic and replied, “Hell yeah it is, because of the whole police situation going on across the country right now. This is outrageous.”

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The officer then appears to back pedal, saying things like “just checking on you,” and trying to awkwardly high-five Brandon.

Many viewers are saying that this stop was not only harassment, but also a full-blown example of racial profiling.

Whatever the case, it illustrates the importance of filming cops.

Who knows what would have happened if Brandon had not had the confidence and intelligence to take his camera out and document the interaction.


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  • sd2

    Welcome to Nazi America where the police are the Gestapo

  • Joseph Daniel Milnes

    That was straight up racism

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      yes it was, but the problem isn’t white/black, it’s blue. stop making it about race. I’m so f#cking sick of hearing how only blacks get harassed, beat, or killed by cops!

      • Angela Brighthop

        imagine how those it’s happening to feel

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          I don’t need to imagine,…I’ve been there

          • Angela Brighthop


          • Gary Williams Jr.

            wtf do you mean bull!!!?? I spent the 80’s seeing police corruption and brutality first hand. and frankly, I don’t give a flying fuc what you think. if you’re white, which I suspect you are, then you are the typical self loathing, dipshit fu*king moron who wants to make all whites out to be slave owners! slavery ended 150 years ago, get over it, and f^ck off

      • Dave

        Gary, relax holy crap. I’m white and can CLEARLY see this was racial profiling. All people are doing is pointing that FACT out. You getting so worked up about this makes people think you are denying racism. FilmingCops does not play the race card, they report EVERYTHING that happens to every race objectively and if it’s racist then it’s racist. There is nothing to get mad about

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          I’m mad because white people are constantly being painted as “evil, violent slave drivers”. I’m pissed because we are called names, we get attacked by racist blacks, for being white, and we get absolutely ZERO justice in the courts. if I even whisper the word ni#ger, I’d be charged with a hate crime, they attack us in every way, and…..NOTHING. even when we try to be on their side, like with the brown thing, they turn around and shit on us. yes, there is racism in the police. yes, they probably get attacked and arrested by the piggy’s, more than whites, but they sure as hell aren’t the only ones. I/we, are sick of the double standards.

          • Pufffff

            Get zero justice in court he says? I almost cried laughing.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            lick me

          • el

            you know, no one thinks YOU’RE a slave driver unless you get really defensive about it. people speak generally about it because it’s so widespread, and because people assume that you can understand contextually that when people say “white people shoot black people a lot” no one is implying that you have shot a black teenager today.
            especially considering that black teenagers are 21 times more likely to be shot by police, or that literally every generation white people will say that there is no problem with race and every generation after that will look back on that generation and know that that generation was wrong.
            people in the 60s and 40s also said there was no black/white issue. there was a term for the mental illness that a person must have if they ran away from their slave owner. it’s just what happens when you don’t take minorities at their word because it feels like it devalues your own hardships.

      • ike301

        Gary Williams Jr. … Until you live the life of black people in this country, it’s not your place to be sick of hearing something that you yourself have never had to deal with.

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          first of all, eat my ass you self loathing pile of shit! secondly, us white people are constantly being discriminated by blacks, and then are protected by you race traitors. slavery ended 150 years ago…so f#ck off and get the f#ck over it!

      • Joseph Daniel Milnes

        I just said that it was racism, i said nothing else outsode of that and for you to put words in my mouth is rather insulting to your intelligence. You got that hysteria from just 5 words, none of which had the words black or only, or any of the words you just mentioned. Im sick of seeing cops harass and target people for all petty reasons dip shit, stop putting words people’s mouths!

        Getting really sick of seeing all these wannabe infowars fans shove words in peoples mouths ALL THE TIME, its an embarrassment for yourselves, so stop it and quit trolling because someone has an opinion.

        • Dermatologist

          You should really have that hideous mole looked at.

  • Naomi

    Racial profiling as always!! If you scared of a black man walking up the street in 20 degree weather with his hands in his pockets and you get scared then it’s time for you to quit your day job!! And whoever called needs to move


      Who Are Police Killing?

      Published: August 26, 2014

      You need to keep your mouth CLOSED and your hands off your keyboard.


      Yet….him having HIS hands in HIS pockets….was the ONLY person-walking-with-hands-in-pockets that was “acting suspicious?!
      You’re full of fucking shit.

  • Maxwell Rodriquez

    Now that is how police are supposed to act ! Filming Cops…you guys are doing a great thing!!!! Thank you!

  • Hall Al

    This shit real !

  • L Battles

    American exceptionalism my ass! We’ve become a nation of ‘chicken shits!”

  • whatever

    I don’t think it’s that big of a deal… maybe he did get a lot of calls from (racist) people, and he’s not the racist? People are freaking out about blacks as well as cops… I think he questioned but didn’t as so much harass..


      Yet….him having HIS hands in HIS pockets….was the ONLY person-walking-with-hands-in-pockets that was “acting suspicious?!
      You’re full of fucking shit.

      • Dave

        Shut up, nigger.

        • Dave

          You are a disgrace to all Dave’s you queer

  • Kevin Hurley

    It not the cops fault, he got a call so he had to check it out. He recorded it because he didn’t have a body cam, and only asked him what he was doing. cop and man both had respect.

  • Bruce Earl Lee

    yo thats some funny shit. see how that cocksuckin ass cop changed his tune as soon as a camera showed up!

  • Jools

    The cops are the ones that make everyone nervous. They are the only ones that can kill innocent unarmed civilians and have no case to answer.

  • Death Ghost

    I think the cop acted very calmly and very appropriately.
    Instead of bashing the guilty cops, let’s praise this one for being respectful in hard times.

  • Death Ghost

    And, let’s bash whoever called the cops for such a stupid reason rather than get upset at this kind officer, who politely investigated the situation. Whoever called the cops must be a paranoid prick.

  • cb420

    love reading the comments from people who defend the police 😛

  • Sarita Dilan

    Americans should better do something about this situation. It is scary!!!

  • craig klucas

    document the call

  • Jesse Callahan

    I’ll bet this ‘un-named deputy’ has his hands in some pockets also. This poor example of a policeman needs to be retrained. Send him back to the academy.

  • Smgirl08

    Hell Naw!! Hospitals bout to feel up with sick people, because now we gotta be out here ass out with nothing on in the winter so they don’t think we’re going anything.

  • Voice of Reason

    Based on the officer’s radio transmission “12 is out with that subject” implies his contact with this individual was in response to a call for service. When a citizen calls the police to check on “suspicious subjects” or whatever, there is an expectation that the police actually respond and contact that subject. Based on the interaction here, there was no detention and this was nothing more than a consensual encounter. So as much as folks don’t want to talk to the police, they should educate themselves on case law before wildly accusing the police of misconduct. I agree that there are bad cops out there doing bad police work; but this does not reflect the vast majority of good work hat decent folks are doing to maintain order and fight crime.

  • garry

    isn’t that what pockets are for ? dumb cop

  • Ken Olson

    I don’t see any insignia. I have to question if that even is a deputy.