Video: Cop Literally Performs Drive-By Shooting on Home of Someone Who Was “Critical”

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DETROIT, MI — People often compare police to an organized gang, with some saying that police are actually the “largest street gang in America.”

It recent case is causing some to treat that comparison more seriously.

A police officer in Detroit has been charged for performing a literal drive-by shooting.

Officer Clifford Earl Gullion was reported to have driven by a house, spraying bullets at it from his vehicle.

The drive-by shooting was said to have occurred after Officer Gullion found out that someone in the targeted home made “critical” comments about his wife that he didn’t like.

Apparently, his wife was working for someone as a caretaker for someone in the home. That someone may have been unhappy and allegedly made “critical” comments about the officer’s wife that officer Gullion didn’t approve of.

Rather than handling it straightforwardly like a man of integrity, Officer Gullion is said to have literally fired five shots into the front of the home as he drove by.

Officer Gullion pleaded “no contest” to the charges.

He was sentenced to 3-8 years in prison — given that he is a cop, however, it is rational to expect that he will be released long before 3 years are served.

There were apparently people in the home at the time it was riddled with bullets. Why Officer Gullion was not charged with attempted murder is a mystery.

Officer Gullion was suspended by the department after they conducted an internal affairs investigation.

Watch the video below:

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  • Gary Williams Jr.

    if he even does 1.5 years i’ll be amazed. I noticed a complete lack of any “resisting arrest” charges.

    • lisajjenkin

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  • Difdi

    Well, that 3-8 years is a felony sentence, so at least when he gets out he won’t be a cop anymore. After all, it’s hard to be one when by law, you commit a felony every time you so much as touch a gun, let alone own one.

    • Jesus Zacha

      He will be able to get the charge expunged. He will be a cop again watch.

      • freewheelinfranklin543

        State expungements are not recognized by the feds or the ATFE.There is no federal relief from disability these days. It will take a presidential pardon.

        • Jimbo King

          You have no idea of what you are talking about.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    So, how did that one shirt go again? “Don’t like cops? Call a crackhead” or something like that? Yeah, I’ve never had crackhead do a drive-by on my house. Sadly that shirt gives good advice.

  • CopsKill

    Yup, how many other shootings were done by police in the past ?

    Never trust police.

  • Glenn Schantz

    Bet he isn’t in general population either!!!!

  • Rick Carufel

    The police are the greatest terrorist threat to Americans.


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  • John Rooney

    And just think, these are the clowns the LAW allows to judge behavior of the public as suspicious or not and defend their lives at our expense based on their level of fear.

  • Ed Pell

    So he will collect his cop pay while in jail?

  • Mike S

    Call the police as absolutely the last resort. You’re really taking your chances with them.

  • Gus Mueller

    The officer should be killed.

  • Ocalaresident

    At least if you give a crackhead a rock or two he’s your buddy for life!! Sad way this country is falling apart.

  • Kim Serrahn

    i’m guessing he figured no one would say anything and he’d get away with it.

  • Bill

    The cop did not literally do a drive by he actually did. You can use the term literally to mean a hyperbole. “I am literally starving to death” when you skip lunch and it is 8PM… you say “I am actually starving to death if you were lost at sea for 2 weeks”

    • Mojo_Peterson

      stop minimizing what this pig did d-bag

      • Bill

        If I am a D bag does that make you an enema? But really it is okay…it really is. I do not see how what I said minimized anything. But relax, Frankie, don’t chew it…

  • Denton Young

    Why the hell wasn’t he terminated at once?

  • carnac123

    There are thousands upon thousands of cops. Whenever one goes bad the whole world knows. Ninety-five per cent of them are not criminals nor bullies I think every person complaining should work as a cop for one year and then come back and talk about how ‘bad’ cops are. They have a tough job under impossible conditions due to stupid laws and lawyers. They are expected to be perfect when they are filled to capacity with adrenalin in a do or die moment. They put up with things you would not put up with; especially with a gun on your hip. It is a testament to self-control that there are not more cop perpetuated shootings. I think what few problems they have is the tradition by police departments in hiring ex-military straight from the battle field into a cop uniform. The populace of a city in the US are not the same terrorist one sees in Bagdad…,(generally). It is getting there but the two cannot be treated the same for now. These kids are too gung-ho when they arrive straight from the military.

  • Shemp

    Nobody, but Nobody can disrespect his wife but him.