Cop Passed Out and Drunk Behind Wheel, Doesn’t Get Arrested and Gets Paid Leave


IOWA CITY — A police officer with the City of Iowa has been granted administrative leave with pay after he was caught drunk driving.

According to reports, Officer Carlos Trevino was so drunk that he appeared to be literally passed out at the wheel.

The car was rolling over the centerline at an intersection with the engine running while Officer Trevino appeared to have little or no control of the vehicle from being so intoxicated.

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When other motorists reported Officer Trevino, his fellow officers showed up to the scene and noted that he had “very slurred speech and a very strong scent of consumed alcohol.”

The report further notes that it was hard for Officer Trevino to keep his balance, and he was so drunk that he was unable to tell officers where he was at the moment.

A breath examination demonstrated that Officer Trevino had a blood alcohol level of .197, far surpassing the legal limit of .08.

However, rather than arresting Officer Trevino, his fellow officers escorted him to a hospital to sober up.

He was not arrested and taken to jail, but allowed to go to a hospital.

Later, he was allowed to turn himself in for the incident.

Police Chief Diane Venenga claims that the treatment of Officer Trevino was “not a professional courtesy.”

“We’d do that for anybody,” she says.

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Many have a hard time believing that, however, and chalk this up as another case of government-privilege. Had Office Trevino been a lowly ordinary citizen passed out and drunk behind his wheel, who knows what would have happened.

Officer Trevino was booked at the Johnson County Jail on Wednesday, but was released a mere 10 minutes later, according to reports.

He is currently receiving pay on administrative leave while the department conducts an “internal investigation.”

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  • Alexander Vucelic

    40% of cop deaths are in single car crashes not on emergency calls – just saying

    • Jim Magdelania

      thats cuz most pigs don’t wear a seatbelt. it impedes their tactical ability to get out of the car quickly and murder black people.

      • jd111417

        Your mother’s a pig

        • Tellit Likeitis

          and YOUR mother should have swallowed, jd111417

  • Cromwell

    “We’d do that for anybody,” she says.
    What a lying c you next Tuesday.
    Anyone else would most likely had the living shit kicked out of them at minimum,
    and if the cops “feared for their lives” who knows what they would do?

  • MadTom

    Paid vacation, no arrest for BLATANT drunk driving.


  • Walt Karma

    …..just another example of the deep hole law enforcement continues to dig itself into…….

  • martymarsh

    Chief of police is a big fat liar, but then this surprises no one.

  • Michael Sharp

    Why would she say they would do that for anybody because she will be called on that one and the taxpayers will pay for that Lawsuit which will come next.

  • John Hamilton

    Great to be a cop huh, no need to obey the laws and paid vacation. Can it get any better?

    • jd111417

      Yea if you got hit by a train

      • Tellit Likeitis

        tell ya what, Skippy…how about YOU go jump in front of a train instead…

        • jd111417

          Right after you

  • StevieNitro

    Contact Name:Diane Venenga
    Agency:North Liberty Police Department
    First Name:Diane
    Last Name:Venenga
    Street Address:5 E Cherry St
    PO Box:PO Box 77
    City:North Liberty
    Job Contact Email Address:
    [email protected]