Cop Reported for Raping and Deliberately Infecting Nine Women With HIV


KALININGRAD — Women are being asked to come forward immediately if they have had sexual relations with a police officer who was purposely spreading HIV over a 10 year period.

Officer Ephraim has been reported as raping and purposely infecting as many women as he could with the virus.

At least nine women have been identified so far, and many more are expected to be discovered.

A police spokesman said that Officer Ephraim has “shown no remorse” after the reports surfaced.

Officer Ephraim was tested as HIV positive all the way back in 2001.

It is believed that his reign of terror against women started in 2005, when he would stop women by themselves, show them that he was a police officer, and offer to “give them a ride home.”

Many times this would occur late at night.

Once the women were in his vehicle, he would proposition them for sex, according to reports.

If a woman declined the proposition, that’s when Officer Ephraim would begin penetrating them by force, raping them inside his police patrol car.

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“He told her he was a police officer and even showed her his ID,” said one woman, who is friends with a victim.

“Thinking he was genuine and honest, my friend got in and then he drove her to a deserted part of the city and raped her.  He then dumped her on the ground and told her he had HIV and now she did too.”

“He is an evil, evil man,” she continued.

Officer Ephraim was caught when one of the victims was able to memorize his patrol car number and report him.

A police spokesman said “we have had nine women come forward so far, but we suspect there are many, many more.”

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“We are appealing for anyone who was attacked by this man to come forward,” he urged.

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  • Stian Uchiha

    And why do i hate USA? hmm,

    • Alison Downs

      Kaliningrad is in Russia, so, I don’t know…why DO you hate USA?

      • Stian Uchiha
        • Blue

          Yet apparently you spend your time looking at news about corrupt american cops.

          • Cromwell

            Don’t have to look too far to find corrupt american cops.
            Or incompetant, or rapists, or sadists, or liars,…………..

      • The Outlaw Sam Hardy

        I think the point of Stian’s comment was that if this happened here in the USA, this cop wouldn’t even have been charged with anything and would be on paid leave. So, I don’t know.. why DON’T you stop being an ass?

    • ericscottmartin

      I am not sure what country you are from but I am sure what ever country it is there are people here who hate it. So having said that looks like you did not do any research and where this happened my first question would have been where that was in the world. And if you haven’t its a mighty big place. So you may stew in your hatred as migiuded as it is.

    • ericscottmartin

      By the by that city that is Stated in the article is in Russia ( The Union of Soviet Socialists Republics) NOT the United States of America. Time to go back to the school books.

      • jollyroger

        No, it is not the USSR. Hasn’t been since since the Berlin Wall was destroyed and the old corrupt zionist-jewish Bolsheviks were kicked out.
        It is The Republic of Russia, plain and simple and it is a nation that is far more civilized than America now is.
        It is you who needs to go back to school. You are about 30 years behind.

        • ericscottmartin

          Jolly Jolly Jolly you missed the point of the message dear one. Whatever the people of Russia want to call it Putin doesn’t he still wants the old USSR back and has been trying to re-establish it for years. Why do you think he is trying to take Ukraine back? Pay attention you might learn something.

  • Cromwell

    The good thing is that in that part of the world they know how to treat people like that.
    Pretty sure he isn’t suspended with pay while a year long “investigation” ensues.

  • AlwaysAsk

    Why is there never a date at the top of these articles?

    • Kayla

      I agree, I wish they had dates! I checked elsewhere, this report surfaced about 8 days ago in Russia.

    • B/C Then, someone might be held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions and we can’t have THAT! lol

  • chevy

    How do a serial killer get away with murder? By becoming a mental emotional instability peculiar law enforcer in this country!! LMAO how stupid we american’s are.

    • Isaac Hess

      This isn’t in America so yeah I guess you are pretty stupid.

      • chevy

        A Connecticut Judicial Marshal has been arrested for the third time less than three months.

        State police say 53-year-old Michael Connelly of Waterbury turned himself in on a warrant Thursday. Connelly is charged with third-degree possession of child pornography. He was released on $20,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Waterbury Superior Court on Feb. 4.

        Connelly was placed on unpaid administrative leave. “Seem like you’re the stupid one idiot”

        • Isaac Hess

          ??? What the fuck are you talking about? The article you’re commenting on occurred in Russia, yet you call Americans stupid. Now you’re quoting a completely different story that has nothing at all to do with this article you’re posting to. I hope you’re not American because you’re making us look really dumb right now. -_-

          • chevy

            Who care what you think, what’ i’m trying to get at we have law enforcer in this country commiting far more heinous crime stupid than any country on this orbit, let’s look into our own back yard before bad mouth other country.

          • Isaac Hess

            I’m not saying we don’t, but you’re not very good at communicating, and your lack of that skill resulted in me misunderstanding the intent of your original comment. For that I apologize. Have a great day bud.

          • chevy

            I accept your apology.

          • #Chevyisadrunkorjuststupid

            I agree, he’s probably a drunk or just uneducated.

  • Marianne Sandy

    Can we just all agree that it would be better for the world and all who live here if he wasn’t in existence?

  • research people

    This story is not true you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet ! People always trying to turn people against each other wether it be citizen against police or black against white or country against country it’s not all true !

  • Elias Grey

    this pig is gonna get shot and i’m gonna laugh, he desrves to be shot then sent to jail where he’ll be raped and murdered by the first inmate that he infects…

  • Mari Fuller

    :”( that is awful….prayers for the victims

  • A girl came to my home in 2006 telling me how 2 police officers in my town raped and took photos of her when she was 16 years old after she took a bat to her boyfriends car after a domestic fight. Cops took her off to an isolated location in Prentiss county, They told her they would tell her parents about the pot in her car and she feared losing her mustang so she let them touch her and take photos in fear of what all would happen if they called her parents. She told me she was then raped by one of the officers. I called IA and had them investigated. One is in prison now on “Child Porn” charges. Google Lance Rhinehart Mississippi and see if the story has been scrubbed yet.

    I am K C and I approve this message