Cop Pulls Disabled Veteran Out of Car and Beats Him on the Ground Because he Said “Jerk”



CLEVELAND — A disturbing report has surfaced involving a Cleveland police officer who beat a disabled veteran.

According to reports, the officer beat the disabled veteran because the veteran called him a “jerk.”

Narlin Shadd was leaving a Cleveland Indians game on Friday night as Officer Alvin White was directing traffic.

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According to the lawsuit, Narlin found the traffic instructions being issued by Officer White to be confusing and misunderstood the signal.

That is when Officer White engaged Narlin for rolling through.

At that point Officer White grabbed his large flashlight, reached it into Narlin’s car, and pushed it up against Narlin’s lips and teeth, even though Narlin did not pose a physical threat to the officer.

Narlin instinctively pushed the flashlight off of his lips and called Officer White a “jerk.”

That’s when Officer White got even more aggressive and began taunting Narlin — “Say it again! Say it again!” he screamed while punching Narlin in the mouth, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit states that Officer White then grabbed Narlin, yanked him from the car, tripped him, and then continued to beat him as he laid on the ground.

Here we have a disabled veteran who went to war to protect Officer White’s freedom, and this is how Officer White repaid him.


Officer White claimed in his report that Narlin “bumped him” with his car, but he after being questioned and investigated, he confessed under oath that there was no mark left by the alleged collision and that cars bumped him all the time when he was issuing traffic instructions.

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Narlin was then thrown into jail for three days for “failure to comply.”

Officer White is still working as a police officer, and is now being sued by Narlin.

Cops seem to have something of a habit of abusing veterans, especially elderly or disabled veterans.

A 95-yr-old WW2 veteran was also shot to death by a cop. 

After killing the veteran, the cop claimed that he “feared for his life.”

Watch the video below to see what happened with the 95-yr-old veteran:


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