Cop Rewarded With Paid Vacation After Shooting Ten-Year-Old Child


Underdogs and Overlords

by William Grigg | Pro Libertate

A little less than a year ago, Michael Vickers shot and seriously wounded a 10-year-old boy in Broxton, Georgia under circumstances that remain unclear.

The victim, Dakota Corbitt, suffered serious and potentially permanent injury to his leg.

Despite the fact that this was an act of firearms-related violence involving a child, no charges were filed against Vickers.

Although the public record is barren of a comment from Coffee County Sheriff Doyle Wooten expressing sympathy for Dakota and his mother, Amy, the sheriff pointedly commiserated with the shooter, telling a local NBC affiliate that Vickers is the father of three young children and that the shooting “is really preying on his mind.”

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Many people bearing such burdens would make a point of meeting with the injured child and expressing contrition in person.

Vickers didn’t have time for such a gesture, however, because immediately after the shooting he went on what was described as a “pre-approved vacation” from his job as a drug investigator with the Broxton Police Department.

At the time of the shooting, Vickers was in pursuit of a man suspected of shooting a police officer from nearby Douglas, Georgia.

However, Vickers didn’t fire the shot at a human suspect; he was attempting to shoot the Corbitt family’s dog. Owing to his good-enough-for-government-“work” marksmanship, Vickers nearly murdered the 10-year-old boy.

Every day in this country, police officers, acting on the basis of vague and usually implausible fears, shoot and kill dogs.

This isn’t true of service personnel whose occupations actually benefit the public — such as postal carriers and private couriers – and involve frequent contact with unfamiliar canines.

In some cases, the shooting or destruction of a family pet by a privileged aggressor has been compounded by the threat – or imposition – of charges against the grieving human victims.

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The memory of man runs not to an occasion on which an armed emissary of the wealth-devouring class has been prosecuted for killing or injuring a privately owned canine.

A member of the productive class who kills, wounds, taunts, or even barks at a K-9 “officer,” on the other hand, will face criminal charges, even if the act was committed in demonstrable self-defense.

Under a bill approved by the Georgia state senate last week, a Mundane who “assaults” a police dog could face up to ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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  • raythemixer

    he situation of how the child was shot remains unclear. Sheriff Wooten said Vickers was approaching the property when a dog ran up to him. The deputy’s gun fired one shot, missing the dog and hitting the child.

    SOMEONE PLEASE tell me how the gun fired itself! This is piss poor writing and is essentially victim blaming… This pig should be removed from the PD and never allowed to practice as a LEO again anywhere, ever.

    Read more:

    • Guest

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      • Ryan Malloy

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  • Shiva

    USA is the problem of the Planet. I wish there were no USA.

    • Heather_Habilatory

      This goes on in other countries as well. Sorry to disappoint you, but it probably goes on wherever you are, too.

      • It doesn’t happen in Iceland or Sweden. Icelandic police have killed two suspects in their entire history, were clearly justified both times, apologized to the families, and paid funerary expenses. In Sweden, if they face a situation where they may have to use guns, police are trained to withdraw and de-escalate the situation.

      • George

        I live in Canada cops here may treat you like shit smack you around and make up false charges. But there not shooting who ever they feel like yet .But in this case shit floats up hill everything that happens in the USA usually ends up happening here

    • R Stefan Joseph

      Are you serious? Look at all the horrible shit that goes on in other countries and you say that about the USA. Do us a favor and STFU troll.

      • Benoit Benny Mallette

        Shiva is right, i’m with him.

        Fix your country and laws and we will respect the USA again

        • Joseph Edward Bodden

          I love my country and the world, it’s the governments that scare the crap out of me.

      • John Anderson

        USA declares itself to be the moral compass that all other nations must live by – It is not however working is it?

  • Craig Lane

    Pig deserves to die. Fuck him and his family.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      even the old school Mafia had the class to leave the families out of it…

  • margova46

    Cannot even handle a firearm correctly. Typical moron cop.

  • Michael Fuson

    the only training cops receieve is how to beat people and not how to properly use a fire arm. they are like turning children loose with a car

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      a car that can accellerate to a thousand miles per hour in a split second and not hit the brakes for several miles…

  • Mathieu Hubin

    Police officers killed by dogs = 0. People killed by police officers = over 1100 in 2014. People… Please spay and neuter your police officers for the benefit of society…


      People killed by police in the USA in 2014 =1,074

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      *snicker* or prescribe antipsychotics for them…

  • Cop Killer

    gut that fat fuck. tie up him and his family and kill his kids in front of him. make him watch his children scream in pain #copslivesdontmatter

  • Woodstuck

    Just keep giving the public daily ammunition you idiot cops – You are NOT above the laws, no matter what your Superiors and blue buddies say. And do NOT come crying to the public when any of your boys actually end up on the losing end… like the civilians you order around and kill indiscriminately instead of protecting. It is no wonder you cannot have a real life with real people – It’s because you do NOT fit in – Not because you like to party with other steroid using abusers. What kills me is that ALL cops think they are forgiven – They cannot be further from the truth – I don’t care what church you say your with.

  • Clive

    You who shoots any other human being, let alone a kid, and feels no remorse? A psychopath.

  • wildman

    just more reason for hundreds if not thousands of more tin star thugs to be taken down daily until they realize they are NOT the Gods they think they are. They remain the lowest IQers, the picked on kids in school,the ones that are always picked last for team sports, the ones that can’t perform the most menial tasks in a civilized society- so like rabid animals they should stamped out

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      actually a lot of cops have school histories of being half back, quarter backs, full backs and *snicker* ‘tight ends’

      • wildman

        I’m betting most were water boys or locker room flunky hanger ons as football postions require an IQ of more than that of an earthworm

        • Joseph Edward Bodden

          I personally believe it must be yet another form of bigotry to equate cruelty, malicious, vindicitive personalities with a low IQ. IQ is a matter of learning ability… and apparently the ones that are running about committing murder in broad daylight are in fact quite capable of learning the magic phrases that permit them to escape the penalties for murder… and in fact it is a mark of a remarkably low intelligence quotient that the ability to lie goes to greater intellect, not lesser. Jocks however, from my own memories of school, regardless of IQ, were particularly prone to be ‘social predators’ on ‘nerds, geeks and wimps’ thereby exercising and enforcing their own particular bigotry.

  • David Rivers

    someone in georgia needs to find this pig and teach him how to behave

  • Joe American

    Seriously, who trains these guys how to shoot?

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      Ray Charles…