Cop Goes on Murder-Suicide Spree, Kills Two Teen Girls and Three Dogs in Cold Blood


WESTCHESTER — It has been called “pure evil.”

It is certainly one of the most egregiously cruel and wicked cases of police violence in recent times.

Officer Glen Hochman was a cop for 22 years.

Officer Hochman pulled out his gun, aimed it at two young girls, and shot them both to death in cold blood.

Those two girls, both still just teenagers with their whole lives ahead of them, were Officer Hochman’s daughters.

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The two girls, aged 16 and 13, had been sleeping peacefully in their beds.

They never expected that their deranged cop-father would enter their bedrooms and murder them.

After executing both girls, Officer Hochman then approached three pet dogs at the home.

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He opened fire on each dog, murdering all of them.

After causing this blood bath, Officer Hochman then turned the gun on himself and killed himself.

About three weeks prior to the murder-suicide, Officer Hochman filed “retirement” documents with his department, suggesting that he had been planning the horrendous act for quite some time.

Given that domestic abuse and violence in police families is magnitudes higher than incidents in normal families, many were not entirely shocked to hear that a cop did such a thing.

But a new discovery by The Post has provided even more disturbing details to an already hellish nightmare.

Officer Hochman purposely chose not to execute his wife and his third daughter, but instead left them a hateful suicide note, and ensured that they would be penniless after his murder-suicide plot was carried out.

It turns out that Officer Hochman intentionally made it a point to exclude these left-behind family members from the pension that would have been owed to them.

“It’s the most selfish final insult,” said a friend who knew the family.

“It’s reckless and insulting for any man to leave their family high and dry like that, by choosing the zero option on their pension. But for him to do that and then kill his children, that’s pure evil. He effectively stole the future away from the family he left behind.”


In the suicide note, Officer Hochman sarcastically told his wife to be “financially responsible,” as if to rub it in that he had just murdered the daughters and took away her money, according to reports.

Apparently, his wife had been wanting a separation from him.

ne can only imagine all the other abuse and trauma she may have underwent during the marriage.

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“We’re as heartbroken as can be,” said a neighbor of the Hochman family, who was involved in the memorial.

“We go far back, and right now the only ones on our mind are those two girls, their mother and their sister,” the neighbor added.

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