Two Cops Charged For Abusing 3-Month-Old Infant, Causing Brain Damage: Report


UPDATE: Unknown Whether Infant Will Survive

It is with deep sorrow that we report that the 3-month-old baby was beaten so brutally that he is now in a vegetative state, and not expected to survive.

The Free Thought Project released the following update on the baby’s condition:

Upon arriving at the hospital, the infant was foaming at the mouth, had bruising around his neck consistent with being held by the throat, and was suffering from a lack of oxygen. He sustained brain damage as well as retinal hemorrhaging, or bleeding from his eyes, that is so severe it could only have been caused by violent shaking or a fall from a building of at least 20 feet, according to the prosecutor.

“We don’t know if this child will survive much longer,” the 16th Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett said.

Both cops are facing between 10-30 years in prison, but we strongly suspect they will not be convicted since they enjoy government privilege.

Watch the video on the court proceedings below:

CHARLOTTE — A report has surfaced online that has Charlotte, SC residents deeply shaken, after getting word that two police officers caused severe bodily harm to a precious 3-month-old baby.

Officers Jeff Taylor has resigned from his position as a police officer after being charged with child abuse.

He “inflicted great bodily injury” on a 3-month-old infant, according to the warrants.

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Another Officer, Audrey Schurig, was said to have been involved in the abuse. However, Officer Schurig did not resign.

She has been charged with child neglect and putting the child at risk of bodily harm, according to reports.

Although Officer Taylor has resigned, Officer Schurig is still employed as a police officer at the Chester Police Department, being placed on leave instead of terminated.

Controversy surrounding the injured child arose after Officers Taylor and Schurig took the infant to a medical center in Rock Hill.

The child was observed to be suffering with brain and neck injuries and was displaying seizure-like symptoms, as though something traumatic had occurred.

The arrival of the injured child prompted investigations as to how the brain damage and the neck damage occurred.

But the Officers, curiously, would not provide investigators with information, and were being uncooperative, according to reports.

The officers are both scheduled to appear in court to face the shocking charges.

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The baby was their own child, according to reports.

The condition of the infant, as well as what precisely happened to cause the brain damage, will be updated in this report as more details are made available.

Watch the video below: