Cop Says “Awesome!” After Using Shotgun to Blast Family’s Dog in the Head


“I blew her head off… that was awesome!” — Officer Wooley, according to reports | Jackson Parker

Cali was a fun-loving, caring, peaceful family dog. On March 19, 2014, she escaped the backyard fence.

When cops saw the dog, the situation turned tragic.

When the cops pulled up, Officer Brice Woolley stepped out of the car.

WARNING: The images you are about to see are extremely graphic. Discretion is advised.

He then went to his car, pulled out his shotgun and shot Cali in her neck.

After he shot her, he laughed and bragged about how “awesome” it looked when her collar flew off.

She had done nothing to provoke the officer. She died immediately.

Woolley informed the animal control that he had shot the dog.

He was then seen laughing and sneering, saying, “Did you see her collar fly off when I shot her? That was awesome!”

Woolley is then reported to have said, “We’ll just write in the report that it tried to attack people in the neighborhood.”

Police have a history of bragging and laughing after committing horrendous crimes.

A few examples include:

Cali was known to be a friendly and gentle dog, and was never aggressive.

Cali was known to be a friendly and gentle dog, and was never aggressive.

When the owner, Sarah, got there, the officer said, “We shot your dog, she’s dead.”

Imagine, if that was how you found out about the death of your family pet.

Sarah was at a loss of words. She went down to the police station to find out what she could do about this.

Warning: Graphic Images Below


They gave her the run-around and basically told her he was in the right to shoot her dog even with a witness to the crime.



The Police department in Ardmore is known for sweeping many cases under the rug.

More information on Cali’s death, along with protest meet ups and petitions, can be found at 

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  • BOB

    eye for an eye

  • Dutch Van Alstin

    If this is true, this pile of cop deserves to be shot and killed.

    • Dr. Obvious

      Awesome. Did you see the way his hat flew off?

      • Billy Bob

        hahahaha this made me laugh so Hard. i know for a fact if I ever find out im dying. im killing as many pigs as i possibly can. Only the bad ones like this jackass.
        And i will literally say Haha his hat went 20 feet!!!

        • Cop_lover

          > Only the bad ones like this jackass.

          So all of them then…

          • Lana68

            Right you are

          • ๒レㄩ∑ῳ◊и∂∑Я

            ideally speaking – blow their heads off in front of their wives and children. dishonor these violators of the innocent serving the illuminati system.

        • larrycal

          How are y’all any better than them then?

          • Sgt. Killgood

            Quit asking stupid questions . Even your common day thug is better then a sissy dog shooting cop .

          • gabriel314

            For those of us who don’t have the stomach to kill anything (you know, sane people), I think it would be a good idea to shame these cops for being total sissies.

            This is a problem that needs to be addressed from more than one angle.

        • Jay Samms

          Then get ready we got bout 10 weeks before it all goes bad for america but im ready

        • toddimus144

          You just admitted pre-meditated murder online, you are a dumbass.

          • Tony Boies

            As long as you don’t name an individual, you can get away with saying that. However, Billy Bob would be moved up the line in terms of being monitored. The participants on this site are monitored, I am sure of that.

      • Uncle Sam

        LMFAO! That is hilarious, honestly. Funniest shit I’ve seen all week. Sucks it will never happen. We can only hope and pray his ass gets shot up with an AK by a drug cartel. Stupid SOB

        • Lana68

          Don’t be so sure, we can all hope and pray.

        • DeJae Ford

          nope. Wolves. While out camping. That would be nice.

      • Lana68

        That I want to see just to be sure the bastard is dead, not wounded but dead

      • Solo Joe

        I wish I could get to his ass now, I’ll be like you see how his head fell off after I swing one time with my machete.

        • phuc_yaul

          He’s in Ardmore, Oklahoma ! Go get him big boy ! !

      • Payne Train

        You think you’re funny but how are you now any better than the cop?

        • Briandemon1

          It’s not a goal to b a better person when ur forced to fight fire with fire. Words wnt stop bloodshed. Bloodshed will stop bloodshed

          • Ed S.

            Hate does not stop hate; only love can do that.

        • Dr. Obvious

          And now how are you any better?

          • Terminator

            Shut the fuck up you damn cop loving, dog hating piece of shit Nazi – you need to be strung up by your teeny little pecker, alongside that sissy assed cop.

          • Dr. Obvious

            Reading is not your strong point is it? My comment was anti cop. But dont let that get in the way of your little curse laden rant. Troglodyte.

          • ๒レㄩ∑ῳ◊и∂∑Я

            these cops deserve punishment and since the system protects it’s own then ideally speaking vigilante justice is needed more now than ever.

        • Guest

          When a person commits murder and is sentences to death, is the guy that flips the switch a bad person or just ridding the world of scum? Same principle applies here. Justice isn’t always pretty, it doesn’t have to be. It only needs to be effective.

          • Guest


        • Guest

          When a person commits murder and is sentences to death, is the guy that flips the switch a bad person or just insuring the person doesn’t harm anyone else? Same principle applies here. Justice isn’t always pretty, it doesn’t have to be. It only needs to be effective.

        • Justin Price

          When a person commits murder and is sentenced to death, is the guy that flips the switch a bad person or just insuring the person doesn’t harm anyone else? Same principle applies here. Justice isn’t always pretty, it doesn’t have to be. It only needs to be effective.

          • Justin Price

            Well, apparently the Discus delete button doesn’t work too well.

    • Mage

      they cornered the Dorner =[

    • virginia banderwiele


    • Lana68

      All I know is that who ever shoots this motherless bastard would be a real super star to millions.

      • Payne Train

        Shit like this makes you just as bad as the cop.

        • Bekah Holmes

          I mean, not really. One was shooting an innocent creature, the other is putting down someone showing clear signs of aggression and dissociation, and enjoyment of taking an animal life, things that are currently recognized as precursors to a life as a serial killer.

    • Robert

      No but fired and to never work in law enforcement would be suitable.

      • Dutch Van Alstin

        you are right, Robert. I just let my emotions get the best of me.

      • John Bush

        Not enough.

      • ๒レㄩ∑ῳ◊и∂∑Я

        that’s not enough. he should be convicted of a felony and thus unable to work even as a greeter at walmart. he should have to endure homelessness as any other felon does in this day and age.

    • Amy Abrams

      It is true, I saw the video last year. He was laughing, it was horrendous.

      • Dutch Van Alstin

        But I let my emotions get the best of me. I would not feel bad if this cop perished if the story is true, but violet rhetoric doesn’t help the situations.

        • ๒レㄩ∑ῳ◊и∂∑Я

          nope. just tolerating it and doing nothing about it is the solution.

      • Stephanie Smith

        This cop is a true Sociopath, maybe even a Psychopath.

    • This incites outrage, while cops are killing human beings and getting away with it daily.

    • pvazq

      You are correct….

  • Dutch Van Alstin

    What PD, what’s this “officer’s” name,and where does he live?

    • mikej

      Brice is gonna get it!

    • anonymous

      Brice Woolly shot and killed an unarmed man in 2000 as well, working for another PD.

  • Erik Stamoularas

    Officer Brice Woolley of the Ardmore Police Department,Oklahoma

  • TopherDP

    I don’t believe this for a second. This article is saying a cop pulled up to the house with absolutely no explanation as to why, pulled a shotgun, and shot a random dog. Sorry, this is dumb. I am not down with an animal being senselessly shot but this screams being taken way out of context and there are so many holes and questions in this story you can’t help but use some common damn sense and ask “what really happened?”

    • JonEdHil

      One thing is nearly certain: if we have to rely on the police to police the police, you can bet we will never know “what really happened”.
      “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” Who will guard the guards themselves?

      • blaqe

        This does not surprise me. Pit bulls have a bad reputation, largely from cops. Someone probably just called the police or something and said there was a dog loose, cops showed up and thought, “Well it’s a pit bull it’s OK to shoot them because they’re dangerous.”. Cops have that mentality, like they can get away with anything. His comments afterwards support that thinking.

    • Connor

      I am sure that isn’t the whole story. But still he shot the dog, and then later bragged about it. It doesn’t matter if the dog came after him. He was enough of an ass hole to brag about it…

    • Donna Fletcher

      There is more than one article about the incident & a news broadcast. The online petition gives more info too. Our local Sheriffs pet was shot & killed 2 yrs ago by an overzealous police officer.
      It happens.

    • Jeffrey

      Yeah, because nothing like this would ever happen in America. Stay open-minded.

    • Tom Prescott

      You CHOOSE not to believe it simply because you don’t want to accept the sad reality that this happens ALL THE TIME. You have given no other reason to disbelieve it. You assume there must be more too it than he is just an asshole who enjoys that kind of thing. Yet he even boasted that he enjoyed it. This is fun for him, that much is proven. so stop making excuses with vague statements about “unanswered questions”. You talk about it being taken out of context, well Just look at that dog. He is an innocent creature, that is clear to see. What, you think that cute little thing scared a grown cop? That is the only acceptable context, if that dog that you see cuddling with that infant in the picture above was presenting a danger to human life. Accept the truth that is in your face, your denial is skirting dangerously close to what you say you are not doing ,which is to be “down with an animal being senselessly shot”. Stop being naive. people who are sadists who want to do these kind of things EXIST. And they seek jobs where they can get away with it. There is always a certain portion of humanity who just enjoy hurting others including animals. And those people will always disproportionately be drawn to such jobs. So, my question to you is why you assume that you have not already heard the full story. Do you have any evidence based reason whatsoever to doubt the story presented here? I doubt it.

      • Elisabeth Dunagan

        Well said, Tom. The POS enjoyed shooting that dog. This is the crap that is turned loose on decent people to patrol (terrorize) the public.

      • Karl Gaiser

        The police received several calls about an aggressive dog!!! Animal control did not succeed in handling the aggressive dog in a neighbour’s backyard and only after that it had to be shot. The dog owner was not there, but says her dog has never been aggressive. This is bullshit, dog owners always say that!!! She did nothing to restrain her animal, from habitually jumping the fence. It was her fault. Her dog was a pitbull and they are responsible for 60% of all fatal dog attacks. The police did the right thing. It all boils down to what the officer allegedly said after shooting the dog, but he had just been in a dangerous situation and that is normal. It is human nature and a psychological effect. Dog owners should act more responsible and everything would be fine.

        • The Truth

          Get ya facts straight…Cuz ur a fucking uninfromed idiot!!!

        • Heavensmile

          just go to Hell already.

        • West_of_I35

          Officer, please post under your own name.

    • Elisabeth Dunagan

      There are bunch of articles on it. Go look it up, fill in the holes yourself and come to the same conclusion as most others, the little bastard was having target practice.

    • Betterrogerwilco

      Dog didn’t have to die period

    • Buck Kracker
    • TB

      That’s not what it says at all? Can you even read?

    • Shani

      The dog got out of the woman’s yard and was wandering around. The cop thought the dog was homeless and without an owner. However, there were WITNESSES who said the dog was NOT aggressive. This cop simply took idle/sick pleasure in shooting this dog! He needs to be punished!

  • Ken Laliberte

    this is why people will take to the streets….power corrupts

  • Reggie Velvet

    Fuck you Brice Woolley

  • Paddy James Ratchford

    these people who pose as police officers need to be sought out and dealt with. ALL OF THEM. they are pretenders. not defenders of the public.

    • We_are_one

      In 2003 the supreme court ruled that the objective of the police is not to protect and serve but to enforce law only…citizens are of no concern to them…

  • Robert187

    How would he like a slug to his neck basterd!

  • Yo daddy

    Brice Glenn Woolley
    148 Bussell Ridge Rd
    Ardmore, OK 73401-7026

    Not sure if the numbers belong to him, his wife, or his job.

  • Mike Fleming

    Animal control should have handled this…They use nooses to restrain the dog…That is so wrong…..

  • Nikolay Diletsky

    Please update this article to include the purpose of the stop and the police justification for killing the dog. The story is tragic, but this writing comes off as inflammatory rather than journalism. I don’t disagree with the sentiment but think the delivery is lacking.

  • Uncle Sam

    More people, need to go around shooting fucking police officers to death. I WILL NEVER feel a bit bad when I hear about any cop being killed on the job. In fact, I’ll be a little happier inside. I can’t wait until the next pig dies

    • matt

      You do realize a small percentage are crooked right? Its idiots like you that hate all cops. To wish them dead and say you would laugh is idiotically stupid. I know a lot of good officers and have had nothing but good things to say about them. If you let a few dictate your feelings towards all you are a fucking retard. I hope when you need a cop one doesn’t show up then you would be crying and wanting to sue when they don’t help you. I hope one day you have to eat your words. I hope a good cop says go to hell when you need them. Oh wait even good cops help fucking morons like you. Why couldn’t your mom have given your dad a blow job and swallowed you instead?

      • Elisabeth Dunagan

        If there are so many “good” cops, why isn’t anything done about the bad cops? It is because the alleged “good” cops keep their coward mouths shut, making them no better.

        • Carrie Marshall

          Agreed as a wise man said ” all that is required for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing” Something needs to be done, no more internal investigations so they can cover for each other.

          • Lana68

            Agreed !

          • Carol Givens

            Which they do constantly. And it seems, once their chief says the dog was aggressive, no matter how big a lie it is, that’s the end of it when it should NOT be. A few weeks ago, two cops approached a home where nobody was home, but their dog was contained in their yard, barking and barking, as ANY dog will do when a stranger comes up. The cops, later saying they feared for their lives, put 3 bullets into the dog, obviously killing her. The dog was a Chihuahua. TRUE STORY

          • Witchwindy

            The largest Chihuahua is no more than 11 lbs in weight, if those cops “feared for their lives” from a Chihuahua in fenced in yard that cannot get out to bite them they must be shaking in their boots whenever they come anywhere close to someone walking a Cocker Spaniel on leash. I have two Chihuahuas (one weighs 5.5 lbs and the other weighs 7 lbs) and if a cop ever shot one or both of them, I would soon after be in prison for murder of a cop (and I’m in my 70s), but luckily I’ve not heard of any cops in my county ever shooting any dogs, so I think they’re (and I’m) safe.

          • ๒レㄩ∑ῳ◊и∂∑Я

            those cops probably worship christ and go to church every sunday too. oh ….. they probably vote republican as well.

        • Michael G Tekel

          Well said!

        • Lana68

          Right you are. The damn pigs have gone far enough and must be stopped. I have 6 cops in my family and they each hate the new young cops , shooting what they want to kill. That could be a person or a animals. And they want to know why we hate them.

        • David Hess

          Well said!

        • Heartland Patriot

          In Texas, not too long ago, a cop shot a farmer’s working dog. That dog was his pal. The cop ended up getting fired for being a trigger-happy jerk. That is what should happen.

          • Joe American

            No. What should have happened is that cop and his family exterminated to set an example that Citizens have a zero tolerance for police abuse and brutality.

          • ๒レㄩ∑ῳ◊и∂∑Я

            nope. that’s not good enough. getting fired means he can still work as a cop. he should’ve been given a felony conviction rendering him unhirable even at a minimum wage job. that would’ve been justice.

      • Betterrogerwilco

        Do you realize that cops follow the law of those in power as the leaders become more corrupt so do the cops the more strict the laws get the more freedoms we as a speices lose the worse they get cops, the military all of them arent your friends they serve those in power and we the little people are in the way so when the shit hits the fan none will be protecting you

        • Fred Marsico

          The Constitution is the highest law of the land. Any law enforced or order taken that is contrary to the Constitution is then an unlawful act against the People. If you just sit on your ass and complain, you are part of the problem and not the solution.

          I am going to a hearing tonight to protest an unconstitutional ordinance proposed by city council to ban arms (loaded) from being openly carried. I will be armed (loaded) and there will be many others there as well. We the People need to stand up against this tyranny or it will only get worse.

          You shoot at my family, friends, pets, and you will get shot by me or my neighbors in self defense. Just because someone wears a badge with their weapons does not mean they have the right to disregard the law or infringe on my rights.

          • Betterrogerwilco

            Oh you mean the same constitution they amend everytime it suits their need the highest form of law our current government and president has blatantly ignored several times over the last 8 years, I do applaud you though for going and sitting down at a meeting you are trying but rarely have “peacful” protests made any significant change history is full of situations that only change one way or another after peacful ended but you are doing something more than most people I’ve talked to im genuinely not insulting you I just don’t fully agree or believe much will change under a white flag of peace. Hope the meeting went in your favor honestly I do

          • Fred Marsico

            The city council decided NOT to pursue the open carry ban. So I guess we did make a difference. The battle may have been won but the war is far from over.

          • Fred Marsico

            It did and thanks. We stopped the Corvallis open carry ban but now are under a new draconian and unenforceable background check bill which most of us will not obey.

            It is a challenge to do and I am seeing some results, but the UN is pressuring the US to join in with a gun ban and We the People will NOT COMPLY!

          • Curious Citizen

            So how did that hearing work out?

          • Fred Marsico

            The city council decided NOT to pursue the open carry ban.

        • Kevin Sisson

          once again, TRUTH!…

      • Buck Kracker

        “I hope a good cop says go to hell when you need them.”
        Duh…that wouldn’t be a “good cop.”

      • Christopher D

        You will be one of those that have to learn the hard way. You can think your friends are good cops, but every cop has friends and family that think they are good. A mother will always love her child, even if that child is a serial killer. People do not just wake up one day and decide they hate cops. This cop kept his job. How could any agency they is mostly good cops allow this piece of shit to represent them? The fellow cops should be outraged that he would laugh about killing a dog.

        • phuc_yaul

          Hell, who do you think he was telling it to ! That’s pretty much S.O.P. for Oklahoma !

      • ben dover

        Then why dont they do the right thing and cross the thin blue line. You do know that a good cop that does not rat on a bad one makes his just as bad! Think about that and pass it on to your friends in blue

      • Amanda

        DO you realize that the only reason we call cops is fear of getting convicted if we act. Cops show up after the crime so the don’t help in the first place. I got robbed once and asked a cop for help literally could have walked him to the guy but he refused to help. But if I would of had my own gun and hunted him down and taken care of it then I would be in trouble. Cops want to arrest innocent people so they will pay the money and fines to clear their names. Trust me when we need help the last people we will call is the cops I am 10 times more capable in the moment to protect myself than they will be 20 minutes after it happens. Cops are just people and so are we I am so tired of the comments about when your in trouble whose the first person your going to call. I would call your mom before a cop.

        • Kevin Sisson


      • The Truth

        go eat a bag of cop dicks scumbag….Small percentage BULLSHIT!!!

        • William Oatley

          This ” Truth” person will infuriate some wacko to the point that he grabs a gun and kills an officer. This is not the way to diffuse the situation and death threats might become a reality . Come on folks on both sides , use your intellect and not your emotions to resolve this.

          • Free Citizen

            I disagree on multiple levels. This is EXACTLY how to get their attention and diffuse “future” abuse.
            “Live free in the USA…kill a cop today.”

          • The Truth

            Oh well..

      • TB

        God I hate people like you. “I know a lot of good officers.” Do you? Really? Nobody cares who you know. If you are too blind to see how out of control the police forces are getting or that they have a complete lack of training in almost every critical situtation, then it is you sir who should’ve been swallowed. I hope for your sake your dog never escapes your yard.

        • Chris

          Probably doesn’t have a dog. . Or at least once he doesn’t care enough about to worry if it gets shot by a cop.

          • matt

            I do have a dog and I love him to death. I take great care of him. You are missing the point. Not all cops are bad.

          • Daniel Petersen

            Maybe not but every cop in America is operating under bad policy. Their rules of engagement and militarization ensure their ongoing clashes with the populace. The current condition here was created by bad policies and legislation. Unless we see widespread reform whether or not they are good cops now will be a moot point when they are at war with the American people for just following bad policy all the way up to armed insurrection.

            That is the road we as a nation are going down.
            Both sides will continue to become more and more reactionary until the situation explodes.
            Sadly the reform needed will never materialize.
            At present they as a whole stand for themselves, protecting and serving their own rights to go home safely, the American public be damned, cause they are already deemed to be.

            Yeah not all cops are bad, BUT every cop does follow BAD POLICY.

          • Pay Attention moron

            Pay attention, moron.

          • Pay Attention moron

            Here is the truth.

          • Miles Coleman

            And what does that have to do with this particular cop and story…..instead of admitting how gruesome this cop and this incident is……you comment on how great cops are…..its like you are qued to do this by some cop family member……instead of standing up for the cops with your moronic statement, why don’t you let us all know how you feel about this pig shooting a dog that did nothing wrong!

          • matt

            Another retard. I said what this cop did was wrong. To go out and say I want to kill all cops or hate all cops is wrong. Read the context and the comments and its clear to see I don’t condone this behavior.

        • matt

          You and every other moron don’t get my point. I said not all cops are bad. Working in a pawn shop i deal with law enforcement all of the time. I have even been stopped for running a stop sign and informed the officer I was armed as I have a permit. His exact words were “Thank you for warning me. It makes my job safer.” You all think every cop is out to get you when they are not. I bet you think Mike Brown was a victim as well. When a cop actually does fear for their life people criticize them. I agree these cops shooting the dog was really fucked up. But does a fuckup in your family make your entire family worthless?

          • jessica ciocca

            Mike Brown was a victim.

          • matt

            Mike Brown was a pile of shit. Maybe his worthless parents should have raised him better.

          • Mikes life doesnt matter

            Mike Brown was a thug gang banger C.O.O.N looking for trouble…and he found it. Good riddance. One less piece of shit Metro Monkey on the loose robbing honest businessmen.

          • jgsanfrancisco

            ^^* So angry, so racist, so stupid.

          • fukyu

            I suppose that depends on how your family treats the fuckup. If they ostracize it and shun it and cast it out then fine; if they cover for it and defend it against its victims then they’re just as bad.

          • Miles Coleman

            Matt you don’t understand how cops work, they are a culture “a culture of corruption”. They all have each others backs, even when it comes to lying. I know this because I have have had multitudes of family and friends of friends that were cops. You should hear the things they talk about when they feel they are in their comfort zone. If you have not experienced this first hand then you really have no right to comment…..because your comment is not based on fact but on an opinion you learned or that you created…..and it is very wrong.

        • CopBuster

          Actually, it would be sad for the dog, but good for Matt if his dog did escape the yard and get ventilated by his beloved local police. A lesson learned the hard way. But I still think Matt is a cop trolling this blog.

      • Yen

        Totally agree…know plenty of animal loving cops , but this sicko needs to get punished nop matter what !!!!

      • Lee Neal

        Dont need them they only show up after then they harass you ftp all them bastards can drink bleach and jump off the highest building

      • Kathy A Dottery

        and it is IDIOTS like you that defend crap like this man. he is a psychopath with a gun.but the good news is people like you and him have a place reserved in hell.this is going on in all 50 states because these so called police are just a bunch of pussy hiding behind a uniform .you can trust and believe i would never ever call the police for anything because they shot first and ask question later,i think uncle sam says it all .

        • matt

          I’m not defending him at all. What he did is very wrong. I responded to the moron that said all cops are worthless and should die. Well I think everyone of you that think all cops should die you should die as well. Morons will be morons and base their uninformed decisions based off of the minority.

          • I have your number, Matt

            People. Don’t you get it?
            Matt is a cop assigned to sit at a computer and spew his cop venom in this blog and many other like it. Just ignore this Liberal traitor and maybe he will go seek out a blog where he can get his jollies and earn his cop paycheck.

          • DEEZ BALLZ


      • Nancy Raymond

        Matt- are you one of them – do you kill innocent animals for fun????? That’s what these people are talking about, the crappy cops, and there are LOTS of them who think they can do whatever they want – its in every city in this country – your comment is so disgusting you MUST be one of them.

      • Kimberly Thomas Marconi

        Love it Matt

      • Jason Scoggins

        Who needs COPs? You know most people pack their own heat right? What good are they?

      • David Hess

        You are a PIG as your on words let us all know that you are one. And yes ALL PIG’S are CROOKED and 100% WORTHLESS and DESERVE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING BAD that ever happens to them. Only a crooked douchebag would want to be a PIG AKA:cop because it is the ONLY job where they can Kill people and be 100% Crooked Legally. ALL cop’s, EVERY SINGLE ONE Of Them Is CROOKED AND ONLY SELF SERVING.

      • Matthew Evans

        When all the bad cops are turned in by the “good cops” I”ll believe it… Until then, double tap that ass!

      • Russell Smith

        Small, really? do you pay attention? you need to. Dont ever, EVER call the cops, you take your life in your hands whenever you have any contact with them. I deal with them on a daily basis with my profession. Stay away from them, you will live longer.

      • jessica ciocca

        You’re just a troll. And a rude pig.

        • matt

          Thanks for making me cry. You are a unscramble this UTNC.

      • Erica Ericksen

        A few? Are you kidding me? Do you listen to the news? There is far more bad cops then good! You must have a very sheltered life to not know what’s going on in the world! When a cop wants to shoot you for whatever reason, don’t expect anyone to help you!

      • Betterrogerwilco

        You have it backwards a small percentage are good

      • Kevin Sisson

        you sure are misguided and hateful…

      • 4thHorseman of the Confederacy

        he who turns a blind eye to corruption within his own department facilitates crimes…thus, being an accessory

      • Uncle Sam

        There aren’t any good cops anywhere around where i live. In fact they are all bastards. They have never been around when i needed their help, and they have never done me any favors. Do you think i just came to the conclusion because everyone else says things, and i read whats on the internet and act ignorant? Helen Keller could make a better argument than you did. I live in the real world “Matt”. Get with the program and think YOURSELF, before you pretend to be right about something for once. Step off your high horse and cap off that sense of righteousness. It leads nowhere. Who knows, 10 months later you may have already jumped on the cop hating band wagon?

      • Uncle Sam

        Also, i just owned you without using any profanity or derogatory put downs or name calling. Shows your true intellectual level. When you can put up a real fight, please ill be right here waiting.

      • Minktresses Hair Showroom

        Why are there no good cops doing something about this “small percentage” of bad cops?? Birds of a feather flock together!

      • Im coming to get you, Barbara.

        Matt sounds like a cop. Comments like a cop. Probably is a cop. Most likely a traitor as well. Death to traitors. Death to cops.

      • Dutch Van Alstin

        The ones that don’t out the bad ones are just as bad. When people start seeing violent and criminal cops being brought to justice, the rhetoric and the response will die down. But as it stands now, but you need to defend every police officer every time. In the murder of a 12 year old in Cleveland the police union called the 12 year old boy not a thing. He had a toy gun. The video clearly shows the officer got out of the car and just started shooting. Educate yourself a little bit.

      • Are you joking? It’s the other way around. A small percentage ARENT crooked. The majority of cops are scum.

      • DEEZ BALLZ

        Fuck the faggot ass police. You must suck a cops dick or something, We dont need there fucking help, we have the right to bear arms bitch. I was convicted because i wouldnt tell on a friend, but these bitches in a badge can shoot unarmed civilians and not even get a write up. Fuck you and the pig you rode in on. PS.

        • matt

          Typical thug. Always innocent. I bet your mom was on DA NEWS SAYIN HOW U BEIN A GOOD KID N ALL CUZ DEY ALL BE GOOD KIDS IN DA HOOD. DEY DONT CAUSE TROUBOW IN DA HOOD.

      • R Stefan Joseph


      • Scott Bayer

        The problem is that he only sees the horrible new thats posted online. I bet he doesnt personally know any policemen so doesnt get to see or hear about the many good things they do. These tough guy computer warriors fingers type before their head gets to think about it.

        • matt

          Amen. Finally an intelligent person on here.

      • jy kelly

        MATT, take the cop penis out of your mouth.. I realize there are some good cops, but when has one cop ever arrested another cop while they are out on a call? NEVER.. As long as the (so called) good cops cover up for the bad ones I will continue to be critical of most of them.. The thin blue line is just like the mafia.. You hear about cops being in the ghetto and complaining about the “no snitch” rule there.. COPS do the very same thing…

      • Ed S.

        No, Uncle Sam’s eyes are finally open, and that means WE THE PEOPLE do not for one second accept the notion that only a small percentage of cops are crooked. Urging people to kill police is completely unacceptable, but those “good cops” you keep fantasizing about are creating a tremendous amount of fear, distrust, and even hatred for themselves, and they are reaping what they have sown. I won’t stoop to wishing you any harm I just hope you have many encounters with the police over the next few years, and they are as “good” to you as they are to everyone else!

      • Todd Eric Thrasher

        @Matt: If a “GOOD” cop protects a “bad” cop, he is also bad. This is the culture. They do protect one another. For instance, how about the guy that “hung himself” While in police custody. The coroner labled it a homicide, The police department filed a restraining order against the coroner for investigating it, and it was actually granted. So small percentage? I’m doubting that.

    • Lana68

      I think I am much older than you but I must say that I agree with you and I am from a family of 6 cops. Some are good cops but some should be shot. The pigs of today believe they are above the law when as we know they are not. I believe that it was my age group back in the 60’s that gave them the nickname PIGS which they worked hard to get that name although I didn’t like the name as we were insulting the Pigs (The real ones) I do not want any of my relatives to die but there are many out there that I would not shed a tear over. They worked hard to get killed. If the bastards went near any of my animals I would have no choice but to blow his head off and I know that my uncles would get me the best lawyer that money can buy. . Know that I am with you on general principles. I sang it once and eill sing it again, We shall overcome, someday.

    • Kimberly Thomas Marconi

      I have never heard such ignorant bullshit as this. What would happen if there were no cops around to protect you or help you when you need it? A car accident and no one to help you? Someone breaks into your house? Someone sticks a gun in your face? No cops to help you?? There are thousands of good cops for every bad one. That’s why they have IAD. You shoot or kill a cop….you’re going to death row and I would personally enjoy escorting you there. There are good cops who have families…husbands and wives who are scared they will get that dreaded “phone call” or have officers come to their door in the middle of the night to tell them that their loved one is not coming home. Your ignorance is pathetic. But then again, with your kind of attitude, you’re probably one of the ones who needs to fear the police…don’t break the law and you won’t have a problem. These things you see about bad cops are few and far between. Its the media coverage that blows things out of proportion. There are 10’s of thousands of good cops in this country and my heart cries for everyone of them killed in the line of duty. You see, they are MY brothers and sisters in blue. Wise up asswipe! Such ignorance…and stupidity. If stupid were a crime, you’d be in jail. Truth be told, you’re the pig with that attitude you have. Think before you speak. I’d personally love to see you when you need help….and it doesn’t come.!!

      • Cheryl Kensill

        When things happen, they are not “there” – they show up after the fact. A cop does nothing “for” you at an accident except take a report and sometimes they take the info over the phone. You will find your fellow citizens are usually the ones that call the accident in and report if someone is hurt. They are not hovering around us waiting for us to be accosted… If someone breaks into my house, I believe in self protection… I only need someone else to haul out the body. Had a gun stuck in my face before – there were no cops there to stop it. I know we need law enforcement, but you make it sound like they are bodyguards. They come when you call – generally after the crime is over… I have a lot of respect for most police officers, unless they show me they are above the law or good ole boys, then I have no use for them. They are there to find the perps and try to punish them through the legal system. – that is if the prosecutor’s office cooperates. Cops or not, there are a lot of idiots out there…

        • Kimberly Thomas Marconi

          You have no idea what cops do or don’t do. Auto accidents?? I’m not talking about fender benders here. I’m talking about fatalities or near fatalities. Fellow officers and I have personally held people’s arms and legs on, applied pressure so someone doesn’t bleed out until the EMT’s get there. We’ve delivered babies in the back of our cruisers because the EMT’s weren’t there yet. No, cops are not bodyguards. They are not meant to be. They are first responders as are firemen. Firemen aren’t there when the fire starts. They “respond”. Cops aren’t there when the accident’s happen…they “respond”. I’d like to see the average citizen deal with the blood and gore of someone who was just run over by a car or truck. Yes, they have to make reports, take witness statements, etc. If someone gets sued, its the cop’s report that is evidence in a trial. If someone breaks into your house, chances are they are gone before you know it or you’re not even home. It takes a cop and forensics to apprehend them. If someone sticks a gun in your face, chances are you don’t even know them. It takes the cops to find them. Say what you will, but it would be a sorry state of affairs if there were no cops around to respond to citizen complaints. I’m proud to have worn the badge. Retired and proud of it.

          • Daniel Petersen

            You (when on the force) and every other cop operates under bad policy. The violence in this country and the insurrection that will follow if reform is not enacted is the result of many years of bad policy and operations. Yes cops in their line of work do good for the communities one day… But should that exonerate them when they alienate them the next?

            “If you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to fear.” Goes both ways. If there wasn’t a problem in this country there would be no cop block.

            The situation we find ourselves in is not new. We as a nation are not unique. If you militarize police this will alienate the populace. This isn’t chance but only a matter of time. When you add police unions sheltering them and a mentality of being of a class above the people… That’s a recipe for disaster.

            You want people to praise cops for pulling people out of damaged cars, but not vilify them when they fuck up? I support the military with all my heart… I support them in their actions across the world defending our freedoms… BUT That doesn’t mean I should support punitive actions against another people to defend some rich peoples oversea holdings…

            The police of America protected and served the people once…
            Your own messages show indications of the self serving parasitical road pirates they have become. Keep supporting an entity that is alienating the American populace, just because one day that populace may need to call on the people who help them one day, yet seek to leech off them the rest of the month. Quotas are a bitch and so is every police officer in this country.

            “Not all cops are bad”
            No but EVERY cop acts on bad policy.
            The constitution and safety of the people be damned, you people had jobs to do and families you had more of a right to go home safely to…

          • DEEZ BALLZ

            U 2

      • Mr. George

        are you one of them?

        • Kimberly Thomas Marconi

          Am I a cop? Not now, but I was one for a good number of years. There. Does that answer your question? You should have been able to tell from my response.

  • A good cop, is one that’s not breathing.

  • Donna Fletcher

    Brice Woolly also shot and killed an unarmed man in 2000 as well,
    working for another PD. He’s a known hothead. You can visit Southern
    Oklahoma Cop Block on FB to view the court records disproving Woolly’s
    account of the event. In the lawsuit the court sided with the plaintiff.
    Woolly’s statements did not corroborate with the dashcam. The court
    documents are damning.

    • William P. Homans

      This video is ridiculous, or a re-enactment or something. The cop lay down by the man?? Invited the man to abuse him, and the man didn’t, THEN there’s a struggle that seems to be staged, THEN we se him with hiis gun out, but no shooting– No, this link doesn’t solve anything.

  • Mr T

    Hope he gets mauled by 50 pit bulls and eating alive.

  • Roger Sales


    • Dylan

      I don’t believe all cops are mindless idiots with no compassion for life. But they definitely exist In numbers too high.

  • Al Arkinstall

    If some pig did this to my family dog I would hunt him down and enact JUSTICE

  • jessica ciocca

    Pig. And that’s a disgrace to pigs. Pigs are sentient, intelligent beings. Cops, increasingly, are sociopathic bullies who derive pleasure from intimidating and hurting others, to say nothing of the way they are so-called punished or reprimanded: they get paid vacations for the murder of innocent people and animals. Disgusting.

  • Ef_the_police

    I’d like to shoot this cop in the throat and say “did you see how his tie flew off when I shot him?… that was awesome!!!” Fucking piece of shit!

  • Anita smith

    Bad bad bad thing to do your low life maggot cop. Your life depends on the community now. You better sleep with the lights on and holding onto your poor wife. You wish you are dead after what’s coming to you. Too many dog lovers out there …. Beware. …..

  • James Michael

    And they wonder why people are starting to think it’s OK to shot a cop….. Maybe if cops act the way they are suppose to act people would start respecting them again, Cops now a days are more gangster then the gang bangers on the street.

  • Rippy

    Maybe someone should shoot that cop’s favorite pet to make him pay, or at least have his pet removed from his home before he shoots his own pets

  • Buck Kracker
  • Buck Kracker

    Wooley killed an unarmed man in 2000. He claimed “fear for his life” but video proved he murdered the man and he lost a civil suit in that action. Video:

  • ben dover

    Kill a family member of mine youd be dead, thats just what should happen to the PIG in the blue suit

  • ben dover

    Boy wish Eric Frein took a bunch more

  • cihlvercoil

    And yet ANOTHER amazing story of the police at their finest…I swear nowadays its a prerequisite to be an utter and complete psychopath to become a police officer…. 🙁

  • Karl Gaiser

    The police received several calls about an aggressive dog! Animal control did not succeed in handling the aggressive dog in a neighbour’s backyard and only after that it had to be shot. The dog owner was not there, but says her dog has never been aggressive. This is bullshit, dog owners always say that! She did nothing to restrain her animal, from habitually jumping the fence. It was her fault. Her dog was a pitbull and they are responsible for 60% of all fatal dog attacks. The police did the right thing. It all boils down to what the officer allegedly said after shooting the dog, but he had just been in a dangerous situation and that is normal. It is human nature and a psychological effect. Dog owners should act more responsible and everything would be fine.

    • Tina

      Take this cop’s dick out of your ass

  • Scipio

    since when is presumption enough to take life? Then again El presidente reserves the right to take a U.S Citizens life without due process if he deems them an immanent threat on presumption alone so it doesnt shock me his henchmen take that same liberty.

  • TheAlchemist86

    Wow maybe the chief should address the fact that he has someone on the force who shows sociopathic traits. I hope someone does follow through on a death threat. The same logic for killing that dog should/could be applied to this officer. Take him out, he’s a threat to public safety.

  • jackie

    Cops like him is the reason my kids don’t trust the police. My daughter got lost in the woods and when she saw a cop she refused to call to him for help out of fear cause she had her puppy with her. It took us 5 days to find her. When we asked why she didn’t she call for help she said she was afraid that the officer would shoot Jack. Its terrible that kids are refusing to trust the police cause of idiots like this guy.

  • Denise Thesteellady Ferrara

    I hope his next call is fatal for him

  • The Truth

    I hope someone laughs when his head pops off after a bullet enters it…scumbag peice of shit..Deserves to fucking die!!!

  • TheShow

    You know, if someone wanted justice, one might say that a cop is most vulnerable when they’re setting a speed trap, right after they’ve called to check in. No one would be expecting to hear from them for at least a few minutes.
    This all hypothetical, of course. I’d never advocate violence against police.

  • me


  • dennis

    Cops like power. Cops have guns. Cops want to kill something… anything. Its harder to kill people than dogs. Dogs are easy to kill and little is done about it… Cops get their rush killing dogs… little dogs or big… it doesn’t matter as long as they get the chance to pull that trigger and kill something.

  • Damien Cross

    I WANT THIS PIG DEAD, Right fucking now!
    ile he is on patrol, throw acid on him, burn his
    Time to find out where he lives, KILL what he loves & then drag this pig down a long dirt road til dead. Burn his house down.

    Ambush this PIG while he is on patrol, throw acid on him, burn his car, put a bullet in his head & feed him to gators!

  • RHCZ

    Ya think it’s not wise to wait for an animal to bite someone before the police does something about it?

    … Yes. You DO have to wait til an animal actually bites someone to do something about it. Much like how you have to have a person actually commit a crime before you take action and arrest someone, Captain Hamshit.

  • Angie Luci Daniels

    I have seen escaped dogs when I go out walking my dog. Most of the time my dog and I can corral that dog (no matter what the breed) and I can get a hold of the collar and call the owner. Once we were only able to go off of the groomer bandanna (thank GOD the dog was wearing that even without a collar). I can’t imagine a situation where I’d see a dog, even a pit, running around in my neighborhood and I’d call the police. This guy is hideous and this story is awful. I have a spoiled mutt and I’d be furious if someone killed her. She’s lucky we only have an apartment.

  • Robert Ireland

    let me ever see this motherfucker!

  • dj

    Hes a jackass who needs to get his ass beat and shot fuck all these lowxlife cops who think they can do what ever they want and get away with it if I was those people I’ll sue or get tons of money for what he done that dog did nothing to that officer he just got the shotgon and shot a dog for no reason fuck that cop

  • FRANCOIS Christiane

    L’horreur à l’état pur! que tout ces criminels, ASSASSINS soient condamnés à hauteur des faits commis ! et pas à moitié! *** Bandes de lâches! les animaux sont innocents et surtout victimes de votre cruauté! saletés d’humains devenus des MONSTRES! Allez brûler en ENFER c’est ce que je vous souhaite!

  • Zazelle

    I’d be looking over my shoulder you f’n drone of a man..~

  • Jay Himelfarb

    This cop is a disgrace to his uniform.Nothing more than a trigger happy moron, looking for an excuse to use his gun! He needs to be removed from the force, and made to pay, and pay dearly for the murder of this dog! He is one of so many reasons why most people have little to no respect for men who wear the badge. Because people like this cop give law enforcement a bad name! It’s a shame that the ones at the top don’t seem to care, and turn their backs to this! What a bunch of sorry hypocrites!

  • Tia Larisse


  • Wendye Kolles

    God bless you precious Cali! THANK GOD you’re now safe in Heaven and no longer live in a world where some humans don’t value animals. Your life DOES matter and this should never have happened to you. My prayers for your loved ones as well – oh, the heartache they are now facing!!! God bless ALL animals, their environments and the people who are truly passionate about them! xo xo xo xo xo xo

  • Daniele Uboldi

    He looks like an inbred hill billy…take away gun and badge and he’s nothing more than a sniveling POS who’s afraid of his own skin. Come to South Africa coward and we show you how we deal with scum like you…I hope you get blown away in the same manner and the drug dealer laughs at you whilst you die….you’re an insult to humans, even shit has more worth than you

  • Tomáš Kocián

    fucking Police bastard.. kill him idiot..

  • Mary A. Verrell

    I would be embarassed to be from this town ir city. This is disgusting. This POS doesn’t

  • Mary A. Verrell

    Deserve to be a human being, let alone a police officer who is supposed to “serve and protect. Who was he serving or protecting when he shot this peaceful family pet?? He needs to be punished.

  • Gail Burgess O’Neal

    He is a sicko.Does not need to be a human , more less a cop.

  • TR Young

    This has been happening entirely too much lately. There’s only one way that it will stop, and that’s when the owners of these murdered dogs start firing back. I’m well aware that all policemen aren’t like this piece of trash, Officer Brice Woolley. What needs to be done is the chief of police needs to start cracking down on these officers, and the rules of engaging family pets need to change. Even if the officer doesn’t know whether or not the dog is, in fact, a pet or if it is truly dangerous, they should have to notify animal control and keep the animal contained, unharmed, until the situation can be evaluated. Arm ALL the officers with catch poles and tasers, and force it to be mandatory that they use these tools and ONLY these tools to contain an animal.

  • SuziVt

    I used to reprimand my teenage sons when they may have made disparaging remarks about cops. I tended to support the police officer’s side when I heard questionable stories about confrontations between police & alleged criminals. When I first heard of cops killing pet dogs, I thought, certainly they felt an imminent threat. NO MORE! This is just becoming too common. The mentality of the person that decides to make their career being a police officer must have changed to be extremely insecure, angry, mentally challenged & totally lacking in compassion & heart. There’s too much unconditional support from the police department & the court system when a cop has been trigger happy or just plain mean & violent. There are WAY too many cops killing innocent & defenseless animals, not to mention other crimes against innocent & defenseless humans! It’s time to hold the entire police force accountable for THEIR criminal acts, just as we are! We are angry & sick of the irresponsibility of the legal system when it comes to their own violent criminals. Clean up!

  • Yen

    WE NEED TO START AN OTHER PETITION to get justice for this poor dog and to get this sick prick behind bars !!!!

  • Amy

    What a piece of shit! I hope he gets shot in the neck. Ugh.

  • mariah

    It would be awesome if someone came into your house and fuckin blew your little bastard kids heads off and whore of a pigs wife heads off in front of you ,and then blew you fuckin balls off ! that would be awesome ,good fuckin riddance to you and your spawns from hell ! wipe the whole fuckin seeds of evil away !

  • Therese Kearton

    This is a policeman who did this terrible thing? Since when was MURDER “awesome”? How come the judge has let him off scott-free? Are they is a relationship or something? SICK!!!!

  • Sian Ishmael

    We’ll get you !! Bastard son of bitch !!

  • shorty

    Now that’s bullshit that a cop would do that. I understand if the dog going to attack him or start chasing him and bit him, then shoot. Dont shoot a dog thats not going to him

  • Sherrie Bostic

    like i always say…he is a disgrace to his profession…if he cannot handle an animal call without becoming a slappy happy gun toting barney fife, he needs to resign and become a comode cleaner. he is no cop he is a Nazi

  • wordman

    Good! It was a friggan pitbull. They should all be dead. I don’t care what anyone says. I have been going into peoples houses everyday for over 20 years and pit bulls are far and away the most dangerous dogs. My 7 year old cousin almost had her arm ripped of by a pitbull a few weeks ago. the loss of blood put her in a coma. they should all be shot. He was doing us a favor. F putbulls and thier owner’s.

  • Sarah Booth

    N the fkn pigs wonder why ppl dont cooperate with them well NEWS FLASH its bc ur all scumbag douche bags go fkn die

  • crapsandwich

    That Leo would have a life changing experience.

  • Holli Ann Parola

    That makes me so angry n wana shoot that son of a bitch!!

  • Guest

    Piece of shit I care about spending my life on jail that’s the only reason why I would not research were this cop loves and shoot him in the fucking neck and brag about it coward ass bitch ass cop what a looser

  • Yasmin Rivera

    I care about spending the rest of my life in jail this is the only reason why I wouldn’t reserch this dick head and go shoot his fucking head off and laugh about it coward ass pussy cop poor dog

  • donala

    GET EVOLVED OKLAHOMA!!! You DISGUSTING BACK WOODS SAVAGE INBREDS need to be blown to bits in the next tornado!! It’s sub-human savages such as yourselves that are holding up the evolution of mankind and are totally useless to civilized society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray for much suffering for you and your families so that you get a taste of your own damn medicine!

  • Amanda

    Poor baby :'( the officer deserves to be shot and then laughed at!! Not all pits are dangerous! i personally love them

  • Patty H

    For the people of Ardmore: Time to turn this cop into a pariah. Do not be confrontational with him but if you are eating out and he comes into the restaurant immediately ask for to go boxes and leave. If you are in a store and he walks in everyone leave. Out for a movie and he comes in and sits down again leave. It may be hard on you to do but he will get the message. If he has kids do not let your children play with them as they are learning how to behave from his examples and could be budding bullies or abusers themselves. If you attend church with his family and they come in get up and leave. Social isolation works wonders in teaching consequences for inappropriate behavior. If other cops were involved with the celebration of the death of Cali–treat them the same way– we, as the public, need to let police departments know that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. If I were a business owner in this town I would not serve him as a customer. Cold shoulders and isolation can be effectively used to get a message across. Apply the same behaviors toward the chief of police as well. Just be sure to not be confrontational. If the chief is treated the same way long enough he may finally ask why people are snubbing him, his officers and his department. Then tell him–animal abuse cannont be excused just because someone wears a badge. Behaving this way is an old version of “hide your valuables from the hordes invading your homes”. Band together until this cop is fired and the department learns that all life is valuable even life that does not vote.

    This is not just for this town. Do this to all cops that treat anyone badly and get away with it. All cops with departments that condone this type of animal abuse nationwide need to be treated this way until they get the message. This can be done to all parties involved with the case including any lawyers that are defending the abuser. Society must step up and start changing the behaviors of these types of people or none of us are safe. Someone that laughs about shooting a dog will laugh about shooting an innocent human especially if they can get away with it because they are wearing a badge. Police departments are forgetting that they exist to protect US and we PAY their salaries. Time to bring back good manners, kindness and accountability.

  • Corey

    im all for capping the cop!!!

  • Kandi Collins

    What a f-cking POS cop. He needs shot in the head and then laughed at while he lays there suffering and dying. EYE FOR AN EYE !!!

  • Leo60

    Cops like this don’t deserve the Badge they wear and dishonor.

  • jj

    Let’s shoot him in the head and see how far his eye’s fly. Well have a betting pool for distance.

  • magnacare

    This is BEYOND DESPICABLE AND DISGUSTING. THIS COP IS A DISGRACE TO HIS UNIFORM, HIS DEPARTMENT, HIS FAMILY & FRIENDS AND IS A DANGER TO HIS COMMUNITY! While there are many so called “good” cops on the payroll, my experience with cops and dogs is most are worthless LIARS, with God Complexes and nothing but a murderer with a licence to kill. I sincerely hope this cop meets the same fate, on some dark night in an alley. NO LOSS THERE!

    Officer Brice Woolley you disgust me, and SHAME officers nationwide! I pray every HARDENED THREE TIME LOOSER criminal in the state VISITS YOUR HOME & YOU ON SOME DARK NIGHT. MAY YOUR REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN! DEATH AND DESTRUCTION IS YOUR DUE!

  • Jess

    Wow what a pos cop. I hope he gets jail time for what he has done to this poor innocent dog. You can tell how friendly the dog was in those pictures that are posted. This cop should be ashamed.

  • Regina Garrow Boots

    Now when I hear a Cop got shot or killed, I just smile.

  • Carol

    Evil man!

  • Heavensmile

    fucked up

  • Stripped of his badge & his gun – never allowed to be around any animal ever again for any reason & JAIL time – for a long time and being a cop and an animal killer, let’s see how well he fairs in prison ? Better yet – SEND HIM TO PRISON WHERE SHERIFF JOE IS !!! Doubt he will be smiling then !

  • Heavensmile


  • pam kirby

    This cop will be judged by God for his meanful actions.

  • Janette

    Their was no need to shoot and kill a dog! For an Officer to make a statement like that just goes to show that’s all he wanted to do!

  • Maggy Genç

    SIGNED AND REPORTED TO INTERPOL> FOLLOW ME, HERE THE LINK :…/instructions-for-reporting…/

  • Dianne Rochenski

    As a vegan because I love all animals , this is deplorable. This “cop” is sick in the head. He should be kicked off the force. What goes around comes around , and this bastard will meet his match. Except would love it if the gunshot blew his dick and balls off LOL I know this precious dog is in heaven and at peace.

  • Deborah J Clemens

    don’t understand why if he truly felt he was justified in shooting Cali, he felt it necessary to construct the story that she was being aggressive and trying to attack people in the neighborhood….and no officer ever, should laugh when they “choose” to use their weapon to kill a living being……he needs to be let go but since obviously the crooked cops in blue in the area are close knit enough to lie and cover up for each other….it’s ok….karma doesn’t need a gun when it hunts down this worthless “big shot”……Karma always meets up and dishes out what is coming…..we don’t have to do a thing…..he will get his in the end….his maker will serve up his justice… the meantime if I lived in OK in that community, I would guard my dogs and my kids…..

  • Dawn Henri

    so why is he allowed to live?

  • Kathy A Dottery

    i hope he gets shot and dies a slow and long painful death.he is a psycho with a badge and gun

  • Tina bothwick

    I hope someone shots this asshole in his head in front of his family !

  • Sweeni Seneviratne

    WE do not need police officers like this one. Fire him. This dog is a family pet or any stray dog no wright to kill for their pleasure this is not acceptable .. Its always bunch of idiots judge dogs because they do not like animals period. Thats why we have police to help in certain situations…not to kill dogs like they do. This has to stop. Poor baby my heart goes out to the family. Karma will follow you Mr. Woolley. You wait ! Did you think when you were on duty some one will shoot you in your head just like you did to this dog ass hole. I AM ANGRY! I CAN GO ON

  • Godslittlekitty

    THIS PIECE OF SHIT NEEDS TO HAVE HIS HEAD BLOWN OFF..but not to worry…the Lord will rebuke him and he will be in HELL

  • West_of_I35

    One of the reasons my dad never wanted it to be known that he was from Oklahoma. Ardmore can’t be that big – someone ought to run up there and pay this “officer” a little visit.

  • Sheila Grover

    POS cop hope he get’s his head blown off!

  • MellowCat

    This is disgusting, but not surprising. Ardmore is a bastion of idiot sheep f#ckers. Disgraceful and corrupt bastards.

  • Pitbull lover

    I’ve never been so angry In my entire life not just as pitbull owner my self but as a animal love this just sickens me to the core he needs to be punished to the full extent period. That sick fuck!!!

  • Regina Garrow Boots

    When ever i read a cop got shot or killed I Give a Great Big Smile.

  • Naomi Gauntlett

    Let the punishment fit the crime

  • MD

    Death penalty for killer pigs.

  • Kevin Mills

    eat shit cock sucker i hope someone blasts you

  • Nancy Raymond

    Now everyone knows what a bastard this useless so called ‘police officer’ is – I can only hope some gangbanger gets him in a dark alley and gives him exactly what he deserves. He is just another out of control cop who will get his and I hope its soon, can’t wait to see his hat fly off when he gets a .45 in the head – then we can all laugh.

  • Carol Givens

    He got such joy out of this senseless murder, the slimy cockroach doesn’t need a badge. MANY cops are doing this lately while their departments always seem to defend them saying the dog was being aggressive. We dog lovers know not all dogs are aggressive, of ANY breed and we also know there are callous cops who get perverted joy out of the murder of a family pet simply because they know they’ll get away with it. This makes me so sick, I promise you, the dog’s life was worth more than the maggot cop’s because that dog had love and empathy in his soul where that cop does NOT. To Cali’s guardian, please don’t give up fighting for her, you have thousands behind you. Sue the hell out of this department, get that pos fired. Now THAT would be cool to see! Simply reach out into the rescue world girl, you’ll have all the back up you need. And contact the Animal Legal Defense Fund for help, this pond scum of a cop is dangerous and more than to innocent dogs. He’s just the kind who would stop a woman and rape her, or beat his wife because he’s a worthless coward of the worst kind! Contact FB group Animal Voices, it’s a group against abuse and they’ve done a lot of good things and there are many, many more and we can scream louder than that worthless pos cop’s gun can fire. Feel free to contact me on my rescue page under the above name. I’m very sorry about dear Cali, I know she never deserved this heinous murder.

  • Ray Zamora

    Why so much hate it’s a tuff job. Guess u have never been attacked by a dog . I have and I promise it will never happen again.

    • Davey

      If it’s so tough find another line of work. We don’t need cowards running around in body armor, carry assault weapons, and hiding in armored personal carriers.

  • Steve Griffin

    What a retarded fuck. How the hell did such an idiot get to be a cop? Anyone doing that to my animals would seriously know the truth albeit briefly.

  • Sherry


  • cody ulyo

    Kill my dog i kill u end of fuckin story thats my family member that had time in with our family,..set the pos up. Killer up and take a shot useing the same assult rifle to his neck unexpectidly because im sure this poor dog never seen it comeing either some ppl might go alil further tapeing notes to the pos saying that was so cool or dam u shoulda seen his hat fly off these pigs live till they fuçk with the wrong persons evert other day out there in tge field nd these wanna bee thugs wouldnt think twice bout killing a pig just for the fun of it juss to say they did. ..i hope this coo is on time off. For his safety im sure that family has a grudge out for him real talk rest in peace poor innocent calii

  • Marco

    God Bless, I am thinking that Cop would be laying next to that dog! We as citizens need to get these fucking power mongers off the street… “To Serve and Protect” Civil Servants!

  • Brian Robbie

    I mean its definetely not HOWEVER if i have a 2 year old im walking at the park and a pit bull runs up on us with his tongue out i have no idea about this dogs personality or why its even out and about, i dont know if the dog is happy and friendly or if it sees an oppertunity to eat my baby..So its hard to take chances in situations like that..I see some of both sides here..

  • Brian Robbie

    I like dogs btw

  • mike2020

    fucking pig.POS i hope you choke

  • mike2020
  • jeff

    Would have love to read the hole article but someone sold out advertising in the middle of the article that I couldn’t get rid of and still haven’t read the hole article. It’s bullshit for an aggressive add like that for an illegal cab service. I probably will never visit this site again

  • KShep

    Neuter him for sure so he won’t reproduce. How sad for this family and what a horrible shame that there are sicko’s on the police force like that. Gee, my Pit Bull got out once. A cop found him, called me, and brought him home and put him in my yard!!!

  • KShep

    If I were that kid’s mom- his head would roll! cop or no cop!

  • jb

    This cop is not a human. He is probably one of OB army who is pretending to be an officer of the law. Where is the law for this dog…. this cop needs to be charged with murder. There is no bringing her back but making him pay for his crime will show others they cant get away with killing family pets. What a sick SOB piece of shit… his mother must be proud of this animal killing no good cop

  • Cheryl Kensill

    So if someone shot that smile off his face (20 feet) and said “That was awesome” would they get in trouble? I mean, we can do anything we want as long as it is awesome correct?

  • Shani

    This cop is a piece of shit! I’m tired of cops and police departments making excuses for their officers when it comes to animal control. This dog was likely not aggressive. He simly saw a wandering dog, assumed it had no owner, therefore shot it dead thinking there would be no backlash! FIRE THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE!

  • sarika

    He deserve death or any of his family member should killed same way then only he can feel the pain what he given to this poor family….. shame on him to be cop….. sick man…

  • zodiac legend


    Sick and tired of these mindless buffoons who hurt animals !

  • Jamie Wren Moran

    Anyone other than a cop would be in trouble

  • Phyllis Kaelin

    whoever lives in that town, tell everyone to ring the phone off the hook to the Mayor’s office,, Chief etc.. Also, contact the New Media… you can write an editorial… Also contact the Civil Liberties Union.. The party who owns the dog can file a Civil case against this cop. Their rights were definetly violated.

  • kimanim77

    That cop should not have his job, so what if a little kid walks up to him and hits him for arresting mom or dad does that give him the right to hit, kick, mace, beat, tazer, or worse to the kid if he could laugh about doing this to a dog what else is he capable of?

  • Suzie sue

    What bad ones? Cops are criminals w/a badge

  • Olga Shabliy

    He is the killer and he must be punished. It is cruel being must be isolated from the other people.

  • lesleyann

    Shoot the bastard cop let’s see the smile wiped off his evil vile face

  • Kevin Cooke

    FUCKING PIG, I hope someone blows his kids away, then a week later after he suffers a bit kill that ass hole.

  • Heartland Patriot

    Dealing with a loose pet is the job of animal control. They have the equipment to catch a dog without injuring or doing undue damage to the animal. If the owner is at fault, then they can be fined for violating an ordinance. But just shooting the dog like that, and then acting like a tough guy about it, well its just flat out wrong.

  • Patrick Dunbar

    Officer Wooley, your a scumbag……I have some dogs, come up here and try that…..please.

  • Erica Ericksen

    If a cop did that to my pet… he’d be dead right now!!

  • Tc Koh

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

  • hittingyourfeels

    He’s killed two dogs and a person. And still this fucking hick is employed…

  • EssentialOhsawa

    …^….★.^……..^.☆.^………..^… ..(✪)…^…………………^★^………^…☆….^
    (=`(∞)´=) ( ̄(oo) ̄)ノ (○`(●●)´○)ノ PIGS ( ´(00)`) (^(●●)^,)
    ………………………………………………●~ ~……..████████████▄
    ………………………………..░▄▌░░░░░░░░░▄( ̄(oo) ̄. )ノ.( ´(00)` )
    ………………●~ ~………..████████████▄

  • thankyouUSAforwinningthewar

    Death threats are not good enough, He should already be brown bread. My heart goes out to Cali’s family. she looks like a beautiful dog and can’t imagine the trauma the daughter will be having to live with … R.I.P. Cali

  • randy malm

    and you wonder why cop are getting killed.

  • J Sun 2

    So a dog that obviously seem to be in attack mode or aggressive gets sympathy when killed. (I know for a fact a cop won’t shot a dog that’s being non-agressive in all, but most cases.) And the cop deserves to die because of this. God damn you heartless despicable soulless skum that set example for all white-caucasians. Which interestingly seem to be most of you all – that would agree if another race is aggressive with a cop – they deserve to die (or do it seems). If a dog is aggressive – the cop that killed the dog deserves to die. And [yes] a dog understands, and is conscious of what it is doing. I see why people all over world consider the caucasian race – devils, because what we see and read about in history class about your race, and to this very day most of you all seem look down on others. This is why we act “racist” towards you all – and that you know! there have been pass laws and some may still be in affect that consider black-americans, american-indians/native americans, aborigines and others less than human, and today it continues to show on this post. I’m speaking [truth]. And some of you fools will call me “racist” because you don’t want to hear that, and it makes you proud to finally be able to call another race that because you are tired of people directing the word racist towards you all. If what I said makes me racist to some of you all, then I AM! I know there are white-caucasians out there that’ll agree with me, or understand what i’m saying, but 98% won’t say anything! because you are scared to speak up in agreement with truth (most of you all will get off the subject) – which further shows how it runs thru ya blood that you have no value for other human life…

  • Lefty Blitzer

    The scumbag, piece-of-shit Woolley’s worthless carcass needs to be dragged into the street and have a bullet put into his fucked-up head. i’ll laugh as his head-turd flies across the street.

  • Average Person

    Keep your dog on your goddamn property and you won’t have a problem, bitch.

  • Mark M F Zetner

    Where was this? Every time I read a story like this my blood boils. I wouldn’t even just kill the cop I’d kill his firstborn child in front of him then kill his fucking pig ass.

  • Jeanette Lani Koa Kaipo

    We love our Pitt Bulls, Dobermans, Alaskan Huskie, American Bulls etc…We would not want our Dogs to Get Shot!!! If it is true what the Police Officer said this is wrong and if there is proof than he should be disciplined. The Police Officer if experienced should know every dog in the neighborhood of this community, he would of known this dog is a watchdog and a babysitter in her own yard. A police officer must think of the safety of the Children and we the Human and Animal Beings certain Police Officers do not care and will not study the Human and Animal Beings in the Villages they are Responsible for their decision making accountability. It is unfortunate he is not old school good guys teachings united with our Ohanas Families Tribes Villagers Extended Ohanas-Friends he made the choice. We as dog owners do not want to hear of any dogs to get shot but our Pitt Bulls get the bum rap for they are our Ohanas Families Tribes it hurts but I must be responsible2 for if our dogs who are our Babies jump out of our property it is very sad but I must be responsible for my Pitt Bull jumped my fence and it happened before this is what the dog owner stated. I must do the right thing as a dog owner and fix the broken fence so this would not happen again. If this happened on my property than the Police Officer would be wrong for stepping up with a attitude I can shoot your dog in your yard no I am sorry for my responsibility is I have them under control and it is not for you to put them or any human in Harms Way so when you come to my house please do not come with a attitude all dogs and various humans can feel your spirit. Please do not come to my house unless God sent you a message to come and get me. I am so sorry for your ohana-family dog we must unite in every Community/Villages so when things like this happens we can have one of our own on the job quickly where the Police Officers need us so our Animals do not get excited in fear or make any human being excited with fear…We need to unite so when police officers say negative things they should be punished for their sins. Remember we are responsible dog owners and parents if you did that in my yard than you would have to Kill Me2…Aloha Ke Akua…

  • onymee

    American policeman are big sissies. They pee their knickers when they see a loose dog and feel so terrified that they have to kill it like others kill a spider. ALL American police should spend 6 months training with English policemen before they get their badge, so as to experience how proper men manage loose dogs, irate old people, little girls who are distressed and waving their arms about, criminals who run away and the like; without a gun to murder them with.”I was afraid for my life” seems to be the common denominator here. Whenever a cop murders someone or something, it’s what he says. I think this means that they should not be cops at all. Someone who is so timid and afraid of everything, has no business being allowed out in public with a gun! Bloody wimps!

  • 4thHorseman of the Confederacy

    I would now be on the run for killing cops….yes, I said that

  • Julie Strong Alexander

    He is a sorry pack of shit. Not all dogs are aggressive. He needs to be reported and fired for what he has done

  • 4thHorseman of the Confederacy

    Ardmore PD 580-223-1212

  • ferrariqx

    Excellent! Another lethal killer dog eliminated. Glad to see it.


    This says it all…..

  • Daniel Petersen

    The rape of justice continues…
    America, will you take this shit for long?

  • Dude One

    Omg put your killer dog on a leash, so now cop has to kill it. I hate dog owners like her who dont think their dog pose a threat. They do! So this is not a case of police brutality but a case of a stupid dog owner.

  • Gun toting cracker

    WTF is this ? Doesn’t say what state this happened in, nor is there anything else on the web about it. My first guess is BULLSHIT….

  • jbentzr

    Fuck ALL poLICE everywhere. bullies all.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    This cops are danger to society . Some need to be put to rest and others need to be exterminated . Dissolve the police force .

  • Me

    Wow! Please help this world.

  • Thorn

    I Tell you now, by the time i’m done in life I will find cops who have
    done this to dogs, subdue them and cut them up and sew their guns into
    their flesh!! I’m gonna get their german shepards and gut them and throw
    their guts on the officers to see how they feel! I’l punch the
    weaponless cops in the face while they’re tied up in my garage until
    their teeth fall out and their eyes explode! then I will inject sulfuric
    acid into their veins and record them screaming then play it back to
    them as they hang upside down in pain and agony! mark my words I will
    stab you CUNTstables!!!!

  • Blacktiger

    How about the USA military in the Middle East shooting dogs just for target practice? How about the terrified dog running away after the hind legs had been shot useless, the poor dog kept running of it front legs.

  • EliWebber

    Do you really want this guy running around with a gun acting like he is there to protect you and yours.

  • Gym Jim

    Little boys and halfwits like this shall NOT be cops . . . especially with the attitude this guy has. I certainly wouldn’t want him serving and protecting the community I’m in. He should lose his job!! Maybe someone needs to have an awesome time and blow his head off with a shotgun.

  • Bug

    Yeah lets teach everyone that all dogs are just miss understood and we should show restraint… until its TO FUCKING LATE. yeah cause it’s better to have a child all mauled up in the hospital clinging to life than killing an unknown statistical threat! Hey where’s the harm to people in killing this dog before it attacks someone or not?.. oh that’s NONE!

  • Keith Cameron

    A truly disgusting display of Cowardice. This officer (and I use that term loosely) should be disarmed and unhired.

  • Dave Cano

    Beyond fucked up! How and why do we LET these psychopaths become police officers!? This dude is just asking for his head to be blown off.. I’d def show up to his funeral just to take a nice long poo on this tombstone

  • PB

    I”d cut this sicko fuckers balls off and then kill him

  • Colin Charles

    Look, mindless robots who believe everything the media (who started the War on Cops) tells them. No surprises here…

  • Gary Michaelson

    This cop needs be arrested for murder. This dog was family so it was murder but the fact is nothing will happen and he will continue to do the same thing but the next one he will kill and laugh about it will be a person.

  • brian

    It would be way more awesome if someone did that to that cop

  • wyatt erpp

    he deserves to die with a bullet to his head

  • David L Grabill

    he won’t be bragging when someone puts a bullet in his head

  • Dartsblaster2011

    Is it safe to assume this piece of crap is a future dead person walking, talking and laughing?

  • luna

    I hope he dies a slow death,..

  • Virginia Brumit

    What a disgrace to good officers everywhere. He really needs to be locked up for totally abusing his authority..

  • BC

    Animal cruelty

  • Lizzie Harris

    If he gets shot, I’m going to laugh and say, ‘officer Wooley got shot for being a piece of shit asshole. Isn’t that awesome? We’ll just say he was a menace to society if anyone asks….wait, that’s the truth, we don’t have to lie. No worries.’

  • Gym Jim

    I left a comment on here yesterday about this clown, but the PC halfwits removed it. I’ll say it again, this idiot does not deserve to be a cop with his attitude, little boys like this should NOT be messing around with firearms.

  • Gym Jim

    I would be just the lad to wipe the smile of his face.

  • David Wh

    Boom did you see his badge fly off when he shot…. “AWESOME” I hope to see that headline.

  • Anon

    Careless owner was responsible for the dog ‘escaping the fence’. She’s the only one to blame. These pit breeds are notorious for ‘escaping’ their enclosures and killing or at the least, maiming innocent human victims every single day. If an owner of one of these types of breed(s) is incapable of securing their potentially dangerous animals, then they ought to expect the chances of them getting put down while at-large to be pretty strong.

  • mike

    You guys are sitting here judging a police officer for dealing with a situation that you were not a part of or ever had to deal with a similar instance. The liberal media can keep portraying officers as the “bad guy” and the liberal cronies can keep believing everything they spew. What a disgrace this country has become, that all police officers are portrayed this way.

  • Eva Gonzalez

    What a freak’n jerk!!! I would like to shoot him in the neck so he feel the pain that the poor dog went through!! I would get him fired one way or another!! How heartless this dumb S.O.B. Stupid idiot!!! He deserves to go to jail for animal cruelty!! And then the dumb cop’s wonder why, us animal lovers can’t stand them.

  • Mpathg

    Hope the mother fucker cop rots in hell!

  • If there were any “good cops” we would hear about them arresting fellow officers, like the bad ones we see on-line, who break the law. We never do therefore, there are no good cops. While it may be too soon to shoot the bastards, it is not too soon to make a list.

  • Dale Realworld

    Sorry for your deep loss. No words can describe my anger right now. I know this sounds cliche, but I believe “he’ll get his” ie the cop. My child hood dog was poisoned by our neighbor along the fence line. A fee years later we got word that our neighbor become a paraplegic. The greatest karma ever. My thoughts and many others are with your family. His a cop, his bound to die.

  • Mike

    K all u saying cop should die ur fucking retarded ur saying this on internet u gonna get ur asses locked up n I’m gonna laugh he should be let go of his duties that’s it none of u have the balls to kill have u been deployed I have n I’ve killed n I drink alot n have nightmares u bunch of pussys n one more thing all drug users n dealers should be killed u make me sick

  • Hector

    Its getting crazy how ridiculous cops are and what they are getting away with..Dont worry . Cameras are now everywhere and they will soon have to straighten up. They better hope its before WE as a mass just go nuts and strike out at ANY and ALL of them , for defending and making excuses. But I doubt we will stop hearing about these bitch ass cops ganging up on defenseless citizens whether young old black white female butch biker lawyer arab south sider wood whatever. And the Gun subject is …take them away …theres got to be (and im not a genius but I kknow Im right) way more damage that fireearms create than solutions for their job. Fuck it take em away , We as taxpayers and lovers of peace and justice for all(punishment for crimes is a must-and ive been to prison) should not only be upset with their behavior , actions against a victim but we should realize that when they cause another riot or inflame racial tensions or perpetuate creation of criminal and defendants who in there frustration and hate for injustice commit crimes ..well that affects us and in essence gets rid of the very thing we pay for .. COPS, we are the ones who decide whats fair and just. THEY WORK FOR US! nowhere is this chant ever more needed than is security or patrol. ,,No one seeems to think they can oversee the law enforcement sector of anywhere. Casino cops who dont get management approval for banning someone for life- reality and is not gonna change(why?) The security at country cub where i live having a complete and good night when the only person theyve confronted lives here , has lived here and is doing nothing(but when im almost assaulted at my gate to the CC they didnt see a thing.and i bite my lip and i say thank you and thank them for doing there job(ehich is glorifiied gate openers. Or our jailers(esp the rookies) who beat on inmates who are unarmed and NEVER do they EVER EVER do it alone one on one oh no they arent trained like that. Well to any of these situation (minus the sovereign indian casino situa,,,) I wanna say HEY YOU WORK FOR ME. I pay HOA fees , we have to have garders here and we ahve to use the cable company (which offers a discounted service for premium channels they say) and we have to pay security. all of which has its own payment book with receipt stub each month for our convenience,. well I dont think they get it ..Its the only job type where we allow physical harm , costly fines, insulting treatment, lies, coverups, racist violence, etc to go on or even be defended with excuses. GET IT.. WE ARE PAYING FOR THIS SHIT. THERE IS A WAY TO FIX THIS. AND ITS opposite of what we think. we need a polar shift give resl people with arests on therir recordd even a chance to get real jobs. i cant beileve we ban people for life on ANYTHING. Fuck all these religious people who agree with it and forget jesus died for forgiveness of our sins..Or if thats to hokie than a guy names JESUS died to represent the idea that if we are good we can be forgiven (the alterenantive which is killing and why the fuck stop were bad peopple and thats that….. Real people to patrol under the same guidelines we have now but real men who understand the consequences and fesr the consequences cause thyve suffered the consequences and for little shit like smoking meth and comtinuing to test pos while losing abilities to get real jobs (
    benefits, heakth etc
    ) and these people will be grateful rather than ever contemplate hate for their jobs and hate for the parts(the criminal whose drunk and vulnerable in their custody) . greatful grateful and stright down to see bullshit for what it is, to know whats important to police and whats not. to fully understand what an arrest could do to a persons life both good and bad (bad be the 90% result of jail sentences) . I could go on and on but this prob doesnt make sense has too many errors , etc so i hope someone reads this that matters. [email protected] )

  • Hector

    Its the unwritten rights that cops love to exploit .. a unchained dog barking and engaging them while on duty is guaranteed to envoke the drawing of their fire arms and anything more than a pussy will get shot if owners not there . Or if in the case where a cop is out of his vehicle and a potential defendant in the course of trying to get away points his vehicle anywhere in a officers direction can be shot as its considered a threaten their life. Cops relish in these unwritten laws and i doubt its even “cool ” to not take advantage of the chance to shoot spot or take out the car thief, drunk driver, or person who thought he could avoid getting taken back to the place where they really get away with murder –jail

  • John J Publicus

    At what point does this get so out of control that citizens with no other motivation but hatred for police and their brutal tactics decide to strike back? Do the police forces of this country really believe they can ‘contain’ this then? Do they really believe that their actions won’t breed even more contempt from every day voters?

    When my mother in law (white, middle class, episcopal, 82 years old) starts bad mouthing cops for their cruelty, you KNOW the jig is just about up.

    What will happen when the citizenry decides it’s over and defends the militant police forces? What happens when they begin to put cops in jail, or simply execute them the way they execute our fellow citizens? What happens when anyone with a death wish, or a medical death sentence, decides that taking a few cops with them is a public service?

    Will they stop then? Will they even try to modify how they operate? Or will they declare war on the average middle class American citizen they way they have on minorities?

    The saddest part? We allowed this to happen. All of us….

  • Briandemon1

    Dude. These cop articles mess with my head more n more as I read em. This pussy ass piece a shit isn’t gonna b punished. This wnt follow him around for good n make ppl look at him different. It’s crap. Guarantee u shoot my dog i dnt give a fuck who u r, imma give it to u ten fold. It’s not brave or awesome doin shit like this. It’s jus enraging. That pig should b thrown in a kennel with a few pits. Real pits. No gun, no knife. Then we’ll see how tough n “awesome” it is to him. Fuck the police n any other fagget that wants to side with them

  • Mark McIntyre

    I have said this before, and I will say it again. If some cop does that to my dog, there is no place on this planet that he can hide, that a 168 grain HPBT wont find him. Then, Ill watch his collar fly off,, and his head expload, from about 800 yards away

  • Cathryn Sykes

    Our police departments are making a huge mistake. They are selecting people based on macho instead of people skills. The most important characteristics of a policeman are self-control and a willingness to try to defuse a situation first. Calmness in the face of a tense situation. Good judgment. Instead, we are getting police officers who may be great shots…but are horrible people. Mean. Arrogant. Using the badge to bully and intimidate, instead of “preserve and protect.” Start testing for personality, police departments. Courage is a necessary trait for a police officer; arrogance and down-right meanness, is not.

  • Reality rocks

    You can get a “deep look inside a person” and their level of humanity, by the way they treat animals.

  • AliciA

    Hope this bastard lost his job and is on the streets for someone to shoot him in the neck and stand there and laugh. Pond scum POS.

  • catrat

    I just finished reading about a 21 year old sentenced to up to 44 years for killing a K-9 dog. Should it not work the same way when a defenseless dog is shot to death by someone who is suppose to be a policeman. And the fact that this psychopath laughs about it shows he belongs in jail. What will he kill next and laugh about? For the precinct that he works at to sweep this incident under the rug goes to show how corrupt and how disgusting some police precincts really are.

  • Deborah. moody

    as he said it will be swept under the rug and lied about It. saying she attacked them this is what most cops do even if they shoot a person they get away with it its criminal and no one should have to be subjected to that.the evil and the mockery of the things he said about killing that poor dog he should be tried for murder as if it were a person animal abuse is a federal offense and it does not excuse an officer of the so-called law, I hope she sues them and they all are fired

  • Nancy M. Reis

    Hope this cop gets shot but not in the line of duty. No hero funeral for this douche bag!

  • James Dewitt

    what exactly did the dog do, if the dog did anything at all, to Provoke the police. It sounds to me than the cop just wanted to cause problems rather than solving them. This is one of the many reasons on my list why I think all cops, and YES I do mean one hundred percent of them are dicks; I do not trust them if it was my very very very very very last choice and my life depended on it.

  • emily

    If this is true I hope karma gets this cop while out on duty he should be sacked from his job because he’s not fit to serve there’s good and bad in everyone just seems this cops all bad not like officer corona yesterday went out of his way to help a stray dog even though at first it was reported as a pit bull now that’s a real man doesn’t need to kill animals to feel big

  • Wild Cat

    The petition says:
    “Cali was a fun-loving, caring, peaceful family dog. On March 19, 2014,
    she escaped the backyard fence and was roaming through the neighborhood.
    A neighbor called animal control to come and retrieve the dog.”

    What I don’t get is, why did the neighbour call animal control to retrieve the dog and not the owners?!? He/she had to know who the dog belongs to! Makes no sense to me…..
    While that cop was an a$$hole to shoot the dog, the neighbour could have easily prevented it if he/she just called the owner. Some people are weird.

  • Karen Stieldorf

    there is a picture of this f… bastard, so please someone or better a group of people get him and do the same, please, that makes me so sad and angry, i would do it in an instant if i would live there

  • Guest

    Disgusting, just disgusting.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Change starts now. All armed americans, if you see police brutality of any kind, do not sit idly by and allow it to happen. Draw your weapon and fire. If you see an armed thug about to kill or maim an unarmed civilian, you take them down. Even if that thug is wearing a badge.

  • Donna

    Wow! Killing a defenseless animal. “What a man”….she said never………………….

  • Sherri L Barberi

    Your a monster. ..what the hell is wrong with your worthless ass!! You and people like you make me sick…that dog wasn’t doing anything wrong or acting or being aggressive to anyone…she just got lose and you thought it was funny and laughed about shooting her??…your a scum bag and I hope you get fired…your one of those kind of cops that will end up shooting a human then laugh about it

  • Tim Graham

    An eye for an eye…

  • angie perez

    This motherfucker I hope death upon all these stupid fucking cops. I’ll love to see a cop get killed I wont feel bad for shit. How can he laugh like its funny wow smh sad. Fuck the police department. I see no good cops worth living they all need to get shot then ill be laughing !

  • silverdart

    Shoot either of my dogs and I will hunt your ass down. That’s a promise, not a threat!

  • disqus_NrnLJhVBd5

    How I would laugh is one day this fearless cop got abducted and ass raped by an aids infected sgag head and locked in a dark room to slowly die. How awesome would that be

  • snowdogrob2112

    I really hope karma shots that piece of shit in his head soon…

  • Rob W

    Police have sold their souls to be the fist of the state. Make no mistake; it’s us against them.

  • marcello

    What is the name of that coward cop?