Cops to Americans Seeking Justice for Kelly Thomas: “Waiting to Smash Your F*cking Faces in”


FULLERTON — Protests over the “not guilty” verdict of two cops who were seen on video murdering Kelly Thomas have been ongoing in Fullerton, CA.


Former police officer Ron Thomas, the victim’s father, was among those joining the protest. “I’m ashamed of ever having been a police officer,” he told reporters.

Amid the protests, police engaged in the usual tactics to boost their arrest records, including driving around in unmarked vehicles and performing random “snatch and grabs” of citizens with cameras.

At least 13 citizens have been arrested so far and many more have been threatened with violence for “failing to disperse.”


Americans continuing to demand justice for Thomas after criminals were found “not guilty” of killing him.

But one incident has stood out to citizens as a particularly disturbing glimpse into the mentality of the officers.

According to eyewitness reports published at DCClothesline, 30-yr-old Adam Walder, a resident of Fullerton, was among those holding signs at the protest to express demands for justice.

“As he held his sign and videotaped the happenings, he was encountered by police in riot gear and ordered to disperse, but then thrown into a paddy wagon when he didn’t move fast enough,” according to the report.

He was joined by several other handcuffed Americans inside the van.

As they were transported to jail, the officers were described as grinning and laughing.

That’s when one of the grinning officers turned to the handcuffed citizens and with “malice in his voice” said “There’s a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your fucking faces in.”

Another officer added, “And I’ve got two words for all of you, ‘NOT GUILTY,'” as the officers laughed.

Were they gloating about the fact that they now have license to murder because of the precedent set by the “not guilty” verdict?

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Really honorable and brave, isn’t it?

These are the kinds of guys living off of your tax money.  Can you imagine them laughing at you behind closed doors, waiting for the chance to beat you, grinning in the knowledge that they’ll get away with it?

Or don’t imagine it. Watch it happen.

Watch a department collectively giggle and cheer in cult-like adulation after shooting a woman in the head with riot guns.

Hear about them laughing and high-fiving each other after Tasing a teenage boy to death, finding pleasure in the fact that the boy’s “asshole tightened up” as they kept electrocuting him until he stopped breathing.

Watch them smile with pleasure after ramming a boy’s head into a wall, giving him permanent brain damage.

You may find this kind of behavior surprising.

But when you pause to think about it, it’s not surprising.

The reality of the situation is that psychopathy has always existed. And for most of recorded human history, societies have dealt with psychopaths accordingly.

What is surprising is that we’re now living in a society that gives these guys sophisticated costumes, drones, tanks and other high-tech weaponry “for our safety.”

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