Cop Says “Go F**k Yourself” After Illegally Firing 50 Rounds, Causing Horse to Buck Off 5-Yr-Old Girl: Witness

mtvernon hubert

MT VERNON — A family is claiming that a police chief showed utter disrespect to them after firing a gun illegally in a conservation zone and causing a nearby horse to buck off a child.

Police Chief David Hubert has been cited for illegally discharging a firearm on conservation land.

Katelyn Branstetter, her boyfriend Derek, and her 5-yr-old her daughter had been riding on horseback, as is typical for visitors of the conservation land.

Suddenly they started hearing gunfire nearby.

As the bullets rang out, the horses became startled and bucked into the air.

The 5-yr-old girl was bucked off of her horse and tangled in its straps, then dragged for 20 yards by her foot as the horse was trying to escape the sound of the bullets.daughter horse

The family was horrified that this could happen, since they were in the safe designated areas for horseback riding.

About 50 rounds of ammunition had been fired off by the time Katelyn was able to catch up with her daughter and begin comforting her.

Finally Katelyn was able to track down the shooters.

“I said, ‘What are you doing? You’re shooting right at the trail!’” said Katelyn.

In response to her concern, Chief Hubert “showed no remorse, no compassion, he could have cared less,” said Katelyn.

“He made no offer to call for help or anything,” she added.

That is when Derek, Katelyn’s boyfriend, decided to have a man-to-man talk with Police Chief Hubert.

“I told him, “Just be a man, go up there and apologize to them and it’ll all be over,” said Derek.

“And then he [Hubert] said ‘I’m not apologizing for anything and you can go fuck yourself.’”

Since the news came out, the Chief is now claiming that he doesn’t “remember what all they said,” and claims that he was not disrespectful.

“I do know that at no time did I use profanity, nor did I act disrespectful,” said Chief Hubert.

A conservation agent was called, who informed Chief Hubert that it was illegal to fire guns on conservation land.

Chief Hubert now says he did not know it was illegal, and has since apologized during city council meetings.

Do you think Chief Hubert’s apology is sincere, or is he only apologizing now that the family went public?

Let us know after you watch the video below:

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  • Bruce Kube

    He’s apologizing because he got caught. What an idiot.

  • Tanya Triplett

    i believe the family. cop gonna cover his butt.

  • Ashley Helfer

    Hmmm, well, let’s take a guess: considering his response BEFORE it went public, how likely is it that he suddenly has remorse NOW, when he didn’t have any before? Nevermind that a stray bullet could’ve killed someone, or that the horse could have easily killed the child; his response was that they could, “go f*ck themselves.” That’s definitely a sign of a remorseful officer who realizes what a dangerous situation he instigated…. /sarcasm

    Well, sir, hopefully your response is coming full circle once the family tells you to ‘go f*ck yourself’ and sues the pants off the city. All well and good to apologize after the fact, but too little, too late. You revealed your character the second you showed blatant disregard for anyone’s safety, despite the fact your job is to literally keep the public safe.

  • Taylor Costello

    And what kinda police chief admits he didn’t in now something was illegal. its your job to know what’s legal and what’s not

  • John Busciglio

    Ignorance of the law… you know this same guy would arrest mundanes on felony charges if we took a squirt gun to this conservation land. This isn’t even a double standard. It’s worse than elitism. These are straight up criminals running an illegal protection racket. His actions caused injury, this is true crime. An apology is just not good enough. I don’t care how nice or not nice the interaction was, he needs to pay restitution and be held accountable. This is a crime against everyone in the state. Yeah, he is a the chief of police so he should not only be held accountable for his crime, he should be fired for his ignorance of the law.


    hey now, lets give him a break its of all our interest and Murica´s interest that he hone his shooting skills for the terrorist attacks and all the heroic work he will have to do every day. Never mind that he is a douche bag and hasn´t any clue who pays his fucking salary

    • Melanie Adams

      yup. he’s got unarmed non-white civilians to kill! that takes practice!

  • Chris Thrash

    wouldn’t you know another cop who don’t know the law. makes you wonder

  • matt

    He needs to lose his job. Plain and fuck him simple

  • RiverMikeRat

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse. He should be criminally charged just like a civilian would.

  • carladarla

    yes, another non surprise of crappy behavior by law enforcement. but for the love of all that is holy, it is COULD NOT care less. COULD NOT. by saying you could care less, it means you COULD care less, so when you say that, you are not saying anything at all. the point is to say the man COULD NOT care less, which is what gets people’s points across….that the cop was so inattentive, so indifferent, that he’s the worst – because he could NOT care less. get it?

  • Brock Lee

    Pigs r so dumb when it come to the law,they do not even know the Bill of Rights amendments,dam,,,

  • Chiguy

    He didn’t know what he did was illegal? He’s a COP! His PRIMARY JOB is to know the laws. If he doesn’t know those laws, that makes him unqualified to do his job, doesn’t it?

    • Aaron Sewell

      That is the logical progression, but we are talking about the government. The supreme court ruled that ignorance of the law is an excuse, but only for cops.

  • H Steven Mead

    Fucking piece of trash. And to claim he didn’t know it wasn’t a shooting range is BS. He thought he was a cop and no one was going to down talk him. At least until it came public. Now he is all , OH I am sorry I didn’t know? How many times has he probably arrested someone whom didn’t know something? Plenty I bet. Fat trash

  • Joe Draper

    ah sue the city, and pay up city, than fire chief, end of story, then if possible sue the former chief.

  • Melanie Adams

    uhhh, how do you NOT remember what was said, but you know you didn’t use profanity?? sounds just like a cop to me! and his “aww shucks” routine ain’t sellin’ his bullshit apology! you KNOW he thinks he can do whatever he wants, wherever he wants because he’s a cop. and you can bet if some called him out on something he was doing, he would get PISSED. GOD! it’s so insulting to everyone’s intelligence when people make these FAKE apologies because they’ve been caught at something and they’re just doing damage control. AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!

  • Dr E

    Well we can’t enable and even SUPPORT abuse of certain groups and expect this behavior not to make its way to EVERY other group. That’s why Dr.MLK said that ” injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. This is absolutely disgusting!

  • Rex

    “‘I’m not apologizing for anything and you can go fuck yourself.” is likely the only honest thing to have come of his mouth in public in years.

    As for that “I didn’t know it was illegal” shit, I’ll bet if it was his little girl being dragged down that trail, his memory would suddenly improve.

    • The Owl Guy

      He would be shooting every person within sight and then claim “in fear of his life” to get away with it.

      • Ray Benitez

        One must “Stand your ground.”

  • mike

    “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.”

    • Chris Wilson

      and yet you need a college degree to understand it

      • BrooklynGal

        You don’t need a college degree to understand the simplest of laws. Especially LOCAL laws you are required to enforce.

      • James Michael

        Law is simple once you dump all the liaryer created fraud and treasonous crap….

  • Noemii Lopez

    No remorse what so ever i hate these cops that use their uniform to do things like this as well as other things and think that they cant be punished cus they are a cop gtfo

  • …seems there should be a very large fine and maybe even some legal action that could, should be in order here…

  • If his mouth was moving then whatever he said was a lie.

  • Ric

    Ignorance of the law is no protection from prosecution for breaking law.

  • Kim Bak

    “Chief Hubert now says he did not know it was illegal” isn’t that his fucking job to know the law?

  • Rusty Shakelford

    He is a rather fat out of shape porker, isn’t he?

  • LawrenceNeal

    Just another SA puke.

  • Robert Comstock

    After watching the video, I wonder why the conservation officers didn’t cite the police chief if it was a citable offense as stated. No, I don’t really wonder. Professional courtousy, i guess. I’m positive I would have been cited.

    • Katelyn Branstetter

      He did receive a citation, I can confirm that!

  • Bruce Bell

    He looks the type that would do as he pleases then say those very words in reply to anyone. Once caught would be all nice and oh so sorry he got caught not because he cared.

  • Michael White

    If a citizen said they didn’t know something was against the law the cop would have said to bad, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

  • Robj98168

    As I have been told time after time… Ignorance of the law is no excuse… fire him, without paid leave

  • LeeDoggie

    Dear website makers, thanks so fucking much for being incredibly rude
    and making everyone click and extra fucking time we want to fucking read
    anything. You might not think it’s much but it’s a big fucking deal, so
    rude. Fuck your newsletter, we follow on facebook, people who fucking
    want them can sign up for them with out you fucking asking constantly.

    • LeeDoggie

      EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    He didn’t know that was a law about firing a gun on that land? He’s the chief of police right? The top cop! That’s like the state attorney saying I didn’t know that was a law. I wonder how many people actually believe what he said

  • DannyEastVillage

    maybe he doesn’t remember because he was crystal-fueled.

  • Patrick H.

    Anytime an apoligy isnt just fourth comming, it isnt sincere.

  • Don Carman

    He should get the jackass award for 2015,all he cares about is himself!

  • upagainstthewall

    This chief seeme to be kinda like Chief George; apparently each knows how to conveniently claim ignorance of the law. This idiot doesn’t know where it’s safe to shoot and our chief doesn’t know how to uphold protection orders.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    .first the fat bastard who is the friggin chief!! if he doesn’t know the gun laws??? FIRE HIS FAT ASS!! secondly he broke the law, at least one. PROSECUTE HIM!!!!…then he acted in typical pig fashion. I HOPE WHEN PEOPLE HAVE FINALLY DECIDED THEY’VE HAD ENOUGH, SOMEONE GETS IT ON VIDEO, AND UPLOADS IT TO YOUTUBE

  • Inspiridos

    Fire the SOB

  • Jake K.B.

    If it’s illegal you don’t get to fucking apologize, you get to be persecuted. That’s bullshit. Sue the fucker.

  • Jake K.B.

    American cops are so fucked. They need to completely reform. Fire everyone, redesign the system, retrain, then rehire. These cops think they deserve to act above everyone else. They are such cunts to normal, decent people.

  • This police chief should do the honorable thing.

  • Lori

    Seriously- the officer “Didn’t know” you cannot shoot firearms in a conservation area. Well- as they say to us “ignorance is no excuse!!” And we seldom get a do over in any case without the appropriate ticket.

  • sagitarrian

    Then he shouldn’t be CHief od Police if he didn’t know it was illegal to fire his gun on conservation land what a load of effing bullshit and Chief think you need to lay off the donuts

  • Louise

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  • Dean Dixon

    Of course he apologized because he got caught. He needs to be fired, you can’t lead a force when you’re a problem.

  • oooorgle

    So it is ok to use the law to beat a cop, but it is not ok for a cop to use the law to beat you? Cops suck but that is hypocritical at best.

    • AlvinBr

      What are you blathering about??

  • Patrice Brandt

    HE”s a cop and doesn’t know the law?? Come on use a better excuse than that ass hole !! Get rid of him and fast! He also looks too fat to be a cop!!!

  • John Francis Paterimos

    This Zero is not only a cop, he’s the Chief of Police!!..I think the City Council needs to give ol’ Red Neckerson his walking papers and maybe consider hiring someone with a Degree in Criminology and a knowledge of LAWS!!..There is not a NO SHOOTING sign in my backyard…But no one has ever shot a gun there!!

  • tmurphy

    how the hell could he NOT know it was illegal .. hes a damn cop. the only reason he apologized is cuz the family went public. what a douche

  • SylviaTCherry

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  • Oliver

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  • The story would be better if it was not obscuring the facts for headline. It was a chief of police, not just a cop that claimed he did not know gun laws. He needs to be fired for not knowing gun laws. By being sensational, you missed an opportunity to get a bad chief fired and help clean up a department.

  • Rycke Brown

    No mention of profanity in the report.

    • Inspiridos

      Not likely to be; if the Conservation officer wasn’t there to hear it himself, then he wouldn’t report it. No one filing a report would place anything in a report they did not themselves witness or hear. Apparently the Chief admitted to firing the shots to the Conservation officer … he was cited.

  • Shaded Lumikko

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  • narniya

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  • whitetrashamerican

    lol americans. stop breeding. if you wanna breed, raise your kids right. god damn white trash

  • Everdear Gomes


  • Eva Willson

    what a dork…

  • bitcop

    Okay Police Chief David Hubert, you didn’t know you couldn’t shoot there. Now explain your total lack of empathy or concern when you were told a young girl was injured because of your actions. Where do you come up with ‘Go F$5K yourself” upon learning of this little girl’s injuries which you illegally and carelessly caused. Here’s hoping they take you to small claims court for damages.

  • The Owl Guy

    Fire him. Immediately.

  • david

    Fat fuck, I hope someone shoots him, piece of shit.

  • city32

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  • Eric Lavallee

    all cops need to be killed can we please storm the parliament Whitehouse all of it all ready there are more of us then them.

  • JohnnieBPatterson

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  • Antionsuld

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  • Paul Shaffer

    This may draw a lot of hateful coments but hear me out. This guy has been serving as a cop in Mount Vernon for many years and he has always chaperoned all my high school dances. He is ALWAYS trying his best to be there for any and all kids. He is ALWAYS trying to allow kids that he and the other men and women in uniform are not bad people. I know other cops in Mount Vernon that use profanity but he has always seemed to be the opposite so I would be shocked if this report was 100% true. This man made a mistake plain and simple. Regardless if he knew if it was illegal or not, I don’t believe he should be fired. He is one of those cops that kids as young as elementary or as old as high school glow with smiles as thry wave when thry see him. Mistakes happen and thry do have consequences. Everyone is just thankful the consequences weren’t scheduling a funeral date.

    • Paul Shaffer

      Allow kids to realize*

  • HANG45
  • Falm1968

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  • RichardJOdell

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  • Larry Capponi

    shit head , time to rally at his police station till he is held accountable