Cop Shoots 70-yr-old Vietnam Veteran in the Stomach for Reaching for Cane


SOUTH CAROLINA — A disturbing dashcam video has surfaced showing a cop open fire on a disabled veteran at a traffic stop.

Bobby Canipe, 70, was pulled over because his registration tags were expired.

He peacefully began an attempt to greet the officer.

Because he cannot walk without assistance, he reached for his cane as he always does.

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The officer saw him reaching for the cane and immediately began yelling at Bobby.

In just seconds, the officer opened fire on Bobby with a hail of bullets.

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Americans using new tech

The officer claims he thought Bobby “had a gun.”

Even if he did have a gun, do officers have the right to gun down Americans for exercising their 2nd amendment rights?

Clearly Bobby was not pointing his cane at the officer as if to threaten him. In fact it appears in the video that he was pressing it to the ground in order to walk.

If it were a rifle, pointing a rifle down at the ground is not a “threat” that requires being blasted with gunfire.

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He was simply using his cane to walk.

After shooting Bobby in the stomach, the officer realized that it was a cane, not a gun.

He then ran over to Bobby's collapsed body and radioed for medical assistance.

All of this could have been prevented if cops would stop being trained to be fearful and trigger happy.

Again, even if Bobby did have a rifle, it would be his right to have it, and the officer would be unjustified in gunning him down.

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According to reports, this is the ninth officer-involved shooting so far in South Carolina, in just three months.

Officer Knox has been placed on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.

Watch the video below.

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  • Alhazred


  • Alhazred

    99.99999999999999999999999999999-% of the time: YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO PULL OVER AN ARMED TERRORIST ON A ROUTINE TRAFFIC STOP. Just because something has the POTENTIAL to happen does not mean you should be trained to expect it with extreme prejudice. If anything, the people we should be disarming are the every day cops like this. We should have a swat response team, yes, but the average cop should not be armed, or adopt a tactic like our armed forces, where they can’t shoot unless they are shot at first.

    • Anon
    • Ryan Evans

      Agreed. 100%!

      • Brad Canelo


    • Kristian Thorsen

      yes! but he can’t be that well trained, he hit with one shot out of many

      • tyepoe

        exactly!!! This is how well they are trained! If they can hit the target 1 out of 10 shots they are legally able to carry a weapon and aim it at people… On top of that they are trained that if they “feel” there being threatened(not that there life is actually in any danger, just that they are being threatened) they are legally able to shoot to kill.

        So basically hillbillies have a better sense of how to hold and shoot a weapon than police officers. I am terrified of police not because they hold weapons, but because they are consistently very uneducated people who are holding weapons, and that is truly dangerous!

        • John Themagicguy Villarreal

          Kristian, tyepoe….. Really, you both are fools…Many officers have a college degrees, if you are a high school dropout, you are not gonna pass the first stage of the hiring process. “Can’t be well trained if he only hit one shot out of many” Well you Facebook marksman, how good a shot are you?? It’s one thing to go to the range and take your time, line up the shot and fire your weapon. when your life is in danger, it’s a totally different scenario.. You people put down cops, but when you need help, you are quick to dial 911. Go on a “ride a long’ in fact try a training scenario and see how long you would last. Have you any idea what would happen if the police were disarmed or if there were no police?? This society will tear itself apart….


            And you cops do not only put down people that pays your salaries and benefits, you kill them also. What I see in this video is, to me, as criminal as any other murder. So much for your “protect and serve.”

          • John

            Your a Re-tard! arn’t you John Themagicguy Villarreal. Society would be much better off with out you and other dumbass officers like this one! go suck your gun and pull!

          • bccrn

            I remember reading a story last year about a town somewhere in the U.S. that fired their entire police force, and discovered that crime actually went down in their town. Sometimes, cops cause more problems than they solve. I’ve been on this earth for 56 years, and it seems to me that the quality of men and women sporting a police uniform and badge, has increasingly deteriorated over the years. Cops used to try and resolve matters using non-violent means. Now, too many of them seem scared of their own shadows and just want to start shooting at the first sign of trouble….trouble that is often brought on by their own actions. We shake our heads in confusion when we read stories like this and think to ourselves, “why would they shoot someone over something so stupid?” Well, here is my theory as to why we keep seeing more and more of these ridiculous shootings involving cops: They are being trained this way. If there is one thing that I remember from my training in the Air Force, it is this: When you start seeing a problem happening over and over again, it’s not so much a “people” problem; it’s a “system” problem. It’s obvious to me that the system is broken, and until we fix it, we will continue to see more of the same.

          • natesweet

            John, it has become obvious on more than one occasion that some police forces do not want smart cops. Applicants have been turned away for basically being too smart. In fact, there has been court cases over this exact thing. The courts upheld a department’s right to not hire a person because they have an high IQ. IMO, the reason this went to court is because some departments want cops who will just act instead of thinking before they act. As backwards as that seems, there seems to be truth to it.

    • tyepoe

      You couldn’t be more seriously correct. Cops are incredibly dangerous. I’m scared as piss of cops, especially as a dog owner I can’t even tell you… These cops are high school drop outs or equivalent… I mean, can you please tell me the amount of college degree holding cops there are…0%. We equipt the people who arent smart enough for college to hold a gun to our heads… its beyond silly, its irresponsible and killing people everyday, its nonsense. People say well its a dangerous profession… Well fuck yes its a dangerous profession, they should know that going into the job. Police officers should NOT be legally able to carry weapons. At MOST they should be able to have rubber bullets, in the most extreme situations! Cops being able to carry weapons is killing american’s every single day and its fucking CRAZY to see just how unethical these situations are when they are posted on youtube. Then the cops will say this is standard procedure, its not there fault and they don’t get indited… well that only means the law itself governing how police operate in our american society is the problem and what is actually putting people in harms way. The laws and training that police go under is actually what is killing people unjustifiably… The cops need more training and the laws need to change on how cops act in society, or more people will be killed by other people with uniforms on who are legally able to aim and shoot at another person without any ethical training at all and barely 6 months of weapon training… tell me how that isn’t a hillbilly backward fucked way of doing things!

      • Brad Canelo


      • Dave

        There would be one drawback to having the police use rubber bullets. It would be ‘the nature of the beast’ to use them for maximum affect. They would shoot you in the groin, or in the eye. Look what they do with their other, so called non lethal weapons. Bludgeon people with batons. Electrocute people multiple times till they die. Fear not. They would find a way to turn rubber bullets lethal. Perhaps rubber bands would be more appropriate.

  • eman1973

    Another worthless pig, hope he kills himself over the guilt

    • Anon

      Did you see him fall apart and breakdown after finding out what he had done? Maybe you’d rather have this happen? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=62d_1315328962

      • Spinne

        I’d don’t know what I’ve done, if this scum bag would’ve murdered my husband. But I prolly would’ve cussed him out good.

      • eman1973

        Yes I saw him break down, he just needs to finish the job and die now.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      you have to be human to feel guilt, cops don’t fit in that group

      • Dimitri Theodosakis

        99% White USA Police are Souless Coldblood Sociopath without Any Subconscious.

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          oh, of course. it’s only WHITE cops that are beating/killing people. you people are so fvcking predictable. the only thing that surprises me is it took this long for some moron to say it’s all white cops. stop being a moron! it’s cops of ALL COLORS!!! AND THE VICTIMS ARE ALSO ALL COLORS!!

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          “without any subconscious?”, it’s called a conscience, not subconscious

        • Nick Djmistermurdock Rem

          That cop was black retard

          • MP

            wat the fuck does race have to do with it? a cop is a cop no matter what. wow not ment for you demitri ment for nick

          • We now know who is the retard….that would be you

        • Jason smith

          Why the race baiting? Oh you’re just an idiot. Must not have realized it was a black cop huh? A black cop shot a white man and guess what…it wasn’t due to him being prejudice it was just due to the cop being a coward. This guy should not be a cop, not because he is a piece of shit or anything because you can hear in his voice when he starts yelling that he’s scared to death. I don’t really understand why he was so scared but he was. Fear makes crazy things happen and a cop who can’t control his fear is as dangerous as anyone on the street

        • vicarofrevelwood .

          The black ones are just as bad.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      you have to have a conscience, honor, and integrity. they have none of those qualities

  • guest

    I am pretty sure he is going to get a medal, that’s how the stupid system works.

  • forby

    POLICE CHIEFS defending the indefensible to protect the killer cops under their control. This is a daily occurrence in the USA, because police have been brainwashed to think, their safety is more important than the people that PAY THEM to PROTECT THEM. Imagine if security guards kept killing the people they are paid to protect.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      watch the video on youtube of the female security guard that tries bullying ppl like the cops….she gets her ass kicked….as it should be!

  • Infantry grunt 11

    “Even if he did have a gun, do officers have the right to gun down Americans for exercising their 2nd amendment rights?”
    Stupidest fucking thing I have ever read. If I’m a cop and if I pull you over and if I see you with a firearm in your hands. I’m going to shoot you.

    • Conlos Terroristas

      You are a public officer. The public’s safety comes before your own. It’s a position of honor. You sir are a coward. Shame.

    • Dirk Hamilton

      But, the officer didn’t see a gun in the guys hand did he?
      Personaly I’m about sick of hearing about “isolated” cases like this. Something has gone seriously wrong with law enforcement in the US.
      I will say the cop at least realized his mistake and called for help. He admitted a mistake. Most cops a department NEVER do this.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      so what your saying is ANYONE with a gun deserves to be murdered. well you better get busy because there’s a lot of cops, military, farmers, and law abiding citizens all have guns. so let me know how that works out for you…..fucking moron! we don’t need yours, or anyone elses permission to exercise our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • insomnia

    Cowards. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This festering disease of cowardess coursing through the veins of our law enforcement establishments must change. The shoot first mentality is unacceptable from the very people we charge with our security. In this video, the officer clearly has cover. He is not exposed or vulnerable. Even if this had been a mean nasty shot gun or rifle there is no excuse for gunning him down prior to understanding the situation and evaluating the options to bring this to a peaceful end.

    • Sopa

      this. ease up on the hate and it’s the best statement on this topic.
      10/10 would agree again 🙂

  • YehudaPa

    He probably doesn’t have any guilt. Why do you assume that he does? Did he say that he does?

    • Michael Bean

      Actually he did. Find the actual full video. The cop is crying like a baby.

      • A Dawg

        Because he attempted to or actually murdered and innocent and/or could have shot other innocents behind the guy, and did it all on video…

  • YehudaPa

    Canipe is still alive? Scrapy old veteran can’t be put down that easily.

  • NtThe1URluking4

    Before you all make pass judgement and make accusations watch the entire thing not the little minute 40 excerpt. The cop was completely devastated by this shooting and is currently on unpaid leave (his choosing) while this is investigated. There was more to the scenario than what is shown here. The driver left his vehicle without instruction from the cop. To anyone that would be considered as aggressive behavior. then without acknowledging the cop her reaches into the back of his truck and pulls out what could be a weapon of any kind. As much as I think this a shame the simple statement of “I need my cane from the back of the truck” would have saved him severe injuries.
    Also if you think that you can do better in the same circumstances that I encourage you to participate in the “shoot/ don’t shoot” scenarios put on by the local PD or sheriff’s office. Try to make the right decision in less than a split second.

    • Artis Gil

      Yes devastated because he knew that the video showed an incompetent psychotic paranoid happily gunning down another unarmed elderly gentlemen.
      Since when is getting out of your vehicle after a long drive legal grounds for execution?
      If you are saying that the LEO, after already sizing up the elderly driver and passenger, immediately knew the only possibility is : Bobby Canipe got out because he was a crazed mass murderer? That shooting multiple rounds in Bobby’s direction, having no idea about what was in the impact area beyond Bobby, was reasonable? This is the height of professional incompetence.
      I have fought in four wars for my country. I taught tactical shooting upon retirement. I know what is a legitimate target and what is not. I have been shot at and shot, mortared and blown up.
      I am tired of all these cowards and cowboys that think the uniform is magical. The only thing magical is devotion, honor, discipline, and commitment. If you want to play big boy games then accept the universal truth; once a round is fired it does not stop until it hits something dense enough to absorb the kinetic energy. The only thing worse then the demonstrated incompetence is the sniveling of the LEO and your stale justifications. You are only making things worse. Grow up.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        well said sir.

    • JLH13

      Agreed with everything except the shoot, don’t shoot picnics. They’re hella skewed as they don’t account for training to avoid needing to make the decision that quick. You know, like the REAL military.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      getting out of HIS OWN CAR is aggressive!!!!???? t5hen I must be one aggressive mutha fu.. because I routinely get out of my car. and who in the hell do they, or you think they are giving orders!!!??? I didn’t join the military so fuck their ORDERS! in the words of tony Montana (Scarface) “the only thing that gives orders in this world is boss….ju got that”

  • Ryan Evans


  • Bill Childress

    Almost makes you want to carry a gun and shoot the trigger happy bastards they allow to patrol the streets of our neighborhoods. PATHETIC. And for his senior commander trying to defend that cowards actions, he should be fired as well for being an idiot!

  • Kaos Krumpy

    Shoot first and come up with a story later. This keystonekopper is a moron.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      no, we’re the morons for letting it get this bad in the first place

  • wanda faye rigdon

    Stupid cop ! Old man who can Hardly walk Shot by this Pig !

  • Adam Brian

    Yeah I don’t feel bad for neither one of these people. This guy is an idiot getting out of his car in the first place. The cop is definetly someone who should not be walking around with a gun. I wouldn’t trust this guy to flip my burger.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      again who in the fuck do ppl like you think they are, telling ppl what they can or can’t do!!!???? not only is this man free and over 21, but he also served his country with honor….something these cops know nothing about.

      • Adam Brian

        If your that much of dumb ass to reach for anything when a cop is standing there. Im not going to feel bad for you. You dont reach for nothing with cops around. Cops will shoot you for moving wrong nowadays. This guy is a dumbass for reaching for his cane and getting out of his car in the first place. I dont feel sorry for him cause he is one of those oh hi mr officer types thinking this is 1957 when cops were actually nice to old people. Nowadays coos kill everything and he should have onown better. This has nothing to do with his service or what he does. As far as the cop i wouldnt trust him to cook my hotdog or make me a bologna sandwich. So who you think you are gary. Read what i said first dumbass.

  • Johnny


  • JonEdHil

    What a STUPID idiot! Are these swine not TRAINED to LOOK and SEE before they shoot? Look how much light there is! There’s no way a PROPERLY trained cop could have mistaken a cane for a shotgun! The chief AND the cop should be immediately fired.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      it used to be that a cop could go his entire career without EVER PULLING THIER WEAPON, much less actually fire the weapon! now, they pull their weapon on an hourly basis

  • Keith H

    Am I the only one that thinks people that murderers should be in jail and not on administrative leave…

    • bccrn

      No, you are not the only one.

  • Sasuke

    I’m only twelve years old. I just discovered this website via Reddit tonight and I’m horrified at what these supposed “role models” are doing to the American people. We’re always told that cops are there to help us, that we should go to a cop when we’re in trouble…they’re feeding a generation with lies so they can continue to get away with their corrupt behavior.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    ya know, it used to be a cop could go his entire career without EVER pulling his weapon. now cops are so psychotic, and trigger happy, they just can’t wait to shoot someone, and on top of that they rarely ever receive any kind of punishment, other than paid admin. leave

  • Tim

    The Sheriff is the one that disgusts me the most, politely saying it is his own damn fault.

  • Christopher Usewicz

    No matter what we say, every article calls for change, I don’t see it happening. The cops on the street are not smart men and the training the receive has them as jumpy trigger happy psychopathic idiots who just look for a reason to use their weapon. When cops start going to jail and not back on the job due to some creative administrative cover ups is when changes will take place. It is not wrong to protect their own but when their own are nothing but criminals, is it not the same as the gangs that use crime to further their own ends? At least the Mafia protected the ppl on the streets for a price but isn’t that the same as taxes?

    • Gary Williams Jr.


  • anonymous_kayla

    This cop did his job… The guy shudnt have got out the car he shudnt have kept reaching after the cop asked It was dark that would look like a shotty he honestly sounds like he feels really bad and crying over the situation… What else do u fucking dumbasses expect .. This is not the cops fault and I feel bad for him having to live thru that huge mistake..

    • Robert Rubolin

      If you can’t tell a shotgun from a cane you should not be carrying a gun or badge. If you’re not sure take cover and look again before shooting an innocent old man !! NO EXCUSE !!!

  • Treefrog

    Every cop that shoots someone should HAVE to enlist and go fight in Iran, Afghanistan or some other country that condone killing. So sick of these cops that think they are better then the rest of us.

  • Dave Markovich

    I say where the heck is the ambulance, they should have reported “officer down” they would have been there already.

  • theo

    Rarely do I side with police regarding shootings, however It appeared to look like a gun to me too. The officer was immediately remorseful and did not attempt to handcuff, arrest or cover up his actions as if the victim had caused his bad judgement to shoot him. Normally you see immediate blame transferred over to the victim, I have to say this officer seemed to care about his actions, he didn’t stand there and let the gentleman bleed to death while he came up with a convincing story or escalated the issue which we see a lot in police shootings and brualty. I dont think this is a case of police bruatily, the officer truely believed his life was in danger.

    • Siberia Gippius

      I have to agree here, I watched the video several times. The minute the man reaches back into the truck and you see that long shiny line I could see very easily how that could be construed as a rifle. Many care rifles in the back of a truck. Its not until the man is pressing the cane onto the ground that you can tell without doubt that its a cane but by that time he’s already been shot. The officer didn’t shoot to kill either. In the police brutality cases I have seen and there are hundreds, the intent to kill is usually there or the intent to do harm, this total disregard. I didn’t see that here. I think this case, This case, was an unfortunate accident. And I don’t normally take the sides of cops, ever. On the other cases I’ve seen here, on you tube etc., no doubt the cases are blatant disregard for human life and I would even go on to say flat out genocidal systematic attempts, esp to homeless, disabled, etc. This isn’t one of those cases, not a too bright of an officer but not a sociopath either.

      • Siberia Gippius

        and know I’am Very outspoken against police And the system but I do think, we do our fight against brutality and fascism a disservice when we allow the anger, rightly so, to cloud our perceptions on Every case. This case just doesn’t fit the profile of what we normally see with trigger happy cops.

    • Jeaux

      How many Cops actually get shot at during routine traffic stops. I always look to statistics and cops kill a lot more Americans then the other way around.

  • bdj1

    This is what happens when you give badges to terrorists.

  • Christina 19680

    Of course he is on paid admin. Leave and the report will come back as justifiable shooting

  • Don Hanson

    That is close to the most BS thing I have ever seen…What is wrong with these cops!!!!!? I hope officer Knox is fired and sent to prison for attempted murder. Like it would ever happen…maybe it would wake some of these idiot cops up.

  • mr pipi

    That officer deserves a nice set of wings, just like those from nyc in December…..Wings are a Beautiful Thing

  • Millie Zeiler

    The police need to be retrained, period. They’ve become thugs in uniform and this has to stop. For the love of America and for the sake of Humanity, please put the law back into the hands of people who truly respect it. The American nation has turned into the polar opposite of what the founding fathers had in mind for it. It has also become a Nazi-Germany style nation that our war veterans fought and died for (so they were told) in WWI and WWII, not to mention the other wars currently brewing.

  • Echoman1421

    Did this poor man die from his injuries? I love how the cop try’s to play the victim! You can hear the other pig tell him “you did what you had to do!” No mother fucker you did what you wasn’t suppose to do! I don’t agree with comment on here saying he should kill him self, that’s not right! However he definitely should be fired & charged with attempted murder (if the poor man didn’t die or with murder if he did die) & reckless discharge of a firearm! His wife could of easily been killed as well!

  • ben

    hey maybe if your deathly afraid of seniors on routine traffic stops, your too big a pussy to be trusted with a badge and a gun.

  • Kaos Havoc

    Like always “We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong”….

  • Another trigger happy psycho asshole cop. Welcome to AmeriKKKa

  • This is proof that cops see ALL citizens as the “enemy”.. we are all criminals in their eyes, until proven otherwise. THIS IS F*CKED up. We need to get rid of the police state, and it can’t happen soon enough. We are ALL at risk.

  • This PROVES that cops are a danger to us all. They see EVERYONE as “the enemy”. The cop who comes up later and is consoling the shooter makes me F*CKING SICK.. “you did what you had to do” My happy ass.

  • c0wgirlfr0mhell

    They need to stop hiring recent vets that have been in war, and have PTSD, and completely over react like this!

  • beef

    I hope they both learned from that. Driver: Stay in your vehicle when being pulled over. Cop: Open your fucking eyes and relax that trigger finger until you are SURE!

  • David Desorcy

    every day another pig murders somebody

  • JackmeOFF

    fucking lying corrupt cops and they wonder why they are targets

  • Tim Graf

    I don’t condone the officer being jumpy, but the guy getting stopped got out of his vehicle before being instructed to do so, then reached for an “object” after being yelled at not to. This is the essence of stupidity. Do NOT get out of your vehicle when being stopped unless you are specifically told to by an officer through verbal command.

  • Drakenfly
  • Drakenfly
  • David

    Unfortunately, American citizens are being targeted as if we are the enemy. We need change from the top (leadership), or it will never change.

  • Eagle

    Typical American cop, shoot first, ask questions later!

  • Mengus Dew

    That cop kept telling the other one”don’t worry about it. You was just doin what you had to do”………RIGGGHHHTTTT. He TOTALLY HAD to do that. Cops get to fuck up, and they are still respectable people that we depend on. Anyone else fucks up and they are criminals that deserve every bit of punishment they get.

    • Mengus Dew


  • Jim Zabroski

    Just look at those blue lives matter! Goodness, I sure am glad that officer wasn’t hurt right there. Close one.

  • Don Unruh

    Expired license tags equals being shot? Must be the new “Murica”.

  • Benjamin Durka

    No one gives a shit. It was a white man shot.