Psycho Cop Kills Woman and Her Dog, Lights Their Corpses on Fire

It’s the stuff of slash-and-gash horror movies.

Only this time, its victims are real.

And they were murdered by a now-former police officer in Daviess County.

Officer Dave Call showed up to Rebecca Taul’s home in Trenton, MO. in the evening.

His heart turned cold, and he had only one thing on his mind: to execute this woman and her pet dog.


It turns out that Rebecca had actually dated Officer Call at one point.

Somewhere during their dating, Rebecca decided to end her interaction with the 50-yr-old Officer Call.

We can only guess it was some kind of irredeemable flaw she perceived in his personality or value system which scared her away from him.

When she moved to her new home, a friend asked her if Officer Call would be living with her.

“No,” she said.

“I’m scared of him and I don’t want him anywhere near me,’” she continued.

That would be one of the last times she spoke to anybody again.

Officer Call had plans to end her life in the most gruesome manner possible.

He went to her home and shot her to death.

If this wasn’t enough, he made sure to shoot her pet dog to death as well.

Two innocent victims robbed of their lives at he hands of a rampaging cop — it was a nightmare.

And it still doesn’t end there.

According to reports, Officer Call lit the corpses of his victims on fire.

One wonders what was going through this Officer’s mind as he saw the once animated, loving beings turned into charred remains.

“Call was distraught over the breakup,” a probable cause statement reads.

A witness said that Officer Call called her and told her about what he did, and that he was “standing over” bodies which he had just burned.

At this point several police were called over to the home with the corpses.

Officer Call barricaded himself in, and finally turned the gun on himself.

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His charges included first-degree murder, arson, armed criminal action and abandonment of a corpse.

But he never faced those charges, since he killed himself.

“My condolences and prayers go out to the family of the victim and this community,” said the Trenton Police Chief.

Domestic violence in police families is as much as four times more likely to occur than in normal families, and since police are often armed, this domestic violence often turns to slaughter of the innocent.

If you are dating a police officer and need help, we urge you to contact professionals immediately. When you mix uncontrollable anger with a loaded gun, it’s only a matter of time until tragedy occurs.

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  • stacell72

    (sarcasm) Lemme guess, he was following dept. procedure. He’ll be found not guilty by a whimpy jury….

  • readscarefully

    He took his own life so there will be no trial and no jury

  • Miles Coleman

    This was one stupid (ex-cop) person……I guess when he informed the person that ratted him out on his crime, that he forgot he was no longer a cop……He probably figured that if he told someone…it would be like telling another cop buddy, and they would help him cover up his crime……kudos to the witness who gave him up….what a scum bag this guy was!

  • Alex Lacelle

    happy to hear he killed himself. If he were alive, he’d be relaxing at home with pay as punishment instead

    • This user is incognito.

      thats how things work when cops use impunity even while off duty intruding in some one elses home

  • Mike

    They should have hung his corpse. What a fucking POS!!!!

  • NYDogWhisperer

    Many movies have been made for TV on this similiar subject. 4x more likely to be killed by your spouse/boyfriend if he’s a cop. That says it all.

  • Jake Moore

    Reminds me a bit of this shooting that happened near my hometown back when I was still living there…

  • Robert A Dorrough

    Every post should have a clear location, date, time and by-line. A little professionalism couldn’t hurt the cause.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      no thanks officer.

  • Theron Heideman

    Roid rage.
    Drug test all police officers specifically for steroid use.

  • Tony Velez

    hope the POS is burning in HELL, RIP Ms.Taul & doggie