Cop Shoots Small Cat With a Shotgun Because it “Might be Rabid,” Department Won’t Release Cop’s Name

clark cat1

WESTBROOK — An officer has been involved in a gruesome shooting of a small cat because he claimed the cat could be “rabid.”

It began when a citizen reported a stray cat in the neighborhood.

Clark, the cat, had been an outdoor cat for three years in the neighborhood and was taken care of and fed by one of the residents.

Officers arrived and tried to capture Clark, but Clark was too fast for the officers.

They continued to chase after Clark but kept failing to retrieve him, according to reports.

That’s when one of the officers did the unthinkable.

He pulled out his shotgun, aimed it directly at Clark, and pulled the trigger — pumping a 16-gauge round into Clark’s body, sources say.

The officer did this, he said, because the cat “may be rabid.”

The officer claimed that he was concerned that if Clark had rabies, then Clark could pose a safety issue by infecting other animals in the neighborhood.

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After being blasted with the shotgun, Clark managed to half-limp into the nearby forest.

Miraculously, Clark survived the blast, but sustained severe injuries. Both bones in Clark’s little front legs were shattered by the officer’s gunshot.

clark cat

X-rays of Clark’s shattered bones in his front legs.

Moreover, veterinarians later determined that Clark did not have rabies, contradicting the officer’s claim.

Jeana Roth of the Animal Refuge League reported that “Clark is doing well.”

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“He’s receiving vet care and treatment. He’s resting comfortably and certainly recuperating.”

If Clark does not heal on his own, he may have to undergo surgery to repair the remnants of his bones.

Meanwhile, the police department has refused to release the officer’s name, citing concerns for his “safety.”

The Animal Refuge League is anticipating calls from people who would like to adopt Clark when he’s fully recovered.

Watch the video below:

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  • Rebecca

    I’m sure someone can get the name of this pig in human clothing.

    • Cchimudccha

      Rebecca, pigs are 4 times smarter than dogs. Let’s just call him a sociopath, take his job, and make him pay for the Vet bills, which are easily going to run in the tens of thousands of dollars. And make sure he never owns a gun.

  • TheAlchemist86

    Im sure anonymous could get his name. If that cat needs to be taken in I will gladly do it, that fucking PIG SOB NEEDS TO BE PUT DOWN, he has a disease called being a Sociopathic Coward.

    • Anonymouse

      you do realize that is the whole point in this Facebook page and post, whoever is looking at your comment already knows that the police are corrupt and have spread awareness of it. We don’t need people making more campaigns in the comments.

      • TheAlchemist86

        did you understand my comment? I was comparing the cops to rabid animals and they need to be put down. I didn’t think it was that hard,at least 22 other people understood it.

        • MatthewSherrard

          Advocating murder is probably not the best way to get people to support this website or your goal of a sane police force.

          • TheAlchemist86

            Sex, violence, rock and roll thats what matters right. The american populous doesnt want facts anymore. Unless they can be done in a 30 second Vine. The police are already killing citizens. I hate to say it but when has a pacified approach worked against these organizations. New York did after the murder of Eric Gardner and the police still blamed them. The mayor was calling for peace and they turned their backs because he would not blindly follow them. Even ghandi and MLK had rioting and looting taking place at the same time. Its the civil disobedience that keeps this in the light. I hope you know that peaceful batheringers were happening a for a whole week before the riots. But hey no one cared about that. Also I wasnt advocating the death of all cops just the sociopaths, yes inflicting harm against small animals is a sane of a sociopath. The real question is did he enjoy it?

          • MatthewSherrard

            Gandhi’s stance was interesting, as he merely said that violence wasn’t worse than doing nothing. He didn’t support it per se. While not very well informed as to the details of MLK’s politics, I doubt he would condone lynching. For that matter, I’m guessing most intellectual militants like Malcolm X wouldn’t be keen to get behind a random extrajudicial lynching.

          • TheAlchemist86

            Ghandi might never have supported, but if people were not rioting at the salt market the British would have cared less about the people of India. He was simply the voice of reasom with the British. But it was the riots that brought the British to the table. Ghandi might not have verbally said it but some of those close to him did. Yes MLK would not condone a lynching of the innocent. However he did say ” riots are the voice of the unheard”. How is this random there is something severely wrong with this officer. he puts an animal down for suspecting of it having rabids, plus the way he does it. Ya know they can observe an animal for 10 days and then determine if it has rabies, its no longer necassary to check the spinal fluid. I was simply and also cleverly drawing a comparison between sociopaths and rabid animals.if your gonna put down an animal dor suspecting it of rabies you should do the same for sociopaths.

          • Donna

            Excuses….I am tired of excuses! Why would what any one person say have a fricking thing to do with this page, the cat or the police force. This is a forum and last I checked we all still had rights to our opinions and speech. Regardless of what I think of one’s comment..what happened here is tragic and should not have happened. The cop simply got tired of chasing the cat…so he chose the laziest way to stop the chase….shoot the cat!!! Maybe he should lay off the donuts for a bit and maybe he could handle the job of apprehension. But to resort to lethal force because you are too lazy to do the right thing is definately something we should all look at as this could also happen with other subjects. Many (not all) police are out of control and take life and death into their options of doing a job. Shooting is not always the answer…probably 99.9% of the time.

          • there shouldn’t have been any attempt at ‘apprehension’ … a few questions around the neighborhood would’ve revealed reality : the cat was part of the community

          • Donna

            There we go back to the laziness….now why would they take the time to canvass the neighborhood to ask questions about whose cat it was? The mentality of many cops is to shoot the problem…that is what is happening with our dogs. Many people have no idea just how big a problem we have in cops shooting family pets…check out Puppycide. I have a 50 state organization that fights this each and every day. There is no accountability…and cops are getting away with killing our animals…all they have to do is to claim fear or aggression of the animal. B-O-O-M !!! Nothing is being done to stop it….yes…some states have implemented “training programs” to train their cops NOT to shoot our pets….and they think that will stop it from happening…lol! The only thing that will stop the killing is to hold the officer responsible for his actions….they need to think before pulling that trigger. What happened to our Animal Control? If people, the citizens and tax payers of our country were to look a little deeper in these things then exposure to these problems may help protect our animals. But we all stand back and wait for it to happen close to home…by then…it is too late.

          • MatthewSherrard

            Newsflash: Training is step 1.

            If you hire a cop and train them to “shoot the problem”, you can’t start firing or arresting them for doing that. The problem is that cops are currently trained BADLY. So step #1 is to implement training programs to teach cops not to shoot cats, dogs, or the mentally ill. Once they get the training, their bosses can say “We trained you not to shoot first all the time!” and they can punish them.

          • TheAlchemist86

            Two problems with that.
            1. After Eric Gardner was murdered the entire NYPD was retrained. Many officers felt it was a joke and a waste of time. Glad we waisted all that money and time on retraining.
            2. Even if they dont follow training they wont be punished. Thats kinda why we are in this whole mess.
            What needs to be done is every officer fired. Hire new employees with all new training. And most important above all else, POLICE NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Heres a thought even, instead of using my tax payer money to cover their legal fees when they mess up. Make them the individual pay for it.

          • Donna

            If you have to train someone “not to shoot”…..why would you give them a loaded gun before you trained them? Pulling a trigger is something you can not take back…it is a life-ender. I have not had training…yet I know to shoot and kill something is not the right thing to do as a first response. Tell the family of Autumn Steele, an innocent woman in Iowa, that the cop that meant to shoot her dog but shot her instead…killing the 35 year old mother in front of her 4 year old child…tell her family that this killer cop needs training in how “not” to aim his gun and pull the trigger unless he intends on killing. A bit late for that! We all have common sense…and most know right from wrong. I am sure the encounter with the dog that got shot was not the first encounter with a dog that these officers have had. Most of us have had pets…most people know….common sense. And to dissect my posting is childish…I had to laugh on that one.

          • MatthewSherrard

            Donna: The claim that we all have common sense is demonstrably false. Training is what is required so that people can be trusted with firearms, not “common sense”. In the absence of training, people use their “common sense”, which is just kneejerk reactions and gut feelings. I don’t want the police working off of “common sense” with regard to firearms, I want them working off of training, and right now, their training is the problem.

            And spare me the “Tell the victim!” crap. Emotional victims are hardly reliable to consult. (Also the cop DID intend to kill!)

          • MatthewSherrard

            p.s. I had to dissect it because that’s what I had to do to try to understand it. It was a morass of meaninglessness and I had to excise that before I could even consider meaning.

          • these are things i know … and we agree

          • MatthewSherrard

            Nothing I said excused the cop’s behaviour. So we’ll nix the first sentence, and everything you say after and including “Regardless…” because they’re useless and off topic in response to me. I don’t need to be told how awful it is. I already know.

            You’re down to two sentences, but we’ll need to erase everything after and including “…and last time I checked”, because your right to say something doesn’t mean it’s smart or appropriate. You can say “I like beating up babies” but that doesn’t make it smart or appropriate. We’re all free to say things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to say “That’s a bad idea”, just like you get to say the following: “Why would what any one person say have a fricking thing to do with this page, the cat or the police force.”

            What does that even mean? What I said was *about* this site, so it clearly must have something “to do with this page”. (I actually said nothing about the cat, but if the cat’s owner said something, couldn’t that one person say something “to do with” the cat?) What do you mean by “to do with”? I am seriously stumped; this sentence is completely insane.

            That leaves you with… “This is a forum.” Yes, that is correct.

    • ReadB4UPost

      Hahaha, hahahahaha, Now THAT’S funny! I LOVE your sense of humor.

      @Anonymous: this is what humor looks like……FYI, Just saying.

    • Cchimudccha

      Don’t put him down, break both his arms so badly he can’t ever use them again. That’s Sharia law, and it’s a good one.

  • fuckallpoliceofficers

    wow he should lose his job for a few reasons…..what good is a cop whos that afraid and unable to catch a cat hows he gonna catch a murderer? also he cant even kill a fuckin cat with a shotgun???? what a complete loser

    • fuckallpoliceofficers

      cant wait till there are some riots in the us

      • Cchimudccha

        Don’t fuck all the police, just don’t be hiring unstable psychopaths, or ones too lazy to do their jobs.

      • John_erox

        That’s the bandwagon I’m waiting on….

  • Michael Fuson

    I guess the cat had a gun and the cop feared for his life he will be receiving a medal for bravery

  • Travis Judah

    Where’s ol JC the buttfucking cop loving troll to say that the thug cat got what he deserved? Anyway, this pig needs to be stripped of its badge and especially its gun.

    • Cchimudccha

      There you go again, you and Jesus killed Babe. Ever see Babe I and II? The pig’s (woops there I go) a damn sociopath. Make him pay the vet bills, and break both his arms with the butt of a shot gun, so he can’t ever use a gun again.

  • jay s

    this pig needs to have the same thing done to him!!

  • Rebecca Kleitz

    I wish you guys would quit insulting pigs.
    Pigs are cuter and WAY more intelligent and compassionate than cops.

  • Tina

    I guess setting a humane trap would just be too much trouble

  • jim

    why is it just in the last 2 years the cops think they can shoot when ever they see an animal what about where the bullets go?
    shouldn’t they have to get permission to shot when no one is in danger ?

    • Robyn Ryan

      If the DA won’t stop them, theyll do as they please. See: Ferguson. The DA is hiding behind a ‘grand (wizard) jury.

  • Rob Lindner

    Um, if you have a job working for the public YOUR NAME SHOULD BE FUCKING PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE!!!!

    • Supreemo Dude

      Yeah!! So we can find the bastards place where he lives and KILL HIM!!! WOOO!!

      • ShadowSandy

        No so we can hold him accountable and the police department involved be pressured into addressing an out of control officer.

        • Jonathan Wint

          Exactly, He clearly to unstable to have a Badge or Gun.

  • Larry

    He was afraid this menacing little cat may be “rabid” so these brave officers were trying to catch it by hand and risk exposure to this killer disease and protect the citizens he was sworn to protect. I think if we compare the amount of people who are injured or killed by “rabid” animals versus how many are injured or killed by “rabid” law enforcement officers the scale might tip more to the LEO community.

    • David Perry

      Point well made !

  • Karen Feliciano

    Piece of shit. Someone should shoot him. He’s the one who’s rabid.

    • David Perry

      Yep, can’t fix brain dead !

  • drglide

    The enormous number of these type stories indicate that Police Departments are populated with COWARDS.

    • cowardly sadists … sadistic cowards

      • Jonathan Wint

        It’s there training and current testing and hiring Policies..Gods I wish I was joking.

  • Dave Moritz

    I guess this prick couldn’t find a dog to shoot so he shot a cat instead! This cops name will eventually come out and business owners need to start kicking these cops out of there business if police departments do not want to get rid of these violent sociopaths! As citizens we can put pressure on businesses to kick this bastard cops out and make them so unwanted that they leave! The article says Westbrook but what state did this happen?

  • barbara_phelps

    I hope.they find out his name and i hope he is scared for his life like clark was and then I hope some one shatters his arm and leaves him to crawl for help and I hope he finds none

  • rlibos

    Some police are nothing more than psychopaths in uniform.

  • Donnie Nickerson

    Cops look for any reason to use their guns…dame shame. Mean while this cop is chasing a cat. People are being mugged, kids being kidnapped, and good people being assulted. Way to put our tax money to work.

    • Cchimudccha

      Donnie, it’s a lot safer and more profitable for them to give out parking tickets, or rousting children, or citing J walkers like the adolescent “safety patrol”, so that’s what they do.

  • David L Grabill

    big old pussy of a cop afraid of a little cat

  • Marty B.

    I can definitely see why the police department might fear that this idiot might incur another human’s wrath. He didn’t really fear that this poor cat had rabies. He just wanted to shoot something, anything. Maybe next time it will be another human being and then the law will do something about it.

  • Marty B.

    I forgot to mention that it simply boggles my mind that the police have nothing else to do that is of more importance than hunting down cats and shooting them. It’s interesting that this officer chose a ‘shotgun’ instead of a revolver or something. One would assume that the intent was to kill.

  • sovreigncitizen

    They won’t release the name? target them all!

  • Lorelle Hatcher
  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    I have a neighbor who gets the animal control’s live-trap, and catches strays to turn in. So easy even a cop could do it. May not be as much fun as chasing it around and shooting off a phallic load, but it’s the normal thing to do.

    • Nichole Koonce

      I think your neighbor is having electrical issues with their meter base.
      I will bring the hot dogs and video camera.

      • Happy Tinfoil Cat

        Huh? I don’t get it.

        • Nichole Koonce

          Shorted wires cause fires… Cat killers must be trained.

          • Happy Tinfoil Cat

            I see. I had another neighbor that mixed Crystal Drano in his birdfeeder to cut down on noise. Wanted to invite him over for dinner.

          • Nichole Koonce

            Ethylene… is a wonderful sweeter…

  • So he didn’t even kill a small cat with a shotgun? Wow, trigger-happy *and* incompetent…

    • Cchimudccha

      He’s as good a shot as Cheney; maybe he should be the next VP?

  • Darkfox Bill

    Of course they wont release his name. If they did he would be tracked down, tied to a tree, and filled with more buckshot than you could fit in the back of a pickup. (As he should be)

  • stacell72

    Mf’er better be scared….. how do u think that cat felt fool? Chicken shit cop

  • TheAlchemist86

    Hey just an FYI to everyone the cat has since been adopted.Im hoping and assuming not by the POS that shot him.

  • Robyn Ryan

    Grow your own serial killers. What’s the first indication of a sociopath, again?

  • Nichole Koonce

    Good idea to keep his name hidden. Cause if I am every in your town you can bet I will be armed.
    And this CAT shots back! I will have no issues gunning this MTFKR down, not a threat just a fact.

  • LIAB

    The dredge should be hung by his gonads and left until he is no longer a threat to the society that pays his worthless cowardly ass.

  • David Rivers

    you cops better back down off this crazy shit
    the people are getting REALLY PISSED at this kind of shit

  • Supreemo Dude

    Ok wait. Why the fuck a shotgun? Out of all the possible types and variances in weaponry, he used the most illogical weapon to capture a cat. A fucking cat. Use a fucking tranquiliser gun for FUCKs SAKE if you want it so bad!
    – Its stupid to have a police officer have a shotgun to start with, why the hell would the Cowards (police) Department give a police officer one.

  • chrish

    A 16 gauge? Those haven’t been made since the 70s /early 80s. Most are hunting weapons that are in gun cabinets of sportsmen. I’m not aware of any new ones being made or used as tactical shotguns by law enforcement.

  • Kat Hoth

    Someone should shoot this dickwad with a shotgun.

  • Stefon Scott Loch

    braindead badged maniacs.. shoot my animal friend (for no rational
    ,sane reason) and you will likely at least receive a broken jaw.. piece
    of human trash.

  • FirstBeKind

    No wonder the public has such a questionable opinion of cops lately. They make no distinction–human or animal. Shooting that poor cat with a shotgun is akin to cutting a stick of butter with a chain saw. WTF???? There are way too many nut jobs parading around in uniforms. How did they ever get to be a police officer? Someone should point their .357 magnum at this gum shoe’s groin and pull the trigger.

  • FlatusOhlfart

    worthless coward pigs – shoot one today and do society a favor!

  • upagainstthewall

    POLICE STATE: Our officers terrorize families by killing their beloved pets in front them. To escape accountability they just have to state they were in fear for their safety.

    Okay, I get it. They are afraid of dogs?

    So how does an officer justify shooting someone’s pet cat? To escape accountability he just has to claim he’s afraid of p___y.

    Well aren’t most of them? Lol

  • ReadB4UPost

    I can pretty much bet you that the majority of police officer out there have dogs and cats and much like their fantasies of No one else is aloud to possess a gun but cops, so is their ideas about cats and dogs. Only they can have (mostly dog) (pit bulls at that) , but God for bid if anybody else (who is “Non-Law enforcement “) own’s a dog (pit bull ) .

    I am really surprised that there is not a wave of police personal pets (non-k9 service dog) getting picked off. ….??

  • Clive

    The cop responsible should be given the psychopath test. I’m certain that he or she will score over 30.

  • revolution

    you should rather post the other way around than this only you could bring awareness but not change….strike fear to the enemy give hope to the 99% that way you will bring more people on your cause..than just plain shit…movement is all that matters and not just wishfull thinking…

  • Jonathan Wint

    Why are they not releasing Mr Brave Cop’s name if he did nothing wrong? Oh right bc he did.Police department has refused to release the officer’s name in violation of Public right to know the name of a cuckoo with a Badge and a shotgun the REAL THREAT TO SAFETY!

  • Krhazey Eigghhty

    white folks are only upset when a animal is killed unjustly if its a person its probably the persons fault

  • steve

    WHY,in the first place would u ever call the pigs to come out,be better off calling a plumber,get about as much sh*t,Just don’t call them unless it is a true emergency,why didn’t u people call animal control not 911 o I guess it is easier,lazy fuks whoever called and what do u expect when u call them anyway? did everyone see when the cop slam dunked the drunk guy with autism just kiddin around and the pig just slammed his head on the floor DEAD,and 5 was there doesn’t make any sense,and whatever happen to (anonymous) suppose to help and all this sh*t,so they said after the cops shot the mans dog that jumped out of the car,

  • Cchimudccha

    If a good innocent cop gets shot over stories like this, because the shot-gunner’s police dept. did fire this sicko, the police have no one to blame but themselves.

  • David Perry

    Rotten skum SOB -can’t believe he’s still a cop !

  • Norma Pennells

    I am sorry. But I thing the police officer should pay the vet. bill and be better trained

  • kdurfey

    The police ought to release the cop’s name because he “may be” a moron and “could pose a safety issue.”

  • Cadence Wallace

    Wow scared of a cat?
    I guess cops just hire any jackass these days.

  • John_erox

    anonymous, are you listening? please get to the bottom of this so we’ll know which pig to slaughter.

  • FED Up
  • Allison Moss-Fritch

    You know, it just dawned on me that that policeman had contact with a “might be rabid” cat…and blew its guts all over. That means the COP is the mammal most likely to have been in contact with its bodily fluids…therefore the COP might just be rabid and will need to be held in quarantine…and put down if it shows any symptoms like thrist or angry behavior…….

  • Allison Moss-Fritch

    Today’s police seem often to think with either dick or gun. Neither of which have a brain. Perhaps we need to hire smarter, more moral and ethical, better trained police!

  • cass

    give cops a break, they put their life on the line.

  • LawrenceNeal

    the police department has refused to release the officer’s name, citing concerns for his “safety.” Because, as we all know, there is a ‘War on Cops’.

  • Mike

    This cop needs to suffer!!!! He should be put in a stockade nude from the waist down, then have cat toys tied to his penis and testicles, then also have his penis and testicles covered in catnip and some raw blood, then lock a big old tom cat in with the cop and let the cat rip his penis and testicles to shreds. That would be Karma and justice. They also need to make this POS pay for the cats surgery and care to get better.

  • O Olon