Video: Cop Restrains Friendly Dog and Slashes Its Throat, “I’m Going to Gut This F*****g Thing”


UPDATE (03/08/16) — Cop Gets $45,000

The Free Thought Project reports as follows:

In January 2015, all charges were dropped against Schmidt, but the Gossard family maintained hope that there would be justice for Nala as the charges against Bolger remained. However, this week, any hope for justice was lost when Judge Phinn ruled that prosecutors failed to prove Bolger was criminally responsible for the death of the 7-year-old Shar-Pei.

Just like that, a vicious animal cruelty charge was transformed into a heroic act, conducted in the interest of public safety.

To make matters even worse, under the police union contract, Bolger is entitled to receive back wages for the period he was suspended, from June 2014 to March 2015. Now, this sadistic dog killer will receive $45,000 in back pay from city government.

UPDATE (11-21-15) — Cop Found “Not Guilty” After Slashing Dog’s Throat

Unbelievably, yet unsurprisingly, the officer who slashed the dog’s throat has officially been found “not guilty.”

Apparently, part of his defense relied on the odd notion that the dog caused itself to die.

Judge Melissa Phinn announced the verdict this week. Citizens and animal lovers became infuriated upon hearing it.

The dog’s life is lost forever, and this verdict is probably adding insult to injury for its owner. If anybody else had slit a dog’s throat while it was restrained, the offender would be imprisoned for animal cruelty.

But as long as the slashing is done while the offender wears a special government costume, then evidently he’s not guilty.

Continue reading the full article and updates below.

UPDATE (7-20-15) — Trial for Officer Begins

The trial for Officer Bolger has finally started, after nearly a year of being postponed.

The trial proceeded earlier this week at the Baltimore City Circuit Court.

ABC News reports as follows:

Veteran officer Jeffrey Bolger pleaded not guilty in September 2014 to two counts of mutilating an animal, animal cruelty and misconduct in office for his alleged role in the killing of a 7-year-old shar-pei, named Nala.

Witnesses say that they saw Officer Bolger pull out a knife and begin using it to slit the dog’s throat apart even though the dog was already restrained.

UPDATE (6/7/15) Dog “Strangled Itself to Death”, Trial Postponed

In a twisted turn of events, the cop’s defense is now that the dog actually killed itself.

It was only after the dog “strangled itself to death” that the officer decided to slit its throat, and thus he was not the true killer, according to the new claims.

A motion has been filed in the Baltimore Circuit Court that asserts that Officer Bolger did not actually kill Nala when he slit Nala’s throat because the dog already “strangled itself to death.”

We wish we were making this up, but it’s actually the defense that the cop intends to rely upon.

The owner on the Facebook page Justice for Nala posted as follows:

It’s almost been one year since Nala’s life was taken. I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this year and this struggle. We are still working towards justice and trial is scheduled for July 13; however, we seem to get delayed constantly so I will keep you all posted as I gain more information.

At this point the State has submitted their response to the motions filed by Bolger’s attorneys. I am waiting to hear if there was a response back yet. This has been a true test of patience but through perseverance and continued love and support from family, friends, and people all over the world we will continue to strive for ‪#‎justicefornala‬

UPDATE (1/15/15) NO CONVICTION for Cop Who Held Dog Down for its Throat to be Slashed


Officer Schmidt

Officer Schmidt will not be convicted for his role in the slashing death of 7-yr-old Nala, a pet dog who was non-aggressive, according to reports.

“You could hear the dog screaming and crying in pain,” said Sandy Fleischer, a neighbor who witnessed the slaying of the dog.

“I did see one officer that had been extremely aggressive that did have his knee into her chest that was tightening the noose. It seemed (they were doing it) relentlessly and unnecessarily,” she continued.

As Officer Schmidt held down the dog by force, Officer Jeffrey pulled out a knife and used it to slice open Nala’s neck, according to reports.

Officer Jeffrey has been charged with Animal Cruelty, but has not been convicted yet. As for Officer Schmidt, it has been decided by courts that he will not be convicted.

He was “following police protocol, and we’re very satisfied with the State’s case,” said his attorney.

Continue to full article below for more details:

UPDATE (12/6/14) Cop Claims He Was “Just Doing His Job” When He Slashed Dog’s Throat

After pulling out a knife and slashing a dog’s throat while another officer held the dog down, Officer Jeffrey is now asking that the judge will drop the charges of animal cruelty.

His defense is that he was “just doing his job,” according to a report by CBS Baltimore.

“That’s crazy to me, crazy to me. I mean own up to what you did. Accept responsibility,” said Sarah Gossard, the dog’s owner.

Full story continues now:

BALTIMORE — “I want justice,” says Sarah Gossard, after learning that a Baltimore police officer captured her pet dog and used a knife to slash its throat.

It began when Nala, a small 7-yr-old shar-pei became missing on Saturday from her home.

It turns out that Nala had gotten out of the house accidentally, and a neighbor captured her.

The neighbor who was keeping Nala took care of her but remarked that Nala was frightened and didn’t know wheres she was. The neighbor said that Nala just wanted to go home, and that it became difficult to feed her because she was so scared. Because Nala was scared, she began snapping at the neighbor, and that’s when the neighbor called animal control.

“It’s not Nala’s fault,” said the neighbor. She was simply scared because she was in an unfamiliar place and she snapped from the fear.

RELATED: Cop Pulls Out Shotgun and Shoots Cat Because it “Might be Rabid,” Department Won’t Release Officer’s Name for His Safety

The neighbor suffered no serious injuries and believed that Nala would be safe once she was held by animal control.

Shortly after the call to animal control, police officers showed up to the home and used a restraining pole to squeeze Nala’s neck.

It’s when they got Nala alone and completely restrained that the unthinkable happened.

Officer Jeffrey Bolger was looking at Nala, and at one point was heard saying, “I’m going to gut this fucking thing,” according to reports.

Moments later, Officer Bolger pulled out a knife.


He then approached Nala, who was being held down by another officer, Thomas Schmidt, and pressed the knife up to the dog’s throat.

He then forced the blade into Nala’s neck and began slitting her throat open as she was held down by Officer Schmidt.

One can only imagine the pain and fear Nala went through as Officer Bolger slaughtered her.

“It was a complete violation of protocol,” said Eric Kowalczy, a police spokesman.

RELATED: No Conviction for Cop Who Crushed Dog’s Spine, Threw it Down a Flight of Stairs, and Shot it to Death (warning: graphic image)

Untitled-1“It’s not often police speak out against one of their own, but we are all truly appalled,” he added.

Sarah Gossard, Nala’s owner, stated that police didn’t even give her the details of how Nala died.

“She went missing Saturday and after looking for her all day, I found out through a neighbor that she was put down,” she said.

“Police never contacted me until today. Only after did I find out more details. I learned from the news that she was stabbed in the throat.”

Sarah and the neighbor both reported that Nala has never been a violent dog and has always been friendly.

“She was just scared that day and through all of those events — scared and lost, thirsty, hungry,” she said.

Officer Bolger has been working for the Baltimore Police Department for over 20 years. He has been suspended without pay, and charged with animal mutilation and cruelty.

After he was caught, he maintained that he killed the dog because he claimed that it “might have had rabies.”

His excuse was that if the dog had rabies, and if it had gotten away from the restraint pole, then it could have bit someone.

“Don’t try and make yourself a hero when you made a grave mistake,” said the neighbor when she heard of Officer Bolger’s excuse. “Try to say ‘I’m sorry.'”

Watch the video below (warning: graphic)

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  • Joe Clam

    Psychopaths with badges and guns.

    • Diana Romero


    • jerry

      This criminal should NOT be the only one held accountable … the one who held the dog down is just as cowardly as the criminal who slaughtered the pet!!

      This “cop” didn’t become a criminal overnight … his ENTIRE record needs to be reviewed by an independent citizen committee. His commanders and union reps need to be called in to answer why they didn’t stop this guy a long, long time ago!!

      These “cops” need to be made to carry a personal insurance policy in the event that they do something criminal and are subsequently sued. The way it stands now, the citizens will end up paying for any money damages awarded; if they had insurance, the insurance company would have to shell out the bucks and I will guarantee you that the insurance company will make darn sure that people who shouldn’t be cops, AREN’T!! And he/she wouldn’t be able to go to another police department for employment because he wouldn’t be able to get insurance.

      • Rob Humiston

        Finally, someone with some sense. People always have something to say about the problem and almost always add a threatening comment. It is refreshing to see someone actually suggest a reasonable solution. Bravo!! Well done sir.

        • Sgt. Killgood

          Get a petition and lets get this started .Every one write your congressman , let him know how you feel . Lets stop the madness , the law is getting out of hand .

        • Jo Brown

          It’s a good PREVENTATIVE solution to ensure cops behave themselves in the future. But for cases where cops have behaved despicably already, there needs to be swift and severe retribution. They are NOT above the law, but the only reason they appear to be above the law is because when the “justice” (just us) system lets down the victim by excusing a vile cop’s behaviour the people don’t take up the cause of true justice themselves by eliminating the scum from the face of the planet.

      • Chuck Scholl

        agreed. Let’s start the process

      • john

        wtf??? accessory to a crime, plain as day

      • zonmoy

        His record should be reviewed and every conviction he got for others overturned and every crime he committed prosecuted fully

      • techiewayne


    • laughing tyger

      You should check out some of YOUR pals comments here. PLENTY of PSYCHOPATHIC expressed urges right here in these comments. Sickening AND hypocritical.

      • Guitar Slinger

        Fuck you, gestapo apologist.

        • laughing tyger

          No thank you, I’m sure you’re VERY UNATTRACTIVE.

          • DangerousMikeBenson

            go fuck yourself. cop killers get the props. that is all.

          • laughing tyger

            Sure they do buddy….sure they do.

  • challengeyourlimits

    This guy needs an Al Capone baseball bat lecture.

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      Literally the best idea I’ve heard all week.

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      an EXCELLENT choice of admonishment

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      yes.. cure violence with violence.. brilliant….

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          Fuckin’ criminal

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            Fuckin’ pussy asshole.

          • laughing tyger

            Wow! More sex references. Go watch some porn, take care of yourself, then you won’t be so angry.

            Also, stop breaking the law and the Police won’t be a problem for you. Have a GREAT rest of the day!

          • Michael Smith

            There were no laws broken here until some psychopath cut this dogs throat. You can’t say don’t break the law and you’ll have no police problems. This story is a perfect example of the fact your statement is patently false. The only problem here was the police and how they blatantly and cruelly over stepped their bounds and then slaughtered a defenseless animal. The dogs owner didn’t break a single law yet their problem is the police killed their family member for no acceptable reason, according to the current laws in place. Why don’t you go tell your police friends to get a job and quit leeching off of society and stealing from us all under the guise of law and just doing their job?

          • JdeLeon

            Oh, really. Who broke the law in this case ? How ’bout Tamir Rice, the kid playing with a toy gun in the park, who was immediately shot…and on, and on, and on. “dont break the law and the cops will leave you alone” -that’s a fantasy world only cops can afford to live in

          • laughing tyger

            GET A JOB! Stop leeching off your poor girlfriend and stop stealing from your parents.

          • laughing tyger

            Oh, and stop breaking the law – then police will have NOTHING to do with you.

          • Simon Manzano

            So wait this dog broke the law? So this dog couldn’t be secured on by a tool that works everytime (pole noose). You sir are the psychopath.

          • laughing tyger

            Am I, now? You know, this is gonna sound weird . . . but there are people who actually find that term to be compliment. Nuts, huh?

      • De Logik

        hoping for a world without violence is like hoping dragons are real and wizards live in every tower….. Human beings are violent by nature, even the most peaceful of people can flip out and hurt someone. Stop trying to impose illogical and unrealistic ideals on people and stop lying to yourself. I’m sure sitting down and talking to Hitler asking him kindly to stop would have worked….. >.>

        • Whitfield McRory Palmer

          We have choices and not all of us choose to react to the emotion called anger in a violent way. Take your lowered bar and shove it up your ass.

          • Dh

            Idk…. That sounds pretty angry and violent

          • Whitfield McRory Palmer

            It’s just a suggestion, now isn’t it.

          • Craig Lane

            Yeah human nature rules. Fuck your bar Whitfield you evolved mother fucker. That pig had a choice to not kill. He should answer for his crime.

          • Jo Brown

            Right! And I’m sure when you see thugs break into your house and violently rape your wife, you will be making them a cup of tea and kindly asking them to please desist as it’s not very nice to rape people. Right? Nah, didn’t think so. You’ll be equally primed to explode violently in order to stop the WRONG that you know is being committed. Even Jesus Christ made a whip to drive the money-changers and those selling doves out of the temple courts! He didn’t ask them nicely to leave, he kicked them out!

          • Whitfield McRory Palmer

            I live in an apartment and I’m not married. Also, I don’t live in the South.

          • Jo Brown

            You’re an idiot Whitfield. Your personal situation may be different than I described, but you know damn well the point I was making. If you were in the situation I described, you wouldn’t be polite about it, you’d use violence to stop violence. Unless you’re a total pussy. Are you?

          • Whitfield McRory Palmer

            I’m not an idiot. I simply do not consider such things. I really don’t. When my time is up, it is up. I don’t walk around with a chip on my shoulder and I don’t live in a place where home invasions are relevant. It’s out of my realm to consider what I would do in that circumstance.

          • Guitar Slinger

            So you ARE a pussy. Nice to know.

          • just me

            little joey brown do you sk pig dk ?

          • Simon Manzano

            Damn, this dog broke into the neighbors house and raped his wife!? I see why the cop effortlessly slashed this dogs neck open now. How about you stop defending cops by any means necessary and not make any comments because you’re off topic.

          • Jo Brown

            Hey doofus, perhaps you should read my comments a bit more closely. Then you’d know I am not defending cops by any means. Most of the time I’m advocating for them to be eliminated for abusing their authority.

          • Guitar Slinger

            You sound upset.

        • AT

          Hitlers actions were only defensive.
          Germany in the 1930s was the best place in the world to live, judging by the wealthy across the world that sent their children to be educated there, the German families who set birth records and the Germany economy, less than 10% of which was military GDP..
          See Tomato Bubble website to wake to the truth about WW2

          • Horus Shepard

            Yeah, the same Tomato Bubble website that called black people “monkeys” February of last year. No thanks.

          • sartoris13

            I happen to be a Jew, who lost distant relatives in the Holocaust. You are totally full of shit. Hitler was a total monster, and there was nothing positive about Germany during his years in power. I looked at the site that you cited. Blaming the Jews for attacking the poor defensive Germans is completely offensive and total garbage. I wish that you and your fellow Holocaust denying goose stepping scum would scamper underground and leae us proper human beings in peace!

          • Jo Brown

            Stop trying to milk sympathy for the loss of your relatives you a-hole! Some 20 million people in Russia were starved to death by Jew Bolsheviks, but you Jews never mention THAT holocaust, much less apologise for it or make restitution for it.

          • Whitfield McRory Palmer

            Something we agree upon.

          • sartoris13

            First of all, I neither want or need your sympathy. Second of all, it’s “Jewish Bolsheviks”. Using “Jew” as an adjective is offensive (which I’m sure you don’t give a damn about, since you’re a racist scumbag). Third, your claim that Jews were responsible for 20 million deaths is anti-Semitic propaganda which has been proven to be false. There’s nothing that Jews need to apologize for, aside from Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. Anyone who supports or defends Adolph Hitler or Nazi Germany is evil and not fit for walking this earth.

          • DangerousMikeBenson

            hitler was a jew, relative of rothschilds. go read a book and stop using your jewdome as a protection racket fucker.

        • Eric Smith

          Having an officer not slit the throat of a subdued, beloved pet does not sound like an illogical or unrealistic ideal.

      • um..

        Isn’t that what the death penalty is?

        • korn75

          Nope. The death penalty rids the world of the human waste that drains and destroys our society. It’s also brings justice to the scum who choose to murder innocent people, especially children. It’s too bad you don’t already understand this.

          • Glenn Festog

            It also results in the deaths of innocent people framed by overzealous prosecutors and cops that lie.

      • Difdi

        If violence isn’t solving anying, you’re not using enough of it. Some people just need to be removed from civilization, as this sick fuck demonstrates. Whether that be through the courts and the prison system or the next man, woman or child he meets very reasonably fearing for their lives, the fact remains that people like that have no place in society.

      • ZeroHostile

        No lets cure it with stern words and love… Fucking idiot… Violence knows one thing, more violence… You can’t reason with violence… You kill violence… Sounds completely fucked, and hopeless, but it’s true…

      • Hp B

        That’s the purpose of violence.
        To stop violence.
        I know it’s a lot to grasp in one sitting, but give it a try.

      • tiphereth

        Let’s see if you feel that way when they do some shit like this to you or someone you love.

      • Mishelle Vargas

        It’s retribution. AN INNOCENT animal was killed, douche bag, if you can’t see that, then you’re part of the fucking problem. An eye for an eye, as far as I’m concerned…that mother fucker would have to always check over his shoulder if he murdered one of my dogs.

      • Tom Meadows


        • ClintJCL

          …and this wasn’t one of those times.

      • Dale Shipley

        Seems to be about the only option. If you peacefully protest, they will beat you down, pepper spray you, steal money from you and lock you in a cage like an animal until a charge is made up.

      • DangerousMikeBenson

        its called CONTRA VIOLENCE hurting people who hurt people and other things. it IS ABSOLUTELY THE ONLY WAY TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. you fuckin DIMWIT

    • Gianluca

      Ill do it!

    • Lee Alan Bartholomew

      think even Al Capone would not have treated dogs in such a way.

    • laughing tyger

      WOW!!!! 397 up votes for VIOLENCE. You guys make NO SENSE I thought the movement was about BRUTALITY and ending it, or is that a group of people want it to be THEIR right to be violent? Someone mentioned Psychopaths – this “guest” sounds like one. They LOVE violence, and people love them – they are very charming . . .

    • Guitar Slinger

      I’d rather see him done like Barzini did Sonny Corleone.

  • intheknow

    and the other cop that held her down while this happened gets nothing?

    • Asad Walker

      i think (s)he was the one who turned him in.

      • John Shadwick

        The other cop deserves torture as well, that POS could of stopped it, but continued to hold the dog down while Nala was murdered. Use your head people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Saul Goodman

          You deserve to be shot in the head for being an ignorant fucktard!

          • John Shadwick

            You are a piece of shit, not worthy of oxygen.

          • Saul Goodman

            Fight me IRL faggot.

          • John Shadwick

            Dude if you need a hug just ask. Wait I don’t hug poop. What is it that you would like to fight about? Just know when I fight, it is as if my life is on the line every time. You fight for thugs who kill innocents, and family pets. I’m not sweating your cowardly ass. Just go cry to your boyfriend, or husband about this ok. Maybe he can give you the love, your parents obviously didn’t give, or instill in you. Now go away you thundercunt.

          • Saul Goodman

            Are you a teenager, because that way that you write your replies, you sound like one. “Wait, I don’t hug poop” sounds like something that would be said in the 2nd grade actually. Grow the fuck up kid.

          • John Shadwick

            No I just can’t take you seriously. You are angry at the world apparently, and anyone who disagrees with you. So I’m being silly, and absurd. There is no meeting of the minds here. It’s your way or the highway in that small mind of yours. I can’t argue with stupid, or at the least unreasonable. There’s no solution, or resolution with that. I have a feeling we’re probably around the same age. I just choose to have a sense of humor. I suggest you grow, or buy one yourself. Just to make it clear, I’m being facetious.

          • Saul Goodman

            How ironic, calling me small minded because I disagreed with you. Typical liberal. Ok I’m out.

  • Enrique Elizondo

    Let him loose in a rattle snake den

  • The Truth

    Someone needs to slit his fucking throat!!! Piece of shit nut case

    • agreed

      Yep do it

      • John Shadwick

        Get me a green light to do so. Meaning have the whole country stand behind me so I don’t wind up incarcerated for it, and I would gladly do more than just a blade in the throat to this monster. I know many others would as well.

        • Saul Goodman

          I’m reporting you to the police right now.

          • mike

            Fuck you saul you fuckn pussy

          • Ihavenouseforaname

            For what Saul? Saying something within their rights to say? Oh I forgot cops and their apologists hate rights. Maybe people wouldn’t be advocating such things if the cops weren’t so reprehensible. There are no good cops.

          • Saul Goodman

            If you think that threatening to kill a police officer is protected free speech, you might need a new lawyer.

          • Ihavenouseforaname

            Saying someone should kill someone, and saying if you gave me the green light to do it I would, is not actually directly threatening to kill anybody.
            But if you’re going to start calling cops on people for threatening to kill them. Start with Ice-T and his band body count. Pretty sure law enforcement has heard this song before and, yet they didn’t arrest him. Huh. I wonder why?

            Cop killer, yeah!

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          • Ihavenouseforaname

            And if you want to know this is how you threaten cops.
            “For every cop that has ever fucked with anyone for no reason, beat them down, and harassed them, I would like to take a cop out into the parking lot, and shoot him in his mother fucking face.”
            (Go ahead and call your asshole buddies on me asshole)

          • Saul Goodman

            Nice edgy teen angst there. Some day you will grow up, maybe.

          • Ihavenouseforaname

            More like nice edgy 44 year old angst there. I’ll never grow up to be like you, guaranteed.

          • Damn-Deal-Done

            Do grown ups slit dogs throats? You ridiculous bloody moron. Unintelligent, pathetic sub-human.

          • Saul Goodman

            You don’t seem to understand, I think that the cop was most likely in the wrong. The people here threatening to kill cops because of this are also in the wrong. Now shut the fuck up you subhuman African ape!.

          • Damn-Deal-Done


          • Damn-Deal-Done

            Do you realise how silly it reads when you re-use an insult straight after it was used on you? it makes you look a little dim. Something to think about for the future.

          • regressive teaparty trash

            if U “think” saying what those above said is ” threatening 2 kill a police officer” then YOU need a new legal dictionary

          • Miles Coleman

            Good, maybe they will show up and shoot you………they have killed or injured 911 callers on multiple occasions……hopefully this will be the one case where the rest of us who see these injustices, can say that it was actually justified…so call the cops, scum!

          • Saul Goodman

            Too bad I am a cop. You mad?

          • wolfen281

            I was a master at the game Clue, and I already figured out you were in the Library doing something unspeakable with a night stick.

          • AL

            HAHAHA !! No you’re not, idiot.

          • regressive teaparty trash

            have fun with them laughing at your old white trash regressive self
            or perhaps I should ask: what is YOUR opinion of (a) this dog killing cop (b) what should legally be done to this cop?

    • Kimberly Scheiwe


  • Laura W

    It never ceases to amaze me how police departments are always
    saying how they don’t understand why people aren’t more sympathetic when a
    police officer is injured or killed. Well it is their fault. Social media has
    exposed their brutality towards people and their pets on a daily basis and with
    everyone armed with a camera they will continue to be exposed. Their own
    actions have desensitized people to what happens to them—-and for those who
    aren’t yet desensitized it is just a matter of time. Police openly break the law
    without consequences daily as evidenced by all the available video online and
    they wonder why they are not given any respect. You have to give it to get it.

    A policeman used to be someone you could look up to and go to for help but not
    anymore. Now people tend to take care of themselves rather than call the police
    due to their lack of trust in the police. I have known some very good policemen
    in the past but can’t say too much about now. I keep seeing the words “Police
    State” used to describe people’s respective police department which doesn’t
    bode to well for policemen. Again you have to give respect to get it…….

    • Marmotjmarmot

      At this point they are on their own as far as I’m concerned. Last year when that cop was getting his ass beaten and no one stopped to help? I would have walked by as well. I just don’t care. And maybe 90%+ are great guys, but too much of this shit happens every day. And the union protects them, and no one wants to break ranks to point them out.

      And the taxpayers get the bill. Every dime of all settlements against a Police Department should come directly from it’s budget or pension fund. “Paid suspension pending outcome of internal investigation” is not really a punishment.

      • Laura W


        I personally think there should be a review board that
        changes with each case, people picked from random like for jury duty to review
        the evidence and pass judgment. The fact that the police investigate themselves
        is a joke. Change won’t come without the
        mandate of the people and people we far outnumber the police.

        I do realize that all of this is me dreaming and due to the mere
        numbers of the crimes against people and animals by the police would make this
        impossible. But we as a society can
        bring about change. The question is when. When will we get tired of the
        disrespect and brutality displayed on a daily basis by the police? When will those that turn their back on all
        this injustice turn back around and see life for what it is? I could go on and
        on with the When’s but you get the idea. We as a society tend to wait until it happens
        to us before acting but by then it is too late.

        There are more than enough atrocity’s being committed right
        now against our beloved pets and fellow mankind that should have all of our
        blood boiling. Change will only come when we as a complete society become one
        and stand up against what has become a world of Police States who truly believe
        they are above the law. I doubt I will
        see this change in my lifetime but then I never thought I would see Cannabis
        legalized in my lifetime either!!!
        There is HOPE!!!

        • John Shadwick

          You brought a tear of joy to my eye while reading your post. Thanks for the ounce of hope this moring.

        • RogerP77

          You are right. Cops investigating themselves is a joke! During a 20 year period the FBI conducted 153 officer involved fatal shootings and found that their officer was to blame ZERO times. NONE. You can hear it every time a federally installed chief of police is rationalizing his/ her officers crimes- even though they have been caught on tape such as the fatal shooting of a homeless man by a Santa Ana, CA officer because he was smarting off to the cop.

        • smiles

          Thank you for letting me wake up to this post it has filled my heart with hope once again. Hope that WE THE PEOPLE will stand and take action against all of the tyranny, brutality, and negligence brought to this beautiful world by the ones who say they are here to keep us safe. Let us all stand TOGETHER and put an END to the corruption! Let’s make the world a beautiful place again please!!

      • SirTerrance Murphy

        Trust me 90 % are assholes don’t kid yourself its just not a few bad apples , cops who witnesses another cop kill , beat up or rape someone and says nothing is just as bad .

        • PickPocket

          oh come on. cops can go overboard sometimes but rape? That’s just exaggerating…

          • Steve3

            Not correct, In my country senior cops have faced trial for gang raping a woman in their custody, and this is from a western country

          • Karen Eileen

            apparently you havent been paying attention, cops rape people all the time. There is a cop in the news right now who raped children while other officers watched. It happens no matter where you live. The small town I grew up in was terrorized by a cop who used his badge to torture, rape and murder two women back in the 70’s.

          • Cat
          • Exquisite Corpse

            Guess you don’t read the news much lately.

          • yingyangyoda

            Wow! #Pickpocket where have you been hiding, under a rock in a dessert somewhere. Just this past Wed three cops were charged and suspended in Baton Rouge, La.cause one forced a young woman into a sex act in a public park while the other two disposed of her male companion. The rapist is facing only up to 5yrs because he didn’t beat her. Check out the news report, sh*t man cops been gettin away with playin “lick it, or ticket” for eons.

          • dee

            It seems someone lives in a lala world. Cops are psychos.

          • PickPocket

            I never it didn’t or never happened. I meant it wasn’t as common as the other guy made it out to be.

          • Ferd

            More common than you care to admit you mean.

          • Cristina Davalos Carmona

            too common unfortunately!

          • Teri Trujillo

            I’m so glad that you live in a world where cops are so fucking glorious. However, the rest of us live in the real world. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Cops raping, murdering, stealing and doing almost anything you could think of is reality. And yes, I’m pretty sure you are either a pig yourself or are married to one. Either way, you sound ignorant as hell. Grow up.

          • PickPocket

            I’m not an Amerilard. I’ve never set foot in Amerilard soil and I have no interest in the ramblings and misgivings of Amerilards. Such creatures usually lack culture and refinement. Thinking their country is the only “world” there is.

          • lazerhaze

            You can shove your so called “culture and refinement” up your deluded, smug crap chute. And if you still have room up there, Cram your smug attitude up there too. Hows that for “culture and refinement” ?

          • PickPocket

            A buttmad internet “tough guy”. A common sight around here.

          • lazerhaze

            Tough guy? I’m not killing innocent animals. I’m not a violent bully with a badge. You’re just a quivering coward and a fool who can’t feel like a real man unless you have some misplaced, misguided authority and a small penis extension. (gun)

          • PickPocket

            Raging on the internet and calling people names is not going to help your personal problems,guy.

          • lazerhaze

            My only problem is shitbags like you. guy.

          • regressive teaparty trash

            considering how much $$$$ and food and military support we give all of U beggars in the “other” world(s),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, America IS the ONLY world there is—
            lets see how well your disgusting country does without any American intervention ( see: above) at all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ” lack culture; and refinement”
            please tell us what “culture” and ” refinement” your beggar filled financially broke country has,,,ok?

          • korn75

            Go back to school and learn how to write and spell. I wish people like you would stay off the Internet. You make our country look like a bunch of hillbilly morons who dropped out of school in the 3rd grade.

          • regressive white trash reli

            considering I spelled everything correctly U seem quite the white trash regressive imbecile–
            or: R U upset I use “U” ???
            NOTE: 3rd grade dropout hillbilly morons seem to flourish in the white trash regressive religious TEA PARTY ; eh?

          • TherealWanda Jackson

            Obviously, we all don’t think that way…Please stay your ass where you at because we have enough racist here already…

          • korn75

            You have just proven what little culture and refinement you have with your gross generalizations and assumptions. I’m glad you aren’t in our country because we don’t need uneducated idiots like you.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Sorry bloke, but the only thing the cop rat said which I agreed with was about the USA. You’re right you don’t need uneducated idiots like him and you’re correct. That’s because you have more than your share already. Present company excluded of course. (see I recognise exceptions to generalisations)

          • then why are you commenting here? troll

          • It is sadly very common.

            Source: living in NYC

          • Oscar TheGrouch
          • Oscar TheGrouch

            While U.S. media profit off the so-called suspense regarding the kangaroo grand jury “decision” for Ferguson, Missouri killer cop Darren Wilson, cops across the country are raping children, killing their wives, and selling child pornography with ZERO media scrutiny.

            NFL players Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice have been crucified ad nauseum by state-run media, allegedly because domestic violence and child abuse are big issues that need to be addressed in this country. Its now clear said media outlets only wish to improve ratings by tearing down professional athletes, and not address any real issues.

            A good number of Americans still worship police as if they are some sort of gods, despite the reality and laws proving cops are nothing more than armed government mercenaries. The following just shows the lengths state-run media and the large contingency of Americans who worship cops unconditionally, will go to protect their heroes. The power drunken mentality of U.S. cops is so out of hand, that its now a life-and-death situation if/when anyone is unfortunate enough to encounter one.

            Most psychologists agree that pedophiles, rapists, and killers do what they do to feel powerful. There’s no better occupation than “cop” to obtain quick, uncheck power that requires little training and education. Cops are also comforted by the fact they’re rarely held accountable for their power trips. The fact remains domestic violence is twice as likely to happen in households with cops than all others, but again, this fact is largely ignored by state-run (“mainstream”) media.

            The following is so disturbing, we advice all Americans to arms themselves and step back from what you’ve been conditioned to believe about cops. And without further ado:

          • lolk

            “cops can go overboard sometimes but rape? That’s just exaggerating…”
            You implied it never happens. That alleged rape from a cop is exaggeration. You’re just trying to butter up your comment since you know it was stupid..

          • Muhammad Abbass

            From anecdotal evidence, (not the fraction which makes it to court) cop rape is a very serious problem. Stop trying to deflect the truth with your prevaricated denials.

          • Kimberly Scheiwe

            NOT ALL COPS JUST SOME!!!

          • ltwist

            some* in every single state is just enough to be a problem for all.

          • TherealWanda Jackson


          • most . 99% of ’em wouldn’t dare testify against another cop for committing assault on a handcuffed person

          • Miles Coleman

            This is for all of you putting down PickPocket……..maybe he/she is new here….has just took up an interest in these stories because he/she just read their first story……give him/her a break…..or you might scare pickpocket off with your comments….we need everyone around the world to recognize that these pigs are no longer here for us…….and to spread and share with everyone…we don’t want to chase people away…

          • Kimberly Scheiwe


          • Ana Di Lupis

            no need to become insulting…it only degrades yourself

          • Kimberly Scheiwe


          • Kimberly Scheiwe


          • Kyle S.

            they even rape women in the back of their police cruisers and jail cells, they don’t give a F

          • Kimberly Scheiwe

            The officer that killed this poor dog by slicing him to death, you refer to as “just going overboard”? I think you need your FUC*king HEAD EXAMINED!!!

          • PickPocket

            I think you need to calm down.

          • Ferd

            Are you a cop? You sure sound like a cop apologist.

            You obviously know nothing about cops or are a liar.

          • chrisleehey

            @PickPocket….you are a Police Union troll

          • Kimberly Scheiwe


          • PickPocket

            I don’t think the way you’re communicating is rational or polite.
            And no,not all animals have feelings. Not all people have feelings.

          • regressive teaparty trash

            and your proof ( real proof; not opinion) is???/

          • TherealWanda Jackson

            And you don’t have feelings or empathy…

          • korn75

            Why don’t you inform everyone which animals don’t have feelings and how you came to this conclusion?? Are you basing this on a credible, reliable source of information or the fact that you have abused and hurt animals in the past and feel no remorse?

          • Glenn Festog

            No, he’s just a troll getting off on p.o. the crowd here. If he isn’t a troll, you still should not expect empathy from someone who should probably invest in acne medications, back away from his computer, and leave his mom’s basement to discover the rest of the world.

          • korn75

            And yes, all people DO have feelings. Some just choose to focus only on negative emotions.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            All animals do have feelings but you know what you cop apologist piece of shit? Cops and their apologists don’t have feelings so if they count as people you’re right, and if they do have feelings nobody fucking cares because we would rather see you dead and start over again. Your whole stinking maggot infested cop world needs to be burned down and the inhuman scum inhabiting it routed and hung with barbed wire and a new publicly accountable true police SERVICE created to replace it using people who have had psych tests and who display a minimum intelligence of some merit rather than a maximum one designed to ensure mindless thugs obedient only to the hand which feeds them!

          • PickPocket

            Cry me a riveeeer…oh! Cry me a riveeeer

          • Agreed, my brother. 100%.

          • Meri Dumont

            You sound like a real fool!

          • thomas horn

            yep,totally out of line..

          • korn75

            You sound just like a cop. Go away.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            At least if he’s trolling here he’s not out raping someone’s daughter, murdering their rabbit for fear it has rabies or tazing some quadriplegic for “resisting” a random search (shakedown).

          • people staying calm when this shit is happening everywhere is exactly the problem

          • Christa Coulter-Scott

            Evidently you have not heard of the officer in Missouri who is facing 32 charges of sexual assault while on duty and another one who raped a 5 yr old with a pencil

          • Blunter Fees

            Power corrupts. Absolute power absolutely corrupts.

          • Kevin McCormick

            you need to get out more cops have been in the paper and on the news almost daily for raping someone

          • Ana Di Lupis

            they do it to prostitutes all the time, only they call it “free service for a good word”…

          • J.James

            There has been at least one case a week in the last year alone were cops had raped female crime victims/ Last month a cop got let back on to the force after being convicted of raping at least 3 different women after he was sent to take a report of rapes. Then the scumbag would show up at there house and freaking rape them again. and said they must be sluts and wanted it.

          • tina

            PickPocket watch/read news sometimes. Yes rape and other sexual assaults while on duty during traffic stops and after taking women to custody.

          • PickPocket

            Incidentally,two weeks ago, where I live a cop raped his own 14-year-old daughter in the police station. These horrible things happen for sure. And I know that. But it’s not that it doesn’t happen,just not as often as some people say it does around here. Some people here let their cop-hate go rampant.

          • Brenda Ingram

            Surely you are not serious….

          • TherealWanda Jackson

            You never heard of a cop raping someone??? Where you from??? They do it here on the regular…

          • TherealWanda Jackson

            Or was that sarcasm???

          • Jem

            NO it is not. If they get caught in the act, they just give them minor charges and say they molested whoever it was. Cops have been caught trying to make a woman have sex with them when they’re desprite to get out of their charges. And when they deny, they charge them even more. There was a CHIEF who raped an unconscious woman in his office, and it was turned into a molestation charge. It happens… ALL the time… Unless there’s videotaped proof, cops will always win those court cases.

          • Aj

            Your a fucking idiot because a cop just went to jail for rape stop riding cops dick bitch

          • PickPocket

            ” Your a fucking idiot ” – Classic

          • Matt Ledbetter
          • Dan T

            Rape- To violate ones rights, demean or make feel unworthy, Rape doesn’t mean penetration, so cops rape as a Job

          • ? are you really this ignorant of reality? or maybe snarking on us?

        • TherealWanda Jackson

          Imagine the boy picked on the most in school as a cop…Scary isn’t it…

          • Muhammad Abbass

            You are quite wrong actually. I was one of the boys picked on most and it made me resilient, independent and as I matured and became fitter due to an active sailing and swimming regimen I also began to beat down the bullies. In fact I have seen those bullies become cops and sports stars since.

        • i wholeheartedly agree . here’s one who didn’t stay silent . rare breed

      • Difdi

        If the legal standards for what would make you or I a conspirator, accomplice or accomplice after the fact were applied to individual police or to police departments as a group, there would be no police left outside of prison cells.

        For reasons I have never understood, most people consider cops to be good cops as long as they are not a primary actor in a crime. But it’s so incredibly EASY to become an accomplice to a crime these days, that there truly is no such thing as a good cop anymore. Cops have gotten so accustomed to looking the other way when they encounter evidence (whether it be reasonable suspicion or probable cause) that their fellow officers are bad apples, that there are no good apples left, in any barrel.

        NO ONE with any prosecutorial authority ever applies the laws that determine who is an accomplice or conspirator to police in any way even though there is no law enforcement exemption anywhere in those laws.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        I’d never have walked past a cop getting beaten. Not if I had a camera to record it.

        Also 90% of them at the very least are scumbags. The rot always spreads and it reaches a point where it drives out the good which can never gain ground, only lose it as corruption puts down roots and actively protects itself by propagating.

      • Tiphereth

        I just want to say that I totally agree. I smell true changes overdue, yet coming.

    • Blunter Fees

      The only good cop’s a….

    • Diana Romero

      I couldn’t agree MORE !!!!!

  • J C

    Puppycide: Life on the Streets

  • stacell72

    I’d bet my bottom dollar that nothing is going to happen to this fat f___!

    • mike

      Fat FUCK you mean?!.

  • theallseeingmaster .

    Slitting that dog’s throat was the fulfillment of this cop’s most erotic sexual fantasy. Sick f’ing ahole.

  • jim

    there is an illness spreading through our police

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    I truly believe, in my heart of hearts, that this fat pig should be publicly executed. His life is now meaningless, and he needs to be put down, as an example for all to see.

    • smiles

      Couldn’t agree more!

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    And they wonder why nobody likes them…

  • Brad Canelo

    In order to be cop, one must be willing to commit murder making THEM murderers, no matter how you look at it, even through a spectrums’ point of view !!!

  • bobo

    maybe someone should shot the cop because he looks like he might have rabbies…

    • brenda

      True thing. If he gets out of custody, he might knife someone.

  • EmptyThoughts

    I feel like a lot of this anger towards police officers is out of complete ignorance. In 1856 the supreme court decided that it is NOT a police officers duty to serve and protect the public, but rather to serve and protect the state. You wanna know why theres so many douchebags with badges? Look at the laws and hiring processes of police officers. We should be outraged that there are gun toting gangs with badges in every city who dont care about us, not get outraged after the fact.

    And going back on topic, @challengeyourlimits, after that Capone lecture, we should tie this fat piece of shit up to a poll and let our dogs have at him. Ive got a german shepherd, american bulldog mix who is always more than happy to protect me and will attack anyone who comes off as a threat. And believe me, I’d definitely let my pup know that this fat piece of shit “officer” is a threat.

  • disqus_jInSH5gdO1

    Justice for Nala

  • JKramer

    Typical cop, every god damn one of them is exactly the same. One can only hope that this jack boot pig ends up in prison and receives a daily dose of ATM from the cell block residents.

  • eRIC


  • Fureyous

    Against protocol? Are you kidding me? Against all human decency. This guy is a psychopath and needs a taste of his own medicine.

  • Shari Peterson

    That fucking neighbor should be slayed too.

  • Jesse Denby

    We’re surprised?!?! All cops are the same.

  • Robert Ireland

    Fuck Jerry Rodriguez, pretending like he is suddenly appalled, when we all know his entire force is thugs on brain dead IQs and psychopaths.

  • crapsandwich

    So what does this officer care about?…

  • Mr.Gee Marino

    He’s Full of Shit. He knows damn well that if the dog had had rabies, he would have become Infected… Lying POS.

  • zion

    He needs to be gutted

  • Peter Schneider

    Wish I hadn’t read this. Now I’ve got this awful image floating in my brain. Cop needs to do time for this.

  • Chuck Robey

    I hope he gets what he gave in Prison… If he doesn’t I volunteer to slit his throat…

    • John Shadwick

      You would then truly be serving your country if you did so.

  • ITSa341

    I hope he runs into a lot of the more violent criminals he put in prison while he is there. If he doesn’t go to prison….well, I’ll leave that to the imagination and hope it is far worse than I can imagine.

  • fuji

    USA and people who live there are the dumbest on the planet and all the country itself is a cancer of the world. All the shittiest useless criminals from Europe moved there at a time and created that biggest world’s mistake called USA. Good thing nobody else actually need to try to stop you, because the country so dumb going to destroy itself by itself with all that cops, stupid shit farmers and patriots, kiddos shooting each other at school and naked ass culture… Sad is just that you’re trying to teach the whole other world how to live… Well, it’s just the matter of time.

    • SuperTP

      Says the guys behind the computer screen! Trolling the internet is a great way to make a difference!

    • AL

      HAHAHAHA !! Shut up dummy..

  • streetking187

    Fucking Scumbag Pig go eat another god damn donut you fat scumbag I love animals and hate animal cruilty I wish I could beat that cops ass for doing that an animal is like another family member and if a cop tried that shit with my dog I would go to jail for beating that cops ass and guess what that would be worth it for the harm he caused!!!!!!!

  • RogerP77

    In order to implement the brutal and Orwellian Agenda 21, police departments are DELIBERATELY recruiting psychopaths. THAT is why they have them take extensive psychological assessments as part of the recruiting process. This is really about the federalization (globalization) of police.

    The way that they do this is by reducing funding through local sources and forcing the departments to use federal ones. There is just a few catches: the feds get to appoint the top officers and they control recruitment and training. Further, they often compel them to take military weapons to “fight crime”. ALL of this is being done by design for decades and has been extensively documented by people like Alex Jones.

  • Northmonk

    Low-life, power-tripping scum! Hope some animal lover gets hold of this sack of crap and gives him a serious “taste”

  • Scott Downey

    Vicious animals should always be put down…I’m not referring to the dogs.

  • Kato

    Cops are getting away with too much and there’s no end in sight.

  • Caribbean Critic

    Get used to it America Your police are Obese psychopaths on SSRI’s. Your descent into a BANANA republic is complete.

  • Rev. Mark Ray Robinson

    Doxx the cop

  • jollyroger

    Another fat overbloated pig.
    ready for the slaughter house.

  • David Rivers

    it is our responsibility to police the police in our own community’s. when ever a cop brutalizes someone or abuses their authority, then WE need to find them and deliver justice!
    because as we’ve all seen over & over again, the system refuses to punish them, so its up to US to teach them THAT WE WONT BE ABUSED ANY MORE!
    im sure there are people who can band together in Baltimore and find this pig.

  • Crakey McBakey

    Death to both PIGS.

  • Vegana Piranha

    That fat bastard is a danger to society.

  • Jennifer Lee-Lewis

    This is why I have to be for gun control – cause I would have shot him and not thought another thing about it. Not one thing. He does not deserve to live. People like that can’t be allowed in society. If he will do this to a dog who has the mentality of a three year old, while another large being holds it down – he would do that to a person if he thought he could get away with it. And he can. It has been proven.

  • thepaulrevereshow

    Yet… we consider Dogs to be the animals. This low-down animal was not only allowed to roam the city – but they gave it a gun, a badge and a knife to terrorize the community and murder a member of someone’s family. This pig should be executed.

  • staticfl

    Do the job and know the facts before passing judgement.

  • Tom

    I think the cops hav been given the word- to provoke the citizens. The cops are doing everything they can to have a general uprising, riots, et al – this in order to hv the military come in to slaughter us.

    This sort of killings are going on worldwide.

  • Penance

    This fat pig needs gutting.

  • RavenKsoontobeH

    Gluttonous piece of pig shit.

  • Trish House

    Cops like this must have PTSD. It takes less than 90 days in a war zone for it to develop in soldiers. Now that the government has created its “War On Terror” cops work in a war zone every day. We should have a revolving door system that cycles them off the front lines every 60 days or so to prevent them from going insane – as this guy obviously is.

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    Hopefully this pig will get the same treatment, and someone will slash his throat.

  • OzzyLovesBabyShampoo

    Look of dumb fuck on his face is irritating as shit.

  • Yepper113

    This piece of shit deserves to be killed in the street. This is why America hates cops.

  • Sumner Kagan

    Live by the knife, die by the knife. I say both officers deserve the same thing done to them. Hopefully karma is out there in the form of some criminal that takes them both out.

  • contrabandits

    Big surprise. Dude is morbidly obese and is a “cop”. I swear to god we need to start as a nation urging our local leaders to put laws in place that protect pets. Sorry, they aren’t just beasts….they are family members aND friends.

  • DarkStarAz

    By in large the police get it right 99.9% of the time.

  • Jesse Hanowell

    I would love to slit this fat PIGS throat. What a fat waste of human flesh this fucker is. I hope someone kills him.

  • claytoris

    Cops have become so insane in this country! What kind of decent human would ever consider that to be a logical solution to that problem? NONE only fucking serial murderers and cops exhibit that demented vile behavior. Sad to say this is not an isolated case. So much of this type of shit happens with cops in the states. Fuck this shit police state we live in where cops act like thugs who think the law doesn’t apply to them. You sick fuck. I hope you never wear that badge again (for everyone and everythings safety).

  • Steve Lutz

    This guy needs to be in prison for being a psychopath and abuser of animals. Accountability is completely absent in our society toady. This “man” needs to be held accountable for his actions.

  • PedobearForPresident

    Jesus Fucking Christ!

  • Jam

    Cop needs to be held down and gutted like the pig he is.

  • Chris Sky

    Is anybody really surprised?.. This is the NEW USA. where The police are Israeli trained, and the citizens (and their dogs) are Palestinians.

    • David Braswell

      Why would you compare us to the scum of Palestine and the cops to the bad ass Israel?

      • Miles Coleman

        let me tell you a secret, Israel ain’t so bad ass as you think…..every other country in the world except america, want them brought up on war crimes charges…….So you better hope America never gets smart and realizes that is support of Israel , is both a waste of money, and a waste of time….because if that happens…Israel will be swallowed up and eradicated by the rest of the middle east….without my tax dollars….Israel would not exist…..lets all hope this day comes soon….Jewish folks are fine with me, and I hate to tell you this, but all the Jewish folks I know, would agree with this statement 100%…..Now you sir are a Zionist…and to most of the known worls Zionism = Nazism…..and Zionists are warmongering morons, just like the people that run this country (America)….but it will change…..and Zionism, and all warmongering isms will be eradicated….so the rest of us can move along and start living in the world we wish to create!

        • Chris Sky

          Miles’ response was perfect… I need not say anything else.

  • againstcorporaterule

    What the military is doing to people all over the world is finally coming home to roost:

  • Anonymous

    When will the law catch up with how most family’s really feel. Animals are treated (lawfully) only as PROPERTY. Yet as ANY pet owner reading this KNOWS, your family’s (or personal) pet is NOT property, it may as well be a brother, sister, or cousin. The bond we develop with our beloved pets go beyond that of mere property. That being said the “law” needs to catch up, and ANYONE (officer or not) caught killing a domesticated pet (not talking about hunting wild animals here, even though I’m not personally a hunter because I’m personally such an animal lover), anyone caught injuring or killing a domesticated PET – NEEDS to be charged as if it was a PERSON they committed the offense against.

    Until then, and I normally don’t advocate this, “street justice” should prevail. I hope someone slits this pigs throat and lets him die as he bleeds out unable to do shit about it! Let this cocksucker experience the same thing he did to this poor defenseless, LOVED, pet!

    May this pig rot in hell!

  • James Hedman

    maybe we need to start a real police force, that protects the people, not the state.

  • Mary McMahon

    There’s no way he thought that dog had rabies ,you would not want to come in contact with the blood of a rabid animal.Only rabid animal there that day was him.

  • Exquisite Corpse

    This guy would do just fine with ISIS.

    His constituents should take up a collection to send him there.

  • JustSomeGuy

    in reality, a country is just a huge gang with cops as their foot soldiers

  • Charles Aulds

    Hey, you all know this guy, right? You went to school with him? In my case, he was Riley Brackin; quit high school to join the US Marine Corps. Only much later did I realize his bullying was really a manifestation of a serious psychosis.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Seems like the cops show up when it should be animal control or the paramedics. Can’t keep their noses out of things that don’t concern them. Often turns out bad. NOBODY WANTS THEM, NOBODY WANTS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Throw the fat bastard in the Wolf Pit!

  • Ryan

    Send this guy to prison where he belongs, and let everyone in there know he was a dirty cop!

  • Ihavenouseforaname

    You can let him know how you feel.

    Jeffrey G Bolger
    7067 Saddle Dr
    Sykesville, MD 21784-5936

    • David Rivers

      thank you for that!
      everyone call his ass!

    • Damn-Deal-Done

      Does he have a twitter or facebook account?

  • Janet Walsh

    Can any of this be validated? And I wonder how the owner was “looking for her all day” but didn’t know a neighbor had her dog?

  • dee

    So sick of these POS cops. They are nutjobs; the police departments think they are above the law. Citizens need to say enough is enough. Put these sick bastard on one of those test vehicles, that are used for crash safety tests. See how a wall feels, asshole.

  • patricia

    Most cops think they can do what they want and get away with it this needs to stop cops killing animals should get jail time to

  • rand

    they’re only doing to dogs what they hope to do to us, one day.

  • bostongal

    How could one be so cruel in doing his job, which is what he is paid for, to help people and animals. He should be fired and PROSECUTED….what a horrible and vicious human being. Especially unwarranted -cops are out of control.

  • Jimmy Rivera

    Put that punk and the other punk cop in prison for life and she should sue the police dept for having alound that punk working for them.

  • Kimberly Scheiwe


  • TroliusMaximus

    America: An empire and society in rapid, steep, dire decline.

  • charles000

    WTF??? Suspension w/o pay my ass. This disgusting embarrassment to the human species (let alone the police dept.) should be in prison. Maybe someone there might be inclined to “gut this fucking thing”. Even in prison, inmates don’t go for this kind of BS.

  • GV


  • Tina Braun

    he looks like pig slit his throat.. haunt him until he brings back the dog to life…FOREVER

  • Nooooooo, I hate this so much. The poor doggies get abused by the police now too?

  • Marnee

    This F-ing cop needs to die. FIRE HIS ASS AND SEND HIM TO PRISON FOR LIFE.

  • SilverMine

    I agree with the person that said probably 90% of them are good but what really makes me mad and sick to my stomach is the fact that they take up for the bad ones. That makes them just as bad! Why can’t they help get rid of the cruel, mean sobs instead of taking up for them??

  • Patrick Dunbar

    I sure would like to see that fat rat bastard try that at my home….i would gut him, ” I thought he had rabies.”

  • Laura Phares-Wilson

    When TSHTF….The cops had better bury their uniforms in a deep pit….because they are going to be DONE if they are found.

  • Julia Anderson

    Serial killers, with badges. they need to be charged and gotten rid of. does anyone realize we are being “protected” by entire teams of, mostly, men with classic behaviors typically seen in serial killers? dear god, be afraid, be VERY afraid. jeffery dahmer and john wayne gacy are watching our sons, ted bundy and gary ridgeway are watching over the women in our society and charles cullen and donald harvey are caring for our elderly and ill. something is soooo wrong here. so very very wrong here

  • jo

    don’t they do psych test on these bastards

  • Scooter Livingston

    Somebody needs post the address of this pig. Now after it’s posted…I’m not SUGGESTING anything *wink*

  • Bryan

    This man will burn in hell… how cruel.

  • TheTruthIsFreedom

    If that was my dog, the scumbag cop would have been gutted by now, the same way he did it to my dog

  • Neill Martin

    So will he be given his job back? He should not! Jail time & or big fine. BUT no job in law enforcement!

  • Neill Martin

    Will he be given his job back? He should not! Jail time & a big fine! Certainly Never a job in law enforcement ever again, anywhere!

  • Rita Wooten

    Another cop who shouldn’t be a cop! If he’s this big a coward go to work for mcdonalds! Hope someone kicks your fat ass!

  • Carmela DonVito

    If I were the owner of this dog, I would spare absolutely NO EXPENSE suing this officer, the police dept. the county, etc. This cop has a screw loose and should NEVER be re-instated to this or any other police department.

  • Sun

    Little Fat tough guy likes to be aggressive so cuts an already controlled dog.Pretty pathetic I’d say.Guess thats the kind Obuma wants on the streets,someone eager to kill.Better watch out though he might be the next one whose threat gets cut.(poetic justice)

  • Sun

    Sorry sneaky letters get in there!

  • Blunter Fees

    If you’re not brave enough to handle a single rabid dog, you’re not brave enough to be an officer of the law.

  • Queso

    I hope he dies a horrible death. Fuckin cops. This is happening more and more. If this happened to me. He would be carried away in a body bag.

  • Rintintin

    How many borderline psychopaths are employed as police officers?

  • MD

    I’ll believe there are good cops when they stand up against the bad ones (thin blue line my ASS!).

  • Kara Oneil

    They say if someone starts out hurting animals to watch out that humans are next.

  • job doe

    Next will be people. So sad.

  • humboldtrick

    These fucking piece-of-shit scumbag cops need to be dragged into the street and summarily executed. I’ll be glad to slash this fucker’s throat myself. If he isn’t locked up for life, he will be slaughtered in the street.

  • Kevin McCormick

    i hope some one puts his fucking family down the same way and he is forced to watch

  • Dave B in AZ

    Sheriffs can shoot any loose animal they think is a danger to the public, however in this case it was just plain mean and dirty. Eventually these Baltimore cops will kill a human being.

  • Mary Lennox Elizabeth Beetison

    This asshole needs gutting loose his job and pension put up a wall and SHOT

  • Jeffery Hart

    psycho cop.

  • handsome bob

    Errrrrr…. to address the horrible insinuation that violence toward “certain breeds” by which the guy obviously meant “pit bulls” can be tolerated, it’s worth mentioning that Shar-Peis were bred as fighting dogs… just to cast into sharp contrast how absolutely moronic people are when it comes to “pit bulls,” a term that doesn’t even refer to a single breed when the media uses it. Nice try, but no. No matter what breed this dog was (though, admittedly, since most people don’t know Shar Peis were fighting dogs, those naive viewers might have felt slightly better if it was a “pit bull”) his behavior is psychotic and he should be put away.

    1) Why did the neighbor keep and try to feed the dog if she was only missing for a day? Why didn’t she go knock on some doors? 2) Sounds like she didn’t call animal control, she called the regular police. 3) Even if the dog had potentially had rabies and that was SOMEHOW a credible reasoning…getting very close to it and risking a bite after it was safely contained sort of throws your already weak excuse under the bus. It’s pretty cool, though, how this fat bastard will have his diabetes treatment and jazzy chair paid for by us if he lives to see old age.

  • Jessica Barlow

    Rabies is not a problem in the US because having them vaccinated is the law. His excuse is total crap. This man should be off the streets and in cell pronto.

  • zimmazam

    Sick cocksucker. Since when do cops pull out knives at all??? Ive heard of cops shooting dogs but slitting her throat?? If he thought she had rabies then why the hell did he get so close to stab this poor baby. Hes full of shit and theres something wrong with this pig mentally. And what the hell was animal control doing threw out this happening? I hope he gets the max! And then raped in prison which he deff will being a ex cop ha. RIP NALA!

  • lesley porton

    Take the vile bastards badge and throw him in jail

  • Justin Lee Serrano

    this is when law enforcement needs enforcement to watch over them called the people. they want to serve the law and the people then pay the ultimate prioce when you do it wrong

  • Eric West

    This cop is fat fucking pig. He does not deserve to be a police officer anymore. He belongs in jail.

  • J.James

    Being its widly known that one of the very few things all serial killers have in common is that they all happen to do simular things to animals as they do there human pray. and now im wondering how many of the High number of unsolved murders in the Baltimore area involving the victims throats being cut and the bodys being mutilated are this psychos handy work.

  • Tori


  • Meryleen E Chambers

    what gives these Idiots the right to kill peoples Pets, I saw a Video of a cop shooting a Rottweiler to death that wasn’t doing anything but barking at him because they arrested his owner for Videoing them, he had put him in his car and rolled the window down too far the dog got out the dirty assed cop’s wouldn’t let him put it back in so someone could come get him. and he killed it for meanness., he shot it several times for nothing! I have no use for these cowardly bullies and they should be arrested for animal cruelty, Cops today think they are Gods, there’s a lot of assholes on the Police force that should never have a job on the Police force.

  • Julia Anderson

    sooo, practicing to be a serial killer is in just doing his job? HOW, jeffery bolger, THE FCK IS SLASHING A DOG’S THROAT JUST DOING YOUR JOB???? where in your lame ass job description does it say you should slash the throats of harmless pets, you sick pathetic waste of flesh? you are nothing but one more SERIAL KILLER WITH A BADGE. i hope your children know that you did this, and i hope they realize what a sick son of a bitch their father is. and any one with sense would not be your significant other, because, DAMN.

  • reggie.

    Moral of the story : Dogs > Black Kids.

  • regressive teaparty trash

    another overweight white trash regressive,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • TheAlchemist86

    And to think God banished Lucifer to hell because he questioned why god cherished humans over angels. I bet lucifer is having a good old laugh now. We are just a disease to this planet.

  • Chris Suits

    he wants to be with the sex starved fanatics beheading people.

  • Chronogod

    Can someone like murder the cop or something?

  • Matt

    Cops generally carry Spyderco knives or First Responder models depending on the department. They’re mainly used for utility purposes rather than as a weapon, because they have…well, a gun.

  • garry

    who would trust that fucking donut brain with a gun ,oh wait a knife ?

  • seth cohen

    this guy is a sociopath… why the fuck is he carrying a knife?

  • RegularJoe

    Bad cop, no oxygen.

  • Devil’sAdvocate

    Not all cops are bad. So saying that is a misconception. Saying that all cops deserve to die is also a misconception.

    Not all people are evil. But some are. It’s the same way with cops.

    I know some of you have stated that if you see a cop being beaten, you won’t stop to help.. But that cop is still a person and people do not deserve to die like animals. So if you can stop someone from dying, no matter who, just by lifting a finger. Do it. Because the greater good is in doing what IS ultimately moral and good. Don’t condemn every cop to die when they don’t deserve, don’t punish all of them either. Fight for what is right but do not become the wrong doers. Because then, all you become is a blind hypocrite.

  • Brenda Ingram

    Doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to realize that anyone who would do this to an animal, will have no qualms doing the same to a person. All in the line of DUTY.

  • dean poston

    You can dress up a maggot but it still a maggot

  • Roc

    see that’s when I go to jail for murder. Anybody kills my dog they die a horrible death

  • Jayme Witwer

    He’s a sick fuck! Let me slit his throat cuz he might have an std and give it to someone else.

  • Derweze


    • Derweze

      Look at his little piggy eyes surrounded by his fat piggy face.

  • Rick Hiltz

    i could save them the cost of a trial and reinstatement because of union appeals for it just give me 30 mins in a locked room with him

  • Leo Bekker

    The ONLY good cop is a DEAD cop.

  • what a sick twisted fuck… serial killer cop

  • max

    he needs the same thing done to hem

  • Kohdi Mahboub

    Slit his throat, fuck him.

  • DoILookLikeACatToYouBoy

    What the hell, man. Over 20 years on the force? What are the odds this was his first time going hog-wild with the psychopathic shenanigans.

  • Whitfield McRory Palmer

    I hope he loses his pension and ends up on the street only to be shot by one of his fellow cops because they think he has a gun.

  • Black Mage

    Hope no one is shocked by the realization that cops are corrupt (obvious not every single one, but a damn clear majority), and violent bastards, who feel that they do not need to adhere to the law. They are above us peasants.

  • scum bags..

    Slits puppy’s throat and threatens to gut it. – Just doing muh job.

    Strangles man to death who says “I can’t breathe”.. 11 times – Well, he might have been selling cigarettes.

    Rapes unconscious restrained woman – Apologizes to everyone but the actual victim.

    Shoots dog who’s inside an RV with windows up and doors shut.. – I felt threatened.

    I feel safer letting a guy rob me than calling the cops these days… It’s not like they ever find the fucking robber either. And I’d rather not take the chance of being murdered and keep my pets alive .__. Seriously, my bf’s brother attacked him one time, and my bf didn’t punch back. He didn’t want any evidence he hit his brother when the cops came. When they showed up, they were trying to turn the situation around and arrest my bf… Who literally didn’t hit him once, AND they wouldn’t get his brother out of the house. Because he “lived there” though he wasn’t on the lease and never paid rent. He just said he did and they believed him. Fucking useless pieces of shit. They literally do the exact opposite of ANYTHING HELPFUL in ANY SITUATION. I’ve never met a helpful cop. I’ve met a few nice cops, but never a helpful one.

  • juliet

    WOW that is so sad the PRICE many r paing 4 the crazy over reactive minds of our world. PLEASE people control your fear it was only a little puppy wow heart breaking TRULY! n shame shame n more shame!

  • Thoughtcriminal

    Pull that shit on my dog and I’ll be be right behind you with my own knife.

  • ⓣⓗⓔⓐⓝⓣⓘⓢⓗⓔⓔⓟⓛⓔ

    I’m so over it! The craziest thing about all of this shit is that there are people out there who will and do defend these evil scumbag pieces of shit!

  • DeezNutz Yurchen

    Since he felt it was necessary to slit this dog’s throat to protect society, he should get sentenced to the same fate – obviously he is a greater danger than Nala ever was.

  • Paul Robinson

    He should lose his job. Obviously he hasn’t the right mental state to be a police officer. Maybe the local supermarket needs a butcher, he can apply for that. There was no reason to kill the dog, it was restrained and could have been tranquilized if necessary. This low life scum has no empathy for anyone. Did he stop to think that this was someone’s beloved pet and friend? Did he stop to think how much pain he would cause another emotionally? No, and this is why he deserves to never ever be in any position of authority again for the rest of his miserable life.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    There are no words to describe it anymore. These scum have to be dealt with summarily. There is no democratic or non-violent solution.

  • Afshin Nejat

    You fucking piece of SHIT.

  • Hp B

    That porker looks like he’s well on his way to a steroid/donut induced heart attack.
    Some small consolation. Nonetheless..

  • Ray Gunn

    I hope there is a special place in Hell for sub-humans like this and that they find out. This is hearbreaking to read, these ‘things’ are brain damaged to the greatest extent. He will not be charged nor repriminded, he’s a Cop, one of those chosen to be above the law and kill at will. Anything, anyone, anytime.

  • cindy

    These cops CAN NOT go unpunished for this behavior! This is just a taste of what the NWO will look like if we

  • walcon

    This satanic man is sick and needs to be put away. He is the threat to public safety and welfare the cops are trying to find every day.
    I say 5 years in the pen and he can never be a public servant at any job, anytime, in the future.!

  • BillClinton

    He should get the death penalty for this.

  • anon

    Death penalty.

  • anon


  • Beth Knuth

    can she at least file civil suit and make his life miserable?

  • Charles Shaw

    Who are the animals now?

  • Jennifer Clark

    He should be put down! Sorry but he is no better than the criminals he arrests! A-hole! There is no excuse!

  • Chuck Scholl

    If states case is satisfactory n one is following protocol than gut this? Castrate this inhumane system now!!!!! Shit’s gotta stop! Period

  • Carlo Martell

    what a bunch of bullshit DUMB cop. .hey officer CALL THE FUCKEN owner as ask if the dog was rabid ?? DUH !! that wouls have taken care of it you don’t cut the dog’s throat !! PROSECUTE THIS FUCK !!!!!!!!!

  • Raji the Green Witch

    To all you cops out there… STOP protecting those bad ones in your midst. I know you hold to the “thin Blue line” concept of protecting your own BUT, THOSE assholes are NOT your own. They don’t give a damn about you or the honor that is supposed to accompany the badge. they are NOT cops, like you are, they are animals who just happened to have managed to hoodwink someone into giving them a badge and a gun and hire them on your force, But, they still are nothing but thugs, exactly like the thugs you arrest and charge every single day. Like YOU are so fond of stating to the criminals that your arrest, “you are known by the company that you keep” the very same concept applies to YOU as well. If you protect the BAD cops in your midst, then the public will associate YOU with being from the SAME mud as the bad cops. I wold think that YOU would hold cops who drag your police force through the mud in deeper contempt than even the worst of criminal perpetrators and subject them to harsher brutality than the average criminal. Yet, it seems to be exactly the opposite and you shield them from justice, just because they wear a badge and uniform just like yours. You ARE judged by the company that you keep and as long as you protect BAD cops, you will be viewed as being bad, yourselves. WE, the public at large, NEED god cops to actually protect us. Protect us from the criminals out there AND to protect us from the brutal assholes that are dragging the name, cop, through the mud. If you are NOT going to step up to the plate and do the job that you took an oath to perform then WE are no longer going to support you and have your backs. THINK about it. Robin Hood WAS a criminal, he robbed people. However, the law enforcement (Sheriff of Nottinghan) was corrupt and criminal AND Robin Hood, robbed the rich and GAVE the proceeds to the poor. Accordingly, the people gave their support to HIM rather than the Sheriff and his men. The SAME is happening today. Anonymous IS violating a number of laws. BUT, they are doing it to HELP the people. The cops refuse to help them, yet SOMEONE has to. Therefore the people are supporting the ones who ARE providing the help, Anonymous. So, IF you want to receive the support of the people then YOU have to HELP the people. Being Brutal in your manners is NOT how you go about helping. Being mean, uncompassionate, cruel, beating innocent people, fighting people who merely record you in the performance of your jobs (as long as they don’t get directly in the way), ALL of this makes YOU appear to be the bad guys and NOT the good guys. If you expect people to change their attitudes then YOU need to change yours. WE are NOT the enemy, WE are your employers. Start treating us like employers and give us the respect that we deserve.

  • bburke

    If anybody did that to my dog I would be seriously tempted to return the favor, and feel like I had done the world a good deed.

  • medusa7ful .

    It’s a shame that it took a dog’s horrible death to see that policemen and policewomen are out of hand.

  • Federico Gialone

    This is absolutely bullshit, someone needs to slice his fucking throat, a eye for a eye mother fuckers!!

  • Jo Brown

    I’m hoping that 3 or 4 big dudes capture that vile P.O.S. cop, and then hold him down while one of them cuts that cop’s throat from ear to ear and let him bleed out. That P.O.S. doesn’t deserve to live as far as I’m concerned. Try that sh!t on my dog, and your days will be numbered.

  • Ceilla Norman

    What a physco cop! He need to be put down as well, because he can harm inocent people someday!

  • margova

    As an American-Patriot, I am just doing my job by putting a 45 acp round in your head.

  • TomKi

    They did it on purpose to incite as much hatred against the police as possible.

  • Matt

    EVERYONE NEEDS to BE ACCOUNTABLE for THEIR ACTIONS!!! Especially when killing is involved, Human or Animal…

  • pete bowie

    not happy with shooting people,or hitting un armed women,now starting on cats and dogs,these bastards make their own rules and seem untouchable,what a place to live…

  • Mark Marcum

    give us his address!!

  • crackacruz

    Someone should hold this piece of shit down and slash his fat throat until the gravy pours out…I’d love to watch the fear and tears run down HIS face the same way they rolled down the face of that poor defenseless animal…horrible excuse for a human being let alone an officer of the law…I hope he gets hit by a fucking truck *spit* scumbag

  • AuntySocial

    Cop best be glad it was not my dog. Last thing he would do is hurt my dog. The very last, except bleed.

  • tiered of douce bags!

    Piece of crap. sadistic thats what that is, if its a threat a well placed shot would suffice. this pussy got close enough to veins and artery then well get this sicko where he belongs!

  • Cheryl Lopez

    Cops still getting away with MURDER! Even if it is a dog, That was s family member to this woman! Sickening…….Hope they have no dogs at home. Someone may get them back….

  • TheeBudGuru

    Cops are pieces of shit! And these 2 are no different! They should both be treated the same way they treated that dog!

  • 1AmericanKat

    why do cops get away with murdering dogs? why arent they held accountable? it seems like we the people must “police” the police force and remind them they are working for us, not against us. it will take a whole community to take a stand and get the police staff on board with training officers how to handle animals correctly. and hopefully they wont take on that stupid attitude that they are above and beyond learning how to do so.

  • DogBone

    I hope someone slashes this cops throat no wait lock the bitch up in prison sure they would like a little cop action in there.

  • Remember

    I would like to remind folks that not all cops are scum like these two were. My husband is a military cop who is planning to join the force in our town after he’s finished with his military career and he despises men like the ones in this story. In his eyes, they are not men. They are vile creatures who taint the honor of protecting and serving. My husband is the one stopping on the side of the road to call for help for an injured bear cub on the side of the road, catching loose animals on the base before they are injured and relocating them to a safe place or locating their owners, and once, even stopping the car to pick a killdeer chick up out of the middle of the road and finding a safe place within earshot of mama (who was nearby and trying to distract us) to put it. He may be a cop but he is absolutely not like these monsters.

    He (as do I) supports canine behavior classes being taught as a standard part of training as there is no excuse for a cop to be uneducated about an animal that they are so likely to encounter on a daily basis. He is constantly teaching others he works with about the animals they encounter whether it be a loose chicken or a loose horse or a loose dog. He knows how to calmly approach a variety of animals and is the go to person when there is a loose animal at work. If there is an animal at work that needs catching or calming, they go find my husband.

    This behavior will carry over to civilian law enforcement and I can proudly say that, had he been involved in this situation, that dog would still be alive and the cop who killed her would never have gotten the opportunity to harm Nala.

    • just me

      I agree 1% are good the rest can fk off and die

  • Kat Hoth

    Why are we giving these animals control over life and death? THese monsters deserve the exact same treatment they gave poor Nala.

  • Shelly Armstrong


  • Latasha Simpson

    Kill a person and the police department will defend you and you’ll get a paid suspension. Kill a pet and the police department will speak out against you and you get unpaid suspension. How crazy!

  • Joe

    Never call the police to help you with anything because when they arrive people and pets die. They have no compassion or heart. All they know what to do to solve a problem is to kill.

  • Mark Scott

    when children torture animals it is a sign of deep psychosis….

  • Kim Serrahn

    Don’t they say first animals then children and women. He’s big for sure but not so very tough, just a wakco with a permit.

  • Good thing we have these cops protecting the people from a pet. Someone call 911, there is a kitten chewing on my shoelace. The cat is clearly trying to kill me and my brother. The kitten has to be stopped. Please, please someone call SWAT and tell them to bring a knife.

  • just me

    Just another low IQ social misfit pig being a pig.NO surprise here

  • punisher

    I see this wayyyyyyyy to often!! then they wonder why the hunter becomes the hunted!! if it was my dog that cop wouldn’t make it to his fucking car!!! I already sent 2 troopers to the hospital in 98 for kicking my dog!!

  • Meri Dumont

    Don’t understand how Americans can say they live in the greatest country in the world and do so with a straight face. Really don’t see much difference between ISIS and the cops down there!

  • H Steven Mead

    Seems to me we have a lot of people becoming cops for the soul purpose of executing anything alive. These people are unstably, and on a power trip and should not be allow to carry guns or the job of protecting the community.

  • Guitar Slinger

    ALL cops are psychopaths. Mercenaries for the Kochs.

    • dikfor

      Don’t you mean Soros?

  • Sasha Zvyagin

    Somebody gut these pigs, PLEASE!

  • pigsmustdie

    this dude better fucking watch his back from now on people dont like animal killers. I hope someone finds these pieces of shit and guts them alive

  • Mike

    Just execute this cop as he is a piece of shit, and a psychopath and cannot be trusted, no lethal injection, just slit his throat as he might have rabies!

  • norm

    This Cop( it is a shame that we have to call him that ) should have a nose around his neck and let me cut his throat and see how he likes it

  • kkb

    What the cop said to the “judge,” I was just doing my job.

    The term “Nuremberg Defense” was originally coined during the Nazi war crimes trials at Nuremberg after World War II. Nazi war criminals who were charged with genocide, mass murder, torture and other atrocities used the defense “I was only following orders” so frequently that the argument became known generically as “The Nuremberg Defense”.

    The “Nuremberg Defense” is quite effective in reverse discrimination cases if the reverse discriminator was, in fact, following government rules and regulations. Just as during various war crimes trials during the past 60 years, if the government at whose behest the alleged illegal act was committed happens to be in power, and happens to be running the court in which the case is heard, then the defendant (reverse discriminator) is generally granted immunity from the discriminatory effects of his/her actions.

  • Meri Dumont

    I don’t understand what kind of sick sob’s U.S. police departments hire! Why is nothing being done down there? I was so mad that I emailed internal affairs at the Baltimore PD and asked them exactly that even though I live in Canada. It just sickens me the way cops there are behaving. Does anyone really care when one of them are killed? I know I don’t. There should be thousands of people in every city in the streets everyday until something is done. How do Americans say they live in the ‘greatest country in the world’ and do so with a straight face??? You can have it…thank god I don’t live there. The whole world thinks that country is nuts!

  • michael douglas

    i hope someone slits this pigs throat in public so we can hear him squeal

  • Brigitta Limb

    He was “just doing his job.” I’m going to claim the 9th (doctor) and say he’s lost the privilege of speaking.

  • Curtis Gates

    Both the officers are the power tripping blight that is a stain on all cops, but then so are those who support them in the department.

  • Dash Rip Roc

    Lard ass pig fucker.Hope you get gunned down.Piece of shit.

  • wildman

    hope some dark night in a dark alley someone slits that fukin pig ear to ear and laughs as he bleeds out clutching his fuking pig neck

  • Mark Marcum

    what is his address?

  • Denton Young

    He should be put in the general prison population and then the other prisoners should be informed that he’s a cop who murdered someone’s pet.

  • nascausa

    They probably did their own pets this way for fun while daddy held them down. We are not born with such hatred, we learn it.

  • Pickles The Drummer

    More dead cops means safer streets and living pets.

  • Christy Torres

    Now those are the police officers that need a bullet in their head. They are the ones that will kill a human hide the body’s and kill kill again. They make good officers look bad.

  • Hoss

    it seems yankees can’t handle dogs, like them themselves are little pups and must call the pups with badges and guns to save them. What a sick society.

  • Shinji’s Soul Reaver

    The cunt judge needs to be voted out by the citizens of Baltimore.

  • Juan Doroteo Carrio

    After reading thousands of these stories I am convinced that we no longer need armed police in American. I can’t see what good they are. They don’t prevent anything but instead show up after the crime and take a report. Why do they need guns and special power?

  • Karl Rogers

    Wish someone finds this fat piece of garbage and slaughters him and his family. Sickening.

  • DangerousMikeBenson

    slit a pigs throat next time. fuck the god damn cops. any time a cop military or otherwise gets killed i fucking REJOICE.
    Next time these assholes harass you tell them to go get KILLED in the LInE of Duty. worthless FUCKS

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    sociopaths/psychopaths never, ever accept responsibility… something they have in common with OTHER CRIMINALS. PS IF a dog is dead, there is not arterial spray… so who did they buy off to fix the evidence? Ask the police union of course.

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    funny how ‘qualified immunity, became absolute immunity… funny as ebola in the prom punch bowl.

  • techiewayne

    So while the cop was cutting and swearing to cut this thing up, someone should have been shooting this FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER IN THE HEAD SEVERAL TIMES! AND SWEARING TO SHOOT THE FUCK OUT OF THIS PIG, if dogs can be shot as a nuisance then we should be able to SHOOT FERAL PIGS AS A NUISANCE!

  • Mike Riddell

    death to cops, the more the better