Cop Shoots Small Cat With a Shotgun Because it “Might be Rabid,” Department Won’t Release Cop’s Name

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WESTBROOK — An officer has been involved in a gruesome shooting of a small cat because he claimed the cat could be “rabid.”

It began when a citizen reported a stray cat in the neighborhood.

Clark, the cat, had been an outdoor cat for three years in the neighborhood and was taken care of and fed by one of the residents.

Officers arrived and tried to capture Clark, but Clark was too fast for the officers.

They continued to chase after Clark but kept failing to retrieve him, according to reports.

That’s when one of the officers did the unthinkable.

He pulled out his shotgun, aimed it directly at Clark, and pulled the trigger — pumping a 16-gauge round into Clark’s body, sources say.

The officer did this, he said, because the cat “may be rabid.”

The officer claimed that he was concerned that if Clark had rabies, then Clark could pose a safety issue by infecting other animals in the neighborhood.

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After being blasted with the shotgun, Clark managed to half-limp into the nearby forest.

Miraculously, Clark survived the blast, but sustained severe injuries. Both bones in Clark’s little front legs were shattered by the officer’s gunshot.

clark cat

X-rays of Clark’s shattered bones in his front legs.

Moreover, veterinarians later determined that Clark did not have rabies, contradicting the officer’s claim.

Jeana Roth of the Animal Refuge League reported that “Clark is doing well.”

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“He’s receiving vet care and treatment. He’s resting comfortably and certainly recuperating.”

If Clark does not heal on his own, he may have to undergo surgery to repair the remnants of his bones.

Meanwhile, the police department has refused to release the officer’s name, citing concerns for his “safety.”

The Animal Refuge League is anticipating calls from people who would like to adopt Clark when he’s fully recovered.

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