Cop Tries to Shoot Dog, Ends Up Shooting Himself

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A California sheriff’s deputy is feeling the sting of humiliation after he attempted to shoot a fenced-in dog, but failed, succeeding only in shooting himself.

The deputy was rushed to the hospital after his failed attempt to execute an innocent dog.

The deputy was rushed to the hospital after his failed attempt to execute an innocent dog.

The deputy, who works with the Riverside County Court Services Division, was reportedly serving an eviction notice at a Riverside home on Wednesday at around 2p.m. when a “large dog” approached him.

Children relieved their friendly dog wasn't killed.

Children relieved their friendly dog wasn’t killed.

Police say the pit bull, who can be seen in footage shot by Los Angeles NBC affiliate KNBC being playful and friendly with several children, attacked the officer, forcing him to draw his weapon.

“A large pit bull breed dog attacked the deputy,” an investigator told KNBC.

“In defense of himself, he fired one round at the dog and inadvertently struck himself in the leg.”

The dog’s owner, Jorge Rodriguez, says his dog never attacked.

The officer got scared and unfortunately pulled his gun and he shot himself,” Rodriguez says.

“He was in pain, man, I feel sorry for the officer.”

Watch the video below:

The officer sustained non-life threatening injuries and is being treated at the Riverside Community hospital.

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Reports say the Department of Animal Services won’t take action against the dog as she was legally within a fenced enclosure.

No word on whether the officer will be investigated for mishandling his firearm.

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  • Nicole Lynn Spengler

    That dog didn’t attack anyone! You can tell she is sweet. ALLLLLLLLL dogs bark! ALLLLLLLL dogs! GOD

  • ckicountchocula

    “negligently” shot himself. . .

  • thrasherp5120

    Just like all criminals’ mothers say that “they boy ain’t never hurt no one” after they get killed by cops. Stupid, without video I don’t believe shit.

    • Adam Brian

      Even with video you wouldn’t believe shit simply cause your brainwashed to the fullest. It’s alright their are millions like you man who don’t even believe their own eyes cause you can’t get past a cute uniform.

  • A.M

    He deserved it. That dog isn’t violent obviously, that prick will say anything to make himself look less of a moron, which honestly is impossible. AND he went to the extent to lie. Too bad he didn’t accidentally shoot himself in the head.

  • Adam Brian

    Good. Punk bitch.

    • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

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  • Adam Brian

    Cops can commit murder robbery and rape every day all day and nothing happens to them so what’s another dead dog. Oops he missed is all or this would not have even been reported.

    • croper

      Yup and what type of people you suppose this job would attract if one can murder rob and rape with impunity.

  • Dick Fitzwell


  • Debra Carfagno

    LMFAO!! And they say average Americans shouldn’t have guns because we aren’t “trained” to use them. Hahahahahahahahaha. This way he gets paid medical leave, and keeps his vacation time for if or when he hurts someone. win win for him it seems lol.

  • Ulvo

    Hahahaha hillarious! When you feel the need to defend yourself against a barking dog behind a fence, you seriously need help! X)

  • Walter Edinger

    KARMA you pig

  • mike

    Serves him right!!!!!!!!! No sympathy for ignorance !!!!!!!

  • James Dore

    Too bad he missed…should’ve hit an artery or something but nooooo, non-life threatening injuries.

    • croper

      shot himself in the knee. 🙂 Thats pretty good though because knees are notoriously hard to completely fix.

  • Herbert Napp

    LOL you stupid **** dipsh**** LEOs are getting exposed more and more and more. LOVE it.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    The only good thug with a badge is a dead thug with a badge

  • Too bad that the cop didn’t shoot himself in his own head.

  • tomjohnson

    Hey, nice aim, asshole! Remember that the next time you want to shoot someone’s pet. Dickhead.

  • lurch394

    If only Johannes Meserli had shot himself instead of Oscar Grant.

  • zappa lover

    Dude, there was a fence, slowly back away, dim wit!

  • RUanAmericanSheep?

    According to the latest police excuse: the dog had a gun.

  • yoyoma01

    what a shame, wish he died

  • jediman

    What a moron. He needs to be shot again in the head for being that stupid. What they don’t require these dirty cops to test at a shooting range? I have to in order to get my concealed weapon permit. They need to take firearms away from these idiots. Every time there is footage of a cop shooting you see them empty the gun but maybe if lucky only hit thier attended target one time. So where do you think the rest of the rounds go? I am surprised more innocent bystanders aren’t shot by strays. Oh yeah there are but the cops just lie about it and somehow make them out to be guilty. THE ONLY GOOD COP IS A DEAD COP!!!!

  • Spanky Pants

    Got what he deserved.

  • D Moran

    Good!! He shot the thing that needed to be shot. Himself!!!! Give an idiot a gun!

  • Johnny

    That cop has terrible aim. Should have hit a major artery.

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    KARMA at its finest!

  • david

    Sounds like karma to me. Fuck that cop to bad he didn’t shoot himself in the head.

  • Mike Allen

    hahhahhaha fuck him

  • Brian Sharpe

    Dumbass…..karma’s a bitch.

  • H Steven Mead

    So if the dog was attacking him why doesn’t he have any bites? What the dog just decided after he shot himself to not attack? These cops are killers and liars. He would have shot that dogs had he not pissed his pants while trying to. Nazi piece of shit.

  • just me

    Low IQ dimwitted social reject pig shoots himself.Neighborhood dogs all laugh at him

  • DeusEx Machina

    Fucking pig

  • michael douglas

    omg thats soo sad. he didnt die.

  • Guy Drumm

    If the dog “ATTACKED” the Officer: Why was the only injury the Officer sustained, a gunshot wound?
    I would think that if the dog had actually “ATTACKED” the guy; He would have had at least ONE bite wound!
    That WOULD have had the Department of Animal Services taking the dog into custody to make sure it did not have rabies, then likely destroying the dog.

    UNLESS . . . The dog “Attacked” the Officer VERBALLY! In which case; I don’t think that an Officer is supposed to shoot dogs for verbally abusing them! (I could be wrong though!)

  • true_george

    That POS Deputy was lying and the other cops were lying also. This is why no one trusts the cops. Good thing for the dog karma set in

  • Nancy Simpson

    So the dog was such a threat that AFTER officer magoo shot himself the dog didn’t continue to “attack” him???? Uuuuhhhhh

  • Alex Hess

    I cant wait to hear that a Jack Russel attacked a cop. The head line would read “honestly, I didn’t know they were so vicious!” and that is how pit bulls leave the spotlight as a dangerous breed. 😛

  • T. Richardson

    How did the deputy ever make it out of the birth canal? They walk among us.

  • whit

    Praying that the Riverside County Court Services, the Sheriffs Department and their Animal Control units and their Swat Units can abstain from seeking retribution on these poor kids and their dog, isn’t being evicted enough trauma for them ,without trying to shoot the kids pet and maybe being such a bad shot that who knows what is going to get hit and wounded or kill one of the children? Neighbors please keep a eye out and protect these children from another gun happy proccess server!

  • John

    the dog didnt attack after you laid yourself out did he stupid fucking piglet?

  • OhOhSayCanYouSee

    Karma….. Sometimes, you just can’t avoid it.

  • margova

    Cop enters a fence-in yard and dog approaches him w tongue hanging out……. cops felt in fear for his life because hes a squat-pissing pansy-ass. Tried to shoot the dog after entering into the dogs domain…. shoot himself instead. Just can’t make this stuff up…. and its hilarious, to boot. Mail-carriers have much more back-bone than these coward-ass cops.

  • musikfanat22

    Well, I’ll be doggoned! The cops are trying to shoot dogs, now!

  • micky muxwell

    Low Life Cowardly PIG!!!

  • Mike M

    LOL!!! Stupid pig!

  • Mike M

    So did the dog bite him?

    • wingr47

      No, the cop never went inside the fence. He wanted to shoot it while he was in no danger.

  • Patrick H.

    Id move if I was that guy. I bet the cop will try to retaliate against the dog or one of his friends will do a drive by. The thin blue line will get the dog. Although he’ll get pay off an officer who can hit a target. Would be funny if on his second attempt he shoots himself again.

  • gorgegirl999

    Haha, dumb arse. He got what he deserved.

  • Lynn E

    what a jackass. He shoots with a yard of kids as well. HE needs training & sanction for his actions. I am glad he shot himself, not the dog or kids in harms way. Probably peed his pants too.

  • Chris Sky

    if only this happened every time a cop tried to shoot a dog (or unarmed person) while pretending like they “Feared for their life”

  • Perye Maher

    Justice’, give glory to God.

  • paddy cannon

    cops with guns evicting the poor and shooting the kids dog to add more misery to the eviction i am so glad it back fired

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  • 3Crows

    Ha, ha! The dumb -fuck got what he deserved. That dog is NOT large. He didn’t even need to enter the yard. If the dog barks enough, the owner will come out to see what’s up. I feel sorry for you Americans- your cops are the worst excuse for human beings.

  • Colette Williams

    Gotta love karma!

  • James Robertson

    I have had neighbors pit bulls to come into my yard while working in the yard, they are a strange breed the dog came up on me so fast, I thought the dog would attack me, but he just wanted affection by rubbing his head, and tried to follow me into the house. As a police officer I had a good Firearms Instructor name Stanley Klingenschmit who insured in his training that were superior to all training. One of our officers tried to serve a warrant one day on a suspect, and the suspect ordered his pit bull to attack the officer, while the pit bull bit the officers ankle to the bone, the suspect laughed in the officers face. The officer asked the suspect to get the dog off his ankle, but he refuse, one shot were fired into the pit bull head.

  • The Great Scalooch

    My guess is the cop shot himself on purpose to get a break from that job of being a cop…….

  • JudeThree

    this is fantastic. jackass cop. that dog even with strangers all around, cameras and noise wasn’t even riled at all. That dog is awesome. The Father of the family is a good man, I wouldn’t be as kind to the stupid cop