Cop Recklessly Speeds at 122 kph and Kills 5-yr-old Child, Doesn’t Get Charged


The family of a boy killed by a speeding SQ officer in Longueuil is devastated no charges will be laid and they want an explanation.

The cop was speeding at 122 kph.  The speed limit was only 50 kph. He was not responding to a call and did not have his lights on.

Maya Johnson | CTV News
The family of a five-year-old boy is considering its legal options upon learning that a police officer will not be charged after his unmarked cruiser slammed into their car, killing the child.


The boy died four days after an unmarked Surete du Quebec cruiser slammed into his father’s car as it was making a left-hand turn on a residential street in Longeuil in February.

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Investigators with Montreal Police, the force that took over the investigation, informed the family last week that the officer will not face charges, even though he was speeding at the time of the collision.

The officer was travelling 122 km/h right before the accident and tried to slam on the brakes, investigators told the boy’s family.

The cruiser hit the family’s car at a speed of 90 km/h.

The speed limit on the street was 50 km/h.

The officer was not responding to a call or to an emergency, CTV Montreal’s Maya Johnson reported Wednesday.

The Crown does not have to give its reasoning when it decides not to lay charges.

The boy’s parents did not want to speak to the media on Wednesday.

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5-yr-old Nicolas Thorne Belance was described by his family and community as an “angel” and “full of life.”

However, relatives said they are outraged, and believe that a civilian would have been charged in the case, Johnson reported.

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      he never did actually, you were right.

    • Sunshine1011

      Yeah, let’s just stereotype everyone based on their job, religion, skin color, etc…..

  • fred

    Cops protecting cops. Seems these days the old motto, “To serve and Protect”, should be amended to read. “To Serve Big Government and Protect OUR Asses”

  • Mitch Mitchell

    Time the people make justice come to the police, they are NOT above the law and have to answer to the people they work for. Enough is enough.

  • nobody important

    If this were to happen to my boy, that scumbag would wish for prison, but not for very long.

  • Michael Fuson

    they are peasants and not worthy of justice

  • Jace Mindue

    another cop gets away with murder

  • Kaitlyn Balesdent

    This is what happens when you let ‘people’ like Stephen Harper into our government. Edmonton officer here in Alberta was recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant despite having charges of assault on his record that should have him fired, not placed higher in the power dynamic. Quebec officer murders five year old going WAY over the speed limit likely for sh**s and giggles, gets off scott free. Our rights sold off to China in a secret deal that will allow China to sue our government if we do ANYTHING that impacts their profits for the…I think the deal was either 34 or 43 years, don’t quote me on that. Our police are being Americanized. Fantastic. Meanwhile American police openly state war on the public, and the love of my life is stuck in what is essentially the middle of a warzone while I struggle to find a source of income and get my own home. But apparently, despite all of this, I have no reason to be depressed, anxious or angry. I should lay down and obey.

    • Johm Neilson

      I think that you mean corporations, not China

  • Brock Lee

    we need to form a group,,,,

  • Douglas McGary.

    That IS only 75 mph.
    Don’t try to take advantage of Americans lack of understanding of the Metric System.

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