Cops Go on Reckless Shooting Spree, Hail of Gunfire While Speeding in Prius


BROWARD — A sheriff’s deputy who was being investigated for a drive-by shooting incident has turned himself in, according to reports.

Deputy Norman Stepelton was booked into jail but released the very next day.

He has been charged with discharging a firearm from a vehicle.

The incident began when Deputy Stepelton and another cop, Deputy Christopher Mattingly, were driving in a prius and began shooting a gun out from the vehicle, according to reports.

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Residents around the community were startled to hear a hail of gunshots at multiple times throughout the night.

Witnesses noticed a prius speeding down the street as the deputies blasted eight to ten more shots out the window.

At one point, officers who happened to be near the area and who heard the gunshots ducked behind their patrol cars, fearing that they were being shot at.

The prius was finally stopped, and that’s when it was discovered that the shooters were cops.

They had just left a night club at around 2 AM.

An empty .40 caliber glock magazine was found in the back seat, according to reports.

“When deputies were securing Mattingly he uttered the gun and shooter were in the back,” the affidavit said.

Mattingly and Behan told deputies they were driving home from Roxy’s Roof Top Bar when Stepelton fired a gun several times out of the rear-passenger window, the affidavit said. Behan told deputies he took the gun and fired into the air twice.

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Deputy Stepelton was suspended with pay.

“I am very disappointed,” said Sheriff Scott Israel.

“Deputy Stepelton used poor judgment as a citizen and as a deputy,” he added.

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  • raythemixer

    Yep… He used poor judgement…. when he became a cop.


    Silly cop… don’t you know by know you can’t do things like that and stay out of jail? All you had to do was kill an unarmed black man during your joy ride, and you would have gotten away with it.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      I got news for you. he WILL get away with it whether it was a black man or not. and btw genius, it not just blacks these punks are killing, and/or beating/tazing/ railroading with bullshit charges

  • jim

    no he they need to be locked up waiting trial

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      waiting trial for an execution! what we need to do is, build a gallows in front of the police station. make it MANDATORY that ALL “OFFICERS” ATTEND THE HANGING IN FULL UNIFORM, AND HAVE THEM PLACED IN FRONT WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE THEM!! AKE THIER WAR CRIMES PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE!!!!

  • MadTom

    “Poor judgment”?????

    More like a serious CRIME.

    PLEASE don’t let this nitwit cop get away with this! Does the DA have ANY integrity whatever?

    • Heisenberg

      What’s up [email protected]#hole?

      • MadTom

        Flagging your trolling.

        You are one cheap little fascist.

      • Klokinator

        Better to be an aapoundsignhole than to be an idiot who uses random characters instead of saying full curse words because mommy is looking over his shoulder.

    • troy

      if he doesn’t go down for that then there is a MAJOR fucking problem in this country.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      NO, the da does NOT have any integrity. nor does the judges. if they did, they wouldn’t have given him that puff ball charge, or let him out the next day

  • Cromwell

    I wonder how long it will take to clear him?
    I’m thinking it’s probably already done.
    The punishment, his superior will “have a talk” with him.
    Anyone else does it a litany of charges that would undoubtably include
    attempted capital murder, you know cause other cops were near the area.

  • Ann

    No problem. No charges I’m sure. Get Drunk. Be an a$$ cuz you wear a costume and carry a badge.

  • wildman

    the reason more of these tin star thugs need to go down every day until they realize they are NOT the Gods they think they and understand they are low IQ, picked on kids from school that are unable to function in a real job in a normal environment

  • oxolobs

    Highly likely that they were also drunk.

  • Susan

    Hmmm….what they are conveniently leaving out is his blood alcohol level. I’m guessing he blew WAY over the legal limit. As a 20 year veteran of EMS I can tell you that the alcohol/testosterone combination leads to stupidity at its finest.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      remember the case awhile back, where the two douche bag off duty “officers” drove drunk, on the wrong side of the road. they ran down two people, killing both of them. then they left the scene. the cops found them, ONLY because they didn’t know they were cops. they hid them until they sobered up, and got their stories straight. and then the kangaroo “justice system” let them go with “time served”, of which they did NOT serve a single hour. two innocent people are dead, and these punks didn’t even lose their “job”, much less go to prison where they belong!!

  • Curtis Nixon


  • Guest

    wow…in the end it really comes down to what “we the people are going to do about it” because in the end asking for higher ups to fix this is like kindly asking a fire to stop burning without the exposure to water.

  • Von Der Burg Davius

    wow…in the end of the day it really comes down to what “we the people are going to do about it” because asking for higher ups to fix this is like kindly asking a fire to stop burning without the exposure to water. We need to hit where it hurts. Right In their money lined pockets. You stop being a slave when you stop paying taxes. but of course this has to be done at a mass scale.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      income tax from employment is an illegal, unconstitutional fraud! it still to this day has NEVER been ratified by 90% of the states

  • Jessica Quick

    they should both be fired

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      FIRED???? at the least they should be in fvcking prison!!

  • Paul Hayes

    It is very difficult for me to believe so many people would think this story is actual. This type of story would have been all over every news agency. Not to mention it is the same type of stories black people are reading about white’s and how racist we all are. When it is not the truth at all!!!

  • fukyu

    Wow – so that’s what you have to do to get a long paid vacation these days?

  • Maori

    I’m from NZ,we don’t have the right to bear arms’ in our constitution. But fuck if anyone cops included treat people like that, probably get his house burnt down

  • Mark Are

    Hey what is so bad about shooting a gun in the air while speeding around in a Prius if you’re a cop? Only bad things happen when those bullets fall when “normal” people do it. Cops have special bullets that don’t hurt anything while falling from the sky. So it’s ok…Oh wait.