Cops Repeatedly Tase Teen Boy in the Chest Until He Dies, High-Five and Brag About His Organs “Tightening”

UPDATE (7-27-15): No Charges for Cop Who Killed Teen Boy

Unbelievably yet unsurprisingly, the officer who tased Israel Hernandez to death will not be charged.

Tasing the boy to death was deemed “an accident.”

The Miami Herald reports as follows:

For prosecutors, there was a crucial element in declining to charge a Miami Beach police officer for the August 2013 Taser death of graffiti artist Israel “Reefa” Hernandez-Llach.

The Taser stun gun, under state law and police policies, is considered a “non-lethal” weapon — making the teen’s death an accident, not manslaughter or murder, Miami State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced Thursday after nearly two years of investigation.

A medical examiner confirmed that Israel’s death was caused by the officer’s taser gun.

Israel's parents mourn his death, after police continued tasing him in the chest until he died.

Israel’s parents mourn his death, after police continued tasing him in the chest until he died.

Huffington Post


MIAMI BEACH — A medical examiner has confirmed what killed a teenage artist who did not survive a controversial encounter with Miami Beach police: as first reported by the Miami Herald, it was the shock from an officer’s Taser, which produced “sudden cardiac death.”

The conclusion — that a Taser is the primary cause of death — is rare, and likely to stoke the ongoing debate over the safety of the devices and how they are used.

It also confirmed that 18-year-old Israel Hernandez, a graffiti artist known as “Reefa,” was not on drugs that caused his body to overheat, as police had suggested after his death.

According to the Herald, the toxicology report showed only marijuana in his system.

Hernandez died one early morning last August, shortly after Miami Beach police spotted him scrawling graffiti on an abandoned, paint-covered McDonald’s.

A foot chase ensued involving “more than half a dozen” officers, according to Miami New Times, and when Hernandez was cornered, Officer Jorge Mercado shocked him in the chest.

Watch the video:

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israel hernandez

Israel was loved by his family and community. His dreams and aspirations as an artist were destroyed when cops tased him in the chest until he died.

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Two of Hernandez’s friends who witnessed the incident told WSVN that officers shoved Hernandez against a wall, then high-fived as he lay motionless.


His death prompted Hernadez’s family to file a lawsuit against the City of Miami Beach and its police, accusing officers of excessive force for their response to such a minor crime — a second-degree misdemeanor that would not likely have resulted in prosecution.

“Officers had no reasonable basis to fear for their own safety or the safety of the public,” the lawsuit reads.

The suit also claims police training and supervision is inadequate to prevent excessive force, and that officers are not properly trained to give medical attention after the use of a Taser.

“We’ve been saying it for seven months. [The medical examiner’s conclusion] is nothing new,” Israel Hernandez, Sr. told the Herald. “My son didn’t deserve the death penalty.”

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The company that makes Tasers has warned police agencies against stunning suspects in the chest, citing an “extremely” low risk of “adverse cardiac event,” according to a report by the Arizona Republic.

But according to Miami New Times, the Miami Beach Police Department only advises against intentionally striking subjects in the “eyes, groin or face.”

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An Amnesty International report from 2012 says some 500 people in the U.S. have died after being shocked with a Taser, though in nearly all cases the official cause of death cites something other than the weapon.

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  • Ann

    cops are really pushing it.

    • Adam Brian

      Pushing it. Cops are out of control tyranist enforcing criminals. These people and their supporters need cleansed from the earth.



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      Wow. Just wow, you have twisted ideas about crime and punishment.

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      you’re simple. Fucking moron

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      See this person above who hides his face. It’s people like this who are an enemy of freedom. This guy it a real piece of shit who should be shot on site right along with these crooked cops. He will be easy to find since he will be swinging from their balls.

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        Amen cops are pussy’s

    • Chance Pemberton

      You are either an idiot or more likely a troll. Regardless, you really are a simpleton.

    • Heather

      Its not that simple and I think you know that. I understand what you are saying but try to understand a different point of view. Even if someone does not “stop” or they do deface someone’s property, how should the police deal with them? What is “fair” to you? The problem is they feel they have the right to “punish” when someone does not obey them. All I am saying is this is not black or white. It has many sides and views.

      • InalienableWrights

        It is VERY fuking black and white. The only time anyone should use lethal force is to defend their lives… PERIOD.

        • Heather

          Oh i agree I am responding to the simple solution post. To the person who says that “when a cop says stop then you should stop” In my opinion police are out of control but its all well and good to post but people need to act!

    • Patty Trump

      You are an idiot. Case closed.

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    Lol to the perso who said this is a simple solution your a complete moron nothing less it’s scum litke you that makes horrible things such as this seem okay I hope you are tazed to death for a pety crime it would only seem fit simple solution

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      Ignore the simpleton, he’s a troll.

  • Adam Brian

    I think Americans don’t mind being killed by cops. After all your a hundred times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist. I guess Americans like people killing them as long as they were in a cute uniform.

  • Adam Brian

    Someone ever does this to my kid I would hunt them down and tear their head off not sue. Wow Americans are such pathetic wimps.

    • Chance Pemberton

      Wow you have all the answers don’t you? That action would result in you’re being killed too. What would that accomplish? Need a better more pervasive plan than that.

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        • Eldrick Spectrum

          Angry much lol.

        • Eldrick Spectrum

          The kid ran from the cops. Not saying he deserved to die but he did deserve to be tazed. If he died as a result of tht you can’t really blame the officers.

        • Vlad Vondoom

          Yup, we are all fed up with this Fascist Police State.

    • Vlad Vondoom

      Same here, I would wait a year so their guard was down. Just some friendly strategic advice.

  • Adam Brian

    To the families of these police murder victims. Where are your balls. I think it’s time to start to examine the family of all these people being brutally murdered by cops. I’m like WTF. Your just gonna say I’m suing when someone kills your kids or parents. You are pathetic too. Yeah I know this is harsh but if people don’t avenge the death of their loved ones then they were not loved in this life anyway is the way I see it.

  • Chris Sebok

    Yeah guys, but freedom means not defacing someone else’s property. He should have had respect for someone else’s property, but the punishment in NO WAY fit the crime. How dare the police officers feel some fucked up sense of justice for what they did. That’s typical in this police state that we live in…

    • Chance Pemberton

      The GD police are not authorized by the people to determine and effect ‘punishment’. Further this boy’s misdemeaner action becomes null and void at the point the police begin to torture and then to murder this young man. So rather than respect an abandoned building how about respect for a young life? Do not give credence to these thugs in uniform otherwise you lower yourself to their despicable level thugs.

  • old409

    Today’s cops are like James bond,,,,a license to kill.

  • Ann

    Don’t graffiti.

    • Drakenfly

      Don’t breed…

  • Tyler Pursell

    Hi Girlfriend is naive to thinhk they are suffereing more than her. A person who has any sort of conscience or goodness in them would never joke or taze someone to death in the first place.

    In reality those cops will never think again about that dude and will go about their life as though nothing happened.

    • Vlad Vondoom

      Hell, they have probably killed others. It is standard procedure to simply declare all deaths at the hands of pigs as “accidental” or natural causes, or suicide.

  • michael

    i hope the family is plotting to kill those ‘police’. I would say that is acceptable and appropriate, they should die for what they did. people like that are a threat to society. Let’s get a vote on this…

  • EpicLightning

    This shit right here is so fucking stupid! SERIOUSLY FUCKING RETARDED. That’s like…like…like…I get a spoon right…a SPOON like to EAT WITH…and I scoop out a nigga’s eyeballs with it and I choke them with it, rip out their tonsils and smash their teeth in with it…BUT I DON’T GET CHARGED. YEAH…BECAUSE SEE A SPOON IS NOT A LETHAL WEAPON…SO ***OBVIOUSLY*** I CAN’T BE CHARGED FOR ***KILLING*** SOMEONE WITH IT…RIGHT?????? I mean…it must have been an “accident” for me to rip his eyeballs out and break his teeth off…so I mean…no charges right? *sarcasm ends* They are literally saying that, except replace “spoon” with “tazer” and “eyeballs” with “internal organs” and “scoop out” with “fry”. This shit is SICKENING.

    • B Saulter El

      You lost all validity for your position the moment you used the N word… Bitch watch your fucking mouth!!!

      • Eldrick Spectrum

        Whats the problem mad someone used your word?

  • Lynn Reid

    Why aren’t there laws or at least guidelines for using tasers? It was graffiti not a bank robbery, assault or murder. There was no reason to use a weapon on the kid.

    • Vlad Vondoom

      LOL, who enforces the laws? You expect them to arrest themselves? Laws are only for you sheep.

  • Holly Noelle

    Tazers kill. Over five hundred American Citizens have been killed by Tazer, by police. This is NOT a non lethal device. I say no Tazers. They have guns that shoot bean bags. Guns that shoot nets. This young, talented Artist will never live out a full and happy life because he is dead from being electrically stunned to death. How can anyone who does that live with themselves? I feel so bad for the parents and families and wish I could give them their precious child back.

    • Vlad Vondoom

      That is pretty wild stat considering only 2000 are murdered with the guns of police.

  • Holly Noelle


  • InalienableWrights

    Just another day in the land of the free, where criminal psychopaths in clown suits commit another human sacrifice.

    Christians should be elated as “government is of God” so this must be Gods will. Right?

    • Eldrick Spectrum

      Where’d you pull that lie out from?

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    cops are dog-pack robots and are doing what they do because they are being allowed, even encouraged by attorneys and courts… the REAL place to put effort in stopping all this is to file criminal complaints and federal law suits against thousands of attorneys and judges for violating their sworn oath to uphold the constitution

  • Tanya Triplett

    plaster the cops faces all over face book. people need to know who the murderers are.

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    About time cops started murdering Jews too. They have been murdering every other kind of person for years.

  • Shemp

    cops are killers, people hate them, are afraid of them, don’t trust them, know they are really cowards, and I will not shed a tear when they get gunned down, they bring it on themselves. utube is full of cops killing unarmed, innocent civilians and getting away with it. don’t believe me, look it up.

  • Alvin Lawrence

    Why were the police wrong here? This kid is a VANDAL, not an “artist”.
    He is a drug crazed marijuana addict who has no respect for property.