Government Chemist Tampered With 40,000 Cases, Locking Countless Innocent Americans in Prison


UPDATE 1/3/16 – Multiple Victims Don’t Know They Were Affected by the Fake Lab Results

Years after government chemist Annie Dookhan faked evidence against thousands of Americans, there is still a long trail of lives she destroyed, and the government is evidently not cleaning up the mess.

Disturbingly, there are still numerous innocent people locked in prison, and they might not have any idea that it was Annie Dookhan who brought about the horrible fate they now face, day after day, year after year, stuck there with no hope of getting out.

Imagine being locked in a cell and knowing you’re innocent. Imagine how you’d feel as you watch the prime years of your life taken away from you — all because of a vicious government chemist, along with the low-IQ cops who willingly enforce the corrupt “war on drugs.”

There might be thousands of Americans in precisely this situation right now, and they have no idea what Dookhan actually did.

The Boston Globe reports as follows:

Incredibly, more than four years after Dookhan’s crimes were first uncovered, this simple question of justice remains unresolved. Thousands of those whose lives were affected haven’t been notified of their rights, including the possibility of a new trial. Many still have no idea they are Dookhan defendants.

The mess isn’t even close to being cleaned up. And what a mess it is.

MASSACHUSETTS — In a maddening scandal that is rocking the state of Massachusetts, a government crime lab chemist has been caught intentionally forging signatures and tampering with evidence in as many as 40,000 cases, destroying the lives of countless innocent Americans.

Annie Dookhan worked as a chemist for the State of Massachusetts, and it turns out she had close relations with prosecutors.

These prosecutors were able to successfully convict innocent Americans because Dookhan would chemically taint the “evidence,” resulting in career boosts for the prosecutors while innocent men and women were torn from their families and locked in cells.

Prosecutors praised Dookhan’s work and depended on her to get the convictions they wanted, according to reports.

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Hundreds of “convicts” and defendents have already been released, and there are potentially thousands more waiting to be set free.

Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey is reviewing thousands of files to determine which cases must be thrown out or retried because of potentially tainted evidence. | Source: Tovia Smith/NPR

Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey is reviewing thousands of files to determine which cases must be thrown out or retried because of potentially tainted evidence. | Source: Tovia Smith/NPR

Dookhan used her position to forge results for nearly a decade.  “I don’t think anyone ever perceived that one person was capable of causing this much chaos,” said Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey.

“You can see the entire walls full of boxes… in one of these cardboard boxes, there could be hundreds of cases … in each box,” said Morrissey.

Hundreds of defendants and “convicts” had been arguing that they were framed and claiming that the evidence used to convict them was mishandled. They were right.

In one recent case, a man was charged with “selling cocaine and heroin.”  His public defender, Julieann Hernon, believes that this man was a potential victim of Dookhan’s fake evidence and ought to be released.

“[Dookhan] was mis-testing evidence, dry-labbing evidence, saying she had ‘conducted tests’ when she had not, deliberately tainting drugs,” said Hernon.

“Certainly, I think, we have to presume a taint here when Annie Dookhan was the chemist in the case,” said Hernon.

In another recent case, defense attorney William Sullivan was able to successfully reverse his client’s prior “guilt” because Dookhan was the secondary chemist involved in the conviction.

Man in prison

Many other innocents have lost their careers, lost their children, and lost their marriages.

“This is a lab that was pretty much wholly and fully contaminated by Ms. Annie Dookhan,” Sullivan told the judge. “She had full access to everyone’s drugs.”

While many have been set free, they will never get the lost years of their lives back.

“The tragedy is that my client already did four years on this,” said Sullivan. “I mean, that is disturbing in itself.”

Many other innocents have lost their careers, lost their children, and lost their marriages.

Michael Morrissey, Norfolk County District Attorney, is now sifting through thousands of files to find out which should be thrown out because of Dookhan’s corruption and deceit.

In federal court, many innocents received even harsher sentences due to prior convictions based on Annie Dookhan’s fake “evidence.”

Several civil suits are getting started by those accused of crimes based on Dookhan’s tampering, accusing Dookhan of trampling on their rights to fair trials.

“I screwed up big time. I messed up. I messed up bad. It’s my fault. I don’t want the lab to get in trouble,” Dookhan was reported as saying.

Of course, Dookhan’s “screw up” — a “screw up” that she intentionally committed for nearly a decade — will never bring back the lives that have been destroyed.

In analyzing Dookhan’s career, it was found that she also routinely invented fanciful job titles for herself. Examples include “special agent of operations” and “on-call terrorism super­visor.” She would testify in court as an “expert.”

She maintained her composure year after year as innocents were bound and forced into prison cages.

The relationships she had with prosecutors are also under scrutiny.  Dookhan once told a prosecutor in an email that she couldn’t use her expert testimony at a trial. The prosecutor replied, “No no no!!! I need you!!!”

Was the prosecutor intentionally depending on Dookhan’s deception to score a conviction and a career boost?

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Many of the prosecutors became devoted fans of Dookhan and wanted to take her out for drinks, saying she was on their “dream team.”  The Boston Globe provided an email between Dookhan and a prosecutor with whom she had a particularly friendly relationship:

“Glad we are on the same team,” he once wrote Dookhan — including one day in May 2010 when he told her he needed a marijuana sample to weigh at least 50 pounds so that he could charge the owners with drug trafficking.

“Any help would be greatly appreciated!” he wrote, punctuating each sentence with a long string of exclamation points. “Thank you!”

Two hours later, Dookhan responded: “OK . . . definitely Trafficking, over 80 lbs.” ­Papachristos thanked her profusely.

Boston attorney David Meier found that in Dookhan’s nine-year government position, over 40,ooo people may have had their cases tainted by Dookhan.

But the devastation done to families is impossible to calculate.

Dookhan is now facing charges of her own.  If she is convicted she will receive a relatively light sentence of three to five years, which has outraged citizens even more.

UPDATE (11/29/13):

Dookhan has plead guilty to all the counts brought against her. As expected, she was given a three to five year sentence.

“Sadly, the saga continues for the thousands of individuals who have borne the impact of Dookhan’s misdeeds, and the lab’s scandalous management,’’ says Anthony Benedetti, chief counsel of the state public defender agency.

Dookhan showed no emotion as the impact of her actions was described in court, according to a report.

So far, more than 600 people have had their convictions deleted or set aside.  More than 300 people have been released from captivity, with potentially thousands more still waiting to be set free.

Many citizens question how Dookhan was able to do this for nearly a decade without being detected by anybody.

A writer to the Boston Globe asks, “Indeed, where were her supervisors and those responsible for checking and approving her work? Why were no red flags raised at the speed with which Dookhan completed tests and submitted reports?”

Martin W. Healy, general counsel for the Massachusetts Bar Association is conducting an ongoing investigation into the lab.

“This is one chapter in a continuing saga,’’ Healy said. “The legal community and the general public still have a number of unanswered questions about what’s gone on here. How deep was the problem? Is it really just isolated to Dookhan or does it go beyond that?’

Dookhan is currently in protective custody at the state women’s prison in Framingham but will likely transition to the prison general population soon, according to her attorney.

UPDATE (03/07/14): Dookhan scandal was part of larger “pattern” at drug lab — over two thousand additional cases now in need of review

Ongoing investigations have revealed that what Dookhan did was part of a larger “pattern” of neglect and deficient protocols, according to a new report by the Boston Globe.

Around 2,300 new cases were found to contain incompatible evidence but made it past prosecutors and defense attorneys anyway.

That is over two thousand additional times, we are told, that “neglect” happened at the lab.

A more rational explanation might be that it was premeditated and intentional as part of a scheme to make money locking up innocent people.

“The report found what we have been saying all along: The entire lab was a problem,” said Anthony Benedetti, chief counsel of the public defender agency.

In all, there were at least 46,000 cases that Dookhan handled, according to the Boston Globe.

She was convicted for tampering with evidence by manipulating substances and  falsely declaring their status, along with lying about her “chemistry” credentials.

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  • Acid

    Death penalty. That’s too many lives destroyed.

    • “Acid?” is right

      your fucked. and so are the 72 people upvoting this. death penalty? your fucked. definitely way more than 3-5, should be more like life in prison. but definitely not her life. what satisfaction do you people get from the death penalty?

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            How do you think integrating her back into society would ever help our community?

          • Willy Lopez.

            You don’t seem to realise how expensive for the taxpayer the death penalty really is.

          • EyingTheLies

            A lot damn cheaper than life in prison

          • Jonathon Howton

            I could give ’em a few ways to make it even cheaper. Even designed a system for effective, and cost-efficient, humane execution a few years ago. For some reason I never got a reply asking me for the details. Regardless, I think she should spend the rest of her life in a cage in a carnival sideshow where people should be encouraged to throw things at her.

          • wrong . it’s more expensive

          • mesige

            cheaper than paying for someones accomadation still.

          • it costs the system (us) much more to attempt to commit state sponsored murder than to keep a person in prison for life . this is a fact

          • bobfairlane

            Yeah, we hear of people being on Death Row for years, and going through multiple appeals, etc. I bet the gov charges 5 million each convict.

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            I’m objecting to the hate speech – the word “faggot”. I personally think she should be locked up and the key thrown away.

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            Oh and thanks for the wake up call! Married!?!? How’s that going for ya? How long? No, wait…lemme guess…a couple of years? Yeah? Good for you.

          • Tom Ritchford

            As I said, get mental health treatment for your anger issues.

            It’s desperately sad that you teach your anger to your child. Please seek help.

          • Joseph Camel

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            LIFE knocks people off their high horse. It’s narcissistic and shameful for you to think this is some service you must perform – but that you’d instill the same self-involvement and egomania in your children is grounds for a call to CPS. I, too, feel sorry for your child.

          • SirViP

            Agreed. Not something Louis C.K would agree with at all. As for the “trolling” mentioned, please let me say this for trolls:

            Pretending to be an asshole is still being an asshole.

            Idiotic how these pricks try to play it off as some vigilantism as if through their trolling we’re supposed to discover some inner turmoil and become as “zen” as they supposedly are.

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          • DragonPie

            Fuck you, troll.

            I’m glad to have people calling douchy homophobes out. Right on Tom Ritchford. Call out those homophobes.

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            What exactly did Tom say about her in regards to this woman getting the death penalty? NOTHING. He responded to the dipshit that decides it is OK to call a person a faggot as a means of making a mature argument.

            Calling someone a faggot is not a form of free speech, it is being used in a hostile manner, that is not protected under free speech.

            Your hostility should be aimed at the actual post of the person that started this by saying that Acid’s comment was fucked:

            “Acid?” is right
            your fucked. and so are the
            72 people upvoting this. death penalty? your fucked. definitely way more
            than 3-5, should be more like life in prison. but definitely not her
            life. what satisfaction do you people get from the death penalty?

            Pay attention to who is saying what to whom.

          • Jonathon Howton

            One point goes to “faith in humanity being restored”.

          • Lisa Elliott Jankanish

            There is no place “where free expression is to be respected.”

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          • ND52

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            Unlike you, “ND52”, I use my real name when posting.

            This is one reason that I’m not casually rude to strangers – but mainly just because being rude for no reason is stupid.

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          • Tom Ritchford


            Sorry, ND52, my patience is worn thin by too many obnoxious people.
            I attempted to delete my post regarding you but now it attributes it to “anonymous” – even worse.

            Mea maxima culpa. Do accept a refreshing beverage on me the next time you are in New York City…

          • ND52

            Lol! No worries Tom, no worries. The internet has driven us all a little mad at one point or another.

            And this Okie from Muskogee will definitely take you up on that offer the next time I’m in NYC. I’ll never forget how generous and gracious you folks in the Big Apple were to this former sailor many years ago during Fleet Week. Many a stereotype and preconception held by your’s truly was erased that week!

          • Tom Ritchford

            New Yorkers are actually really decent – in a sort of gruff way.

            I’ll hold you to that drink the next time you’re here!

          • a study of the language will show you that saying ‘His profile name’ indicates a comment ABOUT HIM, not to him

          • ND52

            This is an old thread @wiseoldsnail:disqus, several posts have since been deleted which skews the overall conversation to one ho wasn’t there to witness it.

          • hm . who removed the posts?

          • Jonathon Howton

            Your real name is “Guest”?

          • mesige

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      • Oscar Garcia

        She deserves to DIE and for the people she wronged to watch her die. Then her family can get locked up, even though they’re innocent until the pay restitution for all the wrong she did. DEATH PENALTY!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ian Battles

        She spent TEN YEARS knowingly sending innocent people to prison.

        Even if she only got one day in jail per tampered case, she’d be in jail for the rest of her life.

      • Artie

        What if somebody she framed got shivved while in prison?

        • she and the prosecutor who knowingly used her false ‘tests’ should be charged with every murder or other injury which occurred thereafter

      • Ric Carter

        And I am sure you support abortions. What about THAT death penalty?

        • HotStuff2

          Abortions are not a “death penalty”. Clearly you are some sort of religious wacko.

          • Ric Carter

            Not a death penalty? What else would you call it. I’m pro-choice, but I realize the ends to the action.

        • supporting the right to choose does not at all indicate a person’s support for abortions

          aaaand … ending a pregnancy ≠ killing a living person

      • Blobbo

        You’re, not your.

      • Mathieu Hubin

        Life in prison means we the tax payer have to house and feed that piece of garbage. She destroyed 40,000 people’s lives. Where is your bleeding heart for them?

        • Goddes FourWinds

          Putting someone on Death Row IS more expensive. Do your research.

          • Mathieu Hubin

            That is because of the screwed up system. What should happen is a trial, a guilty verdict, sentenced to death, shot in the head. Done.

          • and how do you respond to the obvious : plenty on death row have been exonerated, some after the fact of having personally experienced state sponsored murder

          • guest

            Then send her over to Texas, we put in an express lane.

        • leigh

          and the death penalty means we feed and house them for decades in expensive max security prisons while they appeal and appeal and appeal on the tax payers dime. death penalty IS WAY MORE EXPENSIVE. this is actually common knowledge. im shocked at how many commenters dont actually know this.

          • Mathieu Hubin

            When I say the death penalty I mean a rope and a tree. Not years of housing…

      • mtthwbrnd

        How many people were driven to suicide due to her actions?

      • regressive rightwing trash

        if it was someone close to YOU U would be screaming for her skin also—

      • Harry Palm

        The satisfaction of knowing a despicable, selfish, greedy piece of shit is no longer on the planet destroying innocent people’s lives. Her life is worth nothing. Plus, while she’s in prison, the tax payers are paying to keep her fed, clothed, and sheltered. I’m sure most would rather pay for a bullet to put in her head.

      • Shadow

        There is no “satisfaction” sir. We don’t want people to die. But the death penalty is a justice thing. IF its true that this woman RUINED thousands of lives, she should spend the combined sentence of all of them. She should spend the rest of her life in prison, or be executed, if she really, truly is guilty of this and has no remorse. People like that who only get slapped with a few years in prison only embolden others to try the same thing.

        • she does have remorse … but i agree she should be charged for every injury and death which occurred because of her fraudulent actions … as should every prosecutor who encouraged and knowingly used her fraudulent reports to further their careers

    • zonmoy

      too damn merciful.

  • Clint

    3-5 years, she should have to serve the sentences of everyone that was convicted on her made up evidence, this is bullshit!

    • Ian Battles

      I got a longer sentence for simple marijuana possession in 2009…

      • bananas

        that is because weed is schedule 2 for no godamn reason

        • Ian Battles

          Cannabis is schedule 1, which means the government thinks cannabis is MORE dangerous than cocaine or morphine.

          • aw3somesauce

            yeah, more dangerous to their profit margins from everything it does better than the bullshit they legalize and produce.

          • Ras O Pythag

            It is important to note that Schedules are not set up to determine “safety” in any way. They are set up in order of “potentiality for abuse” and medicinal properties.

            That being said the US Government has a patent on the medicinal properties of Cannabis, and thus it should not be Schedule 1, but at least Schedule 2.

          • Lisa Bean

            When those patents are on the use of CBD as a neuroprotectant they need to do more than reschedule it.

          • Ffejtball

            It’s not just CBD, it’s cannabinoids in general. But you’re right.

          • Brennan

            They are set up in order of how they are used and for what they are used. Marijuana is labeled as a drug with 0 medical benefits and is “highly addictive” to the US government.

          • SirViP

            It’s also that there isn’t an agency set up for it yet and there won’t be for a while because it is a politically risky subject. The NHS is unfortunately set up to only study the negative affect of substances, not their benefits. This leads through a whole paper chase of bureaucracy that anyone would get fed up with. It sucks even more as pretty much everyone that appeals for a mmj law they have to go through the NHS, but they have to say it’s unsafe as it does have potential for abuse and since they aren’t supposed to study the benefits of it they can’t say anything good about it . . . see you get tied up in circles and technicalities.

          • bobfairlane

            I bet Lizard Eyes there probably blazed all day while messing up people’s court cases.

          • rlhndrsn

            so true.. we’re dealing with the worst hypocrites in the country!

          • Mark J McGinty

            Why does the US Gov’t hold patents to anything? Patents are about protecting an inventor’s R&D investment by preventing competition — since when is the gov supposed to compete with businesses? Plus we’re talking about a plant with medicinal value, that would make it a discovery not an invention. More, what about “prior art”, cannabis has been used as medicine for literally thousands of years. So any such patents are invalid on multiple levels, not the least of which being the conflict of interest involved in a gov issuing itself patents.

          • Ominous

            It probably is to the ‘government’ / the Real Power …

          • Jesse Leiker

            Not in Colorado, woop woop.

          • Butch1

            Or Washington State!

          • unfolded1

            Yeah man, but if you get caught with coke, they’re not gonna give you less of a sentence. It’s only schedule 2 because of medical use. And yeah, I know, weed is used waaay more medicinally, but at least there’s a small caveat there. Either way, weed should be 100% completely legal. Give it 15 years, we’ll get there.

          • Kyle Morrissey

            Ya I don’t think that there is anyone here without a serious mental illness who is going to disagree with you.

          • it doesn’t really mean the government thinks that … the government initially scheduled cannabis, and keeps it scheduled, to assure profits to chemical and pharmaceutical (other chemical) companies

          • KCummings

            Or alcohol, too?

        • Butch1

          It’s not against the law in at least two states!

          • This is happening in every state.

          • Butch1

            Each time it’s been brought before a court the person has won the case on Constitutional grounds. The police cannot pull this. Check it out.

      • hwnjedi808

        So you’re still locked up then? Because it’s 2013 and that would only be 4 years

        • karen_green

          It is possible that if someone was imprisoned in January,2009 and is still in prison it s very close to five years.

        • duanesawyer

          The time you serve is not always equal to the sentence you were given, in fact, it generally never is as time is rewarded fro good behavior, inmates are released early due to overcrowding, etc.

          • Debby Ward

            not in Wisconsin…

        • Lisa Bean

          Also, with the decriminalization of cannabis in many states, they are simply releasing these non-violent (often unjustly imprisoned anyway) offenders. It’s about time.

      • Sooriamoorthy

        The bitch, the ugly bitch should be skinned alive.

        • Jason Tyler Tomasi

          Yes! That’s what I’m talking about. 🙂

      • nomore516

        Hey that is nothing, the banksters and dirty politicians get bonuses and promotions. The bigger the crime the better the reward.

      • petulantes

        Because they tread lightly on one of their own, she she wont spill the REST OF THE STORY ! I put money on this the prosecutors pushed for this , someone higher up gave the orders….

      • Masculist Man

        She got the pussy pass. A guy would have gotten a longer sentence.

        • Jess

          Yea like that guy who raped a 3 yr old girl almost to death and got 3 years….I’d urge you to look up rape sentences and get back to me on that whole “pussy pass” thing.

      • bobcat72

        Welcome to the world of the pussy pass. If it were a man, there’s not a doubt in my minds he’d be doing 20 at the absolute minimum, and most likely doing life.

        • Jess

          Yea kind of like all those convicted rapists who got over 10 years in jai—oh wait that didn’t happen. Rapists who are 90%or so men tend to see less than 3 years behind bars. So how’s that pussy pass working out for you now? Maybe actually look into shit before you talk. Violent crimes and serious crimes never get as much time in prison as drug crimes-whether you are male OR female.

          • bobcat72

            Why don’t you look up the woman in New Zealand who raped who one-year old son, recorded it on video, sold it to a pedophile, and is serving ZERO JAIL TIME! Rapists and people who get charged with rape are two different things you fucking idiot! Women simply get away with rape all the fucking time! If they don’t get charged, then they don’t get counted in the statistics/ That’s how the pussy pass works, dipshit!

      • Josh Martin

        Jesus, who was your Lawyer, a retarded chimp? Simple possession,3-5, really?

    • Onetimepost

      You could probably start a petition to get her sentence increased, if that’s at all possible.

      • Tyler

        ya because petitions are substitutes for due process….

      • Luxomni

        Don’t worry, her fellow inmates will take care of that.

        • Vector

          Oh thank you! I haven’t thought of that beautiful part of it.

          • TJ Hall

            It’s far from beautiful, though I see your point. They put animals in jail with people that commit BS non-violent “crimes” and people say “they’ll be taken care of on the inside” What you don’t realize is the people on the inside are getting NEW charges for dealing with the trash.

        • ND52


          I can’t imagine here being sent out into general population. Most likely get sent to Club Fed too.

          • Luxomni

            Is she being tried Federally? I think the prosecution is state. Therefore, no Club Fed.

          • ND52

            Don’t kid yourself—-she’s not going to do hard time with the regular criminal folk.

        • Major Migraine

          I doubt that. She is in PC, which means she is sequestered from the general population. She is guarded at all times like John Gotti.

        • she will be a jail house hero after paying off the warden.

        • Harry Palm

          Yeah, right. Real prisons aren’t like ‘Oz’ with people getting shanked all the time. She’ll probably get protective custody. She’ll do her time (probably not even the three years) and then get out and move to another city, change her name and cut her hair and move on with her life and people will forget. It’s American Justice at it’s finest.

          • Jesse Leiker

            But she’ll never be able to hide behind those cross-eyes.

          • Jonamatic

            Her eyes weren’t crossed, thats why she’s only getting 3 to 5. Its hard to give someone the full sentence when they were only “looking the other way”.

          • Jesse Leiker

            OH well played sir. You win this round….

          • Michael Smith

            People that deserve it? Yes they are! And unless you’ve ever been there then you really shouldn’t speak so matter of factly on it. If you had been there then you would know guards accidentally pop open the wrong doors sometimes and at the worst possible moments even. Someone like that would get dealt with in general population and may still get dealt with in PC because inmates handle a lot of the daily functions. Unfortunately inmates do pick up new charges as a result. It’s a good thing some of them have nothing to lose anyway and even want to start making a name for themselves since they’re never getting out anyway.

          • Josh Martin

            there’s only one womens prison in massachusetts. Everyone from drunk drivers to child killers goes there.

      • ND52

        @67ba7aa1a16dcd3dfe3ffc0b9039ef38:disqus Sadly, all you’d get for your effort is probable surveillance by one of the govt’s alphabet agencies and harassment from the local cops for sure.

    • Justin Beasley

      The prosecutors who solicited her services should be locked up too.

      • Melanie Adams

        you are absolutely right! they worked with her in committing these heinous crimes, but you know THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! unless they’re black.

        • scarlett08

          seriously…you’re playing the race card…wtf ? that has to do with tampering charges how ?

          • Melanie Adams

            no, i probably shouldn’t have played the race card. it just clouds the issue, especially since race, for once, WASN’T an issue. i just get so sick of the inequality of our judicial system. as if it’s not bad enough, we have people doing horrendous crap like this. so, you’re right, i should not have brought race into it. believe me, there will be plenty of other incidents where race will be an issue, unfortunately.

          • Roy C

            Race is a part of this story and there’s no such thing as a race card. That phrase was coined to shut down any legitimate discussion on racial issues. Is always about race? Of course not but to dismiss concerns about a racial component is more examples of sticking your head in the sand. The statistics of the disparity of the racial make up of the prison system should make a reasonable person to surmise something is amiss.

      • Todd Hill

        Absolutely, that would be what the legal world would call a conspiracy.

    • CantiPrime

      Notice how the article says she’s described as “rogue”. That’s bullshit. She was working with someone on the outside and those people obviously pulled some strings to lower her sentence, because if they didn’t she’d squeal and the whole ship would sink.

    • Rebecca Mendez

      Damn right it’s BS!!! The people who make the laws and define crime fuck people’s lives up and show just whose lives are valued and whose are not! Our Criminal Justice System is a damn shame!

    • Moinul Alam

      because the people who enforce the law are using her. They want more people like her to do more things like this. Now that she’s in prison they need a stand in for now until she’s back.

    • Lorenzo Galante

      Agreed, for all the lives she destroyed she is worthy of life in prison or better yet, the electric chair!

  • Misslamorte

    You could tell she was up to no good just by her eyes.

    • James

      i thought it was the fact that shes a Paki.

      • Misslamorte

        No, just the eyes, and that she was an evil bitch… that condition knows no ethnic boundaries.

  • Christopher Usewicz

    If she led to the firings and disbarment of all those involved they would get her the time she truly deserves, It’s no my bad, who says that when ruining hundreds of thousands of lives? Enron, my bad? Those pyramid bad? They take it lightly cuz they think she only harmed criminals, well wait til all those civil suits pile up.

    • Rob N. Plunderass

      they have to release everyone of them now. whether or not they were guilty evidence was tampered with.

  • William

    you could tell she was up to no good by the fact she’s a Paki.

  • Mike Rebel Carman

    I have always suspected this of chemists & Dr’s…

  • Ich Vergessen

    Should be 3-5 years for each case to be served consecutively. This was not one criminal act or episode…these were numerous crimes over a decade.

    • Triston Dyer

      Exactly! 3 to 5 years, times how many crimes. That might equal 100,000 years! Good. Let her die in prison!

  • Mo Reno

    This is the only time I support the death penalty: official corruption.

    • zonmoy

      too merciful.

    • Kristi

      What’s sad, is that almost every crime committed by officials, is only a misdemeanor. At least in Colorado it is.

  • She needs to face trial on one separate charge PER case she tainted. Let there be NO mercy!

  • The prosecutors who worked with this crook ALL need to be disbarred and indicted with conspiracy to obstruct justice and evidence tampering – separately – for EACH case they framed. Let them eat the injustice WE have to suffer through. They are not “too big to bail out.” Corruption is the worst crime in the world.

    • zonmoy

      not to mention all the cops that used her, all cases that she and her lab was remotely involved in get overturned, then she should be sentenced to the combined time of all those whose convictions get overturned.

    • The justice system is flawed from the start because it gives power to only a handful of people. No power = no corruption. Give the power to the people, we don’t need leaders as long as they are broken. Sadly, we are thousand of years away from civilization…

  • Rinaldi Moscatiello

    Hand her to them!!

  • Richard

    She can go straight to hell!!! I WAS framed also and at the same time the police got locked up for having a illegal tobacco ring going on in Chicago and taking a $10.000 bribe from the FEDS. His name is Larry Draus

    • guest

      They got a $10 bribe? Damn you could get a burrito with that

  • Arnt Johnsen

    The correct punishment should be a certain jailtime for each one of the framed and false convicted individuals but this should go to prosecutor and some others that believed her without doubt and investigations, i do hope that the government are forced to pay up for this. If the government can frame innocent then there are something wrong in the system, its ROTTEN…

    • disqus_ZBc5CQd4k5

      Something Has Been Wrong With The System For A Long Time !!!

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    execute her, publicly and painfully. She destroyed many lives.

    • SirSean

      —- Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.— 8th Amendment dick face. This is not the fucking dark ages.

      • Oscar Garcia

        Oh you could have fooled me! Locking people up for no good reason isn’t cruel OR unusual is it you fucking retard. EXECUTE her in front of her kids and family if she has any PUBLICLY, so all the other corrupt fucks can see whats i store for them if they try to pull this shit again.

      • nidhogg69

        Look, it’s simple. Either they start treating corruption as the crime that it is, or eventually we ARE going to see people get sick of things and take matters into their own hands. I’d rather we deal with it as peacefully as possible thru the courts, tho I wonder if those aren’t wholly compromised at this point.
        She, and every one of the prosecutors who collaborated with her on this over the years, should face charges for each and every case they engaged in this behavior on. If that’s 40,000 cases, so be it. Lock her up for life, no parole.

        • SirSean

          “publicly and painfully” <—- that is cruel and unusual. Now, I have no problem with life no chance of parole for her and the prosecutors involved in this.

      • Tom Ritchford

        They execute people in the US all the time, and for a lot less than this. You can be executed in KY simply for being a “drug kingpin”.

        I’m against the death penalty – but I’d make an exception for her. Three to five years says, “This isn’t very serious, don’t worry if you’re doing this yourself.” Really, she needs to be made an example of.

        Life with no chance of parole seems like a good choice.

        • Oscar Garcia

          This man knows what he’s talking about. Upvote.

          • SirSean

            “publicly and painfully” <—- that is cruel and unusual. Now, I have no problem with life no chance of parole for her and the prosecutors involved in this..

        • SirSean

          “publicly and painfully” <—- that is cruel and unusual. Now, I have no problem with life no chance of parole for her and the prosecutors involved in this….

        • Tom Bain


    • zonmoy

      too damn merciful.

  • kingdeejay

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more than 50% of the people sent to prison was African-American.

    • Rocky P

      Good. Atleast it keeps them off the streets and where they belong. As long as she only did this to black people, I see no problem.

      • kingdeejay

        You must got yo ass beat by black people before.

        • Rocky P

          I’m sorry, I can’t understand what you’re attempting to write, boy. I don’t speak ebonics.

  • Zebulon Hoover

    Death, and death to the Lawyers.

    • beenwiser

      this chemist framed people, and defense lawyers are now getting those people out of prison. the law is like a gun, its a tool. in the right hands it does its job

  • dallasapollo

    She should at the VERY least get charged PER INCIDENT. And serve the sentences consecutively.

  • David

    How can you trust someone with an eye that doesn’t look strait forward she was crooked from the start lol

  • sid

    The damage Dookhan has done is tantamount and has a sense of being irrevocable. Lives ruined, for as the saying goes you can’t un
    ring a bell. Nearly as bad as innocent people incarcerated, what about murderers who will be released based on one small piece of evidence a prosecutor used to support an already strong case. The public trust is waning and abuse of power is rampant. Now any defense attorney has to do is question the veracity of the evidence to sway reasonable doubt. This also has a role in why people don’t trust NSA, IRS, all it takes is one bad apple with power to ruin our lives. Every dime Dookhan earned needs to be confiscated as well as incarcerated for the combined years served by her victims.

  • Dan Schmidt

    Given the number of lives she has destroyed, she should be locked up for the rest of her life.

  • Mitesh Jain

    This is rubbish ..just to free to criminals from the jails as the US government doesnt have any money to feed them

  • defmbqwerty

    An eye for an eye, no pun intended

  • fuck annie dookhan

    death penalty.

    • zonmoy

      too merciful.

  • SSpeedracer

    Put them out of work. Legalize drugs.

  • Outsider Looking In

    Some of the people convicted were guilty I’m sure. Those people are most likely very glad her actions have come to light. I hope people are joking when they ask for the death penalty. While she ruined livest wasn’t out of malice. 30 years or longer sounds sufficient to me.
    -outsider looking in

    • zonmoy

      how is framing people not a malicious act.

  • Bryan W

    The fuck is up with her eyes?

  • DullBlades


  • shiiiiiit

    wellllll she would be safer in jail than on da streetz yo

    • zonmoy

      depends, general population with all her crimes openly read to the other convicts, might get her treated damn good.

  • Null

    Wait, who prosecuted her? Theres a lot more to this story – Like: how did they finally figure it out? Which case(s) implicated her investigation(s)?

    • Saudi Aurora Native

      It was my understanding that she was caught forging a co-workers initials. This was after an investigation into her ability to complete these evaluations three times faster than other techs in her lab.

  • Guest

    that bitch finna get her good eye poked out

  • Rocky P

    I heard from an inside source that they only used her to convict black people so really its not that bad. Atleast it keeps them off the streets and in prisons where they belong.

  • Jeff Murphy

    and the death penalty goes to….

  • Bill

    I believe the penalty should be life in prison for her and everyone knowingly involved. Won’t happen though. Someone should, uh, meet her.

  • Filibustshit

    And this is exactly why you should let a white man do the job. Thank you affirmative action. Thank you for putting harmless Americans in jail.


    Her and the prosecutors need to be put in with violent offenders with HUGE 12″ ‘apparatus’ and be back doored non-stop for years. Ghandi would even agree with that.

  • Timothy Hurst

    There are also the ones that are rightfully in jail who will be set free because she wasn’t doing her job. She should recieve a way heavier sentence. How about some false imprisonment charges? Same goes for prosecuters cutting corners, by using a bought lab. Makes you wonder how rampant this sort of thing is?

  • elfhellion

    Has anyone started a petition to get her life in prison?

    • elfhellion

      I am no lawyer… but… and her cronies and the prosecuting attorneys disbarred and charged with conspiracy, etc., etc… fucking horrifying.

  • Joe

    Put her to death for treason against the people

  • SirSean

    I think she is just pissed because she has that messed up eye thing going on. 😛

  • Kristi

    She and the prosecutors involved should be facing criminal conviction in almost 40,000 cases. There is proof of intent. We’re talking charges of human trafficking, obstruction of justice, official misconduct, along with perjury. They should be facing life in prison. This is way beyond being a habitual offender.

  • john doe

    get ready to pay up, I see settlements in the millions

    • Torg

      Try billions bro.

  • Henrik Strømme

    They should all get a reprimande..

  • Jindget

    It’s indeed hard to “determine” what she’ll be indicted.

    But what about those victims? Sure they should be released as soon as they’re ascertained to be innocent, but shan’t they each get an official document, also attached to each of their related documents, explaining what that awful criminal record actually is? Otherwise I can’t really imagine how their lives would be just simply because of that completely undeserved spot. Their families should get compensations, too.

    The policemEn and prosecutorS all should be scrutinized and *properly treated*.

  • Ryan

    Terrible. Looks like one eye knew the bitch was crazy a long time ago.

  • meep

    She deserves a prison sentence as long as every year added up that her lies put others in prison. So lets see 40000 case in 10 years … lets just go with 400 life sentences.

  • Shahna

    Three to five sounds fair….. if it’s multiplied by the number of years each innocent convictee received and then multiplied by the number of people she wrongfully put away.

    And what about the prosecutors who used her “services?”
    Anyone trying to pretend they didn’t know what was gong on?

  • Exquisite Corpse

    Funny how if a normal citizen employee of, say, an AIDS testing lab were caught repeatedly reporting false negatives, they’d probably spend the rest of their lives in prison. Mean while this “friend” to so many prosecuting attorneys faces… 3-5 years max?

    But then again it would be fantasy to expect both impartiality as well as a true apprehension of the scope of her crime from a prosecuting attorney who happens to be prosecuting “one of their own.” If that were the case it would most certainly be 3-5 years PER INSTANCE OF TAMPERED EVIDENCE, since each such instance contributed to the destruction of someones life.

    I expect a huge class action suit brought by every last person jailed whose evidence passed through this persons hands.

    One would hope all the prosecutors who had these rather obviously criminal email exchanges with her are presently removed from office, disbarred, and also facing equivalent criminal charges.

    One could also hope for peace on earth and an honest government.

  • ItchyTheClone

    She needs to spend the rest of her live in a maximum security facility. Preferrably without human contact.

  • AnOrdinaryGuy

    Each case should be charged and the sentences should run consecutively. in other words 40,000 times 3-5 years. So about 120,000 to 200,000 years.

  • dan3333333333


  • Doukhan and ever other conspirator needs to be in jail for the sum of the time innocents spent in jail, and pay for the costs of not working for that amount of time depending on previous jobs of those people.
    Will that happen? HA! Public court systems are built for favoritism.

  • Richard Holmes

    Sue all those involved, send them all to prison and let them rot.

  • JIzlobber

    her eye is what’s corrupted

  • Gillian Tisdale

    This should be one of the highest crimes; those working for the criminal justice system should be kept to the highest standards. This should be a life-in-prison level sentence.

  • I’m A Ninja

    what if this is just a ploy to get a large group of violent offenders out of jail?

    could be nothing more than a corrupt lab worker, but more crime means more money for the prison system..
    perhaps it is both.. keep the nonviolent offenders in jail and release the violent ones, win-win for the prison system..

    or, maybe they are recruiting for the TSA..

  • Deltarose

    This Woman should never see the light of day again! Now for the Prosecutor’s and anyone else involved, They should serve time and never be allowed to work in law again-even as a security guard at WalMarts! What’s happening to them?

  • KingAdrock

    She should get 40,000 prison sentences.

  • Soyboy

    Don’t worry too much. I’m certain that while in the women only prisons she will come across a victim of her tainted tests or the girlfriend/wife of someone wrongly convicted because of her….and she will get her monkey ass beat down over and over in jail to repay her debt.

  • Soyboy

    Life in prison,not death,that’s the easy way out.
    Life behind bars,surrounded by hardened female criminals named Bruce that’ll beat her to within an inch other life,over and over again untill she either necks herself or gets murdered by a woman on death row.
    That’s what we should all be hoping for.

  • Raiden

    Let the punishment fit the crime. She has destroyed lives, so let us destroy hers. Exile. Let her be shunned by her peers, barred from employment within the country, and her reputation marred for all time. Let her name be synonymous with shame and deception.

  • 😛

  • Torg

    Death Penalty. Off with her head!

  • Michael Capanelli

    So she had a close relationship with prosecutors and only gets 3-5 years for ruining countless lives. Gee, I wonder why she got of so easy. While I don’t believe everyone she tampered with was innocent, I’m positive she did destroy a good amount of innocent lives. I hope a federal judge steps in and gives her the sentence she deserves, puts the lawyers in jail that coaxed her along and knowingly used her “Evidence”,and the civil suite that will inevitably follow break the back of the state. If this his what they’ll do just to get a conviction how on earth can we let them write policy that effects all americans. Lawyers can not be trusted.

  • FreeholdNJ

    What about the prosecutors who conspired with her?

  • squillaempusa

    the procecutors should go to jail too, and be disbarred, so they can’t purposely destroy anyone elses’ life. the lab should be shut down, since it’s almost impossible for her to have been working alone for 10 years. the system is obviously broken when stuff like this happens. heads need to roll.

  • NurseShark

    So she was just doing this because she wanted the praise of prosecutors and to play God? No money exchanged hands between the prosecutors and this bitch? Bullshit. Just like the 3-5 year sentence. She destroyed lives. She did this for A DECADE. That means at least some of these INNOCENT people have been in jail for 10 years. She should get life. For destroying so many other lives. Unbelievable.

  • michaelrivero

    That chemist and those prosecutors should serve the sentences handed down to those innocent Americans.


  • nitestik

    Each instance of misconduct is a case of perjury and false imprisonment. Why has she not been arrested and charged?

  • goldenrae

    3-5 years??!! There are people in prison for 20 years for possession of a plant called marijuana. Wtf?!

  • Steven Hines

    I knew there was something more to this than a rogue chemist. What possible motivation would an individual have to fake all these tests? So, she was in cahoots with the prosecutors; what scum.

  • Dick Burns

    Michael Morrissey, Norfolk County District Attorney, is now sifting through thousands of files to find out which should be thrown out because of Dookhan’s corruption and deceit. —It’s funny how much work these people create for themselves while simultaneously ass-raping people in the name of status, prestige and law. Filthy putrescent maggots.

  • HotStuff2

    justice will work in her case. She will, in all likelihood, get the
    death penalty, even if she is only sentenced to 3-5 years.

  • Th3bask3t

    She gets locked up but the prosecutors involved are free to conduct business as usual …. hmm I see a scapegoat in progress even though she was directly involved… Pure justice is only served when all guilty parties are held responsible for the actions they have done..

  • V-ger

    What a disassociated CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DW

    3 to 5 is not enough.Not only does she deserve a lengthy prison sentence but the prosecuting attorneys who encouraged her perjury should be dis-barred and bound over for trials themselves.

  • TJ

    She won’t see the end of her 3-5 anyways once word gets to the prison pop that she is in there….

  • parrots_abound

    Three to five FUCKING YEARS????

    And we call this the ‘justice’ system? Life or bullet. Fuck this sick bitch.

  • parrots_abound

    If someone did this to a family member of mine, ruined my marriage, too me away from my kids, she would know to be looking over her shoulder every minute.

    She doesn’t deserve to be in our society like sexual predators don’t. She didn’t just ‘screw up’. She’s a sociopath along with the Lawyers and team who used her.

    We’re under control from Sociopaths. There is only a couple options for ‘remedy’ of these people from within our midst.

    Sorry but 3-5 years won’t do. She knowingly IMPRISONED people and this is a slap on the wrist comparably. This isn’t justice.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    What about the prosecuting attorneys who sought her help to tamper with the evidence?!!! Breach of oath, malfeasance, misfeasance, should keep justice twirling a baton…

  • disqus_ZBc5CQd4k5

    All I Can Say Is, Tall Tree – Short Rope !!!

  • Tolin
  • ND52

    Please stop feeding the trolls folks. Just flag their comments on move on……………

  • Shirley Denise Rohrbacher Gott

    Jail her for the same amount of years she’s given all her victims and put her general population along with any prosecutor who was involved.

  • Just for Us

    What about the prosecutors? They all should lose their jobs just as well. In fact, they should be tried to. Go to prison like the ones you fraudulently put in prison just because you wanted to with your dream team whacko.

  • bill rogers

    I guess it would be too much to ask to request that Dookhan and her co-conspirators in the prosecutor’s office be charged with perjury, malicious prosecution, and obstruction of justice in these cases. After all, lying isn’t a crime if the “government” does it. Is it.

  • Independent Tom

    Public execution of both her and the DAs who used her.

  • jerry557

    She’s only facing 3 years.. She’ll be out in less than 1. And the crooked prosecutors won’t serve a day.

  • Mathieu Hubin

    She should be tried and punished for treason.

    • wtpayne

      But this is how we keep the plebs in line. Gotta keep the system running, after all, eh?

  • high treason

    I think the fair punishment is to chuck her in a cell with those to whom she has callously borne false witness. What sort of crap is it that some of those innocent people she has put in jail will have less time than her? What about the prosecutors who asked for evidence to be tainted? They also should be put away for a long time. To further their own careers based on falsehood by putting knowingly innocent people in jail and ruining their lives is beyond despicable.The prosecutors should simply lose everything as partial compensation and said prosecutors simply executed or jailed for life.The system that encouraged this sort of behavior is responsible for the rest of the compensation. Pathetically light sentences are simply not a deterrent.

  • Machinegunkelly

    She has one of those eyes! You don’t know if shes lookin’ at you or lookin’ to see if the bus is comin’.

  • Scott Allen Lohr

    not only shold the chemist be charged but so should the prosecutors since they knew they would get the resaults they would ask for even if the test was truly negitive, the chemist would make it work in the prosecutors favor, and this makes you wander how many other gov emply. mis-lead the truth because it is just easier

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Dookhan. As in, khan do.

  • Kill this beetch

  • Steroidal

    Well, it is one thing to go to jail when you are innocent and I feel for all those who did as a result of this woman’s actions but… I happened to have lost my best friend to one of the hundreds of “REAL” drug dealers that got out as a result of the tampering cases. This story is good but it does not tell about the convicted drug dealers that were released because SHE had something to do with teir case. Look up Brockton , Ma murder of Charles Evans May 14th 2013. He was gunned down by one of the many Real criminals that was released 2 years early because Ann Dookhan handled his evidence. Sad thing is, the guy should have rotted in his cell… a real bad guy. I miss my friend as each day goes by….. RIP Chuck

  • EyingTheLies

    She should be facing the electric chair, and all those gleeful prosecuters must be thoroughly investigated as to why they did not flag her work as suspicious or even if they intentionally colluded withher to commit perjury

  • Patrick

    3-5 year sentence for irreparably destroying the lives of thousands of people. Meanwhile, if you’re black, a 10 year sentence for drug possession.

  • nick

    3-5 years in federal pound me in the ass prison isn’t enough time for the damage she has caused

  • Eric Shivermetimbers Paradis

    what about the prosecutors who instigated it?

  • Julio IsChillin

    If you rob a bank you get 10-Life, If you forget evidence send thousands to jail for years you only get 3-5 years. Just the american way

  • sapereaudeprime

    This woman and those to whom she catered need to disappear forever from daylight and the sound of human voices. They have made an abortion of the judicial system.

  • authority

    I’m sure there are more where she came from psychos rule.

  • Wendy Reynard

    All I can say is OMG, She should get 20 years, and they should check all the prosecutors out, There is no way they did not know something was not right. I hope everyone Sues the pants off MASSACHUSETTS. There should be looking at the whole court system.

  • Chester

    Life without parole. This woman is beyond saving.

  • jwhitehawke

    Free them all!

  • tracy

    She should have received at least 10 years since that is the amount of time she spent ruining lives and booting careers at other people’s expense.Maybe they will get her in prison.

  • Eric

    I am vehemently opposed to the death penalty, except in cases where local, State, National, and International law has been repeatedly abused by those sworn to uphold it. This includes LEOs up though Secretaries of State of the U.S. Federal Government. It should apply to President’s too, but probably never will.

  • sniffles

    She should get 3-5 years for each conviction, and then have to serve them consecutively.

  • n4zhg

    When crime labs are paid on conviction, this is what you get.

  • Al

    Who is she lookin at in that photo?

  • Me

    This Bitch gives a bad name to forensic scientists at every level. What she did is intolerable by all accounts and she should serve at LEAST 1 year for every person’s evidence or lack thereof. When she dies, bring her back to life, repeatedly, until sentence is over. Unbelievable!!

  • Jack Hoft

    one has to eventually start to ask them selves how often and where else this is happening.

  • laura91

    so what the f*ck is happening to the prosecutors who knowingly use her to give false evidence on the innocent people? why are they not facing charges? they should all be in jail for the rest of their lives period, or else we the people have the right to put our hands around all their necks and break them. I am so damn mad I am spitting nails.

  • Michael J Kirkland

    This is crap! People like this lady should be giving a sentence that fits. You ever been charged with a crime that you didn’t do? Had to accept a plea deal or you were told that they would take your child away? Did not have proper defense? Me neither! These are Unfair practices! I’m sure that there are millions including myself who have suffered for this type of dysfunction(s). The system makes money off these type of arrest and will continue to do so to regulate the balance of fiscal and control. It also makes money off from jailed individuals. We need to stop these type of incarcerations. No longer acceptable. People’s lives are at stake. Yet we are all at the mercy of people with exact o knifes that cut us out of society based on their irrational decision. Also I feel that this goes higher than her. She most likely was directed to do this by her boss’s or leaders from her stank a$$ planet. What a mad, mad world we live in. Fight the power! Tell them to stop. Take back our world and not live by the greedy a$$clowns that say they’re doing it for the better good. Guess what that says? We are not good enough for some pampas a$$ with a degree, stature, wealth…. Etc.. Etc.. I was put on this planet to incite truth! If you’re being oppressed through life as a quasi-evil criminal then fight! Fight till you can’t fight anymore. I am. It’s getting me nowhere. Alas! I fight! For almost 20 years I fight! Seeking Attorney!

  • Adam L.

    Cross-eyed bitch.

  • Elizabeth Conley

    If it weren’t for the expensive, Bill of Rights trampling “War on Drugs,” these sociopaths would not have had the power to destroy so many lives.
    Further, crime labs would be dedicated to solving REAL crimes like theft, murder and rape, rather than squandering resources on victimless pseudo-crimes relating to matters of personal choice the government should not be meddling in.
    Bad choices are their own punishment.

  • RussL

    This lady was a tool. She’ll take the heat while her handlers learn to be more careful.

  • mir

    WTH? Why does one person have so much damn power? Send her to the “chair” and fry her butt for the world to see! She cannot play God Almighty! Off to hell, not off to jail!

  • Michael J Kirkland

    This really still annoys me!

  • Ali dM

    Obviously this woman is extremely disturbed and honestly for that I feel sorry for her. At the same time, part of me hopes she gets put in a cell/prison compound with one of her victims:/

  • Ali dM

    What about the lawyers involved in all these cases? Clearly at least some of them knew what was going on and actively encouraged it. This woman is a danger to the public, that’s a given. But what are we going to do about the other clinical sociopaths who knowingly profited from her work?

  • Ali dM

    Yet one more reason why capital punishment should be abolished. Although this case is pretty impressive in scale, it’s certainly happened before. The risk of executing an innocent because of any number of people who could lie or falsify evidence in a case is too great; one innocent person executed is too many. Send the petty drug offenders to rehab instead of prison (or just don’t bother doing anything with them ffs; it’s not that big of a deal); it will free up way more than enough space to house death row inmates for life.

  • Gordon Klock

    You know that she is probably going to get her old job back within 10-20 years at the longest.The PTB LIKE cold-blooded ignorant monsters like her treating other people’s lives like toilet paper.
    The system has been deliberately evil for quite some time now……

  • pduffy4

    This twisted creature should be serving a full life term along with all of her accomplices.

  • Chassit

    String this wench up!

  • baruchzed

    Methinks some street justice is in order.

  • Kirk Powers

    She should receive the death penalty.. as well as the law people that either persuaded her to do do it or benefited

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    I pray she is killed in prison


    3-5 years in NOT enough. Lives were destroyed!!

  • CrookedEye

    And this is one crooked b1tch working for the system, imagine how many other crooked so called public defenders are around the country…smh.. the corrections system is a joke..

    • april showers

      She worked for the Prosecution.

  • Yolo

    does anyone even proofread these articles? the number of spelling mistakes is absurd.

  • Paki’s Suck

    Give her the Death Penalty… DAmn paki.. get back to driving taxi’s…

    • Sputnik

      WHOA and your fucked up too,

  • Sputnik

    Personally i don’t give a fuck if she went to jail . . .she got fired thats good enough for me as long as shes never given a position of any relative power at all .HOWEVER I wanna know why the fuck EVERY SINGLE ONE of the prosecutors is not being examined for mal-practice . Come on people get your heads out of your asses, obviously the solution here IS NOT PUTTING MORE PEOPLE IN JAIL, it’s fixing a god awful broken as fuck system

  • Major Migraine

    Inquiries in every jurisdiction across the nation need to be made. I seriously doubt if this is an isolated phenomenon. I believe that this may just be the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are thousands upon thousand of innocent individuals in prisons in this country, all for a damned profit more than likely. This MUST END once and for all.

  • that eyes could never make any mistake ; o

  • Michael J Kirkland

    Still annoyed!

  • Tylox

    I wish her sentence was shorter, there are people who would love to pay her a visit at her home one dark and stormy night.

  • UrNotFunnyRacist

    This is unreal..

  • John Liozeris

    Had enough of the multicultural freakshow yet?

    • hightoja

      What does this comment even mean?? lol

      • John Liozeris

        It means that every monkey is out to get you White Boy. No lol

        • hightoja

          The internet is for the troll.

      • John Liozeris

        It means that every monkey is out to get you, White Boy. No lol

  • Anonymous

    I hope she gets hit by a bus

    • CharlesJQuarra

      that would be too nice an end for her

  • CharlesJQuarra

    The real scandal is not what she did or that she didn’t got caught in ten years. The real scandal is that she only got 3 to 5. Also, did she help or not to provide evidence for prosecution of potential accomplices?

  • gastronomicon

    Look at that wall eye. I say she’s innocent because she couldn’t tell which evidence she was looking at to start with.

  • regressive rightwing trash

    and shitbag regressive republican BIG MONEY trash want NO REGULATIONS??????? hey republican tea shitbag party— hows this for ya? scumbag pseudo-Christian trash

  • Red Blooded American

    She should get an equal amount of time for the amount of time she destroyed people lives. She is the lowest form of criminal and deserves to suffer for a life time of pain and suffering she has brought on innocent people.

  • Pokephirawriter

    I feel sorry for every single person that she got locked up, but it’s not just their lives she ruined. The lives of their loved ones and everyone else who works at that lab have been marred by her actions. Now every other employee at that lab will have their hard work discredited, and possibly their jobs lost because of what this woman did.

  • Lori

    Bear in mind they’ve locked her up to have a place to store her (in with general pop, mind you, and possibly with people that were wrongfully convicted based on her own tampered evidence). As their research continues, additional charges could be levied against her. This isn’t over yet.

    • april showers

      Agreed. She will mysteriously be unable to testify against those that coerced her.

  • sharon99900

    Why are her supervisors not going to prison? Clearly they ‘liked her work’ and didn’t supervise or audit her properly. She was trying to please them, now they can conveniently throw her under the bus.

  • Yet another spark that will eventually ignite the inferno of the much-needed Revolutionary War Two.

  • Ben

    3 to 5 years is a joke.

  • Rudy Gonzalez

    Hope she she joins general population and gets shanked to death.

  • Imperade

    It’s frightening to imagine that such an instance of fraud in our justice system, which was capable of throwing thousands of innocent people in jail, could actually happen so easily. Who knows how many other situations like this have occurred and how many innocent people still sit in jail? The other main issue of concern here, is that this woman only get 3-5 years for this: how in the world can anyone look at thousands of innocent people purposefully put in jail – and then find that amount of time a suitable sentence? Think if she had never been caught, too.

  • ZodiacKiller

    To undermine the integrity of an entire nation’s justice system is a crime that should be punishable with a sentence worse than 3-5 years. aka fucking kill this bitch

  • Larry Swain

    The past tense of “plead” is “pleaded.” In your story, you wrote “plead,” which must be a misspelling of the erroneous “pled.” By the way, the past tense of “lead” is “led,” not “lead” or “leaded.” But the past tense of “read” IS “read.” No one ever said English is logical. 😉

  • Cobalt

    what about the prosecutors who “depended” on her? Aren’t they being investigated as well?

  • kmuzu

    I don’t think the defendants were necessarily innocent .. they’re just “not guilty”.

    • Clevelandchick

      If they were convicted on her manufactured evidence, they are innocent of the crimes they were charged with. Period.

  • John Gillespie

    Hmm…….. I wonder how many other labs across the country have “special relations” with local prosecutors?

  • Jurisrachel

    How are those prosecutors also not charged? And this isn’t an isolated incident: my home state had an awful case like this.

  • Passion Pit

    Come on! You’re missing the bigger fucking picture here! There are prosecutors who are persuading others to tamper with evidence so they can get a better reputation. They don’t even have to pay Dookhan! Then, when all of this blows up, it only hits her instead of the prosecutors, and they still have their name, their convictions, etc.

    I don’t want the chemist’s head on a pike, though she deserves to go to jail for longer than 3-5 years; I, more than anything, want those prosecutors removed from their offices and incarcerated along with the chemist. This is a blatant defiance of our basic human principles of justice. This is bullshit. This is greed to the highest degree. This is a sign that we need some kind of fucking change.

    Besides, is it really any surprise that she was sentenced to 3-5 years? I wonder who the prosecutor for her trial was…

  • KnucklesATX

    The sentence is unbelievable, but also…Why isn’t anyone asking about the prosecutors that used her? She didn’t just decide one day that she was gonna start getting people convicted for no reason. Its like catching the henchman but ignoring the crime boss they work for. The prosecutors who hired her are the true criminals here. If there are no prosecutors punished in this crime then there is just no humanity left. Unbelievably despicable.

    • april showers

      You just nailed it. For all we know she finally stood up to one of the prosecutors and now she’s taking the fall big time.

  • Shane

    I know that there are a lot of people who were wrongly convicted because of her evidence tampering. I’d also like to point out that, since all of her cases are now under review, there will be a lot of people getting out of jail who actually DID COMMIT the crime they are in there for, and I think that’s just as bad.

  • Rod Norman

    There you go folks. 3-5 years for ruining tens of thousands of innocent lives. Seems legit.

  • nomore516

    Well the one eye says “it was just business” No remorse whatsoever. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

  • Adam Miecielica

    I hope she gets smacked so hard in jail that it makes her left eye as googly as the right one.

  • Guest

    People should be careful not to focus attention purely on Dookhan and lose sight of the true problem. If there’s no screening process for this sort of thing and any “chemist” who wants to make something extra on the side is capable of doing this sort of thing for a decade, what’s that to say about the countless other possible fallacies and shortcomings in the system?

    There are probably many more undocumented cases like this all over the country. Imagine how many people could possibly be wrongly convicted. It’s disgusting.

  • Anthony Quatroni

    Really sad. The criminal justice system does NOTHING to make our quality of life safer, it only adds to the misery in this country and perpetuates itself and the careers of cops, judges and correction officers and brings in BILLIONS per year for the States. There needs to be serious reform, defunding of police departments and other “law enforcement” and some common sense in law and sentencing. Will this happen? Doubt it, too much money to be made and careers of low-intelligence people at stake.

  • Chip Awalt

    She should be in prison for at least as long as it takes to free all of those convicted and then add the years it took to catch her. Unfortunately the prosecutors will not face any consequences for their unethical behavior in the relationship they had with her.

  • zion1king

    This bitch should be executed. The trouble with this country is the punishment never fits the crime for REAL criminals.

  • MichaelP

    Time to tear down the whole establishment and rebuild it from the ground up. People need to start organizing into large “armed” groups and start taking back their cities and states while simultaneously eliminating federal resistance as well.

  • Kenji

    “His public defender, Julieann Hernon, believes that this man was a
    potential victim of Dookhan’s fake evidence and ought to be released.” Why is the word “potential” in that sentence? She believes it to be true, so “probable” is okay, legally speaking. So is, quite simply, “she believes this man was a victim.”

  • Anthony Genuardi

    As many lives as she’s destroyed, she should be executed. Add up all the stolen time from innocent people and she’s definitely taken an entire lifetime worth.

  • MD

    The penalty for this should be life imprisonment. She has ruined or harmed countless other people’s lives. By contrast, let all those with drug sentences go free. They have harmed no one, except, arguably, themselves.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      She will probably meet someone who she has done this shit too. If the state does not issue it then one of those people will issue her the death penalty.

  • Josh Carroll

    A good likelihood she will again meet one of her innocents, but this time they will both be wearing the same orange jumpers.. 3-5 years may be just enough for her to never see the light of day again. I would assume witsec is not applicable in this case.. Those slimy prosecutors deserve the fate they will come to meet. How sick and evil, to take away life itself from someone to further a power-driven career. I’m afraid this is not an isolated case, but the light seems to always get distracted away from these atrocities. Instead we mull over ill-fated websites and encourage racism by promoting specific cases into which race is injected and distorted by our ‘fair and balanced’ media.

  • huckleberrytres

    I wonder how many people got violated behind bars who should not have ever been there?

  • jill

    What about the attorney involved he should be in jail for life.

  • Mark Schlager

    She should be hung or receive 25+ years!

    • art7

      LIFE. Because she was in a TRUSTED position.

  • You dont need my name

    I think each case should be a lawsuit unto would be an even bigger injustice of they were lumped into a class action group, because that would lower each award ..each case is different and unique, so should the damages be unique to each person & situation. Also, give how much time she took away from others, she should be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. THAT might help her understand the scope of the damage she created. And if those attorneys can be proven to know that she was doing this, same sentence for them.

  • onepissedoffpatriot

    These people have lost a portion of their lives they can never get back, and no it actually can never be rectified. She and the collaborating DAs ought to be put to death…..marched through downtown, right down main street and hung!

    • art7

      Correct. The DA’s need to go too…

  • ur pussy

    hahhahaha wtf with her eye.. stupid americanos

  • art7

    ONLY 3-5 YEARS? You have to be KIDDING ME!!!

  • art7

    She should be given LIFE in jail. BECAUSE – she was in a trusted position of authority.

  • Melanie Adams

    i had not seen her sentence. what a fucking travesty of justice. she has ruined thousands of people’s lives and that’s all she gets? i knew she wouldn’t get in too much trouble, but this is ludicrous. and we hold up our justice system as an example to the rest of the world! it should be an example alright….i am sick about this.

  • Melanie Adams

    are the prosecutors who participated going to be prosecuted? of course not.

  • Josh Myers

    I know somebody in the navy who was the substance abuse person on the ship, but he was doing cocaine. He said he would just find his sample, then switch the labels.

  • Christi Nylund

    She should get life without parole. How many lives have been ruined because of her? It’s obvious that she did not act alone and she is getting special treatment for taking all the blame. Anyone that works in the so called justice system, should be held to a higher standard because what they choose to do affects so many lives.

  • RedReb

    This is the kind of corruption that leads to rebellion and insurrection; our future looks bleak.

  • Steve Dalmont

    what a sick sick woman , she and everyone involved should be locked up and severely battered ,it is unreal in this day of age that such a twisted case can take place in a so called civilized and totally declining society where the ordinary person can innocently be behind bars powerless to free themselves ,shoot the whore i say

  • Phil Silverman

    The title of this article should say “…tampered with *up to* 40000 cases” or something like that. That was *not* a defense of the scumlady.

  • Wayne Washburn

    ” Just us ” in Amerika , this kind of thing goes on everywhere , she was just unlucky enough to get caught , maybe she refused to screw one of her bosses or something .

    • petulantes

      She got ‘caught’ to protect someone BIGGER up the chain.. You know the system ‘too big to jail’

  • QuentonQuale

    The prosecutors that begged her for false results should also be in prison for a very long time. But I’m sure they got off scot-free.

    • petulantes

      NO they are probably prosecuting her and promise parole after six months…. She will hang herself before she can talk and spill the beans of who all is involved. She is just one of millions of useful idiots the system disposes of as needed

  • Tyler Westbrook


  • brad

    If I lock someone up and hold them in my basement for a week I will be charged with kidnapping and at the least, felony false imprisonment. If I caused injury to the person the charges would pile on. I would most likely get life. This person should have 100+ false imprisonment charges on her and never see the light of day. There should be civil charges in the millions, the lab should be shut down. Everyone involved should be locked away for a very long time.

  • a

    This is happening all over the country…this is only the first person to get CAUGHT. Good luck trying to figure out the rest without landing your own ass in prison or in a casket for getting too close to the truth.

  • Unbelievable

    She should get the same sentence of the worst “conviction” she caused. Did she cause any death penalties?

  • fiatdollars

    She should be put in front of a firing squad.

    • petulantes

      Only after she tells who gave the orders, don’t shot until then . You KNOW that nothing of this magnitude is of some lowly chemist in a lab.. Watch she will ‘hang herself’ while in solitary. USEFUL IDIOTS are always disposed of that way

  • aztex2010

    multiply this by all the other states and other complicit countries around the world and you have Camp FEMA, Tyranny and NWO 🙁 :'(

  • Mark Betancourt

    This crap is going on nationwide! I bet you a million that investors are paying off these chemist nation wide to do this evilness. Politician, judges and lawyers have stock in private prisons!

  • petulantes

    Everyone, she did not do this ALONE! Someone gave the orders for this to go on for nearly a decade. You will never convince me otherwise !3-5 years is a HUSH sentence! out on probation after 6 mos.. or they’ll have her hang herself in jail …. one or two ways the useful idiots are ALWAYS dealt with !

  • The Hippie Hound

    I hope her face gets tampered with by the innocent inmates she helped convict when she goes to prison.

  • Steven Pluth

    What I want to know is this…and this is real crucial. Did any of those innocent people sent to jail/prison get attacted, raped, or killed because they were in a place they should never have been in the first place. Where is the right justice to this…out of all the cases there has to be someone(s) who suffered an attack in jail because it is a strong probability with those numbers and if so, then why is this evil woman with her evil prosecuters getting off so easily. We put our trust in certian people and when they abuse that trust then how do we convince the public that their best interest is to trust a process that is corrupt. 3 to 5 years is not justice, it is an insult on the victims and an insult that damages the core values of what the constitution stands for…the rights of ,Americans.

    • Alantar

      Yes, had she been anyone else the prosecutors would have charged her with multiple counts for the crime – three to five years time 40,000. But, she’s a friend of theirs, so just the one count.

  • Claude Lynn Hayes

    She needs to go to general population as soon as possible, and everyone in there with her should be told what she did. And see how long she lasts. I hope she never comes out. This is despicable, heinous and deserves a life sentence with no possibility of parole. Go get her, Framingham babes, hahahahaha.

  • Roy Batty

    There’s no words to describe the level hubris this woman possesses.

  • revelnation

    3-5 years for arguably one of the largest acts of domestic terrorism in American history..

    .. seems legit :S

  • flanicat


  • Bee

    I just scanned through this article and didn’t see these “prosecutors” names or their pictures and the look of this woman, she looks east Indian….if you didn’t know, our government is allowing boat loads of them to be brought over to man phone sales and as you can see various job in “government” that AMERICANS can fill…she most likely was feeling the pressure of her corrupt “higher ups” to do these things to keep her “golden” job…and believe me, I am not making excuses for her…she is old enough to know RIGHT from WRONG….they ALL should be doing jail time …….just say’n…

  • Billy Plante

    The damage this woman has done, to TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, I wouldn’t bat an eye if people started talking death penalty. 3 to 5 years is a goddam joke! At minimum it should be life in prison.

  • not only those locked up based on the false lab reports by two lab workers, but those locked up by prosecutors involved in the scams … every one of ’em should, by law, be immediately released

  • Cory Jackman

    Same thing happened to me in a DV scam in Alaska. Three calls made by me to the police ultimately to remove a trespasser that had committed multiple felonies against me previously in the night. When they arrived instead of arresting the criminal they arrested the victim and then spent the next few months covering up their mistake. The paperwork/story I received from the prosecutor was thick. When I went to read it, they had made up three different stories as to what happened, none of which was right or true. The local newspaper had already taken it upon themselves to copy the false allegations verbatim. It made front page and my life has been in critical condition since. Knowing this to be true the newspaper has repeatedly refused to remove the article from the internet stating, “the public needs to know.” The public needs to know what?! That the Fairbanks Daily News Miner has ZERO integrity! Yes that’s right ZERO integrity. Lost jobs, kicked out of the University, etc. These criminals in the system have GOT TO GO!

  • Scott Duncan

    If she offers up her cunt for my crew’s use, she can hide from the mobs that want to kill her, in my boat. 😀 Hope she’s reading 😀

  • rlhndrsn

    3-5 years??? are you fricking kidding me??? she should be locked up for life for what she did to countless innocent people. and they say pot is dangerous! wow.. how disgusting. oh.. and did you know it IS legal for cops to lie for a conviction?? true story. some justice in amerika..

  • James

    Of course the Government NOW has to COVER UP who they jailed with False Evidence to REDUCE Liability ! NO GUTS to just release the people and pay up !

  • Kyle Anderson

    Oh, she’s going to general population soon? Lol. Good luck with that.

  • Eric Quintero

    This dumb bitch is about to have TWO lazy eyes.

  • vigilant2012

    The lab techs need to go to prison for everyday that an innocent was imprisoned due to her criminality

  • Aaron Dominic

    Oh but all of the dirty D.A.s won’t be prosecuted themselves? Let’s push for that shit.

  • Alex

    That narcissist won’t make it 3-5 years in general population. Probably not even a week. Not sure about her state but most states only have one women’s prison meaning she’ll be in there with people doing life. The prosecutors need to be in there too

  • whenisenough

    Someone needs to take her out… and any prosecutor involved… this just shows how corrupt our whole system is! 3-5 years for ruining thousands of people’s lives. Fuck this system and fuck her, the prosecutors, the pos judge and anyone else involved!

  • Marypoppa

    This women and all the corrupted peoples connected to her must be crackheads well atm she look like one lol

  • mathmind27

    the only surprising thing here, is that the powers that be are ACTUALLY holding her accountable at all!

  • Laurah Mason

    OH HELL NO!!! She deserves at LEAST 20 years in prison…and what about the attorneys? They need to be disbarred and also sent to prison!

  • Lejon Leonard

    This bitch must have been under the supervision of some undercover FBI asshole.that’s the kind of shit they do.fuckers.

  • So what about the prosecutors? THey are just gonna keep their jobs?

  • Jim Em

    Sickens me, and it sickens me she got, what amounts to, a slap on the wrist.

  • Nick

    So basically these govment people are just picing up people at random and putting them in jail. You can argue all day that this is isolated case of a nutjob doing this but no it is police and prosecuters locking up random people for fame and profit. Then when they got caught they say of she was a “rogue” employee and give her a very light sentence as the fall guy who was compensated very well im sure . So there it is the rounding up of citizens everyone hopes wont happen .

  • Billy Plante

    She should get the death penalty for destroying that many lives and families

  • Mickster66

    She should be locked up for life the evil bitch. So should the scum bag prosecutors.

  • If you are so willing to ruin the life of so many innocent people, you are by nature an evil person. If I had any power I’d send this bitch to die. 3-5 years in prison does not serve justice….not even close.

  • Government workers who betray the citizenry in such a way should be charged with TREASON. Politician takes a bribe by any other name? Treason. Law enforcement fakes evidence? Treason. Teacher at a public school has sex with their underage pupil (And no pussy pass for female teachers doing male students please)? Treason. You want to work for the government and get all the cushy benefits? Then you get extra responsibility to the tax payers.

  • Cassandra J Dunbar

    what about the prosecutors who asked her to help them out, do they do any time in jail for knowing the evidence “results” were falsified???? and that they wouldn’t have enough evidence to convict if she didn’t “enhance” the evidence she was given? seems it’s not just the lab…

    • Cassandra J Dunbar

      and this is old news, why is it just showing up in my facebook feed NOW?

  • “Justice” system… The only justice would be to throw away the word justice out of it and just call it “system”.

  • Dookhan should get life without the possibility of parole. That would be justice for the thousands of lives she ruined. 3-5 years is an outrage and an insult. I’m sure the “justice system” took great leniency on her after she helped them to immorally and wrongfully advance so many careers. Also the prosecutors who used her to advance their careers ought to get a good taste of the “justice” they have dished out to countless thousands.

  • Rod Prather

    Why aren’t the prosecutors who conspired with her in evidence manipulation being charged? They’re as guilty as she is, perhaps even more so. They took an oath to uphold the law.

  • Russell Smith

    She’ll get hers at the Big House.

  • danielistical

    I have no problem with the death
    penalty ,,it is our court system that I have a big problem with,,thanks to
    D N A we are releasing wrongly convicted people every day,,Over the
    past four decades, imprisonment in the United States has increased explosively,
    spurred by criminal laws . that put
    more people in prison for longer sentences. At the same time, the nation has
    seen the rise of for-profit prison companies, which benefit from keeping more
    people locked up. The F B I has just admitted that they have
    been fudging on hair samples for years because if there is no
    conviction they dont get paid????? THATS NOT RULE OF
    LAW that IS RULE OF MONEY. It is appalling how many
    people we have wrongly convicted I dont want to be
    wrongly executing them too….

  • Teresa Franey Howington

    Release all the prisoners, and toss out the charges.

  • Micky Milian

    The ladies at The Ham will take care of her.

  • Maria NoGames

    I have to agree with everyone who posted before me, 3 to 5 is a bullshit sentence. And they prosecutors should be held responsible, as well.

  • A job this critical should not be allowed in the hands of one person. Let’s research deeper, I’m sure we’ll find cutbacks to funding, thanks to right wing regression, that eliminated the other one, or two chemists previously on staff to re-check the others’ lab work. Which should be standard operating procedures when people’s lives are at stake.

  • tigereye468

    I noticed that everyone seems to be in an uproar about Dookhan, and maybe now the crime lab itself, but I want to know how many of the attorneys, some of whom may now be judges), cops/detectives in search of evidence for support of warrants, etc., and others who solicitated (bribed?) Dookhan and the crime l a b for their “help” are going to lose their promotions, have to payback their bonuses and salaries they were not deserving of,, will be disbarred and lose their license to practice law for unethical and criminal conduct, and be brought up on criminal charges themselves. Dookhan and the crime lab were obviously not acting oblivious to the crimelab’s actions and we’re themselves a part of the problem and proactively askin/placing orders for the kind of evidence they wanted the lab to provide.

    • From what I understand after watching a lot of c-span on this issue, they are rarely if ever disbarred for anything. They have created a way to put themselves above the law with a code of silence like any criminal organization would have.

  • guarantee this is a typical practice in many other states and cities

  • Jeffrey Main

    At this point, as long as we have a private prison complex, a policing for profit and profitable legal complex rather than a justice program there is no possible way to remotely have an iota of confidence in any part of this entire process. We have to unite. Between everything that is being done to humanity and the earth in the pursuit of profit and the idea that people don’t matter in that pursuit, we are going to have to come to a solution to prevent a few elites from killing us all off

  • Krist Martin

    …This disgusts me. But with the obvious dysfunction in our current government, I doubt much will be done.

  • Estella Cohen

    There are thousands of innocent Black men in jail because of her!!! (And people wonder why we don’t trust “the system”!!!)

  • eric

    this bitch would be dead and every prosecutor involved. people need to start holding these assholes accountable no way they suppose to live

  • eric

    and she only get 3 to 5. hopefully someone will kill her in jail

  • Hugh Jazzole’

    In Dec.1983 an assistant prosecutor in Ocean County,NJ offered me cocaine to snort at a friends house.I refuse it I dont like coke.He is now a Senior asst. Prosecutor

  • Adon the Jaguar

    I agree wit a previous comment dat says she (and ppl like her) should serve da same amount of time as her victims! Combine each individual sentence, and she shouldn’t ever c freedom! I read a fictional story takin’ place several centuries in Earth’s future and they did somethin’ similar to a corrupt government official who was usin’ his authority 2 modify other criminals’ sentences!

  • vicarofrevelwood .

    Serve the sentence of every person she helped convict!

  • llonewolf


  • deepfriedfunk

    THIS CLINT needs to be strangled with her own intestines on live tv….

  • DOCS

    She and the prosecutors who were also involved should all get life…

  • Mike Lawson

    She’s getting 3-to-5 for the cases that came to light; if they discover more they can charge her and try her all over again.

  • Vanessa Little

    She was able to get away with it because of the prosecutor, they all are in those decisions together, even some Judges… All her wrong doing and she gets 3-5… come on now… Bullshit as Clint said. She won’t do nearly those 3-5… she will do 6mos and them back home on a tellar for a couple of months….

  • Yohan Luechtefeld


  • kilvehk

    she should be shot.

  • Butch1

    This woman deserves a life-sentence for what she did.

  • Estella Cohen

    The prosecutors should be looking at jail time too. The article doesn’t mention how this scumbag of a woman was caught. It all smells suspicious to me.

  • Barry Ervin

    This pathetic excuse for a human being deserves to be put down like a rabid dog. And what about all the corrupt cops and prosecutors who conspired with her in this?

  • Godmother

    She’s covering up for someone, maybe some of those prosecutors, cops? Who directly or indirectly did she do this for? Who wanted this chemist to lie for them? She’s the tip of the ice burg here and it’s being played down. A lesser sentence so she doesn’t name names?

  • Alex.


    It’s not like they are corrupt little shits worst than men that can easily get away with it… Men are the privileged ones and HURR DURR THE PATRIARCHY!!!

  • Jay Sunshine

    Multiculturalism means 3rd world corruption comes to the 1st.

  • Cindy93

    she should get life without parole and hard time not a cushy prison location. The short time is a travesty. And those that served false sentencing should be compensated and released, no matter the cost. And those that assisted her, at least 20 yrs. Get those scum bags out of the justice system and clean it up.

  • Lee

    Life without chance of parole, along with every single prosecution barrister involved in every one of the cases that she plead guilty too. I was wrongly convicted of a crime and jailed for two years. There is nothing worse. It’s easy for prisoners who have committed a crime to be remorseful, if your not , you get nowhere in the system. These people who would of plead not guilty would of also got the bigger sentences as apposed to those who plead guilty, like that evil Bitch! In fact the decision should be given to the families of whom she convicted and let them decide. Personally I don’t think there is a legal punishment bad enough for her. 3-5 years is an insult to these families, it’s an embarrassment. She was probably given lenience by a scummy judge who probably half supports her actions. They are all on the same side! Judges, prosecution barristers, police, they should get life for this, but would never happen. Just 1 small peice of corruption from the people we are all supposed to trust.

  • carlton goodson

    I would give her life the muzzie.

  • Guest916


  • Antoinette Everett

    Her conscious is completely warped. I hope every day of her sentence feels like 100. Get the prosecutors too. They think this is a fun game they should be entitled to win at all costs. They are detached from reality, and their ambition is Shakespearean…completely unsympathetic to the needless suffering of innocent people.

  • Penn_Patriot

    They should hang this sack of shit from the nearest tree. She did untold damage to 40 thousand people!