“Deader Than Roadkill” — Cops Sing and Celebrate Death of Michael Brown


GLENDALE — A shocking video has surfaced online showing a police event at a lodge during which police and their families can be heard singing and celebrating the shooting death of Michael Brown.

After two NYPD officers were shot, the mass media promulgated a narrative according to which the whole nation is mourning.

But what is largely ignored is the fact that officers often laugh, sing, and celebrate the deaths of Americans.

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In a recent case, Officers wore “I can breathe” shirts, mocking the last words of a dying father, Eric Garner.



The words “I can’t breathe” are not just a slogan. They were literally the last words of a dying man.

Cops and their loyal statist supporters paraded around the streets of New York City in t-shirts that ridiculed Eric Garner’s memory.

We guess these cops would also look Eric Garner’s six children in the face and laugh at how they will now grow up without a father.

In the latest case of cops gloating about the people they kill, TMZ has released a video showing multiple officers, both active and retired, being entertained by a song which celebrates the death of Michael Brown, referring to him as worse than “king kong,” and “deader than a roadkill dog.”

The celebration took place at the Elks Lodge in Glendale, CA, according to reports.

Laughter and chuckling can be heard throughout the video.

At one point the song boasts that Michael Brown’s brain “was splattered” by the officer, as an audience of loyal statists can be seen entranced by the rhythm and the dazzling lights.

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We warn you, what you are about to hear is disturbing.

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  • Fuze

    im gonna share the shit out of this…..

  • Sgt. Killgood

    Corruption at it’s finest . To receive respect , you have to give respect . All this cops need to be fired . Including the Chief for not trying to stop this .

    • Guest

      All I have to say!
      I guess it’s not so funny anymore to these doughnut eating fat asses. Now that it’s been two from the thin blue line that got lead poisoning! I bet they can’t breath right now!

    • tyler


      • SamuelTConti

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    • Phasung Baccam

      Agree with you
      How much this will be going all citizen are sick and tire that why they put on high alert on look out for copy cat somebody get revenge on the cop

    • H4500X

      fired…. more like murdered, fuck these pigs splatter their brains on the wall

      • EdwardAMartinez

        ☭☭☭{­☭­{­G­­o­o­gle­ is <-paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks. Its the most-financialy rewarding I've had. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it



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  • My Name Here

    All I have to say!
    I guess it’s not so funny anymore to these doughnut eating fat asses. Now that it’s been two from the thin blue line that got lead poisoning! I bet they can’t breath right now!

    • Clive

      Three, technically, because the cop who got killed in Tampon String (yes, I know that’s spelled incorrectly) Florida was former NYPD. It’s all well and good to poke fun at cops murdering citizens, right up until a citizen has enough and starts killing cops. At that point, you can see exactly what kind of cowards they truly are.

  • Audrey

    Absolutely disgusting. And they wonder why the respect for cops is lost.

  • John Dillinger

    wow so disgusting

  • plebsl0l

    I might be more bothered by this if I didn’t think the same fucks supporting that little shithead thug wouldn’t do the same thing. The only thing I hate more than a pig is a thug.

    • blackskinhead

      Dude suck a dick and die

      • bigdick87

        Fuck you black skinhead

    • Nicole Iam

      Valid point. Intrssting view. Agreed. Thanks for the enlightened comment.

    • RainyKnight

      Really? Why don’t you hold armed agents of the government paid for by your tax dollars to a higher standard than a criminal?

  • eric


    • Steve Bagnell

      Oh but the cop killer who was black got caught with possession of stolen firearms in 2013 but yet he was out n killed 2 non white cops. No conspiracy here

      • bigden66

        He was a CI for the police

      • eric


    • mike

      U should be shot too

      • eric

        I have enough since to shoot back not stand there, be hunted and be killed like an animal…we know to take some with us if we go.

    • Cheryl Lueddeke

      Perhaps learning to spell may better convey your congruent ugliness

      • eric

        trick I can spell just find, perhaps learning to give better blow jobs will make u more popular.

  • tyler

    Karma is an interesting thing….that is perhaps why we should ALL try peace…

    • Scott Drew

      I wish i could. I’ve always wanted some kind of revenge on anyone who wronged me. It actually burns inside me.

      • Nick Clark

        I feel ya there man. That kind of rage makes my skin hot to the touch.

      • NukeWaste

        You haven’t lived long enough. Most of the people that wronged me ended amusingly. And I can openly laugh because I had nothing to do with any of their misfortunes. Nothing. I can enjoy the fact that they messed with people crazier than me.

        • Scott Drew

          I’m almost 70. Hail Satan!

    • Steve Bagnell

      If that was true people would eventually change. So karma is bullshit

    • Anon

      Haven’t you seen peaceful protests, and cops STILL incite the crowds?

  • Nicole Iam

    Super sad and gross! Anyone who is a part of this is a total psychopath.

  • MH Snider

    Michael Brown was such a piece of garbage thatthe world is a better place with him dead.

    • Steve Bagnell

      No second chance for you. Im the second chance nazi. Until you repent of your heart no second chance for u

    • craig

      oh so you knew him personally?? you ignorant fuck head!! suck some dick asshole. I hope a dirty cop shoots your stupid ass asap!! I also wish americans will rise up and destroy all govt and police buildings and take the fuck over, this country needs a drastic change yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • fredony

        well sorry to tell u this edbut before he was killed he robbed a store and push the store attendant then when cops told hinm o stop he didn’t and he punched the cop. is bad that he died cause of that but he was no angel. he was a criminal and acted careless with disregard for the law so he had it coming. sorry to be blunt but the facts are there.

        • Nick Clark

          The robbery wasn’t even reported until after he was shot. But of course he had what was coming to him…just like the 12yo kid at the park, cops nearly ran him over before jumping out and shooting him.

          But sticking to brown, as soon as he started to retreat from the car. That fucking murder should have stayed in his car and called for backup if he was as scared for his life as he said he was. Not get out of the car and unload his fucking gun on the kid. Also where the fuck was he aiming, cops aren’t trained to kill they’re trained to aim for the center mass. Come on, brown being as big as he was, anyone could have put two three rounds into his legs.

          • fredony

            true. no one deserves to die cause a robbery . but what cop stays in his car with a gun in his waist? I feel both failed to make the right decisions and unfortunately brows is dead and he wasn’t actually so innocent. if he wanted to stay alive he should stayed him or not go and do what he did. is difficult to take sides but if u can’t pay the price don’t do the crime.

          • NukeWaste

            “no one deserves to die cause a robbery” ! That is your opinion. Not mine! If we had proper laws, robbery would have the death penalty. It did 150 years ago. The reason that we have such a lawless society is this crap of proportional response. A libturd concept that they never follow themselves.

          • fredony

            150 years ago, shoudl we go back to the stone age? a robbery doesnt warrant a death sentence

          • facepalm

            I tell you what: some stupid shithead comes into my place trying to rob me, I will “splatter his brains on the floor.” without a second thought… Every piece of shit thief deserves death. They are not an asset to society, they are deficit and we are better off without them.

          • caleb

            Now think of this. maybe they have to steal cause they have no family left or because they have no money? so you would kill a poor helpless child because he is too poor to afford food or clothing? That is fucking sick

          • NukeWaste

            You watched too many fake Kung Fu movies. Look at the report. His head was lowered, placing it in front of the center of mass. It is almost impossible to shoot somebody in the legs. And if you could, they turn around and sue you for the loss of their leg. All people that take honest training are taught to shoot to kill, not injure. The officer did nothing wrong. You simply hate White people. Would you feel the same way if Brown was White and the cop, Black? Well??

        • Anon

          Why do you get your information? Lol. There’s no way English is your first language. Because if you read/listened to the news and that’s what you got from it, your either foreign, a little kid, or an idiot.

        • you are not correct, the cops lied. video has come out since showing there was no robbery.

        • Divine Justice

          The store owner reported that was NOT Michael Brown in that video nor did he rob the store … A Lie spread by people to justify their own inhumanity towards Black citizens.

      • NukeWaste

        So, a criminal robs a store, strong arming the owner. He then attacks a police officer and gets shot in the process. What you were the cop? Would you let him get your pistol? Quit committing crime so you won’t have a problem with the cops. If they single you out for no reason, then they should be punished. This song is in poor taste.
        I wouldn’t be negatively affected by the sudden disappearance of the police. They stopped me from hanging the last burgler. (Tampa, FL) No sense of humor at all! Could your grandmother feel safe without police? Remember that there are honest cops, too.

        • Divine Justice

          It was proven that was Not Michael Brown that robbed the store. That was not him in the video. The store owner and clerk spoke up and said that was a lie. I guess we all look alike.

      • Pete

        People always say that but they fail to realize that no law means that there’s nothing to stop me from blowing you and your family away and taking all your shit.

      • eric

        the problem with that craigy I shoot back and an extremely long family who not having it.. not all black people are afraid to do what they have to or protect their own..

    • Cee Hep

      Go tell his parents that, then tell me why he was a POS. Because the police said so, when they lied saying he stole from store, or when the ignored the two cable workers that said his hand were up. So again what makes him a pos? What a asshole

  • Dadamoid

    Anyone could put together a fake track like that. I’m not convinced. The lyrics are too clumsy and forced to have been written by a murdering policeman supporter. Not that I’m a fan of the seemingly more and more commonplace HUGE excessive force used by US police. It is filtering through here to the UK now, although the vast majority still don’t carry guns.

    I’m sure they do make sick jokes about it over drinks in certain company, but really? Does everyone think this crap song is genuine.

    • Clive

      Because the supporters of murderous cop are known to be Grammy-level lyricists?

  • wtf


  • j w

    Witham v. Christian County, Missouri et al

    Case Number: 6:2004cv03401
    Filed: September 21, 2004

    Court: Missouri Western District Court
    Office: Springfield Office [ Court Info ]
    Presiding Judge: Chief District Judge Fernando J. Gaitan Jr.

    Nature of Suit: Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights
    Cause: 42:1983 Civil Rights Act
    Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff

    SEE http://loveforlife.com.au/content/07/12/07/everyone-knows-about-cold-used-ozark-polygraphs-everyone-judson-witham

    Witham v. Christian County, Missouri et al

    Case Number: 6:2004cv03401
    Filed: September 21, 2004

    Court: Missouri Western District Court
    Office: Springfield Office [ Court Info ]
    Presiding Judge: Chief District Judge Fernando J. Gaitan Jr.

    Nature of Suit: Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights
    Cause: 42:1983 Civil Rights Act
    Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff

    See …… https://duckduckgo.com/?q=enhanced+interrogation+techniques+++ENVIRONMENTAL+MANIPULATION++&ia=about

    ALSO ….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTtevLeDQcw



  • martymarsh

    The clown can’t sing to save himself, the hell with the words, his voice is irritating.

  • you know


  • Clive

    This is why cops get very little sympathy or respect. Brown may not have been the best person but, these cops are far worse.

    • matt

      By “not the best person” you mean he was a thug who had just robbed a convenience store clerk at gunpoint and then attacked a cop and got shot for his actions.

      • Clive

        Robbed at gunpoint? Are you serious? I have yet to see a firearm in Brown’s possession at any point during this incident. Him attacking Wilson is still very debatable as the “prosecution’s” Witness 40 was known to be lying before she was put on the stand. The only thing we know Brown is guilty of is taking a pack of cigarillos and then “punking” the owner at the door.

        It’s alright, though. I understand that you need to vilify in order to rationalize the murder as well as reconcile your own closet racist leanings. (I’m white, by the way.)

        • Andrew Power

          Respect Clive.. I Respect That You Are Being True To The Facts Especially The Fact That You’re White Makes Your Point Even More Valid In My Eyes. By The Way I Am Black. 🙂

      • Googletakesasecondtouse

        except the dude he supposedly robbed from has said outright it wasn’t Michael but continue to ignore that

      • Gagareth

        You are a complete imbecile.

  • matt

    The guy ATTACKED A COP!!!! And the cop shot him. Yeah he should be DEAD! I am glad he’s dead because he was a THUG! He was a low life gangster who attacked a law enforcement officer and paid the ultimate price for it. Good for these cops celebrating his death. One less thug on the streets! (And before you jump to conclusions, no I am not racist. Racism is stupid and all people deserve equal treatment. But if I attacked a cop I would expect to get SHOT!)

    • Ahabyah Of’Zion

      So, what if a cop attacks you??

    • Ahabyah Of’Zion

      Also, are you defending the stupidity of this jerk singing this ridiculous song? If so, you probably should have been the person this cop was singing about because we need less people like you alive.

    • Brad Smyly

      Anyone celebrating the death of another human being is a classless individual. I pity you sir for being a heartless cold person. I hope you don’t have children that you raise to have that kind of attitude and I hope your parents regret how you have turned out.

    • My Name Here

      True If he had a gun. The police Did not have his body cam on. 😉 we will never know. A gum May havebeen found but google NYPD and “Ham sabdwitch” code for nypd carring an extra gun gor bad shootings. Just saying. We will never know.

    • Nick Clark

      That’s called assaulting an officer, which would have had him locked up for a long time. It’s kinda strange, the only people that say they’re not racists always seem to be very racist.
      If you think punching a prick cop in the face means you deserve to be executed, then you’re a big part of the problem. Our fucking taxes pay for their checks, they’re civil servants they work for us. We pay them to do their job, from the beginning that murder didn’t follow a single step of protocol. The whole fucking department is corrupt as fuck.

      • NukeWaste

        If I was a cop and you punched me in the face, you might very well have been blown away also. Since you know nothing about reality, why don’t you go down to your favorite ghetto hangout with a $100 bill hanging out from your back pocket and enjoy a Michael Brown moment personally, just like the store owner. If you attack a police officer, you deserve to be shot.

  • Steve Bagnell

    Why wont anyone believe me they r devils

  • Terrence Arrington

    Now who wants to take up for this bullshit.

  • Mike

    How is that racist. The truth was spoken. The world is a safer place with out the thug of Michael Brown walking around assaulting and robbing people at will. White, black, Mexican, Asian, if you start a fight with the police, you will be shot, as I would shoot someone for assaulting me. Plain and simple.

    • George White Jr.

      Pussy. Only a coward hides behind a gun!!

  • Josh Bethune

    Chrissy Girrs heros fuck those thugs behind a badge and anyone who likes them.

  • laura

    Love is the way, the truth and the light…

  • This is not going to help matters. This gets out, things will get extra stupid.

  • Shante CeceWife Johnson

    o wow this is so disrespectful. this goes to show u the police will do anything and get away with it, Yea i’m sure the police can breathe cause they go around killing innocent unarmed people everyday. everybody in that room should be fired from there jobs and consider a disgrace to the human race.

  • Honorable Crown

    So what if a cop attacks a citizen? Which they’ve been known to do throughout history, are we justified for shooting the cop who attacks us? Hell no, we would be charged with capitol murder. It goes both ways, if he Mike ran away, how then was the cop in danger? But I’ll tell you what, if a cop ever attack me, its going to be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing!!!!!

  • Dave Briggs

    The lady filming said she was doing it cause no-one was doing anything about it.Well,what the heck was wrong with her mouth and feet.

  • Debbie Stinnett

    That was disgusting. Glad it surfaced. Everyone needs to see this. You can’t justify this ignorance. Sadly, you won’t change it either.

  • mike

    You try to kill a cop u deserve what u get. I’d be singing it too if someone tried to kill me and I got him first. Good for them!

  • NukeWaste

    Well, well! That was tasteless.

  • fredony

    yeah u said it 150 years ago. if thats the case lets go back to the stone age,. pleaseeee

    • George White Jr.

      Stone age was more than 150 years ago. Just saying!!!!

  • Charles Vella

    I’m in shock.

  • eric


  • IT IS WHAT IT IS because itzallconnected.

    Obviously, there is a WHITE ONLY sign on the gates of hell. And, truly, The Word is a god. The word inheritance [in-here-it-tense] fully explains both the chronic depression of pale-skinned [white] women, and the opioid epidemics that now “plague” White America. Only heroin could mask the blind-dead emptiness of the children these people claim to “love.”

    And, yet, The “original sin” is still the belief that any One, or any thing, can be made separate from The All-of-it; Creation–itzSelf. That bone marrow belief in, and need for, “self-segregation” is what will separate “the wheat from the chafe” as “huemanity” rises [a humane fusion] into the next level of consciousness.

    The Shunning of [white] America is now as real as “the ugly American. The yet unknown tragedy is how “White People” continU to “diss-cover” their true purpose. Soon enough, more of US will give thanks for the knowledge that becomes “won” with, and as, US. Prepare for The Rude Awakening of [white and imitation white] America. It will be called A 2020 Vision.

  • Alejandro Moreno S.

    Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses.

  • Divine Justice

    The original song they plagiarized was written and sang by Jim Croce about an army deserter named Leroy Brown. He also wrote don’t mess around with Jim….No creativity here just stolen lyrics. These people are meaner than a junkyard dog. BTW The owners of the store came right out and said Mike Brown did NOT rob their store nor was that Mike in the video. Stop using that lie to justify MURDER!

  • Jay


  • prohibitedweapon

    If this were a song about killin cops set to a hip-hop beat we wouldn’t even being having this conversation. Hypocrite much? Just another false flag drawing the attention away from the real problem which is the ongoing black on black genocide. Another example of how priorities are completely upside down in this world.

  • eric

    amazing how you white folks on here always side with white cops. cannot wait to see and hear how you idiots act and respond to cops murdering your unarmed kid for no reason then lie to cover it up. we get it you want black people to just stand by and let themselves be slaughtered like cattle, but over half of them is not having and have no problem taking out racist white cops when it come to it.. and flee

  • Lyle Scott

    i cant wait for some big disaster where there is just no law and see what them pigs will do then they cant keep killing us and laughing about it they will all pay when these cowards stand before god i think the devil will be fucking them in the ass cause they sure the fuck cant go to heaven after killing people for nothing i would love to be there every time one of these cowards stand before god and get sent to burn in hell for ever its in the ten commandments you fucking losers