Family Offered $1 Million Settlement After Cop Beats Son With Down Syndrome


SAN DIEGO, CA — A San Diego family was devastated after a deputy beat their innocent son who had Down Syndrome.

The deputy used a metal baton to beat the innocent boy, then pepper sprayed him in the face, and rammed his head into the pavement, according to reports.

Although their son, Antonio Martinez is 21-yrs-old by assigned numerical birth date, he is actually only 7-yrs-old on a cognitive level.

This is why he was confused and didn’t understand what the cop was trying to tell him as he was leaving his parents bakery shop.

Apparently, Deputy Jeffrey Guy, thought he was “suspicious” for wearing a hoodie.

Deputy Guy told Antonio to “stop walking,” but because Antonio functions at the level of a 7-yr-old child, he was unable to respond in the way that Deputy Guy wanted.

Deputy Guy let loose and used his metal baton on the innocent boy as horrified witnesses screamed and begged the Deputy to stop.

The Sheriff’s department refused to fire the deputy.

However, the Board of Supervisors has approved a settlement for $1 million for the Antonio’s family.

“Did the Sheriff’s Department learn anything from this incident? “I don’t think so.” Jude Basile said — the family’s attorney.

Watch the video below, explaining the original incident:

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  • tonymengela

    the only retribution for these cops is execution for these pigs when they do this on the job.. give them what they are dishing out

  • Rich Paul

    Could somebody dox the pig? He needs to hear what we think!

    • Difdi

      The guy proposing assassination in another comment on this article is why it’s a bad idea to dox the officer.

      I agree with you that the pig deserves to hear what decent people think of him.

      But posting his identity after a vague death threat was posted could make the doxxer an accomplice in the murder if someone then used the information to kill the cop. All it would take is a creative prosecutor and a jury carefully selected from people who don’t know the law very well.

      That’s just one reason why posting death threats is counter-productive.

      • davidglass

        LOL, did you just say that publishing the identity of the cop could make you an accomplice to murder if someone unknown to you offed the guy? LOL, LOL, LOL.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      he/they don’t give a shit what we think

  • Zhaliberty

    Why doesn’t this article name the scumbag? Name him please. TY. OkI see Officer Jeffrey Guy is now on the shit list of “bad apples”.

  • Timothy Shea

    At 1:55: “Why the use of force?” Sheriff responds “When our deputy tried to contact “THE GUY”…..yadda yadda, more lies, yadda”,he doesn’t even have the balls to ID the victim by name. Scumbags.

  • djkc909

    Wow, stupid idiot bully cops.

    If you are mistaken for a suspect, expect a surprise beat down from a cretin moron.

    Be lucky to survive the overly oppressive police state that strikes fear into nearly all citizens, and traumatizes the mentally ill like this poor kid…

    To serve & protect my ass.

    And “Innocent Until Proven Guilty .. in a Court of Law”? Forget about it.

    More like “Beat Down Until Proven Innocent .. on the Street” from a brainless thug cop with zero social I.Q.

    Next time, try some conversation and social tact, PIG!!!

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      more like a beat down REGARDLESS of innocence

    • Andres Herrera

      Suspect? the kid’s big crime was wearing a hoodie. You know who else wears hoodies? the KKK. Do you ever see the pigs assault them?

  • “He didn’t know who he was…”


    By that logic you could beat the shit out of anyone on the basis they could be a threat because you didn’t know their identity.

    • Ada D. Estep
      • Christopher Bergin

        spam much??

    • Cherisesmith

      Feel Free Freedom gilmingcop ……… Keep Reading

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      remember when they cops…plural, cause they’re only “bad asses” when they out number someone, like any other gang. anyway, when they pulled out an elderly guy, who was having a diabetic issue. he tried to tell them, but of course they wouldn’t listen. they proceeded to beat the shit out of him, because….”we thought he was drunk”. so all it takes is for someone to have a drink and that gives them the “right” to assault anyone…anyone who isn’t a cop that is

    • Buthow
    • Nicholasadkins

      …………..1=39Now Get this filmingcops

    • Nicholasadkins

      …………..1=39Now Get this filmingcops

  • Ben Dover

    The “deputy” is clearly just as much as a pig as the Sheriff. 🙁

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      and the prosecutor. and the judges, and the politicians, etc

  • Tony214

    I hope the down syndrome boy loses his mind and murders that satan incarnate officer and then gets off by reason of down syndrome and live a happy life with a grin like ” heh heh heh ”


    Poor angel!!

  • Storm

    why the hell are our taxes paying for this screw up deputy, and his mistakes, AND allowing him to keep his job. That sick sadistic bastard needs to go period.

    • gingerailtoo

      I agree!

  • jl ford

    I hope the parents are investigated for neglect of a dependent and hopefully charged. why would they let a retarded person with the mind of a 7 year old roam the street. I sure the hell never let my child do that at age 7!

    • Jenni Lovsey

      Why are YOU such a fucking retard for saying such stupid shit?

      • jl ford

        would you let a mentally challenged child wander the street alone?

        • Kelly L Forbes

          This same officer is being investigated for other assaults. This boy was attacked for no other reason for wearing a black hoodie and fearing the cops.Just because this young man has challenges does not mean he cannot walk alone from point a to point b. JL ford your language alone represents your ignorant closed mind.Your thoughts “retard” justice from people such as this officer who hides behind a badge to bully others (this is not a general statment on all officers but at this one individual). You attack this man parents but not the behavior of the officer involved.Hard to ignore.

          • jl ford

            you didnt answer my question, My child at 7 years of age was NEVER allowed to walk the streets

          • cloud9driver

            Then he will grow up to have a miserable life. I was of the generation that was “free-range”. We were told to go out and play, and come back at dusk. There is so much to learn through discovery and play that children now don’t experience.

          • jl ford

            we are in a different world now, so many evil sick people kidnapping children, its not safe to let young children go and discover like this anymore

          • Josh

            nope same world as it was long ago. We are aware the children are sometimes abducted rather then learning it happens when it happens to a family member or to someone we know of. Child abduction is something that has, sadly, always happened in human society. As an adult age this guy can legally walk the streets anytime he wants to. Just because something bad happened to him please don’t treat him like he is a child that has to legally be monitored by his parents for the rest of his life. As for the cop he blew it and the police insurance rates are going to go up. IF he gets fired he will work for another policing job and will continue his behavior as is common with this situation.

          • Bill O’Kelly Jr.

            and the evil sick people are the cops!

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            I agree. like someone who wants to prosecute parents for allowing their kid to…..walk! oh dear, the humanity….jackass!

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            ps. notice the complete lack of up votes on your comments? what’s that tell you?

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            childhood has been eliminated! now they push them into an “adult lifestyle”, especially the girls, by the time they are 8ish

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            I doubt you could find a woman so desperate as to allow you between her legs, and btw moron…HE’S NOT 7!! HE’S 21…IDIOT

          • machlin

            You sound like Louise Turpin.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            I have to disagree. this is all officers. two kinds of cops. one that commits the atrocities. the others lie to protect them

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          it’s not illegal to walk fucking douche bag. maybe we should have YOUR parents investigated for raising such a little cvnt

        • machlin

          “would you let a mentally challenged child wander the street alone?”
          Yes if its a safe and familiar neighborhood and if the child is responsible enough to take a walk, like any other child. I was allowed to walk the length of our street at five years old alone, and a year or two later over to the next streets. I had a paper route at 9y/o.

      • Joseph Suchomel

        Jenni – it is you who seem to be spewing the filth that pollutes these comment lists….calm down….speak reasonably….and perhaps people will stop laughing at you and listen to what you have to say.

    • nascausa

      Don’t feed the trolls.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      you ignorant, douche bag cop sucking traitor mutha [email protected]#er!!

    • machlin

      jl ford, you are a dangerous psycho if you really want to put under house arrest all pet cats, seniors, children and retarded citizens just because they don’t have healthy adult mental capacities. Better to imprison peple like YOU who have control issues.

  • jl ford

    so how is the officer supposed to know if someone is retarded? when someone does not obey an order and resists they have NO clue what else a person is capable of. they made the right choice to use non life threatening options

    • Gilgamesh

      Hence the million dollar tax payer settlement.

    • nascausa

      Yes, so assume all citizens are criminals and beat and kill them. What badge do you wear? Look at the man’s face, listen to how he speaks and moves and even a low IQ cop can see he is not dealing with Ted Bundy.

    • Jonathan Wint

      If he was a normal citizen and the Police officer did that guess what? Still a CRIME!

    • Felicia Marie Hippler

      He isn’t retarded he has Down Syndrome and you can look at him and tell he has down syndrome. Even if he didn’t why would a police officer slam someones head into the pavement beat them with a baton and pepper spray him in the face if he didnt have a weapon and wasn’t doing anything but wearing a hoodie???? I dont have a problem with the police. I have been helped by the police before but what THIS officer did was wrong and inhumane. People with Down Syndrome are generally very happy and care free because they don’t understand that there are bad things in this world. They are as innocent as children in that way. Would you have thought it was ok if this was a child? He thinks like a child. Men shoot people and just get carried away in handcuffs all the time they don’t even receive this kind of brutality. So why was this any different? Why attack him with that kind of rage when obviously this officer wasn’t threatened or in danger?? Why the anger?

  • Denton Young

    Any cop who beats up an unarmed civilian should by law be automatically fired and unable to ever work in law enforcement again.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      correction. he/she should be prosecuted and given the max. sentence!! screw his job. these bastards should be in prison with the rest of the animals!!

  • Ivan Antero Vostlojevitsk

    So in the land of the free using a comfortable and warm hoodie makes you suspect? Sounds really free.

  • nascausa

    I thought this was a free country? Land of the Free? Fighting for Freedom? Red, White, and Blue, God Bless America? If you cover your face and walk past a cop, this means you deserve a beating? Was it really difficult for the cop to see this man had a disability? The cop thought he might be a random guy involved in a domestic violence call? So walking down the street is now probable cause for a take down?

    This again clearly shows us that we don’t have any freedom at all. The state can simply not like the way you look or walk and you can be beaten or killed by agents of the state and there is no penalty for the agents who are said to be sworn to serve and protect the people? The one thing we have in our favor is civil suits. If millions of victims attain lawyers and win $1 million each, the system will change overnight. Money is the only thing that talks in the Land of the Free.

  • Kevin LaPage

    I hope the parents make part of their settlement being the cop is fired and that the city must issue a public apology at a city council meeting so that it is broadcast on tv. Rub their shitty nose in it for being douche bags and not caring about a dude with down syndrome. You don’t have to be a gosh damned rocket scientist to deduce in under 5 seconds that someone is special needs. Makes me want to punch that cop in his throat and just laugh at him while he’s weezing. Then pepper spray him.

  • Amy

    I’m so sick of hearing about innocent people being treated this way by dick head cops what happen to serve and protect?! Poor guy didn’t deserve this! They need to get off their power trip! All cops that treat people this way I believe must of been bullied as kids and now they think they can treat others this way and hide behind their badge. IDIOTS!

  • Carolscales

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  • Melissa Todd

    Too many of these badged criminals I’ve commented on over the years I had to get the meme going.

  • Kimberlyrwillis

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  • jpr

    Give me 5 seconds with that piece of crap cop and that stupid sheriff. As the mother of a special needs son, I am more that infuriated. This a$$hole cop not only needs to be fired, he needs to be arrested for assault and put in jail for a VERY VERY long time. Personally, I would be more than happy to show him how it feels to be beaten with a metal baton and sprayed in the face with pepper spray. I am normally pro police, but there is just NO excuse for this piece of crap. You will not convince me that this POS cop didn’t know that this young man was special needs. God, I am so mad that I have to quit my comment before I really lose it.

  • jjdoe

    I’d like to see proof that the cops were actually on a domestic call. They will say anything, as they are somehow allowed to lie. Anyone unusual will quickly learn that cops aren’t their friends. I worked with a guy whose cousin was mildly retarded. In the suburban area where the shop was, he often walked around. And was often hassled and abused by the cops, who surely knew who he was. He was different, and they didn’t want him around!
    Eventually, he stopped walking, and just hung around the shop.

  • Allan Murphy

    Law suit ………

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    I hope they refuse the settlement and bring this punk bitch into court, and set precedence!!

  • Knudnik

    Fire the cop. Press charges against the cop. Sue the PD – make the chief resign. Vote out the local politicos.

  • davidglass

    Publish the cops address and let people drive by, creating traffic jams in the neighborhood. I’m sure his neighbors will appreciate it! Send him an avalanche of mail telling him to resign. Publish every known detail about the guy and let Anonymous hack his accounts and destroy his credit.

  • Elizabethwyoung

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  • Caryasmith

    Think about this cops See More

  • Lisztman

    No need to fire the cop. Just take the million bucks out of his paycheck until his debt to San Diego is repaid.

  • David Desorcy

    they refused to fire this coward pig

  • David Desorcy

    watch and see, this pig will be promoted.

  • Andres Herrera

    That family needs to sue the pig I’m civil court.

  • anna

    remember this is America and the history of this nation what did this country do to the British Military when unjust laws were inflicted on the citizens, looks like a time for a NEW REVOLUTION take back the country, why do you think all those Gangs join the military to get training , dugh

  • Don Cooper

    Cops are only human, they make mistakes too. But if not for them,
    there’d be chaos. if you don’t support the cops then next time you need
    help, call a crack head.

    • machlin

      A crackhead is less likely to arrive and inadvertently kill the person who called 911.

  • i wish they could hold out and refuse the payoff until the thug is charged and fired