WATCH: Firefighter Gunned Down, Killed by Cop Just Hours After His Wedding


KANSAS CITY — Anthony Bruno, a six-year veteran firefighter hailed as “courageous and dedicated” by his Chief, has now died after being shot in the chest by a police officer.

Bruno was a six-year third-generation firefigther who had been with the fire department since 2008, praised by his chief and his peers.

Tragically, the killing happened just hours after Bruno was married, destroying the future he and his new wife had planned.

Bruno, who was in his 20’s, leaves behind his wife, his family, and his fellow firefighters.

Bruno had been out celebrating his marriage with friends and family, according to reports.

He and his wife Stephanie Steele were in a taxi on their way to a hotel and began disputing the fare with the taxi driver.

The driver threw money at Bruno’s wife, who was still in her wedding dress, and called her a name — and this caused the husband to punch the driver, according to local news.

“She said during the argument, she stated that the cab driver threw the money she had given him back toward her near her face and called her an unknown name,” the report says. 

Shortly therafter Officer Donald Hubbard approached Bruno.

Bruno tried to evade officer Hubbard and apparently a chase began.

The officer finally caught up to Bruno and tried to arrest him, and that’s when Bruno began fighting the officer.


Bruno was in his 20s and leaves behind his new wife, his sisters, and his parents.

According to reports, Bruno ended up on top of officer Hubbard, striking him in the face.

“He was hit pretty hard and repeatedly during the fight,” police spokesman Tye Grant said.

That’s when officer Hubbard pulled out his gun and shot Bruno in the chest, killing him, according to reports.

Bruno was unarmed.

Yet Hubbard, who was hospitalized with swelling to his face, claims that he feared for his life.

It is believed that local security cameras captured the event.

The public and investigators are waiting for that footage to be released to determine exactly what occurred.

“Friends and family of the Kansas City Fire Department remember Anthony Bruno of Fire Station 17 as a courageous and dedicated firefighter,” said fire department Chief Berardi.

John Bruno, Anthony’s father, said that the family would be issuing a statement soon. He said that the family is absolutely devastated.

“Our heart goes out to the brand new wife and family,” said Fire Department spokesman James Garrett.

UPDATE 02/26/14 — Video released.

Footage shows the cop initiating aggression against the firefighter, who was on the ground.

As the cop took what witnesses described as an “aggressive stance,” Bruno began fighting back.

Eventually Bruno gained the upperhand in the fight. At that point the cop pulled his gun out and shot Bruno to death.

The cop claims he “feared for his life.”

Awitness watching the incident said the cop started a situation he “wasn’t prepared for” and ended it by taking Bruno’s life on the night of his wedding.

Watch the video below

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  • Andy Malcolm

    Sounds to me like the officer was justified in shooting Mr. Bruno as a matter of self defense.

    • Scum Bag

      sounds like you’re a moron. Police use deadly force now over nothing. This monster deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life. Cops are animals.

      • Andy Malcolm

        What would you do to a younger, fitter man pinning you down and repeatedly hitting you in the face? What should the officer have done?

        • Frog-Six

          I agree with you, Andy. I don’t know why he would get into such a scuffle with the officer. Police likely understanding towards Firefighters as a sort of “brothers in arms,” I would imagine.

          Sad story either way.

          • Shari Peterson

            Umm alcohol?

          • Kenneth Pastore

            Yes, if you read the story there was alcohol involved. I don’t like what alcohol does to people but it’s not illegal to be drunk. It certainly doesn’t deserve the death penalty. He could have waited for the guy to sober up and delivered a summons to the hotel room in the morning.

          • jarrod

            Excuse me while I commit rape and murder. Just send me a ticket in the morning. Thanks. You’re an idiot!

          • Kenneth Pastore

            No rape or murder here. Just an assault by a fired-up firefighter defending the honor of his new bride. You seem to be on the wrong page, jarrod.

          • MikeG

            Noone knew he was a firefighter until after the fact. him being a firefighter had Nothing to do with it.

        • Oinkpatrol

          are you serious? cops have a plethora of non-lethal weapons at their disposal.. mace, tasers, batons… the use of a firearm was completely unjustified.

          • CopNJ

            Okay so there is a thing called the escalation of force that they teach you in Academy and if you are in this situation where you are pinned down and repeatedly being hit in the face, you cant simply reach for a taser or baton as you are incapacitated, if that gun is in your hand that can be what saves your life. Someone could kill you with their bare hands. Its a much more painful way to go then getting shot

          • Colin Coker

            Nice logic pig.

          • Rachel Hogan

            I get that you’re being sarcastic, but that really is good logic. The cop is this article is going to have to get surgery to fix his face. The guy beat him so badly that he literally broke the cop’s face.

            It’s a sad situation, but the cop was right.


          • James Dore

            no he wasn’t. it is practically protocol on top of being common logic, sense, and knowledge that you call for backup when faced with a violent situation, if for nothing else but your own safety. By going into a violent situation one on one, the cop already knows he has greatly increased the chance of using excessive force or lethal force. If he had called for backup, violence would have been minimized and he would have support who could’ve helped him without the need for lethal force. This rouge cop was clearly looking for a fight and he so happened to pick the wrong one, that’s why he got his ass beat. He wanted to beat someone up and karma got the best of him. the only reason he shot Bruno was because his pride and ego had been badly damaged. This cop did not act in self defense, HE willfully, wantonly, recklessly, and unnecessarily escalated the situation to it’s final conclusion; HE provoked the attack on himself while trying to play hero and feed his sense of power. In short, the cop is a murderer, he wanted to kick the shit out of someone and when that didn’t go his way he killed a man for being a stronger and better fighter, plain and simple. This case has nothing to do with self defense, it is all about an ego maniac who bit off more than he could chew.

          • Rachel Hogan

            He is a cop! He wasn’t picking a fight or trying to “play hero”. It’s literally his job to apprehend people who commit crimes (like assault). I realize that there is an enormous abuse of power issue in this country, but this is not an example of that. This is a cop just doing his job. The firefighter punched a cab driver, and then tried to beat the crap out of the cop who tried to arrest him. Like I said, it’s sad, but it’s not the cop’s fault. Giving attention to stories like this just takes away from actual cases of abuse.

          • James Dore

            “An eye for An eye makes the whole world blind”, you cannot justify the abuses of authority with a minor assault. Rachel, you are ignoring very specific facts relevant to the case just because the guy is a cop. There are a number of ways he could have handled the situation which involved avoiding an altercation and/or the use of lethal force, which he CHOSE not to do. That is the issue, that is how you can tell he was picking a fight and one that came with “justifications”, cops are trained in how to appropriately handle such situations, this was not handled as such as we can clearly see. Justifying this cops wanton and reckless violence just because he is a cop is one of the reasons why cops don’t ever get punished for their misdeeds, because of this public perception and stigma. If the situation was handled appropriately I would be defending the guy, but it wasn’t and that is what you are missing. If he was not equipped to handle the situation, he shouldn’t have directly engaged Bruno, and if he was he shouldn’t have entered into an altercation. No matter how you try to spin this, the officer was wrong by not taking appropriate measures to keep himself safe by looking to physically “suppress” Bruno.

          • cab driver assaulted the man’s wife by throwing things at her …

            cop had no evidence on which to arrest the man, and not the common sense the call for backup or just issue a citation

          • cop was wrong to lay hands on the guy in the first place

          • James Dore

            There is also something that is taught that you are carefully avoiding, and that is how to avoid being in a situation where you are pinned to the ground without extra support to back you up. Look, no matter how you try to justify it this cop is a rouge cop who was itching for a fight, he just picked the wrong one and shot a man for being a stronger and better fighter than himself. I say this because there are a known obvious multitude of options that this officer had to resolve the incident without the use of lethal force, given the circumstances. This officer, plain and simple, willfully and knowingly and deliberately chose to unnecessarily resolve the incident with a physical altercation. Getting his as beat was the product of his own choice to satisfy a power trip and I firmly believe shooting Bruno had more to do with a battered ego than a real sense of danger. The cop is a murderer as Bruno’s death results from his own choice to physically engage a known drunk and aggressive suspect when we clearly did not have to or didn’t have to alone. I’m sorry, I know it is a touchy subject for you, but there is no justification for what that officer did.

          • the officer escalated the situation in the first place, by attempting to single handedly arrest a man …

        • David McDaniel

          Realy Andy? If the “officer” is tat incapable of performing his dutieshe should retire..EQUAL FOR NOT DEADLY FORCE was warranted.

        • Mattias Karlsson

          Yeah, what else should the officer have done?
          They don’t really have any other options to use…
          oh, wait… YES THEY DO!!
          Mace, tasers, batons, hand-to-hand combat training, self-defense training…
          If police are so F***ING easily frightened into using deadly force that they would basically shoot wildly around them from the slightest puppy-fart then they are the LEAST suited people to be police-officers!!

          • James Nimmons

            If you pin an officer down and repeatedly hit him in the face..he has no way tot know what your next step are a threat..and you will deserve whatever happens to you at that point..punch a cop..walk away..stay alive.. stay around for a party and you must deal with the consequences..cant have it both ways. This owuldnt have happened if he’d just given the officer his statement. more than likely he’d be taken to the station and fined. Now he’s dead..and he could have avoided that but he chose to feel that his anger was so righteous that he could beat a cop…and get himself shot. What a considerate guy.

        • Ginny S. Chambers

          Cops can’t fight anymore, they are pussys… Times have changed!!

        • Arnt Johnsen

          What would you do….
          Thats the worst excuse ever!
          Younger or older its still not justified to use firearms in a fight, caused by the officer.

        • Colin Coker

          He should have taken the beating he had coming.

        • Anthony Allen

          Guess the cop shoulda laid off the doughnuts then? lol

        • luke

          your an idiot mate, have you ever been in a fight? millions of people have and copped a beating and lived, he should have pepper sprayed, tasered, called for backup, whatever you have to do to avoid taking a mans life.. do you really think he deserved to die? please think before you answer that, think about a time when you have been so angry over something and could have reacted violently or stupidly if the situation arose.. and then kill yourself you fucking idiot

        • keimh3regpeh2umeg

          What does that have to do with anything? That’s like saying a rapist has a right to murder his rape victim if she struggles. Go fuck yourself.

        • Ginny S. Chambers

          What did cops do before they were allowed to shoot anyone who looked at them cross eyed and before they had tazers… Sometimes they got theirs ass beat or they had to call for back up.. Cops today are gun happy.. They are cowards!!

        • James Dore

          Not initiate a physical altercation with the younger, fitter man. that kinda is a big duh, no offence. The officer could’ve avoided and the use of lethal force, he simply chose not to.

        • how about not lay hands on him in the first place? if the officer had reason to arrest, he also had the responsibility to do so safely for himself and his ‘suspect’ … by calling and waiting for backup

      • Adenhart

        Now, I usually don’t trust cops, but I’m not an idiot either. The cop had every right to defend himself just like others do. Especially George Zimmerman!

        • Scum Bag

          there was no need to use deadly force, stop defending government thugs. Government police forces should be outlawed and replaced with private police.

          • Adenhart

            “There was no need to use deadly force”

            Do you know the fight or flight response? This is something that happens to cops as well. Bruno was probably bigger and more fit than this police officer chasing after him, so, when Mr. Bruno got on top of the officer and started striking him, the police officer did what any normal human being would do… defend themselves.

            “Government thugs” is such a narrow way of looking at things. I don’t hate cops, I only hate people who abuse their powers.

            Private police force? how would that work?

      • Louchious B

        May cops are decent and live to help others. Agreed some are horrible. But it’s hard to know what people are going to do in certain jobs.

    • Ninno

      Justified in what way? So deadly force is justified in every attack, if i blow cigarette smoke can i then be shot? Because that is what you just said, that is where you draw the line.

      Police baton around the head would have been enough, or maybe the cop shouldn’t be a lard ass and get some fighting training, so he doesn’t panic like a little bitch and start shooting at people.

      ICELAND – Now those are real cops.

      • Andy Malcolm

        Did you even read the article and watch the news piece – LEO training and most common-sense self-defense training invokes the escalation of force in a case like this. Are you seriously telling me that you’d try to extract and produce a baton and then swing said baton while on the ground at an individual who has you pinned down and is inflicting lethal damage to your skull?

        • Oinkpatrol

          a stun gun would have been just as effective and no lives would have been lost…

          • VMS-RDH

            Well officers are not issued “stun guns” – they are in the cars and if the officer did not have a car for this particular assignment (most officers drive personal vehicle to/from off-duty jobs) then he likely did not have a taser on him.

          • Oinkpatrol

            Replace stun gun with mace in my previous statement then? Are you trying to say his only form of self protection was deadly force? Seems we have found the problem..

          • adam

            yeah. mace is a medium range weapon, not a close quarters weapon. its going to get in everyones eyes and nasal system. some officers tasers are capable of “drive stuns” some arent. if they arent, then they arent going to work. even if they did, it assumes the officer had the ability to get to that particular weapon, when he may not have, depending on the body position of the guy on top of him.

            adrenaline affects many things, including cognitive abilities. when someone is on top of you and you can feel your bones breaking, even if the adrenaline overrides the pain and delays the point at which shock begins to set in, youre not going to be thinking “which of my weapons is the least leathal” youre thinking “which of them is the most effective, and how do i get to it and make it work.

            some people are so willing to beat the hell out of a cop long before he uses enough force to require reconstructive surgery, but when someone uses that much force against a cop who, up to that point, hadnt used any force at all, the cop is just supposed to take it?

          • adam

            also, the cop was off duty, working security. i doubt he was carrying a fully array of weapons

          • ginhuey

            if he was off duty, and was NOT fully equipped to handle an arrest situation, then he should have done what a security guard is supposed to do, which is notify the police… just sayin.. Im guessin theres absolutely no way he could have detained the woman who was also in the situation, questioned her about the man who commited the assault, and waited for police officers who were equipped to handle the arrest.. just no way that coulda happened.. just sayin..

          • Mattias Karlsson

            The officer was clearly able to retrieve his holstered gun and get it in between his own chest and the chest of the late Anthony Bruno.
            Police are trained to keep calm in adrenalin-fueled situations longer than the average person so that they should be able to keep violence from escalating or to calm down a panic-stricken crowd to a manageable level.

          • VMS-RDH

            So the officer should have died that night so the drunk and stupid newlywed could assault the taxi driver and get away with it? In close quarters(less than an arm’s length), the cop would have maced himself too…go walk a mile in a cop’s shoes and you will think differently. They get paid peanuts and get no respect from fools like you. I hope the next time you need help there is not a cop around to protect your sorry ass!

          • Oinkpatrol

            ahah. First of all let’s not stoop to insults, that’s quite unnecessary, although it reveals quite a bit about your personality. Second of all, many big city cops make close to 100k. That’s peanuts? Hm. Do some research before spouting bullshit. You really believe that the only way this situation could’ve ended is with death, by the officer or the firefighter? I think we’ve found the problem with you as well my friend! Not everything is black or white in this world, yes the firefighter was wrong. Doesn’t mean the officer was right. I’m sure you will try to dispute any other scenario I run this through, such as the officer calling for back up, using mace before it turned into a fist fight, etc,.. I’m not saying there is no excuse for this, sure, in the heat of the moment bad judgments are made.The fact that this is not an unusual occurrence is what is wrong. When the cops are beating you behind your car I hope there’s no one like me around to stand up for your rights…

          • VMS-RDH

            Since I live in KC, MO where this occurred I know the cops here have had only one 1% raise in 6 years. Their salary is MUCH less than 100k (a little over half that with several years on the force). I will not respond again as you obviously have no respect for the police. I have a cop in my immediate family so I know firsthand the BS they put up with daily…including disrespect for their hard work and sacrifice to their community.

          • Oinkpatrol

            I had a feeling you were from a cop family. I respect the police. In fact I would appreciate it if you pointed out where I was being disrespectful towards anybody in my comment… However, I do not respect pigs who abuse their power . If they wanted more respect from their community they should assist the community in putting crooked cops in their place, not hinder investigations into their department… they should protect and serve, not harass and disturb. Not saying all cops do this, but its unsettlingly common.

          • noob

            Why should cops protect people, people should protect people. People USED to protect people, now we are so deluded in our own little bubbles, brainwashed by media, and the rare occurrence of violence all over the news.

            Like you said cops are their to PROTECT, funny kind of protecting this untrained dipshit cop did, if this was the uk, neither would have died, and that dude would have spent a night in the cells with assault charges pending.

            MURICA how you have fallen.

        • nononono

          This guy obviously doesn’t understand what an example is.

      • Adenhart

        Now, you’re using a strawman. Read the article dumbass, don’t try to blame the cop because of your obvious biased view on them. Mr. Bruno was a batshit drunk and decided to pick a fight with the wrong person… do that to anyone else, no matter what reason, and you would still have the same result.

        • poor poor tiny brain

          Really? i have gotten into many altercations, I’m yet to have been shot -_-

          Its dumb ass fools like you who need to be purged of this planet.

          Next time you bump into someone in the street are they valid in shooting you for assault?

          • Adenhart

            You keep using the same strawman every time. If they pose great bodily harm to you, then yes, you have every right to shoot back. Trust me, I’m sure Trayvon Martin’s altercation that cost him his life wasn’t his only one.

          • MikeG

            Poor, I would invite any of you to our gym and see how well you handle being under a full mount with someone raining blows down. No one said anything about just being bumped into or just blowing smoke in someones face , we are talking about someone pinned on the ground being beaten to death. THAT justifies lethal force. When you are threatened you respond with like force. Generally you want to use the minimum amount of force necessary but when someone is beating you to death you dont try to mace them because once you are in that position they dont need to see you to keep pounding on you.

        • keimh3regpeh2umeg

          Except he didn’t pick the fight dipshit. Maybe you’re the one who needs to read the article.

    • Clint Sims

      Justified? The guy tries to avoid a confrontation and when presented with violence against him he defends himself, just so happens his defense is better than the officers offence. Thus the officer shot him when he realized he could not be intimidated into submission. So the moral is to do as your told and take your beatings from “Authority”? Sorry but I disagree.

      • Andy Malcolm

        Read the article and watch the news piece – MR. Bruno had already assaulted a taxi driver. The officer was attempting to effect an arrest. Bruno ran away instead of answering to the allegations of the assault. Sounds to me like Bruno is the coward and bully.

        • Bruce Molon Labe Rice

          Assaulted.. you idiot, if any says something bad about my wife period let alone on her wedding day still in her dress, assault is the least of your concerns, not to mention go hug a tree and bunny, liberal moron!

          • Adenhart

            With that kind of attitude, cops won’t be the only ones shooting you up…

          • Yes instead let us all bow down to authority and let some piece of shit off duty pig shoot us to death

          • Adenhart

            Again, you’re so biased… you should only trust cops when you have a common enemy.

          • VMS-RDH

            And you will want them to have authority when you or a family member has a crime committed against them and you want the perpetrator caught and prosecuted

          • The most crimes I see committed against people are by the cops. They’re in the news every day for shooting and killing people (many illegally) and people’s precious pets. so no thanks. WE as a people should fear them more than we should trust them. That is how we all feel here.

          • VMS-RDH

            Then you live in a very sad place. Here in KC where this occurred, it is very rare to hear of police involved shootings. My family member has been KCPD for 15 years and has only fired his service weapon one time…at a dog after it bit him (requiring 7 stitches and a rabies shot)…so this incident is a rare, sad occurrence, definitely not the norm.

          • Besides the off duty cop IN this article who just shot a cop to death in your town I’m afraid it happens all the time. I’m happy to cite plenty of cases where cops murdered dogs and even a few people like this fireman who didnt need to die (this cop wasn’t even on duty!)

          • VMS-RDH

            I would in fact like to see all this proof. How many PEOPLE (not dogs) have been shot by KCPD this year? Give some numbers along with links to verifiable news stories please.

          • Also this is a site where we talk about cop brutality so you’re essentially trolling. It would be like me on a Vegan site telling people they’re all stupid to not eat meat. There are countless articles on google news. One is about a KC officer who shot a dog FOUR Times. here’s another. they’re countless. wake up and smell the criminals.. err.. police! Florida isn’t far behind or worse. It’s everywhere.
            KC woman wants apology after police shoot her dog – KSHB.CO

          • 501-330

            That’s because an officer involved shooting makes ratings for the news media. The media doesn’t report the other stuff because it doesn’t get ratings or sell newspapers

          • dougiefresh85

            No Knock raids when innocent people are murdered by pigs because they have no clue who is busting into their house. You are correct Health..

          • Thanks DougieFresh (by the way love the name and the article Doug E Fresh…. peace.

          • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

            They don’t have a duty to protect and serve us, do your research you ignorant fool. There have been supreme court prededents set since the 1960’s declaring that cops do not have a constitutional obligation to protect citizens, only to enforce laws.

            My own personal experience: I woke up at 5 AM one morning to see my bedroom door open, my front door open, windows open, and posessions stolen. Over $5000 in items, gone. I called the cops and explained my house had been broken into while myself, my girlfriend, and my female housemate were sleeping.

            It took them 2 hours to show up. I never heard ONE THING from the cops after that initial police report.

            Two things here: I told them we felt danger to our safety, and they didn’t care…and they never found my stuff, obviously.

          • VMS-RDH

            So what you are saying is because they didn’t help YOU, they are all obviously stupid, uncaring killers? Nice logic.

          • Yo

            Is that an implied threat? I feel like your statement was made with the intent to intimidate another human being. You do know that is a crime in every state, right?

            Now you have some idea of how easy it is to manipulate a situation and make any course of action appear as though it is justified. Keep that in mind the next time you want to judge the way others choose to convey themselves. We all walk the razor’s edge.

            This had been especially true since the 2005 supreme court ruling that cops have no obligation to protect or serve the public interest. Which basically means that police officers have become armed revenue machines for their jurisdictions.

          • snapping at YOU

            you sir hit the nail on the head. the police dont work for the public they work for the corp. they dont wear weapons to protect the public they wear them to protect themselves and the corp interest. why the hell do you people think they have been shooting people for no good cause lately. they are jackboot thugs with low iq’s and tendencies towards violence. good cops are being phased out. wake up fools, before you are their next victim.

          • Adenhart

            You’re right. In a way, police officers are means of generating more income for the state.

            But, think about this, all those laws that have been implemented by the state have either come from public outcry or have been passed by secret.

            Is the police officer really to blame for this? They are considered “public servants” to “serve and protect”. They don’t make the laws, they just enforce it. They can be held culpable for enforcing such immoral laws, but how can you blame the police officer when the blame really lies on an ignorant and misinformed populace?

            You can point the finger all you want, but change starts with the people, not the police officers.

          • Ginny S. Chambers

            another coward…

          • Colin Coker

            I’m a liberal. I would have knocked out the pig and the cab driver.

          • James Nimmons

            Swing on a cop and whatever happens to you is your fault..sorry..

          • Ginny S. Chambers

            Are they that much of a coward, if you swing at a cop, they shoot YOU???

          • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

            You’re whats wrong with society. I guess pigs are above the law and their lives and safety have more value than anybody elses? Including than a fireman WHO ACTUALLY PUTS HIS LIFE ON THE LINE TO SAVE OTHER PEOPLES LIVES?

          • dougiefresh85

            “I Was just folloving Orders”. It rings true today. These people who are defending this are pathetic lemmings just like the good Germans as they watched Hitler come to power.. We live in a complete police state when cops can murder without worrying about consequences..

          • James Nimmons

            no they are not.. and no matter how much i think they are brutes and led by tyrants.. noone else is going ot make them …thats the world you live in. You cannot swing on a cop and expect to get to talk about your rights…youre just going to get beaten to death or shot.. hell they will do taht to you for LESS.. but thats your world.. until it changes..youre stupid for swinging on a cop….get it?

          • Andru D. Ted

            yes because saying an insult to someone deserves to have your face punched. I hate cops just as much as the next anarchist but really the firefighter was an asshole especially when he started beating up the cop who had reason to arrest him (for once)

          • Loser

            You sound like you need to get a hold of your anger. You say words require physical retaliation? Grow up, you sound like a 14 year old.

        • keimh3regpeh2umeg

          Andy, fuck you. Cops are thugs. The world would be a better place if he was the one dead right now, regardless of who “started” the fight.

        • James Dore

          you are missing the point. true Bruno was a suspect in an alleged assault I am neither defending or condemning what supposedly happened, only what is the point of discussion. This cop was ill equipped to handle suppressing and arresting a suspect without physical altercation or the use of lethal force and this cop knew that. Rather than calling for back up or drawing his gun at a safe distance from Bruno in order to protect himself, the officer CHOSE to engage in a physical altercation. That is the main problem here. A closer look at all the relevant facts and it becomes clear that the officer was just looking for a reason to beat the shit out of someone, and Bruno so happened to give him a perfect excuse that also came with a justification, except that is not how things turned out, by a stroke of karma the ego maniac cop found himself being the one getting beat up and shot Bruno for damaging his pride. Now I’m not going to say that cops don’t have a right to self defense, but when you willingly and knowingly cause a very easily avoided fight, any death that results is a direct result of your own actions (both morally and in a very legal sense), thus shooting Bruno was no act of self defense, but murder. Again, the cop did not have to fight Bruno, he chose to, and satisfying a power trip is never excuse for killing someone.

          • VMS-RDH

            How exactly did the cop “know he was ill equipped….”? He should have first pulled the gun on the suspect from a “safe distance”? I believe the officer knew the suspect did not have a gun therefore he had no reason to pull his gun (use of similar force…someone without a gun does not generally get a gun pulled on them unless they are a known violent offender). The officer did not CHOOSE to get in a confrontation – he was required by the oath he took to protect and serve to apprehend the suspect – he was doing his job! Additionally, the officer did not shoot so his pride would not be damaged, he was in fear for his life as the animal beat him severely and repeatedly in the head and face.

          • James Dore

            First, you are sorely mistaken, The US supreme court has repeatedly found that it is not the job of the police to “protect” or “serve” the public, it is their job to enforce laws, regardless of constitutionality, ethics, or morality.

            Second, the drawing of a gun is not with the direct intention to use the gun, but to establish a safe zone between the officer and suspect, of which if breached then the officer has a reason to shot the attacker; that is not excessive force. Even if he knew the suspect did not have a gun, he knew the suspect was allegedly a violent offender, at the very least he knew Bruno was clearly agitated and in an aggressive state (you seem to have missed that point).

            As for ill equipped, he was working as a security guard. security guards don’t carry tasers or hand cuffs as they do not have the authority to make arrests. If he DID have his taser and cuffs (standard issue for police) then why didn’t he pursue Bruno with a taser out and ready, a question you seem to not be asking. The reality we are facing is that the coupe did not call for backup, which is common sense, he was ill equipped or chose not to use the non-lethal tools available to him, and he did not need to engage in a direct altercation with Bruno.

            Your logical fallacies are based out assumptions and a personal view of cops rather than a critical view of the facts, and your attempted straw-man/discrediting attacks fail as a matter of simple logic. It is clear that not even you thought through what you what you posted. Some of your assumptions and pickings are rather silly as you didn’t even question the situation your self. There is no need for pro-cop trolling here, as that is all you are doing and I would be scared for anyone you ever appeared on a jury for. You seem to be the “police are always right” unthinking and unquestioning type.

          • VMS-RDH

            It is obvious you are unable to think about anything other than what you THINK you know…did you even bother to read other accounts of the story or only the highly biased piece posted here? I am sure by your attitude you know everything about everything so I won’t even bother to discuss it further – go play about with your sharp objects in your dojo, be careful not to cut yourself and blame it on the nearest police officer

          • James Dore

            On what information are you basing this on, and yes I have looked at other accounts of the incident as I do with anything I hear in the news, all point to the same conclusion. Furthermore, besides blind trolling, you are yet to show me ANY counter point to ANYTHING that I have discussed that favors the cop. I have said this multiple times, you are yet to provide any real argument against the merit of my statements. Now that I think of it, you are yet to provide any argument that favors the cop in general, all that you have done is provided purely speculative or dismissing claims AGAINST anyone’s statements. You have not provided any facts or information that can be looked at critically to help determine what really happened, you just keep attacking everybody, you are a troll and nothing more, stop blindly defending MURDERERS and VIOLENT GANGS.

          • James Dore

            Hey, when I cause injury to myself or start a fight, I take responsibility for it…which is more than you cops can say.

        • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

          Bully for punishing a guy who had it coming ten times over? You throw money at a mans wife and call her a name, you deserve to get cracked.

      • Andy Malcolm
    • Dr. Jones

      I agree, you are a moron. Since when is gettin your ass kicked reason to kill someone. To many pussies with badges.

      • Andy Malcolm

        Deadly force is an appropriate response to deadly force

      • VMS-RDH

        NOBODY should be kicking the ass of a uniformed officer without being shot!!

        • Oinkpatrol

          Wow. The police in the U.K. don’t even carry guns. Do people walk around beating up cops there? No. If someone does assault a cop they are handled with non-lethal force. You’re making yourself look foolish.

          • VMS-RDH

            I cannot speak to what happens in the UK as I do not live there…

          • wtfcrazytypepeople

            I do, and like all cops, you get the description, you follow and you call for back up. You don’t run head first into the situation like this idiot of a cop did, pulling a gun damn.

          • VMS-RDH

            Actually, cops do exactly that…pursue suspects even without backup. If he had stood there and watched the cabbie get beat up while “calling for backup” someone would have videoed him “doing nothing” to stop it and he would be ridiculed for that. On this site most of you seem to believe cops are always wrong/bad…sorry y’all are so jaded…they actually ARE there to help community members, to prevent crime, and to arrest suspects.

    • Bruce Molon Labe Rice

      Sounds like that cop deserves to be shot in the chest..

    • ftp999

      Screw the taxi driver! He verbally assulted the fireman’s wife as well as threw the money in her face and called her a bad name, which can also be considered assult, or at least sexual harassment. Don’t defend the INSTIGATOR! He who plants the seed is guilty of the growth of the whole tree! The taxi driver obviously didn’t understand that it was his job to be nice to complete strangers, not to throw their cab fair money back in their faces.

    • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

      Seems to me you’re an idiot. That cop gets paid 100k+ a year to start a physical fight with a suspect and then execute him when he figured out he was outmatched, and it was justified?

      I can’t stand people like you. This should not be considered acceptable work ethic.

    • ironcimmerian

      Sounds to me like you voted for Obama. You’re ass big a douche as the cop!

  • Austin

    Well, when some dunecoon cabbie throws something at your wife and calls her a name (Whatever the name may be), you fuck that subspecies piece of shit up. The cop should have stayed out of it.

  • thehomelessguy

    “firefighter gunned down” what a misleading piece of crap head lines that is.

  • Monte

    Sounds like Mr Bruno had to much to drink! Why did he run and then fight with the police? If someone was sitting on my chest hitting me in the face I would shoot them also. Just a sad story

    • James Dore

      He fought the police officer because the officer, while equipped as a security guard, attacked him.

  • jamie

    pepper spray oh no go for the most deadly thing a gun sorry yank cops take been armed to far

  • David Fernandez
  • that1guy

    Fuck that cops are dirty and if you have to kill someone cause you can’t take a old fashioned fist fight your a coward!no better than gang members who retaliate fur a beat down by shooting that person justifed cause he has abadge that its a lame excuse!

  • kevin

    not deadly force. its the same situaton as the trayvon martin case. and just like that punk this firefighter got hat he asked for

    • James Dore

      this is very different from the trayvon martin case. in that case Zimmerman was ambused, assaulted, told he was going to die, and trayvon tried to take his gun. In this case the cop could have avoided the whole escalation by simply calling for back up, which is common sense and common logic when dealing with a violent or potentially violent situation. The calling for back up is to ensure officer safety so that situations like this don’t escalate as they did. The officer tried to play hero, he obviously wanted a reason to fight someone and it didn’t go his way, so beaten and shamed he did the only thing he could do to restore his sense of self power. plain and simple, the officer was wrong and caused himself to get beat. Zimmerman was actively keeping a distance from Trayvon while communicating his moves to police, he lost sight of Trayvon, who ducked around a conner and hid with the INTENTION of ambushing Zimmerman, and ambushed him. There is no similarity aside from someone getting assaulted and then shooting the attacker, but that’s how the media tried to spin Zimmerman, in this case they are trying to defend the cop who was OBVIOUSLY wrong.

  • Billy Nicholson

    Hate it for the Family, Respect for the Law?

  • Patti

    I would have done the same thing. I never thought that a lesson in life would take a life. Condolences to family and friends. And speedy recover officer.

    • James Dore

      That officer should never have played hero and acted so recklessly. If he followed any basic common sense for handling aggressive situations then nobody would have died. That officer was willfully reckless and obviously just wanted a fight, he is solely responsible for his MURDER of Bruno, plain and simple.

  • Kenneth Pastore

    Two shots at point blank range? The officer was moonlighting as hotel security. It would have been easy for him to track down the occupants bridal suite and press assault charges on behalf of the cab driver later. No taser, no billy club — TWO bullets to the chest.

    • Kenneth Pastore

      “occupants *of the* bridal suite”

  • michael92064

    In other reports the officer was off duty and had no jurisdiction to chase and arrest. He was working security for the hotel

    • VMS-RDH

      Incorrect Michael92064 – they have jurisdiction even when off duty, these jobs are sanctioned by the police department as “extra” work for officers who want it and businesses willing to pay an officer for his/her time when not scheduled to be on duty. That is one of the reasons they get hired – because they can and do make arrests. He saw an assault – it is his duty to attempt to apprehend the suspect.

      • michael92064

        Thank you, Since the suspect was known, was the chase necessary?

        • VMS-RDH

          Who said he was known to the officer? If they were staying at the hotel where the officer was working, why were they in a cab?

          • michael92064

            His wife was in the cab and chances are there was some level of discussion

          • ftp999

            I agree. Police are ignorant and don’t know how to do the job they are assigned to do. They often lie their way through everything, they always cower in fear and than they blame the guy they chased down and attacked for their own cowardly fears. If you can’t do the job properly, you shouldn’t be doing it all.

          • slimboy

            this is correct and i agree with ftp999 thats how the now days police are.

          • ttone

            Yeah it’s kind of shit whenever they can instigate an assault on someone and get all huffy when they dare defend themselves.

          • VMS-RDH

            The cop needs major facial reconstruction…who was assaulting who? He feared for his life. If he was just some random guy with a conceal-carry permit who the fireman was beating, would you have a problem if he shot his attacker in self defense?

          • Tim Tempest

            yeah shooting an unarmed man to avoid a punch is still murder

          • Stoney

            If some one was betting on my face like that. I would shot them to… If the story I read there is the true story the cop was in the right…

          • flashwins

            congratulations for admitting to being a complete chicken sh*t like this pig

          • Unity Nowe

            If a cop was “betting” on your face and you shot him, you would be on death row or in prison for life. Now , how’s that ?

          • Unity Nowe
          • Aaron Matteson

            That is why movies like Rampage are made.. TO SHOW YOU HOW ITS DONE. SON,

          • Bryan Turner

            Obviously not or you guys wouldn’t be bitching

          • Michael Smith

            He feared for his life? Bullshit! That’s just the standard response to get away with whatever violence he wants to. If he feared for his life then why was he trying to fight the guy to begin with? He didn’t follow SOP because he thought he was a bad ass and then when he was getting his punk ass kicked he shot the guy. And where does it say the cop needs “major facial reconstruction”? The article says some facial swelling. VMS-RDH, you are obviously a cop trying to back the illegal and immoral acts of another scumbag such as yourself. Have you noticed the recent trends? The people aren’t buying your lying bullshit about why you punk fucks chose to kill someone anymore. He was doing his job. Maybe, but he was doing it all wrong. He put himself into what any rational person would describe as an unsafe situation and then chose to shoot the man after realizing he was in over his head. The fireman wasn’t the one who initiated the fight. It was the cop. Then after ignoring SOP chose to shoot the guy. Why didn’t he shoot him in the leg or something so he could then apprehend the suspect instead of choosing to try to kill him? Why didn’t he just take a report from witnesses since at that point there was no impending harm to anyone? That’s the behavior that’s led to most people not liking the over zealous police force. Fuck you punks.

          • DaCop

            Mike Smith is butt hurt

          • Unity Nowe

            I tend to lean toward the “butt hurt” rather than the morally insane and “brain hurt”

          • Bek Smith

            In Australia atm there are gungho cops pulling the “I am Cop I am THE LAW” bullshit. How about we make a worldwide Kindergarten FOR Cops that need to go back and be re-trained right from the start. And put them on provisional pay to go with it???

          • Bryan Turner

            1. Tell what is the sop since you know about it verbatim
            2. You only use your gun if you intend to kill this isn’t the movies their is not leg shots unless it was unintentional
            3.the next time someone crushes your face in at a bar or on the street remember don’t call 911 call your mom she the only one who cares maybe she will kiss it and make it better

          • clinton notestine

            maybe hes got a glass face

          • Unity Nowe

            if someone being attacked by a cop feared for their lives, would it be acceptable to shoot and kill the cop?

          • Shamrox

            If the guy with the CCW started the altercation…yes! Killing someone because you are losing the fight you started? That is a coward! The cop is a coward and murderer, period! The firefighter was coming back from his own wedding reception with his wife, argued over the fair with cabbie…was getting out as it was his destination, he was a guest at the hotel!

          • CornellUG1993

            Responding as law requires to someone feloniously beating a cabbie is now “starting” the fight?

          • Carrina Murphy

            yes. he would be tried for manslaughter and probably in jail.

          • CornellUG1993

            The laws and the people of every single state in this country disagree with you.

          • Carrina Murphy

            uhh that made no sense because there is no way you personally could know every single law and opinion in every single state. you are an ignorant person who is trying to sound smart. I think there is an alphabet blog somewhere u can troll if you would like.

          • CornellUG1993

            “uhh that made no sense because there is no way you personally could know every single law and opinion in every single state.”

            I know that every state in this country provides self-defense as a justification for homicide, and I know that the people of those states have not voted in legislators to change it. Why do you think it’s impossible for me to know that? “Self Defense Laws of All 50 States” isn’t exactly a long book to read.

          • VMS-RDH

            You are ignorant if you believe cops cower in fear or don’t know how to do their jobs. He chased a suspect in an assault to arrest him…which IS his job. The fireman assaulted the cop (who now needs facial reconstructive surgery) when he caught up to him.

          • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

            Even when working as a club security guard you’re trainer to not handle violent situations alone because of the high risk of it escalating further. He should have called for backup so the suspect could have been handled in a safe and professional manner, NOT WITH A BRAWL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.

          • dougiefresh85

            He was not on duty. He was working security.

          • dougiefresh85

            No offense..

          • Unity Nowe

            you keep harping on the fucking facial reconstruction! The guy he shot , in his fit of “oh shit, maybe I should not have gotten myself into this mess”, is dead. He doesn’t have the reconstruction option. He is fucking dead because of this guy’s poor decision to attempt to be macho man !! He was getting his ass beaten by a supposedly “intoxicated” guy and instead of saying “uncle” and admitting he took on too much, he decided to take a life. Go suck your cop family member’s dicks and just admit that your argument is not valid. Fuck the facial reconstruction ! If you run out of dicks to suck, there is always my cousin, the sheriff . I am sure he could use a good dick sucking

          • Bek Smith

            Well said Unity Nowe!

          • CornellUG1993

            The guy he shot , in his fit of “oh shit, maybe I should not have gotten myself into this mess”

            He was in his jurisdiction and witnessed a felony, KCPD department policy required him to get into that “mess”.

          • Unity Nowe

            He was not prepared to make an arrest of anyone while wearing his security uniform. He should have considered that fact. But then, I understand the inability for the cop brain to actually think and process. Their IQ levels are kept to a functioning minimum. Therefore they have only one option when they are getting their asses handed to them. Most of them would lose in a fair fight. They have to rely on their fellow gang members. Who, this guy should have called before thinking he was Freaking Super Man , before taking him on.
            BTW, “Don’t give me that Juris my Diction, Crap”

          • CornellUG1993

            Yes, he should have just let the guy that brutally assaulted a stranger run off into the public. You certainly wouldn’t be here blaming the officer if the guy ran off and then assaulted someone else and the officer hadn’t stopped him, right?

          • dougiefresh85

            The pig was off duty working security. He was a plain citizen..

          • Sean Hinchliff


          • Bryan Turner

            I’m glad you know so much about a job your not fit to do. But as long as you know the law front and back you should give out some case laws pertaining to that incident. That put the officer in the wrong

          • Bryan Turner

            So now we are just going to speculate ? OK, what if the firefighter while on top of him said I’m going to kill you cop. Since we are speculating

          • Kenneth Pastore

            Follow the link to the local news story — they seem to have been getting dropped off at their hotel.

          • VMS-RDH

            And the officer had a list of guests with their photographs?? He still had no way to know the guy assaulting the taxi driver was a guest there, correct? You have no logic, sir. He saw a crime, he tried to stop it…as he is required to, and he gets beat half to death by the suspect for doing his job? I hope someone walks into your place of work and beats the shit out of you for doing your job! The officer did what his training dictated, plain and simple – he was in the right and the shooting was justified.

          • Sean Hinchliff

            ur pathetic, seriously read the story before talking loser

          • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

            And I hope somebody calls your wife a dirty name and throws money in her face, and you (HOPEFULLY, IF YOU’RE A MAN) crack him one or three, and some pussy calls the cops on you, and you end of having the SHIT beat out of you! Pussy!

          • Mel


          • alex

            Or he responded to questions in a manner that would free him of his actions. What’s wrong with using a taser? Fist don’t usually mean ur life is in danger I’m a little disappointed this video doesn’t show the whole incident.

          • dougiefresh85

            He was off duty. He did not have his usual gear.

          • John Q

            Go kill yourself!

          • Rayne

            My job doesn’t require taking away another’s freedom by force, so no.

      • Yo

        They can only make arrests, detain subject, engage in a pursuit or use force (especially lethal force) After they have proactively identified themselves as police officers.

        • Ginny S. Chambers

          Cowards that they are!!

        • VMS-RDH

          He was in his uniform with a shiny badge on the front…was the guy so drunk he did not know it was a cop he was beating the life out of? You are ignorant

          • Sean Hinchliff

            he was off duty asshole, no badge

          • VMS-RDH

            You are the asshole, sir. He WAS in uniform…off-duty is sanctioned by and even sometimes scheduled by the department itself for businesses willing to pay for a presence…and to allow officers that want to work more hours to do so – the business pays the officer directly. The term off-duty simply means he was NOT on department time. You are the uninformed party, not me. The media calling it “security” is demeaning the job. He had full police jurisdiction and in fact a duty to act to apprehend the suspect in question.

          • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

            Are you this murderers friend or something? Fuck off troll.

          • Mel

            He’s a cop.

          • VMS-RDH

            He is actually a she and I am not a copy, I am a dental hygienist who has a family full of cops (in multiple jurisdictions).

          • flashwins

            PIG sympathiser

          • dougiefresh85

            So when the Shit hits the fan and your family start coming home in Bags I hope you feel just as bad as this family and the Fire Dept feels…

          • Go Fuck’Off

            No YOU are the asshole!

          • flashwins

            you filthy PIG, YOU ARE THE A**HOLE

          • dougiefresh85

            Off duty in his security uniform. Big difference between a police officer and a security guard.

          • CornellUG1993

            Why are you making things up? He was in his full uniform, as required by KCPD, and was there to provide extra security at the bar in the Hotel. Regardless though, assault in Missouri is a Felony, anyone could have attempted to apprehend this guy, and a KCPD officer is actually required, on or off duty, to attempt to arrest people who commit felonies within KCPD jurisdiction.

          • dougiefresh85

            Thank you I was under the impression he was not in uniform.. Thanks for the Clarification. With that said death was a bit much..

          • CornellUG1993

            I think cops go to far a lot, but I honestly just don’t see it here. He punched a cabbie several times, and then when the cabbie tried to escape, he opened the front drivers side door and punched the cabbie some more. He ran when the officer called out “police”. In calling out the “police state” for what it is, it’s important to not forget that there are legitimate uses of state power, arresting this guy was clearly one of them.

          • gspb

            I like how he went from off duty working at the hotel as security to he was in uniform, you cant even keep your story straight

          • VMS-RDH

            There is no “story” to keep straight, just the facts. Watch the video that has been posted and you can clearly see he was in uniform. Just because he was working “off-duty” does not mean he was out of uniform. Private entities hire cops to do security all the time (Walmart, movie theaters, jewelry stores) IN UNIFORM but not “on-duty”. You should get your facts straight before you try to call me out on something!

          • flashwins


          • bozzer 52

            You’re a POS!

          • VMS-RDH

            Thanks, you too

          • flashwins

            nope. JUST YOU, PIG SYMPATHISER

          • dougiefresh85

            Off duty working security is not a police officer.

      • Mr Wisdom

        There was no assault spanky. The cop should learn when to get involved and when he has no jurisdiction and even if he did he obviously did not see who was at fault so the balless coward shot an unarmed man. He most likely never showed a badge and the fireman probably thought he was an assailant and kicked his ass.

        • VMS-RDH

          The fireman assaulted the cab driver and when the officer attempted to arrest him for it, the suspect ran – the officer gave chase as they are trained to do and attempted to apprehend him. As of now, we do not know exactly how the attempted arrest played out in terms of the suspect getting the upper hand but it is obvious by the fact that the police officer needs facial reconstruction that the fireman was beating him in the face/head. He took measures to save his own life, which unfortunately led to the death of the firefighter.

          • James Dore

            But we do know, we can gather this by taking a critical look at the information provided and the obvious facts already known. The cop was a lone cop who tried to take on an obviously aggressive suspect by himself and without using appropriate safety measures, because if he did, there would be more details in that part of the story. The DOJ already knows that cops very often omit or falsify statements for various reasons including, but not limited to, getting out of trouble. We can also reasonably deduce that the officer was ill equipped to handle the situation appropriately by considering 1) that he was working security and was thus NOT equipped as a police officer should be and 2) how the end situation played out: “chase, SCENE MISSING, cop being beaten, cop shoots suspect” perhaps the most important detail that would ultimately favor or disfavor the cop is missing from every report I’ve seen thus far. Why? who benefits from the missing information? these are questions you are not asking, besides not using critical thinking to reasonably deduce how the events unfolded. In short, yes, yes we do know how he attempted to arrest Bruno without hand cuffs (security guards are not allowed to carry handcuffs), and danger the officer was in was a result to engage in a physical altercation with Bruno.

          • Unity Nowe

            I think I’m in love !!

          • James Dore

            Thank you 🙂

          • Tom Grasso

            Cops should not be “for rent” by private industry, and their powers of arrest should not apply when they are being paid by private entities. It’s really that simple.

          • Sam

            Wrong, all cops should be for “rent” and their powers of arrest should apply to the private property of their employer.

          • fass52

            It is already like that except we pay them instead of the people that they protect.

          • John Womble

            2008 supreme court ruling it is no longer any police officers duty to “protect” any civilian, only to maintain law, also look up NDAA 2014, they can kill us now, no day in court no questions.

          • jo blo

            I’d like to rent a couple cops… I need my toilets cleaned and someone to pick up the dogshit in my yard.

          • budhappy

            HAHA LOL

          • Michael DeAmicis

            Dog shit is not worth dieing for.

          • zarathustra2k1

            Nor pig shit…

          • PEE Diddy

            So says the little bitch that probably calls the cops because he is scared to tell his neighbors to turn the music down.

          • Rodney Armistad

            It’s funny that you say that Zaniest Pig, I too have called the cops and ask them to tell the neighbors to keep the noise down after dark…(1100 pm). I did these not because I was scared/afraid, trust m, but to avoid conflict. A long time ago officer protected and SERVED; you know the people. You evidently didn’t get that message. Good people like to avoid conflict and handle things at the lost level possible. If I would have went over there and problems pursued, who would be in trouble then, if I per say end up fitting the guy and bet the shit out of him? Sometimes, conflict happens rather you want it to or not. One of the duties of a police officer is conflict resolution, correct? That’s why you call the police and hope it’s not a racist pig cop, like you.

          • PEE Diddy

            Stop lying, you live in a fucking trailer…you have no back yard and your dog ran off because your broke ass could not feed it

          • Ali Bey

            powers of arrest extend even to the Citizens.

          • fass52

            depends on who the citizen is. If the police really want the person you as a citizen arrests then it may work, but if not you may be looking at some kind of kidnapping charge.

          • Non of your business

            If you are committing crime a citizen can arrest you, depending on the crime.

          • fass52

            Yeah, maybe you can arrest me, but my uncle who was a police officer until he died told me that even he as a police officer was not allowed to arrest white people, but I’m still glad I’m not white. Does that make you proud as a white person that you can engage in criminal activity and it’s no one’s business?

          • Jo blow

            That has nothing to do with this. Why are you going to bring race into this??? This story is sad and you are obviously looking for attention and it is sick! Wtf???

          • fass52

            Hey Jo! Go blow!

          • James Dore


          • Me

            At least I’m not racist.

          • Rodney Armistad

            Dude, whats wrong with you?!

          • fass52


          • Anthony

            Until the cops get their and beat the shit outta you and tell you they can do their own job.

          • fass52

            My uncle was policeman until he died. He told me that even he as a policeman was not allowed to arrest white people so you put that in your privileged pipe and smoke it.

          • Jo blow

            Your uncle must of been alive in the stone age then! I am white and I have been arrested before so explain

          • fass52

            Yes, but a white cop arrested you.

          • Youranidiot

            How did this turn into something racist? Get a fucking life. There are plenty of black cops who arrest white people.

          • Rodney Armistad

            Agreed, this is not a race issue. Its a judgment problem but on bothsides.

          • zarathustra2k1

            Must ‘have’. No such syntax as ‘must of’. Perhaps you were attempting “must’ve” – that’s a contraction, by the way…

          • budhappy

            I cant kill someone for resisting arrest though…..and claim I feared for my life..

          • theDom

            “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. ….actually you can resist an unlawful arrest in that manner…..

          • Michael DeAmicis

            But in a VERY LIMITED fashion.

          • Punisher Grim

            That comment was ignorant.

          • Nicholas Burgess

            in civilised countries Tom, this is the case.

          • Rodney Armistad

            Thats a good point why are taxes dollars going to work for private industry allowed? Can I drive a tank safeway or fly an helicopter to the mall?

          • Anthony

            People have HAD it w/ “cops” killing innocent people on a daily basis. They are now publicly calling for violence and MUCH MUCH worse for these costumes who claim authority over others. These low lives with badges MUST be stopped, by any means necessary. They have become the enforcement arm of a tyrannical government. They will be shown no mercy for their crimes against humanity.

          • DanSimpson

            Hear hear, WELL SAID, WELL SAID. Kill ’em all.

          • Non of your business

            I would agree, except this guy wasn’t innocent, he had already assaulted a cab driver and ran off, making the officer chase him, then when the officer was trying to handcuff him he resisted a lawful arrest, then got the upper hand, causing enough damage to the cops face that he had to have reconstructive surgery. I’m sure if this was your average citizen being beat on by this guy and they carried, the outcome would have been the same.

          • ian

            he didnt have handcuffs, how is he supposed to arrest him? isnt it pointless to argue until the city footage comes out?

          • never call em

            the cop didnt even have handcuffs. and if cops werent a bunch of tough acting pussies they wouldnt get their heads beat in.

          • Joseph Patrick Walsh

            He was in rent a cop status. He should not have been armed. He was off duty working for a hotel cause cause the police department can’t take care of of there own till they fuck up?? they sanctioned it so she can be a cop being paid by a hotel company?!!! What the fuck. Use a fucking tazzer!! !

          • HotDJDave

            You have no idea what you are talking about and don’t know the law. ANYONE has the power to arrest (police and private persons). The person being arrested does not have the right to resist. The arresting can use the amount of force necessary to apprehend the person to be arrested and to overcome resistance. Anyone has the right to use deadly force when faced with deadly force.

            As security person can be armed. A peace officer can carry a firearm off duty. Peace officers can work off duty, carry a firearm, and make arrests.

            Learn the law.

          • Rodney Armistad

            … ok, a little deep Anthony. I do agree that people are tried of the tyrannical police forces through.

          • Jane Hill Parrish

            Wrong…. all over this is wrong~

          • James Dore

            what is wrong? please specify, are the actions of the cop wrong? or are the responses against the cop wrong?

          • Taichi

            While it’s true that the cop probably didn’t prepare correctly, it is his duty to try and perform an arrest as best he can when he sees a crime. The video, actually, seems to be rather biased against the cop, if what you’re implying is that the video is biased for the cop. I do think his shooting of the guy was justified, after a certain point, as we see the guy start to beat the cop’s face in, and that’s what’s being called into question here, not his preparation to arrest the man.

          • James Dore

            Again, you seem to be missing some very obvious facts. One of those is that the officer could have drawn his weapon in order to establish a safe distance between him and bruno. You also seem to forget that the officer made no attempt to call for backup which is standard procedure, basic safety, and common sense. Also, the officer did not have to engage bruno physically, he could’ve tried talking bruno down into a calmer more sensible state and resolved things without the need of a gun. What happened, again what is missing from the reports, is that the officer chose instead to be a macho man and was proven quite sorely that he wasn’t. At this point all evidence points to self defense by Bruno having been attacked by an over zealous rent-a-cop who also so happened to be a cop with an over inflated ego. The cop was the assailant in this case and was getting his just deserves, he was not ambushed, he was not attacked for no reason, the cop chose to engage in a physical confrontation and suffered the consequences of such, thus the cop is a murderer as he deliberately and directly caused the single physical incident that was used as pretext to shot Bruno. case closed man. If a serial killer starts a fight with someone who turns around and beats the ever living shit out of them does that magically give the would be killer the right to shoot his intended? does it make it any less a murder because the killing didn’t go as smoothly as expected? what if murder wasn’t the intention of the assault, how about robbery? or an attack out of simply psychotic rage? No? so it doesn’t justify the murder. Well what makes it different for a thug who works for the government? does official status really justify murder in the first degree?

          • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

            ACTUALLY the firefighter took measures to defend his own life and safety against an unidentified assailant.

          • VMS-RDH

            Unidentified? He was wearing his uniform!

          • clinton notestine

            his rent-a-cop bellhop outfit as far as i can tell from the video

          • Dominic

            It is my understanding that it was his official police uniform and the the hotel was paying for a police officer to work at the hotel in his off hours as sanctioned by his department

          • mick ploumidis

            so u reckon to kill someone cause they punched a cab driver is fair to do so pathetic i think he was trying to be a hero and decided fuk this its to hard bang… fuk your country u went to fight sudan hussien cause your president said he was a threat to the world and look at the life that cost your country dont care about prevention its all about WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

          • Dominic

            No I “reckon” that when you start to pound a police officers head to the ground to the point were he is starting to black out and needed reconstructive surgery on his eye socket that the use of deadly force is justified (as the grand jury decided after viewing the video) after resisting reasonable attempts by that office to make a arrest It is a sad ending to something that could have been avoided if the actor would have submitted to the lawful arrest instead of trying to beat the officer to death. You need to look closer at the video

          • JBChicago

            Then he should never have escalated the situation. His wife was there and he wasn’t on the run shooting people or something. They would have caught him easily. But no, cop chases and attacks instead of doing the smart thing and winds up killing this this guy for what? It was his wedding day, and he was drunk, and in a heated conversation immediately prior to the incident. There was no reason that cop should have gone after him like that.

          • Dena Campbell

            You must be a cop hater. Cops are trained to go after the bad guys and that is what he did. The drunk shouldn’t have run, dopey. He got himself shot and I would have shot him too.

          • Ariana386

            Then I certainly hope if I am ever in that situation with u, I have a gun too. Now u know why there are so many people willing to shoot first.

            The groom was defending his wife–the driver throwing something at her, money or otherwise, is also an “assault”, n maybe he thought the foreign things the driver said was a threat to harm her? Could that not justify him being “afraid for his/his wife’s life” too?And who knows if that driver was preventing her from exiting the cab bc he wanted more money? If he were holding one of my family”hostage”, I’d blast him with everything I had, take my family n leave. I don’t think he was wrong to punch the driver, personally.

            However, once the cop saw the groom was obnoxious/drunk/whatever, he should have called for backup. They generally carry pepperspray to subdue suspects without using lethal force….. what the hell happened to that? He couldn’t have spritzed him with that n cuffed him? No, of course not. He saw a man that had been drinking n looked like some young punk he could take on while working out some personal aggression, but he miscalculated. Firefighters have to be in shape, so of course he bested that fat, old, out-of-shape roly-poly. And when that happened, the cop got mad n shot him dead.

            We can’t testify to what was really in that cop’s heart when he pulled his gun–fear or ego–but I know what I believe. And if I’m right, there is a special place in hell for that son-of-a-bitch, n his lack of good judgment… But don’t worry, he won’t be alone–all those who participated in covering this up as “justified” will be there too, to keep his fat ass company. No worries….

          • Dena Campbell

            First off, I wouldn’t have you pinned down beating the crap out of you. Duh. The cab driver threw money at the woman as if that is going to hurt her. Not assault, he was rejecting the wrong amount she gave him and he was giving it back to her, IF that happened at all. And there is NO right to punch someone for a verbal remark. The drunk punched the driver and not in defense but because he was pissed. When the cop tried to talk to the drunk he took off and as with any police protocol, he gave chase and the drunk AGAIN assaulted ANOTHER person, the cop. THEN had the cop pinned and when the cop felt his consciousness slip, did what anyone in fear would do and that was to shoot the aggressive and violent person off of you. Cops don’t have to call for backup every time there is a situation that at first does not appear to be dangerous. The drunk attacked the cop when the cop tried to arrest him. You have WHAT IFS in your statement. WHAT IF the drunk had behaved and not turned violent? He’d still be alive. You can’t reason with a drunk but you can’t let them continue being violent and disorderly just because they are drunk. The cop was justified in defending his own life against a drunk violent and aggressive idiot.

          • Tom Lowe

            Throwing money at someone is assault, period, over and out. Please go back to elementary schoool, because you missed an awful lot.

          • Goon

            apparently you are another person that Can’t Understand Normal Thinking……………name calling how juvinile Miss Dena

          • Dena Campbell

            Did you just call me juvenile, hypocrite? Maybe you can’t understand normal thinking. Practice what you preach.

          • Ascencion Gomez

            He was a rent a cop during that time… and I bet a fellow Marine would be facing a court martial for capping a Muslim for the same thing…

          • Dena Campbell

            He was a COP. Even an off-duty cop can do what he did. If a muslim was on top of a marine bashing his face and head in then the Marine has the same natural right to defend himself too.

          • Ascencion Gomez

            wrong Dena, the guy shot was up and off of the rent a cop… he had stopped beat him, besides he was unarmed had backed away. Marines have been court marital for far less. You do not get to shot people after the beating…

          • Dena Campbell

            Nowhere does it state that the beating had stopped before the cop drew the gun. Yes, the cop was being beaten as he drew it and he had every right to defend himself.

          • Clifford Nytko-Galli

            Another pig lover. They are all cowards. Cowards! They should ALL be pilloried in the public square and hung! Thereby helping to cleanse the genetic pool.

          • Frostbitten

            Let’s face facts, pigs do whatever they want anytime they want regardless.

          • Christy Michelle Brooks-Bogusz

            Then Miss Dena Campbell you are just as big a loser and threat to our society as that thug they call a police officer and obviously they found 12 more just like ya’ll to overhear that case..there’s a reason cops are given tasers and other they don’t kill good citizens having a bad day

          • Dena Campbell

            If you think self-defense, which is a natural right, is thuggery, I pity your stupidity. I also pity the fact you have no reasoning skills. When your face and head are being pounded into the cement, and feel yourself going into unconsciousness, one does not have time to make choices which to choose whether taser or maybe you think the cop should have just let the violent drunk beat him to death. And what other ‘tools’ would the cop have on him? The drunk was on top of him, you moron. Good citizens don’t punch people.

          • Tom Lowe

            More criminal-friendly blah blah from the mentally challenged name caller.

          • Bruce Walker

            FU-K the Police .

          • Tom Lowe

            “I would have shot him too” Gee, aren’t we brave. So who are you, Dickless Tracy? Wonder Woman? Or just an old hag with a big mouth? The fire fighter was no bad guy, and PLEASE NOTE the cab driver assaulted first by throwing money at the bride, which renders everything you cop bootlickers have stated here legally invalid. The cop committed a murder here, period.

          • Sammi Jean Appleluna Hernandez

            They might be a cop hater but you are a fucking moron…
            I guess everyone in a position of power should never be questioned..

            Though I understand.. I wanna shoot you now and it’s just for you having a fucking retarded opinion.

          • sonicbphuct

            No matter how reasonable you think your attempts at kidnapping are, you are wrong. You must have grown up without parents to consider kidnapping reasonable.

          • Brett Ray

            Would the use of deadly force have been justified if the firefighter had seen the gun, taken it away and killed the cop with it? After all I’m sure when he saw the gun, HE was in fear of his life. Only in his case the fear was truly justified.

          • Jay Smith

            and you believe the “official” report? cops are known to lie to cover their own backside

          • Joseph Wolfe Sandlin

            Wrong job if he cant take a punch. Paper mache cop? needs reconstructive surgery from piddly punches.

          • Neverland

            Wasnt that the same, lame assed excuse that Darren Wilson used to justify Darren Wilson’s murder of Mike Brown where it turned out that the photo used to market his ‘orbital fracture’ was a picture of an unrelated firefighter? And I’m supposed to believe this cop why?!?! And don’t start with the false narrative bs about Mike Brown not having his hands up. The witness depositions that the crooked Ferguson prosecutor did not allow in the grand jury testimony absolutely supported that Mike Brown was surrendering when executed. No incentive for me to believe the police version of events in this case either.

          • BraveNewWhirled


          • sonicbphuct

            Says the guy w no pic

          • sonicbphuct

            But not sanctioned by the tax payer from whom the police derive their supposed authority.

          • Dena Campbell

            You err. The owner hired an off duty COP, not a Joe off the street. Ever heard of citizens’ arrest? Even a citizen off the street could have done so until the cops arrived. Luckily, one did arrive and had to shoot to save his own life. Alcohol escalates emotions and that is what happened to the cab-punching drunk. Learn to discern.

          • sonicbphuct

            cabbie-punching drunk – he didn’t hit the car itself.

            Yes – do try and citizens arrest a cop, or, GW Bush, or Rumsfeld or Obama, or Holder or … or … or. Because there is no such thing as a citizens arrest – that is a fiction you believe from some lullaby you’ve heard.

            However, I’m impressed with your stupidity, almost as much as I am with your brazen willingness to display it – there is no evidence whatsoever that the OFF DUTY pig’s life was in danger. There is evidence that he was getting his ass kicked, but that is not synonymous with life in danger.

          • Dena Campbell

            It isn’t my fault you cannot comprehend and discern right from wrong. There is VIDEO evidence the cop’s life was in danger. As a former State Corrections officer who was armed in some areas I will tell you that officers have to use the least amount of force necessary to subdue, but when you are pinned down AND have a gun on you that you don’t won’t to get into the hands of the aggressor, you SHOOT. And guess what? Would you think it brutal for a corrections officer to shoot to kill an inmate trying to escape? The Officer who’d not shoot would be charged and convicted for 10 years. The cop had a duty to protect citizens by preventing a drunk and violent person from getting his gun. Did you even THINK what could have happened at that time? He could have gotten the cop’s gun out and shot him and anyone else in his state which was out of control. Defend him if you will but I defend truth and justice.

          • sonicbphuct

            I’m sorry for you. That you’re only intelligent enough to be a human zoo must be hard. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to constantly attempt to make outcome predictions based on your zoo experiences. Even sadder that you would shoot a human being just because you might get in trouble if you didn’t. I’m fairly positive that was the defense for the nazis in Nuremberg, but I wouldn’t expect you to be informed on such things.

          • Dena Campbell

            I am sorry you have no reasoning abilities and don’t know the difference between just and unjust even when the evidence slaps you in the face. I would shoot a human being who poses a threat to me or others. I suppose if someone broke into your home you would let that person rape and murder just because you didn’t have the guts to defend yourself and others. Let me school you. There was a female officer working the outpost. She watched the inmate escape and did nothing. He went to his ex girlfriend’s home and killed her, her parents and little brother and you stupidly believe we should have sympathy for the murderer and allow him to kill on the loose. Don’t pity me, pity yourself and your family. When asked why she didn’t shoot, she said it was against her religion. She got the mandatory 10 years for aiding and abetting. The victims got death for her inaction. I know all about the Nazis and gestapo and clearly, this is nowhere near it. It was a case of self defense and the cop was in the right. Get over it.

          • Here Have A Fake Email

            Whoa…I’ve just read this today and I can’t believe how crazy this person is! And here I thought we were living in America! Guilty until proven innocent as far as this trigger-happy psycho is concerned…holy @&%*!

          • Dena Campbell

            Corrections keep dangerous folks off the street you ignorant fool. Calling it a zoo when you know nothing about them shows your juvenile mentality. I would shoot a human being to prevent that human being from murdering innocent people. You are a sick fuck. THAT is sad.

          • sonicbphuct

            i think you should re-read your statement and tell me the answer to the following:
            a) who is a sick fuck.
            b) murder someone to stop murder is _________?

            You’re definitely built to be stooge zoo keeper. Did you rape a lot of the 60% of the prison that is filled up with non-violent drug offenders, or would you just shoot them to stop them rolling up a plant in paper and lighting it on fire?

            THAT you can’t even see how sick a fuck you are is sad.

          • Dena Campbell

            You must be a former, maybe, present, inmate somewhere. ANY inmate, knowing what will happen when they try to escape, should be shot on sight. Officers cannot and do not discern between crimes committed that got them there. Officers don’t know the crimes inmates had committed and treat them all the same and let me take your ignorant ass to school while I’m at it. Officers have to be many things to inmates; mama. daddy. brother, sister, counselor, listener….and treat them all with dignity while protecting them on the inside from each other while risking our own lives doing so. What kind of person would sit by and ALLOW an inmate to escape to go out into society to do the crap again to other innocent people? An officers job is to protect society from thugs and protect them from each other. You are so mentally and emotionally juvenile that you don’t THINK. You haven’t the capability. Look at your schoolyard post. Grow the fuck up and learn to discern and stop being a fool.

          • Dena Campbell

            It would help if you had adult thinking processes. I don’t mean adult in age, since folks like you are juvenile but adult mentality. Corrections officers keep murderers, rapists, pedophiles, etc. out of society and do so with the understanding they may not walk out of the prison alive. Many have been murdered by inmates, fool. Killing someone to prevent them from murdering is not murder. But your juvenile mentality will not allow you to discern the difference. That is creepy. You would allow yourself and/or family members to be murdered simply because you would feel sorry for the murderer. That is fucked up. What a dope you are. Go hug a tree and whine like a bitch how unfair it is for one to protect him or herself.

          • Dena Campbell

            Since you continue to be stupid and juvenile, the conversation is over. I don’t debate with morons with low IQs.

          • sonicbphuct

            you do realize that you responded to a post from 13 days ago? You missed the end of the conversation. But that’s understandable when you’re busy negotiating with slaves on cigarettes for sex-work. The non-violent drug offenders are the easiest, I know, so I imagine you spend a lot of time intimidating them with your billy club, leaving little time for thought or reflection.

          • Sammi Jean Appleluna Hernandez

            Ahhh that answers it all
            Former Corrections Officer

          • Tom Lowe

            Have you been drinking again?

          • PEE Diddy

            Yeah? could you tell how hard that loser Fireman was punching that guy in the head? He lost…he’s dead…ha-ha

          • revo1

            You sound like the loser cop this ENTIRE country has come to hate! YOU, and your type, will be losing the revolution when it happens. Dicks like you are who they will be going after first! I’m sure you would fail any psychiatric testing aimed at sociopaths. Your industry is full of them, yourself included, dumb pig (and that’s an insult to real swine!)

          • Tom Lowe

            We are already working from on high on replacing them all coast to coast with properly trained law enforcement officers. It will take a few years ….

            The ones dismissed will be going to Camp FEMA for 7-11 years of re-education. The ones who have killed people will all be tried again in special courts.

          • gregg boyette

            And when at a off duty job,he should not be wearing his uniform.

          • Punisher Grim

            When acting in a security capacity, off-duty officers wear their uniform. This is sanctioned by departments. They still have arresting powers. Your argument is invalid.

          • DanSimpson

            And you are a complete buffoon.

          • Taichi

            That doesn’t prove any points…

          • docmerlin

            So, what if he is a cop? so what?

          • PEE Diddy

            Keep that attitude…there is a bullet for you too….fight the Police, that’s what you get

          • smitty

            pig lovin faggot p diddy?

          • bob

            kill all cops.

          • Nikki Driscoll

            Good! Let them shoot us all. At least then your life would mean something. If we don’t rise up and fight then we are essentially all living in a police state with no free will. We are slaves. No thank you. I’d rather be dead.

          • Canadian Child Protector


          • some_guy

            bout the dumbest shit I have heard… fuck you yanks are dumb cunts!!!

          • oilman78

            lol americans are the dumbest fucks in the world.. we all know it!!!

          • sonicbphuct

            Lol. Your jack boots called and want their thug back. Get a little bullied, did ya?

          • Pat McKell

            PEE Diddy’s real name is Pat McKelly. Like many police officers he is ignorant of technology and doesn’t know how to post anonymously. He is an eagle scout, white, married, and lives in NJ. visit him if you are as outraged at his comments and complain to his police department about his racist comments online. And I’m sure it’s legal to say:
            “there is a bullet for you too…. fight the Police, that’s what you get”, when you work for a police department. It’s not hard to believe that some people in law enforcement are a part of the problem and one day will end up on the wrong side of the fence much like Ukraine.

          • Andre Maunsell

            Was that the case during the LA riots when the sadists in blue turned chicken and ran home to protect their own property and not the public? Law and Order my ass, serve up a beating and if you end up getting the beating shoot to kill and be protected from prosecution. Yeah that about sums it up.

          • computerjockey

            Every citizen has arresting powers. Your argument is specious.

          • sonicbphuct


          • Tom Lowe

            Departments sanction all kinds of unlawful things, which shows that they themselves are the criminals the public needs protection from. When your assets get seized for no reason, then we’ll see what you have to say about ‘sanctioned policies’.

          • sonicbphuct

            should implies a recommendation or suggestion. Shall is a command. There is no argument. Your reading skills are invalid.

          • Sam_Sonite

            Wrong! Off duty officers working private details should be wearing their police uniform so drunks know who they are dealing with.

          • PEE Diddy

            Because drunks should be running around punching people in the face right?

          • Sam_Sonite

            No, so that when the guy in the uniform says to quit or you are going to jail, the person resisting might actually think twice and not ruin multiple lives.

          • sonicbphuct

            The person resisting is ruining lives? Hmm, I’m pretty sure it’s the guy with gun that is doing that. Unless you meant the person resisting the idea of measured force and situational awareness, and just shoots.

          • Ariana386

            Yep, to actually wear your uniform or flash your badge when you are commissioned in an off-duty capacity is considered an ethics violation, n subject to disciplinary action. If he was working for the hotel, he was not on the county/state payroll for that job, and shouldn’t have been dressed out in uniform for that. Then again, if the firefighter had been dressed out for his wedding in his fire gear, maybe that fat cop wouldn’t have tried to target him for Shits and Giggle’s in the first place. He might have thought twice, n either called for back up, or questioned what happened before assaulting the groom…..

          • absolutefixation

            buhu.the police should be dead not the firefighter

          • Sam_Sonite

            No one should be dead. What’s wrong with people?

          • Rodney Armistad

            This is the smarts thing that any of you have said. The fire fighter was wrong; but the officer could have tried to defuse the situation better and request back up to prevent the one on one struggle. If the officer was in uniform then he had a radio as well as a gun. I have not seen the incident but from the sound of it no body was trying to run until the officer attempted the arrest. Trying to make a solo arrest seems to me like it would be risky every time, especially in a situation like this. I would have shot the fire fighter too, but as a train officer of the law, you would think that you could handle this situation better “from your years of training”. I just want to know where the officer tazer was and why did he not use it when problems began to surface? I will say I don’t like cops I think they are given too much authority and are not well educated on how to use it I also believe they let their personal filling way in too much; whoever I do recognize that we need them. Police need to get there shit together though because the public will not stand for too many more incidents like these, even if the officer was justified. Also the Fire fighter should have been thinking smarter as a public servant himself to know where this was going. My condolences to the family and the widow for such a tragic and wasteful lose.

          • Christine Nadon Zaharis

            ”it was dark, and i was a bit drunk. he came up behind me and i didnt know what hit me.”

          • Roshan Mathew

            Hey fuck face even if your wearing a uniform you have to identify yourself cop ass kisser

          • PEE Diddy


          • Brody M Junior


          • PEE Diddy

            WRONG bitch

          • Frank

            once a cop identifies himself you dont fight back! this guy got what he deserves.

          • sonicbphuct

            Ha. Is that your kind of COSPlay?

          • You’re an idiot

            Just because someone is wearing a particular uniform, doesn’t make them what the uniform portrays. I can buy a officer uniform online right now, doesn’t make me a cop.

          • shane

            VMS-RDH, who do you work for? Damage control PR for the police dept.? You are obviously trolling all comments that defend the firefighter & not the cop!

          • Joseph Wolfe Sandlin

            Strippers have cop uniforms.

          • Non of your business

            Actually you are full of crap.

          • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

            Actually you are. You fail to see that the outcome of this situation was absolutely unacceptable. That cop miserably failed in performing his duties in a professional manner that facilitates the safest most non violent outcome possible.

            You’re full of shit.

          • PEE Diddy

            You’re black…you lose by default….You were born to the losing team from the get go.

          • Taichi

            Woah woah woah, I disagree with what he’s saying, but, seriously? You’re degrading your own argument by spitting racist rhetoric at the guy.

          • becauseIsaySo

            Wow PEE Diddy your mother should have aborted your ignorant ass. You are one stupid, dipshit, loser. Do the world a favour and don’t breed your ignorance.

          • guy

            This guy is a racist troll that can’t define fascism. Go get a speeding ticket and pay your taxes you homophobic loving ignorant christian. Mean while the spiritual world will outgrow your anger and fear.

          • Rodney Armistad

            Wow… by saying this everything you said on this post was put into perspective. Wow…

          • SicilianJae

            Ur a complete waste. When man was created they fucked up bad. I know when u sleep at night u have nightmares i can tell. Only a very insecure man talks like you. I RAISE MARINES & ATLETES mixed race. YOU are a minority embrace it!

          • Dominic

            The “unidentified assailant” you refer to was in full uniform at the time and the defend himself is know as resisting arrest. also the repeated pounding of the officers head off the pavement which is a life threatening action resulted in the officers use of deadly. If the bystanders would have assisted the officer instead of filming him the firefighter would still be alive. It sounds like the officer yelled to them for help in making the arrest before things went bad

          • budhappy

            yeah dickhead, and if the bystanders were helping kelly thomas when he was being assaulted, there would be more dead bystanders. Lots are cops are pussies, especially the ones here defending the bad ones. YOU know your a pussy, just deal with it.

          • Dominic

            Grand Jury found the officer justified from viewing the video so no defending needs to be done here. Oh and the name calling just shows your mentality. Keep up the good work after school

          • sonicbphuct

            Because grand juries are the final word. Glad we don’t need trials and all that.

          • PEE Diddy

            Just deal with that domestic violence charge or DWI that you have that makes you hate cops so…

          • Michael Smith

            Actually, it’s power hungry racist assholes like you who try to defend the needless killing of american citizens that make us hate cops so much. It’s having watched first hand the severe beatings and killing of non combative and non threatening individuals by the psychopathic thugs in police uniforms. It’s watching them get away with crimes like this because district attorneys don’t press charges. In this case, it’s the fact your side doesn’t question why there is missing footage from the “video evidence” and the likelihood that the missing footage would probably tell a very different story about why the fireman reacted the way he did. It’s because the police apply violence before critical thought without consequence and then charge their victims with assaulting a police officer. Need I go on?

          • sonicbphuct

            Is that what you did? Did you find cop cock broke you of your cop hate?

          • sonicbphuct

            Repeated pounding of your head result in complete sentences.

          • Christine Nadon Zaharis


          • PEE Diddy

            ACTUALLY the cop was in FULL UNIFORM

          • Raye

            if he was in his uniform the officer didn’t have to identify himself.

          • Dena Campbell

            He had on a police uniform! You must have defended Trayvon Martin too.

          • Rodney Armistad

            Yes, I did defend Trayvon Martin who was pursued by some guy that he didn’t know out of the blue… This is different, a 5 year old could have seen that, so either you’re blind or dumb and stupid… please let us know.

          • Jeffery Rightmire

            a police officer is not an unidentified assailant —

          • Unity Nowe

            I wonder, would you be as supportive of a person who shot a cop for the same reason?

          • Chris Marriott

            all of you have missed the obvious why would the cop want to kill some one he had never met, i mean cops are dumb, but come on there not stone cold killers, if they were shit like this would’nt happen, also every cop knows that shit like this reaches every one. not defending the cunt just giving another perspective

          • canyonguy

            Try cop watch or cop block for a while then tell me they or at least some are not stone cold killers- I have seen way to much video to prove it- ask Travon ,Kelly Thomas familys ECT

          • wtf

            the cop was getting his ass whooped so he shot him dead instead of being knocked out. if he was a security guard he did a pretty shitty job. if he had no hand cuffs how would he exactly apprehend the suspect. he was looking for a fight. he knew it would end in a physical altercation. he might of had good intentions starting off for the cab drivers sake but unless he started beating that cab driver to death i don’t understand why he would step in and try to subdue some one arguing about his cabfare. they don’t really tell you what he did to the cab driver jsut that it was assault. for all you know it was just poking each other in the chest and yelling, or a full on fist fight. unfortunately the whole thing wasn’t recorded and its a cops words against a dead person, whose story are they going to believe?

          • Unity Nowe

            They are not stone cold killers, eh? Some of them aren’t , some of them are. Some of them are only liars, thieves , rapists, extortionist , and just plain cowards. When one covers for another who is a stone cold killer, they become the same. They are hired for the proper traits to fit the bill. You are almost out of your spell. We will wait patiently.

          • Carrina Murphy

            yes they are stone cold killers. thats what they sign up for, what they train for, what they fantasize about. Their job makes them naturally paranoid, feel invincible, and more prone to think that they are heroes and everyone is a bad guy. Then of course every man thinks his life is more valuable so they will shoot someone, solely because of the sad point of view that I have described.

          • Robo

            They don’t like people challenging “their authority” in any way.

          • ian

            your dumb too, people like you make me loose faith in society. you obviously dont watch these fucked up videos of police beating the shit out of random people for completely unethical reasons. because they were talking shit or refusing arrest doesnt give a cop the right to shoot somebody or beat the fuck out of them, filthy fucking pigs

          • VMS-RDH

            100% if the cop was beating the shit out of a uniformed officer then I would say he got what he had coming. And for all of you who think I am a cop – you are wrong. I am a dental hygienist who happens to have a family full of cops and knows a thing or two about police protocol.

          • flashwins

            PIG PROTOCOL

          • Unity Nowe

            First of all, that was not the question posed to you. Would you defend someone,(who was in no way related to law enforcement) who shot a cop for beating them to the point where they were losing consciousness and then needed facial reconstruction ? Second, I didn’t assume you were a cop. The most brainwashed of all are those who are family members of LEOs. I have family in law enforcement too. One who is a sheriff of a very large county. That one in particular , sexually assaulted me on numerous occasions, while wearing his state trooper uniform. I understand the love and desire to support family. How far are you willing to go with that? People who are not in your family and who are not in law enforcement are not less valuable. They are people. The people they murder, beat and abuse have families. Their lives are ruined. I won’t waste any more of my time or yours . I don’t care what profession a person is in, a crime is a crime, is a crime.

          • Ali Bey

            Great points

          • DanSimpson

            Then a question begs to be answered….why did you not kill the POS pig that sexually assaulted you while in uniform??? More and more pigs are being arrested for that, and child pornography, child sexual deviancy, sexual harassment against women they stop, and more, but because they have the clown uniform on, they get a pass. WHY? I would have killed that POS, and I’m glad that rent a pig will need facial reconstruction. Next time, don’t pick a fight with someone you cannot beat without a god damned gun.

          • Unity Nowe

            I didn’t kill him because the fist few times I was a child. The final time, when I was a young adult, I was too fucking scared to say a word or do anything. He was worshiped by the entire family and he was a State Trooper , in uniform . I did not know then, all that I, unfortunately, know all too well now. Probably the very same reason the children today do not kill their attackers and abusers.

          • theDom

            sorry ya had to deal with that shit man

          • James Dore

            What is worse is because of his position, more than who he is, people probably would not have or still many not believe you because of his position alone. If he were a normal joe they would probably have strung him up for a mere utterance of any such abuse. Also, very brave of you to put yourself out there like that on such a toxic environment as the internet, my compliments to you. 🙂

          • hi

            Your sheriff wears a state trooper uniform?

          • Unity Nowe

            He was a state trooper when he assaulted me. I have had very little contact with him since he became Sheriff. See how that works? I am sorry if you were confused.

          • Wiki-Truths

            HAhaha family full of cops – of course you do – you are the only type that stand up for them. All police are thugs. Does your husband beat you? Do you need help?

          • Unity Nowe

            I would respect you much more if you would answer the question. I will repeat it for clarity.
            Would it be acceptable for someone(not being associated with law enforcement) being beaten by a cop, who feared for their lives, and who needed facial reconstruction (only because this seems to be a continual point you bring up) to shoot and kill the cop? Regular person shoots cop in self defense! You support it or you don’t .

          • gtatar

            Yep just because they are a cop doesn’t give them permission to take anyone’s life. Badges don’t grant additional rights.

          • Josh Prenumbra Kralc

            actually i have no doubt had this been the other way around the fireman would be in prison for murder the only reason he got away with that shit is because he had a badge point blank if there was a serious problem with the cab he would have drove away and called a real on duty cop with back up and hand cuffs to do the arrest properly insted of trying to be joe badass getting his ass handed to him and killing and unarmed person witch is murder no matter how u look at it and it seems he got off scott free didnt he
            just like many many other cases cops are the bullies of the adult world and are never justly punished for any kind of wrong doing they ever commit

          • Unity Nowe

            And Sadly, you are absofuckinglutely Correct !!

          • James Dore

            I know I would and I would support anyone having the same done to them.

          • Ali Bey

            There is such a thing as Unlawful Arrest too. Let’s not take that out of consideration simply because a Jury sided with him

          • Peter Kallman

            Way to prove to everyone that you’re unbiased.

          • common sense isn’t common

            The real problem is Police do not always follow proper protocol or use proper judgement. If you can not call for back up, you should not put yourself in the situation. Just because you are “always” a policeman, does not mean you are always prepared to handle every situation. Some police try to prove how tough they are or how much power they have. Don’t get me wrong, there are good cops who try to always do “the right thing”. As soon as the person a cop tries to apprehend either flees or becomes uncooperative and or violent, that officer should call it in for back up. DON’T TRY AND BE A HERO OR WRESTLING STAR.

          • Jane Hill Parrish

            you contradicted yourself on this one!

          • ian

            lol your dumb

          • never call em

            i bet you do. and im sure your protected by their brotherhood too. all cops are bunch of dangerous thugs and terrorists and there is no need for what they do. fuck the police.

          • fass52

            Uh huh.

          • Josh Prenumbra Kralc

            yes i would if it happened exactly the same just the other way around
            murder is murder

          • Charlie Lance

            VMS-RDH Let me take a WILD guess here.. Cop?

          • You’reWrong

            You moron the cab driver threw an object at the passengers. Whether it be money or a handful of rocks it is still considered assault. You are wrong.

          • twice22

            If throwing money at someone was assault then there would be a hell of a lot of arrests at strip clubs.

          • mynameismaxx

            Because a cops only strategy in a fight against an unarmed man is a gun right? police have no non lethal methods at all huh? The Officer was an idiot and i hope the mother fucker gets whats coming to him. Karma is a mean heartless bitch.

          • Carrina Murphy

            I hope he falls into a manhole full of alligators. Actually, no, I hope that cops are dealt with lawfully. That’s the only real solution. I understand that he shouldn’t have been tried for murder, manslaughter, yes, maybe, but at the very least he should have been suspended due to the obviousness that he is in over his head. Cops have very important jobs so when they fuck up, its a big fuck up, not a little one. There are too many people that rely on them for safety. Something (legally) HAS to be done about this phenomena we are and have been experiencing for tooooo long.
            As an aside: people should quit thinking its just black people that get brutalized by cops. I live in a very integrated city, we are all suspected 24-7. Whites are just as mistreated.
            I wish so many police officers weren’t so corrupted and stupid. I hate the amount of sexual assault committed by them. Now that it’s been recognized as a problem, someone should step in and implement strategies that will stop this.

          • DanSimpson

            Well said, and well put. Hope the cop dies choking on food he shoved into his bashed in skull.

          • ondgo247

            Yeah, it sounded pretty serious, enough to warrant a death sentence …arguing over fees followed by felonious throwing of paper in the air.

          • Warren

            the cop was a power hungry asshole and should be the dead one. Here’s hoping somoene shoots him in the face!!

          • Christine Nadon Zaharis

            who said anything about assault to the cab driver? it was a dispute/argument, not a physical fight.

          • Fanatoli Guyoff

            I heard the cab driver assaulted the mans wife by throwing objects (money?) which made contact. Is this not true? If so I’m wondering why the officer didn’t arrest the cab driver for assault.

          • vince

            wrong, the cab driver assaulted the bride… attention to details before you spit BS

          • CornellUG1993

            The cab driver never touched the bride, he allegedly threw money “near” her, and called her an “unknown name” and the guy responded by viciously beating the cabbie.

          • VIV

            If it was the other way round, where by, the firefighter killed the cop as the cop was ‘winning’- the firefighter would be charged and sent down.. Its not a do what you want and get away with it badge! These cops should employ semi-intelligent people, not meatheads. This quite easily could have been avoided if the officer was capable of thinking tactfully.

          • Bruce Walker

            BS – where did it say ANY THING about reconstruction of his face , it said swelling to his face , long way from what you said , you must be a fucking cop or married to one .

          • George White Jr.

            And you read that part of needing facial reconstruction, where? And according to other witnesses, the cop was the aggressive one

          • Tom Lowe

            If the cop was not following a patently stupid policy, the fire fighter and his family would still have a future. As for the cop and his facial problems, he asked for it twice–once by signing up to be a cop–and once for going after the firefighter when he could have easily called for a police cruiser. And don’t try to tell me that the fire fighter would have gotten away, with his wife standing right there in her wedding dress the whole time. There is no excuse for what happened no matter how hard you try to put lipstick on this pig.

          • Joseph Wolfe Sandlin

            Facial reconstruction? What is he made of, paper mache? Wrong job if u cant take a punch. Also the report said he went to the hospital for some swelling so, are you just making shit up?

          • TruthIsNotAnOpinion

            In too many instances plain clothed officers do not properly identify themselves and are easily mistaken for a dangerous civilian. Of course police cover this part up all the time. But it takes a second to identify yourself as an officer. And when you don’t nonsense like this happens.

        • Punisher Grim

          You shouldn’t be using the word “wisdom” for your name. You comment was a grand example of ignorance. I mean, you managed to cram an amazing amount of idiocy in one small paragraph. Here’s why your comments were stupid: 1) There WAS an assault- The guy was fighting and striking a uniformed officer. That’s assault. 2) Cops get involved when there is a disturbance. That is a primary function of a cop. 3) The cop didn’t have to know who was at fault- there was a disturbance and the suspect ran and resisted arrest. 4) Ball-less is being an ignoramus talking shit he knows nothing about anonymously on the internet. That cop mans-up more in an afternoon than you will your entire life. 5) The man was armed pretty well with fists, which he used repeatedly on the head and face of an armed, uniformed officer. Hit someone enough in the head with your fist, they can die. That’s deadly force. 6) He didn’t HAVE to show a badge. He was a uniformed, armed officer who likely identified himself verbally. If the fireman thought the officer was an assailant, then he was dumber than you are.

        • Jane Hill Parrish

          Pretty sure your very Wrong- 1. You can clearly see he is wearing his uniform.2. The officer was asked to help-AKA- his job 3. The suspect was combative, drinking and clearly not in the right state of mind- you don’t hit a police officer period.4. He from not corr-operating was clearly the aggressor here.

        • Christine Nadon Zaharis

          cops tend to never mind their own fucking business

        • PEE Diddy

          The Cop was in FULL UNIFORM YOU IDIOT!!! they Police tell you you’re under arrest…that’s it…you fight in court not on the street

        • Ordie

          Uhhh…your a fucking dumbass. The Officer was wearing his uniform and yes the Officer was assaulted and he does have jurisdiction. Mr. Wilson you’re a special knid of stupid !!!

        • Dena Campbell

          The cop had jurisdiction and you should learn some law. He tried to arrest the drunk but the drunk resisted and became combative. The cop was in the right and the drunk didn’t have the chance to kill the cop whom he was beating. The video is evidence and I find it strange that the guy who recorded it AND who stupidly blamed the cop, swung the camphone away when the drunk started pounding on the cop on the bottom.

      • Harley Wootton

        It’s police duty to execute people who get into fights? Wow.. The fact that anyone is defending this shows how brainwashed we’ve become, and how far we’ve fallen. Authority has lost touch with humanity and common sense. Maybe we should end the notion that if a cop thinks you did something wrong, you MUST be forced by that cop painfully face first into the ground immediately or face instant execution. The cop should have kept his f’n hands off of this man, but of course you will defend it because you seem to accept the protocol that anyone who runs, acts, looks, or seems like a criminal must be tackled and wrestled into apprehension. Nonsense. Not only would they have had no problem identifying both parties in the original matter, but I’m 99.9% sure both parties would have WILLINGLY identified themselves on the matter.

        Please dig down and find it within yourself to realize we are all human.

        • Hutch

          lol hearing this makes me think your the ignorant one.. ok im going to give you a gun and get on top of you and bash your face in. you cant shoot me tho cause im only punching you

          • Harley Wootton

            The way you’re wording this makes me think you think the guy who was killed ran up and started fighting the cop..

            You’ve missed my point entirely. WHY do police feel the need to tackle/wrestle/fight every person that they think seems like a suspect? I’ve been on the receiving end and I’ve never broken a law. If you haven’t suffered wrongful abuse by a power-crazed psycho cop then consider yourself lucky.

            The cop didn’t take his gun, and let a guy get on top of him to bash him. Not sure where your mind mistook the scenario..

            However if I attack you, and you gain the upper hand, I’m glad to know that you won’t mind me executing you.

            The cop is a human being, the victim was a human being. The cop did not have any reason to engage in combat with this man, other than the perverse protocol you seem to be defending.

            I envy your lack of compassion for this victim. I wish I didn’t know what this was like first-hand.

          • Unity Nowe

            I know first hand too Harley. I am so sorry for all that you went through. I am so sorry for everyone who suffers and/or loses a loved one at the hands of those who are in law enforcement. If only we could have a worldwide gathering in support of each other. No one knows what it is like until they have experienced it. To be with others who do know would be the ultimate for me.

          • Carrina Murphy


          • Unity Nowe

            LOL, Carrina. Hopefully not. However, if things continue as they are, we may all meet up in that setting or in a group graveyard

          • Hutch

            I wouldn’t use the word victim to loosely… not only that but why run from a police officer unless you did something wrong (assaulting a cab driver is wrong).. not every cop out there is a bad guy, some actually care about safety and well being of people, and yes there are some bad apples out there, but that’s like saying every marine is a dog killer just because a couple of the dumbasses decided to throw them off of a cliff in afganiland and make a video on youtube… Harley im going to give you many Kudos because your arguing your side in a fashion of an educated person instead of just talking out of your butt… however, that being said this incident to me is not murder.. getting on top of somebody and punching their face in until they need reconstructive surgery is enough for me to think that he would have killed the officer. the fireman had the opportunity, intent, and capability of creating serious bodily harm or death which by law is enough for ANYONE (not just a cop) to use deadly force in defense of yourself

          • Harley Wootton

            The thing that you and others are missing, the core of what I’m saying is, the protocol is the problem. Protocol says cops can do whatever they want to you, if you respond-you die. Maybe you’re just so used to this societal precept that’s been imposed upon us, but maybe that cop shouldn’t have attacked the man.

            I use the word attack, but I have a feeling to you the words “apprehend” would make more sense. There are a lot of euphemisms used in law enforcement. But when another human approaches you and says “Put your face in the concrete and don’t resist at all” when you’re drunk after celebrating your marriage, maybe the badge doesn’t resonate as “license to kill” to you. Maybe you respond the way you would if someone did this to you right now, in your home, as you are sitting in your chair reading this.

            I, for one, am not so willing to allow an intruder in my personal space to shove my face into the ground, twist my arm, etc (you know those police tactics they’re given, to inflict pain and control you-shall I show you one of the millions of YouTube videos of this that have successfully escaped the censorship of police?)

            Which brings me to my next point. “A few bad apples” makes me think you’re coming to a site like in either an antagonistic or ironic way. If you’ve taken any time to scroll through the headlines, it should become apparent that this is becoming more than a few bad apples.
            I have enough respect for police to say that we deserve more. There should be a higher standard. To some, maybe to you, there is no low law enforcement will sink to that will wake you up and make you say “Wow, you guys can do better.” I don’t want this officer “serving and protecting” me. Please, keep him away from me.

            Protocol is the problem. When I see a cop, I see someone who’s been trained to lose interest in free-thought, and trained to apprehend other humans like animals, like a machine. I don’t see someone encouraged to be intelligent and think things through. That’s why I’ve seen situations like this with my own eyes-except this time someone got the upper hand and was executed on the spot for it.

            If you truly think this man attacked this officer out of nowhere, for no reason, in a blind, cop-killing rage, then I have to assume you haven’t seen/experience the behavior of police that I have.

            I’ve had police arrest me for what I was wearing, and say “if you smile one more time I’m going to make your fucking head spin.” The thing is, I wasn’t drunk and I knew to be afraid. To fear this man who went to Police Academy and got his badge. So he could make my head spin. He probably would have.

            That is one small example, I use it because it’s minor and completely insignificant and avoids me from going deep into personal stories which would not be. Obviously I’m not comparing that incident to this one in any way whatsoever-this is far, far worse. A firefighter is dead. A man with a conscience to dedicate his life to rescue. You really think the night of his wedding he was intent on attacking cops and ground-and-pounding them to death? Or can you maybe for one second imagine this cop was “doing what he was told”, and by doing that he did the wrong thing to another human?

            I know this cop isn’t a robot. I bet this event will weigh on his mind. But the person/institution/movement that tried to program this robot should have done a better job. I demand more from the people I pay to entrust my life to.

          • Unity Nowe

            I honestly don’t know how anyone with a heart, mind and soul could come back and attempt to make an argument after this post. You have done more than earn my respect. Thank you for making every attempt to communicate in some way other than “fuck the police” !! Thank you so very much !

          • Bryan Turner

            Your whole view point is invalid due to your jaded perception of law enforcement. Your 100% bias and you can’t expect anyone to take a one sided viewpoint serious. Bottom line that drunk fire was 2.18 the legal limit. Waseted, he didn’t just throw money he choked and punched the cab driver by the way who was the other witness. The beat a cops face in trying to escape. Let’s be serious how drunk was if he knew he had to get away from a fully uniformed cop. The firefighter had a history of violence and the only reason he was still on the job was because his father if I’m not mistaken was chief of fire

          • Harley Wootton

            I believe I am more supportive of law enforcement than you are. The difference is, you’re willing to accept this as a job well done. I’m not. I demand a higher standard.

            Not sure what you mean about him being drunk, but it’s obsolete from where I’m sitting.

            Are you among those refusing to acknowledge my point? If you’re happy with this level of performance, then don’t worry about a thing. Don’t go on a site like this, bury your head in the sand. I’m not willing to do that. This is just one more example of the alarming increase of wrongful civilian death inflicted by police.

            Even if you knew the definition of the word ‘jaded’, you’d still be wrong. And if I have a particularly bad perception of police, that is from a lifetime of observation.

            I have no negative perception of firefighters. I have no negative perception of librarians, or doctors, or police from England, for example. I’ve seen police from England (who don’t carry firearms) deal with people running/fighting/fleeing from crimes far better than this (obviously, because the accused are still alive).

            And yes I realize this is a different country with different needs from law enforcement, I’m not suggesting police stop carrying guns. What I’m suggesting is we allow people with high IQs to become police officers, and encourage them to recognize that everyone is a person like they are. Some police officers do this on their own, regardless of protocol and what they’re taught.

            But the rise in incidents like this, the increase in disturbing footage of police brutalizing, killing, and raping people is alarming to me. If you find this behavior appropriate, maybe you should consider moving to North Korea, or some other country where law enforcement lost compassion for other human beings long ago.

            It seems to me that you have no sympathy for the deceased firefighter. Maybe you can’t put yourself in his shoes, maybe you can’t possibly imagine yourself defending yourself against a guy in a uniform. Maybe you will let anyone with a uniform and badge do whatever they want to you, smash your head into the ground, put a knee into your neck, rape you, or smother you to death like Kelly Thomas. I won’t. So I can imagine punching back when a dumbass on a power trip attacks me.

            Though we disagree, I sincerely and truly hope that your naive view of the power wielded by police over your life is never changed the hard way.

          • CornellUG1993

            “It seems to me that you have no sympathy for the deceased firefighter.
            Maybe you can’t put yourself in his shoes, maybe you can’t possibly
            imagine yourself defending yourself against a guy in a uniform. Maybe
            you will let anyone with a uniform and badge do whatever they want to
            you, smash your head into the ground, put a knee into your neck, rape
            you, or smother you to death like Kelly Thomas.”

            Literally none of those things happened to the firefighter that feloniously assaulted a cabbie, and when the cabbie tried to escape, got out of the cab and beat him some more.

          • Harley Wootton

            Wow! Not only do you think instantaneous execution is the way to go, but determining right/wrong and that it was a felony!

            You’re good.

            And no, they didn’t happen to him. Shall I show you some incidents of police raping people from today?

            Again.. A mentality of “not all of them do it, so everything is perfect”. I won’t settle for that.

            I bet if you found just one dead mouse in your Taco Bell you’d never eat there again. But when someone is executed on the spot for defending himself against the man with the magical piece of metal, you say “not all cops rape people”.

            Well played.

            I’m not so fast to condemn this man’s actions.. Maybe he was completely wrong, and a total drunken douche on his wedding night. Does that imply he should be executed? Or that he was raped?

            Not by my logic..

          • CornellUG1993

            Wow. Does your brain hurt after those mental gymnastics?

            The guy was beating a fucking cabbie, you think the cop needs a conviction to arrest him? His wife admitted it, is she against him too? Tell me, at what point IS a cop, or anyone, allowed to intervene then?

            “And no, they didn’t happen to him. Shall I show you some incidents of police raping people from today?

            Again.. A mentality of “not all of them do it, so everything is perfect”. I won’t settle for that.”

            Um, what? How does the actions of other cops in other situations bear on this cops actions AT ALL??? Are you actually suggesting guilt by the same profession? You claim to have no bias against cops, but you’re explicitly judging this guy based on what other cops have done, and imputing their bad behavior on to him. That is, by definition, bias. Shame on you.

          • Harley Wootton

            Your conviction is entertaining.. but in my world, fighting =/= execution. This is America. Have you been out to bars lately? This country would be a holocaust if every human who fought someone was executed.

            My phrase of “not all of them do it..” is in response to someone else telling me this person wasn’t raped. I’m not saying every cop rapes every single person they come in contact with, and I’m not saying that just because that didn’t happen this time that it is OK for police to slip quickly down a shitty slope of incompetence.

            Just to make it even more clear, I’m not judging this cop based on what other cops do at all. Maybe you missed parts of my rants where I explained how I bet this cop will be haunted by these events. The problem is protocol and apathy shown more and more by police. I expect more, I expect greater things. I expect a situation like this to be dealt with accordingly. In my world accordingly =/= shooting people because they get into scuffles.

          • CornellUG1993

            Oh, ok, so you were just saying that they’ve never been in the firefighters shoes, and then completely separate of that, going on to say things OTHER cops have done, completely not intending those two to be connected, despite being in the same sentence with no disconnecter. Gotchya.

            “In my world accordingly =/= shooting people because they get into scuffles.”

            So, do you think anyone is ever justified in using a firearm against someone without one?

          • Harley Wootton

            Yes, I’m talking about what other cops have done/are doing constantly-because protocol is the problem.

            I hope a police officer never knees you in the head, and I’m amazed if you think this was a job well done.
            And to your question- Yes.

          • CornellUG1993

            Bringing in what other cops have done in an argument about why this cop is bad is an implicit statement that this cop is responsible for the actions of other cops.

            If we were debating about whether you murdered someone or shot them in self defense, and I brought up “look, that guy was being attacked by someone named Harley, people named Harley have been raping and murdering others for decades, put yourself in that guys shoes” would you think that is a fair argument?

          • Harley Wootton

            The thing is, I don’t blame this cop entirely. I think he did what he was trained to do, which is to treat humans like anything but human.

            If every day, you saw articles saying “Harley rapes woman” “Harley brutalizes man for no reason” etc etc etc etc increasing every day, yes I would say people named Harley seem to be getting worse for society and it should be addressed. I wouldn’t say “Well, he’s a Harley but also an individual therefore lets not pay attention to the rape and violence they’re doing.”

            The core of what I’m saying is that we need to address what we teach police, and encourage them to think things through before attacking someone and kneeing them in the head. Or as you might call it, apprehending.

            Like another viral video making the rounds, where cops ‘detain’ someone asking for his bus ticket and ID (which he presented) and wasn’t let go, who then started to try to just move away from them had his face shoved into the ground and kicked in the head.

            I propose we don’t need police to kick cuffed people in the head while they’re down.

            I suggest this officer didn’t have to do what he did, I see cops do a much better job than this at arresting people constantly. But more and more they’re doing not so much of a better job than this. I am concerned. I expect police to be smart, efficient, and to be able to get the job done responsibly.

            This cop didn’t have to knee this man in the head.

            At the core of what I’m saying is that we have a problem with the way cops treat other human beings, simply because they have a badge. I assume you disagree, I assume you think this was a job well-done, and that things should continue in this way.

            So keep responding if you want, but what we have is just a huge difference between what we consider ethical, professional performance by law enforcement.

            Click around this website. Take it all in and count the innocent lives lost, and tell yourself that this is right. That this is where we should be headed. That this is going to make Americans feel safe.

            I can’t.

          • Harley Wootton

            Just to be double clear, if someone who works at Taco Bell put a dead mouse in your taco, and it just so happened people all across America were putting dead mice, screws, and pieces of broken glass in their taco meat, yes I would bring Taco Bell into the argument. I wouldn’t say, oh this is just one store. That incident, is also just one store. And those other thousand stores, are also just one store.

            That’s not saying that the Taco Bell you got a dead mouse from is responsible for the entire chain.

          • CornellUG1993

            “if someone who works at Taco Bell put a dead mouse in your taco, and it
            just so happened people all across America were putting dead mice,
            screws, and pieces of broken glass in their taco meat, yes I would bring
            Taco Bell into the argument.”

            What is it that you think we’re debating? I thought we were debating whether this officer was in the wrong (whether that worker is the one that put the mouse in the taco), but you seem to be using that as a factual premise. You’re like a prosecutor going into court and, instead of laying out the evidence for why you think the defendant is guilty, you’re assuming everyone agrees he’s guilty and just going on about how this crime is bad. You’re getting way ahead of the debate, and its why you’re just talking past everyone.

          • Harley Wootton

            I disagree with your interpretation of what I’m saying.

            I guess you would only blame the one person who put the dead mouse in your meat, and never consider blaming the brand if they were doing it to thousands of other people at the same time.

            Did you see my first response before that?

          • CornellUG1993

            You’re not blaming the brand, you’re blaming this guy. You explicitly used the actions of other cops as evidence that this cop is guilty.

          • Harley Wootton

            No, I didn’t.

            I used them as examples of a rising trend in misconduct that you seem to be unaware of, or content with.

            I can only assume that you think this is your ‘in’ to looking right in this convo.. But I never implied that at all.

            So if you insist, interpret what I say that way and use it to justify this incident to yourself and tell yourself everything is OK.

            I’ll still be asking for reform.

          • Harley Wootton

            In case you don’t know, fast food places accidentally really do put all kinds of nasty shit in their food and it’s allowed. I’m not saying we can fix that.

            This man really was killed by this officer. And there are cases where people are killed accidentally, or rightfully-but it’s never good. I’m not saying debris in your food makes a company guilty, case closed. But if it happens every day, worse and worse, more and more, I’d stop eating there. I’d demand someone does SOMETHING about it.

            I wouldn’t say, well this was just one store-ignore all those other incidents because I’m only focusing on this now.

          • CornellUG1993

            I’m not arguing that police brutality doesn’t occur or that we should ignore it, I’m arguing this is not a case of it, and you cannot use other cases of what other people with similar characteristics have done as evidence of the guilt of this one person. Due process doesn’t allow it, basic concepts of fairness don’t allow it, for the same reason you can’t use the fact that someone’s black to prove they’re a drug dealer in court. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look into the problem of drug dealing in black communities, that’s a separate issue from whether this particular person is guilty of a crime.

          • Harley Wootton

            I’m sorry but you’re still misunderstanding what I’m saying. Your black metaphor is totally different than what I keep saying.

            I never said “He’s guilty because he’s a cop”.

            To be honest, I’m frightened that you think this cop did a perfect job. I hope you never have a position where you can tell police officers that kneeing people in the head is the way to go. But then again, what’s it to you? Wouldn’t be your fault according to you.

          • Harley Wootton

            I hope I’m not repeating myself here, I thought I responded to this already but I don’t see it…

            If in the news, every day, more and more, there were stories that said “Harley rapes woman” “Harley brutalizes man for no reason” “Harley kicks cuffed man in the head while he’s down” “Harley smothers man to death and receives no punishment”

            Yes, I would think “We need to look into why all these people named Harley are beating the shit out of people and raping them”. You wouldn’t?

            Look around this site, look at all the stories from today and yesterday, and tell yourself this is good. Tell yourself this is the direction we should be going in. If you tell me, I’ll disagree every time. I KNOW we can do better than this.

            I have to assume you think this was a job well done. So we will likely never agree on ethics. I know this incident could have been dealt with without killing this firefighter. I’m amazed if you think this was the only appropriate outcome.

          • CornellUG1993

            Looking into why people named Harley are beating the shit out of people and raping them is completely different from assuming that you yourself are guilty of a specific crime because your name is Harley. That is antithetical to the very concept of due process, we don’t assume your claim of self defense is less legitimate because your name or profession is the same as other people’s who have done the same crime. When it comes to the guilt or innocence of a particular individual, they rise and fall on their own acts, not the acts of others.

            That you are arguing otherwise is absolutely abhorrent.

          • Harley Wootton

            Again, you misunderstand. I’m not saying “He’s a cop, he’s guilty.” I’m not saying “It’s Taco Bell, they’re guilty”. I’m saying I expect higher standards.
            When Walmart employees are instructed to dump toxic waste into the water supply, do you say they rose and fell on their own acts?

            I already said I put blame on this cop, but not entirely.

            You keep trying to say “You can only blame one person for what they do” in different ways. I disagree.

            So I wonder.. What do you think Hitler did that was so bad?

            Surely you can’t blame him for anything, that would be abhorrent. You have to find every individual who participated in the holocaust and blame them.

            Again, I disagree.

          • CornellUG1993

            Hitler is bad for what he did. The Nazi’s as a party were bad for what they did. In a discussion of whether an individual member of the Nazi party committed a specific crime, bringing in the fact that other Nazis committed crimes is a violation of due process.

          • Harley Wootton

            WHY is Hitler bad? What did he specifically do as an individual that was bad?

            Are you saying all nazis are bad? That’s an abhorrent conclusion isn’t it? They rose and fell on their own, no?

          • Harley Wootton

            Again, you can insist that “He’s guilty bc he’s a cop” is my stance, but it’s not. I’ll tell you that a thousand times over. Putting those words in my mouth makes no sense, I really don’t get why you don’t understand what I’m saying. : /

          • CornellUG1993

            No, I insist you’re using the fact that he’s a cop, and other cops did bad things, as evidence against him. You’re using it as evidence of guilt, not dispositive proof, but that’s just as bad.

            “Maybe you can’t put yourself in his shoes, maybe you can’t possibly
            imagine yourself defending yourself against a guy in a uniform. Maybe
            you will let anyone with a uniform and badge do whatever they want to
            you, smash your head into the ground, put a knee into your neck, rape
            you, or smother you to death like Kelly Thomas.”

            That isn’t a quote from you? You didn’t say that? That’s an argument about the guilt or innocence of this specific cop, and it uses evidence of other cops bad acts in unreated incidences to argue against this cop.

          • Harley Wootton

            Alright then, insist away : /

            In your eyes, I said “This cop smashed his head into the ground, raped him, and smothered him to death.”

            When I read that quote, it says “Maybe
            you will let anyone with a uniform and badge do whatever they want to
            you, smash your head into the ground, put a knee into your neck, rape
            you, or smother you to death like Kelly Thomas.”

          • CornellUG1993

            No, in my eyes you’re saying the fact that other cops are bad is relevant to whether this specific cop is bad. Were you not arguing in that paragraph that this specific cop is bad? If so, why include that paragraph unless you meant it to be evidence against this cop?

          • Harley Wootton

            Wow, farther and farther away from the direct quote.

            The point is that cops shouldn’t be allowed to do whatever they want, or knee someone in the head, just because they have a badge/power trip.

            We pay police to serve and protect us. I know I know, you think he did a perfect job protecting that cab driver. I don’t. I think it’s an embarrassment to how GOOD police officers do their job.

            This is a message board, not a court of law. I’m not entering what I’m writing now as evidence. I’m speaking, as a human being.

          • CornellUG1993

            So, no response to why you would have included that statement in a general argument about whether this specific cop is guilty while not meaning to use it as evidence to support your argument?

          • Harley Wootton

            Sure, I’ll respond to that.

            Because he, like other cops, has received the training/protocol to treat humans inhumanely. And that is part of the problem here. This cop should have known to do something a little better than drop some knees and start doing amateur jiu-jitsu.

            Because this is one incident in a growing trend of what I see as misconduct.

          • CornellUG1993

            What? That statement wasn’t about training at all.

          • Harley Wootton

            I had a feeling you weren’t following me..

            You need to realize that influence has power. Your employer has influence/power over your actions. Walmart has power when they say to dump toxic waste into water-it’s not just the person who did it who’s to blame.

            Hitler isn’t a bad guy just because he said “Go kill people”. If I say “Go kill a billion people”, that doesn’t mean I’m worse than Hitler. Because individuals won’t do it. Figure out why that is, and maybe you’ll finally understand that I never said “He’s guilty, because he’s a cop”. Never came close to implying that.

            If you truly believe people rise and fall and everything is left up to the individual, then you would have to say Hitler did nothing wrong unless you can give me evidence that he personally did something.

            I see this cop as an embarrassment, and I think if he had better training/protocol this firefighter would still be alive. I’m not using forensics, that’s my view from where I’m sitting.

            I get it by now that you disagree, that you think this cop did a perfect job. I totally get that you feel that way, so I really don’t think I was ever going beyond the argument.

            According to your logic, it would be abhorrent to imply Hitler was responsible for the death of a single jew. Those individuals rose and fell on their own. You should present this unique viewpoint to your local Holocaust museum, and ask them to remove any images/blame put on Hitler.

          • CornellUG1993

            “If you truly believe people rise and fall and everything is left up to
            the individual, then you would have to say Hitler did nothing wrong
            unless you can give me evidence that he personally did something.”

            That’s simply not true at all. Hitler individually ordered people he knew would listen to him to kill millions. He did that. This officer didn’t individually order those other officers, that you brought in to prove he is bad, to rape people.

            Do you really not see the difference?

          • Harley Wootton

            I do see the difference-makes me wonder why you just made it up! : P

            Ok, go kill someone.

            By telling you that, I’m now as bad as a murderer. Good logic!

          • CornellUG1993

            Did you miss the “he knew would listen to him” part?

            You’re arguing against a straw man.

          • Harley Wootton

            No I just figured it would be so obvious I wouldn’t have to point out how silly that is >.<

            WHY did they know they would listen to him?

            Are you convinced police act on their own and have no influence from their protocol/superiors/instructions?

          • Harley Wootton

            Idk why i’m bothering.. When I say “protocol is the problem” to you it means “This cop is guilty because he’s a cop and other cops do bad things, therefore he’s guilty”

            It really takes imagination….

          • CornellUG1993

            No, when you respond to someone saying this specific officer is justified with the statement “But officers can knee you in the head, kick people in the head while they’re cuffed, rape you.” I think you are saying that this officer is the same as those officers.

          • Harley Wootton

            haha.. You still don’t get it but I gotta give you credit for persistence and professionalism, correcting me on words.. You seem like a smart guy, so maybe I’m wrong here. To me, when I talk about other officers and say ‘protocol is the problem’, I’m talking about the state of police procedure and its affect on this case.

            Maybe to other people ‘officers’=’this officer’, or criticizing someone’s actions = ‘they are hereby guilty in a court of law based on evidence’.

            I’m not really into continuing word games, so I’m just gonna make this clear one more time.

            I wish this cop was trained better. I wish all cops were trained better. I expect higher standards because I pay police a lot of money, and I wish we lived in a world where one can be arrested without there being botched apprehensions resulting in execution. I wish cops didn’t throw you face down and knee your head the second you move against their will. I wish police would recognize the humanity in the people they arrest, moreso. I wish there were more good cops, and that incidents like this wouldn’t embarrass the country and the force as I saw it did.

            If you still want to be mad about my wishes and expectations, or over-analyze them and turn them into something else, knock yourself out. Oh wait, I shouldn’t say that because that means I’m as bad as people who play the knockout game >< woops!

          • CornellUG1993

            I didn’t correct a word, you mischaracterized my argument by leaving out an important premise.

            I’m not made at you about your wishes, I actually agree that we need to have better trained police and that there is a problem. What I am saying is that you cannot logically respond to a claim about this specific officer by arguing “I guess (insert considerably more egregious act of some other officer) is perfectly ok then.” That’s not responding to the claim, that’s attacking a straw man. Myself and others on her can believe that this officer’s actions were justified and also believe that the actions of other officers were not justified.

          • Harley Wootton

            hahaha.. You’re ridiculous, man.. I was talking about the imputing thing.

            Oh, to be clear, when I said you corrected my words I was referring to the instance in which I asked what you meant by the word “impute” and you provided a definition.

            *checks* Ok, that looks almost court-worthy.

            Well finally, you agree with what I’ve been saying all along. Though I’m not sure why.. You want to have better trained police? Are you saying this particular individual was not well trained? Are you holding evidence providing a claim that in some way this particular officer was at some point going against what he had learned in his training? You’re clearly making a claim in this court of internet law that this particular officer is incapable of being properly trained based on your presented evidence “we need to have better trained police and that there is a problem”.

            Damn, being like you is draining.. Take care of yourself!

            Ok, joking aside, I’m really relieved to read those words from you.. PHEW.

            I definitely knew that you thought his actions were justified. I didn’t think we had to elaborate on that.

            I will remain amazed that you or anyone watched that entire tape, and still think the cop did a great job. And like I said I really hope this doesn’t set a standard that will continue to embarrass American police. Kneeing someone in the head and putting your Jr. High wrestling knowledge to use is not what we should be doing out there, even if the firefighter was in the wrong.

          • CornellUG1993

            “Oh, to be clear, when I said you corrected my words I was referring to
            the instance in which I asked what you meant by the word “impute” and
            you provided a definition.”

            Ah, the part where you tried to correct my words and I explained that I did in fact use the correct one. Gotchya

            “Are you saying this particular individual was not well trained?”

            No, I’m not, which is why I didn’t say it in response to a claim about this individual, and actually expressly noted that I think that as a general principle. Notice how I did that? How I made a clear distinction about what I think is relevant to a discussion about this individual, and what I think as a general principle? Try it some time.

            “I will remain amazed that you or anyone watched that entire tape, and still think the cop did a great job.”

            Do you know the difference between being justified in a course of action, and doing a great job?

            “Kneeing someone in the head and putting your Jr. High wrestling
            knowledge to use is not what we should be doing out there, even if the
            firefighter was in the wrong.”

            See, now, because you have a tendancy to just talk about other incidences and throw them into your argument without noting that you’re no longer talking about the current one, I’ve got to ask, are you saying this cop did this? Because I don’t see that in the video.

          • Harley Wootton

            You are masterful at misunderstanding, missing sarcasm, and word twisting. I tip my hat.

            Didn’t try to correct your words, I said I didn’t know that word and you told me what it was.

            If you don’t think he did a great job, say it.

            If you didn’t see that then we have much different eyes or watched a different video.

          • CornellUG1993

            “Didn’t try to correct your words, I said I didn’t know that word and you told me what it was.”

            Ugh. I really can’t even fathom how you think. So, you telling me you don’t understand a word I used and you think I meant a different word isn’t you trying to correct my words, but me responding with the definition of the word I used to show it was the word I meant is me correcting yours? Incredible.

          • Harley Wootton

            Don’t stroke out.

            If I tried to correct your words I would possibly have used wording such as “that is improper use of that word” or “instead of using that word, perhaps you should say this”. However I didn’t know the word existed, therefore you went beyond correction and delved into the realm of education. To me, there is a distinction there. I feel it is necessary to word things with you in a very specific way, and make sure each and every word is used in the manner which I deem it appropriate, in order to stay on your level and make sure things are not out of place. Furthermore, this was not said in an extremely serious matter as these words are not either. I apologize for any verbal inconvenience, and I will be sure to address you as though I am working at a call center from now on and maintain a high level of seriousness. Have a nice day, thank you for choosing Disqus and · © 2014 Filming Cops · Designed by Themes & Co ·

            You have yet to tell me if you think this man did a great job or not, you chose to strategically point out the difference between what I said and what you interpreted, a decision I understand. You are careful with your words and will not tolerate any outside discussion of an individual matter in this court of la- I mean website.

            I still maintain that it is not a very good thing to ignore all other problems and address them individually as I stated with my comparison to Nazi’s, which you admitted was a party which did bad things which perhaps by your version of understand means you deem each individual nazi as “guilty”. However, I am not sure of this because your mind works in a very mysterious way in which anything you want to see, you will make it so. However you have not provided an individual name of a nazi that personally placed a jewish person into an oven to burn alive during the Holocaust, or provide any specific evidence of what Hitler did wrong except indirect, unquoted statements that you seem to remember. I, however, recognize that protocol is powerful and can influence people to do horrible things and I feel that Hitler is a bad person not for the direct actions that he took, not even for what he said, but for the power he dictated over his legion of followers-similar to how Police officers are given protocol to follow including-but not limited to-methods of detaining and apprehending those who they deem suspects. However, we can not judge-based on this evidence alone-whether or not this man was a suspect or not and we furthermore can not judge whether or not this police officer was in the wrong. However, despite this lack of ability to make definitive statements I offered my opinion and you offered yours. Neither of us can be proven correct, because we are stating things based on a website report and not in a court of law. You seem to have no problem dispersing what you consider correct while telling me I am unable because of said scenario. However when I finally made it clear that I did not wish to continue to engage in semantics with you, you finally agreed with my ultimate position which is that there is in fact a problem. You were less specific, true to your nature of saying only what you feel can’t be held against you and never truly stating how you feel about things. I am perhaps less careful about my expression of humanity, therefore giving you an advantage in semantics. I would suggest that in the future, you refrain from ever grouping or lumping any persons or parties together in any judgmental statements. For example, if you are treated wrongfully by a government institution may you never say it was that institution’s fault, or the government’s fault, but the individual who specifically interfered with your actions. Contrarily I maintain that there are forces in this world with power over individuals, and according to an example such as Hitler, the influence and protocol dispensed by an authority figure will have much more grave consequences than that of an individual. Similarly, when a police officer is trained to carry out arrests using methods or tactics that would be considered assault when carried out by those without a badge, it is not entirely their fault when things go awry. However I clearly understand you disagree that this police officer in question let things go awry and that you don’t feel he attacked, harmed, wrestled or kneed the firefighter in question. Therefore, instead of responding to the true nature of my statements you attempted to argue that the argument itself was out of place, and tried to illustrate my argument incorrectly. I did not say that this officer was guilty because he is a police officer even once. I did not insinuate this in any way. I merely pointed out that this is among the reasons for which Police Officers should improve in their field. I did not make this correlation, and you have spent quite a lot of time forcing this connection for reasons beyond my understanding. However I am pleasantly surprised that you at least had the intestinal fortitude to say things can indeed improve, though you’ve yet to clarify whether or not this officer in question did a good job which you had an opportunity to respond to. If you consider these events less than great, perhaps less than good, I wonder if you consider them appropriate. The word justified indicates he indeed took the appropriate course of action which I obviously disagree with, needing no further argumentative clarification. I understand you feel this officer was justified, that is extremely clear. The motivation for the rest of your arguments are confusing to me, as you’ve contradicted yourself about personal actions in reference to Hitler, claiming his personal action was to tell others what to do. This is not a direct action, sticks and stones may break my bones. To clarify, this is the beginning of a phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.” However, at times people shorten expressions which they expect the listener or reader to know the conclusion of without supplying it. With this expression, I mean that Hitler’s words did not directly harm anyone, even if his direct quote (which you have not supplied) was “Go find Trevor Belmont, grab his arms in this manner, lift him 15 centimeters from the ground, and push his body into the oven at a horizontal angle”. Even if these were his direct words, these words, risen and fallen on their own, would not result in any death or human burning. His words were influential to his followers because of his authority, similar to how police are trained in a manner which I find unacceptable, where the articles you find on this website become commonplace and even mainstream news employees are admitting there is a disturbing rise in police misconduct stories. However I’m unsure your feelings on this rise, as you’ve said conflicting statements regarding it. It would be appropriate, I feel, if police officers were trained to not use excessive force and treat every citizen as a criminal until proven innocent. That being said, I understand the reasoning behind this increase in strict procedure as in some areas of America there is a high level of violence and illegal pedestrian gun ownership and each traffic stop could be fatal. However, like airport security checks, I feel we can use an approach of much more common sense and humanity over blind uniform judgment. For example, I do not feel it is necessary to feel the bodies of every single human who goes through an airport, because I am quite sure a 7 year old girl will not have a home-made explosive device strapped to her underwear. Please note-I am using this metaphor as an example. I am in no way implying that this officer or any officers involved in the incident are affiliated in any way with TSA or Homeland Security. This is a way to illustrate why not every citizen should be treated as a violent criminal. I am not stating that the firefighter in question was not a violent individual. However, I feel it is appropriate to question when and where police officers should attempt to violently detain or apprehend suspects as there is a high probability of them failing, or for the attempt to backfire, resulting in a tragedy such as this. I use the word tragedy in application to all parties involved, including the police officer because he was ‘doing his job’, a phrase which applies to comparisons to the nazis who were also just doing their jobs as they burned jewish people alive. This is where my insistence that improved protocol will help avoid future tragedy, which you interpreted as a universal denouncement of all Police officers which you in turn interpreted as my judgment of this officer in question when I meant something far different. Doing your job requires orders and protocol, which I feel are partially to blame for this incident. Please note I did not indicate an individual as I am unaware of who is responsible for the increase in strict violent protocol of Police Officers. If you deny or doubt that such a strict increase has occurred, I wonder why you agreed that something should be done about the plethora of popular police misconduct news articles. However, I do not much find myself concerned with your response to this as I am clear on your position and I am convinced you have nothing new to add to either of our viewpoints and will instead prefer to engage in semantics and misinterpreting my proposals. Thank you, have a nice day.

          • CornellUG1993

            “No I just figured it would be so obvious I wouldn’t have to point out how silly that is >.<"

            Wait, what? You ignored a condition of my premise, that you have to think that the people will listen to you for you to be blamed for your orders, because it was silly? How is that silly?

          • Harley Wootton

            And if you’re saying we can’t blame the nazis for the holocaust, you should present that idea to your nearest Holocaust museum. Show them the truth!

          • CornellUG1993

            I’m not saying that at all, in fact I explicitly said the opposite, you can blame the Nazi party, but you cannot use it as evidence in the trial of a specific Nazi party member if that specific Nazi party member had nothing to do with the holocaust.

          • Harley Wootton

            And I said nothing about putting a nazi on trial, or putting this cop on trial.

            So specifically, what did Hitler personally do wrong?

          • CornellUG1993

            Ordering the death of millions of people that presented no overt threat to him is a specific act he committed.

            And you were absolutely arguing this cop is guilty.

          • Harley Wootton

            I give up. You’re just going to keep making my words into what you want. I didn’t put this cop on trial, or say “THIS COP IS GUILTY” though I’m sure you can find something I said and turn it into that.

            Ordering the death of millions? Well I can order the death of millions too. Would that make me as bad as Hitler?

            Didn’t this cop receive training/protocol that dictated his actions? Wasn’t he ordered to treat people the way he treated this guy?

            So, if you blame Hitler for making orders, you can’t blame the person who gave this cop his orders?

            I know you thought he did a perfect job, but I don’t. It’s embarrassing to good police.

          • CornellUG1993

            ” I didn’t put this cop on trial, or say “THIS COP IS GUILTY” though I’m
            sure you can find something I said and turn it into that.”

            Are you serious? You didn’t say this cop was wrong? I’m done debating someone whose just going to blatantly lie about their position.

          • Harley Wootton

            I’m glad you’re done because this is a perfect way to end, showing how badly you want me to say something that I didn’t.

            I think your understanding of the world will improve if you just read things, and not read INTO things.

          • Harley Wootton

            Your idea of what I just said just changed like 3 times in a few minutes. That wouldn’t go well in a court of law, huh? : P

            I look forward to your evidence on what Hitler specifically did wrong as an individual. Lots of people can call for death, none of them as bad as Hitler.

            As you said:
            “When it comes to the guilt or innocence of a particular individual, they rise and fall on their own acts, not the acts of others.”

            And Hitler never put anyone in an oven.

          • Frostbitten

            It’s like you were speaking with a 4 year old completely unaware of sarcasm or wit in general.

          • Harley Wootton

            And I hate to continue being a grammar/spelling/typing nazi but I’m not sure what imputing is. I wonder if you’re going for impetus or input..?

          • CornellUG1993

            Lol, you’re not being a grammar nazi, you’re being an idiot, just google words if you don’t understand them:
            Impute, verb:
            “represent (something, esp. something undesirable) as being done, caused, or possessed by someone; attribute”

          • Harley Wootton

            Thanks for the correction.

          • Bryan Turner

            I doubt you’re more supportive of law enforcement than I.let me ask you a question if some guy was beating your wife/husband/child and ran. You chased him he started kicking your ass to the point you mite die. Are you telling me you before saving your own life would take the time to be like. Hmm maybe he won’t kill me? If you would start your own religion, because the only guy who had that resolve was jesus Christ. Me along with the other normal people are going to live

          • Harley Wootton

            Oh, but I am. I demand high standards, you defend an embarrassment to the United States of America.

            I would entertain your question if it had anything to do with what happened. Do you think this officer’s attempt at detaining this man was done well?!

            Maybe this officer should have done what most officers do in this situation, and realize he shouldn’t attack (detain) this man alone, and call for back-up. To me, it seems like this cop wanted to fight. Maybe I’m wrong. But if this was a far smaller, weaker, perhaps female officer (not sexist, just a proposition) I don’t think this would have happened. I don’t think the cop would have attempted to single-handedly fight this man until he was subdued. I expect a much better strategy/protocol from someone I pay to serve and protect me. Amazed you don’t.

            And I hate to change topics and burst your bubble, but we have no idea what kind of resolve Jesus Christ had. The people who wrote the Bible never met Jesus. It’s as if you took away internet/phone/TV/all technology and asked me to write a biography about Calvin Coolidge. The only reason I’m even pointing this out, is because I fear you might need to look into things more before your mind is set in stone.

            I fear a world where any time someone is attacked by someone in a uniform, they are executed if they defend themselves. That’s going against natural instinct, not only in humans but in the entire animal world. This is like shooting a dog because it snapped at you when you tried to pick it up. Dogs snap, people fight back. It is instinct. And I wish cops would be trained/prepared to deal with human nature in this way. NOT to botch it and start executing every human who has a nervous system.

          • Carrina Murphy

            I agree. the justice system is treating cops like teenagers who are still in the learning phase. Harsh judgement should be used when dealing with this. thats the problem. police officers seem not to be aware of what to do in these situations

          • Aubrey Bailey

            Now I have watched the vid,read the article,read a large portion of the comments…..
            It seems that a lot of commentators are just missing some crucial points here,Yes the officer,I use the term loosely,An officer,a real officer has to make a take decisions based on a multitude of factors, and use his “Training” and “Experience” to make the right one. That starts with am I able to intervene in this situation Safely? his own safety must be considered and also the public at large. Then he has to ascertain am I able to receive assistance immediately should I require it,Is it “possible” this suspect/assailant/perpetrator/(“victim”) Armed.All this has to be done in a matter of seconds, and how he proceeds “should be governed by this” Inexperience,lack of training/experience,common sense,misplaced bravado,machismo,invincibility and a firm belief in the “fact” that if it goes bad he will not be held to account for his subsequent actions,all have to be considered as factors to differing degrees in this incident….
            The Pro and Against Cop argument has no place here, Why? because it’s just an opinion,it’s personal,Subjective.
            What is required is an Objective veiwpoint,we hear
            “PROTOCOL” being used, Yes, there are rules of engagement all Police, LEO’s and legal firearm carriers know them.when the point is reach where it is deemed that Deadly Force is necessary,certain rules must be followed,and an Officer is obliged to follow them,was he unable to do so,ie; issue a verbal warning of his intention,he states he was about to black out?,but he was able to release his holster tab,draw his side arm and discharge his weapon TWICE,whilst still under attack from his attacker…….
            So my question is he is wearing his uniform,utility belt,extra mags,PEPPER SPRAY/MACE,cuffs?,……
            Did he have an alternative to Deadly Force???
            Well we would say it must be a “POSSIBILITY”
            The thing is here this incident came out of several people making the wrong decisions,
            Cab driver(poor people skills)Firefighter(impaired through Alcohol/Defending New Spouses Honour)
            But the person who should have, could have made the right decisions, who needed to act,be a trained professional didn’t and the absolute Worst thing is the vindication handed down by the Court means, he would and could do the same thing again!
            Nb; He never should have been charged with Murder, the DA had to know there was no case to answer on that, Manslaughter 2 ……..

          • greengripper

            Very well articulated points. Thank you.

          • Unity Nowe

            would you support a person who kills a cop because the cop would have killed them? Is it okay to kill a cop under the same circumstances? You may answer with a “yes” on this post, but if ever a person were to do so, I would bet my life, you would support the death penalty for cop killing. Cops are no more valuable or special than any homeless person. A dog that is trained to work for police has more value in our society than someone who is not a cop. Let that sink in. And let me say that in no way am I saying that a dogs life has no value. What I am saying is , when a dog trained for police is killed or injured by a person, the charges on that person are equated to that of killing a human, cop. While cops kill dogs who are family members without a thought and nothing happens. When people can begin killing a cop because they feared for their lives , and not be charged, please come back and talk.
            While you attempt to argue that there are only a few bad apples, I am going to state that it isn’t a few bad apples, it is the entire barrel. A cop cannot stand up for what is truly right where other officers are wrong without being fired or forced out of the department. You know that is a fact and if you deny it , you are not a rational person who pays attention to what is happening here. It doesn’t root itself in law enforcement. It goes far and away from that area. It is an entire system which has progressively become more and more corrupt and covers itself. Blindly following orders or just doing one’s job is, in no way , healthy for a society. A person of true morals and principals, with empathy and care for the society they serve and live in , should be able to grasp that fact.

          • Hutch

            I don’t want you to think that im pro cop, I have been one and have been on both sides but im all about self defense, if a cop on or off duty takes something to a wrong level than self defense acceptable. if I get drunk and cant control myself when a police officer tries to stop me and I decide to be a douche and fight back he has a right to defend themselves

          • Unity Nowe

            Do you understand that this person who is a cop , but was working as a security officer, and was not prepared to make an arrest, made the mistake of trying to do so, unprepared? He didn’t have handcuffs or even a taser. Instead of using whatever grey matter he had, he made the choice to do what he was in no way, equipped to do. And while I do know that a person has the “right” to defend themselves and / or another , against a cop , if the cop is acting unlawfully, we all know how that would go over in a situation where it actually happened. I am for self defense. I am not for someone attempting to act as a cop, and who is not equipped to act as a cop, shooting someone dead, because they made a very poor decision.

          • Carrina Murphy

            the fact that they have a gun should automatically make them approach situations more carefully because the potential for the situation to escalate is higher. Human rights should be followed as well. especially by cops. if not then they are in the wrong job.

          • Hutch

            I agree, cops should be held to a higher standard and more accountable for their actions

        • Carrina Murphy

          I agree with you and I am so sorry this shit happens. its so depressing.

      • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

        So you think that cop did a good job with professionalism in his duty? Fuck you lmao.

      • Savage Ro

        Just so you know. Citizens can arrest as well.

      • JIMBO11

        good job VMS-RDH you government minion. How dare you defend police impunity

      • bob

        Actually if a cop is off duty they have no more right to arrest someone than a citizen does. It’s basically a citizen arrest. They may have more training, which is why they get hired as security, but that doesn’t mean they can get away with murder like all these on duty cops are. Any officer who has a hand in killing someone unnecessarily should get life in prison, unless it can be proven to be an accident. Then maybe this wouldn’t be happening.

      • William Fuzi

        It’s called moon lighting, and is illegal in most jurisdictions.

        • CornellUG1993

          In Missouri moonlighting is extremely common, and departmental policies at Kansas City PD certainly allowed for it. Regardless, anyone in Missouri can arrest another for a felonious act committed in front of them.

      • forby

        So you are saying that CORPORATIONS can hire police to protect their profits. and they have the full authority as a police officer and not a security guard. Are you fucking kidding me. That is SANCTIONED FASCISM. WOW. If it is true, it is seriously disturbing.

      • DanSimpson

        BULLSHIT. He had NO jurisdiction. He was the aggressor, and got his ass beat. What a chickenshit pig move. You cannot start a fight and lose, you have to shoot the guy for whipping your ass. Fuck that cop, his family, AND any kids he has. He SHOULD have just took his ass whipping and walked away, but no, he has to be like all other chickenshit pigs with that clown uniform on, he had to shoot the guy. What a dick move by a dick face pig. Hope he chokes to death and dies.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        wrong! first of all, how is the guy, or anyone supposed to know that some jerkoff is trying assault him. these cops ILLEGALLY show their “authority” with their weapon. and not if, but when they hire these cops to “enforce” their company policies, or act as security in any way they are both committing a crime! it is illegal for ANYONE to use cops, whether on or off duty as their own private army.

      • Stacy Sutherland

        maybe next time he decides to shoot somebody it will be your ignorant cop loving ass! we can only hope

      • fuck head

        shut the fuck up and don’t comment again corruption is corruption police are corrupted. that taxi driver deserved a punch to the head even if it is illegal. justice system is fucked.

      • David Ezzio Di Vona

        can someone say paid government troll?

      • Tom Lowe

        This shameful practice whereby cops have jurisdiction when off duty is a huge crime against society that endangers both citizens and cops. No, I do not want any plainclothes cops roaming the streets ready to kill at a second’s notice, period, because it involves citizens having to identify someone who could easily be a criminal–and apparently often IS the criminal. This only ensures that a lot of cops will be put under as a result of very bad policy. Bad, rotten, and utterly worthless is what this policy is. There is no defending it.

    • Rhonda Clark

      black and illegals are slaughtering whites and no news NEW NATION NEWS,,,Council of conserned Citizens Whites are in Genocide in Africa and USA

    • Scarlet Ellis

      This is all getting pretty ridiculous. People are just defending criminal behaviour now because they don’t like the police.

      This guy assaulted a cab driver for saying something he didn’t like. When the cop tried to arrest him for the assault – which he is authorized to do.

      He resisted arrest and beat the cops face in the point he needs facial reconstruction.

      I know police brutality when I see it – this was self defense – and I also can see a difference between a victim and an assailant.

      The deceased was not a victim of crime, he’d just committed two assaults.

  • Jeff Hincks

    WELL he idiot did run away, he’s should have flashed his badge at the cop and then would have been OK but he ran so the office gave chase, like any other LEO would do. what a waste of life all over $$$ and it wasn’t a lot either probally. you could have also phoned the police or requested to talk to taxi supervisor, then you might still be among the living

  • bomma

    I’m not one to side with the police in the event of a shooting, but avoiding the officer, getting into a physical altercation and beating the shit out of him while he’s on the ground.. I’m sorry, but Bruno, I would’ve shot you in the fucking face for pulling shit like that.

  • Vlad Vondoom

    If I put my bare hands on a pig he is going to die, so I can see why the pig feared for his life. Some people are deadly even without a weapon.

  • Adenhart

    The obvious bias is strong on this one. So, cops apparently don’t have a right to defend themselves? If the event occurred as told in the article, the cop was justified in every way.
    I’m sure that if the Taxi Driver shot and killed Mr. Bruno, everyone in this article would agree that the shooting was justified.

    • James Dore

      No, you seem very confused with this situation. You see if the officer had done anything responsible that night consider the situation, nobody would have died. Instead he played hero, sought to “suppress” a suspect all by himself (in other words he was clearly looking for a fight and found it), and when his moment of grandeur did not go as planned he, with bruised face and bruised ego, murdered Bruno. Self defense would entail a very different and unavoidable set of circumstances, but this was so obviously avoid able, the rouge cop simply chose not to avoid it. Calling for back up would have ensured that, even if assaulted, there was support there to ensure officer safety without the need of deadly force. I don’t like cops, and there are a few good ones out there, but if a cop puts himself in unreasonable and avoidable danger that is the cop’s own fault and any use of force lies squarely on his head. Cops have the right to defend themselves just as much as anyone else however preemptive self defense and self defense from provoked attacks should count the same for them as it does for us, but it doesn’t, that’s why there is outrage.

    • keimh3regpeh2umeg

      Why should a violent armed thug (you call them cops for some reason) be considered to have any rights at all?

      • Adenhart

        Thanks for proving my point.

  • “According to reports, Bruno ended up on top of officer Hubbard, striking him in the face….He was hit pretty hard and repeatedly during the fight.”

    UHHH, that can be grounds for use of deadly force in every state as well as the military. Hate to say yes or no with not all the information but this shooting seems legit.

    • James Dore

      except the cop could have avoided it all together by having back up. given the situation having back up is practically protocol and is common knowledge, sense, and logic. It was a rouge officer looking for a fight and he picked the wrong one. Hate to say it but because of how obviously and easily avoided the escalation truly was this cop was not defending himself, it was an act of murder resulting ego and a need to feel powerful.

      • Yeah, hate to break it to you but cops are not supposed to “back down” when confronting a crime.

        “he cop could have avoided it all together by having back up”

        How far away was said back up? Were they on another call? Doe his shift even have back up? Just say “I dont know”.

        • James Dore

          again you are missing other important details, he had his wife there and could’ve waited with her until either Bruno cooled down or back up arrived, it is simple safety issue. Since the officer was not working as a police officer but a security guard, he personally know he was ill equipped to properly handle the situation by himself, buy pursuing and trying to arrest Bruno without the proper tools for the job, the cop already knew it would end in a physical altercation, again my point still stands that the cop was simply looking for a fight. Besides looking at the details stated in the reports we must not forget the obvious facts that don’t get as much attention. I’m not saying he had to back down, he could have pursued at a distance but that also was not the choice the cop made. If the cop was in any danger it is because HE put himself in danger in order to play the hero. A battered ego does not warrant self defense and there were plenty of ways that officer could have avoided getting his ass beat, but the officer did not choose any of the many available options, instead he chose to get into a fight, so he in turn provoked the attack. No sympathy, hang him for murder.

  • John Kochendorfer

    gotta wait for the tape .. how did he draw his gun when the other guy was on top beating him and had him pinned … I understand people like to drink but when i was an EMT we were trained the no. 1 cause of injury was rapid deceleration .. after working in a emergency room I found out it was booze .. when people drink they cant think plain and simple . lets wait for the tape..

  • dog

    two assaults (one on a police officer) and resisting arrest…, sorry, nice kid or not…should have known better…

    • James Dore

      The officer should have called for back up for his own safety, which is common sense and common logic for police officer dealing with aggressive situations. With the back up there the officer would have never been in a situation where he felt his life was threatened, plain and simple. The rouge cop wanted to play hero and was clearly looking for a fight, he bit off more than he could chew and had to kill Bruno for being a stronger and better fighter than him. Apparently being stronger than a police officer is an immediate danger…to their egos.

      • dog

        good summation

      • VMS-RDH

        I love how you keep calling him a rouge cop…did he have makeup on his cheeks because that is what rouge is! I believe the word you are searching for in between all your senseless rantings is rogue…and he was not rogue. A 17 year police veteran and 25+ year National Guardsman…sounds like a really crazy outta control guy to me…SMH!

        • James Dore

          Really, really! you have no logical rebuttal so you attack a misspelling in order to discredit me, pathetic. Rogue, adj.: “behaving in ways that are not expected or not normal, often in a way that causes damage”. So yes, he was a rogue cop and his time on the force and training has nothing to do with whether or not he was one. What his time on the force DOES tell us is that he DID know there were other, better ways of handling the situation, of which he CHOSE not to do.

          Your personal judgments on the cops conduct are very telling as they are based solely in organizations that regularly and activity cover up abuses of position, those being the police and military. Also, based on your perceptions I am guessing that you are a cop who is just trolling this page in order to distract people from the fact that the boy in blue MURDERED a civilian because of an entirely avoidable altercation started by the cop.

  • Arnt Johnsen

    They have a jurisdiction when of duty, and that are to be legit to kill? Bull!
    This is what the moron officers wanna do in the near future? Its not gonna be all that easy thats for sure, start to resist, according to some old laws and one newer one ” stand your ground” gives you the right to defend your self. Sitting up on him, taking out the gun and shooting him in the chest, hm in my book THAT is murder because he did die, if he lived it should be considered as a murder attempt.

  • Arnt Johnsen

    Arent there some kind of regulations regarding alcohol for policeofficers?
    Such as ” intoxicated by alcohol dont use your shield & hidden weapon…
    If i was this guys brother i would go for ” Eye for an Eye”…

    • VMS-RDH

      The police officer was not the one drunk the firefighter was…get your facts straight!

  • is what it is

    fact of the matter is no one knows exactly what happened yet… however, if anyone in this chat was having their head punched repeatedly, you all would have done the same thing the cop did… doesn’t matter if it was a gun, a brick, or a plastic fork

  • Pete

    People jump to conclusions just because a cop shot someone. Maybe the cop felt he was about to lose consciousness and his only defense was to shoot. He didnt have a taser on him. A baton is not an option. It’s hand to hand and he was losing big. It’s either shoot or lose consciousness and possibly be killed, either by fists or his own gun after he passes out.

    • James Dore

      or maybe the cop felt that if he called for backup he wouldn’t have a good excuse to beat the crap out of someone, you know, let off some steam from the stress of work. Common sense, knowledge, and logic all dictate that he should have called for back up in case a situation escalates, for officer safety minimally. The rouge officer clearly just wanted a fight, and he picked the wrong one. the whole thing could have been avoided but instead the cop willingly chose to unreasonably put himself in a situation where would have to use force and potentially lethal force.

  • Richard Branam

    🙂 My concern here is if public servants are true professionals there non confrontive representation will be to understand the situation and quell both sides with out resulting loss of life 🙂 Which will be acceptable to the watching public 🙂 Thank you !

    • James Dore

      Not to mention a true professional would have called for back up, even just for officer safety, which would have also avoided the loss of life. the cop was clearly looking for a fight and found the wrong one.

  • Concerned citizen

    Why didn’t the cop use a non-lethal method of takedown? I understand that he was in some level of danger, but there was pepperspray, stun guns, tasters, defensive martial arts, cops these days shoot first and ask questions later. Its sickening. This man just wanted to have a good day with his wife, and things got blown out of proportion. A firearm should be an officer’s very last line of defence. I mean VERY last, as in the officer has been gravely injured. What if a bystander had been hit by that officer? Or this firefighters wife?

    • James Dore

      Because he was looking for a violent outlet and wanted to play hero, that backfired. A responsible cop would have called for back up,, which would have unarguably avoided the loss of life. The rouge cop was reckless and wanton in his drive to sate his ego and sense of power. It was not self defense, it was a murder.

    • VMS-RDH

      The officer WAS gravely injured – he needs facial reconstruction. If he had been beaten to the point of unconsciousness (which he was apparently close to), Bruno could have taken his gun from him and shot him. He was in imminent life threatening danger and used appropriate force.

  • Sean

    For everyone on here that is not aware that America is rapidly becoming a police-country, for the good of your fellow humans, please open your fucking eyes! Maybe you have a cop in your family, maybe your friend is a cop, but they do NOT represent the majority of police officers, so they are not evidence that police in general are in any way deserving of the kind of respect that a normal human should be. Watch the video of Kelly Thomas, and if that doesn’t change your perspective, then you have been so thoroughly brain-washed and desensitized beyond hope. The bar for becoming an officer of the law is getting lower and lower, why? Because stupid people are easier to control, and an inherent lack of confidence provides just enough insecurity to give someone an itchy trigger finger. All of this in an effort to spread fear and intimidation amongst the masses and keep us under foot. Why else would they be issuing orders in New York and California to collect citizen owned firearms? What better way to prevent the rebellion of tyranny than disarm the populace? Everyone needs to be concerned with this.

  • Raven Man

    MY understanding is that in most all areas, police officers are actually considered on duty 24/7. I do not usually take the side of Police, simply because I think most are out of control with the power they have, and so many citizens are being killed.. In this case until I see more of the report it sounds like the Cop defended himself.. If its true and he or anyone was on top of me beating me, I would shoot him too.
    So srry fr the bride and the familiys loss..

  • Jessica White

    it doesn’t matter whether the officer has jurisdiction or not. At what point does the judicial system stop turning away police officers with an IQ over 140? These officers are supposed to be trained in conflict RESOLUTION… how the hell does a dispute over taxi fare turn into a dead groom when there is a “trained professional’ there to “assist”??? These Crim J majors are taught to be narrow minded, presumptive and deadly – majority of them have no true interest in being of service to anyone but themselves and the freaking public gets stuck having to deal with every con on the street that they let go, every rapist on the street that they let go, every violent offender that got probation, and on top of them incarcerating all the victimless criminals (feans & potheads) & Letting all the dangerous ones go – we all get to deal with uncultured, ethnocentric, militant, egomaniacal, low IQ having THUGS with a BADGE. Its just fucking fantastic don’t you think?
    I don’t understand why americans allow this. #Shame

    • James Dore

      140 is quite high, I believe 10 points below genius…also a bit generous, I would’ve guessed they turn away those with an IQ above 90…or 70.

    • keimh3regpeh2umeg

      “Peace” officer. LOL

    • VMS-RDH

      Do you realize that this 17 year veteran officer has also served his country as a National Guardsman for 25 years…I think he IS a trained professional who has a true interest in serving others. I think Bruno was a hothead who started a fight with a cab driver and was pissed that he got caught.
      ^^^^updated story with a little more information^^^^

      • James Dore

        No, you don’t think, you are yet to provide any statements demonstrating the use of critical thinking. All you have been doing is attacking other people who have and then asserting your own speculations that lack any real basis in information. Bruno was upset that he got caught, that is why he ran, that information is so clear that your version of the events contradicts the facts that are presented.

  • truth

    The firefighter was a trained competitive fighter (MMA). The cop was not. The cop suffered serious injuries (half the bones in his face were broken). Guess that doesn’t matter, though.

  • Yo

    The only question in play here is whether or not Bruno identified himself as a police officer, as Security Gaurds for hotel do not have the legal right of pursuit, detention, or the use of force. Therefore, Bruno was legally obligated to identity himself as a police officer Before pursuing anyone.

    • keimh3regpeh2umeg

      Bruno was the firefighter.

    • VMS-RDH

      He IS a cop and WAS in uniform, not a “security guard” but off-duty police work. It is different. His uniform should have been easily recognizable to the suspect.

  • MikeG

    The Firefighter assaulted the Cabbie, When the officer responded the Firefighter ran, When the officer caught up the firefighter assaulted the officer. He was bashing his head into the ground when the officer shot him. I am a firefighter and this is ridiculous. If this story was Suspect shot by police it wouldnt even be news worthy to the media. This is being sensationalized. I think the real message here is dont get drunk act a fool and try and bash a cops head in.

    • James Dore

      sadly the real message should be: be a responsible cop and call for back up in potentially violent situations, don’t play hero, and don’t go looking for fights.

      • MikeG

        Mr Bruno had already assaulted 1 person, and fled when approached. You are operating on assumptions that have no basis in fact. Where does it say that he did not call for back up ? When a Suspect runs are you suggesting that a police officer should not give chase ? It isnt about being a hero. this article leaves out several pertinent facts such as the fact the police officer requires reconstructive surgery to repair the damage Mr Bruno caused.

        • James Dore

          you really should read my other comments, there really is no assumption, rather a critical look at all the related facts. I never said the officer should not have given chase, but he also did not need to get close enough to get his ass beat like he did, and the fact that he requires reconstructive surgery is his own fault for seeking physical altercation in the first place. the story both here and in the report leaves some vital gaps that can easily be filled by viewing all relevant facts, such as: the rouge cop didn’t call for back up; the rouge cop, working security, had personal knowledge that he was ill equipped to handle suppressing and arresting a violent suspect; it is practically protocol and common logic, sense, and knowledge that you call for back up when faced with a violent situation for your own safety; etc. etc. I really could go on describing all sorts of scenarios in which the entire incident could have been resolved without the use of lethal force or physical altercation. It just so happens that this rouge cop willfully and knowingly chose to end with a physical altercation. With this information in mind, one can reasonably conclude that this cop was looking for a fight and he found one that came with “justifications”, with no other officers to account for kicking the shit out of Bruno, this cop likely thought he had an easy fight with an easier excuse. Except it didn’t end that way; Bruno’s only real crime against the officer, being a stronger and better fighter.

          When police are faced with violent situations they are trained to draw their weapon to ensure a safe distance between themselves and the suspect to avoid such physical altercations for their own safety and then determine when to put away said weapon when they can deem the situation safe enough to do so. The cop could have done exactly that, but again he simply chose not to, he chose to engage in a physical altercation., There is a very clear reason why specific details leading up to the physical altercation are left out and that is to create the air of justification. In reality, the cop was clearly trying to fulfill his sense of empowerment by kicking the shit out of a suspect and then shot him when it didn’t go his way. Until you can show me otherwise, with real evidence, the facts ultimately lead to this conclusion. The rouge cop is a murderer plain and simple.

          • You have obviously never worked law enforcement before with such amateurish views:

            “did not need to get close enough to get his ass beat like”

            Do you know how fast a human being can close even a 30 foot gap? 2 seconds or so

            “the story both here and in the report leaves some vital gaps”

            Welcome to the American news media new guy

            Rouge cop, rouge cops blah blah. Its ROGUE first off and working extra duty its common practice in every department in the USA

            ” you call for back up when faced with a violent situation for your own safety”

            Yeah and that backup could be 20 minutes away. Thats the reality. Just because you call doesnt mean they are going to be there anytime soon. But you would know that if you knew what you were talking about

            “I really could go on describing all sorts of scenarios in which the
            entire incident could have been resolved without the use of lethal force
            or physical altercation”

            Interesting. Sounds great when you are safe at home. Put you on the street and see how that works out. PROTIP: it probably wont and you would end up having to shoot the guy too, or you wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger and we would have to bury you.

          • James Dore

            Way to go, cannot form a rational argument so instead of using critical thinking you resort to straw man tactics and other logical fallacies.

            yes, a human can close a gap in a short span of time (2 seconds is a bit exaggerated) however you also seem to reject the fact that an altercation is dynamic in which both parties are constantly able to move and react especially when given proper distance, this is basic martial arts and since cops are trained in self defense this point is OBVIOUS. If the officer maintained proper distance and taken proper defensive measures, the issue would not have turned fatal. If Bruno were to have charged the officer after that, the officer would have an easy opportunity to wound Bruno by easily shooting him in the leg, effectively ending his charge. Even if Bruno dies in that situation, it would have in fact been self defense as there was proper distance, clear defensive measures and warning (if given the time for that), and clear self defense. however this was not the case, if anything here is amateurish it is your ability to analyze facts and information.

            Your gun-ho heroic mentality is also a logical failure. Even if the back up was 20 min away, Bruno would not have gone very far, his wife was still there and AGAIN the officer could have pursued Bruno while maintaining a safe enough distance to avoid an altercation or at the very least the use of lethal force. Again, your lacking ability to process key facts and information both presented and already known is astonishing.

            Safe at home, I have thwarted a break in of my home using a fully bladed sword, without having to kill the two intruders (sent them both running, crying, scared for their lives, they never made it through the window) I never go anywhere without a knife and am quite capable of defending myself and others without having to cause an altercation or use lethal force. Discipline is one of the first thing taught in any good dojo (clearly not taught to the police) and it is that discipline that enables one to properly read each situation and determine how to handle it. Your comment is both speculative and false as you have no idea what my knowledge, experience, or background is. Oh, and as above I did briefly describe ways in which the officer had opportunities to avoid an altercation, or at eh very least the use of lethal force.

            I find your attempts to discredit me not only fail because of your lack of logical analysis and deliberate misrepresentations, but also because you are a police blog troll who is either a rouge cop, a defender of rouge cops just because they are cops, a person with a cop in the family and blindly supporting cops, or just someone who will excuse any action performed by anyone in a special costume (a statist). In the end you fail to show why the rouge cop in this case is not a blatant murderer and responsible for his own beating.

          • VMS-RDH

            You just love to blabber on don’t you…repeating your same “thoughts” on how it could have better been handled…you sound like Kung Fu Panda…oh, in my dojo we blah blah blah. They weren’t in a dojo, they were in a real life situation here. Try being light on your toes with a 40 pound duty belt and bullet proof vest on (not to mention really icky polyester pants that weigh a ton)…it isn’t so easy as in your pretty white “uniform” you prance around on mats in. You have no real life experience in placing yourself in danger to protect others, give it up already.

          • James Dore

            Try being light on your feet in roughly close to 100lbs of armor. It can and does happen all it takes is training in that same gear, of which the military does (train in their gear) for that very purpose. This your third response I have responded too and you have provided me with enough information to conclude: 1) you are a cop, 2) you have a negative “us vs them” mentality which often leads to such abuses of power, and 3) you are so out of shape that you cannot carry your own gear. So not only are you a cop…you’re a bad one at that. (based purely on the vast information you have provided me about yourself).

            You are yet to counter any of my statements with a rational argument or fact for that matter. You have consistently resorted to straw-man attacks and simply name calling, all signs that you have no hope at winning the argument on a purely intellectual level. Using critical thinking and cognitive reasoning (something you appear to lack) it is very clear that Bruno died because of a choice that the cop made, making the cop purely responsible for Bruno’s death, in other words a murderer. Hate to break this too you but even cops can be, and often are, criminals themselves or criminals as an organization, that is an unarguable fact (my sources include the Department of Justice, among others).

          • James Dore

            Try being light on your feet in about 100 lbs of armor. It can and does happen, it is what happens when you train in your gear, a regular practice of the military. Again, you lack any logical or rational argument to counter anything I have to say and it is quite obvious, based on the information you have provided about yourself and your trolling, that you are a cop…and a bad one at that, and not just a bad cop, one too out of shape to carry his own gear. (thank you for your insight onto yourself).

            You have proven quite clearly that you lack the necessary function to engage in critical thought or cognitive reasoning. You have been unable to rationally rebut any of my statements and simply cannot win the argument on a purely intellectual level, this you have made quite clear. All you are doing is trying to distract people from the fact that a boy in blue needlessly MURDERED a suspect because he CHOSE to initiate an physical altercation with the suspect.

          • James Dore

            By the by, I have put myself in danger, both armed and unarmed, to protect others (friends and total strangers alike) against individuals and large groups, by myself. Each situation ended without violence or blood shed, so if a civilian can do it, so can a cop.

  • Salahhe Sali

    Seriously, you argue about cab fare just after your wedding? How much could it have been to deserve all that drama?

    • Kenneth Pastore

      Salahhe, that was the cab driver version of events. The bride tells another story. We don’t know.

      • Salahhe Sali

        Fine. Than What kind of a moron runs from the police and then try to beat him up? Can you think of one reason you would chose to do that instead of surrendering and then clarify the matter reasonably? One reason you would think this is a good idea. Please. Because I cannot think of one.

      • VMS-RDH

        What was the bride’s statement and where did you get it – I have been following this story closely and I have not heard anything she had to say other than they argued about the fare and supposedly the cab driver threw the money back at them and said some unknown words they assumed were an insult…she admitted her husband hit the cab driver.

    • VMS-RDH

      I read somewhere their fare was about $6 and they were trying to negotiate a fare for their drunk friend who was also in the cab but not getting out at the same destination. He needed a much longer ride home – my guess would be they tried to get the driver to take much less money than he knew the fare would be and when he refused and attempted to return the excess they had given him (or the change from their fare) Bruno got pissed and punched him, starting the violence.

  • James Dore

    Ok, how about a little perspective. I was a security guard for a while, even on an armed detail, guards were instructed and reminded when to use lethal force and when to call police. Even though the security guard was an off duty police officer common sense dictates that aggressively chasing a party involved in a violent and explosive assault (justified or otherwise) will only escalate the situation further. True, the officer had a duty to respond, the appropriate response, unarguably, was to call for backup or for other officers to come and handle the situation. I’m not saying what Bruno did was right or wrong, but what the cop did was both wrong and beyond stupid. Rather than being a responsible law enforcement, acting with consideration to his safety and the safety of others, he decided to play hero and got his ass beat, he had no right to shoot bruno and yes, he should’ve just taken his lickings because he earned them. This is not rocket science, if he waited for back up, he wouldn’t have been brutalized in the first place because even if he was assaulted he would have back up there to support him and restrain Bruno. This is textbook failure due to a clearly over bloated ego derived from a sense of authority, the situation defies both logic and common sense and was so easily avoidable…if the cop chose to avoid it. No one had to die that night, and another ego maniac, murderous cop will be roaming the streets again because he knows how to get himself into situations that “justify” his desire for violence. Plain and simple, no logical counter arguments. And for those who have family that are cops, I have a family member that is a cop…he wouldn’t have been that stupid or reckless, nor is he a violent person. And I have too been the victim of police abuse and know first hand how deep the corruption runs, across the board. So to put it into perspective, looking at facts relevant to the situation, it is clear that this cop wanted to have a physical altercation, he wanted to beat someone down…it just didn’t go his way and so he had to kill his intended victim and the department will be defending him and justifying it only because of the badge and costume he wears (during the day) and the Bruno family will never get any justice.

    Finally, this is nothing like the Zimmerman incident. The relevant facts are actually polar opposites. One WAS self defense and the other completely avoidable. In Zimmerman: zimmerman followed a suspicions person at a distance AFTER calling 911; zimmerman was following the suspicious person and relaying any changes in direction to the police so that they would be able to quickly find the suspicious individual and sort out the whole thing; Zimmerman lost the suspicious person around a building and was AMBUSHED by said person; the assailant was slamming zimmerman’s head against the concrete, telling zimmerman that he was “going to die tonight”, and then reach for zimmerman’s gun; zimmerman fearing actual and imminent danger to his life took control of his weapon and shot the assailant, killing him. In Bruno (and yes I watched a couple news clips): an altercation happened in a taxi cab involving Bruno allegedly assaulting the cab driver; a lone cop doing a non-police security detail responded to the situation, as required by his lawful job as a police officer (to my knowledge moonlighting is still illegal); The lone cop attempts to get a statement from Bruno, who is still visibly agitated and flees; Rather than calling for back up, for extra support or his own safety, the rouge cop tries to play hero and pursues Bruno in an attempt to suppress Bruno, by himself; blinded by his ego, the situation turns around on the rouge officer who now feels actual and imminent danger to his ego from being shamed by the police department for having his ass beaten because he tried to play hero instead of doing what any sensible cop would do; Feeling no other way to restore his sense of power over the individual he sought to take down aww by himsewf, he shoot Bruno and now will have the entire department publicly defending him…after the chief chews him out for being a retard. Yes I through in some speculative claims in the Bruno incident, but really this result could have been completely avoided and it is the cop’s fault for getting brutalized and it is the cop’s fault for shooting Bruno. Where I am from if you contributed to a situation involving someone getting killed for attacking you, such as wilfully unreasonably escalating the situation, you go to jail even if you claim self defense because at that point you are responsible for provoking the reactions leading up to killing that person.

  • SadTruth

    Sadly, if you are striking someone (cop or not) in the head while they are on the ground the law is against you. Any single, miscalculated punch could end your life in a second.

  • keimh3regpeh2umeg

    When a person throws stuff at your wife, that’s assault. When a person chases you, that’s a threat. I’d say the cabbie and the cop both got what was coming.

  • averagejoe

    Have you people no common sense or respect for those who keep the nation’s violence somewhat at bay? This officer may have over reacted with the shooting, but guess what? No one will ever really know because unless your in that exact situation at that exact time and place you will never know. So maybe everyone on this forum should do two things. The first being have have a little respect for your local police officer. Secondly, use common sense and KNOW your facts about a situation before your start posting based on one partial “news” article.

  • Hermo

    Where’s Ohmuummer saying that if he had a son he would have looked like Bruno?

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    I’m the biggest cop critic that ever came down the pike, but if you punch a cop and knock him out, you can take his gun and kill him… That makes this a justified self-defense shooting, almost unquestionably. If the facts are as reported here. Cops lie like rugs most of the time, but the swelling appears to corroborate him – we’ll see what the video holds. Edit: Wait, this is wrong analysis if the cop wasn’t in uniform – makes all the difference – my bad.


    A lot of people who aren’t cops debating police procedure. Put yourself in the officer’s shoes. A man has been assaulted, and his assailant is drunk. You try to take a statement, drunk guy runs into an alley. When you catch up to him, he starts wailing on you, pinning you to the ground and repeatedly hitting you in the face. The pain is agonizing, you can hear your bones breaking, and you panic, fearing for your life. Now at this point in the story, when you’re in pain, and legitimately afraid for your life, most of you are suggesting pepper spray. The guy was ON TOP of him. Spraying his attacker would’ve sprayed him too. Some of you said taser, but the guy was ON TOP of him. The electricity would’ve traveled down to his own body. He had to do what he had to do. I hope it’s a choice none of you will ever have to make, all of you passing judgment. Because you’re going to die.

  • jay

    the cop had to use his gun!?!?! why couldn’t he use any of the other weapons that he carries on him bullshit, cop didn’t need to shoot an un-armed man. end of story

    • James Dore

      because he didn’t have any of that other stuff, and even if he did it is because he chose to pick a fight with Bruno and lost.

  • Jockobean

    police have no business pulling their guns -much less firing- unless threatened w/in range w/ a knife or fired upon (as per Rule of Engagement for our military in foreign neutral territory).

  • LibertarianGrump

    Since the right-wing takes a pose of serf-like supplication before law enforcement, while worshipfully revering fire fighters, it was of interest to me which side they would take in this story. The comments here have adequately answered: serfdom trumps virtue.

  • stosh mikita

    that firefighter hit a nice fireman’s carry takedown on the cop. fitting.

  • Ben Emery

    What a pussy, that is seriously like the definition of cowardice, start a fist fight and pull a damn gun when you lose. So pathetic

  • docfred78

    This should not be on this site. A drunk punched a cab driver then ran, attacked a security guard/cop who shot him when he got pounded into the ground. This could have easily gone the other way and the officer would be dead or brain damaged. Bruno was drunk, big, and aggressive, had he done the right thing during any part of this he would be alive.

    • Hadara S.

      Hallelujah and thank you!!!!!

  • Harley Wootton

    Please someone end the protocol saying that anyone who seems like a suspect must be tackled, slammed, wrestled, and fought by police. I promise, the accused would have had no problem identifying themselves and I’d rather a guy run away from an alleged assault and get away completely free than to be instantly executed.

  • VMS-RDH is an idiot

    Fuck the police, this is why all police should be shot, don’t fight if you do choose to fight, just run for your life or kill them and hide the evidence PROPERLY.

  • Jamie Paul Bennett

    video is a waste of time the guy who filmed it said NOTHING and the nurse knew nothing. but the guy MAKES it sound like the officer had a valid choise and chose to shot him. now the officer whos about to black out was clear headed enough to pull a gun and use it to kill……i think the cop knew what he was doing and wasnt in any real danger when he pulled the trigger or couldve easily shot him else wheres or in the air as a warning shot. cop lost control

    • Hadara S.

      No. No, no, no. I am an EMT and the beating the cop took was enough to kill him.

  • Jamie Paul Bennett

    if the cop wins wanna bet the firefighter will lose his benefits.

  • PoliceStateBS

    Yet another case of a police officer over stepping his given authority. Yet another police officer that should probably be exposed to the same fate in which he wrongfully put on a citizen. ACAB.

  • Damien

    I really hope that cop dies a very violent death.

    As a matter of fact, I will pray to God that he does!

    • Dena Campbell

      Looks like God spared his life you moron.

  • Kelly A

    not as black and white as other recent stories but i would suggest that this cop always be assigned a partner because he obviously can’t handle aggressive situations by himself.

    • Dena Campbell

      Could you handle being punched in the face and head repeatedly while losing conscience AND being exhausted from trying to control the bully who could have gotten the gun and shot the cop? You are an illogical idiot.

  • Evan L

    0.8 is the legal limit for driving. Not for riding in a cab. Very misleading statement there.

  • Guest

    LOL – fuck Firemen and Cops.

  • Damien

    This is another reason why ALL pigs need to wear cameras.

    Let’s just hope the PIG dies soon!

    • Dena Campbell

      Committing murder in your heart? The drunk bully was the pig.

  • I am guessing this is going to make the police/fire softball league a bit more entertaining this year.

  • dagdason

    phoock this cop, he should die under the wheels of a fire truck … no EMT or safety personnel should ever assist this coward cop. And phoock the grand jury, they don’t no shite

    • Hadara S.


  • nwbrian

    Ok let’s cut the crap. I understand there’s always going to be corrupt cops, but I didn’t see this as the case in this event. The man who was shot already showed his violent hand towards the cab driver. But that’s ok?
    When confronted by a cop (deservingly so after punching the cab driver) he was combative, after being CHASED. The man was DRUNK as hell while gaining the upper hand on the cop. Now, if it were me, I would have shot too, as the man WAS pounding the cops face in.
    Then I see AVOIDABLE all over this rag. Maybe AVOIDABLE if the firefighter never punched the cab driver in the first place? Pick and choose, as you my.Seems to me the firefighter was a bully who got it the end.

  • Danny Gowshall

    Why does it matter if he was over the limit for.Not that im condoning drinking booze but wasn’t he in a taxi.The police officer should be sacked and server time …lots of time FREE THE WEED ONE LOVE

    • Dena Campbell

      It matters because the more alcohol in your system the more drunk you are and out of control. The cop did what I would have done.

  • wizegie

    Here’s the main problem with law enforcement today: they are trained to escalate instead of de-escalate.

  • Sean Melton

    Why do cops get to use “I feared for my life” as an excuse to kill someone, but I don’t?

    Whenever I see a cop, I fear for my life…

    Do the cops understand that they are in the minority and outnumbered by about a thousand to one?

    • Feg Geey

      No, they don’t. And until we start shooting back, they won’t.

    • Hadara S.

      Oh, please. This was a righteous shooting.

    • CornellUG1993

      Cops, like all people, get to use subjective fear of imminent death that society finds objectively reasonable, as a justification for a homicide. If you have a subjective fear of imminent death every time you see a cop, you should see a psychologist. Society would not find that reasonable.

    • Dena Campbell

      You DO have a right to self defense when you fear for your life. Don’t you even know basic natural law?

  • Randall Williams

    why are you people ignoring the fact that the cop became the aggressor and became more aggressive towards the firefighter regardless of the assault on the driver ?? it’s clear, because of the cops aggression, that the firefighter ran and could it be, for him running away, that he knew he had been drinking and did not want to cause the cop any trouble because he knew how cops cop an attitude when they know you’ve been drinking ?? are you people forgetting that the man the cop murdered was a firefighter and not a drug dealer or a criminal , that this firefighter had inter action with the cops all the time ?? I would and I will do the same thing if a cop becomes aggressive with me . the only difference is that I carry and I will use lethal force if I feel i’m in fear of my life . just because someone commits a petty crime does not give the cops the right to become aggressive . I would of punched the driver to for treating my wife that way . the driver started this whole thing by trying to rip his passengers off and when confronted he became aggressive , but according to some of the responses I’ve read it seems as though the driver and the cop did nothing to provoke the situation . you people discus me .

    • nwbrian

      “the cop became the aggressor and became more aggressive towards the firefighter regardless of the assault on the driver”
      Carriage before the horse, perhaps?

    • Hadara S.

      How the hell was the cop supposed to know who the FF is? All he knows is that this drunk and disorderly is assaulting people and resisting arrest. AND who cares? In that moment, he was pummeling the cop to death. Would you have felt better if the FF had grabbed the cop’s gun and fired it at the cop, killing him? Seriously, this whole conversation is just silly.

    • Dena Campbell

      Firefighters are not above the law. The cop tried to restrain the drunk and the drunk pinned him down and began pounding his head and face in the concrete. Glad the cop didn’t die from the beating and the FF was the aggressor.

  • Adolph Schumer

    Police are always justified to murder unarmed people. Try and use the defense for lethal force against an unarmed man and you will go to jail. Rise up and resist the occupational army

    • Hadara S.

      Silly generalizations. Grow up.

  • John Q

    This cop should be shot

    • Hadara S.

      Why? What if you were on the ground with an angry drunk on top of you smashing your head against the pavement? What would you do?

  • sean lacriox

    yeah but its acab fare it gets paid the man paid it FACISM MUST FALL and it startswith if I want totell cab driverto get fucked and throwmoney at him I can he paid his fair he wasn’t harming the cabbie he paid he wasleaving with his wife off duty guy tried toplay hero for a crimethat wasnevercommited ran intodrunk guy drunk guy one where is the call for back up where is this cops protocol on obviously intoxicated individual for the defense of the officer I think I would shot himtoo or at least fired into the air to scarehimoffme butthis copdidnt follow proper protocall and because of it a guy lost his life

    • nwbrian

      He punched the cabbie. Please re-read

  • John Busciglio

    At the end of the story the reporter makes sure to let us know that Bruno’s BAC was 2.2 and 0.8 is the legal limit. But wait, Bruno was in a cab. The “legal limit” probably has nothing to do with this case at all since the man who was drunk was smart enough to arrange a cab ride. I understand the man was drunk, but he wasn’t too drunk to defend himself and his new wife. Nothing illegal about that, right? I’d like to know why cops are constantly putting themselves in these retarded situations where fear for their lives is justification for murdering someone.

    • nwbrian

      True, BAC level wasn’t necessary; but its noteworthy the guy may have had too much to drink and was otherwise drunker than hell. I’ve me a lo of idiot, violent drunks in my time.

      • John Busciglio

        I just think painting the guy as doing something illegal is bad reporting. I don’t care if someone is drunk or not as long as they keep to themselves. If the cab drive assaulted his new wife, punching him would have been something seen as normal I would think. Drinking does make people act different tho. I bet if he was sober this wouldn’t have happened. Still no excuse, just cause someone is drunk doesn’t give anyone the automatic right to treat them like crap.

        • nwbrian

          Just because someone is drunk(irrational) is what likely started the entire thing.

    • John

      The cop, having already tried non-lethal ways to restrain the man who punched a cabbie in the face, had a giant aggressive drunk on him punching his head into concrete. What the fuck would you have done?

    • Daniel Wood

      Um….that reporter is an idiot. 2.21 is about 10.5 X how much would kill the average person. I have to imagine that he meant .221

      • John

        Huh… you’re right. But either way, that’s really drunk.

  • Wayne Darby

    just another POS murderer and make sure to make a big deal that he had been drinking to justify the murder.

  • John

    Okay, first some coked out bitch gets arrested for some hit-n-runs, tries to flee the station, gets tazed, and fatally hits her head due to the fall. She did it to herself. YOU FUCKERS post the story and the commenters commented on it basically saying that at worst: the cop meant to kill her with the tazer; and at best: was just some fat fuck to lazy to restrain her.

    NOW you’re posting a story where the cop in question actually TRIED to restrain a big aggressive man with a 2.2 BAC who PUNCHED a cab driver because of some stupid shit like the FARE. The cop just wanted to arrest him and TRIED to non-fatally restrain him. The big, aggressive, drunk fuck was PUNCHING him in the HEAD. I don’t know if any of you have been punched in head before, but it’s pretty fucking traumatic. The cop actually feared for his life because of the massive firefighter POUNDING HIS HEAD INTO THE CONCRETE. So the cop shot him. So even though the cop tried to do the right thing, then found himself in a potentially life-or-death situation, you STILL fault him? Seriously, fuck you guys.

    There are REAL, LEGITIMATE stories about police abuse of power and incompetence! This shit only decreases your credibility! It only takes the steam out of fighting the police state! Knock it off! Please!

    • nwbrian

      Well said. I think sites like this are for ex cons or something. There’s corruption everywhere as you said, but not in this case; and when they argue it is, they sound like a bunch of whiny liberals without a straight story. All legit stuff won’t get a legit ear.

    • Daniel Wood

      2.2 BAC eh? That’s one really, really, REALLY drunk guy.

    • John

      EDIT: I guess .22 BAC is more likely. Still really drunk, regardless.

    • Dena Campbell

      You’re exactly right, John. These idiots are cop haters.

  • CitizenBrain

    Of course he feared for his life. If you hire gutless pussies that are frightened by their own shadow to be cops, they’re going to be continuously freaked out and shoot anybody and anything because they are frightened. STOP HIRING PUSSIES TO BE COPS.

    • John

      You’re being completely unreasonable, along with many others on this site. I have a hunch that this website is being run by agent provocateurs.

      • Hadara S.

        I agree. No one is basing their statements on facts.

  • Leroy Blankenship

    There’s no such thing as a Good Cop until there is no such thing as the Blue Line. Mandatory wearing of audio/video devices on all cops should be the law of the land because it is all to obvious that someone has to police the police.

    • Hadara S.

      This cop knew he was being filmed, he even asked the guy holding the camera to call 911. Your statement has no grounds and knee-jerk I-hate-cops reactions are childish. Every case must be looked at individually.

  • Wale

    “Legal limit” for what?? He wasn’t driving! Damn police! Cowards quick to pull guns. smh.

  • Stephanie Culp

    his b/a could could not be 2.28, that is higher than a lethal amount of alcohol, it as probably .228. .33 is the legal amount of blood alcohol level and .08 is the maximum it can be to drive, not legal period. He didn’t break the law, he was defending himself against an abusive cop. If he wasn’t in uniform, he would go to jail without question or debate.

    • nwbrian

      Punching the cabbie IS a crime. It’s called, “Assault.”

      • John

        *”and battery”

        “Assault” is just making somebody fearful for their lives, etc.

        But yeah, that firefighter caused all of this. 🙂

        • nwbrian

          I stand corrected…forgot to add the battery part. Thanks.

        • CornellUG1993

          That’s tort law, not criminal law. Criminal assault in Missouri involves physical altercation.

          • John

            I guess I actually stand corrected. lol

    • John

      How was the cop being abusive? The firefighter punched an innocent cabbie in the face over the fare, then ran from the cop and otherwise resisted arrest. The cop tried to non-lethally restrain the firefighter. The big, aggressive, drunk firefighter began punching the cop’s head into the concrete. The cop, reasonably fearing for his life, shot the firefighter. That doesn’t sound like “abuse” at all to me. Back up your claim, please.

      • nwbrian

        Cop haters are like liberals: intelligent responses and citations are like kryptonite to them.

        • John

          It really is frustrating to know that good causes like keeping the police in check are being dragged through the mud by organizations like this.

        • Dena Campbell


      • Stephanie Culp

        “Footage shows the cop starting the aggression against the firefighter, who was on the ground.

        After the cop became more aggressive, it appears that Bruno began defending himself.

        Eventually Bruno gained the upperhand in the fight and the cop lost. At that point the cop pulled his gun out and shot Bruno to death.”

  • Rocinante

    You got this one wrong. Really wrong.

    Firefighter beat up a taxi driver in front of a hotel the cop was working off duty security at. Cop showed up, FF walked down the street. Cop followed and stopped FF. Cop tried to cuff FF and FF took him to the ground and was beating the shit outta of the cop and slamming the cops head into sidewalk. Cop was almost unconscious when he pulled his gun with FF on top of him and shot FF twice in chest. At that time FF stopped beating cop. When EMS arrived cop was unconscious from beating.

    In one video taken by a bystander, you can hear the cop asking onlookers for help as he was getting his ass kicked severely.

    Btw, Missouri says .08 alcohol in your system means you’re drunk. FF measured at 2.1.

    I’m glad I saw this post. I now know that I can trust Cop Block to tell the truth about cops about as much as I can trust cops. You’ve pretty much blown any credibility you had with me.

    • nwbrian

      “You’ve pretty much blown any credibility you had with me.”

    • Hadara S.

      I am in total agreement with you. My old partner, who is NYPD, was rip-roaring mad about this earlier. I think the video speaks for itself. The cop did nothing wrong. I’m surprised he had the wherewithall to pull out his gun as the FF was smashing his face in. A bit of swelling, my ass. His life was in danger and he did what he had to to save himself. Yes, this large, very drunk and belligerent FF could have beaten him to death with just his fists. I am aware of the history firefighters have with physical fighting, and I hope they bring it up at the trial. I pray for justice for these 2 torn-apart families, but I hope that does not include throwing a cop who was following procedure into jail.

  • jon

    its funny, that if a cop says “I fear for my life” its ok to shoot someone, but if someone who isn’t a cop says that, they get charged… funny how a peice of shiny metal, a marked car, and a uniform give people the right to kill someone else and get away with it

  • Ronnie

    The question we should be asking, is why do cops need more money, when they can’t even handle an unarmed man? I could care less that the guy was a firefighter, if he punches a guy who was being a dick, and then runs from police, he should of expected to be tackled. Once you start throwing blows, the cop is gonna react to their training and stop the fight.

    The problem is cops have very little foresight. Pulling a gun when the are already fighting, instead of having it out for sake of keeping the assailant (person who physically attacks another) from trying to fight him hand to hand. Gun comes out, cop yells for the person to get on the ground. Whenever black people are involved I see cops much more content to pull their guns out early.

    Cops seem to need lots of psychology into fear.

    They need to stop picking up just any old joe thinking average people can be police. Instead they hand out badges like candy on Halloween. They are allowing to many people seeking to fullfill egotrips as opposed to protecting the communities they live in.

    We have rapist, extortionists, and just generally a bunch of criminals as police. Yet every year they keep getting more money which is wasted on equipping mentally incapable (for the job) people, and training them in ways that only lead to more conflict as opposed to resolution.

    • nwbrian

      Too generalizing. You’d perhaps be the first to jump up and down screaming if you were ever lumped together with something negative.

  • nopewrong

    both parties were at fault here. Bruno should not have beaten the cab driver or assaulted the cop, and the cop, being that he was either ill-equipped or lacking in manpower should have called for backup and waited. He could have easily talked to the wife and the cab driver to identify the suspect and arrest him later. The fact is, is that there was a nonlethal option even taking into account his decision to play action hero, as he could have used his taser. If he didn’t have one, then what the fuck was he doing pursuing a bigger, stronger, younger, and shitfaced firefighter alone? This didn’t have to end in a death sentence, he got scared and lost his cool.

  • Nenene

    Obviously nothing will happen to the cop. the SOB needs to lose his joband be tried for the murder of that fireman.

  • A.j. Torres


  • Robert Huffman

    Well not sure what people expect to happen when you assault a cab driver resist arrest, flee from police , assault them again and win… As much as I am against police brutality and excessive force this guy was out of control and left the cop no other option. You do’t beat down a cop to the ground and keep hitting him and expect not to get shot.

    • SinStar

      Well cops expect suspects to get the living crap beat out of them and do nothing, then the cops should too.

  • SinStar

    There is nothing better than watching a pig get the crap kicked out of them. They are so used to beating up Joe citizen they forget that there are people out there that would love the opportunity to give them a taste of their own medicine. It is a damn shame the pussy pig had to kill him. Next time a cop is beating the crap out of a citizen and the citizen shoots the cop, will the citizen be able to say that he/she was in fear for their life without any major repercussions? I think not.

  • rick

    2.21 BAC?? Ummmm, so he had a 221% alcohol content in his system? interesting… i want that guy on my beer pong team.

  • perdner

    Jurisdiction is for wankers.

  • Steven Boyde

    Normally I agree with the claims of police using excessive force, but not in this case. The officer was attempting to hand cuff him and the fire fighter twice pulled his arm away. So the officer attempted to gain a better position to cuff the fire fighter (who by his wife’s report had just assaulted the cabbie) then the fire fighter began resisting even more, and the short struggle ensued. The fire fighter gained the upper hand and began pummeling the officer. The fire fighter at that point was no longer justifiably defending himself, he was assaulting the officer. The people filming even said “hey, don’t fight with the cop” the fire fighter looked at them and then began pummeling the officer. As a concealed carrier, regardless of whether my assailant is armed or not, if I get in a position where I am being pummeled and can’t defend myself and in risk of being rendered unconscious, I would kill him too. Because once you’re unconscious you have no control over your firearm and your assailant could take it and off you or someone else with it. your firearm is your responsibility. The officer did the reasonable thing. The firefighter was either drunk or an asshole. Either way, you can’t punch someone for saying something to your wife and then resist arrest and start assaulting an officer. It’s a sad story, but the moral is: don’t be drunken asshole punching people.

  • Tyler Fleck

    I know you idiots attention span is less than 30 seconds but if you watch the whole video you will see that the officer WAS the aggressor, kneeing the ff in the face for resisting, possibly because his arm physically couldn’t go behind his back. Then you see the ff roll the cop over punch him 4 times and you hear the shots. If you watch really carefully you can see the cop reaching for his gun before he even starts to get punched. I can guarantee that even if he weren’t gonna get punched that he still would have killed the ff. take more than 30 seconds to educate yourselves before you open your mouth then maybe someone would take you seriously.

    • Ethan Park

      The cop will probably just be required to go through some retraining and also experience scrutiny. Also, if he has any morals, he’s going to have to deal with the fact that he had to kill a fellow public servant (a newly married one at that) even if he feels that he had no other choice. I think an officer is allowed to pull out his weapon if the suspect is seen as a threat since he unbuttoned the holster as soon as he was pinned down. Good job calling a bunch of people out though. lul

    • John

      I see the massive drunk man resisting the handcuffs and the cop trying to use a different tactic to get him to comply. My opinion is no different.

  • Stephen

    Sorry guys but the from the story the cop had every right on this one.

  • Guest

    Guess we should just give put more guns into peoples hands.

  • Adam Brian

    You did not show the video so anything anyone said is meaningless. This was a very disapointing post.

  • Russell S Grisham


  • Kevin Rochelle

    Just like Zimmerman – guy tries to get physical, gets his ass kicked (where was his backup? oh yea he was a hero!), and pulls a gun.

  • Melbounre106

    Pig got what he deserved and lost so he shot him coward! One on one fare fight

    • George

      Pardon the pun! Actually, I doubt it was intentional. Spelling is everything.

  • Reporter: “.08 is the legal limit?” Legal limit for what, other than driving? The man was not driving. I am not aware that there’s a “legal limit” for your BAC if you are not operating a vehicle…

  • Visiontest

    Don’t get drunk on your wedding night.

    • sonicbphuct

      but do shoot people on their wedding night.

  • Scott Watkins

    The “Officer” ( again I use that term loosely ) made numerous judgement errors. He should have NEVER been on the ground with the civilian. He had other means of controlling the situation at his disposal. He should be charged. If he had been a citizen with a legal concealed weapon he would be crucified. But once again, a badge allows you to break the law. Sad.

    • John

      If he used a tazer, and the asshole drunk firefighter fell and fatally hit his head, like what happened in another muck-raking article on this site, you would’ve expressed the same outrage.

      If he used mace, and the asshole drunk firefighter ran in pain into traffic and got hit by a car, you would’ve expressed the same outrage.

      Use your brain; and shut the fuck up when you feel like saying something stupid.

      • sonicbphuct

        Yes John Sockpuppet – do use your brain and STFU. But, are you saying that if we mace you, you will run into traffic?

        • John

          Listen, you dumb cunt shill! Every article on this hack website looks to demonize every cop in every story it posts, regardless of how objectively wrong the cop in question actually is. You fucking members of an angry mob are never EVER willing to just sit back and look at the facts. THAT’S my point! And I like how you just dismiss that hypothetical scenario like there’s no chance that it could happen. Wanna try the other example I gave? Oh, wait, you can’t dismiss that one; so you’re not gonna try to pick that fight. It’s such a shame that the noble cause of keeping the police in check is being diluted by ignorant fucks like you.

          • sonicbphuct

            ahh, yes. the shill responds. Which fusion center are you writing from? Are there sock puppet guidelines for when to use cunt and fucking? Your other example was also stupid, which is why it wasn’t mentioned.

            you almost had me on the floor with your almost supportive utterance that keeping murderers in check is a noble endeavor, being “diluted” by those that actually care to keep the fiends in check. As opposed to your – um, unchecked power allowance.

            Do you have to provide references to the work you do as a sockpuppet at weekly team meetings in your DHS fusion center?

  • The only thing Bruno did wrong was not finish killing the MF.

    • CornellUG1993

      Yeah, beating the shit out of a cabbie because he kept the meter running while you decide whether you want him to take your cousin home or not is totally not wrong.

      • sonicbphuct

        punching in the face is not equal to beating the shit out someone.

        • CornellUG1993

          Try reading the article that this article is based off of, he punched the cabbie repeatedly, and when the cabbie tried to escape, the guy got out of the cab to stop him and punch him more.

          • sonicbphuct

            weird that the cabbie isn’t dead. i mean, clearly, this superman’s punches kill people which is why the cop had to shoot. It’s just a bit strange that his punches didn’t kill the cabbie, or the cop.

            But, yeah, shoot that motherfucker, because, “Respect my authority!”

  • Beaver

    This video is edited to only show the actions of the Firefighter who was defending himself against excessive force. It leaves out the part where the office drops his knee onto the Firefighters skull, striking it on the pavement.

    I’m sure he also feared for his life.

    • CornellUG1993

      Defending himself from getting arrested after repeatedly punching a cabbie, and after the cabbie tried to escape, opening the driver side door to pummel the cabbie some more.

      • sonicbphuct

        “repeatedly” – you didn’t read the story; he hit the cab driver in the face when the cabbie insulted his new bride and threw money at her face. There is, in fact, a thing called the “Fighting Words” doctrine. Look it up.

        • CornellUG1993

          I actually did read the whole story, the one from the local news station that this biased article is based off of, it included things like this:

          “”The victim leaned forward to avoid any additional punches, but the
          suspect also leaned forward from his position and continued striking him
          in the face with a closed right fist,” the report states. “The victim
          stated that he attempted to exit the vehicle at this time when the
          suspect opened the driver side sliding door of the vehicle and continued
          to physically assault him. The victim stated that he was punched in the
          right side of the torso, neck and face by the suspect.””

          • sonicbphuct

            well ladies, don’t expect cornell to defend your honor.

          • CornellUG1993

            If you consider continuing to beat someone who is trying to escape from a fight, then abandoning your new wife when the cops show up, defending her honor, you’re going to find a lot of girls laughing at you.

            What a horrible attempt at dodging the fact that you were blatantly wrong about what occurred.

          • sonicbphuct

            are you actually attempting to argue “wrong” when supporting the murder of an unarmed man? Do you often trip over your self, or are you just doing this for my entertainment?

          • CornellUG1993

            No, I’m not, because I don’t believe a homicide in self-defense is murder, and neither does the law (you know, that think that defines what is and is not murder?).

          • sonicbphuct

            um. i guess the creationists are right – some people simply can’t tell what’s right and wrong and instead need someone to point it out for them. You know, the law that you suck the tip of said gay sex was wrong, and slavery was right.

            Keep fucking that chicken.

          • CornellUG1993

            So, in your opinion, it’s morally wrong to kill in self defense? That’s your view, but most people disagree, welcome to living in a society.

          • sonicbphuct

            Welcome to society where I can kill you if I’m afraid of you. You’ve come a long way baby!

          • CornellUG1993

            Which society is that?

            Or do you just have a five-year-olds understanding of self-defense law?

          • sonicbphuct

            Do you not read what you write? You just defined society and are using your definition to rationalize one man killing another. Further, you assumed I’m a pacifist of the highest order, which would imply a belief that all violence is morally wrong, and then stated that it is ok for a cop to kill because he was afraid for his life, which is an accepted part of case law belonging to the society you subscribe to, and when I point out the reasoning in your statement, you suggest my understanding is that of a five year old? Um pot, your black.

          • CornellUG1993

            You cannot kill someone simply because you are afraid of them, that is not what self-defense law says at all. It is an objective standard, not a subjective one.

          • sonicbphuct

            if the cop fears for his life, the current “society” you love so much accepts that as a valid defense, no? let me make that stand out for you: FEARs for his/her life.

            So, um, yeah – you can just kill someone if you’re afraid of them.

  • Eric Quintero

    Looking at the evidence, the cop’s head was getting pounded between pavement and a hard fist. This can easily lead to death, coma, severe concussion or brain damage.

    I really dislike cops, also. But Bruno was a big boy. In his drunken state judging when to stop hitting would have likely been difficult. He likely would have continued until the cop was dead.

    Alcohol vs the state. The state wins.

    • sonicbphuct

      likely? as in, more probable than not probable? Because all “alcohol impairment” results in not stopping something, especially violence? I think you’re jumping pretty far into the conclusion arena. Millions of people get drunk every days, and thousands of them fight, and very few of them are killed. You may want to re-evaluate your use of “likely”.

  • Dan

    So his blood was 221% alcohol? .08 means his blood would be 8 percent alcohol so 2.21 would be 221 percent.

    • CornellUG1993

      “.08 means his blood would be 8 percent”

      You managed to out stupid their stupid by a whole decimal point. BAC is already a percent measure. .08 BAC means that .08% of the blood is alcohol.

      • Redmastif

        100 * 0.08 = 8%. Idiot.

        • CornellUG1993

          I’m aware of that, but BAC is already a percentage number, as I stated. I mean, I guess this isn’t common knowledge, but do you people not at least have freaking google or something?

          • Redmastif

            My bad. Didn’t realize BAC was already a percentage.

        • CornellUG1993

          Let me put this another way, the LD50 for alcohol is 00.5% of your total blood volume. If .08BAC was 8%, that would mean the legal limit is 16 times the dosage at which half of people die.

          Maybe you should lay of the alcohol yourself, you’ll be needing the brain cells.

  • twice22

    I do not see any wrongdoing on the side of the officer here. A man attacked a cab driver with physical force. When apprehended he repeatedly resisted arrest. Once the officer tried to handcuff the man using more force after doing it nicely was fought off, the man fought him and started punching the officer in the face. The officer (and any citizen in my opinion) had every right to shoot to kill at this point. I see many cases of police corruption and abuse of authority and those cases are cancers on our society that need to be removed. This however was not one of those instances. Bruno was the only reason anyone was shot that night. If you cowardly throw punches at people you disagree with you have no right to complain when someone shoots you to protect themselves. This officer was 100% in the right and behaved correctly in my opinion. If he didn’t i’d be the first to announce my outrage online.

    • sonicbphuct

      what? We can’t hear you with that Authority member in your mouth. Were you talking about the “Fighting Words” doctrine?

      • twice22

        Whats that? I can’t hear you over the giant fire hose you let a man slide down your throat. I suspect you simply don’t understand the meaning of the words “Resisting arrest.”

        • sonicbphuct

          clever. i see what you did there. And you’re right, I don’t understand those words; if you don’t resist, it isn’t an arrest. Like, you’re not arrested and taken to work, or to the bar, or to the movies. If you willingly go, it isn’t being arrested, so – no, I don’t understand the oxymoron you mentioned.

          On the other hand, I don’t know why you hate freedom and god.

          • twice22

            You are the one who hates the freedom to shoot people who attempt murder on people who assault two people they just met in just minutes. Also I hate God because the new testament is quite clear that he is Pro slavery.

          • sonicbphuct

            So no freedom for attempted murder, just freedom for murder. You’re special.

          • Dena Campbell

            I dislike your last remark and it was in error. God was NOT pro slavery. Servants back then were paid and those who weren’t were bought from jailors. yes they had jails then, and the criminals did their time by being servants. After their terms were up they were free to leave or continue working for pay. learn scriptures.

        • Dena Campbell

          LOL good one.

  • jackobean

    so anytime somebody punches you, you’re justified in responding w/ deadly force? That clearly applies where citizens are being beaten by police, right?

    • John

      Did you even watch the fucking video? Getting your head pounded into concrete tends to activate your fight-or-flight response.

      • sonicbphuct

        spoken like someone who’s clearly been in many fights. Isn’t it weird that for at least the last 40 years, people get into fights all the time without shooting each other?

        • Dena Campbell

          Mainly when no one is armed, that’s why.

          • sonicbphuct

            sounds like a good idea – disarm the police.

          • Dena Campbell

            Why? So that criminals can kill them then start killing citizens? yeah, real smart.

    • Dena Campbell

      Repetitive punching justifies self defense and the cop was repeatedly being beaten so he was justified in deadly force.

  • billy

    it happens all the time, just getting publicity because it was a fire man.

  • Dell

    cops have a sence of god like power and because of that i have seen more cops in the last few years kill so many people and unnecasary beating and animal cruelty. its funny how only in the united states i hear about this and not in canada hmmmm. Maybe the cops down there should actually have a brain and not be all gun toking red necks. That is my opinion i am so happy i am Canadian and have to deal with stupid things like this. Dont get me wrong are cops out here arent so much better but they dont go around killing people with no weapons. I think the US should totally redue the cop training. All i see is a bunch of guys that think they are god with guns.

  • Justin D. Anderson

    I think the guy video taping should be shot for not stepping in and get the situation under control. It’s because of people like him that a lot of things get out of hand or go to far. It’s to bad that a man had to lose his life over getting the best angle and the right light to do his film making. Things like this make me sick to my stomach and knowing that he probably is showing his friends right now at the expense of someone else’s life.

    • sonicbphuct

      pretty sure if the guy did step in, the cop would have shot him as well. cops are sensitive like that.

  • forby

    Why does the reporter at the end say the legal limit is .08. It is irrelevant to the story since he wasn’t driving so their is NO LEGAL LIMIT.

    • CornellUG1993

      Public intox is a thing, you know.

      • forby

        OK Einstein, SO what is the LEGAL public intoxication limit. What was that, there is none. thought so, genius.

        • CornellUG1993



          • forby

            WOW you are a moron. It is that to operate a motor vehicle. not to walk home. What a fucking idiot your are.

          • CornellUG1993

            .08 is, in most states, the point at which you are presumed intoxicated and further evidence isn’t needed for conviction. Did you know you can be arrested for DWI, blow below a .08, and still be convicted in most states? It’s more rare that people are arrested for public intoxication because there is a higher burden to “breathalyze” someone walking down the street than someone operating a motor vehicle, since you give some consent to a breathalyzer when you get your license. But .08 is generally still the presumptive intoxication level.

            Honestly, how do you function in society when you just make up shit and call other people dumb for not knowing your false, made up shit?

          • forby

            WOW, that is fucking hilarious. Is that how you have remained so fucking stupid for so long. You think you have been winning all your arguments by projecting your own inadequacies on to the other person, and then claim victory. That is fucking hilarious.

            So here is the scenario of your theory. This is fucking hilarious.
            Man comes out of bar, realizes he has had too much to drink and instead of driving home because he is over the limit, he walks home and get breathalysed FOR WALKING HOME AND DOING THE RIGHT THING.Oh that is fucking hilarious. wow. SO WHO WAS THE MORON AGAIN.

            I can just imagine the judge telling the guy he is better off DRIVING HOME DRUNK because it is the same as walking home but you are in public less so it is less risky.

            What was that about functioning in society with extremely low intelligence.

            0.08 is the Legal driving limit but it is also the public intoxication limit. fuck I am still laughing my head off.

          • CornellUG1993

            What kind of judge would tell someone to avoid a lesser crime by committing a worse one? You can’t be drunk in public in states that prohibit it, driving drunk is worse, but that doesn’t make it magically legal to be drunk in public. You’re a fucking idiot.

          • forby

            WOW you are unbelievably stupid. And the worse thing is, you still can’t see it and actually think you are right. How can they BOTH be an offence you fucking IDIOT. FUUUUUUCK. you are stupid on a record scale. I bet you go to church. SO it is ILLEGAL to drink drive AND to walk drunk home from the bar.

  • Tiger Lilly

    what a piece of shit cop…why didn’t he call for back up…cause he had planned this! The cops are getting out of control!!!! Think that they can just kill or beat someone and get off scott-free??? Fuck the Police!

    • John

      Really? Really? Is there even a human behind posts like this? Or are you all just a bunch of angry sounding bots?

  • Christopher Kristofferson Good

    ok ok guys im sure you have all read the story, Bruno punched the cab driver in the face (most likely) – hence the cop responds to an assault. Bruno then decides to run away from the officer, and once caught up he starts assaulting the officer, the officer was down on the ground getting pummled as shown in the video, (those were no sissy hits) I would fear for my life to. Now to the shooting. I do not believe the officer should have shot him in the chest, he should have shot him in the knee to maim him, or maybe if he had a taser, or bear mace, police normally (I would assume) would have these items on their person, so he could have used something a little less deadly, none the less a tragic story absolutely tragic. My thoughts go out to him, his wife and his family and friends.

  • thetruthhurts

    Reporter said his blood alcohol content (BAC) was 2.21. That is an egregious error. BAC is measured in percentage, so it could have been .221%. Most people would suffer alcohol poisoning or die past 0.3%. 2.21% would be in the realm of embalming.

  • Robo

    The reporter says, “.08 is the legal limit” without qualifying that it’s the legal limit to drive. The guy was in a taxi.

  • Anthony

    Why does his blood alcohol level matter? He wasn’t driving. Love how they try to make it look like the cop is better because the man using a cab was over the limit. Fire Fighters save lives cops take them away,

    • John

      It matters because the firefighter was aggressively drunk. The “legal limit” part was pretty stupid; but that doesn’t negate the “drunk” part. Think much?

  • Warren

    getting worse by the day. If you’re an asshole, if you have control problems, if you’d just a worthless piece of dog shit and want to beat and kill people because you are allowed since you have a badge then you need to become a cop!! You’ll have people on your side wo will get you out of each situation you become involved in no matter how horrible. They will lie, plant evidence, destroy evidence, falsify information, do what ever is necessary to help you commit any crime you want and get away with it.

    • Josh Prenumbra Kralc

      sounds about right to me

  • allen phillips

    BAL of 2.21? over 3x a deadly amount, but he wasn’t falling over? either someone is reporting wrong, or the autopsy is fucked. also .08 is legal limit for driving, he’s not driving so that’s not a legal limit for him.

  • Warren

    at the same time, even though cops are totally and completely out of hand these days, they’ll even pepper spray a person in a wheel chair, or have shot them BUT, you’re asking for trouble when you start hitting the booze. The asshole you didn’t think you were suddenly rears it’s ugly head. Kind of a take off and repeat of Martin and Zimmerman, only this time Jackson and the other racist bstrds can’t run with this one since it was white on white. Never know though, they might do a research and find that one or the other had a great great great grandfather that was black, then they’ll go bananas.

  • MoMom

    “Footage shows the cop starting the aggression against the firefighter” Actually the footage doesn’t show WHO started the aggression. What it does show is a gentleman who appears to be resisting arrest & a police officer asking for help. Instead of helping the guy kept video taping.

  • cthree

    All I know is if I did something like punch a dude, regardless if I was in the wrong or not, and a cop comes to question or arrest me for it, I’m gonna do whatever the cop says.

  • BettyWhite0321

    .08 is the legal limit for riding in a taxi and fighting security in Kansas City?

  • kurl

    WHere’s the whole video?

  • Jay Rock

    SO……when the police are beating someone can that person shoot the police and claim that they “were in fear for their life”…..hmmmm?

  • Jane Hill Parrish

    It doesn’t matter what the suspect did he should have listened and cor-operated with the officer and what the officer needed to do for the safety of everyone around them. Yes, he should have called for back up- but with all the layoffs…- It still doesn’t matter the suspect was drinking and arguing and combative enough that the officer felt the need to restrain him again for the safety of everyone around them. Clearly from this suspect drinking his mind was not working properly- hearing the lady and the man intervening the situation and probably not realizing that they were egging the suspect to fight back. The most important fact to this whole thing is this” THE OFFICER ASKED FOR HELP” Neither of the 2 standing there helped at all.

  • jack of it all

    who gives a fuck what his blood alcohol level is as he wasn’t driving a car for a start and he just finished a drink so of course the level would be up

  • Matt

    Another example of police with no regard for life.
    Sick arrogant bastards.

    And the worst of it is he will walk free to kill again.

  • Cel

    It was wrong. to kill someone on their wedding day just for punching someone that happens everyday & the majority of the time people do not get arrested for it….cops don’t even know when it happens. So, why chase someone for such a small crime? Allow him to run away and get information from the taxi driver and his wife about the issue. He made a wrong call because if he would have thought before taking action he could have got the fireman arrested by another officer on duty by using his contacts. None of this would have gone down. The officer must have known it was his wedding day (by his outfit) and he must not be very smart to try to arrest someone on the day of their wedding because no one in their right mind would allow such a thing. The officer should have taken precaution especially because he was without a uniform on or any form of badge. To be honest the officer should retire now because this will follow him forever and even though we as the public will forget…he will never forget what he did to a man on his wedding night…it will haunt him for forever every wedding he attends every thing of the sort will be a reminder of what he did was to kill someone for something small like punching. The life he took away a son, a husband, a brother….I do believe officers have to deal with this every time they kill someone I don’t believe it ever gets easy they just lie to themselves believing its for the best (such as protecting their own lives) but honestly inside they murdered someone even if that person committed a crime. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THAT IT IS LEGAL FOR THEM TO DO SO BECAUSE THEY WENT THROUGH TRAINING but in God’s eye every kill is one step further from Him because you break His commandment of thou shall not kill…sugar coat it if you must but this is just my view on the issue.

  • Ethyl Alcyhol

    Dude was drunk and beating up a cab driver for absolutely nothing. He shouldn’t have had to die, but…. /shrug

  • awesome

    That cop is a pussy

  • Difster

    The coproach should have been the one to die.

    I don’t blame the firefighter for punching the cabbie for insulting his wife.

  • Rey

    my condolences to the wife but she should have controled her drunken husband. The officer was justified. Listen learn here is control your drinking. God bless brothers & sisters in blue.

  • Jonathan Bacher

    What a fucking idiot that bystander is who filmed it.
    Shouldve stepped in instead of tryna make it big on tmz you fucking pussy

  • Jason Bradley

    Fuck the pigs. They’re out of control and getting worse as they’re being militarized. It’s time for a very serious change.

  • Farken_Figures

    Fireman carry to a barrel roll. That’s how the fire fighter got the upper hand. Wraslin folks. You can beat someone without using a pussy gun.

  • john doh

    he just did his job. i meen, america is full of unstable people, an as an officer one can never know what kind of people you meet. An inocent women or man even kids can kill.
    and in this case the FIREFIGHTER got himself up into more than he could bargain with, wich ended his life!
    what do you expect when you grounded a police officer and smack him when he is down, and still laying on top of him, its america!

  • whatsups

    The whole point is we see this time and time again with no resolve. All police departments need to fix this behavior. No good can come from this and eventually civilians will start shooting back which is what the federal government wants so they can declare marshal law.

  • Daniel Brock

    I love how they say always say what they think the legal blood alcohol level is, There was no limit. He could drink as much as he wanted. He was not driving. Legal limits are irrelevant. The reporter is a hack.

    This cop thought he was Billy Bad Ass and found out different. He got his ass whipped by a drunk guy. If he started a physical altercation with the guy and then shot him because he bit off more than he could chew, he is guilty of murder. I’ll be happy to put the needle in this murderer’s arm.

  • Arash Suri

    ok ok tell me something. would you get into a fist fight with an american cop already knowing these people will shoot you to death. hmmmm let me think im big and bad why not lets give it a test. c’mon by now we all know how your cops are in america so dont do things to get you killed. dont you know the cops will kill you and get away with it by now? so dont act up your not in a free democratic society. you people are hijacked so just stay on your boundaries dont step on the police toes and your all right. oh ya what you gonna do change the laws? hahaha lol like i said hijacked america lol… hey I dont run in a bear den thinking it will be alright why dont i hug that bear lol…

  • Arash Suri

    but what could of ended this on a different note, is if his wife intervened and the faggot filming.

  • Karim Ben Hadj Ali

    so it’s fine to rent a police as private protection for a club or a hotel ?
    don’t you find this bizarre ? police officer as private ? so if i am billionaire , i can rent them all and make them works for me ? i really think the olice in USA works for some very rich people… and the rest can die cause they can’t afford police protection rental … if the firefighter was very rich , he would have rent a couple of police as protection for his wedding , and beat the taxi driver to death , with the help of the 2 rent police guys , and maybe the end of the story would be, a cab driver got shot by police officer off duty , working as personal private protection , killed a taxi driver after he wanted to escape for several unknown reasons … private police off duty ??? so your personal security have a price in the usa ? and if you don’t have enough money , you get shot in the street by a police officer … yeah i love USA FREEDOM !!!!

  • Donald Cassidy
  • TP

    2.21 B.A.C. is completely wrong. 0.4 is enough to kill you and they are saying this guy had 2.21? Typical news station. Does not get there facts straight but presents them anyway.

  • Hitler

    I love how people no longer help the police, just video tape it. This trend will continue as long as they kill unarmed civilians. Seems like no one wants cops around. Nazi’s were just doing there jobs also btw.

    • Dena Campbell

      He was armed with his fists which he was using to beat the cop’s head and face with.

  • seanshepard

    “The legal limit is .08” ??? Before they can shoot you? To take a cab? Or to drive a car – which he wasn’t doing. And, I assume the reporter mean .21 not 2.21 but then to suggest it is illegal to be above .08 contributed towards an odd ending to this report.

  • Felicianomiko

    Just to clarify, .08 is the legal limit TO DRIVE! THere is no ‘legal limit’ outside of driving.

  • Matthew Shepherd

    Surely there was another way of defending himself without resorting to lethal force? I.e pepper spray, tazer etc.? I know that he was only working for a private entity at the time and perhaps wasn’t fully equipped but for me personally, I would ensure I had all of my non-lethal weapons before I took my firearm (though obviously would prefer them all), just incase I needed to defend myself against an unarmed, seemingly level headed, not very intoxicated individual in a way that didn’t leave him shot dead… Furthermore where was the back up? If not called from the cop then by the bystanders looking on? Either way how sad and truly avoidable

  • Aodghan Seosamh MacCloiscaigh

    You Lying Bastards! You sons of bitches know that’s not what happened but you spread the lie anyway????? I’d say damn your souls to Hell, but scum like you don’t have any, you’ve already sold them.

  • HotDJDave

    Anyone has the power to arrest – you don’t have to be a cop or be in uniform.

  • BobInBpt

    As far as I can see, everyone involved, other than the bride, is at fault and in the wrong. The firefighter had no right to assault the cabby in the first place; regardless of what he may have said. He also had no right to evade responsibility by running away from the assault site and the cop. I am surprised that a fireman would act this way being trained to respect authority. And, of course, the cop may have used undue force, but who’s to say who was defending himself? the firefighter or the cop ?

  • Tonya229

    Just to clarify isn’t .08 the legal limit for driving? I don’t know why the reporter had to include that. Secondly, the firefighter was unarmed. Like the photographer said, the cop got himself into something he couldn’t finish. It doesn’t justify him using his gun and killing this man.

  • zarathustra2k1


  • Louchious B

    The officer was indeed justified. Legally the fire-fighter was being arrested and resisted. When you fight an officer you could get shot. It’s that simple. When the officer is cleared of any wrong doing, you’ll see I’m not the only one who thinks so.

    • Harley Wootton

      But officers can knee you in the head, kick people in the head while they’re cuffed, rape you.. They have a badge! Respond and die. That’s a fun country to live in.

      Reacting to another human attacking you and kneeing you in the head is human instinct. We’ll never be able to stop people from reacting to attacks. Watch the video-this cop needs better training and handled this horribly from where I’m sitting.

      The police in America can do better. I have faith in that.

      • CornellUG1993

        See, this is you again using the actions of other officers, that this officer didn’t interact with at all, to counter an argument that this specific officer is justified. You’re claiming this officer wasn’t justified because another officer raped someone.

        • Harley Wootton

          I admit it, you’re the King of making stuff up based on what people say. I’ve never seen someone so eager to take a statement and make it mean something completely different.

          Until you can copy and paste me saying “this officer wasn’t justified because another officer raped someone” I’ll tell you you’re totally wrong over and over.


          Now that you can finally admit Hitler is to blame for his orders/instructions/protocol, maybe you can finally figure out why it’s not good to train police the way they’re being trained. Something I’ve been trying to tell you for about an hour but you didn’t understand until you said it yourself about Hitler.

          When the KKK would riot and hang people, did the grand wizard specifically say -“Ok see that man? Pick him up by his arms, then this, then this, then this” No. It was a movement, and I blame the KKK. I know you don’t, and I guess you feel I’m making an abhorrent judgment by saying the KKK is wrong. Or maybe in your mind, I just said “All white people with robes are guilty in the court of law of evidence because the KKK individually took their actions in their own hands!” I’m not as good as you at making stuff up based on something else, so excuse the quality of that comparison.

          • CornellUG1993

            You didn’t just say “But officers can knee you in the head, kick people in the head while they’re cuffed, rape you.” in response to a comment that this specific officer is justified? R

          • Harley Wootton

            Yes. I also made comparisons to Taco Bell. Did you think I was saying he was eating Taco Bell at the scene of the crime or something?

            When humans talk, they can say whatever they want. At least I think they should be able to-you probably disagree and think the recent incident where a cop said “You have no freedom of speech” is irrelevant to this discussion of declining standards of law enforcement in America.

            To me, it is relevant. Maybe in your room right now you’re living in a court of law where everything anyone says on the internet should be up to the standards of a corrupt court of law.

            I’m just talking-agree or disagree if you want. If you don’t get at all why I brought that up, or if you think that statement means “he’s guilty because he’s a cop”, that’s on you. If you want, though, I’ll keep explaining why 1+2 doesn’t equal 63829873.

            Maybe to you, cops should just stop going to police academy. What’s the point? Not like it influences their actions at all. They all act on their own, make their own decisions out there.

          • CornellUG1993

            You can say what you want, and I can say it’s abhorrent because I can say what I want. When you respond to someone else’s comment, it’s justifiable to assume you’re actually responding to their comment, and not going off on some random tangent.

          • CornellUG1993

            “and think the recent incident where a cop said “You have no freedom of
            speech” is irrelevant to this discussion of declining standards of law
            enforcement in America.”

            No, I don’t think it’s irrelevant to a discussion of declining standards of law enforcement in America, I think it’s irrelevant to whether this cop’s actions in this story here are good or bad. Since the comment you’re replying to is about whether this specific cop’s actions are good or bad, and not about law enforcement standards in general, using it as a counter to the original comment is irrelevant.

  • Jim

    I wonder if the cop would have stood up for his wife in that same situation by punching the rude cap driver or just allow him to do that without doing anything about it.

    • CornellUG1993

      You would have praised the cop for doing this:

      “The victim leaned forward to avoid any additional punches, but the
      suspect also leaned forward from his position and continued striking him
      in the face with a closed right fist,” the report states. “The victim
      stated that he attempted to exit the vehicle at this time when the
      suspect opened the driver side sliding door of the vehicle and continued
      to physically assault him. The victim stated that he was punched in the
      right side of the torso, neck and face by the suspect.”

      because a cabbie did this

      “She said during the argument, she stated that the cab driver threw the
      money she had given him back toward her near her face and called her an
      unknown name,”



  • Kevin Lee Mcmahon

    Pointing out that he was over the legal limit is bullshit. That’s why the guy hailed a cab.

  • hold the phone935ad

    it really boils down to that cop being a horrible fighter….if he just subdued the drunk firefighter n cuffed him it would be a funny story….now we have an awesome dude,a firefighter,a new husband…. dead because he had some drinks on his wedding night and a frikkin cabby( who I bet was overcharging them) threw $$ at his new bride and said something rude…..then barny fife shows up to act like a badass and got his ass kicked n used his gun…. so that does not say much for his training at the academy

    • CornellUG1993

      I like how you completely ignore the part where the “Awesome dude” punched the cabby repeatedly, and then when the cabbie tried to escape, got out of the cab and punched the cabbie some more. The fare was $6, he was trying to get the cabbie to take his cousin somewhere else and was angry that the cabbie left the meter running as he was trying to get the cabbie to lower the price.

      • hold the phone935ad

        did not know all that …my bad….but from what I read this firefighter was an awesome dude….we all are not so awesome when drunk like that and def. act in diff ways… still the cop is horrible at his job I know that for sure…should have called for back up when foot chase started and what the hell happened to tazers man ?

        • CornellUG1993

          Did you read the objective article that this story is based off of? Click the links in the story. This cop tried to call for backup, tried to get anyone to help him, but he couldn’t just let some guy that just beat up a stranger run off into the public. That would have been really bad police work.

  • PEE Diddy

    That DRUNK Fireman who punched a cab driver in the face and was being LAWFULLY arrested? The one dumb enough to agg assault a Cop effecting that arrest? The same one who had a off duty trauma nurse witness the attack and say “that officer is going to have a head bleed” from that attack? F’ that fireman

  • PEE Diddy

    This asshole looks like a drunk fuck who likes to fight…fuck him
    Nice “whiskey tan” douche bag…enjoy your dirt nap

  • maysee

    this is why cops shouldn’t have guns

  • PeeDiddysapimp

    or just maybe…the bystanders could have intervened and just separated the two. Or knock them both out.

  • ironcimmerian

    Find this cop and pound his cowardly ass into the ground! Where are the deceased firefighters brothers right now????! Kick the schitt out of this little phagget!

    • CornellUG1993

      He’s in the hospital getting reconstructive surgery on his fractured skull.

  • Just Wondering….

    Is this reporter suggesting you should not ever be over the “legal limit” of 0.8. What does legal limit mean? This guy was not driving and appears to be on his way home.

  • Walt Graham

    What if the firefighter was NOT a firefighter. Would he then be just another perp? Who would give a shit? No one. What makes a firefighter more or less forgivable? What if the police officer was NOT a police officer? How the hell would that have panned out? Our society gives too much credibility to cops and firemen. Those same cops and firemen are people like you and me and should be given no special consideration. As it happens, I would side with the police officer as a human being who evidently did get in over his head. This policeman should have called for back up. The firefighter (the other human being) was being human and under the influence of alcohol and overcome by the heat of the moment, did not give any indication that he would stop assaulting the cop so the cop had to shoot him to save his own life. Its too bad that this cop did not have the training and self discipline to size up this situation before going head long into it.

  • Guest

    fuck he was hammering the cop in the face…cant do that…that’s a

  • roboteq

    While I agree that the officer really handled the situation badly, Mr. Bruno is shown being extremely aggressive in that video. Not seeing the entire encounter makes it impossible to understand what led up to the scene of the two of them rolling on the ground, but it seems that a police officer certainly could have controlled that situation a lot better.
    This is a tough one.

  • Bruce Lee

    he hammered the crap outta the cops face….and he was heavily intoxicated..was already aggressive a friggen taxi driver of allthings…sad story

  • Brandon w

    We can see from this video why cops make those so called ridiculous back up calls. Usually most are not physically capable of taking down an assailant on his or her own. Since this Cop couldn’t clearly have the experience to delay an escalation till backup came, he could have gone to another option that “yes”, people hate, and “no” it does not involve live ammo.

    Just from looking at these 2 he was clearly out of his league to tackle this guy on his own and since the guy was at first taking flight and the officer was capable of catching up, then a Taser would have been another option .

    Well should he have used “a Taser”, defiantly the video footage taken by this person would have gone viral as ” COP TAZERED FIREMAN>>> WHAT A PIG!!!” and would have pissed a lot of people off, usually any decision a good or bad cop does pisses people off weather or not he had the right to take action. But clerarly everyone would agree. Taser could have avoided a fight, he could have stayed the night in the tanker and possibly fought the cop in court instead of on the pavement and above all, saved the guys life.

  • Ice-T

    Cop got his ass kicked. Thats what the cop gets for his fat out of shape ass trying to scrap with a real service person who’s out risking his life inside burning homes, not just giving end of the month quota tickets. If the cop does need reconstructive face surgery good, he should get a sex change while he’s at it, cuz now that whole city/state/ police station knows he’s a bitch ass pussy who should of called for back up so his fat ass wouldnt get beat the fuck down by 20 something yr old fire fighter. And to that super trooper down there riding that cop dick, a bullet is waiting for you too Pee-diddy, try be a hero with out identifying yourself in Texas, Florida, or L.A., you’ll just be another dead
    douche kid zipped up while the dept just hires another non college graduate to take your place. Its like when you use to get chosen last every day in school until you joined the police academy and felt important. Most cops are inner losers, kids who got beat the fuck up and locked in lockers, or couldn’t make any friends so instead they grew up to suck dick in hope of joining the force and finally being accepted.

    • Dena Campbell

      I would say the fuck-up of a loser got HIS ass kicked forever for his actions. Cops ARE real service people. Just because there are bad cops does not make them all bad. If you went by your flawed logic, just because there are bad citizens, we are ALL bad in the eyes of the cops and we would ALL be under their watchful eyes. Bet if a gang jumped your wimpy ass you’d cry like a bitch for cops to come save your pathetic ass.

  • STK

    Being drunk and belligerent brings a plethora of self inflicted trouble and this guy would probably not have done what he did had he not been intoxicated. That is the fastest way known to mankind to get yourself out of control. However, having stated the obvious, I also have to say that the officer in this case should have attempted to maintain until backup arrived so that this guy could have been taken in, in a manner that would have kept everyone as safe as possible. I think we are all getting fed up with cops trying to be their precinct hero by acting as a Lone Ranger or even in some cases taking their frustration out on who ever is unlucky enough to come into their jurisdiction. Here we have two professionals misrepresenting their departments but and man is dead and that could have been avoided from all indications.

  • H. Johnson

    Lately, it has somehow become okay for cops to shoot unarmed citizens. This is one incident of many check this one out:

  • Ralph

    The “swelling to his face” that the cop suffered were actually broken bones in his face from Bruno kneeing him in the head. Bruno was out of control – he attacked a cab driver and tried to beat the cabbie over a $6 cab fare, then he ran from a police officer, resisted arrest, and started beating the officer.

  • Dan

    So, your a Firefighter and my questions are these.. 1st. Why are you running away from a cop? 2nd, why are you fighting or resisting a cop? 3rd, Why did you leave your brand new wife behind if you were innocent? All firefighter know NOT to fight with police. If that officer was losing consciousness, he had every right to end the threat in any way possible. Look it up ppl. Law enforcement are protected by case law. Sadly, a hero had to lose his life for his actions.

    • sonicbphuct

      there is a HUGE fucking difference between losing consciousness and losing your life. Look it up, you’re still a douchebag, per case law.

      • Dena Campbell

        Learn to discern. If the cop lost consciousness, the drunk would have been able to grab the gun in his drunken stupor and shot the cop. According to your idiotic thinking, the cop should have just let the drunk beat him into unconsciousness to prevent him from having to draw his weapon. ANY time a cop or others are in imminent danger they are trained to draw and defend themselves and others. That is why they carry guns. That is why we have a 2nd Amendment.

  • Chuck

    “I feared for my life.” Is the biggest load of bullshit, that any cop can use to get away with murder. I respect most police officers, for doing their jobs. But If you can’t even handle yourself in a simple fist fight, why are you gonna become a cop? Because You got bullied is school and lost a fight or two. you have become a cop just to get respect? Then when shit gets out of hand and you can’t handle it, you turn to the easy solution, Your Gun. There was no need for lethal force. where was his tazer/stun-gun/pepper-spray during this whole thing. And Reconstructive surgery, really? If you’re gonna become a cop take a few self-defense lessons,and learn to take a fucking punch, pussy.
    Seriously just look at the video, that cop clearly had no clue how to defend himself and restrain his ‘Victim” at the same time. They were both fighting like drunk frat boys, The cop wasn’t even trying to block a hit. Don’t become a cop if you’re not man enough to deal with shit when it comes up.

  • 2BlackCoffee71

    This is another of many sickening stories about police brutality and killings by trigger-happy and action-happy cops, and the comments below that defend this pos cop are equally sickening. The man had a right to defend himself, even against a cop, and got a little carried away on his wedding night. The 14th Amendment protects citizens’ rights to life and liberty unless these are taken away by due process of law. In this case it seems the cop made himself into judge, juror and executioner. Those defending this pos cop are just as guilty of murder as the one who pulled the trigger. It is time that we the people start arming and defending ourselves against all assailants, including those who happen to be police, by any means necessary.

  • Dela

    Fuck the cops

  • Miriam

    In any case, this isn’t the first and there may come a time when a cop needs a firefighter to save his family’s life. Cops need, nurses, doctors, fire fighters, etc… What happens when they have alienated everything but other cops?

  • BigMobe

    The death penalty should be reserved for people that abuse positions of authority.

    • Dena Campbell

      The drunk DID get the death penalty.

  • John Hancock

    That reporter referenced the “legal limit” for alcohol, that’s stupid, there is no legal limit if you are taking a taxi, the idiot made it appear this man was illegally intoxicated, that level is only for driving. All I can say is the media are our enemies most of the time, this is a good example of BS.

  • Crash Gear

    What a Bunch of HorseSh*t, the guy had no reason to shoot that guy.. However he should not have responded by himself in the first place…

  • Jake The Jacker

    That was a bitch move! “He feared for his life.” Bump that! Many of us know, that If the situation was reversed, that excuse would not have flew. Shoot, I fear for my life every time I see a pirate… every time! That pirate did what he was trained to do and that is to, protect the city’s investments and BULLY. Due to the disrepectfulness of the cab driver and had it been that pirate or any other MAN in the fireman’s shoes, by natural instinct we would’ve defended our wife too.

  • Gordon Lincoln

    If a cab driver threw something at my new bride and called her some foul-mouthed name – I might punch him, I would certainly want to, particularly if I had consumed a few drinks before hand.
    I don’t know what happened that initiated the physical altercation with the police officer, I do know that I wouldn’t take the police officer’s word for whatever – I’ve seen too many police officers testa-lie to accept anything they might say in this circumstance, at face value.
    The claim is made that the guy was attempting to evade? Running away? I didn’t see much in the way of video that suggested the fire fighter was in a mood to run away from an aggressor.

  • BaltimoreDave

    Stand your ground only applies if you have a gun it seems

  • i am first to say the cops are typically trigger happy…however…it also seems that the firefighter was an aggressive person from the start. he punched a cabbie over “words” and cab fare. because of this, i don’t think it’s a clear “victim” here. it’s just unfortunate that death had to be the outcome.

    ironically, if it wasn’t his wedding day, and this was, say, some random 20 year old black guy, no one would be calling foul. so…there’s that. emotions are crowding a lot of people’s judgments here.

  • Frank

    better yet, dont fight a cop.

    • Damien

      No Frank, you are wrong.
      Always fight the police.

      This PIG could have used a taser.

      • Frank

        the guy was drunk fought the cop and lost his life, was it worth it? so you fight a cop and get shot. i will cooperate.

  • Gabriel Alan King

    I a normal man had killed, him…. he would be charged with murder and sent to prison. But a cop? They get away with it of course. Can’t have a Satanic New World Order without plenty of scumbag cops to enforce it.

  • Robb White

    The officer just learned a very important part of his job! Not all people are scared of you just because you shout orders and make yourself real loud like most gang bangers. YOU CAN ASK ALL THE COPS WHO EVER LOCKED UP ME . some people are not scared and they know how to fight just like the cop does ! Who cares how it all happed the important part is why cops always use the excuses like I am in fear of my life! Well you should be every time you put your uniform on. But you didnt have to kill him he did know it was a man who had arms and legs right you know this because he chased him then got his ass handed to him so we know he has arms and legs that never got shot the reason the cop shot him in the cest is because it was out of emotion his intent was to kill the man not to arrest him. The officer is trained not to panick so he didnt shoot him to wound him and take back control he chose just like all who kill to make thet choice the choice to take his life and that my friends is 1st degr premeditated murder. He made the choice now stop making up excuses for the man. He committed murder the same way a husband does when he catches his wife with emotion plain and simple

  • patrick

    Cop got his ass kicked and killed a firefighter to hide his shame. Fucking die pig! Try that crap on a Marine, we carry alot more than an axe.

  • jack vivirito

    Cops are cowards! that’s why they choose to shoot and kill. What if the tables were turned and the officer was striking the firefighter…does that firefighter have a right to defend himself and shoot him as well?

  • 2real

    Another cop killing an unarmed innocent, how many times will cops get away with this ? how many times will cops kill ? i do not care what anyone says a cop never has a reason to kill an unarmed person under any circumstances, that cop deserves life in jail or death

  • Steve

    If you fight a cop that is what will happen to you, stop being naive with these comments and pretend like you didnt know the end outcome was. Im not defending the punk cop, but thats how cops react now, they will shoot you. Black folks know better than to fight the cops cause we will be shot in 10 seconds.

  • WisdomForYou

    This is an example of ATROCIOUS REPORTING!

    The reporter in the video quotes a critical detail so outlandishly WRONG that it’s laughable.

    He says the dead firefighter had a blood-alcohol level of 2.21!!! That’s physically impossible! The reporter does accurately say the legal limit is .08. Levels of .32 or so, which is 4 TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT, can KILL YOU. So “2.21” would be 27 TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT!

    “KCTV 5”, get a clue and stop deceiving your public!

  • John Wayne

    Whether you hate cops or love cops this is totally unjust. The cops should’ve tried to discuss the matter with the FIREFIGHTER which worked for the SAME city instead of just attacking the guy. I don’t like cops whatsoever. They are the most dangerous gang in America. My grandfather was a cop and I’d just as soon shit on that cocksuckers grave for DAMN GOOD reasons too.

    • Dena Campbell

      Hard to discuss something with someone who takes off running and after the drunk hit a cab driver. The cop was called to the scene and did his job. No one, even firefighters, are above the law.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone siding with the cop FUCK you

    you are the enemy to me and anybody realizing what a police state we are in. In a time where the government shows who they truely are and tries to directly take control of us you will realize what a blind sheep you really are.

    Hope a cop shoots you during a traffic stop so you and your family can see the pain of the families this has happened too.


  • shane

    I like the BS assessment by the reporter of the B/A “legal limit” being .08, I’m pretty sure that pertains to DWI…the firefighter was taking a taxi! Sad that once again, a cop is judge, jury, and executioner!!!

    • Michael Hankins

      Actually; in many states that would also be the limit for PUBLIC INTOXICATION, which is also a crime

  • Anon

    PEE Diddy is some fat fuck who got bullied in school and now feels that he’s above everyone else… fat sad fuck, cops are nothing but fucking assholes,take your bullshit laws and fuck off

  • Paper Tiger

    I’ll be the first to call out police brutality when I see it, but this was clearly justifiable in terms of lethal use of force. A police officer has no legal obligation to protect or even to to make an arrest, but contrary to some mistaken opinions, an off-duty police officer is well within his right to enforce the law as long as he is in uniform or has identified himself as an officer.

    Furthermore, because the assault took place in front of the hotel that the officer was working security for, it actually was the officer’s duty to assist, when requested by staff, in any altercation or illegal activity involving hotel guests. The off-duty officer is, in actuality, required to follow standard police procedures. The whole point of police working security jobs like this is to function as a police officer would. There is a huge difference between an active duty, experienced police officer acting within his jurisdiction and some rent-a-cop security guard (as you guys seem to be trying to imply) taking the law into his own hands.

    The firefighter had already committed assault against the taxi driver. It’s unclear to me as to whether this would have been been justified as a felony assault at this point, but the officer would still be legally justified in detaining him for misdemeanor assault. From what I understand, he didn’t relent until bystanders stepped in to protect the driver, in which the violence could very easily have escalated, risking injuries to others if not for the officer’s intervention.

    He then proceeded to commit the crimes of evading, obstruction of justice, and resisting arrest. Officers are supposed to follow escalating use of force, and from the video I do not see any excessive force being used. If you are actively resisting arrest, the officer does have the legal right to kick you, hit you, or use other submission techniques as long as the force is reasonable. For all criticizing the “knee to the head” and advocating mace and stun guns, police procedure actually dictates that they should not be used unless reasonable force is not sufficient to detain the individual. Finally, the firefighter goes on to commit life-threatening battery against a LEO, which is a Class A felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison. The suspect was delivering potentially deadly blows. That’s why, If you watch an MMA fight, the referee will step to stop repeated punches once the fighter is deemed incapable of defending himself. Also, for those who argue that he was unarmed, judges have ruled in the past that body parts can legally be considered deadly weapons, as in the case of a trained MMA fighter.

    Also, it is not uncommon for an officer to detain someone without waiting for backup. Highway patrol does it all the time. The officer might not have had reason to believe that the suspect was armed or that he posed a safety threat. Bouncers break up fights all the time. It’s not unreasonable to assume that the officer didn’t envision a situation such as that escalating to that point. There have also been cases where police stood and watched while people were getting assaulted or stabbed, because they were told to wait for backup. If the firefighter had hurt someone else while the cop stood idly by and waited for “backup”, you would be calling for his murder over that. He made a moral judgement call that I don’t believe was unreasonable, and he used lethal force only when he had no other option. Even the nurse who came to the aid of the two men (the same woman heard talking in the recording), stated that the cop was justified and had no other option but to shoot, as the suspect was inflicting life-threatening head injuries (conveniently, didn’t include that part in the video).

    Regarding his BAC, the vast majority of states do indeed have laws against public intoxication, and you can absolutely be arrested for walking home drunk. Usually the legal limit is .08%; however, in my state you can legally get arrested with a BAC of .01%. This is not limited to alcohol either: you can be charged with public intoxication or DUI if you have any illegal, prescription, or over-the-counter drugs in your system that an officer feels is enough to impair you. In many states, DUIs aren’t limited to just cars either. You can get a DUI for riding a bicycle too. Missouri is only one of six states that does not have a law against public intoxication, but alcohol is notorious for impairing judgement and intensifying aggressive behavior, so I don’t know how anyone in their right mind could argue that him being incredibly intoxicated is not relevant. While public intoxication by itself is not illegal in MO, an extremely high alcohol level coupled with assault are absolutely grounds for police intervention. The cop was working security for the hotel for Christ’s sake – his whole point of being there was to handle situations such as that! He had no way of knowing the guy was a firefighter or that he was such a complete moron that he’d resist arrest, let alone attack him and pummel into the concrete so hard that he shattered the bones in his face.

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves. If you can only debate by means of rampant bullying, name-calling, and threats, well then you’re not nearly as intelligent as you believe yourself to be. This is a rare report of an officer who showed proper restraint and was 100% justified in defending himself against a brutal attack by a drunk, aggressive moron who BROKE MULTIPLE LAWS, yet you have the nerve to not only vilify the man but publicly call for his murder? You sit here and advocate the brutal beating of a man who may or may not have used a naughty word and thrown a few coins, and you call that defending honor? You invoke the image of Hitler and the Nazis, but then you go on to spew hatred and violence, arguing that every cop is evil and deserves death by firing squad? How does this make you any better than the corrupt cops you so gleefully condemn? You have no play judge, jury, and executioner any more than they do. Yes, they absolutely need to be condemned for their actions and made to face justice, but in this manner? Death to all pigs? Your hateful, repulsive threats make you no better than the Nazis or the KKK. Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence. From some of the sick and twisted comments I’ve read, I wonder…if you were a cop, might you not end up committing the same sorts of brutality that you so virulently oppose? Did any of you ever stop to think that maybe you’re just as much the problem as all the “filthy pigs” you so callously advocate slaughtering? I do not support a police state and I do not support twisted criminals who hide behind a badge so that they can beat, rape, and murder innocent people, but words speak volumes and quite frankly your hateful, divisive, sociopathic rhetoric is a poison to society. Since when did standing up against an unjust system make hatred and cold-blooded murder justifiable? There is nothing remotely brave or honorable in what you do. If you want to take a stand against the evil and corrupt people in this world, isn’t the whole point to be better than them?

    • Paper Tiger

      And FYI – Legally, you are absolutely within your rights to resist an illegal arrest and even defend yourself to the point of lethal force if necessary. This ruling was upheld by the Supreme Court; however, it doesn’t mean I’d recommend it.

      “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary. Where the officer is killed in the course of the disorder which naturally accompanies an attempted arrest that is resisted, the law looks with very different eyes upon the transaction, when the officer had the right to make the arrest, from what it does if the officer had no right. What may be murder in the first case might be nothing more than manslaughter in the other, or the facts might show that no offense had been committed.”

      “An arrest made with a defective warrant, or one issued without affidavit, or one that fails to allege a crime is within jurisdiction, and one who is being arrested, may resist arrest and break away. lf the arresting officer is killed by one who is so resisting, the killing will be no more than an involuntary manslaughter. When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self defense, his assailant is killed, he is justified.”

      “These principles apply as well to an officer attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the bounds thereof by the use of unnecessary force and violence, as they do to a private individual who unlawfully uses such force and violence. An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.”

      “Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense. One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance.”

  • Clifford Nytko-Galli

    Punk ass pig was getting his ass kicked. Decided to murder another unarmed civilian. Cowards! They should ALL be pilloried in the public square and hung! Thereby helping to cleanse the genetic pool.

  • Jace Mindue

    This is bullshit We have rights your badge doesn’t give you the right to abuse your authority……

  • kaynash

    The firefighter probably feared for his life too, only he had a reason to, the cop didn’t. They just kill anyone over anything and it must stop.

  • Bethany

    so because he was getting his butt whooped he decided to kill the man i have zero respect for these cowardly murderers zero!!! why would anyone dial 911 and have these soulless murders show up at ur door step to kill off whole families nothing but legalized THUGS! cowards in blue

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    Like the dude filming said–don’t fight the cops-

  • Member548

    It’s very likely the entire situation could’ve been de-escalated if the cop had an IQ higher than his body temperature. He likely approached in an aggressive and disrespectful way, and the moment he started to take a few punches he reached for his pistol. Reasonable for a 85 year old woman, not reasonable for a supposedly trained officer of the law.

  • Echo Moon

    i am not going to fault the cop in this instance. it may well have been handled differently? but with the assailant on top and pounding the cops face? yeah, i can easily see this being judged a justified shooting with cause.

    and NO i am not a cop lover nor am i a fan of cops!!!

  • Tan Kieu

    to be fair everybody should have a gun. Whoever feel his/her life is threaten can shoot first.

  • Galmalmin

    If a citizen initiates aggression against another, they are not then justified in using deadly force to stop the threat unless the person is actually killing them or causing serious bodily harm. If they do, they are then prosecuted for attempted murder. You initiate the violence, you do not get to claim innocence at the end of the situation.

    Patrick John Soule
    Phoenix, Arizona