In Just the Last 8 Days, Nine Cops Have Been Convicted or Charged With Sexual Molestation of Children


Some are saying “police are the new priests.”

Derek Smith |

Whether you know it or not, there is currently an epidemic happening in America, and it isn’t Swine Flu, H1N1, Malaria, Ebola, or the Measles; it’s called pedophilia, and it is being perpetrated by some of those whom you trust to “enforce and uphold the law.”

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From local patrolmen to the Chief of Police, from sheriff’s deputies to U.S. Marshals, from state attorneys to judges, from mayors all the way to the Whitehouse government employees are having sex with children, but it is hardly being covered by any news outlets.

With police murdering people every 8 hours in 2015, the stories are burying a much darker problem with “law enforcement.”

I know that this is an extremely uncomfortable subject, but it must be discussed, and these disgusting animals need to be exposed.

In just the last 8 days, 9 “officers of the law” have been arrested, or convicted on charges of the sexual molestation of minors:

James-Edwards-150x150James Edwards of Miami-Dade, Florida was arrested a second time on similar charges.

This time it was for 12 counts of child pornography.

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Last August, Edwards was arrested for “lewd and lascivious conduct,” when he was accused of luring two boys to his home under the pretense of having them work in his yard.

He then allegedly gave the boys cannabis, and “Molly” before masturbating in front of them.

Trever-Blackwell-150x150Trever Blackwell pleaded guilty to second degree rape in a case that revolved around a 15-year-old girl, who was in the “Police Explorers Program” in Wewoka, Oklahoma when the rape occurred.

The “Police Explorers Program” is intended to show students the “benefits of becoming a police officer.”…

–> Continue to see all nine cases.

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  • digavus

    Of course they attract pedophiles. They know that they can commit any crime that they wish with impunity. Murder? Paid vacation. Theft? A firm talking to. Rape? Well why not. Their brother gangmembers will cover for them and blame the victims. It’s a natural step to child rape. Even if convicted, many will not do any time.

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  • OverSite

    So you’re playing into the media junkies and bandwagon nonsense? I do hope you realize that a network of A.P. affiliated press shills and advocacy frauds use children in manipulated counseling sessions to start up these media campaigns periodically, and solely for the purpose of attacking male character and keeping their excessive salaries under 501(c)3 status. In an OIS (officer involved shooting) there is evidence, in cases of internal theft from evidence vaults there is evidence, in cases of planting evidence there is evidence, speed traps, SWAT violence, etc. But cases such are these are no different than they are for any other profession – RARELY is there evidence. The three most common factors in such cases are (1) the accused is male (2) the advocacy frauds, corrupt prosecutors, and corrupt judges are usually female (3) there is RARELY evidence.

    • Drakenfly

      Funny you should mention the same individuals (corrupt prosecutors, and corrupt judges) that are used against individuals charged with a crime by a cop that has to try and prove their innocent. The same corrupt prosecutors, and corrupt judges the cop works with on a daily basis to arrest people and charge them with a crime…Here’s a fun term “accessory”
      An accessory is a person who assists in the commission of a crime,but who does not actually participate in the commission of the crime as a joint principal. The distinction between an accessory and a principal is a question of fact and degree:
      The principal is the one whose acts or omissions, accompanied by the relevant mens rea (Latin for “guilty mind”), are the most immediate cause of the actus reus (Latin for “guilty act”).
      If two or more people are directly responsible for the actus reus, they can be charged as joint principals (see common purpose).
      The test to distinguish a joint principal from an accessory is whether the defendant independently contributed to causing the actus reus rather than merely giving generalised and/or limited help and encouragement.

    • Tom Birmingham

      I’m sure the pedophiles are glad to have you on their side. Also, every dirty cop too….. BTW the KKK wants to book your talents for their new marketing campaign of “Hitler wasn’t a totally bad guy”.

    • Daniel Tregant

      So the whole Catholic abuse scandal was faked too huh? What rot! Cops have been getting away with murder for decades. The abuse stops now. The lid is blowing off and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

  • corey

    they all must have been priests

  • Forrest Porter

    Some people can call me a conspiracy theorist, but I believe these are vaild questions to ask and vaild points to make. Could it be true that some of the cops who work on local, state, and federal police forces across America today are privately and secretly practicing homosexual and bisexual Sodomite pedophiles? And could it also be true that many local, state, and federal legal jurisdictions across America today are filled with privately and secretly practicing homosexual and bisexual Sodomite pedophile judges, prosecuting attorneys, and defense attorneys as well? And also could it be true that tmany of the local, state, and federal government jurisdictions across America have also been filled with privately and secretly practicing homosexual and bisexual elected and unelected government officials? These are good questions to be asking since many liberal members of both major political parties and major political activist groups in America today have been deeply and actively engaged in the promotion and advancement of the LGBT agenda in our local, state, and federal governments, and in many other places in our society. I believe we will all find out the truth very soon, and I mean very soon, about this extremely vile, deviant, lawless way of living that I believe many people who work in both in our legal systems and elected and unelected government positions across this country have been engaged in for a very long time. If you look very closely at the photos on this website of the cops who have been convicted of sex crimes against children, it appears that they have this brand new super strain of HIV/AIDS that has now spread across America and the world, which our liberal media outlets have purposefully blacked out in reporting. I believe this will be the thing that will massively expose the hidden, secret homosexual and bisexual pedophiliac lives of all these extremely evil, wicked, and corrupt people in our governments accross this nation, and in many other places in this nation and around the world very soon.

    • Nicole Murray

      You’re insane…get help.

  • Joe C

    time that we open our eyes to the entire Law Enforcement Community.
    While this cop might be worse than some others, I don’t believe that
    there is a single police officer anywhere that hasn’t beat up on a civilian or at least written a ticket to a civilian that they would not
    have written to a friend or family member of theirs. That in itself
    makes them corrupt. And what’s with the military assault rifles that are
    in every cop car around the country now.

    • Murfee1313

      Probably in response to the 9mm the average perp is using.

  • Your God’s delivered message

    I will force white police (pederast child rapist and their conspiracy against me to cover up their recessive diseas d njgger baby race pretending to be somebody’s God so desperately and pathetically) open throat fvck holes on my penis their God!!!