Pompous Cop on Power-Trip Pushes Old Man to the Pavement and Slaps Him For Walking to Restroom


“I tell you what to do, you gonna do it!!”

UPDATE (4/6/15): Charges Filed Against Officer Ramirez

Well it appears some action is being taken against this little tyrant. But will he be convicted of anything? That remains to be seen.  Local 10 News reports as follows:

A Fort Lauderdale police officer seen threatening and slapping a sitting homeless man at the central bus terminal in a video that has been seen across the country is now facing criminal charges.

The Broward State Attorney’s Office filed three misdemeanor charges against Officer Victor Ramirez, 34, including two counts of battery and one count of falsifying records on Thursday.

On Monday morning, Ramirez’s attorney was given a summons for his client to appear in court on May 18.

UPDATE (2/24/15): Cop Gets Suspended With Pay After “Internal Investigation”

“The guy didn’t raise his hand to the officer at all,” said a witness who saw the abuse.

“The officer just knocked him down with his hands. The guy was defenseless.”

The officer, who has been identified as Victor Ramirez, was caught on video pushing a helpless old man face-first into the concrete and then slapping him across the face.

The victim, Bruce Laclair, is nearly 60-yrs-old, had just left a hospital, and was barely able to walk at the time of the encounter.

It began when Bruce tried to take a nap on a bench near the transit station, according to reports.

Despite the abuse and degradation caught on camera, Officer Ramirez will be able to keep his job and continue roaming around neighborhoods with a loaded pistol.

An “internal investigation” was conducted and the department decided that Officer Ramirez will only be suspended, according to reports.

During his suspension, he will still receive money provided by American taxpayers (by force).

BROWARD — A disturbing raw video has surfaced online showing a high-strung police officer pushing an old man down to the pavement and slapping him across the face.

While details surrounding the incident are still emerging, a few things can be made clear from the video.

The elderly man does not appear to pose any threat to the officer but rather is seen walking with a limp.

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As the man is walking to use the restroom, the officer can be seen approaching him from behind and putting on latex gloves as if preparing to lay hands on him.

The officer then says “Stop” to the man and grabs his shoulder.

sick of big brother

The man turns around when he feels the cop grab his shoulder and appears to be confused as to why the cop is touching him.

“I have to go pee,” says the man, pulling his shoulder away from the cop and wanting to be left alone.

At that point, the cop loses control and shoves the old man.

The force from the push was so hard that it sent the man flying down to the concrete.

As the old man made impact on the concrete, he instinctively said “Hey! Fuck you!” to the cop.

To which the cop replied, “I’m telling you right now what’s gonna happen! I’m escorting you out of here right now.”

“I just had to pee,” says the man.

“You’re not gonna go pee!” the cop replies.

The audio becomes unclear at this point but the cop appears to threaten the man with further violence, saying “Get up right now…[inaudible] I’ll beat you up…[inaudible]”

The cop then grabs the man’s shoulder again. By instinct, the man tries to pull away and protect himself.

That is when the cop is seen slapping the man’s face with the palm of his hand as hard as he could, sending the man reeling back onto the curb.

He then points his finger in the man’s face and issues a series of commands as if he is some kind of god, saying things like “I tell what to do, you gonna do it!”

The cop evidently was not aware he was being filmed.

He then makes a big deal out of the fact that the old man said “fuck you,” and pretends as though the man said it randomly and without cause, rather than as a natural reaction to being bullied and violently pushed to the ground.

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This is typical behavior from ordinary schlubs who believe that wearing a government costume and learning beginner’s hand-to-hand combat makes them a grizzled warrior whom everybody must obey.

To push an elderly man down to the ground and degrade him when the man is clearly incapable of fending for himself is an act of cowardice and insecurity. It is easy to act tough and say things like “I’ll beat you up…” and “I tell you what to do, you gonna do it!” when picking on defenseless people.

Cops are supposed to be of strong mind and character in order to deal with real violent threats, but many of them seem to abuse the weak and defenseless for a cheap sense of illusory power: elderly people, the homeless, the mentally ill, children, dogs, etc.

This article will be updated as more information is made available.

Watch the video below (warning: strong language):