Crazy Officer Takes Gun to Bar and Gets Drunk, Starts Punching Bartender in the Back of the Head


DETROIT — “As soon as she had a couple drinks, she couldn’t handle her liquor,” said a bartender, after serving a police officer who became belligerent while carrying a gun, according to reports.

Officer Deloma Stone is nearly 40-yrs-old and has a checkered past of misconduct involving an incident where she was accused of getting drunk and throwing a brick at a car, and two other incidents involving domestic disturbances which led to “internal investigations,” according to reports.

In the most recent case, Officer Stone visited a bar in Detroit where she became intoxicated and began harassing and punching people, according to reports.

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It began when Stone drunkenly accused people of stealing a lottery ticket from her in the amount of $21,000, which never existed, according to reports.

She also drunkenly accused the bartender of stealing her cell phone, which the bartender says never happened.

When the bartender went to use the restroom at one point during the shift, Officer Stone followed the bartender into the restroom and began punching the bartender in the back of the head.

When bouncers were notified of the assault, they quickly removed Officer Stone from the bar.

About a week later, Officer Stone returned to the bar and “apologized” to bar staff for the violence.

But as she began drinking again, Officer Stone once again started accusing the bartender of stealing from her — this time she said her “credit card” was stolen. Moments later she located her credit card in her own pocket.

Once she was reported, she was found with a handgun on her.

Bar employees consider themselves fortunate that nobody was killed by Officer Stone, especially on the night that she punched the bartender in the back of the head.

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At one point in all the interaction, Officer Stone said that police were “her friends.”

Was she expecting that she would get away with the violence and harassment because she was part of the so-called thin blue line?

Officer Stone was taken in for being intoxicated while possessing a department-issued gun, but she was released on a $100 bond.

She has been suspended with pay.

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