Mother of Three Shot in the Head, Killed, as She Sat on Couch

ROSS COUNTY — As Krystal Barrows was resting on her couch minding her own business, the last thing she expected was to be shot in the head and killed.

It happened when officers crowded around her home to perform yet another failed “drug raid.”

The location of Krystal's death. Photo Source: Chillicothe Gazette

The location of Krystal’s death. Photo Source: Chillicothe Gazette

According to reports, officers from U.S. 23 Task Force were executing a search warrant.

Krystal was unarmed and  posed no threat to any of the officers as they stood outside.

Krystal Barrows leaves behind her three children, ages 9, 14, and 19. Photo Source: Soundcloud.

Krystal Barrows leaves behind her three children, ages 9, 14, and 19.

For reasons currently unknown, Officer McKnight fired a round before entering the home.

That round went through the exterior of Krystal’s home and into her head.

Once the officers entered her home, they found her slumped on her couch.

She was in critical condition with a bullet wound to the head.

She was taken to a medical center at Ohio State University, where she perished.

She leaves behind her three sons, 9, 14, and 19.

Officers claim that they found heroin, guns, and “large amounts” money inside the home.

They claim to have also arrested six people, most of whom had outstanding warrants.

However, the sheriff’s office has not provided additional details as to why exactly Krystal was killed.

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Legal counsel for the Sheriff’s office claims that the round was not intentionally fired.

Some are puzzled as to how, precisely, a round to the head was an “accident” and not an assassination.

Investigators are still in the process of determining whether it was due to a malfunctioning firearm or a mistake by the officer.

The sheriff’s office refused to give details beyond what was provided in two news releases,  according to reports.

Neither of those releases specify how the accident happened in great detail.

Whether or not it was an accident, one thing is certain: it is yet another needless instance of death and suffering caused by over-zealous police raids and the “War on Drugs.”

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  • Matamoros

    Funny, the words ‘arrested for homicide’ do not appear in this article…

    • Mr Ghue

      Funny how the words, “heroin, guns, and “large amounts” money” do appear in the article. Bad cops would divy up that cash ya think? Small house. Amazing how she’s innocent and had not one clue what was going on under her nose and that such activity could put her life in jeopardy.

      • eli

        Last time I checked, owning guns and keeping large amounts of cash is legal. The penalty for heroin is imprisonment, not death. Even if the guns were illegally owned, once again the punishment is not death. The cop killed a mother before a trial could ever happen and acted as judge, jury, and executioner for a possible crime whose punishment could not include death. That is a problem. If someone who wasn’t a cop negligently discharged a round that resulted in the death of a mother (even a mother hanging out in a house with drugs), he’d be arrested and charged with manslaughter. With a head shot, it’s likely he’d be charged with homicide. Cops shouldn’t be above the very law they’ve sworn to protect.

      • misterfrost

        You must be a cop.. they’re the only ones I know that assume guilt and then try to justify the bad actions of their own..besides owning guns and having cash is legal..I wouldn’t give two nickels for a flat footed cop..hope they fry..

      • MrDamage

        Bad cops do all sorts of things, of which seizing assets is only one. Murdering innocent folk simply sitting in their couch, neither selling nor doing drugs, is another thing that bad cops do.

      • Don Maertz

        You do realize that I was stated…. that thise things were in the home… it doesnt necessarily mean its the truth.

        • kedwa30

          That’s a very good point. There are numerous scenarios in which even a single corrupt cop could set up the family then assassinate the mother. There is also the possibility that an embarrassed police force would simply lie to cover up or mitigate their mistakes. See how many people are willing to let them off the hook for possible murder just because some drugs were found? They can deflect blame simply by making a criminal out of the dead victim (who can’t speak in her defense now) without any trial.
          That’s like a rapist claiming his victim was a prostitute so she deserved it anyway. That never works in court, but that really says something about the kind of people who would let someone off with that kind of excuse.

          Of course the police are the ones who will investigate the police. Knowing there is a “blue shield” code, it’s possible that they will ensure no trace of evidence remains rather than actually investigate to convict a fellow officer.

      • D Laurier Beaulieu

        Its a standard statement for the press. Used to demonize someone.
        The first time I was rammed through the system, there was a newspaper story dictated by the pigs.
        It said that I was “subdued after a tense standoff.” and that they had found “quantities of drugs”.
        These two lines of dribble were flat out lies. I literally OPENED MY DOOR TO A MYSTERY KNOCK. and was swarmed by armed men who shoved guns in my face. I had NO DRUGS OF ANY SORT.
        But the propaganda made me sound scarier.
        There was no “standoff”. There were no “drugs”.
        There was just a young and naive believer who was ambushed as he was getting ready to go to the first day of his new job.

    • roger

      of corse not just like always the cop will get off with nota

  • Charlie

    Poor trigger disapline has resulted in a life being lost that did not need to be lost.

    • Rightway1208

      Their is no such thing as an accidental discharge, only negligent discharges. If ya can’t safely handle a gun, then don’t become a cop. It’s a requirement of the job.

  • ElDouchee

    how is it a “failed drug raid”?

    • Strudelhouse

      Any ‘drug raid’ that results in the death of an innocent, I would consider failed.

      • ElDouchee

        collateral damage and all that…

    • kedwa30

      Well, if they only found money and guns then it would be red on their face, so you know they carried in some throw down drugs just to justify the home invasion. Dead or severely brain damaged people can’t defend themselves, so they made sure to get a head shot.

      • ElDouchee

        sounds about right.

  • Rusty Shakelford

    It’s a failed Drug Raid because they killed an unarmed woman sitting in her sofa, execution style, and are now probably lying about the incident. It’s a failure when the Gestapo kills innocent people.

    • ArcanVmXII

      Not that you are right about everything else but you obviously did not read the article. They fired a round into the home and it hit her by accident. Stupid on the cop’s part.

      • Chris Talley

        Why do you believe the official story?

      • Jonnyboy Stranger

        By accident? Are you that much of a dolt?

      • Gregory Paul Smith

        That’s their story anyway. How do we know it happened as reported? Don’t tell me murdering cops don’t lie!

      • misterfrost

        Who can believe what a cop says? Especially when it comes to covering up the actions of their own..

        • Betty Lopez Diaz Spates

          Which they always do

      • kedwa30

        If the gun was not pointed at the ground, then it was aimed. It’s kind of hard to aim, take the safety off, then fire all by accident.

  • Rusty Shakelford

    I suspect these Gestapo guys need 4 weeks paid administrative leave!

  • 3GoldBars

    “Malfunctioning firearm???” What horse-shit. It looks like the firearm functioned properly, but the COP malfunctioned.

    • most cops do. they seem to ‘malfunction’ soon after getting through the academy :-/ LONG gone are the days of Andy Griffith

      • David Smith

        Andy wasn’t up against fully automatic wepons and a large population of drug users and dealers with stashed weopons some fully automatic and used to protect their last high either.

        • kedwa30

          So you’re saying sniping an unarmed mother is justified because she could have been a turban wearing communist pumped up on PCP with a gatling gun?

          • alani

            Yep. You can hear the fear and paranoia in his voice. The Police have riot gear on and are armed to the tee. They were in no danger!

        • Eddie Prewitt

          lolwhut!? ok your just an idiot. thought you were serious for a sec.

        • Jeramie Walton

          wow really dude?that is your response to an unarmed mother being murdered by pigs….LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE A PIG STICKING UP FOR YOUR FELLOW PIGOFFICERS….You are scum.Why don’t you go ahead and take a loaded weapon and reconstruct the scene for us…you can be both the pig and the victim….go ahead now,kill yourself.

          • Don Nelson

            Be careful! You don’t want to be the next “accident” that happens. Like most of our despicable politicians police are untouchable and are seldom held accountable. I’ve long since lost respect for them and their invincible attitudes.

          • Ethan Koernke

            Yeah that is why we try and execute them because of their lack of remorse and so they can’t execute anyone again!

          • Eddie

            Jeramie Walton, you are a pretentious asshole. You, sir, are the real pig; and a fat, disgusting one at that. You think you’re any better by telling this guy to commit suicide?

            God, why are so many Americans stupid?

          • John Smith

            Blow another cop u little bitch

          • Bill the eighth

            Since you are one of them, please explain why so many Americans are stupid.

          • Al Gee Brah

            have you not seen the many people who fall for these fake yellow journalist new stories. that includes you. get a grip. get a life and if you can’t do either…. get a rope. get a chair. and step off.

          • T-Ozzy Czernik

            I think Globalists are standing the set… people against the police and police vs the people, some are waking though.

          • Al Gee Brah

            i hope you’re the next one the police officer’s take out. #BlueLivesMatter

        • Joseph A. Clark

          fully automatic weapons? Where did you read that, David? I hope you know the difference between a fully automatic weapon (military) and semi-automatic (civilian). If not, please retract your comment as you are not qualified to give an opinion on firearms safety.

          • Alan Lee

            Even though I agree with your statement… I hope you know that a “civilian” can easily purchase kits to mod weapons to make them full auto. Oh, and by the way. unless the weapon is a SAW(squad automatic weapon) the military doesn’t use them either. Only special forces would have them.

          • ThomasDanielFrain

            “I hope you know that a “civilian” can easily purchase kits to mod weapons to make them full auto.”

            Easily? Really, where? I don’t want to know, really, but it isn’t easy to find such things, buy, or install, and it’s not a simple process.

            IF you buy such a kit, hide it well or be prepared to pay heavily for the ATF paperwork, or be ready to go to prison or turn snitch.

            The Powers That Be like their monopoly of heavy duty weapons and they severely punish the unwashed who presume to deserve firearms equality.

          • Indeeda Pong

            Its called a slide stock, cheap, legal and easy to install.

          • douglas gray

            It’s not full auto though.

          • alani

            The only people that have access to those quality weapons are former military or members of the NRA! The average citizen does not have nor want high powered weapons.

          • Ethan Koernke

            Or COP’s ATF, FBI,US Marshals, CIA,US ARMED FORCES, ETC… But not the general population whom those Corporations supposedly serve.

          • California Tea Party

            Your an idiot. NRA , really.

          • Lewtheprof

            Says the person who doesn’t know the difference between “your” (when directly referring to something possessed by someone else) and ‘you’re’ (THE proper contraction when you actually mean to say “YOU ARE”)! People who live in glass houses……..

            On a more direct note; “members of the NRA?” Really??? Good Lord! (face palm)

          • California Tea Party

            Your, you are, you’re.
            Fuck you .
            Professor of what ? Communism !

          • ThomasDanielFrain

            How do YOU define high powered weapons? I think you probably don’t know much about firearms, but I may be mistaken. If they were easily available at a fair price, I’d love to have rifles with selective fire switches. They aren’t either easily available OR at a fair price, so that discussion is over.

            Even IF I owned such a tool, I wouldn’t likely be able to shoot it much. 5.56mm ammunition has not come down much in price over the last few years, and at $0.30 per round, that’s ten bucks per standard capacity magazine. I can barely afford range days as it is, much less with full auto capabilties.

            The way things stand now, it takes months to learn if your application to own such a tool is approved, and it costs a lot of time and money to apply. The $200 tax stamp fee is, I understand, non-refundable. IF your application is approved, you have to find a weapon to buy.

            The cheapest full auto rifle I’ve seen in the lat several years was about $8,000, and they go WAY up from there.

          • Bruce Walker

            Alan you watch to much MSNBC or is it CNN ?

          • Evan Nowak

            Idiot. We also have the M-2, M240b and M4, all of which are fully automatic and available to conventional forces. Don’t open your mouth if you know horseshit is going to come out of it.

          • Don Nelson

            The trigger group to convert an AK47 to full automatic may be around but really rare. In case you aren’t aware of it mere possession of this is a felony. Not many people are that stupid when a semiautomatic puts out rounds pretty fast.

          • Squid-sortof

            Really? SAW is the only automatic weapon? Last time I checked, when I was deployed in the Med I carried a fully automatic M4 and my ship has .50 cals that are also fully automatic. Get your facts straight and quit talking out of your ass like you something about the military. Dipshit

          • Scobie

            Alan…you have no earthly idea of what you are talking about.

          • tmthymcclain

            no in the marines I know we used the SAW in the infantry not special forces know what your talking about before opening your pie hole

          • TreebeardZZ

            You have clearly NEVER served or were washed out of boot camp in the first week.TreebeardzzThe FIRST weapon they put in your hands is a select fire, FULLY automatic capable m-16 variant. Practically ALL military firearms, with the exception of sidearms, are capable of full automatic fire. Please go peddle your ignorance elsewhere.

          • Ethan Koernke

            Not with out the ATF, and FBI getting red flags all over. And the only reason that is with the parts. Is because the ATF let it into the country.

          • Al Gee Brah

            i was in the military. and i had a SAW and we weren’t special forces.. get your facts straight retard.

        • Dan Dewey

          Maybe they should find another job then, I’m sure they knew it was dangerous when they signed up.

        • Rex

          And if we didn’t have all these stupid drug laws, it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s none of the Governments business if people do drugs or not! If there is not victim, how can there be a crime? In this case, there is a victim. And the criminals are the police.

        • dreamer23

          David–please document a single use of a legally-registered full-auto firearm in the US used in a crime. Ever.

          Oh, yeah, the last time that happened, it was a COP who used his registered MAC-10 to murder an informant who had pissed him off.

          Historically, the criminal use of “fully automatic weapons” in the US is nonexistent, and when it DOES happen, it’s more likely to be a cop than a citizen…

          Drug users in the US tend to NOT have access to firearms because, well, it’s a felony, and because most of them would rather use their money to buy more dope than spend $10-50,000 to get a “fully-automatic firearm”.

          Long guns of ANY kind (including semi-auto “assault rifles) are used in fewer homicides than hands and feet.

          The simple fact is, the BIGGEST threat to a cop while on duty is his own stupidity in traffic, because the most common cause of death for LEO in the USA is TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS. More cops die from heart attacks in the US every year than from being shot by criminals…

        • Fujitsu Ninjitsu

          The Untouchables were.

          They predate Andy Grifith.

          Get your history right, dipshit.

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          you’re an idiot. the VERY reason they have automatics is because this “war on drugs” CREATED THIS PROBLEM OF DRUG CARTELS, AND HEAVILY ARMED CRIMINALS. AND THEY DIDN’T GET THE WEAPONS LEGALLY, EITHER!!!

        • phoper

          You are correct, Andy was up against people like a mother with three children. Andy would not have shot the mother in the head. Barney would have and in those days the state of North Carolina may have jailed Barney for doing that.

        • Chuck Schwinger

          if you’re gonna misspell “weapons” twice, at least use the same misspelling, twice….

        • AL

          yeah, neither are they. when’s the last time you heard about a police shootout involving automatic weapons ?

        • hahaha wtf are you talking about? Did Mike Brown have large automatic weapons? Did the kid in Cleveland have large automatic weapons? Was this woman armed with large automatic weapons? Last year out of 780,000 cops less than 50 died of gun shot wounds.

        • Michael Corbus

          Damn David Smith, Do you take STUPID PILLS all the time?

        • AmericanPatriot

          Show me just One instance in the last five years of a police officer being fired at with a fully automatic weapon.

        • Bill the eighth

          And neither are these pigs you idiot. Do you even know how many people are killed by automatic weapons in the US each year? ZERO zero.

        • ButtKnockr

          They shot an unarmed mother with no threat in any way available. WTF is wrong with you david.

        • Keletor

          Just like the lady that was shot in the head who was unarmed… oh wait. That is right, not every officer is up against that 24/7. Statistically I have more of a chance of being unarmed and shot by an officer than I do of being a cop and shot by a criminal. How does that work?

        • Kyle Pinson

          Dude, what movies have you been watching? This is real life. Wake up.

        • Deborah Vincenti

          That is bullshit for the most part,I’m to believe the family dog is running drugs and has automatic guns in their fur please what excuse do they have for killing our pets

        • Huey Johnston

          Oh please!! I can’t remember the last time a fully auto weapon was used in a crime in this country… The last time I heard about that was somewhere in Florida in the 80s when a drug cartel mixed it up with someone. You watch too many movies.

      • Yeah, Andy kept his gun in the drawer.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        hell, barney would be an improvement over these cops

    • Raven Man

      The malfunction was his finger on the trigger and the police being allowed to carry guns, They are the criminals that should have their guns consficated not the American citizen,,, how ill you protect yourself from the cops if you have no guns…

  • mydogsays

    There shouldn’t be any doubt that the cops in the U.S. are totally out of control and we have become a POLICE STATE! And Obama and Congress never say a word against this type of thing!

    • J. Marquez

      So, I take it Obama is the only president this has happened under? Also, am I to understand that the president is responsible for the actions of local police? You sir, need to understand just how government works. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything the president can do about this. The FOP will back the officer no matter how egregious his actions.

      • Keely Shaper

        No, Obama isn’t responsible, but he did interfere when the Trayvon Martin shooting happened, yet those who are killed/murdered by police, Obama doesn’t even bat an eye.

      • lynnlynn

        Yes he is. Because he has militarized the local cops. I am from Chillicothe. It’s a small sleepy town about 50 miles south of Columbus. We recently received a TANK. That’s right. The government gave them a tank. And semi automatic guns…………and other such nonsense not needed for a population of less than 25,000. So in answer to your question, yes Osama Obama is responsible. He’s trying to build an army to kill stupid asses like you when he gets ready. So we’ll see how much you support him when you’re dying in a FEMA camp….also supplied by the government…do so some research and see where your new home will be…if they don’t kill you first…Look up FEMA camps in the USA.

        • Rebecca Kleitz

          Uh oh…somebody’s off their meds again.

          • JN

            Hmmm, someone writes down their opinion on something and it doesn’t match with your own? They must be insane, and ‘off their meds’.

          • Rebecca Kleitz

            No–just lynnlynn. And apparently you, as well!”

            “He’s trying to build an army to kill stupid asses like you when he gets ready. So we’ll see how much you support him when you’re dying in a FEMA camp….also supplied by the government…do so some research and see where your new home will be…if they don’t kill you first…Look up FEMA camps in the USA.”…..
            Yes, I’m sorry but that sounds quite insane.
            This country has enough problems already without y’all’s dumb conspiracy theories.
            Want to make things better? Try living in REALITY.

          • Jaeson Watts

            ok, first of all, the construction and staffing of the FEMA camps is an actual fact, not a “theory”. Theory, for that matter, does not mean something is wrong or false, it actually means it hasn’t been proven to be true OR false. Also, all you people talking crap about the “conspiracy theorists” seem to forget that as little as 5 years ago when WE said “the gov is listening to our phone calls illegally, and spying on everyone” people like YOU said “no way thats true”….and then guess what, it WAS TRUE!
            refusing to believe factual evidence even when it exists is a sign of mental illness, so maybe you should look into some meds, then get on them.

          • Rebecca Kleitz

            Everything you are typing just makes you seem less and less sane.
            I need a good chuckle while I’m smoking my HERBAL medicine!

          • lynnlynn

            How about you do some research…..pfffft if you can operate a computer. FEMA Internment Camps. There’s a ton of information about them. What else would they be for….other than to house all the welfare leaches that cannot survive without sucking on the tit of government…like you.

          • Rebecca Kleitz

            Ha ha…yeah.
            O k…
            Also, I am not on welfare.
            I sure hope YOU don’t have any guns.

          • lynnlynn

            Of course I am a gun owner. I have a J O B. I have all sorts of things that welfare leaches cannot fathom.

          • lynnlynn

            Oh but I do

        • Gregory Paul Smith

          The “militarization” of police began under Nixon when he declared “all out WAR on drugs”. Cops are not meant to fight wars. They are to enforce laws, and ARREST lawbreakers. Not kill “enemies”.

          • Raven Man

            Go back and se when the killings actually came full force wit the Nazi police state,, Look at which president and government regime has armed Police and DHs while trying to disarm the citizens and making them defenseless. Do some research on the socialist dictators of history,, .

        • Perrofelix

          ….and if you look up “FEMA camps” you’ll see a lot of talk about this same conspiracy when Bush was president. And when Clinton was president. Yes, the police have been increasingly militarized for a while now, and I don’t like it either. But it’s a bipartisan plan.

      • Raven Man

        It is funny J, Marquez how Obama had lots to say about the Zimmerman / Martín killing and they continue to try and convict Zimmerman for Killing Martin………..You must not understand how government works, it does s it damn well pleases and kills when it wants to.. Go back a few years at Ruby Ridge when A Sniper shot and Killed the wide of Weaver,, The sniper was moved to a new area… Nothing else..

    • Gregory Paul Smith

      When cops refer to citizens as “civilians”, you know the mentality is all wrong! Cops are “civilians” too! But when you train cops as soldiers to kill “enemies”, you pervert the police force into something they were never meant to be.

    • kedwa30

      Well this is what I don’t understand, so help me out. Obama is the president and so he is the executive of the “police” on the federal level. That includes ATF, CIA, FBI, DHS, Park Rangers, and many quasi-police such as for the Social Security Administration. There are probably more federal police than there are military. However, the police force in this drug raid was not a federal police force. Maybe they get federal funding and get training through federal programs, but at the essence, a municipal police force is beholden only to the mayor or chief of police for that municipality. What does Obama or the U.S. Congress or Senate have to do with corruption on a local level? (Aside from the federal training such as the “no hesitation” program, I mean.)

  • CopVids

    At the very least, the officer who fired the shot should be charged with negligent homicide under Ohio laws. Of course, the chances of it happening are slim to none. The killing probably won’t even show up on his personnel record as anything other than “cleared” of wrongdoing.

    • Raven Man

      No He should be charged with Murder as he is….

    • misterfrost

      Yeah..that makes it all better..I wonder if that warrant was signed by a Judge..if it wasn’t they were all breaking the law and all should do time..

      • roger

        they probably didn’t have a warrant most of the time cops don’t I figure the warrant was issued after the indecent to cover there butts

  • Arnt Johnsen

    It was not “malfunctioning firearm or a mistake by the officer” It was a murder but the strange thing is that it seems to be ok to devastate an entire family just because they have murderers in their leash.
    If officers wont find evidence they create them by planting them so its justifying their crime. FUCK POLiCE

    • JonEdHil

      I remember how crazed people got when Ice-T came out with his album/song “Cop Killer”. Strange how prescient his attitude was at that time…and how the middle class has now largely understood his point!

  • mackpeterson

    “Malfunctioning firearm?” Guns don’t kill people. Police kill people.

  • Gregory D Trider

    Scum cops

  • ArcanVmXII

    “For reasons currently unknown, Officer McKnight fired a round before entering the home.

    That round went through the exterior of Krystal’s home and into her head.”

    The part that it seems NOBODY leaving comments is reading.

    • Christopher White

      It was either by intention or by incompetence – either reason deserves arrest, trial and conviction for Voluntary Manslaughter.

      • ArcanVmXII

        I’m not disputing that at all. But people throwing ‘execution style’ around are simply exaggerating

        • Justin

          It’s based on what we know about police in this country these days. I wouldn’t doubt it for a second.

        • kedwa30

          I agree. Execution style is not accurate. It is more accurate to say she was sniped from afar.

    • lynnlynn

      It was a mobile home…………..and they have infrared technology ….why God only knows…………but they would’ve known exactly who was in the house and where they were situated. Not that hard to understand this is looking like an assassination rather than a mistake. McKnight thinks he’s invincible. I live here. I know. The police force have lost their minds. They have recently received a tank…………..that can launch all sorts of things……..and is armed with things that would make most armies of the world jealous…for a town that is about 25,000 in population. The police force is out of control everywhere. Thanks OBama you piece of shit.

      • Perrofelix

        I loathe the militarization of the police but it didn’t start under this president, nor did NSA wiretapping, or the Patriot Act.

    • Joe Draper

      so it was an accident, in cleveland hts a copper was chasing a suspect on foot, the cop died while chasing him, so they charged the suspect with murder because if the he didnt run the cop would not have had a heart attack, and have died, I think the cop that fired his weapon ins due for a trip to prison.

    • Na_na99

      A ROUND, not a shot or two. No one shoots a ROUND “accidentally”.

      • Timmer

        a round is one bullet.

  • Dane

    Why is it always something that malfunctioned etc,of course the internal affairs department will find no wrongdoing, cops dot rat out other cops.

  • jackattack

    cold blooded murder by militaristic bald headed cops who kill the people they work for

  • Mr Ghue

    I agree, the war on drugs is a crock, and alot of cops will even tell you that. She didn’t deserve what happened to her, but being at a known drug house, living with drug dealers, guns are part of the drug game, and when you play people pay. If you’re the dealer, sometimes it’s your mother killed in a driveby. Might even be your child. Sounds like a accidental discharge while the boys were getting it together to take down the house. Bullets unintentionally find someone all the time. Sure, make it all about the pigs and the fuzz. Who can you thank for it if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere you can sleep at peace at night knowing noone is likely to sneak in your house and kill your family? Who is the first one there when your baby is choking and turning blue?

    • tinnerjim

      “Who is the first one there?”…I am…when you put your “stock” in someone or some group that has no real interest is you or your family…you get second rate. I am who I can count on. My wife, my family…they are who we look to when we need something. No we don’t play with fire (drug dealers) so that reduces the possibility of having to deal with the tin badges.

      • Mr Ghue

        That’s the right answer…

        • tinnerjim

          I can’t plan for every possibility …I can be as proactive as possible but when you speak of an accident like the one you described…well, I would guess I will not be thinking of the jack-booted thugs kicking in my door…I will be thinking of the “jaws of life” prying my family out of the car…not the best analogy you make but the point is taken…I pay my (and someone elses) taxes but really don’t expect much in return. Putting out my house if it is on fire may be one of them…getting my kids out of the mangled wreck is an other. I hope you get the gist of my comments on the previous post.

  • Mr Ghue

    “Schmidt said it doesn’t appear any shots were fired at law enforcement officers from inside the home.” That from the attorney on behalf of the department. Real cover up you’ve got here. Article states also from the local paper that there were 11 people in that tiny mobile home. Sounds like a few people sittin around getting high. Never mind the kids in there.

  • FlatusOhlfart

    the only good cop is a dead cop!

  • Shane Shaw

    there is a war coming…… which side will you be on?

  • Na_na99

    This used to happen to black people regularly and everyone said to shut up and get over it. Remember the 90 something year old woman from Atlanta? Now we see what happens when justice is denied to someone just because you don’t like that person: the perpetrators decided no one cares and goes for the rest of you.

  • DISQUS-ted

    Hey…filming cops…why do you use disqus? I am curious as to your reasons.

  • JonEdHil

    Okay, here we go. We do not know all the facts of this story. However, it is possible to deduct a few grains of “truth” herein: 1) A gun went off before any warrant was served. 2) a woman was killed outright by a shot fired by law enforcement personnel before the execution of said warrant 3) This will no doubt go down as another “drug related death”, even though it is, in fact, a “drug war” related death.4) No law enforcement personnel will face any charges whatsoever for this murder, and that is what it is, plain and simple, a MURDER. Period, end of discussion. Until and unless we begin to demand the immediate arrest of these cops and the immediate firing of their bosses for such incidents, we deserve whatever we get.

  • Nephew Sam

    Even if true they had heroin, guns and dirty money, it would never be excuse to execute an outlaw. The American way: shoot first; ask question later” is still the rule of engagement. This true for law enforcement and for soldiers

  • Bill Walsh

    What do you suppose are the chances this “cop” is punished in any, meaningful way?

    I know. ZERO.

  • gurukalehuru

    Two choices, gun nuts: either guns do kill people after all or, if you want to stick to the old “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” nonsense, then this cop needs to stand trial for murder.

    • Justin

      This is irrelevant, ignorant, and just plain silly.. People kill people, hands down. Have you ever been educated on handling a firearm? Clearly you haven’t, because RULE #1 is NEVER the business end anywhere that you don’t intend to shoot, that DOES include the rare accidental discharge. I guess you anti-constitutionalists don’t really care about that though…I guess since he was a cop, he must have some professional training that allowed him to break the biggest rule of firearms. Us “gun nuts” consider this rule to be paramount to handling such a tool. Either it was intentional, or it was straight out negligence. Both of which, should be prosecuted as it would be with ANY regular tax payer. If you have a gun, you ONLY point it in the direction in which you wish
      to fire and must be ABSOLUTELY sure of your/ your targets surroundings. That means if there’s a house next to you, especially an occupied house, you DO NOT point your firearm at it. Simple. You clearly have bought into some liberal propaganda and think you’ve struck an argumentative goldmine, but in reality, you just look really dumb.

      • Perrofelix

        I always enjoy reading “This week in Gunfail,” which illustrates that not every gun owner (by far) handles the equipment responsibly. Two years ago
        my grandfather, lying in his own bed in rural Wisconsin was missed by a hunter’s bullet, by inches. It went lengthwise through his house over his head and hit the wall. If he’d been sitting up in bed, he would have been dead. Plenty of people who cannot be trusted to handle a gun properly have them, and use them.

    • kedwa30

      I agree, people kill people. This cop had to do three things for his bullet to go through that woman’s brain. He had to aim the gun. The gun was not pointed at the ground and thus was aimed. He had to take the safety off. He had to pull the trigger. Even if he can claim that the gun malfunctioned and somehow discharged on its own, he still aimed the weapon and is thus culpable for his actions.

  • Deegs2

    why do you call them officers…?????? shower of NAZI Bastards

  • Cops are just out of control in this nation. From David Sal Silva in California to the fact cops have murdered over 5000 people since 911 ( The Patriot Act has given them powers to act as Nazi Stormtroopers. Assert your constitutional rights, will ya? Get a baton upside your head. The cops worst enemy is the smart phone. All smart phones have cameras. Get an app called “Qik”. It is not HD quality. But, it’s good enough. It is a live feed to the Qik servers (you can live stream to Facebook and Youtube as well). So, if they go to delete your video, you have a copy of what transpired on Qik.

  • George Padgett

    The only malfunctions I’ve EVER had were jambs and misfires , never had a firing pin or hammer release on it’s own .

  • Steve Davies

    So what more of an outrage, The killing? or that she dared call herself a mother simply because she allowed genetic material to take seed in her and allow those children to live in that environment? Besides not all the information is EVER released before the FINAL investigation whether the shooting was Justified or NOT. But again who do we lament for?

    • kedwa30

      How could an “accidental” shooting be justified?
      The woman is dead, so she can’t even defend herself from her accusers. Maybe her oldest had the drugs and she didn’t know, or maybe the cops carried in some “throw down” drugs. It’s telling of the kind of people that are willing to assume the drugs belonged to the person who was shot. When you know nothing about this woman, why jump readily to the conclusion that she must have been selling drugs. Do you sell drugs? Would you be willing to sell drugs, but just haven’t the right opportunity yet? It is a psychological fact that given an unknown about someone, people tend to assume what is true about themselves. That’s why on many questionnaires for employment at retail chains ask the question “True or false, most people would steal if they knew they could get away with it.” Those people that answer true are more likely to be thieves themselves. So why do people assume that the woman who was shot was selling drugs when the only thing you are told is that some drugs were found (no specification of how much) and some amount of money was found (again, no specified amount)? It’s possible the woman was hording money and the son was a user. It’s possible the cops threw down the drugs to cover their embarrassing “misfire”. Of the many possible explanations, why jump to the one conclusion? That is certainly telling.

  • Philly Bob

    It’s good for America!! Think Of The Children!!

  • Fupo

    Oh and all the punk ass police will get free paid vacation

  • Danielle Zill

    you know a subpoena for the audio from the cop with the “malfunctioning” firearm would go ahead and clear everything right up!

    I’m suuuree there’ll be an “oops” in there somewhere.

  • phobo

    if she was involved with selling heroin, then she deserved it.

    • BritishRule

      The Gov. is the biggest Drug dealer in the world. look at the bigger picture. shoot her in the head by “accident” and all of a sudden she has drugs, guns and cash in her house? hmm think about it.

    • fernowl

      Duh, people with large sums of cash laying around don’t live in crappy trailers.

      • kedwa30

        Did you ever think that maybe she didn’t trust banks? Cops come in on an anonymous tip (probably by the same corrupt cop that shot her because he had a personal grudge) and after the embarrassing “accidental” death, the head cop decides to use his “throw down” drugs to make it look like she had it coming. They didn’t specify how much money was found. Maybe a few tens of thousands of dollars? A person’s life savings could be more than that, especially when they live inexpensively and don’t expect social security to pay off. This could be part of an attack on preppers. Preppers are known to have a few guns and keep a lot of cash on hand. It’s a lifestyle choice.

      • kedwa30

        Not everyone throws all their money into a huge bank mortgage to get the biggest house they can afford. It’s a lifestyle choice. You might choose to live paycheck to paycheck and have hardly any cash on hand because most of your money goes to your house payment, but that is not everyone.

        I know some people whose bank was recently bought and they cannot access their accounts right now, weeks before Christmas, and they can’t access their money to buy gifts. It makes sense that even someone who normally had a bank account might have a lot of cash on hand if they started cashing their checks because they couldn’t access their bank balance during the merger.

        • fernowl

          Since I was replying to the person you replied to, Whatever allows you to sleep at night troll. Seems like you’ve got a contrary answer for every post.

          • kedwa30

            I’m a troll because I disagree? Okay, whatever, troll. Go lay down and take a nap.

    • kedwa30

      That’s as ignorant as saying a prostitute deserves to get raped. Such an attitude says more about you.

  • Ben Keller

    I think it’s time for some “accidental” shootings of our own.

  • batfly

    And the people just take these acts of war sitting down?

    Wake the fuck up!

    There is a war and it is being waged against peaceful people. The longer you do nothing the worse things will get.

    • kedwa30

      It’s a war of the mind. These cops are being indoctrinated with propaganda that makes them shoot first. The people that indoctrinated them into the “no hesitation” mind control program are the real enemies, not the cops.

  • poop

    Guess she shouldn’t have been selling drugs in the first place .

  • Mike Little

    Abuse of power is not an isolated incident it happens every day in every city and town in this country. It is out of control and there is nothing that can be done about it and stay alive

  • The LiQ

    We are the enemy,
    did you know people born after 1975 outnumber the last generation 4-1
    These Law Enforcers are being trained to kill first and ask no questions..
    Look up no hesitation targets..

  • Betty Lopez Diaz Spates

    They shoot first and then blame the victim, ridiculous.

  • hangman57

    Sounds like murder again by police officer . Need a independent investigation .

  • Cynthia Robinson

    Now, they’re calling it an officer’s MISTAKE????
    WHEN has a raid EVER began with a shot fired into the house?
    Cops killing innocent people never caught my eye, until police murdered my son, Joshua, in 2006. I HATE THIS! I still haven’t gotten the truth, justice, or closure.

  • Brandon Evans

    Malfunction? The safety off and finger pulling trigger. Thats inpossible.

  • kedwa30

    If the gun wasn’t pointed at the ground, then it was aimed at a target. The gun didn’t aim itself. This was clearly an assassination and a home invasion. Everyone that participated is a criminal.

  • Lin

    It doesn’t matter what they ‘supposedly’ found in her house
    AFTER they shot her from OUTSIDE the house.

    Do the cops have x-ray vision or mind-reading abilities or precognition???
    NO, they do NOT!
    So how can they justify shooting anything at all BEFORE they know anything??????

    • kedwa30

      Good points.
      Typically, a couch is in a living room. Typically, a living room has a window. The window may be said to be the exterior of the house. So could this be that the officer actually sniped her through a closed window?
      I don’t know that this particular crew wasn’t using some sort of vision tools to see heat signatures through walls. This very well could be a case of premeditated murder.

      This calls to mind an instance in Florida in which some police officers shot a man who answered his door when they were supposed to be at a different address entirely. Could police be using “accident” and incompetence as an excuse to assassinate people?

    • kedwa30

      If heat vision was in use, then the profile as seen by the shooting officer could have reminded him of the profile seen in a no-hesitation target prompting him to shoot without hesitation. Then upon finding it was an unarmed woman, the story of “accidental misfire” was quickly concocted due to his shame of being wrong about his target. It’s typical cognitive dissonance.

    • kedwa30

      In the case of a warrant-less search, all evidence found would be inadmissible due to the fruit of the poisonous tree concept. The same applies here. If the officer’s alleged accidental discharge of a weapon would have been wrong if they found nothing, then it is wrong regardless of what they find because there was no lawful reason to discharge that weapon. To say otherwise one might just as well forgive a drunk driver for running over a child because he might have grown up to be a serial killer. No one can know that. Also, until the woman is convicted in a court of law, she is entitled to a presumption of innocence. To allow the officers errors to be overlooked because of allegations of guilt of the victim only encourages officers to shoot first and ensure they find evidence later. The courts don’t want to encourage warrant-less searches by using evidence obtained unlawfully. Neither should they encourage unlawful discharge of a weapon.

  • jooe

    well they found all that crap what she doing endangering her children for all she knew it was a home invasion for her stash. what kind of Kusty leaves it in a family’s home.

  • CaptainDoMore
  • TheClambelly

    Despicable. As usual.

  • sleepyo

    they just keep killing people and nothing is being done to stop this full on assault of the American people. A kid gets shot 6 times and dies for being sarcastic?

  • Ken

    Freakin morons don’t understand that if under warrant you resist, you may be fired upon.

    • Perrofelix

      Yes, sitting on your couch before a warrant is served. Resisting arrest with thought crime or brain waves perhaps?

    • Polecat

      I hope you get “arrested” soon.

    • sarah

      dude they didnt even open the door she was sitting on her couch

  • Sheep???

    My guess is most of this brutality and murder is legally justified by “the war on drugs” All of you folks complaining? How many are members of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)? If you want to complain then complain. But if you actually want to fix the problem get off your asses and support those who are trying to fix the problem. These articles are not a bitching points they should be a battle cry. WTF is wrong with people??? What if these articles were about your family???? The fact that most here are questioning the police statement is more than enough to stand. How freaking hard is it to sit on your asses and show support to those trying to stop this by using sane logical arguments. Rather than bitching in comment sections. Support LEAP and let’s not only end this murderous war but also end the tyrannical laws and insane budgets that the police operate on.

  • Smokiee Portlock

    yea yea, oh, it went off, wow. i held a damn gun for over 15 years, this was a .256 sniper weapon, did it go off accidentally, my fuking ass it didnt, this is another shoot first and ask questions later, and was the drugs planted to make it look good, yea right, as Heinlein said in a book, between two worlds, anyone can die from a heart attack

  • Sharon Elaine Janes

    Doesn’t anybody care about those three boys left without a mother? Those police officer were wrong and are murderers!!

  • John

    Did it occur to anyone that maybe she knew too much. Perhaps she had to be taken out in order to protect an implicated party within the force?

  • Vicki Watson Guenter

    The point here is that there is now 3 Motherless children, how would you feel if it where your Mother that was shot in the head and died ? The cops now a days are fucking crazy !!!

  • Indeeda Pong

    First let me say that any loss of innocent life is unacceptable and the involved officer will be held accountable. I know my opinion is not the popular one but what I conclude from the article was that the police had been there before to search for drugs and such, and supposedly this time they found drugs and several individuals with warrants. As a parent I strive to provide a home that is moral, safe and conductive to raising a productive member of society. I would not have drugs or people that sell them around my home or children, that bullet could have easily killed one of her children. Had she been living a upright lifestyle this post would not exist, especially after they served a search warrant before. That should have been her wake up call. Did she deserve to die, hell no but part of being an adult is realizing that your actions dictate your consequences.

  • Dustin

    Fuck the police!

  • dasy100

    Many more of you will die such deaths, because you are too lazy to get up off your fancy couches and do something! Get prepared, soon, you will have no life, even is you live.

  • proudtobeone

    Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. I bet any of you that are cop haters are either criminals, or just ignorant. I am not going to say they don’t have bad cops out here, because they do. But the moment you are a victim of a crime you will be calling a cop for help. It is very unfortunate that this woman lost her life…probably from a rookie cop. Anyone properly trained to shoot a weapon should know that you don’t put your finger on the trigger until you are on target and prepared to commit deadly force. You hypocrites weren’t there so you shouldn’t Monday night quarterback. I am sure the officer is not celebrating. I know officers that were in the right when they pulled the trigger, but have had hard times dealing with the fact they took a life. So don’t put a rubber stamp on all cops. If you weren’t there shut your f—ing mouths.

    • Indeeda Pong

      Amen to that.

    • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

      I used to think that way even though cops always, always lied to me and tried their best to violate my constitutional rights. Sure there are loads of “bad” cops out there. The problem is there are extremely few “good” cops. My definition of a good cop is one that would arrest a bad cop, or at least not perjure themselves to make sure the “bad” cop gets away with abusing innocent citizens.

    • kevinl4000

      Isn’t that was Disqus is for? To render an opinion?

  • Chaz-Sea Lyons

    It’s all about forfeitures and supplementing their budgets and income. That’s why they go after users now, and not dealers. Pot smokers have houses, cars, motorcycle, best part is they can confiscate everything at the time of arrest, before knowing if you are guilty or innocent. And, when you try and get your stuff back, (u have 45 days), they send you to the federal courts since its under their jurisdiction. Oppps 45 days are up.

  • Chaz-Sea Lyons

    You can report a meth lab anonymously, pick any house and they’ll go busting in, since they don’t need a warrant for building code violations or hazmat issues.

  • Lanell Dupuy

    TRIGGER happy a** cops! some cops shouldn’t even have a gun as they let the power of authority go their head- don’t reply to my posts—if you do– i won’t reply back!

  • Sarah Jackson

    And the punishment will be 1 year paid vacation and be publicly labeled a hero for his act of courage, a bbq fundraiser held by fellow police and a $500 payment to help with “his” greiving process.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    notice how, when a citizen “accidently ” shoots someone they laugh and say “guns don’t go off by themselves” but when a cop does it, whole different story

  • Cracker Jack Pat

    ALL COPS Who Murder people should die the same death they offered the innocent victoms

  • making_pie

    Judgement is coming, PIG.

  • Jax

    Poor training and poor decisions. And this cop will get off with a slap of the rist

  • Josh Lemanski

    umm…m249 is a squad automatic weapon. hence why they call it the “SAW” SI for Marines. and weapon used by the army up until 2 years ago when they started being phazed out by the m27 iar and m240b machine gun. the m60 and m240b are not saws…they are full machine guns..sop is they are usualy deployed with at least 2 men. but def can be handled and fired by one. try lugging one of those cocksuckers over the hindu-kush…….Retreat Hell

  • chris9465

    police kill more people than the drugs

  • objectivecynic

    A date on the news article and a location, ie. the state that Ross County is in, would seem to be basic to reporting this story.

  • cvr527

    Malfunction my ass! This is a negligent discharge! He had his finger on the trigger and fired his weapon when he did not intend to. This is negligent manslaughter, and McKnight needs to be charged and held accountable for his actions!

  • Kim Serrahn

    Bet the one who “fired” the shot was pissed at her, and it was one way to get rid of her.

  • Rodney Campbell

    Who cares how it happened, put these cops in prison for life.

  • ronn214

    What I find most disturbing isn’t the fact she was shot, but the lack of transparency and accountability. The lack of disclosure about what happened. It’s like they just kill people and that’s that. No explanation, no accountability.

  • John Bialoglow

    Guns don’t fire by themselves as anyone who ever had or shot a gun knows. If a gun ever fired by itself that gun company would be out of business by government mandate and endless multi-million dollar lawsuits.

  • oldman67

    Mistake by the officer?

  • Harold Bickerschtein

    Justice System Reform List

    America has a serious, institutionalized, systemic law enforcement problem. Over the last 4 decades, our law enforcement has become increasingly militarized, putting every citizen at risk of being shot and killed for nothing more than reaching for their wallet, as instructed, or less. This may increase safety for police officers (debatable, in the long run), but at the expense of making American citizens far less safe, which is the exact opposite of the goals of law enforcement. We need to create systems that bring back accountability within every level of the justice system.

    Nationally, we need to:

    1. Create citizen oversight committees with powers of subpoena and prosecutorial discretion for every law enforcement agency in the country. A special independent prosecutor must be assigned immediately for officer-involved shootings. Committee members should be randomly selected and replaced often, like grand jurors, to avoid corruption.

    2. Require law enforcement officers to be personally insured to protect taxpayers from lawsuits. Too risky for insurance? No insurance, no badge. Insurance could be partially publicly subsidized.

    3. Require every law enforcement officer to wear a camera. No camera, no gun. Also, implement GPS tracking on all police cars and cameras.

    4. Require yearly psyche tests to screen out potentially abusive officers.

    5. Require random drug and steroid tests.

    6. All police agencies must keep a database of every officer-caused civilian injury, shooting or killing, and that data must be periodically transmitted to a third-party, non-biased national database.

    7. Any officer involved in a shooting must be alcohol and drug tested immediately.

    8. Officers should be made aware of studies on abuse of power, such as the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures. Ensure there are clear policies on use of force.

    9. More training to deal with mentally ill, or a mental illness crisis unit. More training and encouragement to use peacemaking, conflict resolution, and de-escalation skills. Increase educational requirements, focusing on psychology, sociology, and social work.

    10. Create a special number (third party, independent of police) to report police brutality. Victims of police brutality and the families of police shootings should immediately be appointed an attorney to represent their position/case.

    11. Create national database of abusive officers, so they don’t just get hired elsewhere.

    12. Reverse militarization of police forces. Take away military weapons, APC’s, uniforms, and especially the attitude. Police officers are civilians, not a branch of the military. Require at least 5 years between active duty military and civilian police employment. Keep SWAT/military weapons and equipment under lock and key only to be used in genuine emergencies. Quit viewing the community you police as a “war zone”.

    13. Prohibit television shows that glorify bad, illegal, or unconstitutional policing, such as “Cops”. Glorifying these behaviors creates a dangerous situation for American citizens and should not be tolerated.

    14. Increase community outreach. Hire officers from the community. Officers need to be more in touch with the people they are sworn to protect.

    15. End no-knock raids. It is perfectly legal for a home owner to respond to a break in with gun in hand, which gets them killed when the police are the intruders. This makes it unreasonably dangerous on citizens, especially when cops often go to the wrong address.

    16. Reform forfeiture laws to protect citizens’ property rights and due process. No forfeiture proceedings until after conviction. All forfeiture proceeds go directly to the victims of police brutality and the families of police shootings.

    17. End drug prohibition/war on drugs. Use harm reduction strategies.

    18. End private prison industry.

    19. Create a national organization dedicated to these ideals.

  • Keletor

    What kind of sights or targeting was on the rifle. If it was infrared then there are some serious issues. Let’s hope some hero lawyer’s take up the victim’s case.

  • robert

    Cops now-a-days are Barney Fife on steroids.

  • Vlad Vondoom

    Pigs can kill anyone and get away with it. Laws are only for you sheep and the real job of pigs is to keep the sheep from revolting.

  • LawrenceNeal

    And of course the SA will find themselves not at fault.

  • Larry Graham

    As the boys in blue all come to their colleagues defense saying don’t worry we found drugs, it was a justifiable shooting.

  • Joe Adcock

    Have you seen the follow up to this? McKnight was arrested for OVI and resigned the force

  • Joe Adcock

    A civil lawsuit by Krystals family is still pending