VIDEO: Men Defend Themselves Against Aggressive Cops, Charges Dropped

DETROIT — Tywonn Mitchell, 20, and his older brother Naybon Moore, 26, were driving to a restaurant back in May when suddenly, they say, Detroit police officers began profiling them and following them. They had done nothing wrong and have no criminal record.

The cops tailed them all the way to the restaurant, actually followed them inside, and then asked for their IDs.

As you can see in the video, the brothers did not show their IDs and asked what they had done wrong. The cops, apparently, didn’t anticipate dealing with Americans who know their rights.The brothers are both educated — one of them majored in Criminal Justice and the other majored in Law.

That’s when one of the cops got physical and pushed Naybon. It looks like these cops were out to pick a fight just for fun.

By natural instinct the men began defending themselves.

Watch the video:

Because the attackers were wearing special costumes and were part of a gang that calls itself “government,” the brothers were charged with “assault” and faced a maximum of 12 years in prison. All this because they had a natural instinct to defend themselves against violent aggression.

Fortunately the video footage captured what really happened. About a week after the footage aired, the prosecutors dropped the charges against the brothers.

Mitchell said in a Fox 2 interview, “I forgive them and I don’t hold any grudges for them. I hope they learned their lesson.”

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  • RickHorowitz

    “I do want to know why the officers confronted them….”

    Answer: Because they were black.

    Thankfully, this time the cops got what they deserved, and no innocent citizens were killed.

    • Chuck Finley

      Most of the population in Detroit is, Black. The cops are obviously wrong, doesn’t mean they did it because the victims were Black.

      • Simon King

        Happens too many times for it to be anything else, not just in Detroit. Give a better reason for the thuggish cops behaviour.

        • Daniel Hoch

          Thuggish cops acting like thugs….that’s all it is.

          • reatalk

            Bullys in costumes…smh

      • Brent Hutchinson

        then why else did they do it? Are you kidding me? Police officers are supposed to stop crime, not create it.

        • RVZ77

          When 80 plus percent of the population in Detroit is black any type of suspicion towards it’s citizens by police could be construed as profiling. That just isn’t the case all the time. You don’t know what these two a-hole cops were thinking that morning other than lets mess with these guys.

        • Rich

          You mean the way thugs and political correctness abuse our civil rights on a DAILY basis? You mean like that, right?

      • reatalk

        There was an investigation. What was the reason they gave for doing it? If they offered no reasonable (one that aligned with law) explanation, then the public has every right to assume. I believe that it was both racially and martial law motivated.

    • shooter348

      Cops got what they deserved? They deserved to go to jail but they got nothing. They suffered no penalty for their actions that is going to prevent them from doing this exact same crime in the future.

      • RickHorowitz

        They got a taste of what it’s like to have someone fight back and get the upper hand.

        That’s a start.

        • Yander Delgado

          Indeed. It won;t be long until everyone start fighting back. And definitely not so long before firearms get involved. They want to destroy lives of families, I’ll for sure destroy theirs.

        • Stazzy

          What if they went somewhere that didn’t have cameras. They would be facing 12 years in prison. Yes cops got a taste, but they will continue to do so regardless the “lesson”. I decided I am going to invest in a small camera I can carry with me and arm my house with camera that transmit straight online as well as actual video. <–This is the only way you can protect yourself and it's not always enough.



  • Good street officers? I have the same question I ask every time; why are those cops still employed?

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    The charges should never been place on them to begin with – they should be on the police! But that will never happen.

    • Stazzy

      Dude they get paid leave (basically free vacation on taxpayers money) every time they murder or rape someone, even if there is video proof most of the time they get reinstated. And the tax payers pay for the money settlements. It’s a vicious cycle when no one is ever punished except the citizens

  • TiredofBullyswithaBadge

    Hey reporter, the young man slapped the officer’s hands away after the officer pushed him. The only assault was the officer’s, the young man was simply defending himself.

  • Elaine Grimm

    So now you can be assaulted by ‘government officials’ because of the expression on your face!! Seriously!!

  • Jones

    At least it was on tape. About fifty people watched me stand up to police when the officer tried to take my girlfriend in the woods. I went to jail and witness never had the guts to speak out. Keep these f in check

    • Stazzy

      Rape is twice as high by cops than general population. As a woman I am frightened because I live LA, and LAPD is second most corrupt next to NYPD. When I get my work bonus guess what I am doing? Investing in a small camera to wear on me at all times and getting cameras for my apartment just in case. You are 8 more times like to be killed by police than terrorist, goes to show who the real terrorists are-cops

  • Roger

    They deserve to be beat to death

  • Reality

    there is not 2 stories , there the video evidence and the fantasy the cops made up !! worst reporting !

  • Film The Police Always

    These type of self defense actions need to happen more. Fuck them!

    • Stazzy

      Except no one got punished so no lesson learned for the cops.

  • useless eater

    Cops don’t go to jail for filing false police reports.

  • FunnyFaceKing

    when you slap away a cop, it’s a crime, but when the cop assaults the people, it’s not?

    • Brent Hutchinson

      Concisely brilliant.

  • Rich

    Meanwhile, how many THOUSANDS of crimes have blacks committed today??

    • quest
      • Rich

        FROM BRENT HUTCHINSON “Just join the kkk, have sex with a cousin or other distant relative, have deformed kids, teach them hate like generations of your family members before you have done.”

        really brent? REALLY? you sound more bigoted and racist than the person you responded to…..pitiful

    • Brianeweis

      That doesn’t matter. These two young men did nothing wrong to deserve this treatment.

      • Rich

        That is true BUT as usual why do we not pay MORE attention to the FACT black and brown criminals have made the job of a policeman one for the military??

        • RichardIsGod, In the

          It’s called the Drug War, HomeBoy. Now, go back to your Trailer and bang your Wife, Honey Boo Boo

          • Rich

            sorry white. pussy, fag communist TRASH.. you can’t handle the TRUTH of course. Go take your walk through the hood and see how well you do.. IT is a VIOLENT crime issue HOMEBOY… Your cities look like 3rd world cesspools but the police created that, huh? YA… That crack pipe must be hitting you real WELL

          • RichardIsGod, In the

            It’s called the Drug War, Homer. I don’t expect racist aHoles like you to be able to connect dots. I recommend you Google “1920’s Prohibition”. Get some brain cells, scumbag, cause of all evil.

          • Rich

            You are gross, libtard- anyone with a twisted title like that is of course. So you WANT crack dealers out on the street? You want coke dealers out on the street? Gee, as if these things do not lead to all kinds of bad things, huh? What about the violent criminals? Guys like you are so OUT OF IT that you think cesspools like Detroit or Baltimore would suddenly become fine if we just legalized drugs. You are THAT stupid?? These are shit holes because too many of the people living there are SHIT. Gee ,violent knockout racial attacks would just end? Attacks on white people through various robberies, rapes and murders would just end? Black on black crime would just magically go away by legalizing drugs? Really? How many more addicts would you create then leading to even MORE crime?
            We have a CULTURAL problem that is too often created by black and brown THUGS. Now, I know that bothers you since you are good victim of the marxist brainwashing. You live in dying country where one city after the other looks like some third word dump but guys like you accept that as OK… Not sure if you are white or not but sounds like a good WAKE UP call is needed for you to step back into reality. One thing about communism- it has been highly effective in brainwashing and poisoning the minds of so many people. Next you will say if the schools got even more money in the inner city, then so many of the kids would be smart. You promote failure after failure as do some others here.. Adios.. Oh, and go check out new nation on a search so you can see what is COVERED UP by our thieving media.

          • Rich

            new nation. org.. May your insanity be exposed. The handful of corrupt police should go to jail but they are not the real problem. Police do great things every day as well. But the hood rats? Oh, and yes, I know clearly there is a distinction between a common black person and a dirty thug hood rat. The problem is there are too many hood rats who are destroying this once great land. You cannot avoid reality forever. Adios lefty tardo.

          • RichardIsGod, In the

            You trailer park Crackers are so ignorant. America is nothing but HillJack, Gun Toting, AHoles. Thanks for ruining this once great country.

    • Noky

      Around the same numbers as whites and mexicans have…. Crime doesn’t have a color. Racism does.

      • Rich

        Race plays a HUGE role in crime.. Stop lying to yourself. Better yet, go look up the FACTS…

        • Brent Hutchinson

          you fantasize about your aunt, you know, the one with the big boobs

      • Brent Hutchinson

        boom, brilliant

    • Brent Hutchinson

      you’re a bigot. The fact that I’m even replying to you is weak on my part. You just want attention. Just join the kkk, have sex with a cousin or other distant relative, have deformed kids, teach them hate like generations of your family members before you have done.

      • Rich

        TRUTH is a terrible thing to hear i KNOW.. You coward white lefty. Just join the communist party, have sex with hookers, destroy yet ANOTHER place with your cowardly promotion. Guys like you right AWAY jump on the police BUT say nothing regarding the massive amounts of crimes committed by non whites all the time.. Knockout game time Mr. Communist??

        • Clint

          Holy crap, Rich I think your parents were inbreeding, good googily whoo, your dad should have just rubbed one out. Classic retard, everyone that disagrees with your hate is a commy, a marxist, a lib. You don’t even know the meaning of those words. I am none of them. You are a hateful, sick, racist, bigoted, rage filled waste of oxygen.

          • Rich

            Sorry ASS HAT. The truth hurts I know. Your obsessions with the police and your BIGOTRY against them is obvious. How many sons of Barry committed thousands of crimes today?? Another panzy, limp wristed libtard.. YAWN.. Let us hope you are as OBSESSED with the racially motivated knockout attacks and the destruction of one city after the other by the HOOD. But you are brainwashed very nicely.. Seems maybe YOU are the one with the hate and people like me are calling you out on it.. I am not for police doing bad things but too often the LACK of balance in who is creating the TRUE problems in society is turned upside down.

          • Brent Hutchinson

            blah blah you are aroused by your own bloodline.

          • Rich

            Another brainwashed anti white SCUMBAG coward you are. Meanwhile back to reality. How many crimes took places in the inner city today? How many racial knockout attacks on white people? Why do once lovely cities look like garbage today? Who did that?

          • RichardIsGod, In the

            Our group is very aware of this Cracker. Did you know America is not racist anymore? Good News.

          • Rich

            I agree. Tell them black racists who voted for Barry how racist they are.

        • AintMizBahavin

          funny blacks commit all the crimes yet its the whites who have a whole channel dedicated to the crimes committed by them. and it plays 24/7 non stop. but hey keep living in your dream world instead of worrying about what blacks are doing you should be worrying about your next door neighbor the serial killer. real soon the cops will be knocking at your door asking what do you know about it. lmao. people like you are always great for laughs.

          • Brent Hutchinson

            indeed, this guy likes sexing up his cousins. His daughter is his niece

          • Rich

            You still like them vile lefty hairy women who look like men? Libtards LOVE ugly chicks.

          • Rich

            People like you are good for not much.. Go look up the crime FACTS.. Oh and your running to the serial killer boogeyman is SOOO Played out. Serial killers make up just a tiny percent of killers and OH, blacks are also disproportionately serial killers too! Don’t call the PO PO when the crap hits the fan now!!

    • Clint

      How many thousands of crimes have committed by whites today? Dumbass

      • Rich

        Hey stupid. There is NO comparison.. Are you this dumb and brainwashed? Or just this pathetic? People like you can’t even deal in FACTS. Go look it up and compare or are you scared of that, TOO??

  • Anonymous

    “After review, the use of force was deemed necessary and appropriate by the department.” Do they even need to say that anymore? It’s like a slogan.

    • Brent Hutchinson


  • Anonymous

    So if the guy next to you slaps away a cop’s hand, get ready to be punched in the face, because according to the department… it was appropriate.

  • DanSimpson

    There is always 2 totally different stories in a situation like this. The TRUTH, from the citizen-(victim) & the bullshit fantasy story you get from the pigs. They cannot tell you the truth because they do not know what the truth is. The cops are on this fantasy idea they can do anything they want to do to anyone, and are not accountable for it. My wife & I used to have her sister & her bigoted, racist cop boyfriend living with us, both of them could not get their act together, & live a decent life, but anyway, we got an education in the attitudes and thought processes of cops, & trust me, they have a totally different perspective of everything.

    For instance, if they pull in behind you, they are at that moment looking for something to stick you with. No matter if you have done nothing, they are always on the “hunt” for people to scam money & other favors out of.FACT: This boyfriend cop & another woman would meet at a pre-determined spot, and she would give him sexual favors, including blow jobs. This went on for MONTHS, until they were caught, and he was not punished. We were told that cops feel they are superior to the common citizen, because they have that uniform & title, & carry a badge and a gun.

    I was stopped one time by some idiot, water on the brain retard cop, for making a LEGAL u-turn, and he tried to charge me with a crime. I asked him to show me the law I broke in writing, and he said he didn’t have to, if he said it happened, that was good enough for the courts. I told him that was bullshit, and went on to explain I knew what the law was on u-turns, because a week before, I had beaten the trooper(retard) of the year, in a case exactly like this. He then asked me how long I had been a cop, and I said, I’d never stoop that low, to bcome a criminal cop. Then his excuse was well, he was the cop, and that is all the courts were going to see, was he was rightfully doing his job, & I was resisting.

    So, to shorten the story, I told this idiot to write his bullshit ticket, and we would see what happened in court.

    And I beat that charge also.

    The goddamn law says if it is not posted no u-turns, and you first ascertain that there is no danger to you or any other driver, you may then make the u-turn and proceed. IF IT IS NOT POSTED. If there are no signs saying “NO-UTURNS, you CAN MAKE A LEGAL U-TURN. Look it up folks, it’s in Ohios law books for traffic laws. NEVER take the word of a cop because their first instinct & opinion is to lie & try to con you into any charge they can, and if they get loud in their opinion, that is their training to try and dominate you into submission.

    DO NOT COWER to these idiots. And before any moron starts the racist bullshit, I am a white guy, and I support these 2 you men in their defense, they were WELL WITHIN their rights to defend themselves against these 2 punk cops. Personally, I feel they should have left the sonsofbitches in the toilet with their heads shoved into the bowls. These 2 cops do not deserve respect, and will never get it in my opinion. They are just bullies, & punks, & the next 2 guys they try their bullshit scam on, may just leave them in a pile, with themselves tied to each other in a sexual deviant position, & it may involve gerbils.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s a thought… Why don’t we…the not piece of shit people… go into law enforcement? We’ll keep our eyes and ears open and getting the shitty cops fired… Then slowly replace them all with good people.

      • DraftBenCarson2016

        I’m ex Military Police US army and Ex Coast guard SK and I did some LE on the side I have had the same thoughts many times

        • DraftBenCarson2016

          oath Keeper also

    • Stazzy

      It’s not much of a fantasy because most of them do exactly what they want to do, they have their own “laws”

  • Berrhug

    Confronted by the cops because they had a “negative expression on their face”. WHAT???? Another example of paranoid cops creating unnecessary situations. Remember folks, when you walk by a cop….smile!

  • yolanda

    fucking cops

  • dagobarbz

    So, are those abusive cops still employed? That’s the core of the problem; retention of abusive jerkwads like these two assclown cops. Respect? Hell no!

  • fucking thugs in uniform.

  • Bangin’onyomommas’


  • Fed Up

    I hate cops…ALL OF THEM. Cops are the real thugs..criminals..terrorists. Cops are allowed to put their hands on you..for no reason..but we’re not allowed to protect ourselves..our LIVES from them???? They get away with too much. They are COWARDS with guns. What makes a cop any different from they people they throw in prison for doing the same things cops do? When will the crimes of cops…follow them to their own front door? What…cops think that their actions don’t know how to follow them home at night???? Do your job fairly….or the ones you beat..WILL BEAT YOU!!!

  • Fed Up

    Seriously though…..everytime I hear about a cop being shot..I rejoice. One cop down…a million to go. That’s REAL TALK.This is what cops have people feel about them. They brought it on themselves.

    • fed up

      That’s how cops have made people feel about them. They are the enemy…they can not be trusted. We can no longer teach our kids that cops are there to protect them…or whenever they are in danger..find a cop…COPS ARE THE REAL DANGER!!!

  • GodsHolyTrousers

    The police are at war with all people, not just the blacks (although they felt it first).

  • William Ross

    These young men were profiled and harassed plain and simple…….

  • Ronald Dale Angel

    Got to put a leash on cops everywhere. Too stupid for real jobs.

  • Tonya-Clay Davis

    Beat those fuckin’ pigs. What finally happened, did the cowards run away in their patrol car?

  • Jared Abdullah Garrison

    charges dropped? why are they never fired on spot? that will send a message to the other crooked letters to straighten up.

  • SSgtUSMC

    Every cop believes that a badge and gun grants them “special” rights to victimize whomever thy wish. NO DOUBT, these two black men were profiled, tracked like prey and surprisingly, didn’t end up in he morgue.

  • johny

    fukcing dirty pigs lay em down.

  • Dontrelle Berry

    Good cops? This is bullshit!!! These guys were just going about there own way when these monsters in unform just starting beating on them. For crying out loud you can honnestly ser this. Those cops should be jailed,fired,and sued for crying out loud!!

  • Arnt Johnsen

    looks like assault by the police officers on the two men, if policemen uses brute force against anyone you might use the “stand your ground” the right to protect your self. How the hell could officers like these become officers?

  • RVZ77

    Your right of defense against unlawful arrest. I know these guys weren’t under arrest (yet) but you do have a right to defend yourself.

  • Ian Cochran

    Contempt of Cop….they got off easy.

  • Rex

    “I forgive them and I don’t hold any grudges for them. I hope they learned their lesson.”

    I’m sure they did. Next time, they’ll make sure to get the camera footage as evidence, and then lose it.

  • Rightway1208

    Good for them. Kick the cops ass.

  • Darthvoice

    Ignorant, unintelligent people resort to violence when faced with a more informed, more educated person.

  • Liz O’neill

    these two young men are everything the cops are most afraid of, young, educated and black, and also able to defend themselves when being unfairly profiled.