Mirrors Brought to Protests: Police Forced to Look at What They’ve Become

UKRAINE — In a move that is picking up international attention, the people of Ukraine have begun bringing mirrors to their protests.

They say they’re doing it to force police to look at their own reflection, in a piercing psychological reminder of what they’ve turned into.

The idea came about after police were seen violently attacking hundreds of Ukrainians who are upset with their government.

In one shocking video, swarms of police can be seen kicking, stomping, and trampling a defenseless man.

Warning: Graphic Content.

Now, police are being forced to face themselves in the mirror.

Several appeared to be ashamed or confused. Several others smiled as if to pretend that it didn’t get to them.

Others turned away, not wanting to look at all.

protest filming cops 1
Many protesters also brought signs that read, “Who are you protecting?”

They believe that police have become an institution designed to protect criminal governments rather than families and communities.

The mirrors have had an intense effect on the psyches of many officers.

Some reports suggest that the government currently has plans to ban the use of mirrors at protests, labeling them as “potential weapons.”

protest filming cops 7

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protest filming cops 2

Several officers could not even look at themselves in the mirror.

As news about the mirrors continues to spread online, it is sure to become a trend in protests around the world, with commenters saying things like:

“That is the most beautiful and brilliant form of protest I have heard of in a long time.”

“Unless you’ve had every shred of decency and humanity brainwashed out of you, how could you not be ashamed on some level to see yourself standing there; an iron-clad Stormtrooper armed to beat back your own people.

Congratulations, you’ve become a Nazi, your mother must be very proud. I will Never understand how someone could do that.”


“I don’t agree with the reason that Ukrainians are protesting (they want to be included in the corrupt EU), but this is a DAMN good idea. I hope it spreads”

Watch the video below:

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  • Andrew

    Cops are creepy. Yes, there is the occassional good cop but greed is human nature. Power corrupts, no matter who you are. So becomming a cop is basically giving your soul to the devil…to do his bidding.

    • Alex

      so do all cops go to hell? i hate cops, but what youre getting at here is riddiculous.

      • CoffeeTea

        Hell? Which person is ridiculous now?

        • Iechyd Meddwl

          Hell exists, Maggie Thatcher is there with Pinochet and Hitler.

          • Ellie_Light

            Oh Lucifer, you clever boy now calling yourself lechyd Meddwl. We all know Maggie sits at the right hand of God.

          • mobsie666


          • Kelly Abram

            I’m certain she is trying to sit on gods hand, she was a powerful woman, even protecting a monster like Pinochet, due to their ties to Chiles copper mining best interests! Hopefully god doesnt spite her!

          • Jonny Alpha

            Plotting their comeback through the empty carcasses of Theresa May and Hillary Clinton.

    • Publus

      My problem with believing that there is the occassional “good cop” is how may I know the difference? They all appear to be “creepy” to me here in America.

      • Iechyd Meddwl

        Creepy everywhere.

      • ali

        Did you watch the video clip? At one point an officer stops to check on the man then he stays by his side. The camera pans away as he removes his helmet. He seems to be on his radio at one point. Other officers come over to check too. ALL the officers at the front seem to want to get a good kick in – perhaps this could be used as a sorting tool?

      • Bill

        Have you ever actually met a cop or do you get your entire worldview from the boob tube?

        • Ken

          I have met a cop at a party, he brought a case of beer with him and was drinking away with out a care. We were in the country side and he had his car with him. When asked did he want a lift back into the town, his reply was. No I will take my car, sure who will stop me

    • Ben Dover

      A “good cop” is just a con… and you fell for it. You have NO idea what he’s doing in the middle of the night when nobody’s watching.

      • Henry Cornil

        Are you using the french word “con” because it sounds culturerd to use french words?

        • anwahs

          who knows but oddly, you’re the one sounding pretenious

        • Caprica

          “Con” is just a contraction (oops, punny) for “confidence”, from the phrase, “confidence trick”. Nothing frigging french about it, you Culturellement contestée moron

      • Rick Dweebo

        There are good cops. Who screw up and do bad things. Or get sucked into the mob mentality and do bad things. And when a cop screws up, it can have deadly consequences. They must be held to a higher standard!
        And the Psych Eval should not be the single question of, “Do you get ‘excited’ when you hurt people? You do?? You’re hired!”

        • Travlingypsy

          They also don’t accept cops with a higher IQ. That should tell you something.

    • ThisGuyRightHere

      wow, you think it’s that simple? There is an occasional good cop? Let’s just remove all police presence in our cities and we’ll see just how “creepy” the world can be.

    • CazzT

      “Yes, there is the occassional good cop”
      You are the problem. There are occasional BAD cops, but the overwhelming majority are good. YOU are the problem.

    • Fuzzagi

      Maybe, the other way around. Cops are creeepy but somehow they know that. It must also *be* creepy to look n’ feel like a cop 24/7.

    • Ivan

      So is becoming a soldier. People like to free these individuals of any wrongdoing, blaming everything on the politician, but it is the soldier who signs for the military, trains to kill, and pulls the trigger. They, the politicians, and the people who voted them in all have blood on their hands. It’s just that soldiers are the only ones who suffer the immediate consequences of it, the people and the politicians all deserve PTSD and the sick feeling of having taken another’s life for these petty things called freedom and liberty, which haven’t existed since humans became self-aware.

      What a fucking joke the human race is.

  • cat

    Brillant form of protest…sometimes the hardist thing to do is to face ourselves.

    • oldwoman

      Almost always. You’re a very smart cat.

    • John Norman

      Imagine how some of those officers must have felt seeing themselves in full riot gear and staring back at someone else’s grandma.

    • CazzT

      “sometimes the hardist thing to do is to face ourselves.”
      If only the people bringing the mirrors would use them on themselves….

  • Ronney Simpson

    I laughed at the part were it said “mirrors to be outlawed at protests because they could be used as weapons.”

    • Iechyd Meddwl

      Break a mirror, they can become a sharp weapon, they can also be used to shine a bright light (sunlight, or other lights) into the police faces, so yes, can understand that, but don’t the lady’s carry mirror’s so they can powder their faces?

      • greenguy

        I was more thinking about them being psychological weapons…wasn’t even thinking about the physical possibilities!

      • leastyebejudged

        There are plastic mirrors now.

        • leastyebejudged

          Check drugs stores and places where they sell school supplies. Very handy.

      • Tom

        The use of them to shine light to dazzle opponents, particularly to startle cavalry is well documented as having being used in ancient battles in the far East and can be seen directed in the epic, Red Cliffe depicting battles 1800 years ago…

        • Sam Brosenberg

          I’ve never read about mirrors being used as a weapon in ancient battles, except for when Archimedes tried to build a laser out of reflective plates during the Siege of Syracuse. Other than that, mirrors were generally only used for signaling over long distances.

      • Ellie_Light

        Lucifer, Lucifer. You clever, clever boy.

  • Jonathan Mattebo Persson

    this I must see

  • rurugby

    A beat cop that new the neighborhood walked around and keeps an eye on things is helpful. But ones driving around looking to write tickets or look to stop and frisk without evidence just make people hate cops. And those in riot gear attacking peaceful protests like Occupy are just absurd. Criminal justice is becoming doublespeak.

  • Lori Ford

    Just wow!! Seems like many cops are on power trips that seriously went to their heads. I can’t say all are bad but to beat a man that is already down and no longer a threat is a crime. They are beating an unarmed man that is on the ground. And we want them to have more power or protect us? Its no longer protect and serve. Now its violence and their main goal is to get everyone into a data base. This theory is so messed up and I can’t believe how a cop that is hired to protect and serve can do the things that they do. I seen one where a woman wanted to commit suicide. She was in her car with a butcher knife. They stormed her, got her out and then proceeded to tackle her. The knife went into her stomach and she just laid there while the cops just simply did a hi five to each other. I lost so much respect for cops. They are out of control!!!

  • Iechyd Meddwl

    Brilliant idea, its time to humanise the police, bring them back to reality.

  • Impeach Obama

    There are NO GOOD COPS, because if there was just ONE he would be pointing his finger at them or even telling them to stop their crime… I’ve never seen it yet… There all PIGS!!!!

    • ImNotGivingYouMyName

      There were good cops, problem is that they get fired for doing the right thing.

      • Rick Dweebo

        Or worse. Remember Serpico??

  • No popo

    First time I heard of this being used was during the Oaxaca Commune in Mexico.

    Police used sexual assault as a weapon of repression against the (violent!) fem-surgents.

    Women fought back by taking mirrors to the front lines and shining then in the face of the police, so they can see the writing on the mirrors:
    “I am a rapist”

    Reflecting-shields would be an interesting change in the form of this tactic too, so it is more than symbolically powerful…

  • pixeloid

    Very interesting. I wonder if that would work on US cops.

  • Thank You for posting this , This is FREEDOM !

  • www-thisflighttonight-com

    Police. The new nazi ss.

  • For Christ

    I’ve always wondered why this wasn’t done. it is great to see people doing it now.

  • REALConservative

    The video indicates to me a citizen population that should already be shooting back.

    • Bill

      Violent idiots like you are why the police need this gear in the first place.

      • REALConservative

        I know. I once bought raw milk. I should’ve been executed.

        • Bill

          Why would you be executed for buying raw milk?

          • REALConservative

            Ask your masters, slave.

            They are the one’s who used a SWAT team to raid a private food coop for trading raw milk.

          • Bill

            Never happened. But keep believing what your corporate masters tell you, mindless sheep.

          • REALConservative

            You don’t really understand this issue at all, apparently.

          • Bill

            Of course I understand. You’re an “edgy” mindless stooge who believes everything you read on alternative news sites and thinks that police brutality and militaristic government oppression is a real problem that needs to be solved by shooting cops.

          • REALConservative

            The instant you have to create a caricature to set up and shoot down (a straw man), that is the moment you’ve exposed yourself as someone without substance or the ability to actually debate the topic.

            Now tell me how great our gov’t is. Tell us the great work they do for us and their Constitutional notions when it comes to the individual liberties of Americans.

            Meanwhile, I’ll just post this here; it’s one month worth of news using a single search term. Your heroes.


          • Bill

            Oh really? Which parts of my comment did I get wrong? You don’t think that police brutality is a problem? You aren’t happy when cops get shot?

          • REALConservative

            You seem to still be struggling.

            Maybe this will help you.

            You are OK with the fact that the police kill at least a dozen of their own K9s every year out of pure negligence? You find it acceptable that cops are constantly found to be sexually assaulting citizens, including minors?

          • Bill

            So you admit that my characterization of you is correct.

            You are OK with the fact that the police kill at least a dozen of their own K9s every year out of pure negligence?

            So out of a million active duty cops, a dozen have accidentally killed a dog? So, 0.001% of cops? Yeah, I’m ok with that.

            You find it acceptable that cops are constantly found to be sexually assaulting citizens, including minors?

            We’ve been reading those alternative news sites again, haven’t we?

          • REALConservative

            You are still struggling with the concept of logical fallacies. Are you going to admit that you don’t realize why it’s the exercise of an idiot to try assign a negative characterization to someone and then try to claim validation over their refusal to entertain your logical failure?

            Even with my simple example, you failed. Let’s try again; why do you spend so much time looking at child p()rn on the internet?

            A million cops? According to the BLS, there are only about 653,000 police officers, and maybe you didn’t realize this but not all of them are assigned a K9, so your math is wrong. Here is where your stupidity is extended; if over a dozen police dogs were killed by perpetrators, you’d lose your tiny mind if someone distorted statistics and said “only 0.001% of perps kill a police dog? Yeah, I’m OK with that.”

            So you’ve been ignoring the news about the police engaging in corruption with minors? Out of sight, out of mind with you statists, I suppose. If your preferred propaganda sites aren’t reporting the news, that doesn’t make them right. It just makes you uninformed. Now how many cops so far have been caught in the Bay Area scandal involving an underaged prostitute?

  • Gerald Nekro G Smith

    im suprised they didnt shoot anyone , saying they saw a weapon in the mirror.. lol

  • Art Hawley

    The violence isn’t new. The cameras are new.

    • Ben Dover

      True. It’s still the same psychopathic narcissist that’s attracted to the job.

  • MrDslpltdor .

    2 years ago ?

  • Lana

    And cops think the citizens are bad ??? Once they see he’s dead (most likely) they walk away “I ain’t helping him ! It’s just my job to beat the crap out of them, not help them”. So so sad.

  • Jonas Teigen-Kolerud

    But how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t?

    • Bill

      and has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  • Martin Benek

    Wow, love the idea of bringing mirrors on protests!!!

  • WickedMo13

    Untrained military

  • Skelebob9

    You wouldn’t say all males are bad because a small minority are rapists, so why say all cops are bad because a small minority are abusive?

    • Hmmno

      Kinda different, “all males” are not a single entity working together with a common goal and commanders, the police usually are.. good people allowing it to happen makes them all as bad.

      • Bill

        Kinda different, “all males” are not a single entity working together with a common goal and commanders

        Try telling that to a radfem. You’re the equivalent.

        • Hmmno

          Let me lift that rock back up so you can crawl back to your pitiful existence.

          • Bill

            Can’t even come up with an argument?

          • Hmmno

            I don’t argue thats what unhappy people do and especially not with idiots because they tend to win due to experience. Goodbye Bill.

          • Bill

            So you lose by forfeit.

  • Nick Vaccaro

    In the US, they will now outlaw possession of mirrors and make you show
    your drivers license and sign a form if you buy any precursers to
    manufcturing a mirror, such as aluminum foil, silver products, etc. At
    first they will fine you and ‘confiscate’ all your possessions, your
    cars, your house, cash. Then they will put you in an Industrial Profit
    Prison cage. Finally, they will send out a script to all LEO with
    wording such as, “That mirror looks like a helmeted pansy with a gun. I
    fear for my life and I will now commence shooting you after your
    obligatory beating.”

  • Ben Dover

    POLICE EVERYWHERE have become the most deplorable scum of society.

  • John Norman

    I do that mirror thing with mental imagery. It’s interesting to see it used in the real world.

  • Swapster_com

    How do those cops watch the video of that man getting beat with a baton by numerous police as they run by? The behavior is sick. As a group, they are psychopaths. Wake up you police… man up and quit and find a job where you don’t have to abuse society.

  • Cops in Merika would ban the mirrors and shoot the old ladies holding them or bash them in the heads with their batons. watch it be made illegal to carry any kind of a mirror now, including the small ones in makeup kits.

  • Eternal Optimist

    Lot of cop haters venting. Interesting how these haters cherry pick and only use the bad ones to serve as their reasoning, while disrespecting and ignoring the actions of the tens of thousands that are just trying to do their jobs in the best way possible.

    • Debra Smith

      Get rid of the criminals in your midst and we will see.

      • Eternal Optimist

        That statement implies a presumption that there are more bad cops than good ones on any given force, in spite of whatever country they’re located. Sorry m’dear, but how about you prove THAT first!

        • Debra Smith

          Deary, I was married to one for 28 years.

          Shall I tell you about the creep who pulled over a young girl he wanted, after she had ONE DRINK and threatened to suspend her license unless she gave oral sex? Her parents were away and she had to get her brother to chemotherapy the next day. She puked in her driveway and the cops swarmed and sample her PUKE to PROVE she was a liar and GUESS WHAT? ooopppps= HIS DNA.

          Now, do you want to hear about the casino cop on the force who RAPED a young woman in the back of a CRUISER?

          • Eternal Optimist

            And how many of your ex-husband’s fellow cops were doing the same thing as the lying creep you referenced? Was it the entire force, most of the force, or just some of the force?

            You have every right to be disgusted when someone who serves and protects winds up being worse than the criminal element they’re supposed to be keeping you safe from. I just don’t believe that a select few corrupt officers…Ok, let’s say 20% of a police force, should be considered representative for the rest of them.

            What I truly hate though is the Wall of Blue that goes up whenever a cop has been found with their hand in the cookie jar. Loyalty should only go so far.

          • Debra Smith

            I find your cavalier attitude consistent with what cops think. WINK, WINK, NOD, NOD
            Everybody knows who is bad. REALLY BAD and YET, if you are on the right side of the ‘thin blue line” you have carte BLANCHE and anyone who objects is the traitor.
            What if it is one or TWO? 20$ might be closer to the truth and I am DELIGHTED you admit that.

            Nope, until you clean up your own cadre, you are the problem. UNTIL you say NO MORE and actually protect and SERVE the people – YOU are the problem.

            Stop blaming the TRUTH and the people who want better and BE NOBLE. BE TRUE. BE RIGHT.

            Your contempt for the “MAYTAG men” is what keeps the criminals in blue in place.

            NOW, shall we talk about DRUNKS on the force? Or shall we talk about the guy who nickname had to do with the filth on his tie that you could make minestrone soup from who committed suicide when they found all the goods which had been turned in – in HIS LOCKER. He had cancer and he killed himself so his family would get his police pension.

          • Eternal Optimist

            You’re right that cops need to start stepping up and start saying “ENOUGH”. Each police force needs to start combatting the attitude of the minority that still feels that just because they’re the police they can do whatever they want, whenever they want and get away with it.

            I still however refuse to lump all cops under one umbrella. Despite having been a criminal, arrested and having the shit kicked out of me during said arrest, I still have great respect for those officers who go the extra mile to try and help people when they can, not because they have to but because they want to.

          • Debra Smith

            I do appreciate your perspective

            I am, however, quite horrified by the way my trust has been violated. We, as human beings need to be able to believe in police officers in the most extreme moments of our lives.

            HARMING people who rely on you is heinous.

            YES, they must be held to a higher standard or else SOCIETY cannot function,

            The bad ones are WOLVES in sheeps’ clothing.

            As long as this is permitted, we risk total breakdown of society and abdication to the REALLY BAD GUYS.

          • Eternal Optimist

            Debra Smith, you ROCK! That final comment summed everything up and wrapped it up nicely in a bow. Thank you for a most excellent discussion. I really enjoyed it.

          • Debra Smith

            As Spock said “Be well and prosper”.
            I enjoyed it too. Thank you.
            I do not want to dampen your Optimism but rather, as I told my kids when they were little , reality may be the pitts but it is the only safe place to dwell”.

      • Bill

        Which criminals? Name some.

        • Debra Smith

          Hey Bill, you really do not want me to do that, I do not think. I could name an FBI agent who invaded Canada “chasing a criminal” who whined when he got turned back at the border- can you imagine what would have happened if a CANADIAN COP had gone into the USA without jurisdiction?
          Do you want to know about the casino cop who raped a girl in the back of his cruiser?
          Or maybe the cop who forced a teenage girl to have oral sex after threatening her with the loss of her license after ONE DRINK? She submitted because her parents were away and she had to drive her brother to CHEMO the next day SHE PUKED in the driveway before she called the cops. They sampled the PUKE to disprove her story and GUESS WHAT? His DNA. Yeppers.

          Be very careful what you wish for Billy boy. I was married to a cop for 28 years and they get chatty when they are DRUNK.

          • Bill

            So that’s 3 (possibly fictional) stories, out of 1.1 million cops in the US? And what happened to those criminal cops? Did you turn them in? What is a “casino cop”, anyway?

          • Debra Smith

            Billy, that is often referred to as TEFLON BRAIN. Truth need not apply.

            It is a sickness when you tolerate the CRIMINALS because they are on your team.

            You said NAME ONE- and you are not turning in the ones you know today. are you? AND you have the PROOF but the boys in Blue have that code.

          • Bill

            Yeah, I said “name one”, and nobody gave a single name. Guess I was right, it’s not that big of a problem after all.

          • Debra Smith

            NAME ONE? You are a thug and a detriment to your department. You want people publically named on an open site -to what purpose? I can only imagine that you are so low IQ ( I warned you before but I will elaborate that my very first thesis was on police hiring so I know that your IQ is probably not above 107 because they like people who obey orders but cannot think for themselves to question those orders). The one after that was on lie detection.

            You are what is wrong with police services. YOU and your buddies who have no concept of serving the people but who lock step “obey” orders especially the kind which come with a wink and a nod.

            TIME IS UP. I have named names to the appropriate authorities who do not really want to know (In fact it took three calls to one force and when I called a second- the complaint was finally taken and dealt with by a member of that guy’s own department who PROTECTED HIM ) and that is a lot more good than you have done with your night stick and your flashlight.

          • Bill

            You still haven’t named a single one.

            I’m not a cop, moron. I’m not a thug, either. (I was once given a speeding ticket, though.)

            Thugs are the people that cops arrest and put in jail so they don’t rob, rape or murder you.

    • Amor Terra

      Doing their job in the best way possible would include turning in, testifying against, and refusing to work with the bad ones anymore–wouldn’t it?

  • Debra Smith

    Astoundingly AWESOME!

    Average people defending truth is world changing. THANK YOU!

  • Mark Opie

    So you lot don`t think any element of a society needs a police force then?

  • Sean T Gallagher 3/7

    this is an insurgency these protesters are trying to kill more Ukrainians ..the pro russian separatists have,if you all remember have shot down a a passenger airliner…I would let the police BEAT anyone in their country that is PRO russian scum For years and years ,russian speakers lived peacefully until a pro russian separatists elected a president who raped and stole billions from Ukraine and when the people protested ,they were murdered by hired thugs from the Luansk and donesk strongholds. which started a slow simmering civil war that has killed thousands of Ukrainians, and is trying to steal more and more land and annex it to russia…

  • Ron Carr

    “I don’t agree with the reason that Ukrainians are protesting (they want
    to be included in the corrupt EU), but this is a DAMN good idea. I hope
    it spreads”

    Because they’re not xenophobes, they’re our European brothers and sisters.
    And everywhere is corrupt, being xenophobic only makes them stronger.

  • Harley Davison Borgais

    Here is the Reason this is happening and the only solution: LEARN THE BASICS OF LAW AND ADMINISTRATIVE REMEDIES, and how to ‘GovernPublicServants’ …

    The cops are ‘just following orders’, just like the Nazi’s (called ‘Nuremberg defense’ now, but not a defense at all. They were hanged for war crimes).
    All our public servants do what the lawyers tell them to do (I have tested this over 100 times, I know exactly, for certain, 1st Hand).
    The lawyers are taught by the Law Schools.
    The Law schools and legal institutions are controlled by the Board of Directors of the Bar Association.
    All of those people have manipulated the system to their benefit, just as most people will naturally do, except some percent do so without concern for others.
    That is short sighted and foolish though, because everything you do to others, comes back multiple by how many people you affect with each choice/action/inaction.

    When you create positions of power, and do not regulate them, of course corrupt people pursue positions of power, and will corrupt any system if they are permitted to.

    Thats why our forefathers were smart enough to figure ALL of this out, and they DID warn us of EXACTLY what we have done. I will explain…
    “Every man must know the law to keep it.” George Washington, after signing the Constitution (unconfirmed though)

    We have a system of oaths and contracts, a ‘supreme Law of the Land’ (constitution) and ‘checks and balances’.
    In this nation, ‘We the People…ordain and establish…the supreme Law of the Land…and…any Thing …to the Contrary [is] notwithstanding’. (Preamble and Art.6).
    The Preamble states 6 purposes for ‘the supreme Law’, but the Arizona Constitution summarizes it better in one:
    The ‘purpose of government’ is ONLY ‘to protect and maintain individual rights.’ PERIOD!

    This is the ‘prime directive’ in our law and ‘government’. To ‘govern’ means to control, to limit freedom, the opposite of protecting individual rights.
    The ‘Law’, exists only to ‘govern’ OUR hired ‘Public SERVANTS’, NOT to be used to force the sovereign people (not subject or subordinate to anyone without consent or ‘corpus delicti’), to ‘obey’ OUR hired SERVANTS!

    ‘Government without consent is the definition of slavery’.
    “And to preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.” Letters of Thomas Jefferson

    The US Supreme Court sets ‘precedents’ which over-rule EVERY THING ‘to the Contrary’, except ‘the supreme Law’, because their duty is to ‘Judge’ what IS ‘Law’ from ‘colorable law’, or ‘color of law abuse’ to make or enforce. “An unconstitutional act is not a law…it is…as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”.

    Therefore, when the US Supreme Court says: Without evidence ‘injury or harm’ (Defined to include any threat, danger, loss, etc., which harms another in any way) ACTUALLY occurred, not theoretical, but ‘imminent danger’ at least, then a ‘conviction cannot be sustained’, ‘EVEN WITH A CONFESSION’!!!!

    That is because of the previous principles. THESE ARE BASIC, FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN LAW, Established by centuries of ‘Judges’ arbitrating disputes in ‘courts of law’. Thats their whole point: To protect individual freedom by settling disputes. When you are the defendant, the ONLY purpose of that court is to insure that your rights are secured, so insuring claims against you are valid is the top priority, and ‘when it appears on the record jurisdiction is lacking, court may only dismiss’….
    Also: The first ‘essentials of due process are notice and opportunity to defend’ ones self, and ‘denial of due process…deprives the court of jurisdiction’. THEN, to not dismiss, would be taking ‘jurisdiction’ (to state what is law and what you must obey/do) not given, and that ‘would be Treason to the Constitution’, for which one ‘shall suffer death, or no less than’ $10,000 fine and 5 yrs prison!

    SO, the reason this is happening, is because “We the People” Do Not Know these ‘fundamental principles’ of law, and…
    “A frequent recurrance to fundamental principles is essential to the security of individual rights and the perpetuity of free government.” (Art.2,Sec.1, Az. Const.)

    WE are the CAUSE of corruption of ‘government’, BECAUSE WE ‘Just Follow Orders’!

    BECAUSE you do not know these ‘fundamental principles’ of law.

    THATS WHY I put them into just a few pieces of paper (after 5 yrs to figure all this out, after my life was ruined by harmless ‘offenses’ which are NOT ‘crime’ without ‘injury or harm’)…
    …And note, I have got 9 cases dismissed and probably the last 4 also, which will be 100% success rate, where I am over 80% now…I’ve lectured over 100 cops to find out how they work and how to deal with them…removed a prison guard from office…put a lawyer on diversion class (those I did IN jail, for someone else too!)…I made the local Tempe Police stop arresting beggars on the highway…
    And now I am preparing the next phase, to ‘establish Justice’, by using several ‘Administrative Remedies’ in order to ‘GovernPublicServants’, #LIKEaBOSS, and #LIKEaSOVEREIGN…
    Just visit http://www.Facebook.com/PresumptiveLetters page, and see my ‘Table of Contents’ for links to these documents for free (LawDocs 1 to 6 so far, works in progress, but mostly useful…I’ve used them while developing them, and still am).

    We in America and all but a few nations now have central banks, which are private owned intl. businesses which take our real ‘Money’ (ONLY ‘gold and silver Coin’, at 1.6 Gram Gold or 1 ounce Silver per 1792 and 1834 Coinage acts and art.1, Sec.8&10 of US Const., and see Montgomery Bank v. Jerome Daly in 1969).

    These basic principles are valid in all Human societies, as they are basic foundational logic from which all human ‘law’ is devised and ‘governed’.
    Everyone can use these key words and phrases (translated if need be), to find or establish the same ‘Law of the Land’ where ever they are on Earth.

    ONLY THEN will the ‘powers that be’ EVER lose their ‘Dominion’ over ‘We the People’ of Earth, the entire Human Race….
    And thanks to the revolution and the Constitution, America will certainly lead the way, when enough of us #WAKEuP and learn how to ‘GovernPublicServants’.



    The “Table of Contents” link…

    HERE is where I posted this…

  • Harley Davison Borgais

    IT’S SO SAD… As said below, OF COURSE power corrupts. THATS WHY THEY ARE REQUIRED TO SWEAR OATHS AND SIGN CONTRACTS ‘to support and defend the Constitution…against all enemies, foreign and domestic…’.
    ITS OUR FAULT NO ONE EVEN KNOWS THEM! How many people reading this know the oaths of their cops or anyone?
    How many people reading this SWORE an oath and dont remember it?
    When I swore mine in the Army, I knew I may give up my life for it, yet I am the only person I know who remembers it. And that was 2003. I left the army in 2005.
    Over 130 Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa cops, judges, prosecutors, and other ‘public servants’ have ALL FAILED. 100% FAILURE!

    Thats everyones fault.
    YOU Create positions of power, YOU ‘Hire’ people FROM AMONG YOURSELVES…
    OF COURSE Those people will become corrupt.
    OF COURSE ‘government’ will continue to become more, and more tyrannical…

    UNTIL, enough of YOU learn THESE ‘fundamental principles’ of ‘Law’….
    (6 ‘LawDocs’ so far, covers almost everything, but works in progress still…though they are mostly useful and effective now)…

  • eliezercazares

    Ukrainers need to bring a few Mexican protest advisors.

  • John J Publicus


  • Dennis

    Nazi thugs, that’s why thousand of young Ukrainian women are leaving the country!

  • Excalibur

    Mob mentality works in uniform also….

  • Calis Sims

    I don’t think mirrors would have much affect on cops in the U.S.

  • Just saying the EU is corrupt and therefore bad is one hell of a reductionist way of looking at things. Don’t talk about shit you clearly know little about. Stick to talking about the protests, that’s what this site is about.


  • CazzT

    How about the cops bring mirrors so the people the cops are there to deal with can see what they’ve become and have caused the cops to feel the necessity of wearing such gear? Oh, but that’s racist, isn’t it?

  • When police can’t police the police, the public needs to take direct control of standards, hiring, firing. Police Integrity Congress: http://paulglover.org/1412p

  • Cyduck Birrbo

    I’m sorry but you pretty much outed your site as total garbage with this quote.

    “They believe that police have become an institution designed to protect
    criminal governments rather than families and communities.”

    I’m sorry but could you please tell me when the police were hired to do something other than protect the rich and police the poor? now i realize why i unfollowed this website..