Mother Devastated after Cop Fatally Shoots Her Soldier Son

NEW YORK — Noel Polanco was a soldier who wanted to protect his country.

That all changed one night as he was driving home.

Noel dreamed of serving his country. He never thought he would be executed by a cop.

Noel dreamed of serving his country. He never thought he would be executed by a cop.

Officer  Hassan Hamdy pulled Noel over at a traffic stop.

The officer claimed that Noel had been driving “recklessly.”

Noel never expected what would happen next.

He was shot in the chest and killed by officer Hamdy, who claims that Noel was “reaching” under the seat.

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Officer Hamdy pointed his gun through the open passenger window of Noel’s vehicle and opened fire, executing Noel in his car.

Noel was unarmed and posed no actual threat to the officer.

Some claim that the officer has issues with being “trigger-happy.”

Heart-broken by the loss of her son, Cecilia Reyes sought justice.

The city gave her 2.5 million dollars as compensation.

But that will never bring back Noel, and it does not bring justice to officer Hamdy, she said last week.

“I want this officer fired,” she said.

“He doesn’t belong in the street. He doesn’t belong with a gun. He doesn’t belong walking those streets and hurting another family like he did to mine.”

Officer Hamdy fired his weapon and shot Noel after he saw Noel “reaching” under his seat, according to reports.

A court found that officer Hamdy “did not intentionally” violate Noel’s rights after taking his life.  He was cleared of wrongdoing.

“He has a problem and he needs to be off those streets. He’s too dangerous. I’m sorry, that’s how I feel,” said the mother.

He has still been paid since the fatal shooting, and is now assigned to an “Emergency Service Unit.”

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  • Joe Chagnon

    New York needs a Chris Dorner. Im sick of hearing about pigs killing people there.

    • freedom

      Those pigs were scared as hell of one man.They had to assemble an army against one man you pigs make me laugh [email protected]#kin dumb ass cowardly pigs.

      • Tim Taylor

        And then proceeded to terrorize and open fire on unarmed, innocent men and women. This country has gone to shit.

        • Jim

          You forgot the UNWARRANTED SEARCHES of peoples homes and illegal ‘stay in your house’ orders. AND the cops had the guns that in MASS. want to ban from civilians.

          • Moron

            Isn’t there an amendment which does not allow police officer to do seizures and searches if there wasn’t a good reason to?

          • charlie
          • damn liberal scum

            yes there is, it’s called the constitution and bill of rights. but honestly, these days, they are just wiping their asses on both those documents. and that’s true not only for cops, judges and the courts, but right on up to that traitorous son of a bitch in the Whitehouse, the congress, senate, etc.

        • joshua

          Sorry to break this news to you friend but this country hasn’t “gone” to anything the only difference is at least they didn’t burn him at the stake publicly for some trumped up charge of hericy. Or hang him with a croud throwing rotten fruits and vegetables at him…. ‘Man will dominate man to his own injury’ till god ‘puts in place a kingdom that will crush and bring to ruin all these other kingdoms’

        • WebAntOnYouTube

          How much more of this is the people going to put up with? Why are we being such sheep? We should feel ashamed & then angry enough to at least mass protest!

          • damn liberal scum

            I honestly believe they are putting something in the food, water, and air which is making people apathetic, and pacifists. I mean look at 9/11. the majority of Americans know we were all lied too. we can argue about who was involved(Israel, Saudi Arabia). but we all agree on the lies. and what happens? nothing. those same people are still living like kings, while the rest of us live from paycheck to paycheck, IF we’re lucky. and that’s just the one example

        • damn liberal scum

          and the rest of the world along with it

      • Wayne Darby

        And with the information he had, you knew he would never be captured alive. It was execution all the way.

    • Dick Fitzwell

      hell yeah, that was so awesome when dorner was on a rampage. i live in the local area, i was loving it. just hoping to hear the news report about more cops being killed. dorner was a real hero

      • Evan Smeltser

        That’s pretty fucked up, man. You should get yourself checked out. Does their profession make them somehow so much less human than you that you think they all deserve to die? Can you formulate a rational thought, something not based on fear or discomfort?

        • ThomasThePaine

          They DO deserve to die! They are the scum of the Earth and the only reason they take the job, is to bully and hurt people!

        • Dick Fitzwell

          wasn’t kidding at all. anytime a cop dies, i smile.

        • Jamie Lant

          Evan – No offense intended at all, but look at how he says “anytime a cop dies, i smile”. Notice how not 1 person replies to him about that. All he got was 11 likes. This to me shows that there is in fact a huge problem. The problem is a growing distrust of law enforcement as more people get technologically aware and start seeing all the videos out there. It’s boiling into outright hatred for cops. He was not kidding. It’s not uncommon for people to celebrate the death of their enemies. It’s no more fucked up than Americans getting giddy over dead Iraqis. Nobody should die IMO but Im not gonna be all upset about citizens killing cops because cops kill citizens all the time without remorse or recompense. Until there is a way to police the police effectively then I’m afraid the problem will only get worse.

          • except that cops are our enemies, and iraqis are not our enemies

          • WebAntOnYouTube


          • damn liberal scum

            I agree. and it’s not just the criminal types either. the mistrust, and down right hatred for cops, is moving well into the main stream. these cops are creating their own misery.

        • jessilei

          Maybe not ALL of them, but yes, most of them are less than human.

          • Bowtie Horsepwr

            All of them are trash fire the entire national force and only use ex vets, special forces, not spec ops, trust me there is more psych screenings and evals in special forces than the best departments in the nation, with very high standards, remember this is the top 10% of the military, high levels of education, etc. Current cops should be allowed to only carry one gun, strapped to their ankle under their pants 18 months is not enough training and screening to display total and complete competence and mastery of really anything.
            imagine if that’s all doctors received. if they did this I’d be a cop maybe.

        • they proved themselves ‘less human’ … they committed conspiracy to commit murder, and murder, in the intentional barbeque of dorner

        • WebAntOnYouTube

          No. Some people are just that angry at cops. Some have had friends & relatives murdered by them and hate them now.

        • damn liberal scum

          I’m not saying they all need to die. but if you don’t get why people are so pissed and fed up with cops, their constant murdering of unarmed citizens. and basically telling god, and we the people to f#$k off, then what do you expect? the so called “good cops” lie for them constantly, so how are people supposed to make a distinction between the “good, or bad cops”??

        • Rusty Shackleferd

          You are a complacent coward

          • Patrick Thered

            And you’re a racist. I think we should get together and have a few drinks while we discuss the finer points of being a holier than thou hypocrite. Love thy enemy, sinner.

  • Michael White

    If you’re afraid of people’s common movements, the pillow factory is hiring testers, might be more your speed.

  • Kitty Wolf

    Time to make it right,,,Take the cop out!

  • Tamra Louviere

    Cleared of wrong doing…that makes me sick! Whoever cleared him needs to be smacked! UGH!

    • smacked? they need to be tried and convicted and caged for conspiracy after the fact for murder

  • adaptable

    This cop needs to be executed as well, he had NO reason to shoot the guy through the passenger seat.

  • Usurper

    No doubt this coward pig is lying through his teeth.

  • Tom Spence

    not intentionally violating his rights is still violating his rights….gestapo thugs

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    it seems like this is becoming an everyday occurrence, and the excuse is ALWAYS the same, “he violated no policy, cops have a tough job to do, he was stressed out, society was cruel to him, his mom didn’t hug him when he was a kid” did I miss anything?? what i’d like to know is, when these pigs body slam an old man/woman bouncing their head off the street because, “he felt threatened” how do these bastards face their own mother and father? or more importantly, HOW DO THEY FACE THIER KID, KNOWING WHAT A LITTLE PUNK THEY’VE RAISED???? WHEN THE KELLY THOMAS THING FIRST STARTED, I FELT BAD FOR HIS PARENTS, that’s until I saw how they are. the mother secretly, seeked, and took a measly 1 million $ settlement for the EXECUTION OF HER SON!!! and the father, goes on various talk shows, and more than anything else, makes excuses for those miserable pieces of shit, “officers”!! if that was my kid, even without the video, AND audio from three different angles, I wouldn’t be going on t.v., I WOULD BE AFTER REVENGE, AND I WOULDN’T STOP UNTIL I GOT IT!!! WHAT KIND OF FATHER WATCHES THAT TAPE, HEARING HIS SON BEGGING FOR HELP, BEGGING FOR HIS LIFE, AND DOES NOTHING!!!????

    • Robert Burns


    • recently, ron thomas said aloud that protestors of the acquittal of the murderers of his son should be arrested

      again : ron thomas said protestors should be arrested … even though they are making noise for justice for kelly thomas

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        nothing makes sense any more

    • Rick Garza

      Ake him. I wa thinking about not responding to the comments posted here, but feel compelled to say something. Since I have made comments criticizing cops, prosecutors and judges unconstitutionally seated because if their invalid oaths of office, on Facebook and then on ny blog The Garza Advocate Messenger, I have been systematically harnessed by the cops in Ellensburg, Washington. I have had my Fourt Amendment and Washington State Constitution article 1 Section 7 rights violated and judge James E. Hurson, Kittitas County District judge fail his oath to protect the Constitutional rights of citizens. I am telling it the way it is. I, too, am afraid that I will soon be murdered under some pretense I was “reaching for…” I am not ever even going to give even the semblance I am reacing for something. On April 25, 2014, when I was out on the front lawn of a home in Ellensburg, Washington an Officer Andrew Hall stopped me with his hand cocked above his sidearm and began asking me or rather based on his demeanor, demanding answers to his questions and not allowing me to leave at will. Obviously, being a reasonable person I felt compelled to comply. I feared for my life. Had I not been informed via YouTube videos and the news about cops killing us people I normally would have refused to answer without a warrant. No, I feel too many people are being murdered by cops and too many people are being too simple mindef about trying to support the cops like I use to do as well. After all I have a lot of family in law enforcement. But it’s time I face reality. You people in the dark must also. I bet this soldier’s mother also supported the police until its happened to her precious gift God had given her, but Satan has used a cop t

    • Bowtie Horsepwr

      I’d help

  • Robert Burns


  • Get Mounted

    mom should wait till shes ready to die, then go shoot this cop in the back, making him be a vegetable for the rest of his life

    • Jim

      more like shoot his d*ck off. make him a eunuch for life. probably make his rage go away as well with no balls.

      • lysis777

        Ah, but he’s probably a juicer, all hopped up on roid rage.

  • Jerry Fellows

    I will fly there and kill him and his family, bastard.

  • Evan Smeltser

    All i’m hearing here is talk. It seems you followers need a leader….i’ve got nothing against the guy, personally. I didn’t know the officer or the young man and i wasn’t there at the shooting. All i know about the incident is the one-sided tear-jerker above. However, you all seem to know enough to sentence him to death, so that’s good enough for me. If you believe in what you’re saying, rally with me. We surely have the combined strength to kill one man. Any takers?

    • lysis777

      Please be careful. This sort of discussion is almost certainly being monitored. I respect your spirit, but I think you’re of more use to us alive than dead. I wouldn’t put anything past them. 🙁

  • stacky512a

    No discharged armed forces group is willing to take care of thier fellow comrade by greeting this pos in an alley?

  • Ann Sesco

    NDAA Research it! Repeal it!

  • ciley

    “Citizens ( any individual )
    may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting
    officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This
    premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the
    case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529

  • Wayne

    When I get pulled over I put my hands on the steering wheel and I do as I’m told. I’m alive today because of this

    • Rick Hiltz

      phoquing moron

      • Michelle Black

        You probably shoudn’t drive in LA

    • Greg Meyers

      Wait till you run into the right cop. He won’t give a shit how well you comply and submit. He wants blood!

  • ace

    Time to start killing some of these pricks

    • lysis777

      Really, that seems to be exactly what they are saying and doing to us.

  • Cyy

    What a peice of shit.

  • Jim

    Didn’t INTENTIONALLY? He still did, and his actions KILLED someone. He should be in jail. IF I drove drunk, killed someone, was it ‘intentional’? NO. BUT it’s still involuntary manslaughter at the least, and VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER with extenuating circumstances.

  • Gonzo

    “did not intentionally” – So no murder? Thats fine. How about voluntary/involuntary manslaughter? At the very fucking least…. assault?

  • ThomasThePaine

    Only a profuse application of 24X optical technology will put an end to this. . .

    • Greg Meyers

      “One shot…one kill”

  • nofuckinway

    This cops mother needs to find him in bed with a slit throat

  • Robert Burns

    this murder must die !!

  • Robert Burns

    And the judge that acquitted him !!

  • Greg Meyers

    A 2.5 million wrongful death suit and they declared that this cop “did not Violate Noel’s rights”?. I would pretty much define the murder of an unarmed person the ultimate violation of rights! THE RIGHT TO ANY FURTHER LIFE!. I’m so sick of corrupt Government “white washing” whenever one of their rogue cops commits an atrocity.

    • lysis777

      You know what scares me the most, Greg? That maybe this isn’t a white wash of rogue cops committing atrocities. That maybe there is a genuine conspiracy going on here. That we are either being taught to fear cops, to cower and whimper at the mere sight of them, completely submitting to their dominance. Or, even worse, that we are being systematically targeted for the worst forms of police brutality, which will continue and escalate until it becomes an all out war of citizens versus cops, when we are pushed so hard we finally retaliate, at which time, the real power assholes blow the whistle and bring on the full-fledged police state. There’s so much of this happening, we can hardly recognize this country anymore. I sure hope I’m wrong.

  • Jen

    Whoa whoa whoa everyone. Please don’t generalize. I know many wonderful police officers who would never do what Officer Hamdy did. I think law enforcement needs better screening and they have to get rid of problem officers but not all of them are bad.

    • Erik Kenney

      I’m sorry Jen, but if one is bad, then they ALL are because none of the others did (or do) anything about the “one” thug. It’s like the bully situation; “If you stand by and do nothing, you’re worse than the bully”! EVERY police force has “that guy” who they all know is an ass hat, and they all cover his back and hide him from justice, making them worse than him!!

  • ThomasThePaine

    We need a civilian revenge squad with extra members in New York and California. . .

  • rugvendor

    It’s impossible to reach under the seat with both hands on the steering wheel as witnessed by the passenger,…. we call that execution … and execution is murder and needs to be prosecuted.

  • Peter Straw

    Its been a long, long, time since I was in uniform (I’m pushing 70) and it wasn’t US though it was a major partner………if my little family (squad, platoon, whatever) had this happen to one of our guys, especially if we had seen action together, I’m sure we would have sorted this fucker out on our own…….something for todays young soldiers to think about. Its not like he had gone rogue and robbed a pensioner, he was totally innocent of everything except breathing…

  • kjatexas

    No warning to stop reaching under the seat? Just opens fire? This officer should be in jail for murder and violating Polanco’s civil rights. No justice in NY courts or from the DOJ.

  • Erik Kenney

    It’s ONLY A MATTER OF TIME before people wise up and start protesting these PIGS!! Similar to the recent protests in New Mexico. I just hope that next time the protesters are SMART ENOUGH to realize that for every PIG there to stop them, there are about thirty protesters, and the protesters just wipe the ground with anyone who is dumb enough to try to get in their way!! After you knock the dip shit PIG DOWN take it’s armor and weapons from it and defend yourself with them. It’s pretty simple!!

  • xXrefuseRESISTXx

    are there any dox out on this guy?

  • xXrefuseRESISTXx

    His address is 98 Ronkonkoma Blvd Centereach, NY 11720-3316 his number is 631-981-7652. good people of New York, you know what to do. Bacon time!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM BACON!!!!

  • Ernest

    You better leave the city.

  • Doug

    How can he be cleared of Murder???????

  • lysis777

    He was cleared of all charges. My God, I’m sick to death of hearing that. How do these people sleep at night?

  • Tim Gomez

    this is why the black panthers were formed the police felt like they had the right to violate any black person they wanted this included illegal searches beating killings and jailed just because the color of there skin they stood together
    and protected there fellow brothers and sisters and they carried shot guns to prove they were serious we need to form an american panther club to protect us all.

  • Chance Pemberton

    This thug in uniform and a badge should not only be fired but should be executed for killing an unarmed American soldier. And you wonder why people fear the thugs in uniform more than the thug in a tee shirt.

  • Chance Pemberton

    There is no justice in this world, this is why I must believe in God and His day of judgement for animals such as this.

  • billy rosenthal

    Peace of shit for killing our military boys i hope he Burns in hell

  • murder

  • Bowtie Horsepwr

    Why is this pos cop still warm and walking, at the very least he should be cold and dead from the chest down. Poor young trooper, poor mother.

  • damn liberal scum

    it seems to me, that the very moment the city admitted GUILT by settling this case for 2.5 million, MURDER charges should’ve been immediately filed!! if he was anything but a cop, he’d already been in jail.

  • Shemp

    Hassan Hamdy, you are a liar, and a murderous coward. I hope Karma for you. that you are killed in the line of duty or not.. who cares really? go fuck yourself.