Officer Charged With Child Abuse After Body Slamming Child at School


UPDATE: December 4 2015

Kissimmee police officer lost his job last week after using excessive force against a 13-year-old student, records show.

Video of Mario Badia, 41, grabbing the boy on May 8 and forcing him to the floor at Kissimmee Middle School drew widespread criticism after it was released in early November.

Badia, who had been with the department since 2013, was charged with felony child abuse and misdemeanor battery.

The video showed Badia holding the boy down for about 40 seconds by twisting an outstretched arm. The police department’s defensive tactics instructor reviewed the video and said it violated policy.

“The pain was apparent as a couple of times you see (the boy) wincing in pain on the floor,” according to Badia’s arrest affidavit.

Badia grabbed the boy after he pushed his mother and accused her of hitting him during an argument in the lobby, records show. Badia told the boy in a loud voice that his mother could hit him “because that’s your mom,” records state. The school principal’s secretary told investigators Badia tried to put his hand on the boy’s shoulder in what she considered an attempt to calm him down. But, “when the student pushed … Badia’s hand away she saw Badia grab the student and take him down to the ground,” records state.

His trial is set for Feb. 15 at the Osceola County Courthouse.

This was not his first job as a police officer. He worked for six years as a New York City police officer and 16 months with the Hollywood, Fla. police department. He has a business administration degree from the Pontifical Catholic University – Madre y Maestra in the Dominican Republic, records show.

“Officer Badia is doing a great job so far,” a supervisor wrote last year in an annual review. “Officer Badia is always willing to assist anyone from this agency or any other agency that requests assistance.”


KISSIMMEE — A surveillance video has surfaced showing a school officer assault a 13-yr-old child, according to reports.

Officer Mario Badia has been charged with child abuse.

At approximately 9:00 AM, a student who was only 13-yrs-old had been attending school.

At that point Officer Badia had an “altercation” with the child, according to reports.

The incident began when the child and his mother were arguing on campus.

At some point, someone decided it would be a good idea to call the officer in response to a family argument.

The officer arrived and instead of calming they child and mother down, he evidently began abusing the child, according to reports.

The arrest statement reports that Officer Badia used his hand to reach for the child’s chin.

It is apparent that he was attempting to physically force the child’s chin in the upwards direction so the child would have to look at him.

As Officer Badia was reaching for the child’s chin, the child instinctively stepped back and blocked the hand coming toward his face, according to reports. \

That is when Officer Badia appears to have lost it.

Officer Badia began by shoving the boy backwards so that he lost his center of gravity, followed by body slamming the child to the ground, according to reports.

The reports also state that the child was “not resisting.”

Even if he had been “resisting” — a meaningless term that police use to justify abusing people — he is a child. Can a cop not handle a child without resorting to body slams?

Investigators found enough reason to proceed with charging Officer Badia with child abuse.

Officer Badia is currently at the Osceola County Jail and can be released on a bond of $5,000.

The department, of course, has not fired him but rather given him paid administrative leave while an “internal investigation” is conducted.

Watch the video below:

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  • Daniel W. McCullar

    Police DO NOT BELONG in schools! The seem to have no idea that children do not think, act or reason the same as adults.We live in a time where children being and acting like children has become a criminal act!

    • Hector Ocasio

      Glad this stuff is getting caught on camera. I have plenty of horror stories from the NYPD when i went to high school 16 years ago.

    • Ben Dover

      I agree. Cops are bullying kids and in higher grades trying to fuk them. They don’t belong in schools.

      • Dimitri Theodosakis

        Their belong in Worst Prisons

        • troy

          they belong in a box

    • Clint

      I am a teacher, and our SROS are great. This cop is an overzealous idiot who shouldn’t have a badge whether it’s at a school or on the streets.

      • Miles Coleman

        They are not great….your students just haven’t outed any abuse yet. But we are all happy to hear how you love and think cops should be in schools. If it weren’t for massive social inequality it would have never gotten to the point where cops needed to be brought into schools.

        • Social inequality? In order to make everyone equal, we NEED a strong and well armed police force, and we should start in kindergarden training our youth to obey so that, on the off chance that one of them excels in life, she feels obligated to turn over most of her earnings to her leaders in government, that they might disribute what she doesn’t need to the poor.

    • joey scharbrough

      My close friend told me recently about his 12 year old son getting the stuffings whipped out of him by the SROS a few years ago. From what I understand it was similar to this story, his son tried avoiding the officers in your face yelling and it was taken as aggression and disrespect, so the officer beat him up like he was a man. The police should not be used as discipline agents within our schools, period!

    • The government does not belong in schools. “Free public schools for all children…”, the 10th, has no business existing in an allegedly free country.

  • Tanya Triplett

    he needs to lose his job.

    • Luke Perry

      No he needs to do hard time! No more special privileges just because someone has a badge!

  • SFCRetired

    So very glad I no longer have children in school. Had a police officer done this to a child of mine, we would have had a very serious “Come to Jesus” meeting. He would not have enjoyed it.

    • Doc Evil

      That is a perfect example of White Privilege. If this child had been anything but white, he would be dead or in jail.

      • Curtis Eugene Fell III

        Oh get over yourself with that white privilege crap. He’s a child and it shouldn’t have happen no matter his skin color.

      • SFCRetired

        Always someone to throw in the race card. It doesn’t matter what the child’s ethnicity is; the fact remains that a child was viciously abused by someone he is supposed to be able to trust. That is the point and not whether the child is white, black, brown, or any other origin.

        • Shadow Diver

          You are a fking clueless idiot, if you think the the police don’t abuse blacks more than whites.

          • SFCRetired

            That is not what I said. Your reading comprehension skills are non-existent. Grow up.

      • rc434v

        You are a moron for thinking this way. “White privilege”? This CHILD got body slammed for not looking the officer in the face. That is what is being talked about here. You seem to lack the understanding of the real issue. Race has nothing to do with it. And if it did then obviously this story wouldn’t be what it is. Grow up and educate yourself. Don’t live in the narrow minded “hands up don’t shoot” stupidity. There is to much of that crap going on already. If you are black and an officer asks what you are doing, just answer. Don’t pop attitude. I am not a felon, but when I get pulled over I take my keys out the ignition and put them on top of my car so that the officer realizes I’m not trying anything. I also comply as much as possible. If you don’t want to be victimized don’t give them reason to. The end. (& I’m white)

        • Anthony

          When I ask the officer why he pulled me over and his reply is “its a routine traffic stop”, then we have a problem. There is now law that supports what the officer just said. So if you want to be a sheep and follow blindly that’s your own personal choice, but as for me I love my freedoms and I exercise them as much as possible.

  • PithHelmut

    Gee try physically abusing a colleague and see what it gets you. Think the company would keep you on?

  • Gale Justbecouse

    why is he being paid

  • Bendy Bentley

    I think I am detecting a trend of more officers being charged. While most of those charges probably wont stick, it is a good sign that the tides are turning against corrupt and out of control pigs, and those who support them and cover for them. Get rid of the filth in the departments, and try to rebuild them withe honorable and decent humanity, not thuggish borderline idiots.

    • militantpolice?

      I agree. But with the training street cops get (I.e. The militarization of our police departments) it is way to easy to see everyday people as the enemy. I’m not saying the officers shouldn’t be punished, but the training for street cops should not be so militant. Maybe then our police will do their jobs correctly and “Serve & Protect” civilians instead of attacking them.

  • david

    another psychopath idiot who should not be around kids.

  • Kateree

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  • Shadow Diver

    The next time your tea party uncle starts in on how police violence against citizens is very limited, show him the images on this site:

  • katgal1232

    Florida and their PD’s get scarier by the moment. It is like they took gang members and made them cops. I mean no offense to gang members. Violence is encouraged during training, then you add a young, usually not so smart arrogant/egotistical jerk that is possibly on steroids and you get the FL PDs. It is very ugly.

  • Ken Kassner

    This goes to show that there are just as many criminals in the police department as there are on the streets. These people are supposed to protect us, not abuse up.

  • Theres

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