DUI Officer Found Drunk Behind the Wheel, Doesn’t Get Arrested

Officer Brent Rose has been arresting citizens for intoxication and other offenses since 2001 with his employment in the Franklin Police Department.

In 2005, he became a certified DUI police instructor, helping other officers arrest intoxicated citizens.

He’s likely been responsible for thousands of arrests over the last 13 years. download

Last week he was found drunk in his car.

He was so drunk, according to reports, that he couldn’t even stand up to do a field sobriety test without falling face-first on the ground.

Instead of receiving the very punishment he issued to other people over the last 13 years, he got away with it.

No arrest was made.

“What he needs is help, as opposed to being arrested,” remarked one of the officers.

Of course, that principle — and it’s certainly a reasonable, ethical principle — was disregarded for all the citizens arrested during officer Rose’s employment with FPD.

Illustrating once again that “law enforcement” has little to do with ethics and safety and everything to do with stuffing jails for career boosts.

When an officer wants to get arrests under his belt, he’s more than willing to threaten violence against and ruin the lives of other people for their lapses in judgment. When he makes that same lapse in judgment, ethics suddenly matter again and “law enforcement” is put aside.

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  • Rex

    “What he needs is help, as opposed to being arrested,” remarked one of the officers.

    Huh, wonder how many times they’ve said that about someone that WASN’T a cop. How about…


  • making_pie

    Don’t worry PIG. Judgements coming.

  • bad to the bone

    All pigs = pieces of shit. End of story.

    • patrick

      hell yeah! Bad to the bone for president!!

  • Jeff Pearce Sr.

    Definition of tyranny. When lawmakers and law enforcers live by different laws then the laws enforced against the subject class.

    • RescuemefromObummer

      In a nutshell! Well said!

  • Robert

    Not surprising considering the 15 or so times I’ve been pulled over under the influence I was only jailed maybe half of those and only actually charged with DWI 3 times. I have a feeling that if they charged and incarcerated everyone ever pulled over for DWI we’d be looking at upwards of 50% or more of our population being imprisoned. Alcohol should be outlawed IMO altogether It almost destroyed my life. Luckily I’m now 15 mos sober and moving on. unfortunately there weren’t any programs for rehabilitation offered until I got my 3rd. That is changing now but would’ve been nice 12 years ago when I got my first one!

    • Chris Graviss

      So you’re saying that since you can’t handle alcohol, no-one else should have it and the rest of us should go to jail for drinking it? So glad I don’t know you.

    • Ryan Cuzzort

      Just because you’re a dumbass, don’t mean we should all have to suffer. Typical liberal, “I don’t like this, so nobody should be allowed to do it, so I’ll feel better”

      • Helena_Handbasket

        Typical internet fanatical moron, “I see something I don’t like, so I’m going to attribute it to the political ‘side’ I don’t like, even though it has nothing to do with politics whatsoever”

        • Ryan Cuzzort

          Listen hear, you retarded fucking gash, nobody even asked you. So you want to ride Robert’s dick do much, why don’t you just pop it in your mouth, to keep you from talking out of place. Grown folks were having a discussion, we didn’t need the opinion of some dumb little skank. And fyi, he said he thinks alcohol should be illegal…who would be needed to make that happen? Politicians!! And what political party is notorious of stepping rights away groom law abiding citizens? LIBERALS! And who keeps voting these crooks into office, because they are to stupid and need someone else to tell them what they should and shouldn’t go? Dumbasses like yourself and Mr.Robert. Do yeah, it does have to do with politics, cunt!

          • RescuemefromObummer

            Ryan, the world is FULL of fence sitting ducks that just cannot seem to be clear about what they are really trying to say. YOU, need to stop sugar coating it dude……..

          • AL

            HAHAHA !! You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t ya 🙂

      • Sandy0

        Nope.Sure sounds like a Republican to me, one interested only in how things LOOK than how they ARE. You know what they call people who are distanced from Reality–PSYCHOTIC

    • Jay Smith

      so you were too stupid to learn from the first time or even before that when everyone always talked about it you sir are the definition of STUPID oh wow 15 months big deal. and as far as out lawing alcohol you are saying that just because you are too STUPID to know when you had too much and decide to endanger the lives of others it should be illegal? most know when to stop and when not to drive get a clue

    • RescuemefromObummer

      You sir, ARE the problem. Get off your slippery slopebox jerkoff

    • eli

      I’ve been sober for a few years. Just because I can’t handle alcohol doesn’t mean it should be banned for everyone else.

  • Nancy Robinson-Jackson

    he knew that even if he did get drunk that he would not be arrested

  • Jay Smith

    anyone that has ever been charged with dui by him should be allowed to challenge it

  • Chum Lee Jr

    There will be no prosecution – his fellow officers did not administer breath or blood samples. No way to convict, due to police “botching” it on purpose.

    The one that let him go should be fired for obstruction

    • Helena_Handbasket

      Correction.. he should be prosecuted for obstruction.

    • Bounzer


  • Jeff Tlano


  • Jeff Tlano


  • Mark Michigan

    “Officers use discretion every day…”

    And that’s the problem They do not have the right to use their discretion. It’s their job to enforce the laws equally for everyone.

    • Sandy0

      “EQUALLY”? Did you say Equally???????

  • AlexGarcia13

    if they can get away with beating an unarmed citizen at FULLERTON, CA,
    imagine what else they do without even getting fired from that corrupted to the core charade of a force…

    They are making mortal enemies by the thousands, every day they do things such as this…

    ANd there are some 150 million armed Americans, growing tired of this bullshit… !!!

    capicce ?

  • Gabe

    What’s the point of all these kinds of posts and videos if all we do is hide behond our computers and say how horrible it is getting and just get the fuck up off our asses and go and TRY to make a difference….remeber just you alone is one person but once the movement gets going there’s no way they can stop the tide!

    • Sandy0

      WOW, I wish I lived in YOUR fantasy world. Even the OCCUPY groups were broken by paid disrupters byWall Street banks in cahoots with NYC police

  • cops


  • cops

    Someone needs to create a network called COP… Citizens On Police!

  • James Bean

    I wish I could read the entire article but there are too many ads cluttering it up and no way to turn them off.

  • j2saret

    actually the consequences should double for people in positions of power and authority


    This comes as no surprise.

  • RIchard Backstrom

    now come on all, let’s not rush to judgment… after all, there is no law against sitting behind the wheel of a car while being drunk… the law is for “driving” under the influence… the man obviously needs help… he was so drunk he couldn’t find the ignition…

    • aztecace

      In Florida it depends, if his key is in the ignition then he can be charged, he certainly be charged with public intoxication.

    • the1observant

      A person who is found sitting behind the wheel of a car may be convicted of driving or operating the car while under the influence. Plus, your drivers license is considered as temporarily INVALID if you are intoxicated. Everybody has this restriction. The officer CONFESSED to the crime by confirming he traveled from point A to point B with no memory of how his driving succeeded, with further evidence of the engine STILL running and he was behind the wheel when found. Yes, he broke the law and he should be convicted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • eli

      I don’t think sitting in a car while drunk should be illegal. However, if that’s the law, the cops should be obligated to treat a fellow cop the same as a regular citizen.

  • Chris Ritter

    How about some punishment for the “officers” that used poor judgement in letting him off!

  • Dave

    the entire bunch should be fired, including the drunk.

  • joonagreen

    Where I live the 1st DUI will cost you $14,000.! Yes, that is the correct amount. The legal limit is .05…that is one drink. One drink, people! A DUI is a life ruining event for most of the people involved. There is no help offered it’s all about the cash. Police no longer protect and serve here they are soulless money collectors. Everyone agrees that no one should drink and drive…that includes you Mr. Cop.

  • MrT

    In the 70’s, we were taught to trust cops. Now we teach total distrust. I know several cops. All have became two faced chicken shit thieves on tax payers payroll. I pray public outrage for different outcomes for these crooks like this.

  • Liberal guy

    Conservative response.

  • Bounzer

    The only help he needs is a DUI conviction on his record and jail time. Along with all the other perks that come with a DUI, i.e., fines, DUI classes, etc.

  • Jeff Pearce Sr.

    Prime example of “the rulers” protecting their “enforcers”. Now SHUT UP and move along. Stop resisting…SCHNELL!!!!

  • Sgt. Killgood

    Corrupt commanders and trainers , Who let him on the job , Who allowed him to drive , while being drunk ? How many complaints were received about him being drunk ? How many other times has he been on the job drunk that was hidden by the force . Who does he work for , the union or the people ? Time to fire the corrupt unions and the corrupt commanders who are getting kick backs from the unions to keep these bad cops .

  • dxsmopuim

    ANY PIG who had ANY knowledge of this situation at any time for any reason and failed to arrest this PIG , should be sentenced to DEATH.