RAW VIDEO: Agents Force Innocent Man to Side of Road, Burn Him Alive in His Car


PINE VALLEY, CA — Raw video footage has surfaced showing the horrific killing of an innocent man at the hands of Border Patrol Agents.

Alex Martin’s family is suing the US Government after the video made clear that he burned to death in an eruption caused by the agents, according to reports.

The incident occurred when Alex got lost on the highway on his way back home.
It was late at night and with low visibility, Alex accidentally got onto the wrong offramp, heading the opposite direction on the highway.

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When agents noticed his car on the wrong side of the rode, they started tailing him and trying to force him to the side of the road.

The agents were driving in an unmarked vehicle, according to reports.

One can only imagine the fear Alex felt, lost and alone on a dark highway as a menacing vehicle began chasing him.

Alex was eventually forced to the side of the road, at which point several agents ran up to his vehicle and began shouting at him — likely making him think he was being mugged.

Within seconds, one of the agents bashed in Alex’s window and they began shooting him with a Taser gun.

After the high-voltage connects, Alex’s car can be seen exploding inside.

Engulfed in flames, Alex’s body was burned alive, as the agents are seen in the video simply watched him perish.

The family’s attorney states that the agents were “all in plain clothes and unmarked vehicles,” which is why Alex did not stop when they chased him.

The agents, furthermore, “never identified themselves by the display of badges or even the simple statement, ‘Border Patrol,” said the attorney.

The agents’ cars had large fire extinguishers inside them, but “not one of these agents ever tried to spray any of the fire extinguisher solution on that car,” the attorney added.

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“This was a senseless act in a senseless way for somebody who had violated no law and who lost their life needlessly.:

Watch the video below:

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  • Bobby Woodlawn

    Why was the car full of flammable vapor? What was that
    vapor? Doesn’t seem as innocent as being portrayed.

    • Hermit

      you are an idiot

      • unbiasedbrave

        IKR, he didnt watch the video obviously smh

        • Hermit

          more than likely they are a cop or some kind of government official

      • lejhammer

        I agree……probably a cop or ex cop. To them there’s always a reason.

    • brad

      Still no reason for him to be burned alive regardless of any wrong doing he has ever done…

      • Bobby Woodlawn

        Didn’t say there was. There sounds like there’s more to the story.

        • IcedTeaParty

          Or maybe there isn’t.

          It might be just as simple as pointing out that border patrol agents out of uniform and using unmarked cars should not be conducting traffic stops and then firing their taser without first ensuring they’ve identified themselves.

          I was sitting at an intersection in Atlanta when four guys in a sedan blocked me in and started to surround my top-down vehicle, a scenario not much different than this one. I anticipated a carjacking and pulled my handgun, whereupon they ran back to their vehicle and took off. Between these scenarios, there is no way to differentiate from a cop or a bad guy, and if those were four officers mistaking me for a bad guy, this could’ve turned out poorly for all of us (because I am a damn good shot), all because of a reasonable belief that men in civilian clothing behaving in that manner have criminal intent.

          These officers are disgusting pieces of garbage, and anyone who posts even a shred of defense is part of the problem.

    • Rob Lindner

      Are you fucking kidding me? You stupid jackass, it could be gasoline fumes from the chase esp if the car was made awhile ago. What does flammable vapor have to do with innocence anyway? What flammable vapor in his car deserves death? You are a fucking tool and prime example of what is wrong in America it should have been you in that car!

      • Bobby Woodlawn

        Never said what he did deserves death. But I would like to know why the car practically exploded. That doesn’t happen often. Is there ANY chance he might have been contributory to the events?
        I have been in my fair share of burning cars, and pulled a few out. Thanks for thinking of me.
        When having an intelligent discussion try not skipping to name calling, it make you look juvenile.

      • Dark_Space

        To be fair, I too don’t think he deserved to die, but people driving down the wrong way on an interstate highway are what’s wrong with America. If you’re too mentally challenged to know the right from the wrong way while you’re sober, too distracted, too tired, or too intoxicated, then you shouldn’t be driving. As a motorcycle rider, I’m in favor of caning any one who is in command of a 2,000lb+ hunk of steel who is so arrogant they think its okay to text and drive, drink and drive, sleep and drive, etc. Immediate caning on the side of the road by every innocent human they put at risk.

        • Leyno Zappa

          I’ve seen quite a few places where going the wrong way is easy due to poor design. Right near where I live the northbound entrance and exit lanes to the interstate
          run right next to each other with no divider, only a double yellow line.
          It would be quite easy to get on the northbound exit ramp from the
          northbound entrance ramp, especially at night, especially if you didn’t know the road.

    • Dark_Space

      Yeah, something else is going on here. Why was the car filled with gas? Why was he driving down the wrong side of the road? And i dont know if y’all are watching a different video than the one in the story, but I see a lot of flashing blue lights, so not sure why he would think he wasn’t being pulled over by police. I’m certainly not saying he deserved death, but there is definitely more to this story.

      • Rogann Kniss

        My trunk latch is broken, I carry gas in my backseat every time I need to mow. what ‘more’ is needed? except WHY cops always seem to think they gotta start shooting someone with any available weapon.

        • Bobby Woodlawn

          If you are driving around in the middle of the night with a gas can, have the good sense to have a window open. A proper gas can, closed properly should not disgorge gas all over the car, esp. if it didn’t get upside down.

          • lejhammer

            U sound perfect……mistake proof even. Can could have spilled over from the chase. Dont get me wrong, it was an accident but its obvious the cops were looking to do harm before they found any evidence of wrong doing. When people like u state these opinions, i wonder if you would feel the same if u or a family member was in the car

          • Bobby Woodlawn

            My family is at home, in their own beds, at night. We don’t drive the wrong way on roads. If I am carrying gas; it is in a gas jug made just for that, in the trunk and the blower on high in the passenger compartment. Perhaps the fumes even disoriented this kid. When you do something stoopid you have to have to ask yourself: what is the most likely outcome of this, what is the desired outcome, what is the worst case scenario. Like most tragedies this wasn’t one thing gone wrong, but a cascade of mis-events.

          • rob

            So now we die if we make a mistake no one knows what happened but die like that come on guys ive been harassed all my life by police growing up in l.a for no reason ive been called racial names at 12 in the back of detectives car after a police officer killed my brother and they wanted to question me pulled guns on my 80 year old grandfather and aunt pulled out a metal unfolding baton and they told me they would take me to the mountains and beat me amagine a 12 year old put face down in the middle of the street with a 38 revolver to the back of his head(Pasadena police detectives)it has affected me till this day..so it is real really really real.they are killing us for what??so to all that dont believe it just might happen to you or your family,then you’ll be the one here writing your story.

          • Americans used to be very empathetic people. But lately we’ve lost our way, and now it seems too many of us cannot imagine other people even having feelings at all.
            We’ve become a nation of sociopaths ruled by psychopaths.

        • Happy Tinfoil Cat

          Aren’t there regulations about gas cans? (http://www.arb.ca.gov/consprod/fuel-containers/pfc/pfc.htm) The ones made after 2009 no longer have a vent, so the pour/leak slowly. My old fashioned one was made of thick steel and would survive a crash. I didn’t risk burning to death.

      • Egypt Motherland

        Lights mean nothing. Anyone can purchase blue lights, that’s how people get raped, robbed, and murdered. If it dark, late, and I’m not near any signs of civilization (gas station, Walmart, SOMETHING) unmarked car or not, I’m not pulling over immediately. I’ll throw on my hazards call 911 verify the car is a REAL police car, then tell dispatch to tell the cop that I’m not running, I just want to get to a safe and well lit area before stopping my vehicle.

        It’s a matter of basic safety. In these days you can’t trust anyone, not even cops. I need witnesses and cameras from outside sources.

      • Immortal Rhÿthm

        More to the story.. which a simple Google search to later information and evidence could have provided you.. instead of all this assumption and speculation.

        He pulled onto the freeway on a section where there is a north and south exit/entry.. he simply entered the wrong way, perhaps from being tired it was late at night.. before an exit even came up, police ahead very quickly deployed spike strip.. which puntured his gas line and turned the car into a gas oven.. they blocked his driver door with one police cruiser, threatened him and kept him inside.. the courts have paperwork proving such scenarios are discussed and training avises strongly against using tasers or firearms when potential damage to containers holding flammable substance could occur even specifying use of spike strips.. and with the damage that was investigated.. the smell should have been so potent the officer would have smelled it and been negligent in his excitement… costing the man his life.

        • Dark_Space

          Bless your heart.

        • Bobby Woodlawn

          If this is in fact the case and they were out of protocol, that should be enough to prove negligence. It would be enough on my job. Again a cascade of events, perhaps going as far as the road design and signage. The stage could have been set for this event years ago.

        • some dude

          Spike strips punctured his gas tank? Are you high or just stupid? I’m guessing STUPID! I suppose a second spike precisely punctured the floor pan to allow the gas to spray through that hole, into the interior of the car. What? You didn’t know that there’s a thick skin of sheet metal between the gas tank and the passenger compartment of ALL vehicles sold in the US? That’s because you are fucking STUPID! Your argument is invalid.

          • Immortal Rhÿthm

            This is literally police training protocol and the issues discussed in the court hearing.. perhaps you should go call all the professionals teaching at the police academy and the findings by the judge and prosecutors stupid.

      • cabal23

        Are you serious. How do you get gas from a can to your house?

        • Dark_Space

          I don’t put it in a confined space and close off any air circulation with a loose cap or whatever made it possible to spill. But now that you mention it, maybe he was disoriented from fumes…

          I actually own a truck, and would never drive with a gas can in the cab. But if I did only have the option of the car, I’d still use some common sense and likely stow it in the trunk, with a very secure lid, tied down very tight. Honestly, I’m not an Eagle Scout or whatever, but I’d never be in a position where I was driving down the wrong side of the interstate with tank full of loose gas being chased by people with blue lights – never, ever, ever – which brings me back to my original comment.

      • Leyno Zappa

        In some places going the wrong way is easy due to poor road design. Right near
        where I live the northbound entrance and exit lanes to the interstate run right next to each other with no divider, only a double yellow line. It would be quite easy to get on the northbound exit ramp from the northbound
        entrance ramp, especially at night, especially if you didn’t know the
        road. There is also a place not far from there where you could drive right off the
        interstate onto a side road (or from the side road onto the interstate),
        the only barrier is a thin strip of grass.

    • Rogann Kniss

      A gas can, IDIOT !!!!!!

    • Kevin Estrada

      Very common for a car to have a gas leek inside a car. Most cars Fuel Pump is located in the back seat of the vehicles.. aaaand then there letting them burn to death.. Get your head out of your ass.

      • Bobby Woodlawn

        No, fuel pumps are in the gas tank.

        • Joshua Selvidge

          The fuel pumps are mounted on top of the gas tank and are accessible from inside the vehicle.
          90s Honda civics, and many other models, have the fuel pump accessible from beneath the rear seats.
          For this model of charger, the fuel pumps (yes 2) are accessible from under the rear seats as well.

      • Tom

        Fuel pumps in back seats ? What kind of car are you driving…never seen a fuel pump in the cabin part of a car ever !!!!! Remind me to never take mechanical advice from you…..Thanks……

    • Nubby Mcquilicutty

      please just set yourself on fire and stop wasting everyones oxygen..you are a stupid fuck

    • Choppit

      Great question, and all supposition and childish name calling aside, it wasn’t hard to find more information. This news report gives a plausible explanation for the fumes in the car. BP deployed spike strips, which purportedly punctured a fuel line. No bombs, drugs, or chemicals were found in the car. BP screwed up.


      • antsisalive

        Does that mean they’d been attempting to stop him but he was refusing? I thought he was just innocently lost? If that was the case wouldn’t he welcome the “help”?

        • ThatDude

          You seem to have missed the part where it said the vehicle chasing him was unmarked. No lights or any other indicators of it being BP or police. If you’d just stop and say hi to an unmarked vehicle that’s fucking with you then you deserve whatever bullet or action of rape awaits your overly trusting ass. Darwin award winner in waiting.

          • missgigi

            BAM!! Say it again!

          • antsisalive

            You’re right, I did miss that part. Thanks for pointing it out instead of being a sanctimonious a-hole about it. Oh, wait…

    • fly guy

      If you watched it it said fumes from a spilled gas container inside the vehicle…

      • Bobby Woodlawn

        Watched, device I was watching on doesn’t have sound.

        • Chris

          You really are a complete idiot then.

    • Alex Baker

      agreed, this is such biased reporting. Sites like this give cop reformists a bad name.

  • Scott Downey

    ISIS burns a man while he’s still alive, everyone loses their minds. Cops burn a man while he’s still alive, paid vacation.

    • ed morbe

      Very disgusting! This cops are worse than terrorist with a full book of excuses to walk away with murder!

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        • Claire

          Screw you insensitive ass.

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      • IncorrectlyNonPolitical

        Terrorist? The pilot burned alive had flown bombing campaigns in Syria, that is called living by the sword and dying by the sword. He was just as much of a terrorist as anyone he was bombing. The same notion of US military being “freedom fighters” against terrorists is just a fallacy, all peoples who engage in war are terrorists by definition, you can not invade a country, or bomb a country and not be a terrorist, use a dictionary. ISIS has done nothing different then USA’s founding fathers who colonized an already inhabited country, and stealing land – committing genocide on the peoples who lived there already, for a Christian-Ayrian way of life to be prominent. US is only 2% Actual natives – or real Americans. 98% are just rejected europeans or some other mixed race immigrants who are descendants of mass murderers/thieves.

        Terrorist is a very broad term clearly, and what you consider “iconic people” could be easily defined as terrorists in many aspects of history. US has statues of Christopher Columbus, the mass murderer, worse then hitler – and even a national public holiday, Lol. Terrorists….please.

        • Sophie Cat

          The eye of the “beholder” – when this country is “invaded” by another, will WE, the American people who choose to defend this nation, be labeled “extremists”? “Insurgents”? Of course we will.
          Then WE will become, the “terrorists”, who fight against ‘INVADERS’.
          The United States has gone around the globe, stomping the everyone else’s backyards and taking for ourselves whatever natural resources we pleased. We have enslaved and annihilated and destroyed infrastructures – and for what? OIL. GOLD. RUBBER.
          How do you think we got Hawaii – by saying “Please”?
          We got it by invasion and military overthrow.
          That’s what kind of “Democracy” this country runs on.

          • James Chandler

            You are full of SHIT !

          • Sophie Cat

            No. YOU are full of shit. Everything I say is true and YOU know it. Obviously you don’t know your own country’s history.

            You could start with how the U.S. duped and then imprisoned a trusting Hawaiian princess into signing over her power to them. Then they jailed her. Read about the Dole family dynasty, and how they power-grabbed the beautiful paradise that was Hawaii, and the trashy commercialized SLUM of meth and heroin that Hawaii is today. Everywhere Americans go, it eventually turns to pure shit.

            All over the globe…….

          • Gisbert Milanowski

            Here is a nice video how europeans view american foreign policy:

          • rogerrramjet

            WOW you are really an idiot. 2 years later but still dumbest comment ever. Get over your victimhood.

        • kennethone

          Kool. So burning your wife alive for leaving her house is ok with you as well. This is the most passve aggressive hippie load of bullshit i have ever heard from a discusting slime of a human being. was ISIS defending their homeland when they murdered 150 children or when therrt kidnapped and probably murdered 300 girls? Were they fighting for the homeland when they executed thousands of people they invaded? Maybe one day they will invade your house, murder your family, and you can tell them how much you respect their culture and religion. Disgusting

          • IncorrectlyNonPolitical

            Western education? As in math that pre-dates the USA, lol? Arabs had some of the earliest inventions of math, I wouldn’t classify math as western education by any stretch of the imagination. ISIS is not a big concern, they have free will to make their own country in already inhabited areas as the USA did in the 1600-1900s, which involves theft/mass murder, there is nothing unusual about conquering land and claiming it as spoils of war, the whole USA is based on this doctrine. I think you have read one too many pro-british text books on US history to even debate ISIS’s actions of founding a new country on already inhabited land. This requires mass murder of enemies until the resistance is small enough minority to be disarmed and contained by the new society, i.e. natives in USA being 2% minority among 10% africans and the rest European/Asian immigrants.

            I don’t think they need to defend homeland, as much as defeat the existing governments and resistance that already exists in the areas, if the girls are not supportive of the new country or caliphate then yes they should be executed as any other country founding has gone throughout history, read a book. Lol. Iraq, and Syria are both relatively easily conquered states compared to the North American continents’ states/providences.

            The displaced peoples should find a new country, or make their own if they can find some indigenous people to murder and steal the land from, as the rest of society has done, unless you object to the US/Canada’s foundations as a legitimate country, you seem to be confused about the history of the North American continent, or only objected to the actions happening now instead of during the past few hundred years. ISIS has relatively low kill counts compared to the tens of millions of natives killed during US/Canada/Australia’s foundings. Give ISIS a few hundred years of murdering the existing inhabitants and I’m sure they will draft a piece of paper saying that everyone is equal after the opposing inhabitants are a small minority, as any other country founded via the same doctrines.

            I for example have not contributed anything to ISIS monetary wise, or weaponry wise, so I couldn’t classify myself as supportive, but I do believe in Manifest Destiny and its ability to be applied to other regions by other peoples, to found their own countries. That is a basis for the US country, and indeed can be applied via islamic methods in middle eastern countries.

          • kennethone

            Whoa, you are a just sick human being. Comparing atrocities of the present to atrocities of the past suddenly makes them acceptable? Your comparisons between US colonization and slavery to islamic state are completely meaningless. You justify genocide and ethnic cleansing on the basis of having it happen before? You share the same logic with adolf hitler. You philosophy of supporting IS by living in a country that has a violent past is something taught at a communist commune. I’m sure by your logic all present day Germans are all war criminals and all white Americans are slave owners. If you feel like you need to defend genocide of innocent civilians why don’t you buy a ticket to Syria and die alongside your religious scum. Islamic State is not a country and it never will be

          • IncorrectlyNonPolitical

            History always repeats itself, and war to annex land is common in warfare. All present day Germans are Europeans, all white Americans are European immigrants. The holocaust was not invading occupied land and eliminating resistance, jews were imported from other regions of German occupation, so it couldn’t qualify under manifest destiny anyway as the jews never had their own state at the time of the holocaust. Genocide is a common tactic in warfare to seize land that is inhabited, which is necessary to eliminate resistance. If you have studied geopolitics and warfare throughout history, it is a commonly accepted practice as the victors write history, not the defeated peoples. Since USA/Australia/Canada are still occupied by European Immigrant governments, it could be considered present day as much as past tense/history.

          • darrien

            you all are just apart of the matrix.. but i agree with what IncorrectlyNonPolitical is saying.. Do your damn research people, the US and parts of Syria created this “ISIS” simple fact. America has gone to shit, accept the fact so we can move on and change this shit!.. damn ignorant people fighting over bullshit and not whats important..

          • missgigi

            Thank you. YOu get it. Let’s start a colony of like minds so when they finally kill eachother off or breed each other out, we can begin the new UTOPIA. You should’ve gone a step further and pointed out where they learned this from.

          • ED

            Islam absorbed the knowledge of the Countries they conquered…If you dig deeper, you’ll find that out…They “invented” very little but they did steal a lot of shit…

          • IncorrectlyNonPolitical

            IS this coming from the race of European immigrants that mass murdered natives to 2% of the current population? IS this coming from the race of European immigrants that had formed a Constitution a hundred years before the campaigns stopped, with sitting presidents in the 1900s saying 9 out of 10 natives should be dead, and he wouldn’t like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth? Theodore Roosevelt? I assume if you are American, you are the European immigrant race that enslaved African Americans for hundred years after the constitution was ratified? The same race that a-bombed two civilian cities for a military on military attack by the japanese? Interesting history, memes not really. Hitler, crusades, colonization, Christopher Columbus, Yeah, muslims got a few hundred million more to catch up bro, nice try with the autistic kids meme though.

            Don’t worry, I’m confident you will still pass public education, LOL. Part of a race that oppressed and mass murdered during the industrial revolution, wondering why minorities didn’t invent anything, comical bro. Funnier then the meme for sure.

          • ED

            My people didn’t get to America until after WW1…..Blacks were sold to Portuguese and Spanish shippers by other blacks……80% of the North American locals were already dead before the first non Spanish Europeans stepped foot on the North American Continent…The Spaniards slaughtered the locals of South and Central America…The Spaniards also slaughtered the locals in the Caribbean, the West Coast of North America, the South West and pretty much any where that water touched the “New World”…You are sorely misinformed….Africans were enslaved by a lot of Americans but that shit was over for nearly 60 years before any of the people that made me got here….

          • IncorrectlyNonPolitical

            Oh, so your meme wasn’t excused by the indoctrination into the pro-colonist public education system and the product’s attitude, also native numbers were 10 million + at first contact of colonization, some estimate higher, some lower, but in general around that area.

            Also, it was not by mistake or unintentional, so you are incorrect in your assumptions or implications of Spanish faults, plus Spainards like Columbus are given their own national holiday and state/national monuments/statues in the USA and other countries.


            Lol? Nice tomb for a mass murderer though?

            In 1779, George Washington instructed Major General John Sullivan to attack Iroquois people. Washington stated, “lay waste all the settlements around…that the country may not be merely overrun, but destroyed”. In the course of the carnage and annihilation of Indian people, Washington also instructed his general not “listen to any overture of peace before the total ruin of their settlements is effected”. (Stannard, David E. AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. New York: Oxford University Press, 1992. pp. 118-121.)

            George Washington, *1st* president, April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797

            “In 1807, Thomas Jefferson instructed his War Department that, should any Indians resist against America stealing Indian lands, the Indian resistance must be met with “the hatchet”. Jefferson continued, “And…if ever we are constrained to lift the hatchet against any tribe, ” he wrote, “we will never lay it down till that tribe is exterminated, or is driven beyond the Mississippi.” Jefferson, the slave owner, continued, “in war, they will kill some of us; we shall destroy all of them”.

            In 1812, Jefferson said that American was obliged to push the backward Indians “with the beasts of the forests into the Stony Mountains”. One year later Jefferson continued anti-Indian statements by adding that America must “pursue [the Indians] to extermination, or drive them to new seats beyond our reach”.”

            ~ Thomas Jefferson, *3rd* president, March 4, 1801 – March 4, 1809

            “America’s first twentieth century president and alleged American hero, and Nobel peace prize recipient, Theodore Roosevelt. This Indian fighter firmly grasped the notion of Manifest Destiny saying that America’s extermination of the Indians and thefts our their lands “was ultimately beneficial as it was inevitable”. Roosevelt once said,

            “I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of ten are, and I shouldn’t like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth”. (Stannard, Op.Cit.)”

            ~ Theodore Roosevelt, *26th* president, September 14, 1901 – March 4, 1909.


            Natives were granted citizenship by congress in 1924, that is hundreds of years after colonization, you are worse then iranian nazi holocaust deniers, lol.

          • ED

            I’m just tired of America taking all the blame for what was a world wide effort at one time…Your arguments take none of this in to account…I am blameless, just as you are…If feel the need to shoulder the blame, then you need to get off your ass and go help them… on the internet does no good at all… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39a590167b952a12b965db4bd03c16e5dd88e546d2c8c2e2a9da849c5be72444.jpg

          • IncorrectlyNonPolitical

            You are still a citizen of an illegal occupation of segregated natives on reservations, I am correcting your history in line with the world’s view on US history, problem?

            Why do you think China doesn’t think twice about US opinions on actions of claiming waters/land in the south china sea from other countries? Lol.

            Ofcourse the state department would come out and condemn the actions. Hysterical.

          • kennethone

            I am not a not a degenerative product of the mistakes of people before me. Unlike some people who assume the guilt of the color of their skin, i am an individual, guilty of no oppression, racism, or war crimes. It is true that what ISIS does is similar to what Europeans did when they colonized the Americas. In fact, the Nation of Islam as a whole is completely analogous to European countries in the 14th-19th centuries. It is in fact an Imperialist Theocracy. Just like the European nations conquered, colonized, raped, pillaged, plagued, and spread their filthy religion in centuries ago, Islamic nations are doing the same thing to this day to the descendants of Europeans who DID NOT choose to invade another nation and to live peacefuly at home. BUT just because it happened in the past, is not a justification for it to happen again. So i understand your viewpoint, you are just an academic who wants to let violence run its course and who doesnt care about good and evil. Basically a nihilist. Well then, according to your logic, there is also absolutely nothing wrong with killing Palestinians, dropping bombs on Syrian civillians, and beating up migrants. After all its just part of manifest destiny. And if you have amy problems with the things above, you are just a hypocrite

          • Laura M Colon

            What about rapeing 1 year olds you forgot that

          • IncorrectlyNonPolitical

            Actually, the highest rate of child molestation, and pornography according to the FBI are American/Europeans, mainly US. Infact, all the major wanted pedophiles are American/European whites, not Muslims. No marriage is allowed to be commenced (sex) until the age of puberty, this is clear under even extreme Islamic sharia law, in which violators are not given all expenses paid vacations in jail like the USA, they are publicly executed. The quran clearly states no commencing of sex with any person pre-puberty, also there is this claim “mohammad was a pedo” etc etc, in reality muhammad was married twice and had 4 children before his tribunal marriage to aisha, which was a ceremonial marriage between the families as custom in even european traditions in biblical times, it was sign of trust a love between the two clans or families, to commit an obligation to keep them as one. Muhammad never had a daughter with Aisha, she never had any children at all! She died at the age of 64, stop spreading christian extremist propaganda please.

            The place you need to look for stopping the child abuse in the world is the USA/Europe, and its tourists who go to south east asia, vietnam, cambodia, etc etc. (not even muslim states where these brothels have been covered by media stories).

        • Quit trying to politicise evil. Burning people alive is wrong, full stop. You’re part of the problem; either you have ethics and virtues or you dont. Piss off!

          • IncorrectlyNonPolitical

            When did I say it was not wrong? I said he bombed syria without even approval of the syrian government, who ISIS/ISIL, FSA, US/NATO/Saudi Arabia are all bombing too, so I mean you want to kill the sitting government who is moderate compared to ISIS, but fight ISIS too at the same time? You are retarded, the US can not go playing “pick a dictator” in the middle east, we seen what happened in iraq/afghanistan, we seen what happened in Iran with the Sha royal family kept in power until the ayatollah was kicked out of iraq by saddam for causing problems in his state, of which I think saddam was also of lesser evil then ISIS/ISIL. Saddam did not systematically behead foreigners and christians, or muslims; yes saddam gassed the kurds after a assassination attempt, I agree this was a war crime that merrited his removal from power immediatley, unilateraly or not through the world bodies or not, to wait 20 years and claim false WMD bs is just that, BS. Saddam didn’t have any WMDs, he had not use chemical weapons since the Kurdish attack, the US supported Iran in the Iraq/Iran war where Iran lost 1 million people! They supported the muja in Afghanistan in the 80s during soviet occupation, with Reagan calling them “freedom fighters vs a evil Communist empire”, nothing changed since then except a few arabs attacked the twin towers? What that has to do with Afghanistan or Iraq? Bin laden was saudi, 15 of 19 hijackers were saudi.

            Saudi royal family is given billions per year to keep them in power, their responsible for a great majority of all exportation of jihadists to foreign countries, particularly ones we occupy, to “free oppressed muslims”.

        • Roland Garnett

          Your stunningly simple explanation of terrorism is more a statement about all you don’t know than what you do know. You obviously don’t know much about history or current events. You think your comparisons are smart but they are so flawed it isn’t even arguable. You are not qualified to speak on this subject but the constitution doesn’t say you have to be qualified…. does it.

          • IncorrectlyNonPolitical

            Terrorism does not have any requirement of “religious means”, so any case of military agression can be terrorism, he died being a terrorist, attacking terrorists, who are attacking the syrian government, who the US is attacking too, wow what a hero. LOL? Who is not educated on Syria again? Please, and the cow that liked your comment, another middle class pubic educated product of the USA.

            You would be laughed out of any public debate on Syria with me, I can assure you this, in-fact, and debate on geopolitics and foreign policy of the USA, or its history in general. Natives are 2% of your population after mass genocide in the 1600s-1900s. African Americans family trees are lineage leading to a slave and a European colonist owner.

            US history is EASY, its only a few hundred years dude, what are high? There are countries with thousands of years of complex history, US is a infant and its like reading a children’s book.

        • Bryant Hunt

          Dude, he took an oath to serve his country. Regardless of his heritage, he’s harder that you ever will be. That being said, why the hell are you bringing up that dumb vomit you call a point? What does that have to do with the general gyst of this website? Isn’t the point about this page to bring light to the shady shit that law enforcement does? Could have sworn that this page is called “filming cops.” Lemme scroll up there and check that…

          Yup it says filming cops, not bad mouth anyone that in the least bit shows national pride, and answers the call to serve. Granted he wasn’t an American aviatior, I believe he was Jordanian. He’s done more than you have, he flew an aircraft for his nation, while you, live at home in your studio, which is below your parents room. . . In their basement. . . .

          • IncorrectlyNonPolitical

            First of all, Yes he was Jordian, but as you know islamic sharia law is what the US invaded Afghanistan to prevent – the talibans takeover and institution of sharia islamic law. Knowing this, you can’t possibly say a Islamic Sharia law state like jordan, had its pilot righteously bombing syria, remember ISIS and the extremists in Syria who killed him are there because the US, Saudi Arabia, NATO/UN have been supplying the oppostion to the government, the Free Syrian Army. Since the US supplied them, along with the saudis supplying them, they have attacked the government of Bashar Al-Assad, and the free syrian army is not syrian citizens, you can go to liveleak.com/c/syria and view all the syrian war videos from the start of the war, as well as iraq/afghanistan if you wanted. The point being, it is islamic extremists who are attacking the Syrian government, and now that Assad has been “saddam’d”, well bombed for the past 2-3 years, surprise surprise ISIS is here to fill the power vacuum and fight Assad too, Oh well, what a coencidence considering ISIS is arab wahhabi/salafi jihadists, not Syrian, or Iraq, or Afghan. Please, educate yourself, the only reason ISIS controls any part of Syria, and any part of Iraq, is because of US military campaigns to overthrow the governments who had been jailing these individuals, and keeping islamic arabs out of their country.

            NATO/Obama bombed Ghadaffi in Libya in 2011, and he was killed by saudi arabs not libyans, on the ground invading the country, Ghadaffi jailed hundreds of people who traveled to Iraq to fight US troops, the US basically double crossed him for saudi arabia, literally.

            Why are all the states being attacked non-sunni/arab states? Why are 15 of the 19 hijackers from saudi arabia, including osama himself? Why are all the foreign jihadists in the world being exported mainly from Saudi Arabia, and why is the US supporting the Saudi royal family with billions every year, apache helicopters, and tanks etc? Why do the Saudis force all countries to buy US dollars before buying oil? Perhaps these are reasons why islamic sharia law states like Saudi arabia who has attacked us (bin laden family is rich there), or states like jordan where its islamic sharia law, but we are sympathetic for what reason? They want what we prevented the taliban from having in Afghanistan? Why are DEA agents in Afghanistan killing over opium fields acting like their jurisdiction falls into Afghan domestic issues? No Afghan ever attacked the US domestically, period. Iraq had no WMDs, and no I am financially secure for the rest of my life, and I don’t associate with public educated people very often, but it is very clear you are poorly educated on geopolitics or the foreign policy of the USA.

            I don’t know what you are trying to imply here – the US supported Iraq vs Iran during the Iraq/Iran war, where Iran lost 1 million people. US supported Afghan mujas vs soviet occupation in the 80s with reagan calling them “freedom fighters vs a communist evil empire”, nothing changed but US foreign policy, by the way the Taliban is a Pakistani group trying to overtake Afghanistan and influence the country politically, since it is a Nuclear state, the US knows it can’t attack it conventionally like Afghanistan. Please, just stop. You are embarrassing yourself. There has been too many Afghan/Iraqis killed by careless campaigns, and the US is in 20 trillion debt as a result, you are questioning my net worth? Please.

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        • Morrighain Gray

          Fuck u

      • ANARCHY

        Cops work for terrorists.

      • dxsmopuim

        and the truth shall set you FREE !

    • Tyrion4Prez

      And people wonder why that Senator compared the police to ISIS. If you have a problem with his statement you either support the blatant tyranny against the American citizens or you are just an idiot.

      • mmdccbslm

        or both

    • IncorrectlyNonPolitical

      ISIS burned a pilot who was bombing Syria alive, LOL. If you bomb any country from 30,000-40,000 feet in the air with a f-16, being burned alive is not much different then the humans being killed by the bombs. He deserved the death by fire, the person in the car was not equal to the Jordanian pilot who bombed a country and particular group and then was caught after being shot down, it is a failed analogy. Jordan is a islamic sharia law state, the burned alive pilot was far from a “freedom fighter”, it is just media propaganda by the jewish owned media corporations.

    • HenryVarro


    • dxsmopuim

      ,,,,,,,,, and a promotion.

  • myg0t

    Innocent or not, life sucks. People die.
    I can’t wait to see what responses this comment gets. Of course probably none is I’m asking for it. Haha

  • Mar Sarrim

    modern cops are reckless, careless, arrogant, full of shit, powerTrippn, fake authority having, weak, afraid, nervous punks,… none of which should be tolerated if taking up this profession.
    The American police system is a funny evil joke.
    and your gov’t is the one laughing.
    ohh,…they know!!!!!

    • Theodora

      Modern cops have the thinking capacity of a ant.

  • ChillStep

    But at the 14 second mark in the video one of the cops looks back and smiles right before he breaks the glass.

  • Scott Giblin

    hunt the shit down and set them on fire, 100 mile constitution free zone my ass bitches better learn quick not to piss of the citizens

    • The Path

      Or what? Nothing. That’s right, just a little man with his angry little words lol.

  • We are in The Revelation, the government works for _____. PS it rhymes

  • Scott Weiser

    How he screwed up and got on the highway going the wrong is a huge question?! That action on a state highway or interstate highway is actually a felony, depending on the cause and out come still he shouldn’t have been turned into a Roman candle. I was paramedic for many years you come to some conclusions that there are just some horrible ways to go, burning alive was top page for me as a firefighter/paramedic. We do see lights on at the scene but the problem is we don’t when the Leos turned them on and betting they were late to the game with the lights. Now should the officer smelled the gas from the gas can that got knocked over if like to say yes, but here in lies the problem, their cops,short attention span, IQ smaller then their shoe size, yes they should’ve smelled the gas fumes, but I have to wonder why he had an uncapped gas can in his for. The e last part of video really pisses me off also, DHS now considers any area within a hundred miles of our border. A constitutional free zone and border patrol doesn’t need a reason to search it. I live in Michigan the whole damn states a border crossing.

    • channing webster

      There were less dangerous ways to solve that situation than to smash the window and fire a tazer into the car. Police should have an obligation to exhaust all peaceful remedies before using violence of any sort.

    • Maybe he had a broken gas gas gauge and carried gas for just in case. Maybe the can had no cap, but just an attached funnel that he capped with aluminum foil? What if, when he hit the spike strips, he instinctively slammed on his brakes, and the car slid abruptly sideways and the can flipped over and gas poured out everywhere?

    • Leyno Zappa

      Here in the south, land of screwed-up roads, getting on the expressway going in the wrong direction is too easy in some places. Right near where I live the entrance and exit lanes to the interstate run right next to each other with no divider, only a double yellow line. It would be quite easy to get on the southbound exit ramp from the northbound entrance ramp, especially at night.

    • IcedTeaParty

      How about the simple fact that they shouldn’t have just broke the window and fired the taser.

      Obviously there was no effort to talk to him or identify themselves.

    • missgigi

      It’s easy. You think a sign is headed one way and you end up on the wrong ramp coming or going. I’ve done it in my travels and have been followed by police that waited until they’d gotten me into the light to let me know I’d made a wrong turn. I was lucky. It could’ve gone either way. He didn’t stop because he was lost. People get lost. Identify yourself before you attack! THis was uncalled for.

  • lisa

    Why was he headed the wrong way down the highway? The article assumes he was tired and was lost but its all assumptions, I am however not in agreement that burning a man alive and backing away can justify cruelty…makes me sick

    • Leyno Zappa

      In some places it’s easier than you think, due to poor design. Right near where I live the entrance and exit lanes to the interstate
      run right next to each other with no divider, only a double yellow line.
      It would be quite easy to get on the southbound exit ramp from the
      northbound entrance ramp, especially at night, especially if you didn’t know the road. There are also places where you could drive right off the interstate onto a side road, the only barrier is a thin strip of grass. Had to deliberately do this one time when an accident blocked the interstate, would be easy to do accidentally.

      • missgigi

        I grew up in the south and you are SPOT ON. And if you’re in a very rural area wher they don’t have very many business and street lights, you could end up on the opposite side of the road you’re supposed to be traveling driving in the wrong direction. Some people don’t get it.

  • rajst


  • Alex Baker

    Violated no law? How about wreckless endangerment? The guy was on the wrong side of a highway!

    • channing webster

      What threat was he posing to the officer that broke the glass. Where was the threat?

      • Alex Baker

        He’s a threat to public safety. If he takes off again he might take am innocent persons life

        • channing webster

          Actually they’d already disabled his car with the spike strips. He wasn’t going anywhere.

          • Alex Baker

            That makes him more dangerous because of he gets the car moving he has no control over it.

          • hubristick

            Alex is fine with being tazed then burned alive if ever caught speeding because unmarked cars are chasing him….noted

          • Alex Baker

            If I’m a threat to innocent peoples lives, absolutely!

          • You are a threat to innocent people’s lives now because you’re a copsucker.

          • Alex Baker

            You don’t understand what the word “threat” means. People like your are why the police system will never change

          • Do you vote?

          • hubristick

            Since, here in reality, and not “what if-land”, there were no other people around, you’re fine with it either way.

          • Alex Baker

            People travel at 55 miles an hour on this s road, probably faster at this time of night. Just because you can’t see anyone doesn’t mean he isn’t a lethal threat to people travelling on this road. Stop looking for reasons to hate on these guys just because they have badges and find some cops that are clearly acting against our best interests to hate on.

    • Ihavenouseforaname

      Ah so you can justify police standing around watching a man burn to death for being on the wrong side of the road?
      You are one sick fucking person. People like you scare the fuck out of me. Go die.

    • Nothappeningonmywatch

      Yeah, I knew the kid, he was scared! I remember telling them(Little brother) and Alex about a girl who was raped from a guy pretending to be a police officer. A police officer identifies himself, states proudly what he is and most importantly has blue and red lights! I will forever on tell any child I know to not trust a man in uniform(which they were not even that,) but go to the closest women with children and trust her. These guys ruined any trust any normal person could ever have. I want an apology to his parents my brother and my best friends brother and for any one who new him…. What border patrol did was wrong and out of their hands… Call the police If someone on wrong side of the road, don’t taze them…get away and call the people who know how to handle. If the border patrol agents who did this don’t lose their jobs I will stop at nothing to make a scene out of them.

    • Mad

      Alex baker… U don’t know what u don’t know so butt the fuck out!

  • Andrew Miller Webster

    This was a controlled hit. Probably Cartel related. I bet if you looked deep enough, you’d discover the victim posed some kind of threat to them and/or the Immigration or Border Patrol.

  • Kim Pultz

    This is sad,these so called cops should be charged with murder!!!!!

  • oooorgle

    Jesus Christ man! Install the Akismet plugin and remove alll this spam from your comments.

  • Brian Rooney

    Welcome to American hypocrisy.
    Funny thing is this is probably why Isis hates us.

  • daddy

    All you idiots commenting about a gas leak. If you watch the video and can comprehend english, there was a gad can that spilt. The dumb duck brought it in himself. Had he not ran and committed a hit and run he would still be alive today.

  • Claire

    I hope the family.sues.the.crap out ofthem.This makes me wanna throw up!

  • HenryVarro

    so… what the hell

  • Ben Sokolow

    wow thats all fecked up. I could see them accidentally starting the fire with their taser, but they should have tried to put it out 🙁

  • Joya Beebe

    My father-in-law turned the wrong way onto an onramp when he was in his early 70s. It was the middle of the afternoon, and he wasn’t intoxicated or impaired in any way. Perhaps a little distracted by talking to us, but it is an easy enough mistake to make, in his case particularly with a bit of age. In this young man’s case, it was the middle of the night, and we don’t know what the visibility or signage was; he may also have been tired. Even if he were impaired in any way, to light him on fire and do nothing but watch as he burns??? Criminally negligent manslaughter at a minimum.

  • DizzLocasto

    Are you guys serious? These aren’t cops, it’s a couple kids. Looks like a flare gun into the car, I’ve seen it first had before, very similar looking. You can even see the kid look back and smile, looked excited to set a car on fire. It’s scary how far things can go because a ‘trusted source’ let’s you watch a video clip.

  • KuLaFu

    Condolences to the victim, lucky me I am not from the stupid country with stupid people wearing badge.

  • Petey

    Wake up dumb fucks and stop cop bashing. It was a malfunction and after the fire (more like a bomb) the guy was dead in seconds. What could they do. You ignorant yuppies that say this “poor innocent guy” was killed in cold blood, go kill yourself and rid the world of your worthless spawn. The dumbass was caught driving on the wrong side of the interstate and decided to lead law enforcement on a three minute high speed chase. Three minutes is a relatively long ass time to run from blue lights. You pussy ass cop hating mother fuckers, what are you doing with your lives? My guess is smoking pot in your parents basement looking for your next handout and seeing what you can complain about next, you entitled self righteous pieces of shit.

    • Except there were no blue lights, no black & white cars with gumball machines, just scary, unmarked highwaymen vehicles, and a scared, confused boy.
      But you’re probably right about how quickly he died. In such a blast, the victim starts, and involuntarily inhales, and death is almost instantaneous.
      Still, the cops should have busted his windows as a humanitarian act, and pulled him from the obviously fume-filled car instead of murdering him because of adrenaline and testosterone.

  • RiseUpAmerica

    I would kill all the agents involved if I were the family of this man… in the name of justice!

  • lindap

    What are the cops in the 1st grade of common sense? Idiots…

  • Some Guy

    Did anyone tell this douche bag that tryouts for Fantastic 4 were already over?

  • There are no “Constitutional Free Zones” on my watch! I served my nation and I’ll be darn if this ever happens to me because I will shoot back.

  • Logan B.

    That’s straight up murder. They need to not only be fired, but charged with murder.

  • theoneandonlyridor

    Border Patrols are murderers just like ISIS!

  • Dalton Baggett

    How did the car exploded? What is everyone’s problem with law enforcement?

  • The Path

    Is this the onion?

  • The Path

    So Mr. Martin fled during a prior hit and run DUI, nine months later gets wasted and drives the wrong way on a highway. Oh but the red and blue lights chasing him “could have been anyone!(lol)” And the spike strips they deployed “could have been anyones(lol).” If the illiterate brain giant who wrote this article had a lick of sense, you would have figured out A)Mr. Martin had a container of fuel inside the vehicle. B) Driving up the wrong way on a highway leads to collisions. C) Said collision would have caused a massive inferno which would have burned an innocent motorist and their passengers alive. Yes, poor poor Alex Martin.

    • Ian-rex

      said the post with no name and no picture your hiding fucking coward

  • Wilishah Acklin
  • Leyno Zappa

    No one asked the obvious question. By what authority does Border Patrol operate INSIDE the US?

  • Travis Worthington

    We need more #wingsonpigs#

  • Leland Whitehouse

    I can only hope the family wins every penny of their law suit. I also hope its the largest amout possible. Money is the only thing that has a chance of stopping this outright cold blooded murder.

  • Swede760

    Welcome to the United Police States of Corporate America, Obey or Die!

  • Laura M Colon

    No it was probably a meth lab why would the car ignite like it did? He was driving on the wrong side of the highway so they had to stop him then they used strips to stop him and still the dude didn’t know it was the police?

  • Lloyd Walsh


  • Ricardo Salinas

    Cops will kill as many of us as they can, and not one person is able to stop them.

  • scumbagamericanpigs

    fucking scumbag american police! seen way to many videos recently of people getting killed by american police men, fucking horrible cunts!

  • antsisalive

    “…noticed his car on the wrong side of the rode..”

    Forgive me if I stop reading articles when they can’t pass the “I graduated from 6th Grade” test.



  • Jordan

    The punishment for murder is death. Any officers assisting in actions that cause the death of a citizen should be prosecuted and convicted accordingly, then punished. Blue lives are worth no more than any others.

  • IcedTeaParty

    If you wear a badge, you disgust me.

  • Tstament

    Um, it’s against the law to drive on the wrong side of the highway. Seriously these authors need to quit being completely blind to the mistakes the inviduals made. I mean god damnit he didn’the deserve to burn to death. But at the same time he was in the wrong for driving on the wrong side of the highway.

  • bkungl

    Oh my God this is absolutely terrible and not one of them tried to help him. Shame on all of them….I hope they can’t sleep at night knowing that they could have done something to help this young man. How bloody pathetic.

  • Denton Young

    Those disgusting thugs should all be encased in a solid block of cement and then dropped into the deepest lake we have.

  • Edward Anthony

    Good cops are worse then the bad ones because they let the bad ones get away with shit and dont open there fucking mouth, heres a beer to having a re written constitution

  • PeggyKay Karper

    these agents need to be arrested and any one who wants to be one needs to learn the rules that they can not go around killing innocent people nor can they be committing brutality on innocent people or anyone for that fact. I am not saying all but many cops, agents , ect in that field think they are above God since they wear a badge they are better than others… but as we saw in the video they did not even show their badges they just started attacking this man by yelling then tazing him and not one of them tried to help him or get him out of that car…. therefore they murdered and innocent young man.

  • James Chandler

    Complete BULLSHIT ! A Tazer will NOT cause a fire like that. The driver had something in the car that ignited and burned him. It was NOT the fault of the Border Patrol agents, regardless of what that phony Brit who is narrating says. Had he simply been “lost” and had he cooperated with the agents and was doing nothing wrong, they would not have surrounded him and would not have had to break out the windows and Taze him. Try putting forth the TRUTH (if you even know what that is) for a change, instead of trying to make law enforcement the scape goat for your liberal bullshit. People who publish shit like this as the truth are worse than the worst police officer. They are blatant LIARS attempting to push their nonsense agenda.

  • IgnoranceUS

    Wow, what fucking idiots…

  • Teresa Roberts
  • Lawsin


  • Egos out of control…..AGAIN

  • Boko Hos

    More cops that should be publicly executed while their families are forced to watch and remove the remains.

  • Ian-rex

    jesus christ the comments on here. Cops OR FUCKING ISIS burning people alive is disgusting and repugnant.

  • drewfromct

    What was in that car that a taser made it burst into flames?

  • Harper Eu

    The Corporate Legal System has made it Policy to Hire These Psychotic/Miscreant ..Jerry’s kids who would otherwise be Thugs or Failures at any other normal Life pursuits ,,knowing that with the systems complicity they’ll be allowed to perform these Demented actions and be exonerated and praised for keeping the Public in the clutches of FEAR,DOUBT and INSECURITY..then these Insipid Demons (Public Servants,lol) are allowed to skulk away ..go to their clubs and hiding holes and feel No Human Thoughts or Ethic Concern for their insane Inhumane Conducts.

  • Santastops09

    These sick thug ass pigs all need to have their names and addresses put all over the net and let them get what they have coming to them ,,,

  • Jason Douglas Saville

    Those agents who burned the man alive should be put to death. We have the right whatsoever to petition for death penalty on corrupt police officers. We even have the right to petition for a death penalty on President Donald J Trump.

  • disqus_Nf0dGsyO7j

    When are the American people going to start fighting back these dirty cops and border patrol agents who are running around and killing people with impunity.