These Two Teen Girls Were Just Killed by a Cop Who Was Speeding 90mph in a 55 Zone


GEORGIA — It was Trooper Anthony Scott’s third strike.

Georgia State Patrol decided it was time to fire him. However, the judgment came a little too late. Scott’s unpardonable actions had already claimed the lives of two high school girls.

Authorities say he now realizes how outrageous his decision was to drive his cruiser at 90 mph in a 55 mph zone. Neither his lights nor the sirens were on as he bolted on Georgia Highway One in Carroll County last Saturday; he was not headed to an emergency either.

Turning onto the same highway from Holly Springs Road was a small Nissan with four teenagers, two of them confirmed to be from South Paulding High School.

The trooper was well over the prescribed speed. Perhaps, it would not be wrong to say it was an accident waiting to happen.

Scott’s cruiser crashed into the Nissan.

The two teenage boys driving the car 18-year-old Dillon Wall and 17-year-old Ben Finken survived, but the passengers in the back Kylie Lindsey, 17, and Isabella Chinchilla, 16 did not make it.

The trooper’s poor judgment cost him his job – however, students at the school say the loss the girls’ friends and family have suffered is beyond measure.

Returning to school after the miserable weekend was hard.

“It’s going to be really down, depressed, sad.

Everyone knew Kylie, everyone loved Kylie. It’s going to be really hard for everybody. It’s definitely a really big loss,” said a friend of the girls.

Chinchilla, she says, was charming person.

“It’s really hard. And she was a really sweet, beautiful, very intelligent girl,” she added.

It took the department six days to arrive at a decision that resulted in Scott’s dismissal.

He had been with Georgia State Patrol since 2011, new information has come to light suggests he was a repeat offender. He had been responsible for two crashes prior to the tragic accident on Saturday.

Captain Mark Perry, Scott’s superior, commented that the prior instances did not have anything to do with speed and/or reckless driving; however, “misjudged clearance” was what caused the accidents.

He received a verbal warning for the first one and a letter of instruction for the subsequent incident.

Speaking of how Scott feels about what happened, Perry said: “He’s crushed. He’s devastated. He regrets the action he took that night”.

Prosecutors have not yet decided whether a grand jury should consider any charges. In fact, they said they would like to review the patrol’s case before making a call.

The grieving families have refused to make any comment directly.

However, the Lindsey family’s attorney says it was a senseless accident and the family is shocked that Georgia State Patrol has not made any concrete decisions after Scott’s dismissal.

They are devastated that the whole situation could have been prevented.

Watch the video below:

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  • Barbara Elaine Leon

    that is sad, sue the police department

    • Beachbear2015

      You don’t get it lady. THE PEOPLE THAT ELECTED THEM ARE THE POLICE AND THEY WILL PAY. The actual cops don’t pay anything for their mistakes. Usually they are rewarded with paid vacation. This IS 2015,

  • Tony Velez

    charges should be pressed but i bet the unions will stop that action, sue the unions, the cop & prosecutor if they fail to press the charges, may they RIP, a sad tragedy

    • Beachbear2015

      The unions cannot be crushed. They are the banks. Look at where the money is and how many HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS THEY HAVE. You have to take down the people you can’t take down the organization. Start with the people who run the unions and they will change their tune rapidly.

      • DeathWarmedOver

        Unions haven’t been powerful in the States since the late 70’s and lost tons of ground in the 80’s. There’s a reason your country doesn’t have a middle class… and it isn’t unions.

        • Alison Cowan

          Police unions have always been deliberately and specifically exempted from anti-union legislation. That’s precisely how this got so bad – police unions were given far greater rights and authority than they should have.

          • DeathWarmedOver

            True. And you can bet the AFLCIO is pissed about a great many issues dealing with having police unions as part of their trade union. But my comment was directed more toward the blanket comment that unions in general wield power in the States.

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  • Phillip Marsh

    Charge the PIG with reckless driving, speeding, and two counts of vehicular homicide.

  • Zveir

    Where are the god damn murder/manslaughter charges!? If any non LEO did this they’d be facing YEARS in prison immediately and the only thing this shmuck loses is his job!? THIS IS THE EXTRA RIGHTS COPS HAVE, AVOIDANCE OF PERSECUTION.

    • Natural_Texan

      Avoidance of ‘prosecution’ would be more correct.. Persecution is what you are giving him right now with your post.

      • Zveir

        Woops, looks like I had a slip of tongue there. That’s what I meant and thanks for the correction.

        • Natural_Texan

          Cheers to you.. and no, I am not sympathetic to that creep.

      • Beachbear2015

        Thanks, and what are you “giving him”?

    • WORK AT HOME!!Get $97/HOUR

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    • webone

      Prosecution — Prosecution is what happens in a courtroom. Persecution is what a christian shrieks any time someone says ‘no’ to them.

  • Beachbear2015

    Who CARES WHAT HE FEELS LIKE? THIS ANIMAL IS TYPICAL NOT ATYPICAL and God forbid he is not punished for his lack of caring for anyone but himself.

  • etyrnal

    why are they calling this an accident? who accidentally goes 90mph?

    • Andrew

      In no way condoning his actions, but I would guess he had no intention of crashing at that speed. That’s why it’s labled an accident. He broke the law knowing the risks involved with being pulled over. He should be charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter.

  • Matt Wright

    I’m just sick off it. Saw one go through red light.
    Got tired of sitting, turned lights on drove through, made an on coming car slow down then looked at them like don’t f with me.
    Turned lights off and and kept driving speed limit for blocks.

    • janice

      UGH i hate it when they do that. AND that is one reason cops get a bad rap

  • If I had done the same thing, I’d get charged with manslaughter, but then again, I’m not above the law.

  • Clif Steward

    the union didn’t abuse authority this rogue cop did subsequently contributing to the national police vs citizen homicide rate .

  • belofball

    This is truly a horrifying story but so poorly written that it’s hard to decipher exactly what happened.

  • Jiri Klouda

    Let’s charge the prosecutor with obstruction of justice? Then get a new prosecutor and get the charge of vehicular manslaughter filed.

  • tim hines

    He should be put in prison like anyone who did the same thing . Probably won’t be because he in law enforcement ! If he does it will be a shock to me & I don’t mean 6 months to 2 years either . he should be held accountable for his actions . WTF & why was he driving 90 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour any ways ? Why because he thought that he could get away with it ? And how many other times that he’s done it & got away with it without anyone knowing or causing a fatal car wreck that took to people’s lives ?? Put him in prison & throw away the key give him a long prison term like life for two counts of VEHICULAR HOMICIDE like anybody else would receive

  • Stephen K

    What the article fails to mention is that the driver of the kids’ car made a left turn in front of the approaching cruiser. That’s what’s resulting in a delay in deciding if any charges are to be filed against the cop and/or the driver of the other vehicle.

    • Alison Cowan

      When you make a left turn in front of an oncoming vehicle, you make a judgement as to how long it will take for that vehicle to arrive. If it’s going nearly twice as fast as you think it is, it’s going to arrive much sooner than you expect. The only way turning left could have been irresponsible even if the cop wasn’t driving so fast would be if it resulted in the kids’ car T-boning the cop’s, because that’s the only way that an accident would also have occurred even if the cop was doing 55. Given that passengers in the back seat were killed but not those in the front, and given that the cop was uninjured, I suspect that the cop hit the kid’s car in the rear quarter – which means there would have been plenty of time to complete the turn IF the cop was driving responsibly. Which he obviously was not.

      • Stephen K

        Wrong. The fact that there is an accident is proof the left turn was not safe to do. Left turn statutes are typically specific as to when a left turn is to be made: when it is safe to do so.

        • debo

          If the cop was going the speed limit the accident wouldn’t of occured. There is a big difference in a car travelling 55 when judging when to turn verses one going 90. Either way, that cop was going 35 over the speed limit thinking its alright to do that because he wears a badge, resulting in 2 teenage girls being killed. If he was going the speed limit he wouldnt of even been in the vincinity of the kids car when they turned, he would of been at least a half mile farther down the road.

          • Stephen K

            “If the cop was going the speed limit the accident wouldn’t of occured. ” Sorry but that’s wrong. The accident happened because of the left turning vehicle crossing the path of the oncoming police car. Part of knowing when to make a left turn in front of an oncoming car is being able to judge the speed of the oncoming car.

        • Alison Cowan

          My point is that it wasn’t possible to evaluate the situation accurately because of the EXTREME excessive speed of the cop.

          • Stephen K

            So the police car was going so fast that the driver of the turning car was unable to determine the speed of the police car?

          • Alison Cowan

            Yes. It was night. All the driver would have seen is approaching headlights. At the distance they would have been on starting the turn, unless the approaching driver was doing nearly twice the legal speed limit, the turn would have been safe. But the driver of the oncoming car WAS doing nearly twice the legal speed limit, and doesn’t appear to have done anything to avoid the collision since he was still doing 90 on impact. Regardless of at what point the turning driver realized he didn’t have time to complete the turn, it was obviously after he was already committed to the turn. There may have been actions he could have taken, such as accelerating to get out of the way, but he was a teenager, not a trained professional driver. Unlike the cop, who did nothing.

  • webone

    Now, if it had been the other way around, the teenage boys (though I’m still wondering how both of them were driving the car at the same time author) speeding and the cop being killed, at least one of the teens would probably end up spending a good portion of his life in a Georgia prison….

    • d-block

      Maybe it was one of those driver’s ed cars with two steering wheels.

  • Tosh

    digusting, I believe out here in california your 3rd strike lands you life behind bars………..but no probably not for him.

  • Nobody

    5 day suspension with pay….suspended.

  • Chris Vandeputte

    the same thing happened to my son crossing the street in lacey township NJ, killed my boy instantly, now they are saying cop has immunity for responding to a disturbance call.

    • lala821

      I’m so sorry for your loss..:/

  • janice

    SSSooo if I do it I go to jail for “vehicular homicide” BUT they have to decide what to do about him………… THAT IS SCREWED UP

  • Maritimer1

    If a civilian had been driving that car, they would have been charged with reckless driving, causing death, and vehicular homicide. So, why is a cop, who is speeding just because he can (btw, it is ILLEGAL for an officer to speed if he is not en route to a call as well as being illegal to run silent and without lights when exceeding the limit) not being treated like a civilian?? I hope the families sue the hell out of him AND the department.

  • Michael Sievers

    Cops and prosecutors will protect this piece of crap.

  • PillBilly

    “The two teenage boys driving the car…” Huh? Two drivers, one car? That ain’t right.

  • Chris Vandeputte

    i just feel that laws not administrative guidelines need to be in place, then they will get legally charged for their actions, that is why we are trying to get Neil’s law setup and passed in NJ. Make it mandatory, just like seatbelts, that before police take off on a call they have to have either lights and or sirens on. the guy that killed my son wasn’t even the one told to respond, he decided he wanted too, doing nearly twice the speed limit in a beach community on the 4th of july weekend. What did he think, nobody was going to be out, granted it was 3:30 am, but walk out in any beach community at that time guarantee you will find a few people out and about.

  • leftbehind

    He ought to be Charged with this Crime , he is an Idiot with a gun .

  • Manslaughter should be the least of a charge through negligence.

  • Billy Hyland

    When did this happen?

  • if i did this, i already be sitting in a cage awaiting trial on charge of vehicular manslaughter

  • EL REY

    If I was the girls father , the piece of crap punk , would not need a trail.