Two Cops Charged For Abusing 3-Month-Old Infant, Causing Brain Damage: Report


UPDATE: Unknown Whether Infant Will Survive

It is with deep sorrow that we report that the 3-month-old baby was beaten so brutally that he is now in a vegetative state, and not expected to survive.

The Free Thought Project released the following update on the baby’s condition:

Upon arriving at the hospital, the infant was foaming at the mouth, had bruising around his neck consistent with being held by the throat, and was suffering from a lack of oxygen. He sustained brain damage as well as retinal hemorrhaging, or bleeding from his eyes, that is so severe it could only have been caused by violent shaking or a fall from a building of at least 20 feet, according to the prosecutor.

“We don’t know if this child will survive much longer,” the 16th Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett said.

Both cops are facing between 10-30 years in prison, but we strongly suspect they will not be convicted since they enjoy government privilege.

Watch the video on the court proceedings below:

CHARLOTTE — A report has surfaced online that has Charlotte, SC residents deeply shaken, after getting word that two police officers caused severe bodily harm to a precious 3-month-old baby.

Officers Jeff Taylor has resigned from his position as a police officer after being charged with child abuse.

He “inflicted great bodily injury” on a 3-month-old infant, according to the warrants.

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Another Officer, Audrey Schurig, was said to have been involved in the abuse. However, Officer Schurig did not resign.

She has been charged with child neglect and putting the child at risk of bodily harm, according to reports.

Although Officer Taylor has resigned, Officer Schurig is still employed as a police officer at the Chester Police Department, being placed on leave instead of terminated.

Controversy surrounding the injured child arose after Officers Taylor and Schurig took the infant to a medical center in Rock Hill.

The child was observed to be suffering with brain and neck injuries and was displaying seizure-like symptoms, as though something traumatic had occurred.

The arrival of the injured child prompted investigations as to how the brain damage and the neck damage occurred.

But the Officers, curiously, would not provide investigators with information, and were being uncooperative, according to reports.

The officers are both scheduled to appear in court to face the shocking charges.

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The baby was their own child, according to reports.

The condition of the infant, as well as what precisely happened to cause the brain damage, will be updated in this report as more details are made available.

Watch the video below:

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  • Ben Dover

    Cops are psychos 🙁

  • JACK


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    • Cliff

      But babies are scary! Have you looked into their eyes! They’re just waiting to tear your throat out at the drop of a hat!

    • Jennifer

      It was their child! not some one elses!

  • Beth McKenna

    Why why why… they have to know they could have gotten help if they were “so stressed” or could have gave him up to someone that wanted him… how sad!

  • Drakenfly

    Like cops always say: “If they have nothing to hide they shouldn’t be afraid to talk”…

  • Aaron

    Baby was coming right at him!

    • Andrea

      He was no gentle little baby either, I’m sure. He had scary eyes.

    • J.James

      No they probably just told the baby it was nap time and it was resisting-a-rest and not respecting there authority

  • Karlheinz Groeger

    Lock them up for life!

  • Victoria JW Meyers

    sounds like a vaccine injury

    • Outlaw


    • Jennifer Resmond

      I was just going to say that too..

  • Alanna

    Sounds like vaccine injury.

    • Outlaw


  • Abby Normal

    why is it a “cops are psycho” kind of thing? haven’t you people ever heard of the thousands upon thousands of people who are not cops beating their kids? beating them bloody, or until they’re brain damaged, or dead? PEOPLE ARE PSYCHO! Just because some people are cops doesn’t mean anything. I do however love how the article splashes COPS ABUSE 3-MONTH OLD!!! But one of the last things they say is like, oh, by the way “The baby was their own child, according to reports.”

    • CvilleGuy78

      There is clearly a police officer in your personal life, I feel sorry for you, especially if it’s your husband/boyfriend (since cops are 4 times more likely to abuse their significant other, or, as we see here, their children.) The point is these cops have probably arrested people for the same thing or less. It adds to the insurmountable evidence that police departments make a habit of hiring mentally unstable and cognitively deficient people to patrol our streets.

      “Just because some people are cops doesn’t mean anything.” <–Actually, it does. Police should be held to a higher standard. One who enforces laws should have a greater expectation to also follow them than civilians.

      I fail to see how the child being their own makes it a lesser crime. I'd argue it make it worse. It's one thing to harm another's child, but your own flesh and blood? That takes a special kind of sick mind.

      • Hasanda

        AND be fully aware of the laws they are supposedly enforcing and not be able to claim ignorance of the law when violating our rights…

    • soulja

      It may because those who take the oath are expected to have higher standards, and are expected to set an example and be better citizens. I agree, any child abuser is disgusting.. But the fact that these two are supposed cops, and did this?? Yes, we citizens expect more from those who took am oath to serve and protect.

    • Andrea

      Yea, we hire cops to be kind of a cut above the rest of us, hoping they might be I don’t know adult enough and mature enough and not savage rageaholic animals.

      But they are just people too and apparently our standards for hiring them have declined steeply. Any scummy thug will do.

      The evidence is overwhelming.

    • Jay Paradiso

      The stress on cops doing it is because we pay them to protect the innocent. They are trained evaluated and sworn to do so. To see this huge of a lapse is pretty revealing as to how much that employment with great benefits actually gets us. Do you really think it unreasonable to expect higher standards from people we pay to be proffessionals? What does this suggest about the To see them do this to their own child just makes it more horriffic.

  • Margaret Sturman

    Charlotte is in North Carolina, do you guys have an editor?

    • Kim Connell

      and in cites or towns in the following states: NC, ME, MI, VT, TX, TN, IA & AR.

  • Outlaw

    People who harm children deserve nothing less than a bullet in the head.

  • Some sort of syndrome that seems to be contagious.

    • Rene Arizona Craig

      Drunk on Power coppers go HOME

  • Arleen Barrett Biga


  • Hasanda

    If this is what they do to their own kid i cannot imagine the things they did to suspects…wow…

    • Andrea

      yea . . it is very revealing of the quality of character we allow to work in our police forces.

      Apparently it’s very low.

  • Get over it


  • Wayne Peeples

    Give that cop some wings!

  • Guest

    Fire the elite stature enforcers who have license to kill and injury anyone for any reason because of fear or because they have been give so much power they see no value in any human life even that of a helpless animal or baby.

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    Fire the elite stature enforcers who have license to kill and injure anyone, for any reason, because of fear? or because they have been give so much power they see no value in any human life even that of a helpless animal or baby.

  • Adamatics101

    I preface this by stating that I think this disgusting set of “parents” should be imprisoned & punished to the full extent of the law.

    However, isn’t condoning & encouraging murder and violence on these deplorable human beings very similar to the acts they committed?! It’s hypocritical to essentially believe that torture and murder is ok if you do it, but not ok for someone else to carry it out. Killing them will make YOU feel happy, which is pretty sick, but does not bring the victim back or make it all better. FACT: Violence only breeds violence!

    • Jay Paradiso

      I would be more than happy if the police wer
      e held accountable for thier actions as the public is.I also think there should be an additional “breech of trust charge brought onto any peace officer that inflicts unnecassary harm on another”

      • Adamatics101

        That would be ideal, but this justice system is so broken that I have little hope.

        Unfortunately, we live in a country where a president (the best in my lifetime) is forced to step down from office for a bj, and his successor George W. Bullshit gets away with for far to many crimes to list here, but include the of starting an unjust war & the countless lives lost while forcing a replacement dictator into power in Iraq that was allowed to slaughter any opposition and now has a nice, cushy diplomatic job in NYC. He also has not been charged or punished for a damn thing.

        • thousands of people on the out side with hep-c even ones with insurance are being refused treatment. i should know….

    • Peter J. Lord

      As much as I will agree with you 99% of the time, people should be executed for certain crimes:
      Murder, Pedophilia, Rape

      The problem with your way of thinking is it will only work in a world where morals are held higher than possessions.

      How can you expect people not to do something if the consequences are not severe enough to deter such action? By allowing such lenient punishments for such heinous crimes, it has created a complacent society that wants to treat evil fairly.

      Shame, but both should be executed if they caused the damage and the baby dies.

      • Adamatics101

        I totally respect your opinion and appreciate you’re educated, well thought response. You’re clearly not the type of person my original post was directed at. To me, the worst of the worst criminals are those who commit acts of violence against children, women and animals. I fully agree that this couple needs to be punished and made an example of, I just personally believe that the death penalty hasn’t deterred people like this from committing such unthinkable acts of violence against an innocent 3 month old child.

        I also think it’s a slippery slope of we allow our judiciary system to decide whether someone lives or dies, particularly when we can probably all agree that a large number of the people in our government are not to be trusted with even the simplest of their duties, such as spending our tax money intelligently or holding police accountable for repeated acts of violence outside of the law.

        Thank you for an intelligent conversation, rather than most of these comments.

    • Don Davidson

      I recall a comedian joking about this kind of fucked thinking inflicted upon us by psychologists…that by giving murderers the death penalty, we, society, are lowering ourselves to their level, and, thus, they win! And the punchline was…”all I know is, there will be much fewer of them (the murderers) at the trophy ceremonies!”
      What are we supposed to do with these sick individuals…just lock them up at the taxpayers expense? FUCK THAT…JUST DISPOSE OF THEM, LIKE ANY OTHER TRASH!

      • Adamatics101

        Clearly you didn’t read what I actually wrote, and chose to pick out a part of my comment, rather than my entire thoughts. I don’t want to pay tax money for criminals (by the way, there is a cost to kill them as well), I want them to be punished by doing hard labor to pay for their own life imprisonment. If they don’t work, they don’t eat. I believe that they must fund themselves just like everyone on the outside does. If they don’t want to work, then they can take their own life. If I was a sick murdering prick like the disgusting couple in this article and I was given the choice on my own punishment, I’d choose the death penalty over a miserable life of hard labor without hesitation. Death is such an easy way out, particularly for criminals like the pair in this article, who clearly place no value on human life in the first place. All we all are is tomorrow’s food/fertiliser, so why would death scare someone who is not afraid to commit such horrific & disgusting acts in the first place?

        I’m just baffled by the fact that so many people feel they can decide who lives and dies, particularly in situations that do not affect them personally (for example taking a life to protect my own family is a situation where I do get to chose who lives & dies). It’s clear that those without even a basic understanding of the legal system or penal system aren’t really qualified to make that decision for others, including myself although I do actually read before reacting and educate myself before attacking an opinion.

        The prison system in America is just a massive drain on our taxes, the majority of which goes straight into large corporations pockets. Our prison system is a for-profit business. We essentially pay taxes to pay the bills of businesses that make millions upon million of dollars. You may not be aware that we all pay far too much in taxes to fund prisons whether they’re full or not. Empty beds still costs us the same as taxpayers because these prisons often require a 90% occupancy rate from the state where they’re located.

        Imagine living in a country where prisons are private corporations that profit from keeping their beds stocked at, or near, capacity and the governing officials scramble to meet contractual “lockup quotas.” Imagine that taxpayers would have to pay for any empty beds should crime rates fall below that quota. Surprise! We already live there!

    • TomKi

      I think that “against the death penalty” is the better choice.

      • Adamatics101

        Agreed, and well said.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    Hopefully Jesus God

    Pure Evil Police&Police union&DA&Judge sent them to Hell as Justice for those murdered by Police&Police union&DA&Judge

  • Andrea

    These animals need to be muzzled and chained up. Jesus Christ.

  • There are approximately 2000 people in prison in the US for “Shaken Baby Syndrome” that are not guilty, as SBS was a theory only that was never proven by science. Many of those wrongfully imprisoned are there due to Doctors and Prosecutors that say things like it “takes the force of a fall from a three-story building” or the “impact of a horrific vehicle accident”. That’s bullshit. There has never been one witnessed case of SBS EVER. Any person accused of shaking without other significant injuries such as to the neck and ribs is wrongfully accused. Innocent people are being exonerated for SBS at a tremendous rate. There are medical reasons that present the same symptoms as SBS. These fucking cops, however, took their baby to the ER with the symptoms and the injuries that are true SBS. This son of a bitch hurt that baby, he is not innocent and should spend life in prison with no damn parole, and she needs to go right with him. Piece of shit cops.

  • Truth
  • Truth
  • toby

    does anyone here agree that police should be dealt harsher, not softer punishments for their crimes? considering their salaries are paid by us with vehicles, computers and various other equipment all paid by us? when a privilege has been abused and a breach of trust has occurred then surely this requires a harsher punishment than an average citizen that has no official obligations

    • Kanye Beadly

      Absolutely. Larger fines, longer jail sentences. Police are some of the most reckless drivers out there. I constantly see them speeding like maniacs, rolling through stop signs, not using turn signals, and parking illegally. All while not responding to call or emergency. A citizen would be ticketed if he/she did any of those things. A cop who does any of those things should be fined twice as much as a civilian.

  • PyroTG

    I woulda killed both in the court room if it was my kid

    • J.James

      it was there own kid they did it to.

  • Salma

    I hope they rot in jail. There should never ever be a reason to abuse a child that’s so fucked up. I hope someone in jail here’s about this and fucks them up in there for hurting a 3 month old baby!!!

  • Leticia

    More and more we hear of police brutality. Many more instances causing the death to adults, children and infants. Everyday new headlines of inocent people losing their lives, at the hands of those who are supposed to serve and protect. Only to recieve a slap on the hand, then released to continue doing their dirty dually sworn service.. There are, some good officers out there. BUT, nothing justifies what these inhumane senseless, child beating beasts did! While an inocent child lies helpless on the verge of death, due to life threatening injuries by the so called parents? The female mother ******, is still on the job?!? For Gods sake, people go to jail for animal cruelty! This was a helpless inocent (three month) old child! Did the baby attack them that they feared for their lives? *But the law will protect them*. Because the baby was dangerous!! This isn’t even the beginning to the new martial law? Who are you gonna call when you, or your child, need protection? Think twice, cause chances are, you and your children don’t stand a chance! Absolutely horrendous and disgusting!

  • richardruscoe

    It’s the training.

  • A. Edelstein

    Does anyone know if cops are required to get more vaccines than are recommended by the general public?

  • upagainstthewall

    This story is misleading. I know there is more to it his than those that have not been victimized by the state will understand. The shaken baby syndrome has been brought into question…and it is said that some doctors ( you know…the puppets for Child Welfare) have been known to over zealously make the wrong speculations. The monsters from child welfare are also known for lying in court.
    These officers are well aware of Child Welfare and their corrupt practices which include ignoring a person’s Constitutional rights. I can understand fully why they have refused to speak to those that are not medically qualified to confirm a speculation (diagnosis) that many believe may have been blown out of proportion just for the sake of headlines.

    This is one story that peoplle should try to refrain from jumping to conclusions….especially by hose that have been victimized by the state. The social workers are monsters,liars,whose top priority is keeping their jobs secure.Karen Acklin…fat slovenly pig of a woman…asked the doctor to perform a rectal exam on a 10 month old baby who was taken to the ER with a bruise on his face. I was glad that she was told to leave the room and reminded that she isn’t qualified to offer medical advice to doctors.

    Mother’s boyfriend plead guilty. Mother continued to have physically abusive boyfriend around child. How many people are kidding themselves into believing that the state was looking out for the baby? They aren’t doctors…they lie…they harm families…they don’t protect the children they steal….so to me it doesn’t matter if the parents are officers. I hope they didn’t intentionally hurt their own baby……

    Which brings me to another crucial point. They say the baby may die. He has been traumatized physically….what no one has bothered to mention is that we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Perhaps they should allow this infants parents to be there…even supervised…at his side…to ensure that he has the comfort and nurturing he needs to increase his chance of survival,

  • Jacob Karmen

    I’m getting 2 versions of these events. I just read this story yesterday at the free thought project. According to their story. She resigned after being charged and was released on $2500 bond. He resigned before the charges were brought against him and is being held on $100,000 bond. Not sure which one is the true story.

  • Jack

    I hope these two pieces of shit are put in prison for the rest of their lives. What human garbage!

  • bones

    They need to go to prison like everyone does when they do something bad rot in prison

  • Michael Peterson

    check your spelling when making a headline.

  • No God

    Let’s be accurate here. The baby is their own child. We can’t just assume that they abused the baby because they’re cops. Accuracy should be our friend, not our enemy.

  • Mitchell

    I believe you guys mean Charlotte, NC, not SC.

  • MadChao

    I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell an “ingant” is. Oh, infant. duh.

  • Donovan Nin

    The suspect did not comply.

  • mike mull

    the baby was black?

  • Estella Cohen

    There is a special place in hell for these type of people. What could a three month old innocent baby do? Not obey commands? What cops will do to other peoples kids they will do to their own.