Wife of Police Officer Believed He Was Cheating, So He Places Her in Headlock With Closed Fist — Report

Silas Redd Sr.

STAMFORD — Officer Silas Redd has been granted a stay in a program for alcohol treatment after he was caught attacking his wife and placing her in a headlock, according to reports.

Originally Officer Redd was supposed to be arraigned on a charge of breach of peace, but because he is receiving alcohol treatment, the arraignment was postponed.

In the meantime he is prohibited from contacted his wife and is to stay away from her home.

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The incident began when the wife filed a report stating that Officer Redd assaulted her.

The assault took place after Officer Redd was missing from home for a long time, according to reports.

He is reported to have told his wife that he was visiting his brother, but after not showing up for so long, she decided to check up on his location.

It turns out that he was not visiting his brother, but was eating pizza and talking to a mistress with whom he was cheating on his wife, according to the wife’s complaint.

Devastated by what she believed was cheating, she threw Officer Redd’s pizza on the ground.

Moments later Officer Redd is reported to have grabbed her from behind, and used a closed fist to put pressure on her face while keeping her in a headlock.

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As he was squeezing her in the headlock, he used his weight to force her to the ground.

Since being reported for the assault, Officer Redd has sought treatment in a program that helps police officers deal with substance abuse.


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  • Gary Williams Jr.

    this punk’s biceps are bigger than his i.q. if this was you or me, we’d be well on our way to court appointed counseling, and jail time for domestic violence. but once again there’s different rules, and laws for cops

  • Priscilla Fleming

    So if any citizen would have done this he’d be in jail drying out there. Shouldn’t spousal abuse be grounds for the termination of his job.

    • Bill Fritz

      Not when it’s still just a “Good old boys network”. Women officers notwithstanding.

  • Chuck Fasst

    So he’s an alchoholic. That means he has been driving around impaired. He should be arrested and have his whole live ruined … just like they do to us!

    • Bill Fritz


    • Cindy Bishop

      You got it!

  • Michael Fuson

    why was he not arrested for assault and spousal abuse? oh that right hes a cops and can do whatever he want. how dare her to question him

  • wildman

    Officer Redd has sought treatment in a program that helps police officers deal with substance abuse.??? Prison would be my choice for this tin star thug to rehabilitate

  • Bill Fritz

    Get this cowardly piece of dog shit out of that uniform take away his gun, fix him like any other dog so he can never pass on his obviously

  • Nat Turner

    At least he didn’t kill her YET!

    • Cindy Bishop

      It’s coming

  • JTDraper

    Oh, she must’ve “lunged” for his gun.

    • Cindy Bishop

      That was good & true

  • BC

    And hopefully the woman he was with will look at his actions and RUN as far away from him as possible..and maybe since they have shown his picture..ALL other women will take heed..and make sure he’s taken ‘his counseling and help to manage his anger seriously’ before they get into a relationship with him in the future.

    • Chuck Fasst

      you see, here’s the thing about psychopaths. They are very difficult to treat because it is pretty much impossible for them to change their stripes. It has to do with the superiority complex inside of their twisted minds.

  • Larry Capponi

    cops should all be tested for steroids………….fkn losers are the worst drug abusers of all

    • Cindy Bishop

      Drug test all cops….makes sense!

  • Cindy Bishop

    This is all done so the officer doesn’t get a bad record…if he goes to alcohol,class they’ll dismiss his crime….This si something the Judges, district attorneys do as a favor to each other and is exactly why the police should NEVER EVER be allowed to police their own crimes…..He’ll most likely shoot her and say she committed suicide and his fellow cop brothers will investigate and yes sir…She killed herself…