UFC Fighter Attacked by Police, Tased for Asking Them to Identify Themselves



DEKALB — Police are required by law to show their identification, but the officers in the raw video that you’re about to see refused to obey the law.

The incident began when the police started following Dave Herman, who happens to be a UFC fighter.

Dave was driving with his wife and child at the time.

Unsure as to why a car began following him, he pulled into a well lit area with cameras to ensure the safety of his family.

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He then exited his vehicle, approached the followers and asked, “Do I know you?”

The followers began shouting at him, claiming that they were police.

At that point, Dave can be heard calmly asking them to display identification.

Dave never made any malicious or threatening gestures; he simply asked to see ID.

The police could have showed their ID, but they instead chose to escalate the situation.

One officer can be seen shooting Dave with a Taser gun, causing Dave to collapse to the pavement as the voltage pulsed through his body.

Dave’s wife, Madeleine, was in the vehicle recording the entire incident.

Once the police realized they were being recorded, they displayed their ID in accordance with the law.

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This is another illustration of how police lawlessly abuse citizens when they think nobody is watching.

Cops are armed welfare recipients who live off of the money that Americans work hard for — given that they depend on us for everything they have, you would expect them to treat us with respect and show identification when asked.

Adam Kokesh, an Iraq War veteran and anti-authoritarian activist, uploaded the raw video to his YouTube channel.

Watch the video below:

UPDATE (1/25/15): Fighter: Cops Charged Me for Crimes THEY Did to Me

Dave Herman was interviewed by freedom activist Adam Kokesh this week regarding the attack by police.

Police refused to immediately display their identification after following Dave Herman and his family.

It wasn’t until after they shot Dave with a Taser gun and found out that they were being recorded that they finally showed ID.

They then stacked charges on Dave.

Police are trained to stack charges on citizens so that they can get promotions and boost departmental records.

As Dave explains in the video interview below, police actually charged him with the crimes they themselves committed.

A GoFundMe has been set up to offer support for Dave and his family as the State attempts to take him down on dubious charges.

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