Illegal Searches

WATCH: ‘Stop Fingering Me, Bro’: ACLU Sues DC Cop For Alleged Anal Probe

WASHINGTON — The cell phone video shows a ‘Stop and Frisk’ encounter last September between an MPD officer and M.B. Cottingham, a D.C. resident. “Come on man! Stop fingering me,

Suit Against St. Louis Cop Who Conducted Body Cavity Search to Go to Trial

A federal judge has denied requests from two St. Louis police officers to dismiss the lawsuit brought by a woman who was strip-searched during a traffic stop in 2012. That

New Jersey Trooper Conducts Weed Search in Motorist’s Crotch. Now The Driver Wants to Sue

A man pulled over for trailing a vehicle too closely in March 2017 is attempting to sue the New Jersey State Police and three troopers after he says he was

Oklahoma City Pays $18,000 to Cover Settlement of Lawsuit Over Illegal Police Search

Oklahoma City has paid $18,000 to settle a federal lawsuit against a police sergeant over an illegal search. The city council agreed in January to pay the settlement for Sgt.

WATCH: Woman Says Cop Groped Her, Pulled Her Over Twice Just Hours Apart

A Tennessee woman claims a Highway Patrol trooper groped her during a traffic stop, then lay in wait near her home and pulled her over a second time just hours

San Antonio Police Officer Pulled Out Woman’s Tampon, Did Vaginal Search on Side of Road

SAN ANTONIO – A lawsuit filed in federal court Friday claims a San Antonio Police officer pulled a woman’s tampon out and searched her vaginal cavity along the shoulder of

Two Bikini-Clad Women Subjected to Body Cavity Search on the Side of Texas Highway

3 July 2013 Disturbing video shows two women in bikinis being subjected to body cavity searches on the side of a Texas highway after they were stopped returning from a

WATCH: Cavity Search Victim Settles Lawsuit With Harris County For $185,000

HOUSTON – The dashboard camera images horrified people in the Houston area and throughout the world. College student Charneisha Corley, handcuffed after a north side traffic stop in a Texaco

WATCH: Police Sexually Assault Black Couple on Side of the Road

04.04.2016 Two South Carolina residents have filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Aiken, South Carolina, which claims that police officers performed an illegal cavity search during a traffic

Here Are 5 Important Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Police Search — Even if You’re Innocent

Do you know what your rights are when a police officer asks to search you? If you’re like most people I’ve met in my eight years working to educate the

WATCH: New Jersey Fires Five Police Officers Involved in Warrantless Search

Hackensack, New Jersey – The city has fired five police officers involved in the 2016 warrantless search of a Prospect Avenue apartment, according to a Friday statement from Ted Ehrenburg,

WATCH: California Officer Steals Woman’s Purse in Retaliation For Her Filming Traffic Stop

02/08/2018 California – A video circulating online of an Elk Grove police officer searching the purse of a woman who was in a car that was pulled over for expired