WATCH: ‘Stop Fingering Me, Bro’: ACLU Sues DC Cop For Alleged Anal Probe

WASHINGTON — The cell phone video shows a ‘Stop and Frisk’ encounter last September between an MPD officer and M.B. Cottingham, a D.C. resident. “Come on man! Stop fingering me, bruh!” the 39-year-old cries out. “Stop moving,” replies Officer Sean Lojacono. Now, 10 months after that pat-down, the ACLU of DC has filed a federal … Read more

Oklahoma City Pays $18,000 to Cover Settlement of Lawsuit Over Illegal Police Search

Oklahoma City has paid $18,000 to settle a federal lawsuit against a police sergeant over an illegal search. The city council agreed in January to pay the settlement for Sgt. Keith Medley because he “was acting within the scope of his employment at all times relevant to this action.” Suing was Victor Dewayne Gaines, 31, … Read more

San Antonio Police Officer Pulled Out Woman’s Tampon, Did Vaginal Search on Side of Road

SAN ANTONIO – A lawsuit filed in federal court Friday claims a San Antonio Police officer pulled a woman’s tampon out and searched her vaginal cavity along the shoulder of a public street in 2016. Natalie D. Simms’ attorney filed the lawsuit against the City of San Antonio and a female officer, identified as Mara … Read more

WATCH: Cavity Search Victim Settles Lawsuit With Harris County For $185,000

HOUSTON – The dashboard camera images horrified people in the Houston area and throughout the world. College student Charneisha Corley, handcuffed after a north side traffic stop in a Texaco parking lot, stripped naked, pushed to her knees, head jammed beneath her car, legs forcibly pried apart as female Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies searched … Read more

WATCH: Police Sexually Assault Black Couple on Side of the Road

04.04.2016 Two South Carolina residents have filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Aiken, South Carolina, which claims that police officers performed an illegal cavity search during a traffic stop. Video of the October 2014 incident surfaced this week and was first reported by Radley Balko in the Washington Post. The encounter began when … Read more

WATCH: New Jersey Fires Five Police Officers Involved in Warrantless Search

Hackensack, New Jersey – The city has fired five police officers involved in the 2016 warrantless search of a Prospect Avenue apartment, according to a Friday statement from Ted Ehrenburg, the city manager. The decision comes a little more than a week after Dennis Driscoll, the hearing officer who led an inquiry into the illegal … Read more

WATCH: California Officer Steals Woman’s Purse in Retaliation For Her Filming Traffic Stop

02/08/2018 California – A video circulating online of an Elk Grove police officer searching the purse of a woman who was in a car that was pulled over for expired registration is raising eyebrows by some in the community. Keri Williams, an 18-year-old from South Sacramento, posted the video of her encounter with the officer … Read more