Firefighter Says Saving One Dog Is ‘More Important’ Than A Million Black People

An Ohio fire department has suspended one of its volunteer firefighters for a racist Facebook post suggesting he’d prefer to save a dog in an emergency than a black person.

Florida ‘Hot Cop’ Who Went Viral for His Good Looks Has Been Writing Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts

A Florida police officer who skyrocketed to internet fame this week for being one of the “hot cops” working during Hurricane Irma has been accused of writing anti-Semitic Facebook posts.

[WATCH] Columbus Police Officer Unleashes a Series of Insults During Traffic Stop

Columbus officials are investigating a police officer’s conduct during a traffic stop in August and whether it violated departmental policy — including whether it constituted racial profiling. Body camera footage

‘These People Need to be Protected’: Police Won’t Release Info on Lynching of 8 Year Old Biracial Boy

A group of white teens attacked an 8-year-old biracial boy and hanged him by a noose, his family says, and police in Claremont, NH are refusing to release information in

Six Philadelphia Narcotics Officers Say Their Supervisors Are Racist And Corrupt

Six black Philadelphia Police Department narcotics officers say their two white supervisors are racist and corrupt, according to two black civic leaders and an attorney for the officers. Rochelle Bilal,

[WATCH] How a ‘Not Racist Cop’ Arrested a Man for ‘Walking While Black,’ Blamed It on Black People and Walked Away With $100,000

According to the new, reflexively defensive school of thought, it is not fair to call people racist. The proponents of this school of thought say that racist people believe others

[WATCH] Police Officer at DUI Stop Tells Nervous Driver ‘We Only Kill Black People’

A lieutenant from a police department in Georgia is under investigation after a dashcam video obtained by Channel 2 Action News appears to show the officer telling a driver during

[WATCH] Oklahoma Police Chief Outed as Owner of Racist Website and White Supremacist Record Label

A Texas television station investigating white supremacist hate in their region was startled to discover a website linked to the newly-appointed Colbert, Oklahoma police chief. It started with all of

Kansas City Missouri Police Department Collude Directly With The Far-Right Extremist 3%er Militia.

An anonymous source came forward with this damning video of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department colluding directly with the far-right extremist 3%er militia. (See our previous post on this,

[WATCH] NYPD Sergeants Union Ripped for Video Claiming Cops are Victims of ‘Blue Racism’

A video produced by the NYPD sergeants union claiming that police officers are victims of “blue racism” is being picked apart online, with critics calling the segment both offensive and

NYPD Probes ‘Racist Cop’ Who Busted Up Neighborhood BBQ

The NYPD has opened an investigation into a YouTube video that claims a “racist cop” busted up a Manhattan street cookout — dumping a large jug of water over an

Sheriff’s Office Draws Outrage After Retweeting White Nationalist Press Conference

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office found itself in the hot waters of viraily on Monday evening after their official Twitter account retweeted a link to a press conference being held