Cop Attacks Christian Minister, Sneaks Up Behind Her and Splits Her Head Open While She Helped Fallen Protester


“Behold, I give unto thee the authority to tread on serpents, I give thee all power over the enemy.”– Jesus of Nazareth

BERKELEY — A Christian Minister has been attacked by police and is still suffering from what sounds like permanent brain damage.

It began in Berkeley on Saturday night as students and other citizens protested over the recent police killings of Michael Brown, Eric Duncan, Tamir Rice, and others.

Cindy Pincus, the 29-yr-old minister, was rendering aid to a fallen protester. She was part of a large group of ministers and seminary students, according to reports.

While she was helping a protester who had fallen, a police officer evidently began sneaking up behind her.

She never expected what happened next.

The officer took his baton and used it to bash Cindy in the back of her skull, according to reports.

The blow to her skull caused a “gaping head wound and a concussion,” according to reports.

“I had a brief blackout in my vision. I saw stars,” said Cindy.

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“I would say it’s an indiscriminate and disproportionate reaction to peaceful protests. It was completely way out of line,” she continued.

A photo of what the officer did to Cindy has surfaced online after she sent out multiple Tweets, proving that she was indeed struck on the back of her head.

WARNING: the image you are about to see is graphic. Discretion is advised.



The Berkeley protests have been ongoing since last weekend.

During the protests, police began initiating violence in order to provoke the protesters.

Footage online shows that the protesters went into fight-or-flight mode and had no choice but to defend themselves.

Of course, state-controlled media and “official statements” (that is to say, lies) from police spokesmen attribute “violence” and “rampage” to the protesters.

What police and their media lapdogs will never tell citizens is that riot cops are trained to engage in “taunting” — actions whereby they intentionally attack protesters. The aim of a “taunt” is to provoke a protester into defending him or herself.

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If the protester can’t successfully defend himself against an officer’s attack — which is often the case because protesters only fight with bottles and sticks, while police have semi-automatic weapons — the officer can then defeat the protester and “stack charges” on him, earning extra points and possible career boosts back at the department.

Cindy is a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Society in San Francisco.

She was peaceful at the time that the officer attacked her.

This is another common tactic employed by police. They will often look for the most vulnerable and the most peaceful protester, and then randomly attack that person.

The idea behind doing this is to intimidate the other protesters, paralyzing them with fear and vexation.

An example of this appears to be when police randomly attacked a peaceful senior citizen in front of everybody (see footage below):

Americans are constantly convinced to remain peaceful while being oppressed. Unfortunately, being peaceful makes one more likely to be attacked by cops, given how police are trained.

It’s not unlike the animal kingdom: when you submit and act “peaceful” with a mountain lion, it will perceive you as prey and attack you even more ferociously. However, when you take a confident posture and display your personal power, the predator will back down and flee.

It is the same with police and protesters.

By trying to be as submissive and peaceful as possible, protesters become even more vulnerable as targets for police violence.

While one does not want to condone gratuitous violence, Malcolm X’s statement does ring true for most people, that “it is criminal to teach a man to not defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks.”


When one acts peaceful in front of a predator, one increases the risk of being attacked. Predators instinctively attack peaceful, vulnerable targets.

Cindy was hospitalized after the attack and the Huffington Post reports that it took three staples to seal the gash in her head.

She stated that she has been having difficulty sleeping, as well as suffering from “cloudy thinking,” ever since the attack.

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This is most likely the sign of permanent brain damage, which is almost always a consequence of even mild concussions.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Cindy and all the other protesters taking a stand across the country.

May God give you the courage to lead and the authority to tread on serpents.

Watch video of Berkeley police intentionally targeting the most peaceful protesters and attacking them. The protesters act even more peaceful, which makes the cops attack them more:

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