Cold-Hearted Cop Caught on Video Stealing Money from a Sick Child


MEMPHIS — A disturbing video has surfaced online showing a police officer unabashedly trying to steal money from a family’s make-a-wish foundation fund.

The money was reserved for a sick child who was about to be cared for on a make-a-wish trip.

The make a wish foundation is an organization devoted to fulfilling the wishes of children who are dying from life-threatening illnesses.

The incident occurred at Memphis International Airport and was caught on a surveillance camera.

Officer Ronald Harris can be seen running through an airport terminal after he was caught. He then cut the child’s father on his forehead in an attempt to get away.

Officer Harris’s file at the Memphis Police Department is filled with charges for misconduct and consists of 137 pages of abuses such as failing to respond to emergency calls, insubordination, abusing sick leave for money, etc., according to reports.

Officer Harris was trying to take a package that had a $1,500.00 gift card inside of it, which was intended as traveling funds for the sick child.

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When Airport Security tried to take Officer Harris to a patrol car, he struggled with them and reached for their gun.

They didn’t shoot him, though, possibly because he had announced he was a cop by that time.

Officer Harris was granted paid leave when he faced the charges.

Now a grand jury has indicted him on robbery charges and an attack on the make-a-wish family.

To blatantly steal money reserved for a sick child displays a level of psychopathy that is beyond immediate comprehension.

Officer Harris has been working for the Memphis Police Department since 2002. One wonders how he treated Americans who were in his custody. Did he go through their wallets and steal their money? Did he steal property from their homes? Did he do worse things to them than stealing? We don’t know.

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Officer Harris was finally fired from the department and has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault, robbery, evading arrest, and resisting detention.

Watch the surveillance footage of Officer Harris stealing money from a sick child below: